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  1. I don’t see a Woo Hoo. Therefore, consider yourselves all properly Woo Hooed.

  2. so noted xrepub. never like to start the day without a woohoo. haven’t heard yet from server folks what the problem was, but many of the domains they host have been down.

  3. “… but many of the domains they host have been down…” Craig@12:26 PM

    One of the raisons d’etre of the Internet was its indestructibility in times of the “big one”. Seems as if it can’t even stay-up for the little one.

  4. got this press release from the gunnery crowd today, geez

    “Washington, D.C. – A new coalition of gun rights and conservative groups has proclaimed January 19, 2013, “Gun Appreciation Day” and begun urging Americans nationwide to show their support for gun ownership by turning out en masse at gun stores, ranges, and shows from coast to coast.” http://gunappreciationday.com/

  5. When I couldn’t set foot on the Trail last night, I figured that we were once again under attack. Maybe it was a commie Chinese invasion, coming to get all their crap back. Maybe it was a dictator arisen in DC. I said to myself, maybe it’s that Andy Kreitz fella.

    Anyways, whatever had cast it’s blockade athwart the Trail here, I figured that I was prepared. That’s my motto, “Me Prepared”. I got my a-12 out of the holster, likewise my trusty automatic loaded with 13 hollow shots. I took the six grenades from the front of my coat, laying them all out neatly beside me here in my faux hole. Finally, I kept a watch in the night until everything went black. Maybe it was witchcraft, but I slept like the dead until 12:20 Woo Hoo.

    When I awoke, the sun was bright, and everything looked just like it had before the end of the world. So,maybe it was before the end of the world. Yuh just never know. I decided to see if I could march a ways down the Trail. Maybe I’d meet someone along the way who could tell me which side of Armageddon this is. I reached the Trail easily enough, marched a ways, and it seemed solid enough. After a bit I came to a convenience store, and popped in to convene some breakfast. To my horror I found there were no faces on any of the milk cartons ! All the missing kids musta been ruptured away like thieves in the night. I could see clearly now that I’d slept through the end times and come out the rear end.

    So, here’s the deal. I feel really low about missing Armageddon last night. Now, whaddahell am I gonna do with all this dam’ weaponry ?

  6. Craig,

    You mean, if only I’d shot the place up, we could have kept the Trail open?

  7. After trying most of the morning to get here without luck, I first read the post title as “outrage.” Outages are an outrage, indeed!

  8. Rumor has it that to assuage the offense against neoconmunist sensibilities that the nomination of upchuck hagel causes, obummer is also nominating torture enthusiast john brennan to behead the CIA.

  9. Flatus and Jamie, thanks for that. Today is already up to 36 and it’s 7am. No wind yet but we expect it to get to 80 clicks by lunch time. And that is the danger period. I survived the 83 Ash Wednesday and 03 Canberra – conditions are almost identical. Casa Woerlee has its bush fire evacuation plan in action.

    For those who are interested in what is happening around my neck of the woods, we have an online service that plots the bush fires around our city. This information is transmitted in real time.

    Incidents Map

    My son in law is on alert – he is a volunteer fire fighter – with quite a few years under his belt. I’ll get worried when he is called out.

    For those interested in space exploration we host a vital NASA facility at Tidbinbilla which barely survived the 03 fires. See:

    Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

    Conspiracy theorists link this facility with a CIA and NSA plot to control the world while our locals link it to the infamous Deakin Exchange that harvests every piece of electronic detail on individuals and stores it. And the UN has trucks scanning the population to ascertain the amount of spare change in everyone’s pocket. For us, this trash is a daily diet so the bush fires will be part of an Obama plot to take over our nation with the help of Communist 5th columnists. (You can hear it first on Fox News.)

    In the meantime, situation normal.

  10. Hey Bill,

    I see that Snowy River National Park is sort of below you … Do they have really great looking guys on horseback for scenery?

  11. One of the good things about American domain servers is the quality of their service. When the two that I use undertake their maintenance and shut down their services, it is done during night time – in the US. Of course, that is peak usage time in Oz. No notice and off line for a day.

    You gotta love their business service ethos. “Who cares. F@$K EM ALL!”

    Like my former telephone company, when someone offers better service, and it will happen, I will ditch these companies quicker than a rat deserting a sinking ship. And my contributions to the positive side of the US trade balance will disappear and perhaps hunt for the yuan.

    The Chinese seem to be a tad bit more conscientious and reliable in their business dealings. My trading experiences to date have been very positive. But then, so too have my experiences with some good US companies so my trading sentiment is in the balance.

  12. Jamie, if you go due south of Scrubby Range Nature Reserve (where there is a fire burning at the moment so it is highlighted on the map) you will come to a town called Adaminaby. It was around this town that the movie, “The Man from the Snowy River” was shot. The horse racing scene was shot at the local race track. The mountain scenes all around this area. They are tall and steep and generally inaccessible. Also explains why they cannot put out these fires easily.

    As for the tall, good looking, bronzed “Clancy lookalike”, her indoors will vouch for me as fulfilling that fantasy. 😉

  13. Just a piece of bush fire irony. Our local fire station – just a click away, was burnt to the ground in 03 while the unit was out fighting fires.

    Who saw that one coming? 😳

  14. I am an anti-smoking zealot, and my spirits become lifted when I learn another of my friends has been able to put down the smokes. Anyone here have a recent or long-time-ago success story of quitting? (My last cigarette was December 19, 1981, 9:30 PM, a long Salem 100 that I bummed from my wife, who quit later, in 1984.) I put down my pipe for good and gave up even a celebratory cigar, everything tobacco related, in 1986.

  15. Dexter

    I started smoking casually at 16 and kept it up often at more than a pack a day from 20 to 62. That was six years ago. The first year without was a real bear and there are occasional times when the urge will hit, but something really nice happened the other day. I was walking at a store and an obviously heavy smoker passed by and he just reeked of the smell in his clothes. I found myself wondering how often I had had that effect on people.

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