Cuomo: ‘Stop the Madness’

During his State of the State address on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made an impassioned plea to the Legislature to ignore pressure from the gun lobby and end the madness of gun violence. He sought the toughest gun laws in the nation.

The governor proposed legislation to:

* Tighten the assault weapons ban

* Ban all large-capacity gun clips, some that hold 100 rounds

* Increase penalties for those who illegally buys guns, use guns on school property and who use guns in violence and drug-related gang activity

* Allow mental health professionals to report someone dangerous, permitting law enforcement to confiscate the individual’s firearms

* Require all gun owners to reapply for a permit every few years, replacing the lifetime permits

Lawmakers are close to making deal on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new gun-control measures

‘The President is going to act': Vice President Joe Biden guarantees Obama will bypass reluctant Republicans and cement new gun control laws

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  1. “The path of the trillion-dollar coin, as Beowulf described it to Wired, began with a “silly question” in a “pointless … online bull session” in the comments section of financier Warren Mosler’s blog.”

    “The coin hack even surprised and impressed former U.S. Mint director Philip Diehl, who co-authored the law that enabled the platinum loophole in the first place.”

  2. Of course opinions are like ass****s, everyone has one but almost no one cares about anyone else’s, but IMHO nothing Cuomo said is either unreasonable or violative of the 2nd Amendment. Of course that probably means nothing in this “debate”. The biggest problem I see is that the debate is being driven on the anti-regulation right by the special interest money of the NRA. There is no counterbalancing special interest on the pro-regulation left side of the debate. (Nothing new there). As a result, despite the interest in the subject by the Oval Office and higher profile state/local officials like Cuomo, unless Congress says “enough” to the NRA, there isn’t much I expect to come of this debate.

  3. So, Bill, I see Oz is becoming more colorful. I grew up where summer days routinely approach 100 F, and with humidity hovering in the 80-90% range, and almost no one ever says that kind of heat/humidity is not oppressive, but I never had to put up with the kind of heat you guys are having. Stay cool.

  4. At the end of the last thread Bill said:
    “Just saying the gun industry/aka NRA have lost control of the debate.
    Not so sure this is a good thing. I understand the concept of divide and conquer but if the influence of the NRA is such that it forms only a peripheral part of the debate then the US is in territory that appears to be volatile. Reminds me of the PLO in Palestine. They lost their authority and now it is impossible to craft a peace agreement. ”

    Bill, there is nothing peripheral about the NRA in the gun regulation debate. They may not have the support they have had prior to this last massacre, but they have had enough support in Congress and with a very vocal, albeit small, segment of the electorate to have had control of the debate for decades. Simply because they have access to money, and in the US in politics money is power. Unless public pressure arises from a tragedy or other incident that grabs the public’s awareness and it is maintained throughout the ensuing debate, ultimately resulting in legislation, money wins in the end. End of story.

    BTW, to Dex’s comments on the last thread, your mouth to god’s ears. You clearly and succinctly stated what I rambled on about much less effectively earlier.

  5. The guns are already here in the houses and the streets…why not approach the problem differently? I remember when Obama stated, Americans “cling to their guns and religion.” Guns are important to many Americans. My ideas —

    1) Increased security by using better locking doors, cameras and alarms in public institutions and businesses. We do not need more guns, but smarter security. This could create jobs.

    2) Better Technology. Some day guns will only be able to be shot by their owner, fingerprint trigger, some future upgrade, etc. Cars always required keys to start at one time, remember?

    3) Denying children to own, carry or shoot guns with punitive fines for their parents. This is very controversial and highly unlikely. Why put a gun in the hands of a child? Most do not have to hunt to eat. For those who do or who sport shoot (Olympic hopefuls), they can be licensed, yearly until they reach an adult age. If this change is not made for young people, control is not possible at any level. This is done with many weapons like cars, alcohol, etc.

    4) Better rehabilitation and mental health parity in health care. The current generation of young people has suffered under the Grand Recession and many are malnourished, abused, neglected due drug addict parents, lack of money, etc. As with returning vets, there is a whole lot of PTSD going on in the US. Keep adding more guns to the mix and it won’t get better.

  6. Pogo,

    So right. The NRA has but a single purpose for it’s existence.To thwart any type of gun control. They are built for it, they are practiced at it, and they are good at it. I think that Cuomo is on the right track, but as long as the NRA can frame the debate the best that we may come up with is a patchwork, state by state set of gun regulations, when what is required is a single national standard.
    This is one instance when I am fully supportive of a president doing something through executive order in the absence of any meaningful congressional consensus.

  7. I think what Cuomo came up with sounds very reasonable. I’d add including material on gun safety in the home to a required curriculum in school. It could be part of a health and PE class. Teach the kids and they can go home and teach their parents. It’s not unusual for kids to be smarter and more reasonable than their parents.

    Anyone remember this:
    “The Gun Owners’ Privacy Law stated that physicians were open to disciplinary actions including up to a $5 million fine and 5 years prison time, if they asked a patient about gun ownership without a compelling medical reason.”

    This came from…”…the powerful Florida gun lobby took the AMA policy as a Second Amendment threat and an invasion of Gun Owner’s Privacy rights. Backed by the National Rifle Association and enthusiastically signed by Florida Governor Rick Scott…”

    Fortunately…”a Florida Federal judge struck down the gun privacy law saying it was doctors’ First Amendment’s rights to ask about firearms, and in no way violates gun owners’ Second Amendment rights to keep arms.” But it just goes to show ya how nuts those people are.

  8. I blame the republicans, once again. They love a fearful public…the guns make their friends rich. During the terrorism crack down by Bush, we ignored several great ideas…like putting heavy duty doors to the cockpit of our airliners. Instead, Bush’s Homeland Security guy, Chertoff made of bundle on the security x-ray machines. Terrorizing common Americans who just wanted to fly to see family!

    And Sarah Palin…she was the pin-up doll for assault weapons. Until her ‘surveyor’s mark’ landed on Gabby Giffords.

  9. Republicans want every American to carry a gun, but not health insurance.

  10. I like Blonde Wino’s list and would like to add my suggestion for paying for everything. At the end of every year, the cost of gun violence should be added up and divided among permit holders, gun stores, gun mfg, ammo makers –anyone participating in the gun industry and that will be their permit fee for the following year.

  11. Pogo, Bill was quoting me at the top there. I am asserting the case that it’s time to quit fearing the NRA. For starters, they have a grip on a shrinking number of lawmakers on cap hill, mostly safe incumbents. Their success in contested races is much overrated.

  12. Another reason to stop the fear of NRA, their constituency is shrinking. While overall numbers of guns has increased, fewer and fewer Americans own guns. Rates of gun ownership have been decreasing steadily for three decades. In 1977, 54 percent of American adults lived in a household that contained a gun. By 2010, that figure had declined a full 22 percentage points to 32 percent.

  13. Not familiar with the laws in New York. Do you have to have a permit to carry a gun or to own one.

    I undertand the permit to carry a concealed weapon. It’s the same in Texas and it already requires periodic renewal.

    But it seems like there is a permit to own in NY. Is that correct?

  14. And I am hearing more and more Republicans ready to take on the NRA (George H.W. Bush led the way years ago when he resigned from his NRA membership over LaPierre’s craziness). Here’s GOP op Mark McKinnon: “As a Republican, I think it’s yet another instance where the party, by refusing to recognize reality, is going to end up looking like the “stupid party” that fails to adapt and evolve to changing circumstances in our society. … My question to Republican gun enthusiasts is: How would anything being proposed in any way impact what you do now with your guns? Or, is it that you are just hostage to the NRA talking points?”

  15. Another reason not to fear: the NRA spent more than $13 million trying to defeat President Obama, and lost. In last election they spent more than $100,000 in eight Senate races, and lost seven out of eight. In the House, more than two-thirds of incumbents who lost seats in 2012 were endorsed by the NRA.

  16. Was it in New York that the newspaper printed all of the gun owners in a county or was it New Jersey?

    Did they get that from FOIA based on state permit data?

    I know when you buy a gun you get a background check and it is registered to you on a federal database. I don’t think the info came from the feds.

  17. Did y’all see this news?

    “A producer behind a popular gun enthusiast YouTube channel was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head at his business last week.”

    “Ratliff was known as an outspoken gun advocate. In a message posted to Twitter on Aug 11, 2012, he wrote: “I went to the movies with my pistol in my pocket the whole time I was praying that somebody would try to pull a Batman!”

    It looks like he got his wish but not at the movie theater. All his guns didn’t save him.

    “Authorities found multiple weapons at the scene of the crime, some manufactured by Ratliff himself..”

  18. It just seems like there is some sort of state permitting in NY for a basic federal right of ownership.

    I’m not sure that’s the case but it seems onerous if there is particularly when you already have to pass through the federal checks prior to purchase.

  19. Pogo… I want to be associated with your 8:10 remarks.

    I know that lots of people think this debate is needed. IMO(yup I got an a**hole too… :smile: ), this debate has been already had for years… and over and over and over again. Methinks it’s time for some action… or as my father used to say… time to shit or get off the pot.

  20. I know when you buy a gun you get a background check and it is registered to you on a federal database. I don’t think the info came from the feds.

    Only if you buy at a gun shop not a gun show or private sale You do have to register your gun but no background check is required. But if there is no record of the sale – how would anyone know you didn’t register

  21. The gun show that I bought at last year did the federal check. Had to wait 3 days to actually pick-up weapon.

  22. My son purchased a really nice Henry Lever action saddle gun over Christmas from a gun shop. Even though that gun doesn’t normally require a waiting period he had to wait 4 days to pick-up because the federal database was so backlogged.

  23. Unfortunately, current federal law requires criminal background checks only for guns sold through licensed firearm dealers, which account for just 60% of all gun sales in the United States. A loophole in the law allows individuals not “engaged in the business” of selling firearms to sell guns without a license—and without processing any paperwork. That means that two out of every five guns sold in the United States change hands without a background check.

    Though commonly referred to as the “Gun Show Loophole,” the “private sales” described above include guns sold at gun shows, through classified newspaper ads, the Internet, and between individuals virtually anywhere.

    Unfortunately, only six states (CA, CO, IL, NY, OR, RI) require universal background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows. Three more states (CT, MD, PA) require background checks on all handgun sales made at gun shows. Seven other states (HI, IA, MA, MI, NJ, NC, NE) require purchasers to obtain a permit and undergo a background check before buying a handgun. Florida allows its counties to regulate gun shows by requiring background checks on all firearms purchases at these events. 33 states have taken no action whatsoever to close the Gun Show Loophole.

  24. Renee, I think Pogo’s 0854 is really good as well.

    I only have two weapons in the house. One is the 7-inch fighting knife that I have within reach on top of the kitchen cupboards. The other is the mean looking shotgun under my bed. I am psychologically prepared to use either, as appropriate, should some dumb sob choose to target my abode.

    Jose Galloza wrote about the idiocy of anyone having an individual weapon in an assertion of his or her 2d Amend right. The primary rationale being that the government has such a superiority of armaments that any action by individuals formed into an ad hoc militia would be futile.

    Tell that to my patriot forbear, Corporal Heli Foote, from Connecticut. He was undoubtedly told equivalent words by naysayers who didn’t have the courage to stand against George III.

    I question the desirability of having permits renewed at specific intervals. Instead, have an affirmative requirement for medical professionals to notify licensing authorities should they think a review is warranted. This notification should be made regardless whether the patient is a current weapons owner.

    The problem isn’t so much the weapon or its appearance when first purchased. It’s the accessories, specifically magazines, clips, rate-of-fire modifications, that are done post sale and often by mail order purchase.

  25. The NRA is using this tragedy as a membership drive. Dwindling numbers, my Aunt Ida.They even give ya a tote bag to join.

  26. Jax

    It is right there in that sentence I quoted. As obvious as it can be.
    Instead of reaching for her pistol she should have reached for the TV remote.


  27. Blue,
    I take it that you don’t believe the NRA should use this sad incident as some sort of menbership recruiting tool>

  28. The worst thing is think of the terror she put her kids through. Totally irresponsible gun ownership in her case.


  29. Jack,
    Seems to me she did about everything she could do to avoid confronting the guy. Hiding in a crawlspce doesn’t seem to me to be a real confrontational gun owner.

  30. Blue, and NRA claims another 100,000 members since the shooting but as usual provide no proof. They are notorious for leaking bogus membership numbers — and inflating how much they give to charity compared to what actually turns up in fed reporting records.

    Just saying, their history on this stuff does not justify the media passing along their unverified numbers as real, just feeds the myth of their power. Consider this (The Atlantic):

    The number of NRA members is unclear. One NRA website says it’s “approximately 4.3 million.” On another, it’s “nearly four million.” A “sponsorship prospectus” for the group’s 2012 annual meeting offers ad placements in e-mails that will be sent to the “house file of 2 million NRA members.”

    Makes me think their membership is closer to the 2 million figure (half of what they publicly claim) because didn’t dare lie to their gun industry advertisers, their real patrons

    And over the years i’ve seen reports that a huge chunk of their claimed members are either dead or quit paying dues long ago

  31. No she didn’t Jax, she invited him in. Look at the sentence.
    When he rang the door bell repeatedly he was asking is anybody home?
    Her action basically told him , “don’t worry nobody home”

    From what I’ve read she did nothing to make the house look occupied, which would have prevented the whole thing.


  32. btw, else where in the neighborhood someone actually answered the doorbell, the man moved on.


  33. NRA has made a huge mistake in recent years becoming so aligned with the Republican Party, giving 85 percent of their money to GOP candidates. Result is they don’t have the Democratic votes in Congress they used to command, but need them to win legislative battles as they once did, and that could come home to roost in this fight. That’s why you see conservative-state D’s like Virginia’s Warner and WV’s Manchin pulling away from them.

  34. Line from “Leave it to Beaver”, circa 1961: Wally:[ talking basketball] “Yeah, I got 32 against Taft.”

    …fast forward to January 10, 2013: “Yeah, the shooter got two at Taft.”

    Taft HS , Kern County , California, scene of yet another school shooting about 5 hours ago.

    It’s time to keep the firearm away from emotional teenagers, people of America. It was time yesterday.

    Breaking: 2 reportedly shot at Taft Union High School in Kern County
    January 10, 2013 | 9:59 am
    At least two people were shot at Taft Union High School in Kern County on Thursday morning and the suspected shooter has been taken into custody, according to local media reports.

    23ABC News in Bakersfield said that the incident happened about 9 a.m. and that the suspect was taken into custody about 20 minutes later. …”

  35. Switzerland was brought up yesterday. An article discussing their gun regulations and ownership

    Far from being a gun paradise, Switzerland is one of only six countries in the world that requires comprehensive details of the firearm, owner, and all firearm transfers to be reported to the federal government. It also requires two levels of firearm permits: one for acquisition and one for possession.

  36. Jack,

    Oh she invited him in… she could hide in a crawlspace and then shoot him….sounds devious to me….maybe she should be charged

  37. Jack,
    Almost every male between the age of 20 and 30 in Switzerland are currently issued a SIG 550 automatic rifle by the gov’t. This is a fully automatic 5.56mm assault weapon which they are required to keep at home. After they finish the 10 year militia requirement they are allowed to keep the gun but the automatic mechanism is altered to be semi-automatic like the AR-15 in the US. Thta’s why switzerland is the most heavily armed populace per capita in the world.

  38. Oh, great: another Oedipal, presidential wanna-be with his bright ideas.

    * Allow mental health professionals to report someone dangerous, permitting law enforcement to confiscate the individual’s firearms

    The above should further marginalize the mentally ill and discourage them from seeking treatment, but what does Cuomo care? He made the headlines today.

  39. * Increase penalties for those who illegally buys guns, use guns on school property and who use guns in violence and drug-related gang activity

    Don’t ya just love when politicians propose making something that’s illegal, more illegal? What a wonderful job they are doing. I can sleep easier, now.

  40. …because a guy bringing a gun to a school always considers and respects the legal consequences, right? Oh, of course.

  41. Ignoble,
    It’s much easier to rationalize when you realize that this isn’t about prevention….

    Its about promotion….of a political nature.

    There are 3 common denominators on these massacres. Firearms, Mental Illness, and unarmed victims.

    Fire-arms mfg pay alot less to the political process than drug companies so I don’t think you’ll see much action on the mental health side. As for the unarmed victims….they’ll still just be victims.

  42. Maybe she should, child endangerment?

    She certainly put her children through hell this week with her stupidity.


  43. From the link I posted above.
    See, I’m not the only one

    In all three countries, self-defensive gun use is rare. Guns are six times more likely to be used against members of a household than against intruders, according to nationwide telephonic surveys. (Nonlethal weapons such as baseball bats are 12 times more likely to be used against intruders than guns.) And guns are 10 times more likely to be used by criminals than against them.

  44. Ya know if we would just create a stupidity test for gun owners that might be all we need.


  45. Just in case you weren’t crazy enough to live on the West Coast of the US and still be awake for this at 5:30 AM, The Nominees Are Feel free to be as snarky as you like in the comments.

  46. Pogo, I showed that map to her indoors for reminiscences. In a previous life, her ex was a road construction man working at putting the black top on the Stewart Hwy from Pt Augusta to the Alice. For their road section they were based at Coober Pedy and Mahler respectively for a couple years. These places appear in the map with that new colour. At Coober Pedy, it is so hot, most of the houses are underground. They are carved out of the old opal mines. Quite eerie when you go into the shopping mall whose automated glass sliding doors are embedded in a tailings heap. The walkway slopes gradually down until you get to the shops, all underground. Thing is that there is little need for air con in these houses – they are pretty cool already – but air con does make it a better experience. The wall rock face is generally smoothed over with a bit of plaster and then painted. You do miss the bay windows and outside scenery in conventional houses.

    House interior


    Thing about it is that you don’t get many flies in this heat. Those flies that you do get hang onto the sweat on the back of your shirt. No one gives them a swipe because otherwise they fly up and bother your face. Better settled on your back rather than on your face.

    Golf is also unique. The fairways are graded gravel while the greens a smoothed clay. No one plays during the day – the temperatures forbid this. So at night, it is game on with the spotlight.

    Just a few notes about her indoors former life in that new colour zone.

    Golf Course


  47. Bill,

    Should you or for that matter anyone here ever get to Fresno, CA, don’t miss the Forestierre Underground Gardens

    Fresno is a place that at times in July/August could give an Australian January/February a run for its money – blazing hot arm pit of the western world. Forestierre came up with a a way to have the Mediterranean in the middle of the San Joaquin.

  48. For the record, on the top three categories we both predicted – of 19 possible nominations in Picture, Actor and Actress – I got 14 and David got 13.

  49. CBob, when I watched How The States Got Their Shapes, Season 1, Episode 00, I thought of you and a wonderful piece of Colorado history.

    Here I am, yanking your chain.


  50. I had to wait months for my Daisy Red Ryder.

    Adults, on the other hand, are so impatient.

    The woman in the house has a right to not answer the door if she don’t want to without being mo-lewsted for it. I think I’d have stood across the room and blasted him in the knee the second he had definitely broached the door, making his intentions fully known.

  51. I had to wait months for my Daisy Red Ryder.

    Sturg… didya put your eye out… :smile:

  52. no, but a lucky shot I got off across the trunk of a car by guessing when that head would pop up again and firing accordingly like to have put a friend of mine’s out during a running gun battle.
    got him in the forehead right above the eye. That sobered me up a bit about running BB battles.

  53. Sturge

    If you turn the tv on or yell at the kids then you don’t have to repair the door or clean up the blood.

    She didn’t have to open the door she just needed to let him know the house was occupied.
    There are a lot of basic defense methods that don’t require violence


  54. I see your point, Jack, but what if her thinking was she wanted whoever it might be (ie bill collector or whatever) to think No One was home……

  55. I can see maybe she made the wrong choice, pragmatically, but idiot? Can’t hardly see that, just someone who acted the best she knew in an unusual circumstance, and whoever was cruisin’ the neighborhoods for fresh loot was not only stupid in his method of casing the joint, but maybe, ya gotta hand it to her, she put an end to one burglar bastard’s sordid little escapades. She had a gun and found herself in a position which most find to be the way a non-hunting gun is supposed to be, in the house and to be used for protection, which the housebreaker forced her thru his own volition to use against him.

  56. I know that I hate a gol-danged side-windin’ snake-thief, having been snake-thiefed on a few occasions at great cost to me with no recourse, and if I thought I could let just one breaker-and-enterer truly know how I feel about it, I might afterwards be quite content. And if I felt remorse or something, I’d probably eventually get over it.

    But I know….it’s not about me.

  57. Found a minor real-so in the goodwill today on a 15 minute walkthru in between delivering a door list to my Ace A-1 world-class crack doormaker over on the flip-side of the island and adding the dreaded face frame to two beauticus little his and hers vathroom banities….A Stetson “Equalizer”. Kind of inexpensive old-man’s Sunday hat but viewed with a vintage eye and bearing in mind the scope of history a nice little grab.

  58. Appetizering on pierogies brought in by friend from Philly….meatless pierogies….the ones I got in Moose Jaw had pork in them. At least they called it pork.

  59. and just so anyone curious might allay any fears as to its lineage it has a neat little brass pin on the band reading: Stetson.

    But what stretched my imagination was why these clowns thought to call this hat “Equalizer”. Isn’t that supposed to be like a name for a sword or something? A hat called The Equalizer. It just don’t make sense.

    And you call the Bee Hat Co. in St. Louis? You get nada…..they’re out of business about 15 years now.

  60. Ok….I’m gonna go get the crane out of the Erector Set mount it on top of a tall rectangular structure made out of Lincoln Logs and with Tinker-Toy Linkages manipulate some of the boxcars on my Lionel electric train.

    All the while wondering what a firecracker would do to a plastic boxcar…..

  61. Ms Wino,

    Target shooting is moving toward electric guns, in part to make the sport more accessable to more teens.

  62. Consider this from Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut: instant background checks on anyone purchasing ammunition.

    His proposal would require sellers to keep records, to help solve any crimes;

    It would require sellers to report the purchase or theft of 1,000 or more rounds;

    It would ban Teflon-coated and incendiary ammunition.

    Without the ammo a gun is a glorified club. To paraphrase, guns don’t kill people, the ammunition does.

    Good Luck with this, Senator. I hope this Bill has several co-sponsors.

  63. This post by Jax describes a system similar to what I have been suggesting:

    “Almost every male between the age of 20 and 30 in Switzerland are currently issued a SIG 550 automatic rifle by the gov’t. This is a fully automatic 5.56mm assault weapon which they are required to keep at home. After they finish the 10 year militia requirement they are allowed to keep the gun but the automatic mechanism is altered to be semi-automatic like the AR-15 in the US. Thta’s why switzerland is the most heavily armed populace per capita in the world.”

    Thanks, Jax.

  64. I learned pierogies, a Polish fare, at the hands of the chinese chef during our stay at the Royal Hotel in Moose Jaw. You’d get a bowl full of them and they had pork in them. That’s all I knew about pierogies until said friend came in with these pierogies straight from philly. No meat, so now I’m confused.

  65. Just checked out comments on our local Polish restaurant “Kopernik” based in the White Eagle Polish Club, the only place in Canberra which allegedly serves pierogies.

    I once went there at lunch on a Saturday, ordered a pork schnitzel and chips, but they wouldn’t give me the chips because the deep frier was turned off, and then when i asked for potatoes they couldn’t do those either because peeling them would be too difficult. In the end they gave me a piece of stale-ish bread to go with the meat, and it was served with dollops of attitude. Just like in the old country, where we call this sort of thing ‘hamstwo’!! Maybe they’re doing intentionally it to make the people nostalgic.

    Hmm. How committed am I to getting a serve of pierogies in Canberra?

  66. As to the armed citizens of Switzerland:

    In other words, everyone ought to do a stint in the army.

    makes sense, y’know….

    If there’s a war….everybody’s in on it.

    Everybody’s ass is up for grabs.
    —Lenny Bruce

  67. Pierogies are a Slavic dish made by filling a potato dough with a potato/cheese mixture or sauteed cabbage. Think of them like a Russo-Polish ravioli. Anyone putting pork in them is a heathen.

  68. In fact, one of my go-to vegetarian meals is sauteing onions, red bell peppers, veggie sausage, and cabbage in some olive oil with a little dill and thyme, and throw that over some pierogies. Now you know.

  69. xrepublican says:
    01/10/2013 at 11:05 PM

    This post by Jax describes a system similar to what I have been suggesting:

    “Almost every male between the age of 20 and 30 in Switzerland are currently issued a SIG 550 automatic rifle by the gov’t.”

    Somebody has to guard all that money. God forbid we guard children with the same vigilance, that would just be crazy.

  70. In fact, one of my go-to vegetarian meals is sauteing onions, red bell peppers, veggie sausage, and cabbage in some olive oil with a little dill and thyme, and throw that over some pierogies. Now you know.

    I don’t know, I might be having to partner up with the heathens on this one.

  71. Bear in mind, I don’t think the Orthodoxy would approve of my hippie-rogies, with all that fake sausage and lack of copious amounts of butter.

  72. “I see your point, Jack, but what if her thinking was she wanted whoever it might be (ie bill collector or whatever) to think No One was home……”

    Or what if she opened the door, and he shot her in the face?

    I’d be quiet and never answer the door to a complete stranger. Our neighbors are too far apart (acres apart), and in these parts we value our privacy. Period.

  73. Two words almost the same (homonyms) but with such different forms and uses.

    pierogies – are dumplings of unleavened dough – first boiled, then they are baked or fried usually in butter with onions – traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit. Of central and eastern European provenance, they are usually semicircular, but are rectangular or triangular in some cuisines.

    pirogue – a small, flat-bottomed boat of a design associated particularly with the Cajuns of the Louisiana marsh. (Goodbye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh. Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou. Love you Hank.)


  74. Not much/any crime out here, ’cause the criminals figure the country folk all have guns.

    Don’t even need to have one as long as they think you do. They figure that if the gun don’t get’um, the dog will.

    Lots of nice, big hungry watch dogs (even if they’re gentle as a kitten, the bag guys don’t know that).

    There’s a sign some of the red necks use down here that has a picture of a gun on it that says: ‘Don’t worry about the watch! dog!”.

  75. Jack,

    Like you’re fond of saying (and I agree):
    Perception is reality.

    In Texas, if people want to take the law into their own hands, then Mr. Perry will stand behind us. Took me a while to get used to it, but now I fit right in. :)

  76. Never heard of a Daisy Red Ryder until Sturg made a comment about it. BB guns were not part of our diet. When I was a kid I saw them advertised in US comics but in Oz, unless you were over 21, you couldn’t own a firearm, and they were firearms.

    So the Daisy Red Ryder was not part of our boys growing up lexicon.

  77. “pirogue — a small, flat-bottomed boat of a design associated particularly with the Cajuns of the Louisiana marsh. (Goodbye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh. Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou.”

    Gee Bill, you talking my language, and theme song, down here in bayou country. You do get around.

    When/if the weather ever clears up, I’ll try to get and put of a video of the bayou. Can it be done with a video taken on a iPhone? I’ll have to figure out how. Not very technical here.

  78. CT, the IPhone is designed for that very thing. Go to camera, then on settings select video, then point and shoot. You can upload it to Youtube from the phone, then get share settings and voila, you’ll be a rajun cajun. Can’t wait to see your footage.

    Just a note on American culture. Never knew about cajuns until I watched the TV show “Combat” in the early 60’s. One of the fellows was called “Caj” short for Cajun. He could speak pig French. It was such a revelation that I researched this and found out about the history of French settlement on the Mississippi Delta and everything I could about Norleans. This was all of two very general books in our local library. Then Fats Domino made sense.

  79. “my favourite place is Dollars, Taxes.”

    LOL, Bill.
    At first I actually read it as Dallas, Texas.
    Our eyes can sure play tricks on us.

    The dollars do come in handy. :)

    We don’t have state tax here (but the federal taxes more than make up for it). What the feds don’t get, the consumption tax will gobble up.

    I do believe in helping the economy ‘keep chuggin’ along’ and there’s a lot of others here that feel the same way. They don’t let a little thing like a ‘recession’ stop them from spendin’.

    The big difference here, from where I’ve lived before, is that people work harder than I’ve ever seen anywhere. And they love spending their money…. to hell with savin’ it. :)

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