Fools Overture

Many thanks to Trail Mixers for this week’s vigorous and yet remarkably civil debate on gun control. May we all doubt our own infallibility and journey on for common ground. For this and all the vexing issues of our times. Behold our trail …

Richard Davies and Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)

History recalls how great the fall can be
While everybody’s sleeping, the boats put out to sea
Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find
“Too late,” the prophets cry
The island’s sinking, let’s take to the sky

Called the man a fool, stripped him of his pride
Everyone was laughing up until the day he died
And though the wound went deep
Still he’s calling us out of our sleep
My friends, we’re not alone
He waits in silence to lead us all home

So you tell me that you find it hard to grow
Well I know, I know, I know
And you tell me that you’ve many seeds to sow
Well I know, I know, I know

Can you hear me now what I’m saying
Can you see the parts that I’m playing
“Holy Man, Rocker Man, Come on Queenie,
Joker Man, Spider Man, Blue Eyed Meanie”
So you found your solution
What will be your last contribution?

“Live it up, rip it up, why so lazy?
Give it out, dish it out, let’s go crazy,

99 thoughts on “Fools Overture”

  1. ” May we all doubt our own infallibility and journey on for common ground. For this and all the vexing issues of our times. Behold our trail …”

    Craig, Absolutely beautifully said.

    You never fail to amaze me. Thanks.

  2. I seldom doubt my infallibility – as soon as I seem to Ms. P disabuses me of that notion. There are times I make fallibility an art form. But I am a good speller. That counts for something right?

  3. I was infallible through my 20’s and into my 30’s. From that time on however I became less and less infallible with each passing year.
    Just another victim of the old adage,
    ‘too soon old and too late smart’ 😉

  4. Jamie,
    Our youngest daughter used to call a couple of times a week, then she got a Kindle Fire. Haven’t heard from her since.
    Be careful with that thing. :smile:

  5. Tony,
    Looks like the Inaugural Committee hired the vetting geniuses from McCain ’08.
    Kudos to the Blogosphere.

  6. This morning I informed my son he was on his own. Thanks to the new gel pillows and the Kindle Fire I was never getting out of bed again.

  7. how does a group of people sit around and all agree that this one cat amongst them is totally infallible. that’s always been a strange thing to me.

  8. Great question I just saw, “Why aren’t the pro-gun lobby more interested in disarming the US military they suspect of wanting to attack them?”

  9. In ’68 when i got to boot camp in Cape May they made me “recruit company commander” because of the fact that i’d been to military school and knew all that marching and rifle crap…so here’s these 126 recruits and for ten weeks I’m their leader. Which also means that when one of those 126 fucks up somehow I’M out there doing 186,000 push-ups in the quadrangle or whatever it was. Be that as it may, I found out thru the process the valuable self-knowlege that I could never be a nazi. It’s always been a comforting thought. I would have failed the Milgram test. That’s a nice thing to know, y’know? We were a pretty damned cool company and marched all the time executing the most ungodly marching maneuvers and doing those army sing songs–we got so good at the vocal thing that we could throw it off to anyone in the ranks who thought he had a verse….it was pretty cool.

    But I could never get the hard-ass thing down.


  10. When I was being interviewed by this one E-6 DI, a Robert Mitchum type from the back routes of Kentucky somewhere, as to my marching acumen he says, “You know how to command a “left oblique march”? and so I said, “Left Oblique….MARCH.” He says, “No that’s wrong.” I say, “whattya mean wrong, it’s a left oblique march command…” He says the command is, “Left Oblique HUT–beat beat–F’ord HUT!” (they seemed to favor HUT over MARCH) Which meant he saw the oblique movement for some reason as where the oblique is immediately followed by the back to straight. I ‘splained, “what if you just do the oblique and wanna just go on marching diagonally across the parade ground for awhile?” He thinks a bit and says, “yeah… could do that.”

    There were those DI’s, mostly from Chincoteague and environs, all ex-marines, who pronounced their “March” command as “HOO”. I kind of developed a Memphis based hybrid. It was a Wilson Pickett-Otis Redding type of thing.

  11. My favorite guy in that company was Jose Armando O’Reilly from Puerto Rico. He joined the Coast Guard to get his teeth fixed.

  12. sturgeone,
    Interesting comment about Eisenhower. May I ask if it would have been more of an honor/tribute to have been part of the procession because he was the former Supreme Allied Commander, or because he was a former President? I know our President is Commander in Chief, but Dwight Eisenhower actually had his boots on the ground, big time.
    I visited his house in Gettysburg years ago – don’t know if I was disappointed, or amused. It was so homey, not at all grand. Thinking back, I liked that fact about the man. Outdoor grills & tv tables are reassuring, in a way.

  13. I always liked Eisenhower and would have been awed to be walking in Washington in his parade…but in addition to that it was that it would have meant escaping boot camp for a trip to DC.

  14. I watched the 56 conventions on tv and before that the first joke i remember was me mum saying “Why did Truman shoot his dog? Because he stepped on his tail and the dog said, ‘IKE’ “.

  15. That joke made me think of John Foster Dulles and Carol Burnett.
    Any other G or PG rated jokes about Presidents anyone wants to share? Would be a fun topic. Thanks for the idea, sturgeone.

  16. Sturg, you became a Coastie because the recruiter said you could go home after work? :)

  17. Like we used to say about John Foster, dull, duller, Dulles. His brother was a different breed.

  18. I must admit that I was rather surprised to find a rather official looking tome by Allen Dulles dealing with the techniques and tactics of Intelligence in the local goodwill….mostly it’s just a buncha Dean Koontz and stuff.

  19. Dulles was the authentic item. Didn’t read his book so can’t comment on it. And don’t know koontz from adam.

  20. And now to treat myself to another pastrami on Publix mahvelous 5-grain italian bread with a prong of kosher dill on the side and a bottle of yeungling.

    Don’t disturb me while I’m in paradise. 😆

  21. JFK fired Allen, for good reason. Bay of Pigs, and a whole bunch of other ridiculous misadventures. But Dulles got his revenge, sat on the Warren Commission — or worse …

  22. New Charlie Rose interview:

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is convinced that a lone gunman wasn’t solely responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and said his father believed the Warren Commission report was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship.”

  23. I’ve got a strong urge to see Jack Benny’s version of “To Be or Not To Be”.

    I love that telephone.

    There ain’t no flies on Mel Brooks, but if you ever get a chance to see the Benny……see it.
    Twice, if necessary.

    Jack just wasn’t a big draw in the movies, like Crosby and Hope were, but this movie was a killer.

  24. From her indoors story about JFK:

    ““… The large police escort is ahead of the Presidential motorcade just having turned onto Main from Pinewood. The crowd is surging forward to close in somewhat on the leading cars. There’s a big cheer going up as the President gets further down. And now the ticker tape is beginning to flow from the windows all over the large buildings here and engulfing the motorcade. And here is the President of the United States and the crowd is going absolutely wild. This is a friendly crowd in downtown Dallas…”

    “Turn the radio to another station Chrissie. That’s boring.”

    “Dad’s listening to it.”

    “He’s not here for the moment. Let’s listen to some music.”

    “All right Lynnie.”

    Chrissie humphed, tossed down her pencil and grabbed the tuner knob of the old Krysler radio set.

    “… and if you look closely you can see a zipper hidden in the … um … arm….”

    “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. You’ll excuse the fact that I’m out of breath but about ten or fifteen minutes ago a tragic thing from all indications has happened in the city of Dallas. Let me quote you from this and I’ll … you’ll excuse me if I am out of breath. A bulletin. This is from the United Press from Dallas. President Kennedy and Governor John Connolly have been cut down by assassins’ bullets in down town Dallas. They were riding in an open automobile when the shots were fired. The President, his limp body carried in the arms of his wife Jacqueline was rushed to the Parkland Hospital.”

    The date of Mum’s funeral was so memorable for many reasons. This was the day when President Kennedy drove down the Elm Street hill leading beneath a railroad overpass in Dealey Plaza. Several shots were fired from the book depository or the grassy knoll. Kennedy died at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Since I was not allowed to grieve for Mum or even know of her burial, I used the assassination of Kennedy as a marker so I would never forget Mum. Any mention of JFK evokes an emotional response in excess of those for an eleven year old girl’s knowledge of Kennedy. In the boondocks of Inala, very few people knew where Ipswich was let alone Dealey Plaza. My emotions belong to Mum and not JFK regardless of how noble JFK might have been in life.

    Vale Valery (1933-1963)

  25. CT, I really loved the background music in your movie clip. Made the river come alive. Thanks so very much for the journey.

    And the Mississippi River runs like molasses in the summertime
    And me, you know, I don’t hardly mind

    Got onto Youtube and trawled all the zydeco clips. And then I came across this track by The Loose Marble. Klezmer and zydeco fusion with a bit of ol’ time dixie jazz producing unbelievable results. Wish we had street bands like this. You are so blessed with unbelievable raw talent on your doorstep.

    But I gotta say, loved Queen Ida and The Bon Temps Zydeco Band. Just so good.


  26. Mother Nature in her continuing attempt to cool down has left the door to the North Pole open. How did she know that vocal Rmoney supporter John Elway would crumble under the cold? He has a fair weather QB who cannot play in the cold! Mother’s revenge is so bitter cold.

  27. Bill, I’m real proud that you like our bayou music from down here. We may not be the most brilliant folks, not first in anything, usually closer to the other end of the grading scale BUT….we laissez le bon temps rouler. Of course they usually aren’t measuring hospitality and good eating cuz we’d be right on the top of the scale on those two. And we’re over the top when it come to beer drinking.

    Hey, and RR is distant kin.

  28. Phew you gave me a little scare this morning Blondie. Somehow I read that you wrote that John Elway, the QB, screwed up. I wasn’t sure which one of us was off the beam. Glad I caught my mistake on the second read and it’s neither of us.

    I’m not adapting too well to getting old. Every since I hit early retirement age last year, things have been falling apart at a super sonic speed. I seriously thought that the government found out that I qualified and was going to apply for early SS and they sent someone to do me in. With all that I have wrong, I could qualify for SS disability but I’m not greedy and I don’t want to give up all my licenses and certifications in case I want to work a little more.

    My, government is coming after me, theory may sound crazy but it could happen, and probably a lot sooner than they come for all of our guns. I doubt they’re as concerned with us all killing one another as they are more of us getting an entitlement check.

    And it’s easy for me to misread something because my vision has been one of my problems. I have a cataract still in my left eye that needs fixing. With it, fog is in the forecast everyday. I got the other one fixed late last year. Now the vision in that eye is slightly marred by water spots(it’s called posterior capsular opacity) and I’m having these short lived, close to, total eclipses of my vision a couple of time a day. I spent my holidays thinking that I had a brain tumor from all the time I spent on call, talking on my cell phone. That was before my, government has come to get me, conspiracy theory kicked in.

    Forty years in health care and the tons of people I’ve seen, none of them ever described what I was experiencing with those losses of vision. Ophthalmology isn’t included in my specialty but you’d think that someone I’ve dealt with over all those years would have complained about these symptoms if they are as common as my eye doc said they are. I think I just got lucky and developed most of the post cataract removal complications. Damn. Now, I’m afraid to have the other eye fixed, and I think, so is my eye doc afraid to do it.

  29. Oh, and are there any Downton Abbey fans here? I had not ever watched any of that series until recently, when I thought I was on my way out. To distract from my dying process I found and watched every one of the past episodes. I escaped back to 1920. It did help. I thought that if I lived back then, I was suppose to be dead by now.

    I’m a seriously addicted fan.

  30. Carol, my eyesight sucks. I had cataract surgery done on both eyes about fifteen years ago.

    The problem is glare which makes it difficult to read at all times and impossible to drive, etc., in the evenings.

    The supposed cure? Well we can explant the lenses that were implanted before and implant a new, improved flavor. That might solve the problem.

    etc., etc.

    Not on my fragile eyes.

  31. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    An instrument of amazing beauty and versatility. Enjoy! 😉

  32. Sturg, yesterday on the feel-good portion of the NBC evening news they featured a Jazz B&B in Brooklyn. Supposedly been in the same family for six generations.

    As soon as they got into it, I thought of you and daughter–they have an open house on Wed evenings with musician guests from the audience welcome to participate.

    I think you can probly get it by watching the last five minutes of yesterday evenings NBC news on-line.

  33. CT…my post was supposed to be a joke. When John Elway endorsed Rmoney before the election last year, I wrote to the Broncos. They wrote back and I had posted that here. I think Peyton Manning did a great job for the Broncos.

    BTW, RR…go Patriots!

  34. I got ya BW and it was cute. I just had a moment of a scare.

    I have a question for you sport’s fans. Why does everyone hate Tebow sooo much. Do you think he was ever given a real chance? And do you think that his “Christian” stuff added to his hate factor? Just some things that I’ve pondered.

  35. CT…I had to smile reading your post about old age. I turned 59 in December and although I am enrolled in Old Age 101, I now realize ‘old age’ is nothing more than horrifying and rapid changes to the body. I plan to enjoy this last year in my fifties and I hope my bones hold out to dance my way through the year!

  36. BlondeW…. that was some football game… I blew a whole tank of energy just sitting on the couch watching it.

    Carol… I don’t take all that hate talk in sport seriously… methinks a lot of people just have fun razzing on other teams and individuals. I don’t think it’s Tebow being a Christian that’s the problem… I think it’s his public display of his religion that causes some to make fun.


  37. How did the Broncos do compared to last year? Did they do about the same, better or worse? I remember pondering that they way they dissed Tebow, God might get them. Add smiley face here.

  38. I tried several times Sturge and it just wrote LOL. Maybe it would show up when I posted. Let me try again. 😆

  39. CT, you got it 😉

    btw, count me among the recent converts to Downton Abbey, PBS ran first two seasons last weekend. Just can’t get enough of Maggie Smith. Took me a couple scenes to adjust to Shirley MacLaine, she and Maggie sniping at each other is a riot. Here’s a piece I found the other day about the current owners.

  40. Thanks for linking that article Craig. I’m going to look for a pic. PBS listed another program with the same name as the one about Highclere Castle that aired last week. The guide on Dish says NEW but I’m not sure if it really is. That show about the castle last week was as interesting as DA was. I got a better overall look at that castle. I couldn’t help worrying, that with those high ceilings, about how much it must cost to heat the place. I seem to remember that they mentioned about a cool million dollars.

    I’m going to record the one tonight just in case it is new. DA and the Golden Globes will be competing so I’m glad I can record two things at the same time.

    I found that Maggie Smith’s character has some of the best punch lines in the series. She’s a hoot.

    I’ve always loved Shirley MacLaine. We’re missing pretty much the same sandwiches from our picnic.

  41. I am dog sitting my sister’s two miniature schnauzers for a couple of days. They are wonderful dogs…so much fun…

    Last week I went to a theater that showed Downton as it appeared on television…There was an added dimension on the big screen…Also, I was surprised there was no admission charge…I ordered a snack and coffee…nice evening…I may go again tonight…

  42. Sturg. They actually march in CG boot camp? I thought all they did was row, like in row, row your boat…

    Craig. Did you not receive my email asking for a mailing address so we can be ahead of Sullivan’s The Dish?

    Well, Nate Silver is human after all. He predicted the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I would have liked to have seen them there, too, but Atlanta just killed off the Seahawks and ruined Nate Silver’s reputation as a savant.

  43. eprof…..ho ho ho….we had to march all over the place, bunch of ex-marine DI’s who did their marine corps hitch and then opted into the cushy CG gig to make life bout as miserable as can be for a bunch of CG recruits in 68…….they knew that their 10 weeks with us was gonna be about as bad as we were going to get.

  44. watching CC on Contessa’s Caught by camera show. well maybe it’s not the contessa show….it’s somebody’s show, though, and he’s on it.msnbc

  45. One I’ll never forget: Boatswain’s Mate Turner….a Bellafonte-esque black man from Jersey, who seemed to be determined to let me know just exactly how he felt about cheesy little white-ass draft-dodgers from SC. lol

    at our last contact, I felt that I had somehow or other earned a tiny bit of grudging tolerance from him as all he did was pull the loose thread on a button and watch when it fell on the floor…….”Irish pennant,” he said and walked away, when he could well have had me doing those 167,000 push-ups again.

    He was a good man…..I could tell. Martin King had just been assassinated in April….way before that, I’d seen Bull Connor’s firehoses and German Shepherds in the streets of Birmingham….those were my people he was blowing them hoses at….It had been all over television, and here I’d grown up in the houses and yards of my black neighbors as they in mine as a stone equal. I’d heard Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Pete Seeger and listened to Lenny Bruce….by this time I’d played in a house band on a beach pavilion thru which passed all the lesser soul acts of the day: Gary US Bonds, Bobby Moore and the Rhythmn Aces, Lee Dorsey, The Hully Gully Olympics, the Dixie-Cups, Huey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns, the Tams, the Drifters, Ernie K-Doe, Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts more times than you can count, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs (He would do a FEARFUL falsetto version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow), Jerry Butler, Percy Sledge…….
    Turner….He just had no way of knowing any of that. And I WAS still just a draft-dodger. lol

  46. I am really fatefully kind of decreed to feel great sympathy for those who have never seen Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts in concert. It was truly a wonderment.

    and I ain’t even gonna mention Joe Savage, The Snake Man and the time he ran into Joe Fike the piano/savant.

  47. “Ok….that’s the last straw,” he said, staring bleakly at the short one he’d drawn.

    Your task, should you chance to rask it, would be: posit a different adverb for “bleakly”. If a phrase should spring to mind which could adequately replace the adverb feel free to improvise.

  48. Artur…with moroso put to soundwaves….


    imagine being able to make a piano come up with dat kinda t’ing……den imagine that there’s such a thing as a piano. don’t know if you’re technical or not but there is some serious foot-pedal work going on in that.

    Electronics cannot duplicate the sustain pedal on a real piano.

  49. this is kempff….it’s said he has a crackin’ good version of that tune….


    I’m still partial to Schnabel.

    They always ack like it’s such hard work…..Liberace used to wipe the floor with those guys……

    I don’t know…..Kempff looked pretty good in there, today…….

  50. Sturg,

    Re. your 7:41 PM

    Nothing unusual going on there.
    Simply Rubinstein! :smile: Nothing else need be said.

  51. Carol, one thing I appreciate about your neck of the woods is gumbo. In another life, a young lass from the land of Huey Long, thought the way to a man’s heart was through the stomach and introduced me to gumbo. And she could make a gooood gumbo.

    Good memories.

  52. Bill, cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, second only to eating. I also make a good gumbo. We’re having the perfect weather for it right now, cold. I like to top mine with some chopped up jalapeño peppers. I’m usually sweating by the time I’m finished eating.

    Where did you run into your young lass?

  53. Presently reading Bruce Catton’s Civil war trilogy.

    As I read, I am taken by Lincoln’s ‘evolving’ position on reconstruction and the eventual plight of freed slaves.
    The farther I read the more sympathetic I become to the enormity of the problem he was facing.

    And President Obama thinks he has got problems? 😉

  54. Sturg, I’ve been listening to Rubinstein all my life; I’ve never heard anyone do Beethoven with more sensitivity. People say Schnabel was clearly the best, but the recordings of his music are so far back technologically that I don’t appreciate them as I should. Kempff seemed frenetic, but I’m to judge? Steinway was perfect on all counts!

  55. Carol, she was a bright eyed and bushy tailed exchange teacher at the school where I was teaching in the early 70’s. She had great difficulties with the language, both in terms of understanding and speaking so that it did not evoke peals of laughter.

    Since our kids use the term “rubber” instead of “eraser”; when they would call out in the class: “Hey, chuck us a rubber!” the poor thing had the impression that Australian school kids were a tad bit more forward than Americans of the same age – not withstanding the age of Aquarius.

    On another occasion we were at a sports day and one of the kids asked her which team she was supporting. Without a blush, she answered “I’m rooting for ….” Now in America, that is all fine because it indicates a preference but say that in Oz and it refers to the act of copulation. Needless to say this comment was received with great guffaws from the kids. In Oz we refer to what Americans call a “player” as a “wombat”, defined as a subterranean animal who “eats roots, shoots and leaves.” Put that together and the double entendre follows. If it is clear, you can call yourself an honourable Australian. 😀

    And now gumbo queen, are you ready for a good cook up? I’ll have to get your recipe and technique because mine always tastes like – ugghh.

  56. Flatus,

    A devotee of Rubinstein and a lover of Mahler?
    Me thinks I’ve found a kindred spirit. :smile:

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