Today is Really Inauguration Day

President Barack Obama’s official swearing-in is today (Sunday) — a brief, sparsely attended ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House.

white-house-blue-roomSupreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administers the oath of office today just before Noon ET, at the time and on the day the Constitution says his second term begins. Obama’s family will attend along with a few reporters. He isn’t expected to make a speech.

ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN will cover Sunday’s ceremony.

The Constitution requires the president’s term to start on Jan. 20, but because that falls on a Sunday this year, Obama will have two ceremonies: today’s legally required swearing-in and a larger, symbolic event on Monday, followed by his address, a parade and inaugural balls.

Vice President Joe Biden will be sworn in during a separate ceremony Sunday morning at the Naval Observatory.

President Obama Officially Sworn In (C-SPAN)

January 20, 2013 — The White House Blue Room

151 thoughts on “Today is Really Inauguration Day”

  1. congratulations,sea! fine big moniker for such a fine little feller. surely must be a story behind it of brave buckos and beauteous colleens.

  2. and they are absolutely essential to living the way God intended for us to live.”

    — California Rep. Tim Donnelly (R), talking about guns on The Bottom Line.

    god, yahweh, buddha, gandhi, jesus and the rest of the gang looking down shaking their heads saying “what doesn’t he get about the NOT in ‘thou shalt not kill'”

  3. Sea… congrats! It must be Louis’. Wish I could see the wee one… I’m not on fb.
    Enjoy him… and I love that Irish first name.

    We just found out yesterday that our godson is expecting his first this Sept. It’s the closet we will get to being grandparents.

  4. Hey Sea… I just told Rick your good news. He said to make sure I tell you congratulations from him.

    So now I have…

  5. I like the fact that the President’s public inauguration will be celebrated on the same day as Martin Luther King Day. As a young child I watched Dr. King’s funeral on TV and the images that stood out:his casket was pulled by a mule, the mass of people walking in tribute. The humble simplicity of the event was beautiful. I’m hoping Dr. King’s contributions in making President Obama’s inauguration possible in the first place are remembered and honored in the celebration.

  6. Thanks Pat, Renee & Rick- sorry about the photo- know we use to use another site for posting- how is it done now? It is my son Louis- the Biology teacher & computer geek

  7. oldseahag:

    Finnigan is a wonderful name. Everyone will call him “Finn,” of course. And there won’t be six kids in the first grade with the same name.

    It’s also a fine old Italian name.

  8. To my Dear Sea, your life will never be the same again, in the most wonderful way!

  9. Hi Carol,

    I plan on making myself scarce today, but your quote from last night is too good to leave behind:

    “If by a “Liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a “Liberal”, then I’m proud to say I’m a “Liberal.”
    ― John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage

  10. OMG George Will thinks Rmoney won

    Snuffy had a panel of the deluded this am
    Santorum (who cares) and George Will ack.
    Tahnk goodness Jennifer Granholm was onhand

  11. They are doing the swearing in twice because they had to do that last time because the Chief Justice is incompetent and they were trying to help him out by making two swearings in seems normal

  12. Is there a way I can post a photo here?

    sea, maybe you can make it your gravatar id. i think they accept file photos. [see craig’s help list for “how to create your avatar” for instructions.]
    but consider the source on my advice. i’m still in the stone age when it comes to the techworld.

  13. last inaugural they played “at last”
    so how ’bout this one for tomorrow’s big dance

  14. About posting photos — WordPress simply won’t come up with a way to post photos in blog comments, claim the risk of hacking too high (tho they allow videos dunno the difference). I’ve tried many 3d party plugins to do so but finally gave up.

    But you can link to photos (i don’t recommend Facebook because their long complicated links are such a mess they often don’t work).

    There are many sites for posting photos with easy links to share, such as Flickr, tumblr, instagram or Twitpic (what I use, see right sidebar, but need a twitter acct)

  15. Last year I had a gentleman who replied to something I had posted on twitter. It pretty much devolved into that I was one of those socialists who was taking America straight to hell.
    We went back & forth, but one thing about him intrigued me: his username included the numbers 1066. I asked him if that was in reference to the Conqueror. He replied yes – and was taken aback I even had a clue about the meaning of that year. We spent the next few minutes conversing about something we shared:a love of early/medieval English history. And his take on the conversation was from the Anglo Saxon point of view. 1066 was not a tribute to the Conqueror, it was his way speaking out against invaders, and how he tied the history of the Anglo Saxons into the path America was taking today. Whoa, this man was deep.
    I heard an interview on NPR with Ralph Reed. The interviewer asked him why he had such a conviction to the Right to Life cause. His answer:he was a premature infant, and back when he was born, preemies had a slim chance of survival. He never took life for granted because of that. I had lost a half-sister because she was a preemie. The doctors did what they could, given the times. This also gave me a whole new perspective on Mr. Reed’s point of view. I may not agree with what the man says, but I understand why he is saying it.
    You never know where you might find common ground with another person. It just might depend on the answers you let each other give – and doing so in a civil, respectful manner. A whole lot can get accomplished that way.

  16. Gun Appreciation Day went badly. Shootings at 3 gunshows wounded 5 people. The Raliegh shooting was at the safety booth at the entrance.
    “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.”
    ― Winston Churchill, referring to party affiliation in Britain. He’d been a Liberal in his youth, and ended his long career as a Conservative. The quote is not about lower case liberals and conservatives.

  17. trying again — hey there, it worked — our first successfully embedded image — Chief Justice John Marshall!


  18. Oldsea — give it a try — in the comment form click the “upload image” box and then click “browse” to locate the photo on your computer that you want to upload

  19. “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington

    Godspeed Barack Obama, and hey, kind of keep a closer eye on just where all those goddamned drones are targeting, OK?

  20. From the last post, kudos to Nash for his observations on perceived political shifts amongst students in his classes. UCLA does a national freshman survey of politics and social values every year for the past forty years. Their survey in 2011 and published in 2012 supports Nash’s conclusions: there is a shift to more liberalism amongst college students.

    Well done, professor! And, nary a snarky remark — LOL!!!

  21. Craig, this is an excellent way to get some photos of the TrailMixers onto the blog! Easy Peasy.

  22. Congratulations, oldsea. You’re not as old as you pretend to be if this is only your first grandchild. Wait until you have eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren, the oldest of whom is ten.

  23. yep, Dexter, this is something I’ve wanted to add for years, but turns out WordPress just recently cooked up a way to do it

    Thanks to Oldseahag for inspiring me to try again. Now let’s see that grandbaby!

  24. Note about photos: Maximum display size is 300×300 pixels. However, you can upload larger pics, which are supposed to be reduced to allowed size and then clickable for the larger version.

    Anyone wants to give it a try, kick the tires. Nothing we can break that I can’t fix.

    The “Report Image” button, btw, is to send me a flag if someone posts something inappropriate. Hoperfully that won’t be necessary.

  25. Flatus, I think you might not have clicked the “upload image” box there, not sure. Gotta do that in addition to browsing to the file location. Try again

  26. Congratulations, sea! And like so many before me…I love his name!

    Congrats, also, to Renee and Rick! Being godparents is a very special undertaking…and now I suppose you’ll be grand godparents! 😯

  27. Craig, now that you’re experimenting with images on TM, what about let us see who is hitting the thumbs up button on posts? Maybe, if that’s possible ala the likes on FB, we should poll TMers on whether they would like it or not. Just saying…

  28. Of course Mr Roberts used notes. He realized that he, too, is subject to impeachment. :)

  29. Glad I checked back in here before I get lost in the football games.

    Thanks everyone for the congrats. Never thought I’d be so excited about a baby being born.

    Craig… thanks for uploading that picture of Finn and his father… what a beauty!

    ok… you know what’s coming now…
    GO PATRIOTS!… :smile:

  30. ct, sometimes links that long just aren’t going to work, gotta use the link button — see “Comment Editing Tools” under the Help button above

  31. A thought for 2nd amendment appreciation day from Monty Python


  32. oldseahag, used jpg

    not sure why some having trouble. be sure to click the “upload image” box before putting file location in the file image box — only thing i can think of might be wrong — most pic file types should work

    to get the file location in the file image box, click “Browse” then find your pic file and left-click the file to place in the box

  33. Mr. Roberts? I knew Mr. Roberts, and inJustice roberts is no Mr. Roberts.

  34. Was just practicing. I couldn’t make the link button work before because I didn’t know how to use it.

  35. Just make sure you check the box under upload image. If you want to say something be sure to hit enter after you write what you want to say so that the image will appear below your writing on the next line rather than beside it on the same line.


  36. The new thingummee doesn’t like my pix. Prolly not the right dimensions.

    I tried 4-5 JPegs, 2 .docxs, and sumpin else. Didn’t try a TiF, if I even have one.

  37. He’s either all grown up and has his own herd or you ate him a Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

  38. Craig
    It does not like us. I resized the large jpegs to a small one <300×300 and still no joy. Oh well. You might as well delete all my files that have headed in your direction. If you want to troubleshoot, the last one is the shrunk one.

  39. Yes, Craig.

    Ichecked the box, browsed my files, selected, clicked, and posted.

    Sometimes I got a msg saying there was no image, sometimes a warning that something wasn’t written right, and sometimes just nothing.

    It’s okay by me.

  40. Regarding the three shootings at the Gun Appreciation Day gunshows:

    “If only there had been an armed citizen at the gun shows, these atrocities would never have happened.”


  41. xrepub, you are clicking “Post Comment” at the bottom of the box as usual, after filling in the image fields? that still needs to be done. i don’t see any of your attempts in the system

  42. I just saved a bunch of money. Had three Hebrew National hot dogs at home and skipped the football games.

  43. Mehdi Sadaghdar Builds A Coil Gun


  44. Flatus, are you talking about your lunch or my grandson? I’ll have you know that my grandson is all beef.

  45. Oh, I readjusted my glasses and he was obviously not the swine that I thought he might be.

  46. ct, many apologies, in my troubleshooting i accidentally deleted your “grandson”

    i have learned one thing. once a pic file is uploaded it can’t be uploaded a second time without changing its name on your computer. weird restriction, but there it is

  47. “Ichecked the box, browsed my files, selected, clicked, and posted.”

    xrep, that may be your problem as I noticed that the box unchecks itself.

    click on choose file the select the picture you want to post then check the upload image box, then post comment.

    always make sure the box is checked just before you hit post comment. Then it will take a while as your image is uploaded and posted.


  48. Just hope it wasn’t because you were prejudiced about his appearance. Not all kids can be cute.

  49. well ct i really did like the pic, strictly my screwup there. try another pic sometime, we’ll figure this out. but for now, once a pic is uploaded the system won’t allow a second try unless you do a whole bunch of stuff that i won’t try to explain.

  50. I was just proud that I finally was able to follow directions on the first go round.

  51. I’ll see if this will replace my grandson. I hope you were been honest and the pic didn’t really scare ya.[image=Buster.JPG]

  52. Thank you Craig.

    That was Kumcho and me about seven years ago when we were getting passport photos.

  53. Hey, now I can intersperse my comments with graphs and charts and prove I really am the smartest one here…….
    Just one question are we now going to start to look like facebook where some (I won’t mention who) post image after image with some cutsie/profund comment photo shopped on it?
    I guess what I really want to know Craig.
    Are you going to ban puppies?


  54. not mine carol, I stole the picture somewhere. Back during the election my nephew laid down a new rule for commenting on the family face book page. For every political comment you had to post 2 baby pictures. That put me at a distinct disadvantage having no grand children nor even old pictures of children, so I substituted puppies.


  55. BTW Craig,
    Congratulations on getting the swearing in ceremony today televised. I’m sure it was your post on the subject last month that made them bring the press and cameras in.


  56. Jack, I used Buster’s pic once when someone I was chatting with asked for a pic of me. Never heard from him again.

  57. Craig, were the pictures of any use in troubleshooting for use on the commenting section? Is there anything else that I might send?

  58. A really cool map of the US and Canada a dot map of every person counted in the most recent census in both countries. It also tells you why there is never going to be reform of the electoral college system.

  59. Jack, pls tell me how you change avatars so handily. I went to the Gravatar site, but was unable to break the code. Tnx

  60. Flatus, try again (but with a picture you haven’t used yet) and folo these steps in the Comment Box:

    1) Click a checkmark into the box under “upload image”
    2) Click “Browse” to open your computer’s files, find the pic and click it (make sure it’s location is then entered into the blank box next to “Browse”)
    3) Type something in comment box, possibly a caption for the photo
    4) Click “Post Comment” below comment box

  61. Flatus

    Click on you gravitar You may have to sign in, then click on my account, it will pull down a menu click manage gravitar. There you can either choose images you have already up loaded or upload an image. After you have uploaded an image just click on it or anyother image you have stored there. A box will pop up and ask you to confirm, do so and then wait 15 min or so, for the change.


  62. Ha, didn’t even take 15 min to change this time. Maybe I was in more of a hurry last time.


  63. Jamie
    I’m gonna have to report that last picture, It is just too cute };-)


  64. Tony, Your Jessie baby is cute and doesn’t look that old and that’s up there for a dog.

    You always make us feel at home Tony.

  65. Shame on Bill Clinton
    by Taylor Marsh

    “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton said. “A lot of these people live in a world very different from the world lived in by the people proposing these things,” Clinton said. “I know because I come from this world.” – Bill Clinton to Democrats: Don’t trivialize gun culture

  66. Did the children at Sandy Hook Elementary look like this after being shot with a Bushmaster AR-15?



    Hi Carol, yep you are at home!
    Poor little Jessie, oh gosh i ‘m doing all i can to keep him going.. Jessie is just about blind and can’t hear much but still i think he enjoys life.. I have him on a liver pill and arthritis meds plus eye drops. He was my grandmother’s dog that i picked from the litter for her.. I love him but he works me.. All through the night he craves water.. Poor thing..

  68. Anon,
    Scrolled past your pics fast.. My god how awful.. I’m sure those children look similar to those killed in drone strikes ordered by are president.. Terrible..

  69. Would the Politicians still refuse common sense gun regulation if this would have been their children?

    Did they even look at the classroom crime scene photos that showed the children’s guts, brains and blood splattered all over the children’s desks, walls and floor?

    If not they should be forced to view them as well as the Morgue Photo’s of how they looked after being slaughtered with the Bushmaster AR-15.

    The NRA (National Racist Association) is a Terrorist Organization that uses intimadation, fear and valed threats to supress common sense gun regulation since they love the Blood Money the receive from the NRA and Merchants of Death more than they love their children

    After Congresswoman Giffords was shot in the head and a Federal Judge along with a 9 Year Old Girl amongst those shot and killed I finally thought that Congress would do something. After all a Member of Their Body just survived a deadly massacre, but no they did nothing.

    It appears that only and until this happens to their families and children will they then maybe take action.

    Unfortunately it will be too late to save those loved ones. How sad. 😥

  70. 2-y.o. great grandchildren (cousins) brushing teeth after lunch.[image=1-IMGP0085.JPG]

  71. AP, I fear that the children who were killed in Newtown looked far worse than even the pics you posted.

    I think all those who will be involved in deciding what changes need to be made in the gun laws should have to view the crime scene pictures. I think it would make a difference.

  72. I’m tryin’ to quit…just kidding…this is my fave picture of Montgomery Clift

  73. Good to read you again, Mr. Paranoid.

    I arrived too late to see your atrocity posts. I figure you intended to instill some passion and urgency into the conversation – to take it out of the realm of bloodless intellectalisms, a realm where action can wait and ‘fairly effective’ is good enough. If so, thanks. But, I also think it’s too much here.

  74. Craig is right. I saw the pictures before they were taken down. They served no purpose.

    They only reinforced the image that is all too prevalent in some circles of the ‘fringe left’ that is all to willing to condemn this type of shock value posting when it is done by the right, but find it perfectly acceptable when it suits their purposes.
    This was every bit as wrong headed and cheap as the NRA’s ad using the president’s daughters to score an invalid political point, based on an entirely false equivalency.
    It was roundly condemned by reasonable people of all persuasions, and it behooves us little to play in the same gutter.

  75. Flatus,

    Thank you for the picture of you and Kumcho.

    It was wonderful.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. This one was worth so many more.


  76. Craig, hope the reason that you accidentally removed my grandson, Bully’s, pic wasn’t because you found his appearance to be too offensive. I’d understand if you did. I wouldn’t have put him back up if you did even though it was kinda fun to see if I could do it after you told me that it would be almost impossible. I do love that kind of challenge. Impossible is my go word.

    Just like…making changes in our gun laws will be impossible. That should also be our go word. Don’t challenge this bunch of geezers here. We have nothing to lose.

  77. Whatever happened to the night shift here. Found some good sleeping meds? With some of those safe sleeping meds you can still eat, drive your vehicle, kill family members but just not remember it the next day.

    They just reported some new things about Ambien and the others. It seems that people are still asleep when the go to work the next day. What’s wrong with that. I don’t think it would be so bad to work and catch up on your sleep at the same time. It’s called multitasking and that’s been popular for a while now.

  78. And where is C-Bob. I haven’t had a good environmental anxiety attack in a few days now. I felt like something was missing. I’ve always had the tendency to worry about things but now, at my age, I worry when I forget what I was supposed to be worrying about.

  79. Flatus, it seems that one of your grandkids is preparing for a career in dental hygiene. It’s good to get an early start.

  80. i was glad you got that pic back up, ct. you didn’t have to rename it to repost? glad the system not as restrictive as i feared. just installed it yesterday so still trying to learn how to use it.

  81. Craig, changing the pic name didn’t work. It said that the server already had that pic and it wouldn’t let me put it up again. I had to crop the pic so the server thought it was a new pic.

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