A Gun Owner from the Left Aims for Controls

Gun control takes front and center next week in Senate Judiciary Committee hearings led by its chairman, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). Although a gun owner himself Leahy will be a leading figure in trying to steer all or part of the President’s agenda for gun limits through Congress. The Vermont liberal staked out his opening position last week in a speech at his alma mater, Georgetown University Law School:

“The questions we face about our national gun policy extend beyond the tragic results of mass murder; they extend to how we care for those with mental illness, how we manage the exposure of children to violence in popular media, and simple matters of gun safety. In our hearings, we will ensure an open forum for a constructive discussion about how we can better protect our communities from mass shootings, while respecting the fundamental right to bear arms recognized by the Supreme Court. Like many other gun owners, I believe that we should strengthen our federal laws to combat gun trafficking and ensure that those seeking to purchase guns do so with background checks – but this is only part of what is needed. As President Obama has made clear, no single step can end this kind of violence. But the fact that we cannot do everything that could help should not paralyze us from doing anything that can help.”

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

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  1. Love the new image feature and seeing everyone’s loves. Finn is 4 days old today and is doing great, unfortunately the mother has postpartum depression already. My son is growing up quick-in charge of caring, feeding and all decision making. I’m afraid it will be a long road for him and makes me sad for the poor wee babe.

  2. “Obama’s Inaugural Address – History, or Just Words?.”


  3. I’m so sorry Sea. Did you mention whether they live close? If they do, then he’s got you babe. We can all pray that the depression is just temporary.

  4. oldseahag,
    You have a good son. Sounds like he had a good mother. I hope all gets better soon.

  5. Were the girls’ purple coats just pretty? Political stagecraft (red + blue = purple)? At any rate, a happy-looking, first family.

  6. I enjoyed all the festivities yesterday. Michelle looked magnificent in that red dress.

    Sea… wishing you much love and happiness this winter. Hopefully the ship will right itself soon.

  7. At least two sheriffs so far have pre-emptively vowed to not enforce whatever gun laws might be passed which they themselves deem unconstitutional. One in Texas, one in SC.

  8. So Sturge, Barney Fife had off spring, did he? It is good to see they have done well in life.
    And while we are talking about idiots with mouths.
    Golfer Phil Mickelson is so up set with Obama for raising his taxes that he just may quit playing golf and give up that 44 million a year. It is just not worth it any more.
    A nice little snark piece about it here

  9. Yah know, Barneys boys should probably read the fine print on their personal liability insurance. There are some types of stupid that are not covered.


  10. “At least two sheriffs so far have pre-emptively vowed to not enforce whatever gun laws might be passed which they themselves deem unconstitutional. One in Texas, one in SC.”

    No problem boys, that’s why we have Federal Marshalls, and you’ll like them, you really will. 😉

  11. oh wait, somebody did — Calhoun County, Ala. Sheriff Larry Amerson, the President of the National Sheriffs’ Association:

    “If a federal law is enacted, I can’t enforce it. I couldn’t if I wanted to,” he said. “It is worrisome to me that law enforcement officers are saying before anything gets passed that they would refuse to follow a lawfully enacted law. As frustrating as it is for some of us on some of the laws that are out there, they are still the law, and it is our duty to follow the law.”

  12. Obama didn’t reach out to republicans yesterday.

    Yep, that worked out so well for him last time. 😉

  13. Sturg, a bit of background on the SC Sheriff who refuses to enforce any new gun controls:

    “Officials with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division say Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon was arrested on Tuesday on charges of third-degree assault and battery.” — WIS-TV, 8/28/2012

  14. Hunting is declining as a sport. Kids don’t want to do it.

    THAT is why the gun companies have shifted to selling assault weapons to “gun nuts,” who think the apocalypse is coming. They are losers, social misfits, who long for the collapse of society, when THEY will be in charge, because they have the biggest, baddest gun.

    Have you seen what these guns cost? At least $1,500 just for the weapon, then there’s all the associated equipment, ammunition, etc.

    I used to be a gun nut, when I was 16. I got over it.

    Now I just play violent video games.

  15. Sturg,

    Bozone layer. 😆 Good on you.
    I like that a lot.

    There are a lot of republicans in the bozone layer these days, I think it has something to do with climate change.

  16. At least three sheriffs in South Carolina’s Midlands centered on Columbia have asked for legal opinions as to their required roles in enforcing federal laws, specifically anti-gun laws.

    I view two of the sheriffs as being totally professional, law enforcement officials who are making strong strides in protecting their citizens. They are the sheriffs of Richland and Kershaw counties. I believe both have opined that existing laws are adequate for the protection of citizens within their counties.

    In the states that have chosen to ignore federal anti-cannabis rules, sheriffs are faced with the same legal dilemma, i.e., who is their ultimate mistress?

  17. In the states that have chosen to ignore federal anti-cannabis rules, sheriffs are faced with the same legal dilemma, i.e., who is their ultimate mistress?
    by Flatus

    I was thinking the same thing myself
    selective enforcement of the law — I don’t think that’s a path we want to go down

  18. crossed my mind as well….how do I feel when they say they won’t enforce mj laws…a different kettle of fish? but then smoking a joint is quite different from shooting up a bunch of kids in school.

    still, ignore-ance of the law is no excuse.

  19. Tough call to make.

    I wonder how many law enforcement people down through the years have looked the other way, on moon shining, prostitution, and numbers running, because they felt that there were far more important issues to deal with?

    Selective law enforcement is not the path to go down but it seems that we walk it when it suits us.

  20. Sea,
    Is Finn’s other Grandma able to be a placeholder for Baby Finn’s mom until she’s on the road to recovery? Goodness, sounds like a time when everyone needs to pitch in as best they can.

  21. The good thing about the Midland’s sheriffs is that they’re going on the record as to their judgment on the local situation; and, their demand that they receive sound advice as to their legal footing.

  22. more from the Barney brain trust: the Texas sheriff, Larry Smith, who vowed to defy federal gun limits, has also pledged to defend his county against Shariah Law: “Sharia and international law will never be acceptable.” The folks in Tyler must be relieved.

  23. Morning Front Page of the Journal not especially encouraging.

    The headline is “Obama Vows Aggressive Agenda” Beneath it is a beautiful photo of the pair du jour walking hand-in-hand down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    On the Left side of the photo is factual recantation of the day’s events.

    On the photo’s Right side, under a sub-head reading, “Speech Signals A President Set To Fight Over New To-Do List’ It is followed by a thoughtful analysis by Gerry Seib.

    All-in-all, it looks as if I have some reading to do this afternoon. :)

  24. I think some headline writers are reading more into Obama’s speech than I did. I only saw a vision laid out, I assume the detailed agenda will come later, or so I hope.


  25. Some needs to remind the goopers and their enablers –once again– you lost. Just because the enablers give you equal time it doesn’t mean a thing.

    Just because your enablers want to portray us as a country deeply and evenly divided — it is simply not true.

  26. Jack, my surmise is that the headline’s ‘flavor’ was approved by the editor-in-chief.

  27. kind of sad one of the fastest growing political groups is survivors of mass shootings

  28. “The most prominent spot on the program belongs to sermon-giver the Rev. Adam Hamilton, leader of a 16,000-member Methodist church in Kansas and whose most popular writings focus on how to take a middle road in relationships, politics and when confronting spiritual doubt.” (This is the minster from the church my brother attends. Let’s hope the message does some good.)


  29. jamie – Keystone would be a giant mess, so hope it’s not smooth sailing.

  30. Jack,

    You on? Just got my health insurance renewals for my employees….13.8% increase over last year….

    I’m stunned….

  31. flatus

    Make one wonder if either even listened to the speech or read the article,assuming that the WSJ reporting is still of the same pre Murdoch quality.
    Are they lost in their own echo chamber
    I’m reminded of a Bruce Barlett comment, about a critical column he wrote about the Republican party in the NYT. That evening he attended an AEI event and expected to receive a lot of crap. But nobody had read it the NYT was not on their approved reading list.


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  33. Jack,
    Looking at the page’s layout, and a small box identifying the Right column as being “ANALYSIS”, and the author being Seib who is well know as being a member of the editorial board, I was not fooled into thinking that the headline was ‘news’.

    Did they make a good decision in editorializing the front page as they did? Of course not. Senior management simply couldn’t resist, pushed news to one side, and did as they wished.

    I think the page designer did a masterful job of letting regular readers know what was happening; The Journal is still a fine newspaper.

  34. Jax
    what were prior increases?

    In California rate increases were often in the 30% range

  35. KGC,

    It’s been in the low single digits before this year. This is ridiculous….

  36. Jax

    I admit I’ve been using quite a bit of healthcare lately, but I doubt that you are in the same pool as where the wife works.
    I suspect the same thing happened with our healthcare. As I remember they raised the deductable from $400 to $600 and raised the spouse cost for coverage.

    The real problem with all health care is the raising cost, if we don’t get it under control it will break us all.
    And yeah, Obama care sucks all the way around. But then I’ve repeated that before.

  37. Jack,

    I suspect this has something to do with the new healthcare laws. Of course getting someone to quantify that is impossible.

    They won’t even give an estimated increase for next year and won’t allow you to lock into anything more than a year. How is any business supposed to plan?

  38. Jax

    I believe most of that is filed under “don’t Insurance companies suck”

    I keep having rate problems with property insurance on my rentals. Every third year I go looking for a better rate and for some reason my new rate is always back to the original good rate of the other insurance co.
    Any way , how mobile are you and is there a better deal out there? I don’t know anything about health Insurance from your pov, just from the consumer of healthcare pov.


  39. Planning is a big problem, how do you make a bid when you are uncertain of your costs. I suspect that a lot of your business is locked up in long term contracts. If so then unexpected expenses come straight out of your pocket or you shuffle them around and don’t invest in upkeep or personnel. Either way You have trouble growing your company.

    But then you are very aware of that


  40. Jax

    I was watching CNN recently and a major employer went the route of a very high deductible plan for his employees but set up health savings accounts to pay for office visits, prescriptions, dental etc. He deposited the money saved on the premiums to the HSA’s and employees paid towards premiums and could deposit to the HSA as well.

    Some nice tax benefits there. Employees were more careful about shopping around for medical care and HSA’s can be used for all sorts of medical care (including paying for insurance premiums).

    Might be a more effective way to go for your purposes.

  41. perhaps it was just hearing what you want to hear thing, but the inaugural speech seemed to be and say more about pro women’s rights and prospects than any in the past have been.

  42. another article on the mitch pitch for scare money

    McConnell’s letter seemingly promotes paranoia, telling readers, “you and I are literally surrounded” and warning of an “all-out assault on the Second Amendment” from the Obama administration.

    These kinds of statements have been made by conspiracy theorists such as talks show hosts Alex Jones over the last week. However, some were shocked that such rhetoric would come from a high profile public official like McConnell.

    wonder how much this will raise him from gun manufacturers and merchants… he’s giving them free advertising and chumming up sales via hysteria.

  43. A Republican plan to increase the US borrowing limit for almost four months has been welcomed by the White House.
    A vote is expected to be held on the measure on Wednesday

    from bbc

  44. Jamie,
    I offer my employees an HSA plan now. Only one has opted for that plan vs traditional.

    I personally use an HSA but there is also considerable threat to HSA plans as they don’t meet alot of the new mandated criteria….namely high deductibles..

  45. Not a peep from my senators or Housecritter re: assault weapons ban, although I did get one from Bob about his no vote on the UN disabilities thing from some weeks ago.

    No matter. Anything I’m for, they’re agin it. GOoPers are like that. On the other hand, anything they’re for, I’m generally agin it. So it works out.

  46. I’m not on Mitchie’s mailing list, but my reply would be along the lines of “oh, hell, Mitch, I heard enough of that sh!t when Dad was alive. Get a grip!”

  47. How much uncertainty are the insurance companies facing when they pick up a new year right now?

    I would think Jamie’s approach should earn a major discount as it immunizes much of the unknown risk.

    Another approach would be for small/medium sized companies to join in risk management pools.

  48. Has anyone seen one bit of improvement since health care reform?? I haven’t seen or heard of any except that maybe parents can keep their kids on their insurance for longer. I don’t blame Obama totally for that because the opposition did everything in their power to make sure we got nada from it. It’s certainly time to tweak it.

  49. Attention: If your insurance rates go up it’s because the INSURANCE COMPANIES found a whatever-damn-excuse-they-could-get-ahold-of excuse to RAISE THEM.

  50. Best thing about the inauguration beside the speech?

    No pictures of Dick Cheney.

  51. If people suddenly stopped getting sick, insurance companies would still find an excuse to raise the rates.

    I guess they would call it a good health premium. 😕

  52. My son has asthma, a pre-existing condition. He can no longer be denied insurance as a result of Obamacare. That’s the up side, the down side is still the cost.
    He is young and self employed, in order to afford health insurance he has to go with a very high deductible.
    He’s damned if he is insured and damned if he isn’t.

  53. If fewer people got sick, hospitals would have to raise rates just to cover the fixed costs: CEO’s pay and bonus, CFO’s pay and bonus, CMO’s pay and bonus, COO’s pay and bonus, BoDs’ pay and bonus. Oh yeah, and there might be some other things. The high prices printers get for making pink slips, yadda, yadda.

  54. Sorry, Craig! I guess I’m going to have to climb out of the technological avoidance cave I live in, and learn how to do all the nifty things Trail Mix allows. 😳

  55. This is an attempt to keep our old brains sharp like Craig’s.

    I like my crotchety, curmudgeonly, luddite old brain.

    Hell, I still haven’t learned how to change the ribbon in one of these things.

  56. Okay. That didn’t work.

    Skroot. Learn how to change the ribbon yourself.


  57. xrepub, i give a B- on that effort. Congrats on a basically successful effort but would be better to highlight the headline of your linked article instead of the entire url. Still, you got the job done. See “How to embed a link in your comment” in Comment Editing Tools

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