Run Hillary, Run!

Is there really any question about whether Hillary Clinton would be a kick-ass first woman president? My guess is that she’d get more done than her husband, whose presidency, sadly, will be remembered by historians as largely uneventful except for an impeachment-provoking sex scandal.

hrcbenghaziHRC’s womanhandling of Senate critics in the Benghazi hearing proved once again that this gal has the grit, the fire and the wits to run a country.

Run Hillary, Run!

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  1. Woo Hoo – Loving her, hating them. As usual the tone deaf GOP doesn’t realize that performing for their base makes them look like idiots when compared to her.

  2. Craig… AMEN!!!

    Some of the digs she’s getting in at Republicans who are trying to sound tough are hilarious… I’ve fallen in love with her all over again.

  3. In the last throes of his presidency, Bill signed Tricare for Life, the law that provides healthcare for old soldiers and their spouses.

    It picked-up the shortfall resulting from base closures which had traditionally provided medical services for elderly military retirees.

    These are people with military retired income typically well under $20k per year who were promised lifetime healthcare as an incentive to career service.

    Congratulations to Bill for making TfL Law. Now, Hillary has to sponsor and sign an equivalent bill for _all_ Americans. This will make Medicare primary payer and Hillary Care secondary.

    Then all Americans will have wraparound healthcare thanks to the Clintons.

  4. I heard a bit of her opening. Classic. Day one – she said heavily armed militants, day two Obama said terror. Appointed commission, adopted all their findings. Established high conflict office security board. Couldn’t listen to the rest, but she gobsmacked them before they ever got to ask a question. I’ve read a little of the testimony, but not enough to get a feel for her answers. Did get a feel for the tenor of the ‘can’ts goal – to talk tough and demean every admin person involved. Wonderful government we’ve bought, no?

  5. A big AMEN Craigo. She showed them just why we women deserve to be on the top of the list!

  6. If the GOP men were gonna match wits with Hillary, she should have checked her brain at the door so they could have started out even.

  7. It would certainly be fun to get the old HRC cheer leading team active again. I wonder if my uniform still fits?

    Go Hill Go!

  8. Hillary…again shows she is the best…there was not one guy there who could match her…& they looked really foolish trying…

  9. Note to Ron Johnson and Rand Paul:

    Next time you tag team someone, choose a person you can beat.

  10. And she did it effortlessly … her brainpower and grit just cannot be denied. Plus, the glasses make her look even smarter!
    Bill brought forth the Family Medical Leave Act, and even though employers have tried to mangle it, it’s still a wonderful thing.

  11. For the best part of eight years we had listen to Bush, Cheney Rumsfeld and Rice talk about the fog of war. It was their handy go to excuse for every failure.
    Every time they served up the fog of war cocktail, republicans drank it and ordered another. They chose to be deaf, dumb and blind when it happened on their watch.

    F–k ’em! from now on the only information they should get should be on a ‘needs to know’ basis. They don’t need to know anything. Just call it the fog of war and move on.

  12. I don’t know why that wouldn’t work, darn it. I checked the upload box and chose a file. The same thing happened to others the other day.

  13. Who is gonna volunteer to watch Fox tonight to see how they handle that hearing. I can’t do it. What you want to bet they just put up those who attacked Hillary?

  14. Oh God if the Dems. run Hillary the republicans will have to counter with a Palin or Bachmann.

    Run Hillary, Run! 😉

  15. It has been said be careful of what you ask for, you may get it. The GOP and faux news crowd seemed chomping at the bit to get a piece of Secretary Clinton. They even went as far as to call her out for having Benghazi flue. When they got her today all they found out is that she is a master of these situations.

    You would think that with a 40 plus year record of handling herself in these kinds of situations the GOP would want to tread lightly around her.

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  17. yep Hank, when will they learn that this woman has whipped their asses for years — only lost to them once, health insurance reform early 90s, that’s it (other than screwing up Dem nomination 2008). Battle scarred and weapon ready, she’s bring it on.

  18. I haven’t always been a Hillary fan but I was wrong. She is the real-deal; she has weathered the trials and is more seasoned than anyone in the potential field of candidates. She must run and win; she is due.

  19. Love the appearance Craig! Look at the shot of whats her name there- did she know what you were going to say? She doesn’t look happy but then again- she was one of the worst and needs the most counseling!

  20. How about Biden for Pres. Hillary for VP and Pelosi back to head the House. No matter what happens, we get a great President and the legislative branch is covered by the ladies.

  21. Craig,
    Great piece and i agree.. I think i better start a Hillary for President saving acct. now.. Last time i kept giving a $100 a pop and it really hurt the budget. :roll:

    I watched some today as i worked, oh that Paul ass hat pissed me off but in the end Hillary shined even brighter..

    I snapped this Pic from New Smyrna Beach looking south toward Bethune Beach and Canaveral Seashore..

  22. Ok, so i will try this again and yes i checked the upload box???[image=I-Phone 002.JPG]

  23. Great pic Tony. I couldn’t upload mine. It was a pic from my iphone but when I tried it said something about a problem with the pic.

    No Jamie, we aren’t going to take a back seat. Might have been OK to do last time but not this time. We want Hillary in the big chair.

  24. all i can say for those having trouble uploading pics, just keep on trying. it’s a new feature and i haven’t totally figured it out yet. like i always say, you can’t break anything i can’t fix.

  25. I also am on the bandwagon for Hillary.
    Why did it take so long for someone to point out that it doesn’t matter at this
    point what the first intel was? My godshe was wonderful. I didn’t seeher reaction to Rand Paul – what alittle
    twerp he is.

  26. I love HRC’s expressions as Rand Paul lectures her,



    Yep, Craig,
    Wonderful beaches and i’m glad to make you remember.. You are the best and the video earlier with Mika and Joe, well, your amazing, lov you.. David too, although i don’t know him but you lov him and that’s good enough.. 😉

    Mine worked the second try, umm, i have an Android phone. I think its just the new addition is shaky.. I like it though..

  28. I concur with MadMustard 6:57 post. I too was wrong about Clinton. She is the real deal. I’m in.

    However, I’ll happily support any non-blue dog who gets the nomination, or unhappily support any dam’ blue dog against corporate feudalism.

  29. just sayin, my favorite lines from “America the Beautiful” which almost never get sung:

    America! America!
    God mend thine every flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    Thy liberty in law!

  30. I’m sure Rand Paul doesn’t understand this, but he should NEVER have been elected to the Senate. He’s far from alone in having been elected to a government that would be far better off without him, but he does stand out.

  31. A young Representative to watch is Derek Kilmer (D-WA). He was first my state representative, then my state senator, and now he’s been elected to fill the House seat vacated by Norm Dicks. He’s a really hard worker (hope Boehner doesn’t ruin that with his lack of a work ethic!) and a very pragmatic young man. I think a lot of him.

  32. HRC fan here, too.
    New Smyrna Beach? Very creepy place as the shallow beach waters are always filled with sharks.

  33. The Secretary was easier on ran paul and his pa rty than he/they deserved.

    I don’t think she wants to damage him. Of the 4 alleged front runners for the ripper nomination in ’16, rant is the one I want to see at the top of the ticket. And,if Clinton really is going to run, she’ll prefer to go up against paul.

    As the vocal soft-on-terrorism, anti-Pentagon, anti-CIA candidate, paul won’t get support from the well-healed neoconmunist/bush crime family wing of the ripuplican party. Think of it like romney running without the contributions. ‘Christian Zionists’ like hagee and robertson wouldn’t give paul any support either. Yup, rant pol would put a stake right through the heart of the republican dragon. I’ll send him money to run in the primary.

  34. The good news is the bachmanniac has a huge lead over all the other potential ripper candidates for Al Franken’s Senate seat.

    The great news is polls show Franken with a double digit lead over bachmann and every other ripper in MN.

  35. Craig, I love those never get sung lines in American the Beautiful. By any chance, did you write them? If so, good on you.

    I love funny things. I love humor. It’s the only thing that will get us through this life with a little sanity. It’s something I also like about your blog, many here have a good sense of humor. I’d say almost all of you.

    So much in politics is funny also. I don’t think it was the goal but we can enjoy it anyway. Jon and Colbert and the other comedians don’t even have to work at being funny, all they have to do is show several clips of what went on every day and make a few faces and we’re laughing our asses off. It’s far better than crying them off.

    I’ll have to admit that I think Republicans are far funnier than Dems. I was just looking at these crazy examples of congressional theatrics on Huff Post. I think almost all of them were Republicans.

  36. btw, the pat that commented at 6:18 pm is not this pat.

    welcome aboard, pat. cute avatar.

  37. more of the pip squeaking

    Rand Paul Calls Out Hillary Clinton Over Indian Comedy Tour

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