The Music Never Ends

We’ve had a rough few days on the trail, but the fine folks at Network Solutions have put us back on track. A myriad of technical problems besieged us. And some of our features are not yet restored. But we’re here.

The music never ends …

61 thoughts on “The Music Never Ends”

  1. Kinda dew woppy.

    A kinda gent luh dew woppy nation.

    Did Tony ever try Douap (As the French say)?

  2. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

    The Trail lies ahead of us again. The fog has lifted, Lord !

    Why aren’t the church bells ringing ?

  3. and i’ll add my own Woo Hoo to the mix. has been really rough on me not seeing your shiny faces every day. made me realize just how much I need you all. thanks for you patience.

  4. Hey, Ms Cracker! Let’s dance. We’ve got the entire Trail to ourselves. WHEEEEEEE !

  5. Man, it’s been a rough four or five days without my daily fix from TM sanity (or insanity)! Glad to have you back, Craig.

  6. Yahoodie. Now I know how I’ll be wasting my time instead of having to look for ways to do that. Pointing out weaknesses in Jennifer Rubin posts gets old and exhausting.


    back in the saddle again…

    back here with my old friends…

  8. Many thanks to the pros at Network Solutions for their hard work restoring our site. In their words …

    We have completed restoring functionality to your site. As mentioned in the Service Request, your database had grown too large and caused the system to lock. We had to disable your site plugins via the database so you will need to selectively enable them, being cautious to not enable the one(s) which contributed to the present issue. We understand that this may be frustrating and ask that you contact our team back if you have any questions or if you would like our group to schedule additional time to take these actions for you.

  9. Hooray!!

    What about the fellas from India. Could they pare things down at an extremely reasonable price?

  10. Aww, isn’t this nice??? *Fluffs up pillows* Sturgeon will be happy!! And I am too!

  11. My email server appreciates your return. The fetch and carry gnomes were worn to distraction with emails from lost TM folks.

    Welcome back to our happy home away from home.

  12. Ty,
    Could you post that Australian thing over here, the one you tweeted today? I thought it was fascinating, especially Mr Obama’s reception and assorted speeches, etc., in Nov 2011.

  13. I wasn’t thinking of the chat room (I’m no fan :)) I was just thinking that they might be database schema wizards.

  14. here is something rather weird I discovered in this tribulation — the image uploader option, when enabled, disables automatic linking of urls pasted into comments. have no idea why but that’s our choice: the ability to upload images or have your pasted urls automatically turn into hyperlinks. I lean toward including the image uploader because you can always use the “link” button above comment box to hyperlink urls. your choice.

  15. Flatus, don’t think anyone can handle this better than Network Solutions. They’ve been very helpful about guiding me through this and explaining how to manage such a large database at the most affordable cost. I just need to kick in another $10 a month to keep us going as is. The chat room was costing $20 a month, and considering the issues it was causing think I’ll forgo it.

  16. X-R

    Sorry I missed the invite when we had the trail to ourselves but hey looks like a party now.

    I got stuff to say. I just found out that the frozen face of the goopers and her hubby were the heads of the Nola Superbowl Committee. Of the gazillion choices they could have made — even though they live there — they would be the last two I would want representing my town.

    And now that they have left the commentary scene – I see Scary Fiorina is replacing her in the BitchRepublicanwoman class. First of all Scary has had bad cosmetic work. She looks like someone grabbed the skin on the sides of her face pulled it tight and stapled it.
    Second she brings nothing to the table that isn’t already sitting there like a big turd.

    Her response to ending gun violence is to say there is nothing you can do. Well Scary tell that to the parents of the child who died in the Rep. Giffords’ shooting. If large magazines or clips were not permitted she would not be dead.

    And now Tag Romney is thinking about running for office…? Really –the best Romneys to run for office were in the first generation and it has gotten progressively worse and I rather doubt that Tag is going to be a step up from Dad.

  17. Very funny, an interview you will never see on the air.

  18. I went over and helped some of the folks working on the community garden, that is my truck and we had just unloaded a load of fresh horse manure. When I told them how to hold their pitch fork Wuanita got the joke but I don’t think Craig ever did.

  19. A little politics from Bloomberg

    Don’t ya just love it };-)

    Leaders of the anti-tax Tea Party are fuming about plans by some Republican strategists, including Karl Rove, to tap the party’s wealthy donors and raise money to help “electable” candidates win primary races……………
    Leaders of the Tea Party and other Republican groups that oppose abortion and gay rights responded by calling Texas-based political strategist Rove, a founder of the victory project, a “fake conservative” who had “declared war” on the Tea Party.
    The victory project also was attacked as “Orwellian” by Matt Kibbe, the head of the Washington-based FreedomWorks, which identifies itself as a “grassroots” Tea Party booster.
    Rove’s group “is created with the sole operating mission of blocking the efforts of fiscally conservative activists across the country,” Kibbe said, according to the FreedomWorks blog.


  20. KGC and Mr. Crackers… so sorry about your 49ers.
    Congrats to all Baltimore Raven’s fans.

    The first half was boring, IMO. The Second half made it worth watching.

    IMO, the commercials were kinda lame this year.

    Can’t wait ’til Sept. and a new season begins… :smile:

  21. News Desk: Bush-Cheney and the Report on “Globalizing Torture”
    by Taylor Marsh

    THE REPORT chronicles what happened to 136 known victims and lists the 54 foreign governments that were involved with the torture program under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Neither Bush nor Cheney have been held accountable.

    The lack of accountability sits squarely with Congress, but particularly with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who refused to do her job, because President Obama wanted to look forward, not back.

  22. Members of Parliament voted in favor of a Bill legalizing gay marriage in England and Wales today.
    May all who find love be happy.

  23. IMO, the commercials were kinda lame this year.

    I think so, too, RR. But then, my alltime favorite is cat herding– 😀

  24. Drones are in the news again, and Time Magazine has a cover story on them, showing how cops use them here in the USA and how they are used in so many applications. Obama loves them, but even Leon Panetta was bothered when he had to make “life and death decisions ” when a call had to be made.
    I don’t care how many al-Quedas are targeted and killed, it gives me the shivers to think about how many innocents are just blown to shreds by these horrible killers.
    And…gee but it’s great to be back home at Trail Mix.

    I like the way I can post any image from the ‘nets to Facebook…just copy the original image link and paste it to a comment box and instantly the image appears. So easy.

    Craig, you are the Banana King…what country produces the best tasting nanners…Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador?…other places? I bought some from Guatemala yesterday and they rock!

  25. Yay!!! It’s so good to be back on the Trail with all of you! Though I mostly lurk these days, I get a lot of info and wisdom from you’uns….

  26. While we were gone the stock market flirted with 14000 and housing prices showed their largest gain in 5 years. 😉

    That Kenyan socialist sure has screwed everything up. The next thing you know he will probably reduce the deficit.

    I sure miss those 2008 numbers. Republicans, where are you?

  27. Flatus.. the Aussie thing, I think, was their Senate page. (Our House of Commons has asked our Supreme Court advice on amending our Senate, so I went looking for Australia’s). Here it is: The Role of the Senate

  28. Think this got lost in our recent meltdown, my new Banana Tree babies on the porch ready for planting. Come Spring they will grow at least 2 inches a month and up to 12 feet eventually, fruit by late Summer or next year if all goes well … (Get yours at GreenEarth, they even have a cold-tolerant variety — BASJOO — that grows in all 50 states, not edible but decorative)


  29. I am glad things are back to normal…I had a sense of unease while TM was out of action….

  30. “I went over and helped some of the folks working on the community garden, that is my truck and we had just unloaded a load of fresh horse manure. When I told them how to hold their pitch fork Wuanita got the joke but I don’t think Craig ever did.”

    Glad to hear you are still full of s— Jack. he he he.

    Welcome back Craig. The Internet tubes just ain’t the same without ya.

  31. I’m afraid the chat room has been a trouble maker, and I might not be able to bring it back, tho I don’t think most of you will mind

    craig, as long as we’re taking off a few pounds by eliminating chat room, how about upping the thumb count to qualify for top of class comment section in right column. am sure it would make champ happy if you dropped it altogether.

  32. Carol

    as I told the folks the other day, Idon’t just talk sh*t, I deliver.


  33. Flatus,
    When you mentioned the Aussies yesterday, I became curious and looked to see if there was any recent news regarding our relationship with them. What I found was well over a year old, but it was such an uplifting piece, that I’m linking it. I even love the upbeat picture of Obama and the Australian Prime Minister enjoying each others company so much. (I missed it when it was originally released, because I’m not following the news closely anymore). It’s just nice to know that we do have a strong relationship with them still.

    Obama Australia visit begins
    “Barack Obama has arrived in Australia on a visit that will be dominated by the announcement of a greater US military presence in the country as a counterbalance to China.

    Obama arrived in Canberra, the Australian capital, on Wednesday afternoon on board Air Force One.

    The US president will stay for a day and a half, meeting with the country’s prime minister, Julia Gillard, and addressing the Australian parliament.

    …. The visit is a chance to renew bonds with a close US ally and strengthen the two nations’ defence posture in the Pacific region. It commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Australia-New Zealand-United States (Anzus) defence treaty, which binds the three countries to assist each other if attacked.

    The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, has said the goal is to signal that America and Australia will stick together in face of any threats.”

  34. It wasn’t too bad. The girls and I just had to stay home and play in our own swamp. We can talk s— too but we missed yous guys.

  35. Glad you are back, Craig.
    Now we can begin the countdown to your upcoming marriage.

    Hope you and David (and the banana plants) are doing well. :)

    …. as well as everyone else.

  36. a seventh grade science project sends a balloon carrying a Hello Kitty doll up to the edge of space and back to earth. recording the the entire event with on board cameras, a fantastic video.



  37. Now that we have all had a chance to revel in our cyber reunion, could we get back to the business at hand?

    Lets start bashing those pesky politicians. 😉

  38. will the administration’s compromise with the religiosos re insurance for free contraception open the doors to those sects that are against circumcision, any medical care for gays, use of certain medicines, woman patients being seen by male health providers (or vice versa) and other taboos?

    another example of life being simpler if they’d only expand medicare to cover all. no questions asked, no hoops to jump thru, no churchs or greedy big insuros holding folks hostage.

  39. pat, good questions. We’ll see how the law of unintended consequences comes to bear. I am not optimistic.

  40. Here are the remarkable items from Australia that Tylenol provided the link to yesterday. They give the history of our friendship over the years, and our similarities and our differences.

    I urge that you watch all the videos of Mr Obama’s official interaction with these wonderful people.

    Scroll down until you get to the videos on the right side of the page. There are about five of them starting with the arrival ceremony, etc. Each is insightful and valuable in its own light.

    You will all notice the lack of color. The Australians have noticed it as well. Let us hope for the best.

    Some day when I have the energy I will talk about GDP and standard of living (Australia is significantly above the US in both measures) then do a comparison between countries on number of languages spoken regularly in both countries and number of languages that have become extinct. By that measure, I think we are by far the richest country in the world, even taking into account our behavior towards our indigenous population.

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