Hey Dems, This is It

The New York Times is making sense

If ever there were a moment for Democrats to press their political advantage, this is it. Their message on many of the biggest national issues β€” taxes, guns, education spending, financial regulation β€” has widespread support, and they have increased their numbers in both houses of Congress. But after years of being out-yelled by strident right-wing ideologues, too many in the Democratic Party still have a case of nerves, afraid of bold action and forthright principles.

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  1. The way for us to exert our moral political leadership is by inviting Republicans to join in the fruits of our victory. If we beat the shit out of them, we are no better than they are.

  2. Flatus…
    I agree with you in theory. And asking everyone to share in the fruits of our victory can work on a local level. We’ve all had experiences of working to get something done in our communities while working along side people with opposite political views.

    But… and you knew that was coming… it doesn’t seem to work very well on a practical level nationally. Obama has extended his hand and it’s constantly slapped away. I don’t know what the answer to our political divide is… but IMO, we won’t work together if only one side tries.

    Sometimes in order to get things done, one has to side step those that are in the way and just… “git er done”.

  3. Renee, I was going to say the cure is in the newspapers then I laughed and smacked myself on the head.

    But seriously, the cure is in the visual media. So, what is the significance of Fox’s dumping Palin and that other person?

    And why, month after month, is The Journal becoming a better newspaper?

    Is Murdoch realizing that his Certificate of Citizenship demands performance on his part? Has he suddenly become wary of drones?

    Renee, you know that I agree with you, but I so much want to kill them with kindness. :)

  4. flatus and renee, perhaps if the media each time it happens gush over and turn a favorable spotlight on politicians of opposing sides doing good together for the greater good then maybe, just maybe…

    but there seems to be a conflict of interest problem for our friends of the news. feuds, not love fests, sell and advertisers insist on making a profit.

  5. Renee, you know that I agree with you, but I so much want to kill them with kindness.

    Flate… that is my natural inclination also. I want to be kind to others and I try to see the good in others in my everyday life.

    But… there’s that dreaded word again, dang it… how does anyone work with someone who’s only goal is to destroy you cuz you’re in the way of their power.
    Human nature is such that many crave power… some are out to cheat others and are just up to no good.

    If your bullshit meter isn’t working, you can wind up in a bad situation … think Bernie Madoff knocking at your door and saying “have I got a deal for you”.

    Pat…. yup… profit is where it’s at.

  6. Greetings from the desert. I’m so used to seeing Dems fold that anything they do progressively is a bonus. I do agree, however, this might be the best and only time in a second presidential term to do some big things for immigration, gun control, tax reform, and chopping down the military budget. We’ll see!

  7. And as far as Palin and Morris go… it’s just fun to be snarky on a blog.

    If I met them in real life, I’d be polite… even though I think they’re big mouthed blowhards…. and it’s fun to say so here.

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  9. I have no history of Scouting, unless you count buying Girl Scout cookies–but I think BSA’s refusal to go ahead and make the policy change is a cowardly cave to bigotry. To me there’s no complexity to the issue. It’s a Nike thing–just do it!

  10. As for no mail on Saturday, no biggie. Just means that our carrier will deliver on Mondays at six PM instead of 4 PM. He’ll have all that extra stuff to fool with–

  11. I believe the organization has a special relationship with our government. It sounds as if it’s time to ‘explore’ termination of said relationship.

    My experience with the Boy Scouts was valueless. On the other hand, my nephew, the activist preacher who has devoted himself to serving the needs of LGBT folks who have been stopped at the church doors, was an eagle scout. I wouldn’t be surprised if his daughters are in scouting, but the GS have accepted all since they started.

  12. I’m pleased that Virginia came to its senses on the redistricting. Or is it her senses?

  13. “Feuds, not love fests, sell and advertisers insist on making a profit.”
    patd, well said.

    Flatus, RebelliousRenee,
    Palin & Morris: look at the bright side, the casting director’s job on Dancing With The Stars just got easier.

    My advice to the lucky lady who gets paired with Dick Morris:no open toe shoes.

  14. I have to add my thanks for the returnof the mix. I tried to hard to find it and realized it was frightening to see it wasn’t there. I been in my hermit phase the other times it went down and had never seen that screen.

    I can’t believe the repubs are gone because I’ve believed it before and they kept coming back. This new tack they’re taking, though, isn’t gonna cut it with just talk. How can you make poverty seem
    beneficial? That’s what you say when
    you claim it’s good to not help and make you fend for yourself.

  15. Prick Morris is well past his experiation date as a commentator –

    I do not understand why Pursed Lips Morgan is having him on his show. His most recent poor prediction got a lot of attention but he has been wrong far more than he has been correct over the years. He is a big fat pig in every sense of the insult

  16. I wasn’t mucha boy scout….joined for long enough to go to Mt. Mitchell and kind of faded out after that…..

    Pore old Richard M. left his shoes sit too close to the campfire overnight and they kind of got burned a bit. He had to wear them walking down Mt. Mitchell and they blistered holy hell out of his poor old richard feet.

  17. to me it seemed to be more about close order drill than camping and stuff…..the ‘rents weren’t too concerned about it as they didn’t have to lay out those dollarees for the uniform.

  18. For your enjoyment.
    So God made a banker
    Commentary: A commercial for the next Super Bowl

    To be read in the voice of Paul Harvey.

    And on the eighth day God looked down on his planned paradise and said, β€œI need someone who can flip this for a quick buck.”

    So God made a banker.

    God said, β€œI need someone who doesn’t grow anything or make anything but who will borrow money from the public at 0% interest and then lend it back to the public at 2% or 5% or 10% and pay himself a bonus for doing so.”

    So God made a banker.

    God said, β€œI need someone who will take money from the people who work and save, and use that money to create a dotcom bubble and a housing bubble and a stock bubble and an oil bubble and a commodities bubble and a bond bubble and another stock bubble, and then sell it to people in Poughkeepsie and Spokane and Bakersfield, and pay himself another bonus.”

    So God made a banker.

    To read the rest click on the link


  19. Ya, but we are Democrats, we don’t make sense, we make mistakes.

    The public may be with Dems. on a host of issues, but Dems. really don’t want to legislate if they can help it.

    See filibuster reform.

  20. http://craigcrawford.com/2013/02/05/the-music-never-ends/#comment-310255

    Thanks so much for the Australia links.. I love Australia so much and if i could live anywhere else, yep.. I may still???

    I look forward to your breakdown in US standard of living vs. Australia.. I have witnessed how Australians live and its looks pretty damn good to me.. Of course national healthcare and a lots higher national income might do it.. Maybe you can tell why a computer/tablet in the US is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the same one in Australia?

    Oh god Craig, wow i laughed so much at your comment and its so TRUE!!
    MY first innocent gay experience was in a tent as a boy of 10.. Sleeping outdoors in Jan in Michigan brought about the need for shared body heat and a nice closeness… AH yes, i owe it all to the Boy Scouts..

  21. 02/06/2013 at 1:34 PM

    My friend eprof of the desert is right in using the words Democrats and fold in the same sentence. And Rebel Ren is right, too, the repuggs want nothing to do with anything authored or stamped by any Democrat.
    Who can forget how in the aftermath of the 2006 elections the Democrats used their huge victorious night to tell the repuggs to just carry on as ever…especially go on about the nasty business of enriching yourselves at the public trough, filtered into the coffers of Halliburton et al. Ah, nuts! This feud in Washington is like the situation in the Mid East . I was just out of high school during the Seven Day War, and when that dust settled the news accounts were screaming PEACE! Peace was there, finally. What a bunch of lies that was. 46 years later, worse than ever, but at least the Progressives ate into Netanyahu’s dominance in the Knesset, winning many seats away from the wacko right-wingers there.

  22. Hey Dems, there has never been a better time to build the welfare/nanny state of which you’ve always dreamed! Who needs freedom when you have Big Brother watching out for you?

  23. A couple of points. If you want more of something, praise it or give it money. On this basis, anytime Dems and Reps do anything together we should laud it to the skies and damn anyone who dares to speak against them. Encouraging campaign funding for those practicing nobility in the name of the American public would help as well.

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  25. Oh Champ, that is so knee jerk blather. How about looking at what eliminates poverty, provides opportunity and actually works rather than just uttering simplistic nonsense from both sides of the political spectrum?

  26. Oh Champ, that is so knee jerk blather.

    I used to find my own “Big Brother” references trite, until I realized most people didn’t understand them, ‘cuz they haven’t read it. Yikers!

  27. Republicans have ceded their right to part of current legislative battles.

    No, is not a policy it is simply a childish state of mind.

  28. Why the nanny hate, Champ? I’d vote for Mary Poppins in a heartbeat … i’ll take a nanny state over a crabby state …

  29. i’ll take a nanny state over a crabby state

    Really? Is that where you’re at, politically? Good golly, Miss Molly!

  30. yep, that’s exactly where I am politically. I am fed up with this country being run by crabby, ill-tempered, peevish robber barons, their politician puppets and their duped followers. Bring on the nanny state for a change.

  31. The irony of complaining about big brother after dubya’s wawonterra set up the largest deprivation of constitutional rights in the history of the republic is almost too much to believe. My biggest disappointment is Barry’s failure to restore them.

    Hah! Boy Scouts. Well of course they so gay – but I’m fine with that. I’m not so fine with their denial of that. My brief foray into scouts was cub scouts. Lasted about one school year. All I can recall is tangled gemp.

  32. I’m with Craig on this, seems that if we had not had some form of nanny state protecting the bulk of the regular people since we gave NAFTA and China and everyone else in the world a blank-check to do whatever they wanted to screw us, half of the country would have starved to death without unemployment insurance benefits, Social Security payments, Medicare and Medicaid insurance to keep them alive when sick, the Feds to keep the banksters from rendering them homeless because they could not immediately pay-back their college loans, some basic rules and regs to keep their houses from being seized, etc. Look, the banksters and Wall Streeters and big insurance companies and energy companies, big pharma, they have looted, raped robbed and pillaged their way into beautiful balance sheets and trillions of dollars in cash reserves while half of the damn population either can’t pay their bills or is anxiously awaiting their next paycheck, which is 30 years behind inflation already, just to not become homeless. Thank God for at least a bare minimum of the nanny state in the last 8 years!

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