Hey GOP, Take Rove to the Woodshed

S.E. Cupp is making sense

Republicans were sent to the woodshed in 2012. And when you’re sent to the woodshed, you sit there quietly and think about what you’ve done. But somehow, Karl Rove doesn’t think he played a part in all that. Despite more than $170 million spent through his American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS super PACs, and nearly nothing to show for it, Rove believes the simple solution is to slap a new label on his outfit and go rake in some more dough. … If 2012 proved anything, it’s that Fox News doesn’t have enough viewers to deliver Republican victories. — S.E. Cupp, “No thank you, Karl Rove. The Republican establishment must give way to new leadership

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  1. Woo HOO. I really don’t generally warm up to S.E. but then again I’m working when the show she’s on airs. I’ve seen her a couple of times om Maher’s show and she seemed very bright and have caught her for several appearances on this or that show. She’s dead on in this case, and I hope the Cants are deaf to her advice.

  2. “I love Australia so much and if i could live anywhere else, yep.. I may still???”

    Hey, Tony. Don’t know if you’re serious or not, but if so…. lucky you!

    It’s nice that you have good friends there. If you can’t live there, at least you have the opportunity to spend time in Australia.

  3. Champ,

    I have to agree with you on the ‘freedom’ thing. It’s just too much a part of our Forefathers intentions and beliefs to give up on.

    Those scuzzy politicians you’re talking about, Craig… come from both sides. Pretending it’s ‘them against us’ is what they want us to think.

    I fear you’ve been in D.C. too long.

  4. Never knew an Aussie but had a friend from NZ, a pharmacist, who spent his winter one year teaching science at a NH ski academy. He couldn’t say enough about NZ, but didn’t care for Australia. Never been there but looks good in the movies. Not sure I’d care much for the desert parts of it though.

  5. The 85th Annual Academy Awards
    And the nominees are:
    Lincoln, Argo, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Amour, Django Unchained.

    Some good links on this site. I an sooo happy to see ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ getting the attention it deserves.

    I read it was shot in a very short time, and I’m so amazed at what a great actor Bradley Cooper has become. So much depth for his age.

    Also loved Jennifer Lawrence. I assume she’s a new comer, but haven’t done my research.

    And we got to see a part of De Nero I never knew existed before, at least imo.

    What a great surprise that movie was. It’s so good to see a director/writer/and the rest of the team… take a serious subject and allow us to see it from the humorous side. It’s got to be a difficult task.

    Hear De Nero and Cooper are great friends now.

    … (see link down a few comments)

  6. ” Not sure I’d care much for the desert parts of it though”

    LOL, Pogo!

    I don’t think many of us care for the desert parts of many places.

    I was thinking more of the ocean front properties. :)

  7. Pogo says

    I hope the Cants are deaf to her advice.

    I was thinking the same thing and kind of sorry Ferret News canned Prick Morris for the same reason. They still think Frank Luntz can save them

    The media should be ashamed of their role in propping up hatred, divisive behavior and intolerance perpetrated by the Goops
    And their general attitude towards women
    Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove and Prick Morris are the faces of the Republican party –pasty chubby old white men who don’t have a clue.

    Morris was on Pursed Lips Morgans show lying about his role in the political world and desperate to get back on Ferret News According to Morris he is personally responsible for the election of every world leader except Obama and even in that race he predicted Obama would win.—Really Dick..was that the night before the election –cuz you were saying a whole lot of another story earlier in the year.

    And for “Fatboy not gonnaget slim” the man who wants to eat America is crazeee
    He goes on latenight tv to try to make his weight not an issue. Which of course makes it an issue and when someone gives a competing view he tells them to STFU.
    And this ladies and gentlemen is why he won’t even make it to the primaries

    He might be the healthiest fat guy but fat guys are not healthy. And if the Huckster could do it….this guy surely can…and if he can’t what does it say about his self-discipline (as a person who has none I get it…but not a good trait in an elected official)

  8. Carol,
    You were saying that ‘Silver Linings’ wasn’t in a theater near you. I bet it will be now since it made it onto the ‘magic’ list.

  9. I have an idea for the Green Party. They should actively recruit Dr. Dean to lead an exodus of the progressive wing of the Democratic party to the Green Party –to become DemGreens and let the non insane members of the Republican party join with the blue dog democrats to become the Modernmuddlemiddle and let the crazees have the Republican party

    I voted for the Green Party candidate for president Dr. Jill Stein (ok I knew it didn’t matter) but I would do it again if it did matter. I think the time has come for a shift. The goops refuse to change so leave them in the dust.

  10. sturgeone says:
    02/07/2013 at 6:57 AM

    chris seems to be straining at a gnat after having swallowed the camel…..

    a two hump camel for sure!

  11. Here’s another free idea for the Republicans — John Huntsman should buy the party

  12. Good morning…listened to Joe Scarface on The ED Show…he claims all the republicans have to do is concentrate on winning.

    Lazy republicans…how about concentrating on people? That is winning ticket! Repugs want to steal, fool and pretend in politics. The public has finally paid attention and in the line-up they are ‘fingering’ the repugs as the culprits who stole their money and their houses. Good luck to the ship of fools called the republican party.

  13. Craig…
    you’ve got good company in your fed uppedness. Bob Woodward has always tried to look fairly at both sides… and I’ve recently heard him say along the lines “yup, one has to admit that the right is presently playing more of the obstructionist”.

    And absolutely no one is more evenly handed than Norm Ornstein. I’ve heard him recently in several NPR interviews. He’s obviously getting fed up with the shenanigans played by the GOP too. His recent book, “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks” takes both sides’ extremists to task… but he admits it’s much worst on the Republican side.

    The false equivalency bullhorn is fast becoming passé.

  14. Concentrating on winning..luntz speak for concentrating on cheating.

    I hope CNN fires John King’s republican ass
    On election night, King was promoting the vote by counties idea –a county with one voter counts the same as LA county in King’s feeble republican mind and low and behold — this theme is part of the republican plan for election reform in which electoral votes would be divided up by county winners…

  15. And to the post office entity…I am looking forward a day of mail rest on Saturday. I always receive the clustermess of medical and insurance billings on Saturday. Health care attempt is a mess this year and the insurance companies have decided to spread misery instead of risk this year. And the new office staff is the new ‘WPA’ according to my PCP. Recent grads have taken courses like confusing the customer, insurance double billing and the revamped shell game of ‘in-network and out-of-network.’ It is a mess at the doctor’s office and hospitals.

    Did we really think Obamacare was about us? It is all about insurance.

  16. I will send a case of rat’s behinds to the republican party! They have to start caring, start by giving a rat’s behind about the American people.

  17. Then Woodward and Ornstein should both leave the Republican party

    AEI is the basis for the Bush doctrines….and lot of the craptastic nonsense that has gone on

    Nice that he is trying to cut himself off from his offspring

  18. I think Chris Christie should leave the repug party. He is more popular among dems than repugs. He would lose weight on the dem diet.

  19. From the creator of the republican party —

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  20. “…becoming passé.”

    Heaven forbid we should ever be ‘passe’ .

    How snobbish!.

    Maybe it depends on who you’re listening to or what site you’re on. Or maybe you should just get your information from talking to neighbors and acquaintances. Try looking out the window.

    I hope the constant demeaning of half the population becomes ‘passe’.

    The big mouths you hear daily on and about on the the entertainment news programs are not representative the rest of the population. So give it a rest.

  21. The mentioning of freedom with the mentioning of our Forefathers is getting trite, IMO. We all know they gave those freedoms to white men only.

    One thing I do love about them is that they made sure our Constitution is a living document by allowing for amendments by future generations. Viva the living!

  22. BW so right
    The Affordable Care Act is really the insurance industry care act.

  23. BlondeW…
    sorry about all the problems you’re having with the insurance company. Our system really sucks. I have an elderly friend that is frightened about all the talk of cutting medicare and social security.

    She worked hard all her life… not to feel secure now that she’s in her 80s is a shame.

  24. Those scuzzy politicians you’re talking about, Craig… come from both sides.

    chloe, yeah but as the wise ones say “our sh*t don’t smell”

  25. Yes, the bitterness from the repug party is already starting…

    Again, my advice to them is to start sincerely caring about all of the American people.

  26. RR…Medicare is already changing from when the ‘Greatest Generation’ started using the system.

    I blame the republicans and their obstructionism for the botched health care attempt. And the the can’ts blame the patient, not the provider and insurance. Until the can’ts want to really help and promote all Americans…they will continue to be diminished. They have diminished themselves and refuse to face that fact!

  27. “chloe, yeah but as the wise ones say “our sh*t don’t smell””

    Well then, Pat. Instead of looking out the window, maybe we should open it. It never hurts to let in a little fresh air.

    I thought what I said to Craig this morning was very benign. I also think he does a very good job of defending and defining his opinion himself, without my feeling I have to take on his guardians when I address him.

  28. For the past few years, I have spent hours on the phone for medical billing and coding…with staff of the providers and the insurance companies. I have even developed phone humor with the phone reps. I received a rogue bill from an out-patient surgery hubby had in December. When I was dealing with medical bill…the rep was in California, the payment location was in Texas and the procedure was in New Mexico. The rogue bill was for $100. and it was submitted twice to the insurance — once in network and once out-of-network. They paid a pittance both times and the company was still trying to ‘fool’ us into paying the $100. And I told the rep “A janitor walked by the OR and sent us a bill…only problem, he wasn’t in network!!!” Great humor lost on a rep who did not understand what I was talking about! And they can keep the $14.85 they stole from the insurance. Like I said, a clustermess and humorless, too!

  29. Chloe says –“Instead of looking out the window, maybe we should open it. It never hurts to let in a little fresh air.”

    And let us not forget some sunshine on politics, too. It is that sunshine that exposed the republican’ts for what they are…remember the Rmoney comment about the 47%? Republicans have got to become something they are not currently. I believe they really screwed-up when they made corporations the same as people!

  30. …enjoying your posts, Blonde Wino, and agreeing with you more than not. Kudos on your 8:09am.

  31. Chloe… you seem unable to disagree with an opinion without taking it personally… oh well…

  32. [quoting Pogo]

    The irony of complaining about big brother after dubya’s…largest deprivation of constitutional rights…

    No irony: I complained then, too.

    My biggest disappointment is Barry’s failure to restore them.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  33. And as someone who occasionally watches the program the S.E. Cupp is on, The Cycle… I’ve grown to like her. I don’t usually agree with her opinions, but she seems to be a very good sport and does a good job defending her point of view.

  34. It has been my observation that whenever sweeping ideological legislative change is pursued by the party in power, it’s always the worst facets of that ideology that end up being reflected in the final legislation, not the best.


    Ok, stay groovy, all.

  35. S.E. Cupp is on, The Cycle… I’ve grown to like her. I don’t usually agree with her opinions


    Here’s a clip of her destroying Maher, Carville, and Sullivan single-handedly.

  36. The Hidden Death of the Ownership Society
    Charles Smith
    February 6, 2013

    The foundation of the neofeudal economy is this: the right of ownership still exists in name, but the actual ownership of political and financial power is concentrated in the hands of a few.The core of American liberty is widespread private ownership of property. The Founding Fathers were quite clear on the necessity of protecting private ownership from encroachment by a covertly created monarchical Empire or a financial Aristocracy.

    Private ownership protected liberty and the distribution of wealth by enabling widespread ownership of “the means of production” (land, tools, intellectual property, enterprises) and home ownership.

    Thus the correlation between prosperity, widespread ownership of small businesses and homes and a relatively modest disparity of private wealth. When ownership of property becomes concentrated into a rentier class (i.e. a financial Aristocracy) that is protected by a Monocrat Central State, income disparity shoots up and prosperity is concentrated in the hands of the political and financial Elites.

    In other words, the Founding Fathers understood that financial servitude precluded political liberty. Liberty in a neofeudal economy was ultimately liberty in name only.

  37. This comment from RR is great

    One thing I do love about them is that they made sure our Constitution is a living document by allowing for amendments by future generations. Viva the living!

    They at least considered they didn’t know everything

    I’ve always thought sunset provisions were a good idea

  38. Insurance reform may never happen in this country…and by the time the machines are self aware — the day of singularity is estimated to be upon us sometime between 2030 -2045 — it will be all over for us humans. Life as we knew it, will have changed forever at the hands of artificial intelligence and machine. Our knowledge will grow by an amazing speed. Eventually the machines will not have use for us high maintenance ‘bags of water!’ A sort of Terminator ending for humans. So, I guess this computerized medical billing is a start to our downfall.

  39. The difference between BW and someone that believes we have the best medical system in the world is that the later has never had serious illness or a chronic illness and then had to deal with the Insurance/medical payment system.

    It has taken me 4 weeks to get the paid for syringes and test strips that are covered under my medical insurance. I can buy them at my local pharmacy but the insurance won’t pay for them or credit my payments to my deductables.
    I have to go through a medical equipment supplier. But not all medical equipment suppliers do diabetic supplies. and some may sell test strips but not syringes and the Insurance company has no way to separate out who does what. They say they have a list of all suppliers on line but I couldn’t find it and I am really good at researching stuff on line. So I called, bad info, so I called, bad info but just the opposite of the previous call, so I called finally got the names of 3 suppliers. Got 3 You want what? we do arms and legs ect. On the 5th or 6th call they gave me the a name that they had before and assured me it could supply the stuff. I just laughed, and told them they had given me that name and it didn’t work. Then after that long I finally got them to listen and they took the time to find some one that could supply the stuff I needed. UPS is supposed to leave them on my front porch today sometime.


  40. “A lot of folks forget that most of us used to be them.” – President Barack Obama, January 29,2013.

    No amount of rebuilding or rebranding will help a Party succeed unless they stand behind what they are saying. It’s going to take years for any “new” GOP to pass the bs test for a majority of voters. Republicans sold out to the highest bidder years ago, and had no shame pandering to the lowest common denominator in a quest for power. A new facade won’t cut it. The Republicans have a moral rot within, and it will take a long time to prove to us that they will be anything but on the wrong side of history.

  41. BW “So, I guess this computerized medical billing is a start to our downfall.” Too late. This is just another step on the path.

  42. Jack, I do read of your experiences with the health attempt system. Intelligent humans like yourself have to wonder at the mess created for corporate profit. Perhaps, if we did concentrate on the health of the patient and not the health of their pocketbook, we might accomplish health care. The insurance tiers bring me to tears. The high deductible is meant to keep you from obtaining health care. Any brush with the medical billing community is like sticking your hand in a flame and that burn is not covered under the plan!! But, I keep fighting, I figure they are never going to take me alive, anyway!

  43. That Maher clip is one I saw when it aired. It’s one reason I haven’t warmed up to SE. She argues the same false equivalents as the media does and fails to understand that Iraq was not a war – it was a part of the Wahonterra, along with Afghanistan – and she ignores the killing of innocents and the deaths of American soldiers in those “skirmishes”. But I did agree with one thing that is behind what she said – that both of the Wahonterra presidents have blood on their hands.

    And while they aren’t dead, the incarcerants at Gitmo are innocent under our law, only detained until the Wahonterra is over – which will never happen.

  44. Champ…I like the introduction of sound to the blog. Perhaps instead of smiley faces, etc., Craig can add sounds like cymbals, three stooges noises, etc. I need the musical ‘badda-boom’ after my unusually funny lines!

  45. If the ‘powers that be’ in the republican party were sincere about the American people, they would listen to some of the sound advice given to them by democrats (yes, the dems would even like to help the repugs). But, they can’t listen…just the nature of the party. Their party seems over for a bit and the rest of us are under the big tent trying to triage the nation after the republican’t party heyday of the early millennium.

  46. Greetings from the desert. Did someone say (above) that they didn’t like deserts? There is beauty in everything and deserts are absolutely beautiful, teeming with wild life and interesting creatures and formations. Wile E. Coyote is close to my home inasmuch as I live on Wiley Way in Coyote Ranch in southern AZ — too funny.

  47. eProf2…I thought the same thing about the ‘desert’ comment.

    I guess I am a ‘lesser than’ for living in the desert (yes there is life in the desert!)

    And we all now know where you live, eProf2

  48. Eventually the machines will not have use for us high maintenance ‘bags of water!
    BlondeW… lol… that statement reminded me of the Star Trek episode where some computer thingy told Capt. Kirk he was an “ugly bag of water”… :smile:

    As for the desert…. I LOVE the desert. It was being in the desert and seeing beautiful Native American weavings that inspired me to become a weaver myself.

  49. We are in a drought here, soon this may be desert, too.

    BW & Jack – I hear ya. I never needed insurance until last year, and then everything was a fight with them. The worst thing I could wish on the folks who rig the system, is that they get really sick and have to use the system they devised.

    Couldn’t we take away the medical coverage Congress enjoys to save us a boatload of money?

    Craig – Hope you are stocked up for Nemo. (I think the Weather Channel is hoping one of this winter storm names sticks; it seems pretty silly, so far.)

  50. Just got back from the grocery store. I frequently go on Thursday mornings… but this morning it was a zoo. We have an old fashioned northeaster heading our way for tomorrow through Saturday. Suppose to dump 2 feet+ of snow in my neck of the woods.

    I don’t mind the snow… but I do mind losing power. Rick filled up all our gas cans this morning in anticipation of needing to run our generator. We get lights, water, and even the tv with it. But for some odd reason we always lose the internet. So if you don’t see me around this weekend… y’all know why.

  51. I think ex-half-governor-you-know-who would refer to Turd Blossom’s idea, as slapping lipstick on a pig.

  52. Just in time to check on the status of our peeps up in the northeast. You guys stay safe. It’s 69 here but watching what’s happening up your way, I’m shivering.

  53. XR

    Those Disney nature films introduced a lot of us to a world beyond the sidewalks: Beaver Valley was my first but I love Living Desert & Prowlers of The Everglades

  54. Okay I think I can promise that for at least a long while these crazy problems are over. Our growing pains required more fixes. We now have room for 15,000 more comments, and then I will have to consider deleting old archives or paying for more space. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

  55. Greetings from the desert. While waiting for our favorite web page to return, I watched all thirteen episodes of House of Cards on Netflix. It’s a love hate very long film (13 hours) on the thing we most love here: politics. I’m looking forward to the second season sometime later this year.

  56. This afternoon over on the community garden. These are 6th graders from trail woods elementary school across the street. They are participating in the community garden and were helping clean up. [image=006.JPG]

  57. You guys stay safe

    Carol… thanks. It’s snowing very fine and fluffy snow here. We rarely get the wet and heavy type… we are in too high of an elevation. It actually looks like Boston and areas south are going to get more snow than us here in NH.
    Rick is thrilled… he bought new ski boots yesterday and can’t wait to try them out.

    Coreen & Old Sea Hag… stay safe. You’ll both probably see the wet and heavy stuff… take care.

  58. BW yesterday @ 8:56am : “Yes, the bitterness from the repug party is already starting…
    Again, my advice to them is to start sincerely caring about all of the American people.”

    But, corporations ARE people.

  59. I missed Prowlers of the Everglades.The Living Desert was my fave – sidewinders. The Vanishing Prairie was another one, but black-footed ferrets can’t compete with beavers or sidewinders.

  60. I vote for the desert over the beach, lots of rocks and sticks there. But Carol or Craig might convince me that the river/swamp is best.


  61. The wife likes the beach and I vote for the desert. is there anywhere you can look out your front door and see the beach and your back door opens to the desert?


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  63. “… but a swamp rat at heart. luv me some skeeters, gators and mud between my toes”

    Craig, we must be related. I can forgo the skeeters but they sound real neat when they run into my electronic swatter and light up. I like my gators at a distance or in a sauce picante. I am cool with the mud in my toes.

  64. hey Craig…
    we New Englanders don’t care what the weather channel tries to call it… to us it’s nothing more than a frickin’ snowstorm… :smile:

  65. I spent a couple of years working in the Nevada desert. There really is life out there. Big life wild horses, and small life like scorpions. In-between life like sidewinders.

    Saw a fair number of loners out there in travel trailers with no electricity and no water except what they would go and fetch every few days.

    Lots of plant life, too. Just not like you’d see in St Louis.

  66. “we New Englanders don’t care what the weather channel tries to call it… to us it’s nothing more than a frickin’ snowstorm”

    So true Renee, a classic Nor’easter…and thanks for the shout out earlier, you guys stay safe too, same to Sea…

    the worst is just moving in for us ‘southerns’ so far southwestern CT(Fairfield County) is showing that CT Yankee spirit…about 6″ on the ground at dark.

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