Saber Rattling China

What’s up with China? A territorial dispute with Japan risks US involvement in a confrontation that could get really ugly.

Former U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman echoes what lots of folks in Washington are thinking, that tensions in the Asia-Pacific region are getting scary, involving Korea and Russia.

“I worry about the military maneuvers in crowded airspaces and sea lanes” where an incident can escalate into something “beyond anyone’s ability to then de-escalate it,” Huntsman told Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

US officials have expressed growing concern about tensions in the region, particularly over territorial disputes that relate in part to access to resources such as undersea oil reserves.

Japan says Russian fighter jets intruded on its airspace, which Russia’s Defense Ministry denied.

Japan also claims that Chinese ships used weapons-targeting radar on a Japanese destroyer and helicopter last month near the islands claimed by both countries. China denies it.

War against China? Believe it or not, Washington is talking about it.

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  1. Craig, just finished watching the last episode of Mrs Browns Boys for this year. The whole episode examined Gay Marriage from all angles – but in a tasteful way … well … sort of. Anyway, I have extracted probably the serious argument from the episode.

    The scene is set in Agnes Brown’s kitchen. Trevor Brown, a Catholic priest and former missionary, brings his fellow priest, Father Damien to talk to Agnes Brown about Rory Brown (Trevor ‘s brother) and his up coming nuptials with Dino Doyle. Agnes wants the Catholic Church to bless the marriage. The conversation takes an unexpected turn for Father Damien.

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  2. that huntsman quote above re china/japan

    “I worry about the military maneuvers in crowded airspaces and sea lanes” where an incident can escalate into something “beyond anyone’s ability to then de-escalate it,”

    reminded me of this reuters item from last summer

    The United States has the military capacity to defeat any Iranian attempt to shut down sea commerce in the oil-rich Gulf region and will hold Tehran directly responsible for shipping disruptions, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said

    they’re playing us from both ends

  3. sea, hope you were able to send out all those wonderful valentines chocolate goodies before the storm hit.

    stay safe

  4. I suppose it’s too late to follow TR’s advice, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

  5. Made it through the worst of it… and well obviously… we still have power.

    It’s still snowing lightly, but it’s winding down… should end in a few hours.
    Haven’t stepped outside and measured anything… but by my eyeballs it looks like we got around 15 inches. We have some big drifts… that means it’s light and fluffy. We haven’t seen a real storm such as this in a few years. The ski areas and plow guys must be ecstatic.

  6. I voted for Jon Huntsman in the NH primary last year. I thought he was by far the best and brightest of the Republicans running.

    I know most Americans don’t pay attention to foreign affairs… but it’s one of the top things I consider when choosing who I want for President. This planet is small… the economy is worldwide… and everyone is vying for power and position. Too bad human beings haven’t evolved much beyond tribal.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts all. Electric came back on a while ago, wind has thankfully died to tolerable, still snowing- now I only wish that the snow would clear so I could see the magnificent power of Nemo- hear the waves are 25 ft. Pat- I scurried around yesterday getting to the PO before it closed early at 3-n got there at 12 but boats already cancelled- so they won’t leave island till Monday. Fortunately they were all east coast orders so they will arrive in time just the same.

  8. Sea, It looks like the “upload image” box may not have been checked, I’ve had it come unchecked on me so I pay attention to it.


  9. Good for Christie, kick the prejudice bastards in the groin. Real doctors don’t do what that woman was doing. She should be barred from practicing medicine.


  10. Jack,
    I agree, the Doctor was grandstanding on her high “White House Doctor” pedestal.. I still don’t like Christi’s mean ways.. Telling people to shut up, especially woman seems to be a joy for him.. For a national politician he seems to lack manners of his own..

  11. Kathleen,
    Several times i have tried to post pics and it simply won’t take a particular pic(maybe the size)? I try another and it posts?

  12. jack, the station video linked in taylor’s article shows a softer discussion than what was reported. also had this:

    ….Mariano told 3TV, adding that it’s common for medical experts to weigh in on the health concerns of potential presidential candidates. “I think I’m qualified to make a comment.”

    Ironically, Mariano has been a Christie supporter and identifies herself as a Republican. However, she said her future support for a potential Chris run in 2016 is damaged.

    i don’t agree with you that “She should be barred from practicing medicine” (obesity is #1 killer nowadays ) but she should be reprimanded by if not barred from the voice of america if she made political comments on her show.

  13. War against China? Believe it or not, Washington is talking about it.

    Well, prudent leadership would be addressing all possibilities, but China’s economy is too dependent on U.S. demand for their goods and labor for either to have reason to rock the boat. Russia, on the other hand…

    …not so dependent.

  14. chloe, once more i must apologize for inadvertantly offending you with my use of the venerable proverb re one’s own mistakes seeming less evil than someone else’s mistakes. my comment was not to upbraid you nor to defend gracious host, it was merely a poor attempt at humor.

  15. Champ makes a good point. I think our current problem with China is they believe they have bought us with their cheap trade goods. We have certainly given that impression as we let our large Corps set foreign policy for us.


  16. Jace

    We have mothballed an aircraft carrier or two, Maybe we need to sell them to China. Pay down the debt.


  17. Champ makes a good point.

    If only I had a nickel…

    Hey, to bring it back to Orwell again, War betwixt any of the mentioned actors (barring North Korea) isn’t in any of their better interests, but projecting strength to and keeping their populaces afraid of one sure is.

    Ok, I’m going to sit in this corner and smoke a cigarette. Hopefully the tobacco doesn’t fall out. Don’t mind me.

  18. Jack,

    I second that.

    We put Iraq and Afghanistan on the credit card.

    American Express may have it’s privileges, but it has it’s limits as well. 😉

  19. Hey, to bring it back to Orwell again, War betwixt any of the mentioned actors (barring North Korea) isn’t in any of their better interests, but projecting strength to and keeping their populaces afraid of one sure is.

    That was kinda the definition of WWI, It shouldn’t have happened but it did.

    Smoking Prince Albert?
    Or home grown?


  20. Looking over the previous threads.

    Eprof is right about the desert,it is amazing, and I have really come to love it. I suspect Craig and others feel the same about the swamps and marshes.

    I grew up in Southeastern WY. Not the glorious scenic part of Wyoming, of majestic mountains and wildlife, but the semi arid part distinguished by foothills and bluffs.

    I still think that for me at least, the prairie is where it’s at. 😉

  21. jace, you old prairie dog, just for you and nostalgia a neat 8 min. lesson on prairie language


  22. Patd,

    You are much too kind, as everyone here knows… and I have ‘never’ taken offense to anything you’ve ever said. How could I? I think so highly of you, and am always ‘so’ touched by your empathy and feel so undeserving of your kindness.

    Please, if anyone should be saying sorry, it’s me. But I am what I am. I’m going to have to accept that (along with my hot buttons… and the Constitution is one of them).

    Please don’t ever feel the need to apologize. I can’t recall even one instance where it would be necessary for you to do so. Still, as always, thank you.

  23. speaking of things china, huffpo quote today:

    Sunday marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, and for 2013, drums are beating to ring in the year of the snake.

    Though it’s a major holiday for Chinese families, the celebrations have become widely embraced—even President Obama got in on the festivities. In a Friday statement, the President said:

    “Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all those who will be celebrating the Lunar New Year this Sunday, February 10th. Here in America and around the world, people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent will welcome the Year of the Snake. In Chinese tradition, the snake represents wisdom, and a thoughtful approach to tackling the challenges before us – principles that I hope will continue to guide us as we perfect our union and create a more just and equal future for every American. Our challenges may be great, but our diversity and the traditions that thrive here give us the strength to meet them. To everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year, I wish you peace, prosperity and good health and fortune.”

  24. Patd,

    Thanks for that clip. Reminds me so much of the prairie dog towns that I used to see around Medicine Bow WY.

    Sometimes in the late spring or early summer, the countryside in places would be a carpet of blue flax. It was stunning. 😉

  25. Joe Walsh criticizes Ms Obama for attending the funeral for the young girl who entertained us all at the parade. Hey, I’m proud of her for doing that.

    What is his political party? Don’t tell me, let me guess. A Republicant? Figures, they just won’t miss an opportunity to be stupid, will they?

  26. Runt Paul, gets to give the Tea Party response the State of the Union. Rubio gives the Republican response.

    If I were Obama, I would just mail it to congress. I believe that is his only constitutional obligation. 😉

  27. I wonder what the Chinese word is for Enterprise?


    If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, don’t trust the artist to know.

  28. CT,

    I wonder when Walsh is going to get over his fifteen minutes of fame?
    I think that he is in Sarah Palin territory right now. Totally irrelevant.

    You can only get one cup of tea out of a tea bag and he has already spilled his.

  29. This blog is made up of many different personalities. Some are ardently liberal… some are more middle of the road… and some are libertarian. Some have a great sense of humor and some take things a bit more seriously. Some will defend Craig… and some haven’t a problem with disagreeing with him.

    We live in very divergent places. We all see things from our own perspectives. And all of us have the right to be who we are.

    I, for one, say “viva la difference!”…

  30. RR,

    Well said. 😉

    As for me, I stand by whatever I’ve said,
    I don’t remember what I’ve said, but I stand by it. 😐

  31. well, jace, one thing you said today deserves repeating:

    You can only get one cup of tea out of a tea bag…

  32. If need be and finances dictate you can get more than one cup of tea from a tea bag. 3 if I remember right though the last one was mostly sugar water. Tea will let you do that where as coffee more you boil the grounds the nastier it gets.


  33. What’s this about Joe Walsh?

    I like Joe Walsh, great guitar player.


  34. Some more of the only Joe Walsh worth listening to


  35. Jack,

    So right. The last two cups do have a slight resemblance to tea.

    The cup I refer to is the one that is strong and almost black, and somewhat astringent. It requires a bit of sugar and a splash of milk, and warms both body and soul like almost nothing can. 😉


  36. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot of vegetation in the desert. Often times in the form of WEEDS.

    I am off to do battle with this years crop.

    Back later.

  37. I like to spray weeds.

    I suppose that someday my property will be a super fund site. 😉

  38. Jace

    I hope you aren’t using Round-up.

    you could make your own

    Christie went on Latenight with Letterman to try to own the issue of his weight with the ridiculous remark about being the healthiest fat guy. There are no healthy fat guys. He thought he could Frank Luntz this…and someone a doctor called him on his bullsh-t.

    It was a political ploy – he got a political response. If you can’t wear big boy pants don’t play with the big boys The media asked a bunch of different docs what they thought — the consensus is all the same — his luck (not good health) is probably running out
    but she got the most play.

    Why doesn’t he ask the Huckster to help him diet?

  39. Round-up.. Monsanto …bad bad business practices and their use of gmo’s particularly round-up ready corn and other crops

    It’s unclear what the impact of the run-off from Round-up use is… but there is this

  40. Jack, i added The Lost Battles to our “Let’s Read” list top right.

    If anyone wants to add a book to our reading list, just let me know. They’re easy for me to add (and any purchases kick a few pennies into the TM jar)

  41. KGC and Craig,

    Upon further evaluation, I have decided to go with new and improved Propane Plus.
    Propane plus a match.

    Hoping this little flame thrower is covered under the 2nd Amendment. 😮

  42. kgc…You are doing God’s work…informing us all of the dangers of pesticides (Roundup is bad, bad, bad! As is it’s maker…Monsanto!) Thank you for being so passionately right! 😀

  43. The East Tennessee State University and General Shale Brick Natural History Museum and Visitor Center at the Gray Fossil Site will hold its annual Darwin Day celebration Saturday, Feb. 9. The event will include several lectures as well as activities for children. General admission on that day will be half-price for adults and free for children.

    The mission of Darwin Day is to recognize the scientific accomplishments of Charles Darwin and his description of evolution through natural selection, as well as to explain the far-reaching influence of evolutionary science. This international celebration of science occurs annually around the birthday of Darwin, who was born Feb. 12, 1809.


  44. Anything that involves China and Japan is scary. Those resentments go back to before WWII. I have Chinese friends — they’ve owned a restaurant here for forty years — and they still hold such long-standing angry feelings toward the Japanese, and I assume it goes the other way as well. Long term resentments, similar to Ireland, Balkans, etc. Very difficult to parse and with Russia, US, and likely the UK involved, it’s never pretty. Most western citizens never look much farther than over their fences, but considering the west’s involvement in South Asia, we’d better start paying attention.

  45. Tea Party releases preview of Rand Paul’s Response to the State of the Union. :smile:


  46. Another candy naming contest for you clever people. 1 1/2Lb bag sent to winner. I’m making chocolate covered almonds with martha’s vineyard sea salt and my 70% cacao chocolate as well as chocolate covered cape cod cranberries. Not looking to go political though. For seo it would be best to just call them as above but can’t resist a quirky name to interject here and there.

  47. Jack, That Joe Walsh song is one of my all time favorites. The lyrics always make me laugh, no matter how many times I hear it.

    IMO, when a songwriter writes one really great song, their entire career is a success, even if they never do anything else that’s as successful again.

    Same for Don McLean’s ‘American Pie‘.

  48. And the motivation for China for nationalistic fervor could be plain old – can’t do anything about problems at home so we visit a diversion on our neighbours – trick.

    The problem could be pollution, especially in Beijing which makes the government look bad and worst of all, incompetent.


  49. Old Sea –
    I looked up the Sea Surface Temps when the European model called this storm several days ago. East, and south of you the Atlantic had water temps up to 5C above the long term average.

    The 25 feet ocean on your little island should be noted. We have now seen 2 major storms hit the North East in less than 120 days. Both are the result of 2 Low Pressure systems combining before the one monster low flows to Greenland.

    The European Model is really cooking now. They are pushing 10 days out now, on these storms.
    Their cone at 8 or 9 days is pretty amazing.
    Where they hit , and how much power that pack.

    This pattern of 2 lows over your head combining to make one monster is not good.

    Tell your watermen, to follow the European Model .
    It’s one of the most amazing bits of science going on now. A Very high resolution, running on very fast machines, is predicting 8 or 9 days into the future. They missed Sandy’s landfall by 15 miles. 7 days before the event.

    2 more of these things, and Road Island will be a charming mix of Mississippi , and Greece.

  50. Bill –
    These smog events in China are making Crissy Hines ……
    The rivers in Ohio were on fire .

    The Pretenders – My City Was Gone (Remastered)


  51. Jace- for which are you thinking?


    I’m thinking both sold as a valentine combo.

    But in point of fact chocolate cranberries just sound too good to me.

    Chocolate and cranberries. Divine 😉

  52. Craig –
    How did Rush steal Crissy Hine’s best song ?

    Pitch it to Rolling Stone as a feature. Politics and music.
    I have no idea why this happened , because Crissy certainly doesn’t
    catch Rush everyday at 11:00 A.M.

  53. Sturg,

    Like Floyd R., McCain and Runt Paul are ‘real’ Americans. We have to listen to them. We just don’t have to take them seriously. 😉

  54. Craig –
    I was thinking about spamming ,(I was guilty) and the night you asked me to stop spamming . It is your world, and respect it. But days later I thought , “Your getting really depressing Bob, let’s get back to happier subjects, like the war between China and Japan. ”

    And the germ warfare coke can from Syria, flown on a $500.00 drone from the internet.

    Climate Change suddenly seems like a sunny subject.

  55. The amount of poison at risk in Syria tonight , after 2 years, of more and more chaos , Obama can kill anybody he wants.

    Shoot the mothers, right in the forehead.

  56. Thanks HW

    Having just had to endure the monsantao backed ads to ridicule the idea of labeling gmo during the Prop 37 — it was one of the worst campaigns ever in terms of lose with the truth. They had to withdraw a bunch of ads of false statements you know they had to be bad
    Just Monsanto’s policy in pursuing innocent farmers when it was Monsanto drifting that polluted their farms
    What a disgusting corporation

    If corporations are people — here they are

    I think they may be the worst bunch of people in America They think they are way cool but they are scum

  57. sturgeone says:
    02/09/2013 at 6:44 PM

    I’ve got a plan….let’s all go to Hege’s and get some french onion soup.

    How long will it take to get there from Northern California…

  58. Drones and Obama –
    Does anyone think we don’t have dozens of these over Syria ?

    All of it funded by the Oil Kingdoms, and the Jews. The coke can drone will visit them first.

  59. Drones and Obama –

    Think about this –
    A small drone can be flown just above people’s heads, spraying God knows what. Anywhere in the world.
    When we were kid’s this came in shells, bombs, and missiles. And it was messy.

    This is not messy , and it places what ever you want , where ever you chose.

  60. Think about this –
    A small drone can be flown just above people’s heads, spraying God knows what. Anywhere in the world.

    All of them flown from a smart phone. By one man. Very cheaply .

    The 9-11 high jackers had to attend fight school , today they don’t .

  61. KGC: Huckabee lost all that weight when he ran for prez back in 2008 as I recall, but then he put most of the weight back on.

  62. The words and music of Tom Masterson , my friend from decades ago –
    Jefferson Airplane – How Do You Feel

  63. Jefferson Airplane – How Do You Feel

    15 years after he wrote the song, I asked Tom about it. 2 bottles of Ripple, and 40 minutes. Looking out a window over Haight Street .
    That was 47 years ago . Tom is long dead , but his song lives on forever.

  64. Dexter

    There is some dispute over how much of the weight the Huckster has regained but for sure he is a fat head.

  65. “what’s wrong with roundup? i use it now and then, works really well” -CC

    So, Monsanto invents “Round-Up”, and then engineers and patents crop seeds that are resistant to the “Round-Up”, and those resulting plants cross-pollinate with adjacent crops, the seeds from which now have patented genetic material in them, so when the adjacent farmer tries to harvest the seeds for next season’s planting, Monsanto sues him/her for using their patented genetic material, forcing the farmer to either buy seeds from Monsanto or go bankrupt fighting them in court. It’s all in the movie “Food, Inc.”.

    So when you buy “Round-Up”, you’re supporting a corporation that actively seeks to put independent and family farmers out of business. That’s what’s wrong with it.

  66. By the way , I am the only living hippie that never slept with Gracie Slick.
    How we both lived this long is really a big question.

  67. Craig –
    One more feature article to pitch to Rolling Stone.

    Visit Gracie Slick , tell them you know me , and I knew Tom Masterson .

  68. coloradobob,
    Good to read your tweets. Every time I see a butterfly, I think of you.

  69. Craig –
    Write for Rolling Stone.

    Apply your paper work , then send them your words. Then tell them, you’ll write something smart As you always have.

  70. Craig –
    If you forget everything I ever taught you. Remember this ……….
    You never wrote a stupid line in your life.

    Wrong maybe , but never stupid.

  71. Craig –
    Write her a note , ask her if Tom Masterson wrote, ‘How do You Feel’.

  72. Craig –
    You and Lardass cut your teeth on long deep pieces . It would be really great if you just spoke to Gracie Slick.

    You are not a rock reporter. She might say yes.

  73. You are not a rock reporter. She might say yes.

    Later ask her this, “What was Tom Masterson like ? “

  74. Craig –
    After 47 years there is no book called ‘Gracie Slick’ .
    But if you, and I were in her home tonight.

    What a book we would write.

  75. Filibusted – GOP’s Pointless Filibuster Reform


  76. champ, is this what you were telling us about earlier in the thread?

    Those worried about genetically modified crops — now dominant in corn, sugar beet and canola production as well as soybeans — say Bowman’s case presents a “microcosm” of the state of American agribusiness, where corporations dominate and bully farmers through lawsuits.
    “The current intellectual property environment of transgenic crops has spurred the privatization and concentration of the world’s seed supply,” said a brief filed by the Center for Food Safety and Save Our Seeds, groups that have been highly critical of Monsanto and genetically modified crops. “Market concentration has resulted in 10 multinational corporations holding approximately two-thirds (65%) of commercial seed for major crops, reducing choice and innovation, and increasing prices for the American farmer.”

  77. The only thing I see mildly interesting about the case is who is responsible for paying Monsanto their licensing fee for use of genetic innovation. The elevator operator that sold the seed or the farmer that used it. But some body does owe Monsanto, they’ve got the patent.


  78. This site has the best comments section of any place on the web. Not always comprehensible but always fascinating. … Rolling Stone, butterflies, and Grace Slick. I think I’ll wait for the next thread to bring up Jean Paul Sartre.

  79. Rene Descartes is on an airplane. Stewardess asks if he’d like a drink. Rene says “No, I think not,” and disappears. :)

  80. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Hauntingly beautiful, with a Balkan flavor. Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy! 😉

  81. Good one Sturge.

    I have two questions re: the post.

    #1. If we go to war with China, who wins?

    #2. If we go to war with China, do we still have to pay them back?

  82. Don’t roll your eyes. There are no stupid questions, just stupid people asking them. LOL

  83. Who says I can’t have Hegel for Secretary of Defense?
    –Barack Obama

  84. Celine Dion walks into a bar. Bartender asks, “Why the long face?” — Now cmon, it’s an old one, but if ANYONE has a long face, it’s Celine Dion.

  85. Carol

    More important, if Japan and China go to war who do we pay off first?

    Japan currently has more of our debt than China.


  86. I think that if we deduct the cost of cleaning up Japan’s tsunami debris that floated over, we may owe them a lot less.

  87. In the most famous case of Monsanto’s bully behavior the courts were reversed and things are shifting in the favor of people all over the world who do not want their seed source to be in the hands of one company especially a company with no moral character and who do not want their seeds contaminated with the drift from Monsanto’s crap

  88. tylenol says:
    02/10/2013 at 9:57 AM

    What has red hair and lives in a test-tube? Bozo the Clone.

    the best one yet…keep ’em coming

  89. httpv://

    I want to ride the tiger
    I want to ride the tiger
    It will be black and white in the dead of night
    Eyes flashing in the clear moonlight
    I want to ride the tiger.

    It’s like a tear in the hands of a western man
    Tell you about salt, CARBON, AND water
    But a tear to a chinese man
    He’ll tell you about sadness and sorrow or the love of a man and
    a woman.

    I want to ride the tiger
    I want to sail through the risin’ sun for you and you
    We got something to learn from the other side
    Something to give, we got nothing to hide
    I want to ride the tiger.

    Black wants out of the streets
    Yellow wants the country
    Red wants the country back
    And white wants out of this world
    Sing – sing to the sky
    I want to ride the tiger
    I want to ride the tiger.

    Look to the summer of seventy-five
    All the world is gonna come alive
    Do you want to ride the tiger?

    It’s like a tear in the hands of a western man
    Tell you about salt, carbon and water
    But a tear to an oriental man
    He’ll tell you about sadness and sorrow or the love of a man and
    a woman.

  90. So, who to we fight, Japan or commieChina ?

    Put it another way: who do we
    destroy, the Toyota dealership or walmart?

    This is serious. For instance, what if the Chinese Emperor offers to hand us the head of king kim young fat on bamboo platter ? It’s hard not to side with any murderous bastard who offers to put the kim dynasty out of our misery. This sort of choice has lain at the heart of US diplomacy since Ike came into office in 1953.

    Our decision might be easier if commieChina attacks both Japan and the Philippines…. I think. Part of the difficulty would be that Taiwan would side with commieChina in the propaganda mills. Taiwan could even side with the commies diplomatically. However, it is very unlikely that Taiwan would help the red Emperor militarily. Very unlikely… yet….

    Now, what if the fictional nation of Viet Nam goes to war against commie China? It’s always hard to co-ordinate policy with folks we hate and who don’t actually exist.

    Between northKorea, Viet Nam, and walmarts’ unquenchable need for more cheap junk, can the US side with any combination of the allies?

  91. jace, thanks. haunting and chilling. can you imagine what it was like actually being there and hearing the sound in the round? glorious goosebumps.

  92. one of those internet joke sites pointed out these health events:

    2007 – Chinese year of the Chicken – Bird Flu Pandemic devastates parts of Asia

    2008 – Chinese year of the Horse – Equine Influenza decimates Australian racing

    2009 – Chinese year of the Pig – Swine Flu Pandemic kills hundreds of pigs around the globe.

    2010 – Chinese year of the Cock – what could possibly go wrong?

  93. CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Saturday night that President Barack Obama has jeopardized U.S. national security by nominating substandard candidates for key cabinet posts and by degrading the U.S. military.

    “The performance now of Barack Obama as he staffs up the national security team for the second term is dismal,” Cheney said in comments to about 300 members of the Wyoming Republican Party.

    Cheney, a Wyoming native, said it was vital to the nation’s national security that “good folks” hold the positions of secretary of state, CIA director and secretary of defense.

    “Frankly, what he has appointed are second-rate people,” he said.

    This is one of those times when you just throw up a little in your mouth.
    The great draft dodger and war criminal talking about second rate people.
    How conveniently he forgets that he can’t leave the country for fear of arrest. Yep he is a real first rater. Prick!

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