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  1. C-SPAN just showed McCain and Schumer sitting together waiting for speech, they seemed to be engaged in an argument. Lots of wild gestures and looking away as the other talked. Guess that was one of those “frank” discussions

  2. It’s so much more impressive when “Black Rod” bangs his stick to get Parliament’s attention. Better dressed too. [image=BlackRod.jpg]

  3. Well at least she can safely retire now. Judging must be an easy job, so many of them seem to live forever. Judges and symphony conductors.

  4. Not only do we need to bring jobs back to our shores, and reward corporations that do so, we also need to ensure a return to making quality products. I’m really tired of planned obsolescence…and/or shoddy workmanship!

  5. If Rubio hadn’t said he just paid off his student loans I’d think he was running for president of the college republicans. but he’s got the Reagan rap down pat

  6. Let’s Get it done and We can fix this

    Judge Ginsberg and Senator Grassley were asleep

  7. Yep, Rubio had the honor of representing his Republicant’s response to Obama SOTU but not enough spit. I do know that feeling but fortunately, when speaking to a large crowd, my spit kept up. I think he was scert. Ought to be. There just may be a violent woman out their that he voted against today.

  8. Yes, comments are a little slow in responding Craig. When I press post, I usually have enough time to go make a sandwich and eat it before my cursor quits circling.

  9. God, I miss Bobby Jindal…Rubio looked like a deer in the headlights when he grabbed for the bottle. Old man McCain and Senator Schumer were very jovial, back and forth, the rest of the night; they even seemed to be FRIENDLY! 😯
    Two SOTU moments I cannot get out of my head: switchgrass story, by Bush43, and guns and butter, by Lyndon B. Johnson, . I was a kid and I had to ask Dad what the heck was the reason to compare guns to butter? Dad was smart, he educated my ig-nunt ass.

  10. craig, really? deputize lil ol me? ahhh gee. here i am your loyal deputy reporting to duty, sir, whippin tmrs into shape linking wise:

  11. IMO, Obama’a speech was very up lifting. He looked like he was enjoying himself. My best moment… the 102 yr old woman getting a standing O.

    OTOH, Rubio’s speech was just more Republican negativity. Yeah the water bottle moment is what will be talked about. But I thought the huge fake grin at the end was just as weird.

  12. I know some might have looked at that picture of Obama giving his speech and said… whoa… it’s all men again. But I think it showed plenty of diversity. There was one white guy… one black guy… and one orange guy…

  13. Craig and I had similar SOTU experiences. I caught the beginning, and woke up to Rube. I do not think Rube represented his party well. I’ll have to defer to those of you who were like, awake during Obama’s address to judge its effectiveness.

    Got a kick out of watching the clips from the Hagel vote yesterday – party line in the end after more time was spent excoriating each other than discussing Hagel.

  14. With the President’s speech and the Rubio and Paul response… Tea-it-up for the midterms…

    Hillary on the horizon… We are bound to see an epic GOParty struggle.

  15. Mad, assuming Hilary is the Dem nominee in ’16, who in the world on the ‘pug bench could mount a credible contest? Rubio? RandP? Palin? McCain? God, I think I just peed myself a little.

  16. The site was working but loading really slow on my end so I checked out. News this morning: I hope Craig owns some NBC stock – Nice buy out with Comcast.

  17. Marco Rubio went a long way last night….toward making Chris Christi look very electable. 😉

  18. After watching some of the presentations last night I find myself comparing the various party players to professionals that I deal with on a regular basis.

    Fellow business owners, clients, financial and legal advisors, bankers, engineers, etc.

    And I am convinced that as a group our political elite including of polical media represent the lowest common denominator of our society. Verbosity and pontification have completely replaced any sense of actual work.

  19. “… I am convinced that as a group our political elite including of polical media represent the lowest common denominator of our society. Verbosity and pontification have completely replaced any sense of actual work.”

    LOL, Jax!!
    I was sitting here eating a bagel, and when I got to your last paragraph I choked (literally) because I started laughing so hard.

    I could not agree more!!

    (.. they need to get some people who live in the real world around them :))

  20. Thank you Mr. President for driving down the middle class on the wage scale and increasing the number of people that are below the poverty line. Obama’s appointment or reappointment of people that were complicit in the 2008 Financial Crisis and Great Recession such as Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, tax cheat Tim Geithner, Peter Orszag, Gary Gensler, Michael Froman, and Gene Sperling reality helped the top 1%.

    Yes, Virginia, the Rich Continue to Get Richer: the Top 1% Got 121% of Income Gains Since 2009
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, February 13, 2013

    Yes, sports fans, you read that headline correctly. The top 1% has captured all of the income gains since 2009 and then some, roaring ahead while the rest of the population slipped behind. A new paper by Edmund Saez (along with his frequent co-author Thomas Piketty, a long-standing cataloguer of income inequality) estimates that the income gains to the top 1% from 2009 to 2011 were 121% of all income increases. How did that happen? Incomes to the bottom 99$ fell by 0.4%.

    This confirms a pattern that Matt Stoller highlighted: that income inequality increased more under Obama than under Bush. And the new Saez paper also describes how it came about. In short form, income to the top 1% is significantly influenced by capital gains. Remember, the tax reporting is not clean here: rising equity and bond markets help all those private equity and hedge fund professionals, who are able to get capital gains treatment for what ought to be labor income. But the paper also stresses that the lower orders were hit hard in the aftermath of the global financial crisis than in the dot-bomb era, which also saw a big drop in capital gains. That isn’t as hard to understand. The collapse of the dot-com mania didn’t impair the real economy overmuch because it was not fueled in a meaningful way by borrowings. By contrast, the housing bubble, and more important (in terms of damage to the financial system) the much housing exposure created synthetically by CDOs that consisted entirely or mainly of credit default swaps was highly geared, hence when it collapsed, it took credit providers down with it.

  21. haven’t talked to tech folk yet today (they’ll let me know when they’re finished) but things seem a little speedier don’t they? maybe they are making progress

  22. from Craig last night —

    C-SPAN just showed McCain and Schumer sitting together waiting for speech, they seemed to be engaged in an argument. Lots of wild gestures and looking away as the other talked. Guess that was one of those “frank” discussions

    I think they had just found out that Lindsay had made a date with both of them for last might

  23. yep, KGC, thing I noticed about them last night was how they switched gears once the game was on and they knew they were on camera — then it was all lovey dovey. not saying this is terribly significant, just found it amusing

  24. i guess the most startling thing about SOTU for me was seeing Obama restart the minimum wage debate. he wants to take it from 7.25 an hour to 9. Democrats have abandoned that issue for so long I had almost forgotten it could be done

    i never have been sure which side is right in this debate, but $9 an hour (by 2015, tied to inflation) doesn’t seem overly burdensome on business and provides a little more pocket change for consumers to buy stuff, which is what this stinko economy needs.

    NYT: Raising Minimum Wage Would Ease Income Gap but Carries Political Risks

  25. Was a little slow to load comments from the home screen – now let’s see how quickly it reloads on a post.

    Not too bad – 2 seconds blank then about 4 to reload. I can live with that.

  26. ha ct, i got a big kick out of that observation last night — that’d be a clever way to promote a slow blog, that’s some positive “spin”

  27. $9 an hour would be doable for our little business – but we don’t have min. wage workers, though, so what do we know?

  28. pogo, still not as fast as i want it to be, but definitely an improvement. they’re not finished yet. really looking forward to focusing on content instead of tech headaches

  29. Yes Craig, I need any excuse I can find to support my feeding frenzies. I was sitting there thinking…what can I do to take up this extra time I have on my hands? I know, I can find something to eat.

  30. patd, thanks for the Barney Fife clip, gave me a good laugh to start the day this morning, sure miss that show. you inspired me to look it up — TVLand runs episodes every morning and afternoon, DVR fired up!

  31. It’s those minimun wage earners who are the most disadvantaged in our nation. Dirt poor, you are taken care of. Rich, you don’t need to be. Busting your ass working minimun wage…your effed.

  32. I know every time there’s talk about raising the minimum wage… there’s talk about the burden it places on businesses such as fast food chains and mom and pop places.

    Yesterday, I had an appointment and stopped in a nearby Burger King for lunch. I haven’t been to a fast food joint in ages and was surprised to find out that a whopper jr. value meal cost me $6.32.

    Would the price go higher with an increase of $1.75 per hour for their workers… maybe. But I’d bet more people could afford those prices if they were making a tad bit more money.

  33. I can see why so many don’t want to work for minimun wage. There are more benefits to being on welfare. Really. We must change that.

  34. RR, you nailed something i’ve always wondered about this debate — while fast-food companies would have to pay higher wages, so many of their customers are minimum wage isn’t it possible they would actually make more money in the long run? wonder if that’s ever been studied

  35. Yeah, but they (BK & McD’s) are both above where they were 6 months ago. Can’t freak out over small ups & downs. btw Wendy’s is down too, but is rebounding. These very small declines are from 6 month highs for each of them.

  36. The groups that are organizing fast food workers have a lot of information on wage issues.

    Because the available jobs are now in the service industry whether it’s McDonald’s or Ruby Tuesday — people with greater skills and used to better pay packages are now in these jobs.

  37. Hey, it’s capitalism at work. If cost of production goes up, prices go up. In a highly competitive market like fast food the prices will be dictated by competitors’ prices. My guess is they will all raise their prices to cover the increased labor costs and will all sell a burger for about the same price – like they do now.

  38. Hi. Wow, I’m really late to this, but I thought it was a great speech, “Savior” Marco Rubio is going to be in big trouble if he keeps talking like that whilst hoping to attract immigrants and young people, and the finest tweet of the night belongs to Mike Murphy who tweeted “Somewhere Bobby Jindal is laughing his ass off tonight.” I thought the last 10 minutes of Pres. Obama’s speech were the best 10 minutes of his entire presidency. Bravo!

  39. Yeah, but Pogo…. Wendy’s is worth it imo. Love that you can get Chile and Baked Potato’s there.

    The only thing that I go to McDonalds for is my $1 large drink, maybe some fries or pie and Emma loves that tiny little kiddy cone for 27 cents. I do, however, get out of there as fast as possible.

    …. actually, I’m sure she’d prefer the larger one, but I don’t usually give her a choice. She’s so hyper without sugar already, that it’s scary to make her any more so. :)

  40. Pogo, interesting article. I don’t know about McD’s in the states but here they’ve really come on strong as a coffee shop rather than a burger joint, and have done pretty well. McCafes are full all day long, competing with VanHoutte and Starbucks.

  41. chloe, of the FF restaurants, Wendy’s is my fav. I’m a frequent flier there – get a lot of their salads.

  42. Andy Griffith Show runs two episodes on the Toledo religious station. I have to watch local and then Nightly News at 6:00 however, but I am into Green Acres now. It’s been 48 years since I watched that show; I have forgotten every episode, it’s like my second childhood, like seeing them for the first time. I met Alvy Moore (Hank Kimball, County Extension Agent) once; he was brought in to open a new movie theater in Fort Wayne back in 1977. Nice fella. He was in the Black Rebels Motorcycle Gang , Brando’s (“Johnny’s”) gang, in “The Wild One”, 1953. The gang they fought was headed by Lee Marvin (“Chino”). Remember Chino’s gang? “The Beetles”.

  43. Oh! Forgot Elayne Boosler’s best tweet re Rubio: “Only Nixon sweated this much and he was lying too”

  44. Ty, they’ve been pushing that here, but I don’t have a sense of whether they are going great guns with the McCafe stuff or not.

  45. I used to crave triples at Wendy’s, but now I hate that place and even though there is a franchise a half-mile away, I finally just quit going there totally.

    I also will drive through McD’s for a $1 Coca-Cola in the hot summer, and maybe a couple times a year for a fish sandwich, but I prefer their breakfast items…I get a biscuit with a folded egg for a little bit of cash money, but I was appalled when I got an order of biscuits and gravy and found out that the price has risen by 8%. Who has gotten an 8% raise in pension or wages lately? What right has McDonald’s to jack prices up 8% ? Pissed me OFF!! Why? Because they do this regularly, when the economy is still in the crapper. It’s an outrage!

    Tylenol, I had my first Tim Horton’s coffee yesterday. We have a new store here in town. I understand that in Canada the car in front of you in the drive-through pays for the guy’s coffee behind him. Here, there was no line-up at all, but I doubt the custom is in use here. Coffee at the McCafe for a senior like me is ridiculously cheap, like 60 cents. Tim Horton’s coffee, tiny cup, senior discount…$1.21. And…sorry Tim Horton’s…McDonald’s coffee is served in a larger cup, and is “twice as nice and half the price”…and yes I stole that from the old Thunderbird wine commercials.

  46. pogo? Is Li’l Pogo gearing up for basketball tourneys or is he now concentrating on his guitar?

  47. Wendy’s is very good and economical…

    I get a small chili, baked potato, and Diet Coke for under $3…I don’t ask for the free pop they give to people of a certain age, but they automatically give it most of the time…Also, we have no sales tax.

    Marco Rubio will never be ready for primetime…The water thing was so funny…

  48. Dex – There’s a hierarachy of price here. There’s McD’s, which is pretty much the cheapest coffee/muffin combo going. 1.59. Then there’s Tim’s. You can get a HUGE (oil can) coffee for $1.75, a donut for about 75 cents. Tim’s breakfasts are to die for — bacon/egg on a biscuit, the best hashbrowns you’ve ever tasted, and coffee for about $4. Then there’s Starbucks — or “FiveBucks” as my brother calls it. Everything interesting is 5 bucks. And if you get anything (ANYTHING) to eat at Starbucks it’ll run you $10. We also have “Second Cup,” “VanHoutte” and “Coffee Depot”. We are a coffee nation. The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, Ambrosia I’m telling ya, was at Coffee Depot. It’s a bit of a drive to get there but well worth it. Tim’s is popular because of drive-thru, pretty cheap, good hot coffee. And yes, occasionally, someone will pay for the person behind, but that’s one of those ‘pay it forward’ things and doesn’t happen often.

  49. interesting critique from wapo’s conservative j rubin

    Some of what Paul says is simplistic to the point of being misleading. Some of what he says is daft. And some of what he says is compelling and important, albeit vague. If he wants to start building credibility he will have to start spelling out what he means; depending on what he does mean, that may be problematic. It is comparatively easy to be a gadfly in the Senate. It is much harder to master detail, present credible legislation and accomplish aims, not simply recite compelling political theory. It is not clear yet which route Rand Paul will choose.

  50. Canada’s national minimum wage is 10.35 an hour. Fast food/mall stores, etc, have to give things like bus passes & benefits in order to attract employees. Under $7/hr is slave labor.

  51. I will grant one thing to the Republicans. Someone or some commission needs to go through the US finances to identify duplicate programs, functions, grant systems etc. Legislation has been so piecemeal for so many years that functions have become ridiculously ineffective and expensive.

  52. $10.35 seems fair. Ramp it up, President Obama!

    Tylenol, how are you doing without the use of the penny anymore up there?

  53. When Marco Rubio was talking about what his father saw when he looked in baby Marco’s eyes was a lie.

    What his father really saw was a Golden Anchor in each of little Baby Marco’s eyes.

    When Marco was born his father received two Golden Anchors and a Pathway To Citizenship the very day he was born.

  54. I know an increase in the minimum wage seems like a good idea. The wage seems so low to so many already. But hear me out on this.

    The issue with the US economy is all based on one thing….GROWTH….pure and simple.

    Raising of the minimum wage is clearly a no growth strategy. It means less entry level jobs, less internships, less opportunity for the largest unemployed group in the country teens and early 20’s.

    I know it sounds like I’m against paying a little more to an underpaid group. That’s just not the case. I’m against it because it is a serious detriment to our ability to grow out of our self induced economic predicament.

  55. To tell ya the truth, Dex, we hardly notice. If it’s under 3 cents it’s rounded down, if not it’s rounded up. If you use online banking, the price doesn’t change at all. And I used to leave all my pennies in “take a penny-leave a penny” trays in stores anyway. I figure pretty soon they’ll do away with the nickle too.

  56. Oregon has a minimum wage of $8.95… Like Washington, it automatically increases each year using a cost of living formula…

    We also do not have a sub-minimum wage…

    In 2012 the GOP candidate was caught on video supporting a sub minimum for restaurant workers…He was toast after that…

  57. That is “candidate for Governor”…

    I clicked edit but it would not let me fix…

  58. OD,
    I think the sub-minimum for restaurant workers is for those that receive both salary and tips.

    The kitchen staff, dishwashers, mgmt etc are governed by the min wage.

  59. I missed it all. Some of us had to keep the world going while you guys were ogling the pol’s ties. I was out stimulating the economy of the 1/1000%
    Am now broke. Please send money. (:>D))<

    my 2 bits on coffee : I'm in it for the drug. I like McD's price, and tolerate their brew nicely. I like the low acid full bodied stuff. Black, tepid, no sugar.

    Within a half mile radius we have Golden Thyme, Dunn Brothers, Nina's, Starbucks, Caribou (x2), Breuggers, Cafe Late/Bread& Chocolate, & Cahoots, besides the twenty or so restaurants & diners (including a McDs), plus the five gas station and one grocery store self-serve coffee labs, and a coffee stand at the local public library.

    This neighborhood is well and truly wired.

  60. I stop at McDs for coffee a dozen times a year. We don’t eat ff unless we’re on the road. So, Big Honkin’ Guv could raise the minimum wage by 50% and it wouldn’t affect us directly by more than $2 per year.

  61. Waiting in dentist chair for my new porcelain crown to bake. Heard from our ace tech Tony. He’s almost finished tweaking what he can. Speed is good now?

  62. I LOVE living rurally… but I do wish there were more choices of restaurants nearby. The closet FF joint is a McD’s and it’s about 12 miles away.

    We do have a pretty decent local cafe. You can buy a really great breakfast of eggs, home fries, choice of meat, and toast for only $5.50. They also make the best hamburgers. They grind their own daily… and they are big and juicy with real tomatoes and real lettuce on them. But they’re only open until 2pm. After then, there’s only take out pizza stuff available locally.

  63. The big expense for McDs, et alia, is advertising. Compared to the amount spent on marketing and ad buys, the counter help is peanuts. Besides, for McDs and most other chains, the paychecks for execs, lawyers, franchisees, and managers are the bulk of the payroll expense.

    Not so for little gas stations, food stores, roadside shops, etc. A boost in the minimum wage for them is sometimes a major difficulty.

  64. If I were a young man just starting out on a sordid life of crime, I would note everything that McDs does and duplicate it in a small town that doesn’t have a McDs. I’d copy the colors, Ronald McD, and the whole shitterie. Then I’d wait to see how long it would take for the real McD’s to discover MY chain.

    I’d simultaneously develop several identities (as was much more easily done back in the ’60s) and pull the same stunt in other fields and places. Each time the lawyers came with infringement lawsuits I’d metamorphose and start over again somewhere else. McDs, H&R Block, Krispy Kreme, Road Ranger, Starbucks, Chuck Schwab, faux news, Powerball. Ah,the fun I could have had . . . .

    For a young man just starting out in sordid life of crime, this kind of white collar grift seems more lucrative than do smash and grab, chopping cars, or dealing cocaine at office parties. Alas that I was raised to be such a law-abiding and boring citizen, for otherwise I might have made such an interesting white collar crook.

  65. Greetings from the desert. Does anyone think the anchor baby, Marco Rubio, can survive vetting? His parents were illegal, undocumented migrants that self-deported from Cuba under Batista, not Castro, as Rubio claims. His claim that his parents couldn’t return to Cuba is belied by the fact that his mother’s passport was stamped four times in the first five years of Castro’s regime. Batista, by the way, was a free market advocate so that as dictator he could amass several billion dollars in gold bullion that he took with him on January 1, 1959. So much gold, in fact, that they were worried the plane wouldn’t be able to take off with all the extra weight. Will the voters buy Rubio’s cut government spending on medicare and social security and student loans benefitted his parents as well as himself? He can’t have it both ways. And, the Republicans haven’t figured it out yet that the Hispanic population isn’t all from Cuba and that most Mexicans, in particular, think Cubans got a pass with lots of financial backing after the mass migration of middle and upper class Cubans landed and took over south Florida. Bring on Rubio in 2016!!

  66. They worried that batista’s plane couldn’t take off with all that gold. And, I don’t believe it did.

    I remember hearing that the gold plane stayed behind, but I don’t think the weight caused the problem. As a result, the story goes, batista did not live the life of luxury that some other escaped dictators enjoy.

    Maybe he should have booked a flight with Air America.

  67. batista took between $300 and $700 M!LL!ON in currency, bonds, etc, plus some art works and jewels.

  68. “Does anyone think the anchor baby, Marco Rubio, can survive vetting?”

    EProf, when it comes to his party, anything can happen. Can’t expect it to make any sense.

  69. How can a guy live on $300 – $700 MILLION circa 1960?

    As a result of his poverty batista worked in real estate for 10 years.

  70. The pugugly party should be happy to get a sometime mormon anchor baby with a name like a failed roman emperor, after nominating drunken deserter with a felony cocaine arrest under his belt.

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    Now, here’s hoping for a break from tech issues and getting back to the voodoo that we do so well.

  72. Tacoma has all of the standard FF places, but we have two amazing places: Puget Sound Pizza They will give you a hangover and then cure it with breakfast the following morning or if you are really dragging an unbelievable pizza later in the day.

    The other is Tacoma Wine Merchants and Enoteca Wine Bar – Spend the family fortune on great wine recommendations from Bill, and then get a European cafe feel of bread, cheese, wine, antipasto yum yum next door.

  73. Love the posts today.

    I missed nasty nugent kicking the old lady -what happened?

    Who’s the sometimes mormon anchor baby?

    I was online and got a message that windows wanted to do some updates and would I please get offline. I didso, and eventually it was done and I could get
    back online. But I really couldn’t cuz there were connection problems. I called
    my beloved sonic.net and the guy guided me thru a fix that used a dos screen.
    What a trip.

    All the talk re coffee convinces me that you can tell me how to brew coffee and not havethe dark bitter sludge at the
    bottom. I finally asked for and got a coffee brewer for christmas and like it, but that bad stuff at the bottom can’t
    be right.

    They’re showing replays of things mitty said and marco repeated. This has to stop. I can’t handle seeing mitty again.
    He’s worse the second time around.

  74. bethyboo, i was joking about the nugent thing. Hugs to you for your tech hassle. Lord knows I’ve had mine lately, but think we’re in the clear for now. My view is don’t ever blame the computer, they only do what they’re told.

  75. Jax –
    So I read they sent another blue water tug to fetch the ‘Triumph’ back to Mobile. She’s only making 5-7 mph.
    I can’t wait till 4,200 smart-phones download their doo-doo .

  76. Hi Bethyboo !

    The sometime Mormon is the woman hater Senator marco rubio, who was a Catholic before he became a Mormon before he became a Catholic.

  77. Craig, I don’t brag about sonic.net because I’m afraid some damn corp will try to swallow it up, but it’s the only company, of anykind, (not just computers) I know of which is even close to working correctly. It’s locally owned
    and when I call about something, I seldom have to wait – usually get a human who helps me. I can’t tell you how many things they have walked me thru.
    I laugh at at&t and comcast and anyone else who wants me to put my computerin danger from their sludge of performance.
    Now that I’ve broken my rule and bragged
    about sonic.net, I’ll never mention it ago.

  78. Jax –
    All us pink-o commies just voted your thoughts to the top of thread.

  79. Jax –
    Speaking for the pinkos … We’re lucky to have you making comments here.

  80. must share something I saw today walking back from the dentist in the cold rain — a Catholic priest in full garb, soaking wet with no umbrella, standing on the corner of Dupont Circle, offering Ash Wednesday blessings to followers, marking their foreheads, and a line of believers waiting for the moment (and in case you’re wondering, no donation bucket). now I am no Catholic, and certainly not a fan either, know nothing about this particular ritual, but gotta say it was a moving thing to watch. thought about taking a picture but decided my cell camera simply not worthy

  81. I’m watching Rachel talk re Dessaline
    Victor, and showing the lines in Florida.
    I have to say that,to me, the biggest message the repubs don’t see is what happened when they tried to block votes, esp in Fl and Oh. There are photos and
    films for them to peruse and see that they got slapped back big time. They should be very afraid of pissing people off.
    Lesson the dems need to get is don’t let repubs strangle state government.

  82. The rubio candidacy temporarily pulled straying young Cubanas back into the rip up lican Party. He played on ethnic pride, and all that fertilizer. In this way, his campaign saved the rippers asses in in the state. Now, they think he can reunite the old ripper alliance and carry FL in the 2016 presidential race.

    Strangely, the national rippers thought rubio could deliver the state electors for fellow (sometime) Mormon, willard whatzisname in 2012. In hindsight it is abundantly clear that willard was a Mexicano (in a weirdo Mormon sort of way) not a Cubano. Cubanas were not likely to respond well to the rippers’ anti-woman message, and didn’t. willard was trounced in Cubana-rich South Florida. Even a building contractor with whom Sweetie and I partied a year ago, a comfortable middle-aged man of Cuban descent, admitted that the entire corral of ripper candidates running in the presidential primary was “Godawful”.

    FL will probably be a full-fledged Blue State in the near future, and rubio won’t be able to stop it, because those old Bay of Pigs Cuban republicans keep dying off. I look for the Dems to run a progressive Cubano or Cubana against rubio. Then, goodbye to marco the semi-Mormon.

  83. So marco has an identity crisis? He was a Catholic who became a mormon and then re-became a Catholic? Is his status in flux? Is he definitely not a mormon any more? Do his accolytes know this? He really is a mess!

  84. So marco has an identity crisis? He was a Catholic who became a mormon and then re-became a Catholic? Is his status in flux? Is he definitely not a mormon any more? Do his accolytes know this? He really is a mess!

  85. Satire Alert !

    Before proceeding readers are urged to swallow any food and drink that may be in their mouths.

  86. Craig,

    Just got back from church about an hour ago and saw your comment regarding the Dupont Circle priest. No long explanation from me, I’m not qualified, but it may help to know the words the priest uses when distributing ashes: “Remember, dust you were and to dust you shall return.”

    I have always found that humbling.

    I read an alternate phrase about repentance in the missal tonight, but what I wrote above has been the line for all the years I can remember, and that’s a long time.

    It’s great to hear the DC prelate endured the elements to minister to the believers at their convenience. Around Albany, ashes are only distributed as part of a mass. That’s a disservice to most working folks, but that’s the way it is.

  87. The End Of The World,

    brought to you tonight by Prudential;
    Isn’t it time you bought whole life?

    The Asteroid is arriving late. However, despite its tardiness, the heavenly sledgehammer will still fulfill the Mayan Calendar End Of The World Event.

    We knew you’d be thrilled.

  88. EdVB, thanks for the illumination there. I tell ya, altho the Catholic Church has pissed me off so much in recent years watching that made me think I’ll give them another chance. Especially if they pick a decent new Pope.

  89. by the way all, in our work optimizing the database I came across this gem, a shout-out to Sturgeone from our departed pal Patsi:

    patsi says:
    09/30/2011 at 6:54 AM
    Sturge shoots and scores. :smile:

    see it here

    Sturge, i’ll second that. I don’t always understand you pal, but I love reading you

    It was finding moments like that, when facing the prospect of deleting archives to preserve our functionality, I decided they had to be saved no matter what. And they remain.

    we cannot be a trail forward without our past

  90. My view is don’t ever blame the computer, they only do what they’re told.

    Yeah, Craig …. but sometimes some outside intruder/forces (pop-ups, advertisers, updates, etc., etc.) are telling our computer some thing we don’t want it to know about :). We’re not always the only ones telling our computer what to do.

    And then there’s our isp providers that sometimes seem to have (and therefore cause) problems… like your tech mentioned up above.

    Often times it’s hard to know what’s causing the problems. But I know one thing: when we first purchase these computers, they have all kinds of people (built-in ads) trying to get us to buy their product… they come loaded with junk we don’t want. It takes a while to get rid of it all, but once we do…. things do go more smoothly.

    I depend so much on the free download: CCleaner. It clears out your cache, unwanted cookies and files anytime you ask it to (plus it’s better at uninstalling unwanted programs than the actual windows control panel). It keeps a list of what you want it to leave alone. It’s the first thing I download when I get a new computer. That, Firefox and Windows Security Essentials, which is a free anti-virus for those using windows (after I get rid of that pesty ‘Norton’ or whichever highly invasive antivirus they put on the computer and want us to buy, so it drives us nuts until we uninstall it).

    …. oh, and I agree with you, Bethy. This has been such a delightful thread to read.

  91. Craig –
    On Sunday, my friend PH Retired , well be arrested buy the ‘National Park Police’ .
    Thousands are coming to DC.

    He’s a very smart old man, and he needs to be arrested.

  92. Jamie says: Is there somewhere you can archive a searchable data base that is separate from the regular site?

    yes there is, but don’t have to cross that bridge right now. we’ve found a way to preserve our massive archive (half a million comments) here on site without sacrificing functionality. see “Our Sorry Past” on the left sidebar, or use the search bar right top

    if it comes to it, I will create a separate site for our archive but thanks to our tech’s ingenuity that’s not yet necessary

  93. Get your camera , and cover this.

    If I was there , I’d have a 1.000 zip ties. My friends would zip tie me to the White House Fence. Nobody has the wire cutters to cut all that nylon.

  94. Eprof,

    Great post. Cubans don’t speak for the larger Hispanic community. Rubio probably less so than most.

    If the GOP thinks that Rubio represents some sort of outreach to Latinos they are even more ignorant than they appear.

  95. EdVB,

    Loved your 9:31 PM.

    I find it humbling, and uplifting at the same time. Am always at a loss to explain my feelings about Ash Wednesday, except the simple beauty of it appeals to me. I love the service.

  96. “Evidence from a wide range of satellite and field observations over the last 30 years shows that nearly all glaciers, snowpack, sea ice, and permafrost are in retreat around the globe,” said USGS Director Marcia McNutt. “That this worldwide phenomenon can be readily observed by a non-specialist without any sophisticated data processing or image enhancement is strong evidence that our rapidly warming planet is causing major changes in one of the key Earth systems.”

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-02-cold-planet-earth-world-frozen.html#jCp

  97. said USGS Director Marcia McNutt

    We have a woman running USGS . In the history of science, this has never happened before.

  98. “Obama doesn’t appoint women”

    USGS Director Marcia McNutt

    Nothing in science compares to her achievements.

  99. nearly all glaciers, snowpack, sea ice, and permafrost are in retreat around the globe

    OK CBob, just asking, one positive suggestion at least, for every half a dozen horror stories, please

  100. RR –
    The NewsVine web site was rebuilt for 2 reasons.
    A. Mobil ……… Smart phones couldn’t display it .
    B. Clicks ………. They got you clickin’ your ass off. ( They are the selling clicks, in their business model.)
    Remember NBC Is now owned by Comcast.

  101. CBob, quit the griping man. Give us some hope. It’s in there, I know it is. Cynics are just broken-hearted idealists. Bring back the idealism. You’re the dude who led us to save Haitians. I want him back.

  102. B. Clicks ………. They got you clickin’ your ass off. ( They are the selling clicks, in their business model.)

    You don’t comment on these threads , you just comment on 8 stinking new threads , because Comcast thinks thats cool.

  103. CBob, so what if Comcast screwed up a site. Start your own, I mean it. Not that hard, you’ve done it before, and you’ve got plenty of pals here to support ya, and elsewhere I suspect. I’ll be first in line, promise you that.

  104. Comcast is a $16.7 billion company, that’s all they’ve got to show The Maker when the time comes. And He or She will just laugh out loud.

  105. Craig –
    Physicist-retired is coming Washington to get arrested , I you should contact him.

  106. Colorado Bob commented 7 hours ago

    Malamute Man –
    On the internet they can’t tell that you’re actually a dog…
    Colorado Bob –
    I’m a 14 year-old girl with a rich social life , and perky breasts.

  107. Craig –
    Just spit ballin’ .
    You need a deeper purpose. Just pulling ideas from the air.

  108. Craig –
    At this late date , you demanding sense from me is rather ironic.
    I’ve earned the right to be old & crazy.
    By the way “spit ballin'” is just figure of speech , it means that people are just throwing out ideas.
    It doesn’t mean people are spitting on you.

  109. I was raised a Methodist but we never got our foreheads ashed. I saw a news story showing Methodists participating.

    When I was 14 I rebelled and refused to go to church. At age 43 , during a rocky patch where things went sour and I was drinking so much I had to find a way to quit, I returned to church, going with my wife to her church, where I became a deacon and treasurer of the benevolent fund, where I balanced the books perfectly for a few years. Then for some reason I was replaced and relieved of all those duties, and I understood the concept, give new members some responsibility, but I immediately lost the desire for church and I quit.
    Along my sober pathways I met the coolest funniest guy ever, a Catholic priest. Organized recovery from alcohol abuse almost always took from the church, and this Father had a way of explaining all that in subtle ways that never offended even the Robert Ingersoll types who held to atheism.
    One Ash Wednesday he had some of his flock who were having a degree of trouble handling life in part due to booze over-indulgence meet in the church for forehead ashes, then some of them came down to the basement for our regular meeting. I was sitting amongst people all smeared-up with grey ashes…another unforgettable day with the padre.

  110. As a Methodist my own self, Dex, I’ve always been curious about the more ritualistic orders and their odd cult-like customs. About the only doctrine we followed was to get out of church in time for golf. Think I’ll stick with that.

  111. There is a bakery in the priest’s town where they make the high-fat paczki, the treat only to be eaten on Fat Tuesday. This bakery makes them properly, meaning huge and well-stuffed with raspberry or strawberry or lemon or whatever.

    You are really only supposed to eat one at a time, but … the priest is an alcoholic, like me, and we sometimes eat junk like we drank, if you get my drift.
    Father was conducting a small seminar …family issues of some sort, and packzi were served at a break with strong coffee. The paczki tasted so good, he couldn’t stop eating them, and remember these are huge, really over-sized jelly rolls…and he said he realized break was over, and he had gobbled down three paczki, and the ubiquitous white powdered sugar was covering his frock or suit , and his group were staring at him, raspberry jelly on his face too. He rinsed off and brushed off and then the sugar/caffeine rush made him uncomfortable and sick-feeling, and he had to cut short the meeting, knowing his group were thinking, “this guy can’t control anything in his life.” What a character.

  112. Craig –
    You are sitting at the back of the class , you tear off some binder paper , and place it in your mouth. You form that paper to the size of a pepper corn.

    You take the straw from lunch , and place the “spit ball” into the straw. Now, who shall you hit in the head , with your wadded wet paper ?
    The gay next to you ? Or the 14 year old perky breast 2 rows over , and 4 seats down ?

  113. I know exactly what you mean, Craig. The history, the icons, the ornate churches with statues , the Christ on the cross crucifixes, whereas the protties have a plain cross, these things intrigued me.
    Vestments, scepters, communal cups, all this seemed better than our simple paper cup-shot of grape juice and a bit of stale bread representing, no…BECOMING the blood and the body…I dunno, I liked the rituals. Confessionals, repetitive chants…never bothered me.
    Hell, maybe if I’d become a Catholic I would not cuss so much and not feel like an intruder when I eat fish at the Knights of Columbus hall during lent. 😎

  114. South African paralympic Oscar Pretorius was taken into custody after the shooting death of his girlfriend. The “Bladerunner” was a major human interest story at last summer’s London Olympics.

  115. Correct my spelling:Oscar Pistorius. No excuse for getting the name wrong. My apologies.

  116. Craig –
    One does not take the simple 30 inch shot across the aisle, one goes for 2 rows over , and 4 seats down.
    Spit Ballin’.

  117. bob, I don’t work my butt off to keep this blog going so that you can litter threads with “spitballs.” like I say, give us your best, even your creative mystification, which I love, or don’t play at all

  118. Thanks Craig.
    I know the story just broke, and we don’t know the details, but in general it is always sad to see a story about someone with such talent throwing away their life. Sadder still to read that a young lady lost hers.

  119. Don’t want to start the day with just sad news. Here’s hoping everyone finds their Valentine today and always. Peace, Love, Happiness.

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