Meteors and Asteroids, Oh My

Nothing like a falling sky to take our minds off earthly problems. The meteor exploding over Russia was just about 55 feet across and no one saw it coming. Also on Friday, a 130-thousand ton, nearly half a football field long asteroid wandered by, 17,000 miles away — one of the closest passes to Earth of something so large that astronomers have ever predicted.

NASA: “The trajectory of the Russia meteor was significantly different than the trajectory of the asteroid 2012 DA14, which hours later made its flyby of Earth, making it a completely unrelated object. The Russia meteor is the largest reported since 1908, when a meteor hit Tunguska, Siberia.”

Meteor over Russia, Feb. 15
Meteor over Russia, Feb. 15
Ateroid Fly-By, Feb. 15, 2013
Asteroid FlyBy (Simulation), Feb. 15

127 thoughts on “Meteors and Asteroids, Oh My”

  1. jace, re home cooked ribs, try simmering a potful of them with water and 2 bottles of guiness to cover for 45+ minutes* then grill about 15 for color and char. slather with k.c. masterpiece sauce during and after grilling.

    *at this point they can be put in fridge for grilling later at more convenient time.

  2. The video of the asteroid was beautiful in an awe inspiring way. Despite our scientific and technological advancements, Nature keeps us humble. Reminds us of the insignificance of our significance.

  3. What are the odds that, a few hours apart, on the same day, two major historic asteroidal type objects, both of which are unique will interactive with the earth? Not my question, but one I heard on Coast to Coast early this morning from a Richard Hoagland. I think that the guy speaking thinks that one was no accident. Haven’t finish listening. The coincidence is rather interesting.

  4. Personally, I don’t believe in accidents but…I tend to look to things, not here on earth for the answer. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell us something??

  5. httpvh://
    Observatory NASA video: Asteroid 2012 DA14 darts past Earth.

    A massive 130,000-ton asteroid hurtled past the earth, veering closer to the planet than any known object of its size. The event transpired on the same day that a meteorite wreaked havoc when it exploded over Russia’s Urals region. NASA kept a watchful eye on the 50-meter-wide asteroid, dubbed DA14, which sailed 17,500 miles above the Earth on Friday — much closer than many satellites. READ MORE

    Meteorite Falls In Russian Urals Chelyabinsk region UFO? 2/15/2013.

    An aerial meteorite explosion has wreaked havoc in Russia’s Urals. The blast caused widespread panic, damaged buildings, blew out thousands of windows and lead hundreds to seek medical attention for minor injuries.

  6. Interesting also is that someone, maybe more than one, in that place, had their smart phone on to film it?? Weird huh? With 10 minutes notice, I can’t get mine out of my pocket.

  7. Has Pat Robertson come up with an explanation of this meteorite yet?

    It should be a doozy. πŸ˜‰

  8. I am sure a lot of drinking and drugging went on in C-helbinsk last night. Once the Ruskies figured out it wasn’t a dong from N. Korea or a ding from their former nuclear operations, they saw the universe!

    In a pull back the curtain moment, we have a glimpse of outer space. We on the Blue Planet are gathering an amazing amount of scientific facts about our universe. Science is in town for many humans. Others need religion or superstition to carry them through a celestial event. It is their planet, too. In many ways, life on the Blue Planet is like the Matrix movies. As I have stated before, I am glad to be living on the Blue Planet at this time. Religion does not rule my life or society, but we have tolerance for other’s religion. And science is becoming the rule. And I am living before the machines take over. Yep, it is a glorious time to live on the Blue Planet. It is dark, cold and dangerous out in space – thank the universe for an atmosphere!

  9. It has taken me a lifetime of contemplation to accept the universe ‘just happened.’ No being was responsible. As a child, I struggled with the concept of infinity. I would continually ask at sunday school, who created God? I was handed infinity. My siblings used to use the bathroom mirror along with a hand held mirror to show me my image went on forever. I watched Dr. Zorba on tv draw the symbol for infinity on a chalk board. The endless loop.

    And late one night, freed from earthly concerns and watching cable, I realized the universe just happened. And it now gives me comfort along with my earthly traditions. Mammalian love is most important to me. Thank the universe for sending a huge asteroid to wipe-out the dinosaurs in order for us mammals to take over.

  10. I saw an interview with a scientist from England last night on the news. He said that most of the world’s astronomers say it’s a 98% probability that the meteorite was a piece from the asteroid. He then said NASA was one of the few places that disagreed…. go figure.

  11. C-Bob may have invented an asteroid launcher. He’s pretty good with his inventions. LOL

  12. Carol…
    don’t remember which newscast I was watching. Don’t remember the name of the scientist. Don’t know if he, or NASA is correct. Only know for myself, I don’t subscribe to the “it’s a message from God” theory.

  13. I figure that with the collective smarts that hangs out here, you may help me find the answer.

  14. Carol… don’t take it personally. I don’t believe that any one of us has THE answer. I just have fun with the questions and seeing where it takes me.

  15. I believe I heard yesterday than many Ruskies have dashcams because the videos are used for traffic court. So, the large amount of video record of the meteor is amazing.

    As for the hand held cameras/phones, seems everyone dropped them when the first sonic boom came by. I understand. I have been terrified by sonic booms from White Sands/Holloman AFB…a huge one in 2011 brought the neighbors to the street.

    I was fascinated by the meteor’s large glow of light and a brief moment of darkness before the landscape ‘lighting’ returned to normal. How incredible to have visuals instead of animation!

  16. Renee, I don’t just listen to who I might consider smart people. When I worked at the jail, I listened to all of my clients, even the psychotic ones. I never knew when or who would have something to teach me. I consider everyone my teachers.

  17. The weather satellite image of the meteor, although difficult to see because of the speed of the meteor, shows two pieces of space rock and the ‘shockwaves’ in the atmosphere.

  18. tyson from above newshour interview

    …it takes such an event to wake people up that Earth moves in what is indistinguishable from a shooting gallery in the solar system —
    JEFFREY BROWN: Well, I was just going to ask you, as a wakeup, then what? I mean, what would be possible to do? Create a warning system?

    NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: Yes, exactly.

    So this is really a shot across our bow. Both of them were. Right? Well, one of them actually hit us, at least burst into the atmosphere. The other one is like — is a buzz cut to Earth. And you can say, well what do you do about it?

    Well, if you live in a world without scientists and engineers, the first thing you do is, you say, let’s run or hide or buy water and dig holes and live in them. But we live in a technologically fluent culture, whether or not everyone shares in that fluency. And among those who know, we have ways, on paper, to deflect asteroids if we find them early enough before they come in.

    None of those plans are funded by any agency anywhere in the world. So that’s a whole other cultural political challenge that would need to be overcome. For the moment, all we’re doing with the meager funds that NASA has to do so, and combined with some other funds around the world, is to just find the asteroids and track them.

  19. Thanks for that link Patd. When Neil talks, I listen. Better even, to watch him talk. Besides smart, he’s nice to look at.

  20. Do you find it interesting that people weren’t killed by that meteor incident? Worth a ponder. How easy is it to find a place not occupied by a human being these days. Well, I guess there are lots of places but still interesting.

  21. Patd, it’s much smarter to use the possession of marijuanna to bring in revenue than pay for what it costs the taxpayers to incarcerate someone.

    It seems that there were a significant number of inmates, who I saw, who were sitting in my office almost immediately after they got arrested. They may have just been walking through their neighborhood, minding their own business, with a piece of a joint behind an ear. They were stopped because it was a high crime area.

    Those inmates figured that while they were detained, they ought to make the best of it and get a few things attended to. Some of those things were pretty expensive and it was kinda hard for me to say, you don’t need that neglected broken leg taken care of if you didn’t care about it before you got arrested. Believe me, I did think about saying that for just a moment.

  22. Patd,

    No Cheating?

    Well, as the cook I reserve the right to have the first swallow out of each bottle prior to pouring it over the ribs.

    Quality assurance so to speak. πŸ˜‰

  23. I rub and smoke beef, lamb, and goat ribs. Lamb ribs are usually too pricey for me, but once every couple of years, I’ll open my wallet.

    I buy beef ribs in a sealed pack from an East Asian market. If I bought them in a regular chain store, much of the meat would have been cut away. At the Asian market I pay the same per pound, but I get meaty ribs. They’re still expensive.

    It’s hard to get goat ribs that aren’t sawed into 2″ sections. Usually I have to smoke them on a grate. I prefer to hang them from hooks in the smoking chamber. Once in awhile I can find whole rib slabs without paying a fortune.

  24. Season to taste, wrap in wet seaweed, and bury next to a glowing meteorite for 20 minutes.

  25. Places that have decriminalized non-medical marijuana

    Chicago instituted a ticket system and fines resulted in 98,000 in the first month or so.

    It’s stupid. Raise a lot more legalizing and taxing pot. Let me know when people are ready to go back to prohibition

    The purpose of the early pot laws was to harass minorities and it continues to be true

  26. of course i love the one about my denom:

    Methodist: It’s not so bad if shit happens, as long as you serve grape juice with it.

    spot on!

    did it miss it? not one for Baptists

  27. Lutheran: If shit happens, don’t talk about it.

    Speaking as one, all too often that just about sums it up.

    Lutherans are pretty good listeners, not great talkers.

    Lutheran:If shit happens just head for the coffee pot.

    Lutheran: I don’t care if shit happens, you can still only flush once, water costs money you know.

    Lutheran: Shit is gonna’ happen if the budget isn’t met.

    Lutheran: Shit happens, so do potlucks. πŸ˜‰

  28. Craig,

    I’ll have dinner ready just about as soon a I figure out how to light this meteorite.

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  35. “you guys have inspired me to refill my propane tanks”

    Just set your oven to 275F. Heat up the house; cleaner, easier.

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    I saw it. Some youtube vid with a Vishnu etching

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  41. Exchamp,

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  42. Flatus,

    In WY we used to have it in the form of blizzards, usually in the Spring. Often times more dangerous and damaging than a Winter blizzard.

    In AZ not so much.

    Take care


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  45. httpv://

    I enjoy watching people enjoy themselves and what they do.

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  55. CT,

    She calls regularly to check on me.Knowing full well that I am rather dangerous when left at home without adult supervision. πŸ˜‰

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  57. httpv://

    A tad slow on initial click-in to site, but not bad at all.
    Todd Snider singing in the video.

  58. “In the cold of the night, the watchman sits and watches the land. He is cold, he is tired, but he perseveres.

    Nothing is awake in the brisk night besides the watchman himself. The land is silent and then the birds begin to sing.

    The night watchman is awake and the cold wind is biting. He is the silent brother, the one all pass by, yet he is strong and stoic, biding his time til the day dawns.

    To the watchmen far and wide, the night is yours, stay strong and stay warm.”

    -Nuit Blanche
    Toronto City Hall, October 2010.-

  59. And you make it so, Dex, you make it so!

    “The Mississippi River will always have its own way; no engineering skill can persuade it to do otherwise.”

    — Mark Twain

  60. httpv://

    Paul Robeson, “The House I Live In”, which is a tribute to democracy and the people of the USA.

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