Trail Mixers Say: Immigration, Time for Truth

Here’s an illuminating exchange on immigration between Trail Mix regulars Bill Woerlee (our Australian rep) and eProf2 (our man in the desert) …

Bill Woerlee says:

I am quite confused as to why there is any debate about immigration. Yet there is in both the US and Oz.

Immigration is an economic gain to the receiving country. The receiving country has effectively outsourced the costs of rearing a fully functioning economic contributor to the society. All the costs have been borne by the source country. No funds come back for reimbursement. For countries like the US and Oz, that is stealing the wealth from 3rd world countries for their own economic gain. The token overseas aid programs do not even begin to cover this net transfer of wealth.

The immigrants, be they legal or illegal, tend to be the most enterprising of the source nations human capital, so they are usually the ones these nations can ill afford to lose.

If the argument is that immigrants tend to reduce the pay received by the indigenous population, then this is an illusion. Jobs that need to be protected in the private sector are generally jobs that should not be done. It is not up to the society to pay the wages of these people through job protection — the subsidy from the society is the difference between the wage that is paid with protection and that which would be paid without protection. Everyone pays that subsidy.

This economic wage free trade tends to lift the wage rate in the source countries and the net rate is lifting them out of poverty too. This has some serious knock on effects for the global economy.

It comes back to the original confusion. Why all the fuss when the results are all plus.

eProf2 says:

Bill gets two thumbs up from me with his excellent analysis on immigration, legal and otherwise. As I said earlier, if it were only an economic debate, the issue would be laid to rest immediately. It’s the political and racial arguments that nativists (who won’t have much to do with Native Americans) who throw out all of the false arguments denouncing migrants.

Senator McCain, who is one of the biggest race baiters in Arizona who preaches, “be afraid, be very afraid,” was booed and shouted down last night in Sun Lake, AZ, at an all white Republican audience as being too liberal on immigration reform. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bigot!

Bill Woerlee says:

eProf, thanks.

That McCain is the same fellow who said: “Being a POW gives me a free pass on being a douche for the rest of my life.”?

Don’t worry eProf, in Oz we have a race going on to see who can get to the bottom of the moral pit between our major party protagonists. It’s a total disgrace but our rednecks lap it up. Our comparative to Rush is Alan Jones aka the Parrot, who has a remarkably harmogenous audience in Sinny ready to beat up on anyone who is “different”.

15,000 km and the crap is still the same.

We are one, but we are many …

eProf2 says:

Yes, Bill, I think that’s the same one. And, if not a douche, then an expert on foreign policy with an eye to go to war at a moment’s notice. He’s never seen a war situation that he didn’t like! … The local and national news outlets have run the John McCain town hall push back all day long. It’s been somewhat gratifying to see all these negative McCain news items, as I’m not a fan, but then, like all the other Arizona news that makes it nationally, I started to feel bad for my state and the thousands of good willed people who live here and must tolerate the Brewer finger pointing, the McCain “build the dang fence,” the passage of permissible gun laws allowing guns in bars and churches, show me your paper laws, et cetera. It’s been a decade of “party of stupid” moves starting in AZ. So, it is with mixed emotions that I sat fascinated with the national news stories of our Senator being accosted with even more “stupidity” by our residents. No wonder, AZ is the butt of jokes and is looked to as the poster child of reactionary politics, mostly by a few zealots and political demagoguery. See you tomorrow, perhaps, without a local story showing the AZ party of stupid.

134 thoughts on “Trail Mixers Say: Immigration, Time for Truth”

  1. bill and eprof, not from the pov of native americans or aboriginal aussies all that jolly talk about how immigrants make things better.

  2. A little bit surprised to see my post up in the lights. Thanks Craig.

    Just to clarify a few things in my post to EProf – put it into context.

    harmogenous = I made up this word as a mixture of homogeneous and equally harm loving. Sort of suited the occasion when a whole lot of rednecks go foreigner baiting.

    Sinny = is the Strine word for Sydney.

    Finally, and left for best, a song that is almost our third national anthem (behind the official “Advance Australia Fair” [a god awful song], Waltz in Matilda [one which everyone likes]) and the most recognisable, soul stirring song, “We are Australia”. This is the song that makes grown men cry when they sing it. Sort of the Australian version of the La Marseillaise. It is sung at all our citizenship ceremonies and any other occasion when we want to say out loud and proud that we are Australians.

    This is the only version I could find without the dreaded Youtube ad attached to it.

    “We are one, but we are many …”


  3. Pat, interesting observation. We call that “Black Armband History”. It means that we colonists should feel guilty about doing so well in our adopted land.

    Cynics would say that this demonstrates the value of the indigenous people’s immigration policies – vis – no border control and so proves the essence of my thesis.


  4. Bill, congrats on the highlight of your comment here mate. Is it OK for an indoors to call an outdoors mate? I may not know the proper etiquette.

    And I want you to know that I may techically be an indoors but I much prefer the outdoors. Since I have to do both, I guess I qualify to be both.

  5. Craig,
    Glad you enjoyed the flashback 😎
    Tried to get the lighthouse in but failed.. Man what a view my clients have..


    Yep, we do drive on the beach here, crazy as it is.. Ha, my 22 yr old niece has been working at The Ocean Deck for 2 years, nice place. Thanks for your pic…


    How you going… Thanks for the wonderful Aussie pics.. The pics make me want to book a flight on Qantas now :rotfl:

  6. Congrats to you too eProf. Sorry, I rushed before I read it all. It’s my ADD, attention deficit disorder. Just one of my deficits. I don’t mind my deficits. Gives me lots of excuses.

  7. Since I can’t take any credit for his brilliance, historical knowledge, or humor, I shall accept all praise for inviting Bill from the other side of globe to immigrate to the Trail and thank Craig for his open door policy.

  8. My first response upon seeing McCain talk before a lily white audience… hey, you got what you asked for bub.

    As I’ve said before on this blog… my parents immigrated from Canada to this country. Lots of Canadians have immigrated to this country. No one has ever said a peep about it. Guess that’s the good fortune of being white.

  9. KC, I got a chance to catch up on the Pistorius news when I got home last night. Yes, Oscar had a good day in court yesterday. It is a monumental case of the cops and prosecution screwing up what should have been a slam dunk case. Of course it was only a bail hearing in magistrate court – and I doubt his trial will be in front of the magistrate but rather in the High Court. But here’s the thing – Pistorius’ lawyers, trying to get him bail, may have done the prosecution a favor by uncovering where the weaknesses in the case lie and give them a chance to back fill. It may not be enough to let them overcome the mistakes and get a conviction, but at least they know where the case will be attacked in the trial.

  10. yes Jamie I do recall your role in luring Bill to the trail. Thanks, that’s how we’ve often gotten solid contributors, at the invite from another. So go out there ye fishers of the sea and bring us some catch.

  11. Thank you Craig for getting rid of that funky display.

    I see that you have eliminated all of the editing features like link, block quote, bold, italics, etc. from the comments block. Does not affect me as I do my own coding but may hinder others.

    I do like the auto preview.

  12. Mmmm….it appears that I need to work with this link thingy just a bit. Good thing I didn’t post a short story,
    it would have been a blue story indeed.

  13. Sorry tony, re: your comment above got held by the spam filter. It does that for comments with 3 or more links. But i’ve now changed that to 4 or more. This is an effective tool for catching spammers, but just 2 links per comment seemed a bit strict. Now it’s 3 and your safe.

  14. Jace,

    I think Monsanto is looking at the some short term gains
    and in the end their ridiculous behavior is going to result in the banning of GMO crops and stringent labeling
    As usual the Obama justice dept is on the wrong side.
    Do to Monsanto’s lying cheating digusting behavior during the GMO labeling campaign –several other states now have put the measure on the ballot

    I think folks are fed up with reckless behavior by corporations — they want all the benefits and take no responsibility for the impact

    Free Oscar –he didn’t man to shoot his girlfriend 4 times through the bathroom door…give a guy a break

  15. purple — or perhaps you’re still seeing the mobile version, which shouldn’t happen on a laptop. if so, click “Desktop Version” at the bottom of the page and see if it works

  16. KGC,

    I think that you are right. Even if Monsanto had a case, and I’m not convinced that they do,the entire episode makes them look bad, which they are. Whatever they gain short term will be little compared to what they stand to lose long term.

  17. As to the general condition of the ‘trail’.

    The crooked has been made straight and the rough places made plane. :-))

  18. Whoa…. Craig,
    I check in here to lurk before running off to do errands and I notice something on the right side bar. Under a feature entitle “Quick Chat” my name and others appear. You may think that’s a great feature for us to know who’s here if we want to chat…. but I see it as a violation of my privacy.

  19. Not necessarily a violation of my privacy, but mine turns up in Quick Chat too and I haven’t even gone in!

  20. Excellent discussion. AND interesting to compare the US of AA and Australia. Although there are many similarities, there are strikingly different positions. Australians embraced immigration after WWII. I have been to Adelaide, Australia where there are museums celebrating immigration, more than an Ellis Island. Australia is an sort of like an island…no border issues as with the US and Mexico. Boat immigration problems, for sure, in the southern Hemisphere, but not a line in the sand or puny river as in the US. AND I do believe when we speak of immigration reform in this country it is mostly about all of the ‘Mexicans’ in every state. That is our current immigration issue.

    The immigration problem, of course, impacts the southwestern states on the border because of miles and miles of vacant land for illegal entry. When in reality, most ‘Hispanics’ have been living here with family in ‘Mexico’ since before our founding Fathers. When I moved to New Mexico about twenty years ago, the border was very fluid. Families lived on both side of the border crossing back and forth freely. But, with economic downturn came the criminal element and the fear of a looseness on the border. First came more humans from the Border Patrol…then the fences. Paranoia increased and many ‘Mexicans’ went back to Mexico. But, we in the US need our cheap labor for cheap food. So, we have a group of ‘lesser than’ humans we employ to harvest our crops and they live here and they live there. Over time, many have stayed in the US. AND perhaps, the decent thing to do would to allow their children to achieve the American Dream because their parents work for us so cheaply and loyally. Since we no longer have slaves, a migrant class of humans will do. Only problem, in a economic turn down, the American Dream is highly unattainable for citizens. At the same time, paranoid citizens are still fearful of immigrants crying for more border control. But at least in Arizona the fearful are heavily armed.

    Must have cheap food…we can’t have it any other way!

  21. …time since he rocked and rolled.

    ^(Led Zeppelin joke, ninja’d by BW, as it should be)

  22. Champ…mea culpa. Immigration lays on your joke like a wet blanket from the Rio Grande!

  23. I have watched migrants harvest fields here in New Mexico. I watched an onion harvest during the night and early morning from a friends house which sits on the near the lava cliffs of the west mesa. It was an awesome operation. I remember the trucks filled with onions as they drove through the old highway of the valley…onions flying off. People always along the side the road gathering the onions that had fallen. Those really nice, big white onions. Hard work and at least the migrants did not have to work during the heat of the day.

  24. This topic brings up the use of language in the debate:(btw, Blond Wino, great post.)

    Illegal aliens
    Illegal immigrants
    Undocumented workers
    Undocumented immigrants

    Worth noting that no matter how you got here, or however one is referred, we are all legal persons under the law.

  25. Greetings from the desert.

    Thank you, Craig, for placing my posts from yesterday alongside those of Bill W. It was a surprise to see our posts leading off today’s discussion as well as an honor to share the space with an esteemed TMer, Bill W.

    Bill and I share a very compatible point of view. The more challenging post is that of Ignoble Ex-Champ. It wasn’t convience that I didn’t use the “illegal” term; I did so deliberately. No human being is illegal simply by crossing a man made border. Pregunta: Does crossing the border between Utah and Colorado, as an example, make one an illegal in the receiving state? No, of course not, because we believe that no state has the ability to stop someone from another state from entering. CA tried to stop people from Oklahoma and Arkansas from entering during the dust bowl when millions of human beings were looking for work to support their families. SCOTUS said no, CA couldn’t stop anyone from entering. However, when it comes to national states, we are quick to point out that one state has the right to stop others from another state from entering. I subscribe to the philosophy that no border and no fence should stop humans who share our planet from supporting themselves and their families.

    As to the cost of undocumented workers in the United States, the statistics, ex-Champ, are all over the place depending on which organization or individual you want to place your trust in. FAIR, a conservative anti-immigration non-profit, estimates an annual cost of $330 billion net loss. The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute believes that the long-term impact of migration is a positive gain for the United States.

    No matter which data base you want to place your trust in the fact remains that determining cost is a very complicated process depending on what parameters one choses in starting a study. For instance, how do you judge the value of food on your table from a low paid labor force? How do you judge school costs? An investment in the future or a cost right now? What about the billions being paid into social security and medicare by undocumented workers that goes into paying current recipients? And, the questions go on and on.

    I’m sure this isn’t the last word on this topic today or for years to come. Have a great day. We’re meeting with some snowbird friends from OR and taking them out for a family style Mexican lunch.

  26. Quick kudos: MadMustard, it’s great to see you again. sjwny, you hit a homerun with so few words, unlike yours truly. And, BW, right on and don’t forget the world famous Hatch chilies from NM that are harvested by you know whom! Now, I am getting hungry for lunch. LOL!!

  27. Actually, over the decades, I believe Australia’s policy on allowing immigration by people of color has been abysmal.

    And, I’m not aware of any programs comparable to our opening our borders to Europe’s displaced persons after WW-2, or taking in SE Asia’s boat people after the mess in that part of the world, or of conscientiously bringing families from sub-Saharan Africa. One of my cousins even married a fella from down under who settled in Boca Raton. And, the United States welcomed Kumcho and, later on, our adopted children when we would not have been welcome in Australia.

    The United States is continually enriched by those eager to emigrate from their homelands to our great promised land. As often as not, these people have nothing beyond the contents of their characters and their dreams to offer in exchange for their visas. I don’t believe Australia can match that deal.

  28. Craig, were you reading my wife’s mind from 2600 miles away? She had just said to me, what about the Pilgrims, weren’t they illegal? Too funny!

  29. I wonder what the ‘locals’ thought about them as they started offloading a bunch of useless stuff from the Mayflower?

  30. I suppose, then, we should compare policies regarding illegal entry recognizing, of course, the frequency of such entries because of the extreme difficulty of crossing oceans compared to crossing lesser bodies of water.

  31. eProf2,
    You are a wonderful writer. Thank you for the kind words – both you and Bill wrote great posts.
    RR – I live a mile from the Niagara River (and hence, Canada.) Canadians blend into the community; in fact, they help drive our economy. The Niagara frontier was also the final stop on the underground railroad. Guess that’s part of immigration history too.

  32. The Documentary Channel recently showed something called
    Hollywood Roundtable. Footage of Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, Charlton Heston, Harry Belafonte, Joseph L. Mankiewicz and James Baldwin discussing racial segregation and integration.

    At the end the moderator asks — what one thing would each of them do to improve the situation. They all agree jobs (this is the 60’s) But Baldwin qualifies that to say education -training all the things that are necessary to get a “good job”

    The whole discussion could have taken place today. It was kind of depressing.

  33. Well, Craig, I don’t recall the Aussies getting a visa, either, more like a life sentence.

  34. BW, British ‘justice’ was really cruel in the 18th and 19th centuries. I’ve often wondered if those being transported considered themselves lucky or cursed. In any case, the queen is still their sovereign, so I think that tilts the scales towards lucky.

  35. Australia and the US both have had horrid policies toward their aboriginal peoples. Coupled with slavery — a sort of forced immigration, the US has many more historical flaws in its treatment of the ‘original occupants’ and those ‘who came by afterwards.’ So, it is really about the treatment of humans. I’ll wager that US citizens against universal health care are also for high, electrified fences on the border.

  36. Flatus…I read in Bryson’s book…In a Sunburned Country, one of the first prisoners was sent to Australia for stealing cucumber seeds…the Brits had so many laws against the starving common folk back in the day.

  37. Same book…the Brits were sort of responsible for the immigration push of the 1960’s by Australia. After the Japanese attack on the NW Territory, Britain wanted the Aussies to head to India…leaving Australia undefended.

    The Aussies needed more humans…thus, the push for European immigration. I met a Greek cab drive in Adelaide whose family came over on a boat in the 1960’s. I also traveled with a Chinese student who was trying to become an Australian citizen and having a difficult time. I think WWII had a huge affect on the Australian psyche and the distrust of Asians and the huge number of Chinese knocking at their door…they most likely are trying to keep the numbers down. I know it may seem racist, but every country limits humans by ‘race’ in one way or another.

  38. BW, I agree we both did horrid things in, choose an appropriate word, suppressing our indigenous peoples. Based on the survival of spoken languages, Australia was much more successful in their suppression efforts than we.

    Same for other languages regularly spoken (based on census data from both countries) the United States has a much richer ethnic heritage. XR knows exactly what I’m talking about. One of my nephews married a girl from Minnesota. She is a delightful woman who expressed surprise at my generous compliments about her children, ya?

  39. One of my good friend’s lady is a very successful immigrant her self. Her views on the subject are simple make a lot of sense. Just let them come so they can pay taxes and contribute to our economy.

    So if there is an easy solution the immigration problem, why is it that no one, especially from the right, willing to come up with a simple solution?

    The answer is, as “Deep Throat” famously said in “All the President’s Men”, “Follow the money”. That is who has the most to gain or loose? There are powerful and monied people who are taking advantage of illegal immigration and don’t want to loose their cheap labor source.

  40. bw, since solar has abandoned us i’ll do the honors of thanking you for reminding us that

    When in reality, most ‘Hispanics’ have been living here with family in ‘Mexico’ since before our founding Fathers.

  41. Yes, Flatus, thank the universe we have come a long way from the interbreeding of the royal ruling class. Diversity is the key to human survival.

    Every nation wants to keep the criminal element out of their country and with poverty on the increase…crime is up and poor people are viewed as criminals. Again, it is how we want to treat humans. May the good and educated only apply, please.

  42. Pat, and they’ve been sold out by everyone since the first mission was built.

  43. well, i’ll try for the third time to post a comparable song to bill’s that “makes grown men cry”

    however, “danny boy, as sea would likely agree, is a close second.

  44. Bill Woerlee: Last night you asked me what was going on in my posted photo. It is a photo of pre-game festivities before the baseball season opened. The colorful things on the field are huge balloon packs, released at the end of the national anthem a few minutes later.
    This game was against the California Angels as they were known then.
    There was a band and a military guard as well, and a solo singer to perform the anthem. When Toronto plays, both national anthems are sung. The game was played (early April) and was won by a home run in the last inning, the best way to end a game, as the fans went bonkers. I can see it in my mind right now.

    C-Bob…Ginger Baker is alive and crazy as all hell. A new documentary is out about him.

  45. Dex,
    I went to the auction site but couldn’t find the large prototype monument. But there are many, many interesting artifacts on the block–things much too personal for me to ever sell if they were mine, but…

  46. Immigration opponents in my experience are generally dishonest, or at least inconsistent. They only oppose immigration by “those” folks and are just peachy keen about others. Never hear of complaints about Euro immigrants any longer – although they sure used to complain about Irish and Italian immigrants (most of whom were probably “legal”. And one thing that strikes me as strange is that the line gets drawn at “illegal” immigration (read Mexicans here) rather than “threatening” immigration (read Muslims here). I don’t have a problem with either, but the loudest anti-illegal voices are probably from the same folks who scream the loudest about Islamofascists or whatever the hell Rush is calling anyone who is Muslim these days.

    I did get a kick out of McGrampy getting jumped by his whitebread constituents over the fence, or more properly, lack of a fence. I liked what I heard when the debate about the fence initially raged – show me a 20′ fence and I’ll show you a 21′ ladder.

  47. Craig… thanks for taking down that feature… I kinda freaked out when I saw it (insert smiley face).

    sjwny… my parents came here in the 50s. They came like a lot of Canadians seeking jobs in the numerous factories here in New England. Without those manufacturing jobs, I’ll bet they don’t come here in those type of numbers any longer.

    One thing I do know is that many Canadians that live near the US border come here to shop. They get healthcare and have a higher minimum wage… but they pay for these things with lots of taxes on goods. I have relatives that cross the border in Maine in order to buy things like clothing and home goods. I had one Uncle that used to make an annual trip to Houlton Maine in order to buy his beloved Canadian Whiskey… even though it was produced in Canada, it was much cheaper to buy in this country.

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  49. Craig, I would find comfort if the site would accommodate and require secure connections.

  50. Flatus says: Craig, I would find comfort if the site would accommodate and require secure connections.

    Flatus, I don’t know what you mean? Explain

  51. Flatus, are you referring to https? Technicians in the know have told me they are a myth, that evil doers can do what they do with or without them in place. They say up-to-date virus and malware programs at the user end are still the best protection.

  52. Currently, all identification and password data is available to anyone with minimal technical moxie. If an “https” connection was required rather than an “http”, the entire stream would be encrypted reducing the risk of someone’s credentials being grabbed.

  53. Flatus, when I discussed that with Network Solutions a while ago the tech told me that unless I am selling products directly online and collecting credit card data the only user data our site stores are the passwords, emails and screen names used to log in here (if we didn’t everyone would have to re-login with every session). And that’s never been comprised so far, he said. After reviewing the site he recommended against spending the $400/yr they charge for secure connections (https), not to mention the slowdowns and other tech issues they sometimes create. He just didn’t see enough risk to justify it.

  54. btw, one thing I like about Network Solutions, compared to other server companies, they never push me to buy things they don’t think I need. And even though they stood to gain $400 a year for a secure connection they recommended against it. The tech I talked to wasn’t at liberty to be specific but, reading between the lines, I surmised he thinks https is a bit of a scam forcing websites to spend extra money because users think it protects them way more than it really does.

  55. I understand. Then, doesn’t it make sense to stop using the shared credential services that are used by people with cash registers? In other words, my login stuff that is used here is shared with a whole bunch of other services. If credentials grabbed here are used at diamonds-R-us, well, you get the picture.

  56. Yes, the ssl has different layers/levels of security.It is a rip-off. Are you set-up for people to enter their own passwords and to turn-off the auto service for this site? No cost/no pain (I hope)?

  57. RR,
    I work across the road from one of the largest Malls in WNY. A good percentage of the customers are Canadians. Thankfully they “migrate” across the road to visit my establishment. Last Fall a co-worker & I were talking with a family from Hamilton. They told us the exact same coat they purchased in the Mall for $170US costs over $400 in Canada. They have four kids so the savings are substantial.
    The remark about the Whiskey hits home. Since our move, the Canadian customer count has skyrocketed. Many Sundays a good majority are neighbors from across the River. Last Canada Day weekend we had a promotion with Dan Aykroyd. Packed,packed,packed! And you know what – they were so nice, considerate and patient. Mr. Aykroyd stayed longer than scheduled to accommodate everyone. Even went outside to sign a fan’s “Blues Brothers” car. A group of physically challenged fans were there also – no one waiting minded when they were noticed and moved ahead. What a super day. Thank You/Merci.

  58. Thank you Blonde, and Craig.

    Craig: $440/year for a ssl, are they nuckingfuts? Try 5.00 Cheap SSLs If you’re not doing e-commerce and sending credit card numbers then you don’t need to spend 435 on insurance. You will, however have to spend a one time programming fee for your site but it only takes three lines of code to handle that. But where Network Solutions may be sticking it to you is installing it on the web server.

    OBTW how do i get my pic on this blog?

  59. Bill and eProf,
    I very much enjoyed the conversation between you two and was delighted to see it at the blog head today.

    Jamie: “Since I can’t take any credit for his brilliance, historical knowledge, or humor, I shall accept all praise for inviting Bill from the other side of globe to immigrate to the Trail and thank Craig for his open door policy.”

    … and Jamie, I for one appreciate so much the fact that you lured our friend, Bill over to the trail. I think he adds a whole new dimension to the site.

    … that, along with eProf having more to say than I’ve noticed in the past…. well, it’s been a pleasure to read them both…. along with everyone else too, of course.

  60. Hank, all those “cheap” SSL artists do is add an “s” to the http to make it look like there’s extra protection, when there isn’t, and I’m not about to add complications that aren’t necessary. Only a legit server company can do the real thing.

    See the Help button above for How to add gravatar

  61. Flatus, Pay Pal and Amazon the only links of that type on here, and they each have plenty of protection for their users. I got rid of any other advertisers on here.

  62. Pogo,
    I’m so glad that you quoted this: “I liked what I heard when the debate about the fence initially raged — show me a 20′ fence and I’ll show you a 21′ ladder.”

    …. says a lot. :)

  63. flatus, anyone can change their password here anytime. If logged in, just click your screen name for the drop-down menu upper right corner (where it says “Howdy…”) and choose “Edit My Profile” – or click “Site Admin” near the top of sidebar under Contraptions and select Profile upper left on that page.

    I can only turn off auto-login for everyone, not individuals, and don’t think we’d want to do that. Anyone can choose that for themselves by configuring their browser not to remember login or password info, but that’d be really inconvenient with nothing much gained.

    To be clear the ONLY personal user data stored on this site is your username, password and email address used to login here, and here only — that’s all that any third party could ever get (which has never happened that I know of; Network Solutions keeps that database well protected). And you can control your password and email address at your profile page, which you can find at the directions above.

  64. Hank, I agree with you. But, Craig’s doing this on his own and he only has so many finite and energy resources to devote to the backbone and related software. Help should give the avatar instructions.

  65. “Renee, I’ve never met a person from Canada that I didn’t like.” – Flatus @1:51pm

    I agree with the sole exception of sudbury, Ontario, which I found to be a creepy place inhabited by grumpy people. Otherwise, I love Canada and Canadians.

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  67. How much insurance do you need if your sole asset is your three year old bicycle?

  68. Jamie and Chloe, thanks for a warm wrap from two very warm women.

    Jamie and I have been corresponding on Facebook for many years. Eclectic and whimsical, an incredibly energetic mind yet attractive in embrace. Also attractive (from a man’s point of view) are her million dollar legs and thousand dollar kicks. What a gal. The pleasure of our conversation has not diminished over the years. Thanks Jamie.

  69. What would a cadaver care about a cheap will gone wrong ?

    Cadavers have more serious problems, being the lowest, most despised, stratum of our society.

    It’s not bad enough that they’re dead. Oh,no. We take all their belongings. Then we segegate ourselves from cadavers, casting them out, and forcing them into fenced and gated ghettos.

    As with the estate tax, cadavers are beyond caring about mere money.

  70. Carol, you’re always the outdoors indoors. 😀

    To answer your question – Canberra.

    The Australian National Capital.

    Other, less generous people say it is $1.43.

  71. Dex, mate, your unbelievably energetic description had me there in the seat next to you. It made your photograph and moment live for me too. A great story. Thanks mate.

  72. XR, Only half of Kumcho’s ashes went to Korea, and I’ll take half of Crystal’s there, too. She’ll be right on top of the mountain behind the temple with her grandma.

    Where are the rest of their ashes, he asks? They’re in our bedroom right next to the temple. They are anything but alone!

    This Valentines Day they each got a nice box of candy. The Buddha got one, too.

    Understand this, Crystal died of acute depression. She will never be alone or depressed again because she, Kumcho, and I will spend half our time on our Mountain top and the other half in a nice cemetery overlooking DC.

    I gave the old Rolls to Sue; the new one has been promised to my grandson in Michigan. I gave another car to my other grandson on Sunday, and everything else is taken care of by Craig’s classmates.

  73. i’m sked for CNN tomorrow, meteors and distressed cruise ships willing, somewhere in the 2:30-3p zone, host Brooke Baldwin (and don’t you guys start trashing her like last time, she’s my buddy)

  74. Pogo, “show me a 20′ fence and I’ll show you a 21′ ladder.” just about sums up the debate about illegals. The discussion should be about integration rather than prohibition.

    In Oz, our redneck buzzword for “illegals” is “boat people”. These folks believe that there is a country just north of Australia called “Asia”. They are all poor, illiterate and only speak “Asian”. They see this seething mass of humanity as one homogeneous group. Of course, every Asian wants to rush into Oz and take well paying jobs like fruit picking, cleaning, etc from these hard working Australians for a quarter of the money.

    Now here is the kicker. In a debate on TV between a redneck, woman of Chinese descent and an Aboriginal, some interesting insights came out. The redneck, who was only second generation Australian and still retained elements of his Manchester accent, proudly stated that the young woman of Chinese origin should go back to “Asia”. Her answer was wonderfully put – “… our family settled in Oz in 1853 so this is our country. How long has your family been here?” Well that trumped him. Then he started raving on about boat people. The Aboriginal woman answered – “To us, you are all boat people.”

    And that pretty well took care of all the nonsense. We are all boat people.

    Immigration has made both our nations wealthy. The free interchange of people throughout the states in the US and Oz is just a micro display of what happens in the macro sphere. It works internally. It also works externally.

  75. I’ve been so deep into my little tech universe lately, haven’t kept up with the news. What’s been going on that CNN might want to talk about tomorrow? You folks have any cable-news-ready quips I can steal?

  76. Well, as it relates to your parents, FL guv changes mind about participating in medical cost sharing. I know our guv won’t follow (Haley).

  77. Well, damn, I don’t know how I’m going to jump back into this thread. Thanks for your response, by the way, eProf2.

  78. BW, excellent and well thought out post. Had to reflect over the content.

    Good to see you visited the Migration Museum in Adelaide.

    The Mexica aka Nahuatl part of your post grabbed me the most. Seems to be a bit of schizophrenia in the US regarding indigenous claims when it comes to Mexicans, especially in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. One group of indigenous people are lionised while another group with roots in the south are vilified.

    I can only thank the Mexica for their generosity in providing marvelous additions to our tables: tomatoes, potatoes, maize, chillies and chocolate. And even today, most Australian crops are grown by courtesy of the Mexica – their factories provide the mountains of super-phosphate which fertilises our crops.

    Our debt to the Mexica is profound and yet the debtors are only too happy to spit upon them.

  79. Craig-
    The Friends of Hamas story is scarily relevant. If anything, it gives media types who haven’t mastered google an out. And at this point, what outlet worth its’ beans quotes Breitbart? “I have confirmed this story from three different sources, none of which was skepticism, journalistic integrity, or the truth. But I heard it – somebody told me.” And we know that even though the “Friends of Hamas” was made up, it will forever have legs with those who want to believe it, because someone reported it. That will be the source that sticks.

  80. IxC,

    Thanks for the challenge. I am honored that you think me worthy to play against you. Alas, I am not, and never was. I concede this one to you, sir, and the next one also.

  81. Ex-champ. I have no illusions about changing your mind or of anyone else’s on this or any other issue. You asked for some data; I provided a little data for you to chew on and do some further digging. It was an interesting exercise for us to exchange ideas. Don’t give up now, we’re just starting to find solutions to a vexing problem not only facing us but millions of folks throughout the US and for millions more who are yet to come to the land of opportunity: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…”

  82. NOTE TO MOBILE USERS: Sorry, but I am abandoning my efforts to serve a mobile version of this site. The technical issues are more than I can handle. My estimation of the situation is that the big players in this field — Apple, Google, etc. — are creating an environment whereby only the richest sites can serve to their intricate platforms. And don’t get me started on what they want to create free apps, a king’s ransom. Those of us who cannot afford the cost, and try to end run their secret codes, are sabotaged at every step. For now, we are desktop version only, unless I find something that works.

    This experience reminds me of what my favorite small-business owner/mechanic told me recently, that the big car companies are putting him out of business by only giving the latest computer software for fixing new cars to their own dealers.

  83. Jamie,
    Your swell and yes, you may take a bow for bringing Bill on board.. Thank you!!


  84. Ex-Champ, Heritage might be hiring as there is a shake-up in the top echelon. I took your post to be sincere and appreciative. The French and German phrases are fun. Buenas noche de sueño y así.

  85. Hi Tony…

    Mr Cruz’s real name is Rafael Edward Cruz. He was born in Canada to a women of American Descent which would give him the same status as the President who’s mother was also an American

    The only difference is the fact that Rafael Cruz was born in a Foreign County while President Obama was born in the United States State Of Hawaii.

    The other difference of course is the Nationalities of both their fathers.

    Rafael Cruz’s father was a Communist Cuban who fought for Castro while the Presidents father was born in Kenya, Africa.

    Cruz’s mother has strong ties to Goldman Sach’s whom helped to bring down our economy and Cruz himself uses his middle name instead of the name his father gave him since it made him sound more American, whereas using his Birth Certificate Name of Rafael made him seem more Mexican.

    Coming from Texas where Mexicans are looked down upon Rafael believed that by using his middle name of Edward (Ted) he would get the votes from the RFN Base which is prejudice towards Mexicans and helped him win his election.

    He also takes money from a Terrorist Organization which goes by the name of the Nazis Racist Alliance or otherwise known as the NRA and supports the slaughter of children with Military Style Assault Weapons. And he has two daughters ages 3 and 4 I believe and does not think that his children could get killed in a crossfire or other similar type deaths where someone innocent is killed.

    This is also a guy who also never put on a uniform and fought for our country. Another coward who has no problem sending your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces along with your sons and daughters to go die in a foreign land on foreign soil for blood money.

    Yet he questions the Honor and Integrity of a Decorated American Veteran and War Hero.

    He (Rafael Cruz R-TX) has more ties to Terrorists than Senator Chuck Hagel could ever have if he had any at all to start with.

    Bottom line….

    Senator Rafael Edward(Ted) Cruz (R-TX)is nothing more than a low life piece of shit like all of his RFN Brethren who IMHO are all Traitors :fingersxd:

  86. No time limit, I’m white ‘cuz it was my idea (although I prefer black).

    KKnP – Kn3

  87. AP,

    Holy shit!

    Far be it from me to be critical, but “exterminated with extreme prejudice” That may be a tad over the top.

    Those are the kind of comments, said even in jest, that will have federal agents knocking at your door and desiring to have a cup of coffee and a chat with you.

  88. no…we arrive at who is white. it’s the code of the west.

    What good are rules if one ignores the first one?

    I axed me mom that oncet and she got a switch off the hedge and chased me all the way to the canal.

  89. Anon, how many times have I asked you not to come on here and advocate killing people, even with veiled language? You’ve got so much to offer without going there. I am deleting that line myself because I am fed up with playing nice about this. Also, you level a whole bunch of charges without any source, citation or anything, but that’s ok, not required, just undermines your case.

  90. I believe that I last played chess in Jan 1967 when flying home from Honolulu. I began playing Avalon Hill board games in 1960, and by the time Chancellorsville came out, I was pretty good. Chess couldn’t compete with my affections.

  91. XR,

    Hate to ask, but what is Chancellorsville?

    A game about Lee’s masterpiece, Right?

  92. In the 70’s I came across this goober from the bronx who played the drums…..he’d got out of the airforce in charleston and fell in with us huck finnikins and moved to the island and became an islander guy….from the bronx. His parents owned a restaurant in the bronx and that sucker could make a wicked moo goo gai pan or chicken katchatorian…….well, we spent a fair number of weirded days, him and my friends and I, reading and listening to and living “Tortilla Flats”, Beethovan, and Lenny Bruce and such….and he at one point feels called upon to show me the Chess. Not being one to get enthused over games I nonetheless entered into the fray. He was a Stickler for the Rules.

    “I thought we had a ruuuuule,” he’d say, quoting Lenny Bruce from the Berkeley Concert put out on LP by Frank Zappa on Bizarre Records.

  93. Jace,

    The Avalon Hill 1962 board game Chancellorsville allowed players to refight the battle without the carnage.

    General Joe Hooker had a spectacular plan that was about to bring the encirclement of the Army of Northern Virginia in May of 1863. Had the plan worked, the Civil War would have ended 2 years earlier, and the names ‘Stonewall’ Jackson and Robert E. Lee would not be revered in the South today. Unfortunately for a couple hundred thousand soldiers and their families, Hooker froze at the commencment of the battle, and strayed far from the plan. Instead of an overwhelming victory, Hooker came away with a bloodied reputation and a minor defeat. After Chancellorsville Lincoln lost confidence and replaced Hooker with Meade. The war then ground on inexorably to Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga.

    The statistics of the Chancellorsville battle are interesting. The numbers of killed and wounded on either side were nearly identical. The confederates also lost 2,000 missing or captured, while the Union lost about 6,000. At the end, the Union still had more than as many soldiers in the vicinity, but Lee and his Army escaped to fight again.

  94. Of course, it was 100,000 Union soldiers who retreated, leaving 50,000 confederates with the field.

  95. XR,

    As I recall it was at Chancellorsville where Lee lost his most valuable soldier.

    I would like to re fight that battle as would
    Hooker and Lincoln.

  96. Folks, just got back from a glorious off road drive through the hills outside of Narooma.

    To give you a little treat, I took this little film clip of the spot where we had a coffee break. I hope you enjoy it.


  97. LOL – Bill, you sounded exactly as I imagined. Have to mention the first time I heard Australian accents was via Monty Python. No offense, but seeing the wildlife you came across sort of reinforces my first impression from so long ago :-)

  98. Heard a little about that GEO group, that is the business of prisons, on the Ed Show. That’s who is donating to that university in Florida stadium. Last count they had made over a billion in profit. Learned that they have lobbiests that give to local campaigns. They also lobby the politicians for harsher and longer sentences. Sure they do, more money. This does make some of what I’ve seen, in my experience, make more sense. I used to often someone making money of this BS? They are. But guess who’s paying that money…we are. And worse, many people are paying with the waste of their lives behind bars. Someone has found a way to profit on every bit of human misery.

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