Show Us Your Guns: Biden vs. La Pierre

Vice President Joe Biden stopped by Connecticut on Thursday with parents of Sandy Hook victims and pitched the Obama Administration’s plan for gun restrictions:

“I can’t imagine how we will be judged as a society if we do nothing. If you’re concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children. And guess what? I believe the price to be paid politically should go to those who refuse to act. . . . The American people are with us.”

Meanwhile, in perhaps the best sign that something will get done, the National Rifle Association’s resident lunatic, Wayne LaPierre, is unhinged:

“A year ago, I began to warn America’s gun owners that, if re-elected, President Obama would set about dismantling the Second Amendment. That, with no more elections to worry about, the president would wait for the right political opportunity to exploit and launch the most aggressive campaign in history to destroy our rights.” (Daily Caller)

129 thoughts on “Show Us Your Guns: Biden vs. La Pierre”

  1. OMG, that’s what that idiot said? Sure, lets blame it on Barry. Barry will do anything to screw up this country. Those gun nuts just can’t get it though their heads that the constitution didn’t give us the right to be EVIL but it should have been written in there because enough of their buds have found ways to evil all over us. Seems that every day I wake up some new evil has cropped up. So bad that the Universe is starting to throw rocks at us. You gotta know thing are bad when that happens, huh C-Bob.

  2. Morning Craig, friends. What time are you on TV today Craig. Is it today? Can we give you another donation to kick someone’s ass? Do you think you might run into that Mr LP. Do you have any meat on that arm of yours? Do you feel lucky today?

  3. Watched that interesting show about the history of guns in America the other night. Funny thing was, when the Black Panther’s were protesting for more access to guns, they didn’t win. Surprise, surprise. Where was Mr LP back then?

    The NRA once supported gun control.

  4. Did everyone evacuate and forget to tell me? Get out of your warm beds, get the coffee on and get in here!

  5. Well, since you’re leaving it up to me…I have another suggestion. Maybe the Taliban and al-Qaeda ought to join Mr. LP in his quest for less gun control. I wonder if that would make a difference?

  6. Now look what you have done. There’s a herd of dragonflies up here. Someone will think that spring has sprung.

  7. You’re doing the heavy lifting this morning Carol. 😎 It’s only been 45 minutes since you first posted. I don’t doubt at all that the NRA’s village idiot said those things. If he’s so damn good at predicting what WILL happen, maybe he can predict what HAS happened – which is totally inconsistent with what the says will happen. (Details, details)

  8. I took this little film clip of the spot where we had a coffee break.

    sjwny says: “Bill, you sounded exactly as I imagined. Have to mention the first time I heard Australian accents was via Monty Python.”

    Ha, sjwny, I agree.
    I can’t help but think of ‘Crocodile Dundee’ when I think Australian. I remember loving that movie so much when it first came out. I’ve actually never met an Australian here….. I think they like it too much where they are to even come here for a visit. :)

    However, some of our biggest movies stars are from there. Off the top of my head: Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchette, Hugh Jackman (Jamie’s fav) and the late, great Heath Ledger (whom I miss greatly). I know there are many more though.

    Love the Australian accent … but most of them have picked up our American accent in the movies they make (at least here).

    Bill, it was great to watch your video, get in touch with your great sense of humor and to hear you Australian voice. Music to my ears.

  9. Yep Tony, they do need to get rid of those hard core journalists. What do we think those cable new shows are anyway? Real news? But then, it was losing popularity, people can’t handle the truth! They want to be entertained.

  10. Hold the guns, Craig…the little people here in Las Cruces are beginning to worry about sequestration. In a state where one in five New Mexicans lives in poverty (and more joining the fray everyday), we rely heavily on government. Our little border economy relies on federal, state and local monies to keep our some of our humans working so they can feed the rest of us. And when we lose the pay from furloughs at the federal level or cuts to the NMSU from the state as education is deflating — we will wither. Yep, sequestration is like a balloon with the air flying out…making that awful noise as everything falls apart. This will take us back thirty years if the repugs have their way.

  11. BW,

    Were it possible, I would sequester congress and they would remain sequestered until such time as they actually did some work. Nights weekends, cots, no pizza delivery, no change of clothes. Repeal sequester, enact a budget, meaningful gun regulations, and a jobs program.
    Then and only then, I might let them go home for a weekend.

  12. BillW… we’ve got similar critters in our woods here in New Hampshire too…. although they do have more of a reddish hue to them.

    BlondeW… I bet there will be a lot of surprised New Mexicans who will have no idea that their daily lives are intertwined with government spending if the sequester goes through.

  13. Bill, when I first started watching your video, I thought that maybe you had found Big Foot. I saw a dark shadow out there in those woods but come to find out, it was just my cataract. LOL

  14. That’s how it works BW, RR. They take everything away from ya and when they throw just a little back…your proud and happy to have it. Haven’t you figured that game out yet?

  15. I talk with cashiers of the stores I frequent…mostly grocery stores as I still am investing in food and health care attempt. Many of the cashiers are married to professors, military, civilian employees of the government…and all are worried. Most remember the furloughs of the Clinton administration. In an economy where we lost 40% of our wealth, the can’ts will once again, cost us more in time and waste. The cost of the system to ramp-up after shutting it down, is a huge expense. Most Americans are still treading water from the Bush debacle…and now the can’ts want to take us up to near drowning. For what? Can anyone tell me ‘why’ they need to do this other than rubbing Barry’s face in economic ca ca. This economic water boarding of American humans must stop.

  16. No, CT, I haven’t figured out the game because for many of us it is NOT a game…more like a matter of life and quality of life. Life in America has changed dramatically since the new millennium.

  17. Jace…we should lock the doors of Congress before the bastards return! Shut them out.

  18. Opposition to gun control was a winner for the GOP for 30 years, but now it’s a loser, but the Tea Party extremists won’t let elected GOP politicians make any compromises. If they do, they’ll lose the next primary.

    The Tea Party is destroying the GOP, which created it.

    It’s fun to watch.

  19. And TU BW. I’d add a one of those faces but can’t even focus on them. I’d be afraid I might give you the wrong face.

  20. CT…there are thumbs in that group,too. And it must be the Androgel in the water supply causing my hormonal crankiness…it is just not ‘fun and games’ to us who still have one leg in the middle class and one leg in poverty. As I age, it is harder to do those splits!

  21. The force is within you, Mr. C. Look into your heart: you know it to be true.

    (EDIT: There are a lot of Pistorius jokes floating around, but they’re rather tasteless, wouldn’t fly right on CNN)

    (Double Edit: The obvious “Harlem Shake” joke is: “Damnit, and I was just getting good at Gangnam Style!” Don’t use it though, it’s kind of hackneyed.)

    (Triple Edit: No jokes for what’s going on in Chicago, it’s just sad.)

  22. I can’t imagine why they would ask panelists to speculate on the judicial decisions of an ongoing trial in a foreign country. There are so many factors of which the public many not be aware in that case.

  23. Craig…Pistorius most likely got bail because he is male. S. Africa has an unusually lousy record for domestic violence. Some stats.

  24. Sigh, what a list of crap to expound on. but that is cable tv. my sympathies.

    As to bringing in the NG, yeah that is just what that neighborhood needs an ignorant occupying force walking the streets.
    If you are going to use NG use them where they can’t do any damage. Have them patrol the rich neighborhoods. That would free up regular police to work the problem area. At least that way you may be able to get someone in the situation that can tell a gang member from just another citizen. For those down state country boys in the NG all of them look a like.


  25. I’m half dug out, 12 inches, they are trying to say it is a record but I remember bigger ones, we’ve had 12 in the last 10 years maybe just not at the weather station. Have seen up to 15 and saw 20 back in 79 but that was on the farm in the ozarks.
    Borrowed the neighbors snow blower yesterday after the snow ended. I did her drive and got one of my drives opened up. This morning I broke a trail for the mailman and cleaned a path around the car. Now I need to clean out the other driveway and dig my pickup out.
    My back is telling me I over did it. Stiff and sore every time I set down and take a break.
    Poor pitiful me };-0


  26. Really, Craig, the menu for CNN’s topics du jour is awful. Avoid the Harlem Shake.

  27. boss, might be too late for lenten jokes; but since the pope gave up pope-ity and the gopers gave up sanity, perhaps there are more icons giving up for lent that you can note. like sequestration…we’re giving up d.o.d, head start and food safety.

  28. Gee… I wonder what the name of this snowstorm is supposed to be. We are expecting about a foot of snow this weekend, Jack… but for us, that’s just a normal snow storm. But I’m sure the weather people will blow it outta proportion.

    Take care of your back… shoveling if it’s wet and heavy is kinda exhausting.

  29. That’s a lot snow, Jack. And good news about the snow blower! Some areas really were hit hard by ice storms. It was the same storm that hit Arizona with snow and blew through here a few days ago.

  30. flatus, re your 4:44 pm yesterday, should we worry that you are actively giving away precious possessions?

  31. “Q”?….. ROTFLMAO!

    All I can think of is a character on Star Trek: The Next Generation…


  32. renee, more fun with q


    ps,something about q reminds me of friend champ.

  33. Do I get beads if I show you my guns? Wait, that’s wrong, isn’t it?

    All the sources I’ve heard (and they aren’t numerous or necessarily authoritative) say that SA’s bail policies are liberal and that Oscar was expected to have his bail request granted. Of course he can’t go back to his home, so what’s the poor boy to do?

    Harlem shake? Heard of it, haven’t seen it. (Note to self – go to Youtube). LP tells me it’s sort of like the Psy thing.

    And what’s that last issue? Oh yes, NG in Chicago. Short answer – nope. Jack’s observations are consistent with my opinion – send them ONLY where they can do no harm. Poorly trained kids (for urban situations) with the opportunity to do stupid things.

  34. Since when did winter storms get names? Q, my arse. I assume the next one will be R?

  35. I think the Oscar P shooting was an accident
    perhaps he was drunk – he will still have to do jail time

    But if you want to be successful on CNN you should wear leather

  36. craig, any anecdotes about journalist spread myths like the friends of hamas thingy would be entertaining and informative for the cnn audience.

  37. Ownership of the weather channel
    TWCC is owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

    I think a big problem today is an outgrowth of Luntzism — words have no real meanings anymore. You can say anything as long as it’s not actionable

  38. Jack, take care. The snow will melt. Your health is more important.

    The National Guard story – Don’t know how many follow it, but there is major blowback to the recent Bill in NY concerning the gun issue. In WNY there have been rallies in opposition. (Because I like humanity, I will issue this warning : Carl “Horsie” Paladino is exploiting it for any and all political gain.) The protestors believe that the Bill is a cover for the Government eventually coming into our homes to take away our guns. They are serious in this belief – these people are not crackpots.
    The story about Chicago struck as ironic. If President Obama sent the National Guard to his hometown, the guns removed from the streets (and thus taken away) by government action would be from a predominantly African American population. An argument could be made that some of these guns, whether obtained legally or otherwise, were kept by the owners for protection. I can’t imagine anyone objecting to taking out the criminals. Just wondering who would be protesting any perceived government overreach by an African American President toward African American citizens.
    Did anyone else notice the use of the word “infested” when describing the neighborhood conditions in the linked story? Kinda went whoa when I read it. Would that word be used to describe conditions surrounding people who run meth labs (and tend to live in rural white areas?) Hmm…

  39. good interview by melissa block on npr

    BLOCK: And as Dave Weigel points out on Slate, there’s absolutely no evidence that Friends of Hamas even exists. At worse, he says, it’s as fake as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend.

    Dan, what do you make of how this allegation has ricocheted among talk shows and conservative media?

    FRIEDMAN: Well, it has a ring to it because I made it up hypothetically as something that would have a ring to it, as a hypothetical, satirical example of a controversial-sounding group, not thinking that it would actually be propagated out there.

    You know, I think that all of us, I have an obligation, you have an obligation, I do think Ben Shapiro has an obligation, just like Dave Weigel fulfilled the obligation to check these things and to check what is true and not just repeat unchecked rumors. And I’m not saying that I’m holier than thou. I think that I have a bit of culpability here. But I think if there’s a lesson, it’s don’t just believe any goofball rumors that shows up on a website, left or right.

  40. “I can’t imagine why they would ask panelists to speculate on the judicial decisions of an ongoing trial in a foreign country.” IxC @11:32 am EST

    Right. Besides, he is merely a shobiz figure and his trial diectly affects no one outside his and the victim’s circle.

    Remembering that news is a sort of filler that television producers stuff between the tiny gaps in the more amusing crap that fills the space between the ads . . . . I predict that Pistorius’ bail will take 30% of the time, with 30% for the Harlem Shake, 35% for ads, and 5% for the possibility of using the National Guard in Chi-town.

  41. ” It is the 50th anniversary of the 007.”

    Na. On April 13, Casino Royale, the first book of the series, will celebrate its 60th birthday.

    That makes the doughty Scot 90 some years old.

  42. my my how things never change. that shake looks like the old time shimmy but with more clothes on


  43. Craig – you would think my avatar fits – I assume you assigned it. But I didn’t know it was the thinker – I thought it was a constipated fella trying to clear his colon.

    “Remembering that news is a sort of filler that television producers stuff between the tiny gaps in the more amusing crap that fills the space between the ads . . . ” LOL – spot on, XR.

  44. It’s the 50th anniversary of the release of the film Dr. No in the US (or it will be on May 8) – it opened in London in October, 1962.

  45. Stuart Goldbarg’s The Good Scouts mentioned ‘friends of Hamas’ back in 2010. In that book the ‘friends’ are demonstrators on the University of Chicago campus, one of whom is the “scion of an important dynasty of blood-drenched Middle Eastern dictators”.

    Hot words erupt, a riot ensues, picket signs and knuckles and split lips open, and a snowball damages a turn of the century stained glass window. The good guys end up in the collegiate dog house. It’s action/adventure.

  46. Pogo,

    It is appropriate that you should have a bluegreen avatar, however, that isn’t the shape of your head, as I remember it.

    My old avatar is now availabe, if you’d care tohave it.

  47. “I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate”, Armand Piron, sung by Eva Taylor : 1922.

  48. xr, no, I’m a bit of a pinhead (unlike many of my block headed friends). I’ll get around to actually putting an avatar on this thingy one day when I’ve got the time to figure it out again. In the mean time, constipated blue-green thinker blockhead works for me.

  49. Flapper Dance
    (Warning ! This video may think way outside the box !)

    Sorry, I can’t get it to fit into the box : no handy tiny url gizmo.

  50. Bald, constipated, & granny glasses? Is that how you see yourself? ( :>D))<

  51. Craig… nice tie (insert winky face)…

    You did a great job… but… but…
    you shoulda danced…

    it looked like you were having a great time… you might want to think about doing it more often…

    ps… Fredricka Whitfield is alright in my book…

  52. Good stint on CNN Craig. You made a good point about putting the local police on the downtown Chicago problems and leaving the National Guard policing the suburbs.

  53. :-( I have been following the mayhem in Chicago for years as I live about a four hour drive from The Loop, I have a brother in the exurbs and a nephew living in the South Loop. (He and his wife work in Mayor Emanuel’s offices).
    The army officer advocating the National Guard moving in and “cleaning up this mess” has no clue what sort of carnage this could unleash, especially with the advent of organized flash mobs that amass withing minutes and just raise all sorts of hell on innocent folks whether it be on an isolated beach area or a specific street corner.
    That being said, I do know that the mayor is doing all he can to quell the violence, and the fact that he’s not making a dent in the murder rate shows that the problem is guns. Guns, indeed, guns in the hands of creeps bent on killing anyone they choose to, kids huddled in a bus shelter or old folks entering their residential buildings.
    Craig, your sugestion of sending suburban cops into the city and using National Guards to patrol the suburbs would just be too confusing for the municipalities to sort out…I can’t see the mayor even suggesting that.
    It’s been about 25 years since the city requested the State Patrol to come work the Chicago freeways. That went OK as far as I heard.
    The city of Chicago needs to do something, but nothing is working. It’s frustrating…even the upper middle class neighborhood of Hyde Park where President Obama lives, school kids are being blown away by gunfire. I’m spinnin’ my wheels and as Dizzy Dean would say, “bumpin’ my gums.” I have no answers.

    Gee Craig…a little bit of Harlem Shakin’ would have been a cool way to celebrate David’s birthday! C’mon, Man!

    Good job up there in your Hollywood Square, though. Good to see you on the TeeVee again.

  54. Poobah, apparently “the system” has been spying on me. Reminds me of the movie “Eagle Eye”

    XR – bald yes, constipated occasionally, granny glasses no (mine are much more stylish than that (I like to think).

    Well, time to hit the road to go out into the sticks and watch LP play hoops. (And if I’m calling that place the sticks from my patch, there ain’t much there – and there ain’t)). Good weekend all.

  55. BW, Jace gave someone one of those thumb’s up in the micro pics down at the bottom of the page. I thought he was shooting them the bird. With reduce visual acuity, it kinda looks like that is what it could be.

  56. Folks, thanks for your kind comments about the wonderful countryside and wildlife in the VIDEO. Glad you were entertained.

    Carol said:

    I first started watching your video, I thought that maybe you had found Big Foot.

    In Oz, that is not a myth but a reality. We did come across a Big Foot on our travels. Photographic evidence is posted below. Now aren’t they the cutest.

  57. Craig, thanks for the links and I hope things went well.

    This is the thing I like about Trail Mix, not a day goes by without me learning something interesting and new. The problems of Chicago are something we don’t hear about here.

    I’ll have to pass that Harlem Shake story onto my son who is a dj running a radio show called Cuttin Tha Rug. He guffawed when I said that I had never heard of Gangnam at Christmas. The vid had a billion hits at Youtube and I missed it completely. Anyways, thanks for that so when I get home again next week, I can drop the word about the Harlem Shake and sound a bit more in touch than I really am. 😉

    And while thanking you for the forum, I am also thankful for all the excellent contributions which make my day when I start the day. This is better than reading the newspaper or watching the morning news.

  58. Renee, thanks for the birthday greetings. Got David a nice bunch of purple tulips for the day. We’re going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night for the official celebration

  59. Now for my crazy uncle hidden in the attic rant regarding the use of the National Guard to police the mean streets.

    Never heard anything more stupid in my life. In Oz they are called the Reserve (officially) but we call them Weekend Warriors or even more pejoratively, “Chockos“, the diminutive of “Chocolate Soldiers”. They have no more ability to police than I have the ability to dance gangnam style (see, I got to slip that one in to look oh so cool). They are barely trained as soldiers let alone understand the complex issues surrounding the task of policing a community. At best, they are no more skilled than a $10ph rentacop, and possibly even less skilled. Here is the reality: what would a chocko know about diffusing a family altercation or handling a rape scene or tracing a lost kid, let alone disarming a gun wielding, crack high, mugger. These are skills that your inner city police force has acquired over centuries of practice and years of training. Police are expensive for a reason – they are usually highly trained and good at what they do.

    The practice of removing the beat cop and putting them in prowl cars isolated the police force from the people. Instead of a face a person could relate to and trust, the prowl car offered an anonymous face with little certainty of action. Take the beat cop away and the police force appears like an army of occupation and is treated accordingly. Beat cops cost a lot of money and the bean counters believed that they had more effective use of manpower by using prowl cars. Sometimes bean counting does not make a hill of beans sense when it comes to a living community.

    I have seen both the good and bad with police per se. I have investigated police structural corruption and the like. Regardless of that, I have never lost faith in the common decency of most police personnel, most of whom are brave beyond the call of duty.

    But to put the National Guard on duty in a volatile human situation is only asking for trouble. I can see a quick repetition of Kent State University, on Monday, 4 May 1970. That is the result when you place untrained, fully armed people in situations where there is mass hostility towards established authority.

    Whoever dreamed up this idea should empty his crack pipe and start drinking in some reality.

  60. Rush Limbaugh is officially ashamed of America for “the first time,” he announced Thursday.

    Fair enough Rush, America is ashamed of you as well, and not for the first time. :roll:

  61. I love birthdays, especially when someone else is doing the getting older.

    Happy birthday David. :-)

  62. Our man of the hour, David, is busy on the phone receiving a slew of birthday greetings. He will weigh in here soon. Thank you all for your well wishes

  63. Thank you all SO much for the birthday wishes! I had a regular work day – even moved offices today – so am a little late posting. But I feel the love coming in over the wireless internet connection, and send it back to all of you!!

  64. Here’s a little article from 1997 that blew the whistle on PBS’ dependence on unsavory corporate and foundation sponsors.

    Still, PBS is second only to NPR for journalistic independence on broadcasting. And, that should scare the crap out of anyone who tunes into the commercial ‘news sources.’

    Dam’ how we could have used Jonathan Kwitny in the years leading up to the mortgage market/banking/Wall Street meltdown. We lost a great reporter when he died in ’98.

  65. Happy Birthday DaveB ! It’s good to see your face again. Please, come around more often.

  66. Craig, when I was asking you to do some ass kicking, it wasn’t Dave who I had in mind.

  67. Craig…
    Rick and I did Chinese take out tonight… and of course we had spring rolls too… YUM!

  68. Order me some chef’s special crispy duck and save me a spring roll, I’ll be there as soon as I can. 😀

  69. “I feel the love coming in over the wireless internet connection”

    I’m sending some more your way, David. Happy Birthday!

    … love the Ashton Kutcher avatar (actually, love Ashton Kutcher too…. he’s so funny).

  70. “Fair enough Rush, America is ashamed of you as well, and not for the first time.”

    That’s for sure, Jace.
    I can’t stand to even look at the guy, let alone hear what he has to say.

  71. Chloe,

    In my dictionary, when I look up the word ‘buffoon’ it says, See Rush Limbaugh. Oddly enough it gives the same instruction for the word ‘vomit’.

  72. Now for some sobering information. From:

    In This Recovery, the Rich Get Richer, by John Light.

    Since 2009, income growth among the majority of Americans has remained relatively stagnant. But an updated version of economist Emmanuel Saez’s study, “Striking it Richer,” shows that this is not true for the top one percent of Americans.

    The study found that since the recovery began in 2009, while the bottom 99 percent of Americans’ incomes have fallen by 0.4 percent since the recovery began in 2009, the top one percent’s incomes have risen by 11.2 percent. So the recovery is only truly a recovery for the wealthiest Americans.

    Since the 1970s, the wealthiest one percent increasingly have earned a larger and larger share of America’s income. The recession in the early 2000s and the “Great Recession” starting in 2007 decreased their earnings, but — as the chart below shows — the top one percent still earned more than the next four percent of income earners combined. And since the recovery began in 2009, the top one percent’s incomes have bounced back more than that of any other percentile.

  73. Post Continued

    “The labor market has been creating much more inequality over the last thirty years, with the very top earners capturing a large fraction of macroeconomic productivity gains,” writes Saez, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley. He received the John Bates Clark Medal — an award similar to the Nobel Prize given for economics — in part for his research on income inequality with Thomas Piketty, an economist at the Paris School of Economics.

    Income inequality falls during recessions, but typically bounces strongly back again. After the Great Depression and during World War II, Saez writes, a number of factors kept income concentration from growing, “such as progressive tax policies, powerful unions, corporate provision of health and retirement benefits and changing social norms regarding pay equality.” But this time, the same factors aren’t in place.

    Saez writes, “The policy changes that are taking place coming out of the Great Recession (financial regulation and top tax rate increase in 2013) are not negligible but they are modest relative to the policy changes that took place coming out of the Great Depression. Therefore, it seems unlikely that U.S. income concentration will fall much in the coming years.

    “We need to decide as a society whether this increase in income inequality is efficient and acceptable and, if not, what mix of institutional and tax reforms should be developed to counter it.”

  74. They are barely trained as soldiers

    That maybe true of your Reserves but it is no longer true of ours. After 10 years of war they are all trained soldiers.


  75. Wow, Craig.
    Those tulips are beautiful. They’re almost bigger than David!

    They don’t grow ’em that big down in these parts, and I thought everything in Texas was big! I know when you go into a restaurant here, they serve me a meal big enough for a family of four. I sometimes even laugh when I look down at it.

  76. Bill, I went to that site you quoted and those facts are hard to argue with: charts and all. It’s depressing (but I can’t pretend it’s horribly surprising… still..)

    One of the comments said: “When government and industry collude.”

    Another: “Wow. Might make you think they did the whole thing on purpose.”

    … can’t say I disagree with either…. although: what do I know?

  77. … that avatar I was given pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time. Synchronicity?

  78. Dave,
    What beautiful tulips -purple is a personal favorite 😉 hope your birthday wish(es) come true.

  79. Hey Craig, I do not know if you are aware but the video you posted on youtube has sound only coming out of the left speaker/headphone. It also will not start until five seconds have passed.

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