Blank and White on Oscar

Trail Mixers Jamie and DaveB, co-hosts of the movie blog Blank & White On Film, certainly nailed enough Oscar predictions to earn their stripes as film divas (correct predictions in bold) …

OscarJamie’s Picks

Best Picture: Argo [Winner: Argo]
(unless it’s Lincoln, Les Mis, Silver Linings Playbook ….)

Best Director: Spielberg [Winner: Ang Lee, Life of Pi]
(unless it is Ang Lee because … well just because)

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
[Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis]
(unless … well it would be his 3rd and Jackman did a great job plus he is a nice guy)

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence [Winner: Jennifer Lawrence]
(unless she is too young then Jessica Chastain for an alternate J or Emmanuelle Riva because she’s not too young)

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones [Winner: Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained]
(Unless he goes on being grouchy but De Niro and everyone else in this category are grouchy as well)

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway [Winner: Anne Hathaway]
(unless she is being too perky or peppy this week but Sally Field wants to be liked too)

oscar2DaveB’s Picks

Best Director: Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) [Winner: Ang Lee, Life of Pi]
As you don’t want to face Meryl Streep for Best Actress, you don’t want to go up against Spielberg for Best Director. And that goes for comediennes, too – as Kathy Griffin learned when poking fun at Spielberg friend Dakota Fanning.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln) [Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis]
The Irish actor gets the ultimate proof that he can play one of the great American Presidents, despite being brought up across the pond.

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) [Winner: Jennifer Lawrence]
Here’s hoping she’s gotten her tacky acceptance speeches out of her system in time for the Oscars.

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln) [Winner: Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained]
Mr. Jones’ crabby behavior at the Golden Globes doesn’t ruin his Oscar hopes after all.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) [Winner: Anne Hathaway]
The really bad haircut pays off!

And finally, where Jamie and I part paths… Best Picture: Lincoln [Winner: Argo]
Jamie says Argo, I say Lincoln. I just think the academy will reward the intellectual history lesson that is Lincoln before it does the not-quite-as-heavy Argo.

Blank & White On Film

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  1. sturge, thanks for your 3:38 am comment. worth revisiting in light of the gopers continuing self-destructive behavior.
    here’s a prescient comment from an old snipit from c s monitor

    “They’re violating the integrity of their own process,” Mike Zentz, an alternate delegate for Paul from Honolulu, told HuffPo. “What’s the point of the convention if they won’t listen to the voice of their own people? We may as well just ask the RNC to pick the nominee from now on.”

  2. re oscars: whether worthy or not, “lincoln” will sweep the hall clean tonight with maybe a nod to “amour”

  3. Having seen nothing more than the trailers on tele, I feel uniquely positioned to say that Lincoln will sweep. Which will have more to do with Spielberg’s campaign to win than his direction – which would probably have been enough. Either way it goes will be a win, no?

  4. good sunday morn, sea. good article about you in your local rag. love the names of new goodies in honor of your grandson.

    Even with her already popular and varied selection, Ms. Cowley loves to come up with new ideas. Inspiration comes in many ways. The arrival of her first grandson, Finnigan, moved her to create Baby Cakes: delicate vanilla wafers topped with caramel, drenched in chocolate. Next will come non-pareils with multi-colored sprinkles – Finnigan’s Rainbows.

  5. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    My son sent this to me suggesting that it might make a good Sunday Morning post. He is such a bright lad. :-)
    Thanks Brandon. Enjoy all!

  6. now to more discomforting stuff

    American democracy has been hacked.” That cute phrase is a little unfortunate, because his point is serious and bold: “The United States Congress, the avatar of the democratically elected national legislatures in the modern world, is now incapable of passing laws without permission from the corporate lobbies and other special interests that control their campaign finances.”

  7. Pat,
    It’s so good to see the truth put into words. I’ve felt for a long time that no matter who is elected… the same people are still running the country. Gore does seem like a credible source with little to gain by saying this.

    I appreciated what the reviewer had to say in the last sentence of the article you linked: “I hope his next book is a more focused look at one piece in that enormous puzzle, U.S. politics: why it doesn’t work in the 21st century and how to fix it.”

    Your link, along with Sturges at the end of the following thread does not make me optimistic (but unfortunately, doesn’t surprise me in the least either). We already knew things weren’t as they appeared and haven’t been for a long time.

  8. I was reluctant to even link this yesterday, because the timing of what ePfof was talking about (as well as the state) is so far off on this list. But during my clumsy search, this is the only place Moran came up: under “Texans Marched Out in Three Divisions and Murdered at Goliad, 27 March 1836″. Fourth paragraph, last name on the 3rd line: Martin Moran.

    What you linked above, Pat… is probably more likely.

  9. I haven’t seen any of the movies… and honestly, I really don’t care who wins what. But I am looking forward to seeing Seth McFarlane.

    I’m with Jace… I have no desire to sit in a theater and see a 3 1/2 hour movie… and I hate 4 hr baseball games… especially between the Yankees and the Red Sox. It’s funny though… I can sit for that length of time if I’m reading a good book.

  10. patd… thanks for the link on the article about Kathleen’s chocolates. I can attest that her almond butter crunch and pirate chocolates are to die for!

    OldSea… I hope you sold lots for Valentines Day. Baby Cakes sounds delicious. Give Finn a kiss for us.

  11. I haven’t watched Lincoln–just the trailers. But, I’ve been fascinated by Lincoln since I was a little boy. I don’t find Day-Lewis a credible substitute. But, the one trailer I saw of Sally Field left me with an OMG, that’s her!

  12. Good morning all and very good reading.. I can’t really give a call on the Oscar’s as I’ve only seen Lincoln..

    Love you all back and thank you so much for your many kindnesses..

    You made me laugh :laugh: Yep, that was the Twitter emoticon.. I could never get any of my face pics to upload to Twitter.. You funny!

  13. sjwny
    What a great comment, thank you so much.. I agree Republican’s in the House are hypocrites.. I will never get it but we have to deal with the here and now.. These hater’s will i believe eventually die off and be replaced with a more tolerant people. Yep, younger people give me hope in that regard..

  14. I haven’t seen any of the movies so I have no opinion. I just watch to see how everybody’s dressed and for the In Memoriam segment. Gonna be some real heartbreak in that segment this year–

  15. I can’t make a choice either, Tony….. because I’m almost always wrong and rarely agree with the Academy.

    This chart shows a huge lead for Argo. (Experts’ Predictions)

    (I agree with the first comment: Sam: “I honestly can’t see how silver linings playbook won’t win here– it is easily the most enjoyable, multi-layered movie with great performances”)

  16. The Expansion of Black American Misery under Barack Obama’s Watch
    Dr. Reginald Clark

    Here are two facts that may surprise many people.
    1. Black misery has been growing since 2009 under President Obama’s economic and job creation policies. Black folks participation in the labor market has been steadily moving DOWNWARD during the Obama presidency – since 2009 when he was first inaugurated.
    2. ALL other major racial groups have moved up, albeit moderately, since 2009! Blacks are the only group that has taken a definitive step BACKWARDS since then. Why? This article will argue that it is because for the past 4 years, until last week, Obama has declined to even put forth the idea that “low income Black people need targeted help too!!! Needless to say, has not designed any job creation strategies or policies that would do something for the Blacks who supported him the most.

  17. Andrew Cuomo’s new problems: Bad headlines, Hillary Clinton
    by Maggie Haberman

    Andrew Cuomo’s smooth ride as New York’s governor – high approval numbers, flattering newspaper coverage, little by way of fierce opposition – has suddenly hit a rough patch.
    Much of it is in the form of a single, towering figure: Hillary Clinton. Gone from Washington, she has returned to Cuomo’s backyard, freezing his perceived 2016 presidential hopes as she begins the long process of deciding whether to run herself.

  18. Blue skies, very gentle breeze, 62degf. Maybe I’ll give Rosie a bath after I finish my coffee.

  19. Nash,
    Probably Hillary as smart as she is was looking at the bigger picture even in college.. I mean a brilliant women like Hillary knows its an uphill battle in man’s world. Yep Flatus, “good for her”..

  20. Tony,
    I always enjoy your articles. I’m happy to see this country getting saner on the reality of equal rights for all. Hoping for the day when everyone is known simply by their names, not as part of any particular group. Heck, we’re all people. That group is good enough for me :)

    I’m a fuddy-duddy on movies. Prefer most anything on TCM over recent releases. My favorite recent movie was Mrs Brown, with Judi Dench and Billy Connolly. What was that – 1997 or so? LOL

  21. Went outside–the cold is embedded in everything. I’ll take Rosie downtown for a hand wash next week. :(

  22. Greetings from the desert. Happy Oscar day and night!

    Nice piano selection for Sunday Serendipity, Jace. I’m glad you send us at least one music selection each Sunday. These selections are right up there with CBS Sunday Morning as must see and hear tv and internet.

    Thanks, Pat, for the links.

  23. Our church is celebrating it’s 25 anniversary with a musical program this afternoon.

    If we get it right it will be a joyous sound unto the Lord, if we don’t I hope God has his hearing aid turned down. :-/

  24. Thanks Eprof,

    I’m glad you enjoy them, because I really enjoy picking them out. :-)

  25. Jamie…Here are my guesses….

    Best Picture – Lincoln
    Best Director – whoever directed Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis
    Best Actor – Supporting – Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence
    Best Actress – Supporting – Ann Hathaway
    Most Awards – Lincoln

  26. Fashion Statement Alert

    Xrepublican is attending to the Oscars in specially fitted black support hose and a stunning black Jockey short brief, offset by a stark white waistband. To add a touch of color, he will be wearing his signature copper color reading glasses, and clutching a Black Toshiba Laptop, specially chosen to match his briefs.

    Xrepublican will be accompanied by the charming, delightful, and fashion setting Sweetie, who will be wearing a disapproving frown.

  27. While, I agree with IxC in general, I do not think that the boredom with Spielberg’s Biggie Big screen approach will affect the voting much.

    I expect Hollywood to reward D.D.Lewis for his (comparatively) sedate performance. This was not exactly the Last of the Mohicans.

  28. After all, these are INDUSTRY awards, not artsy fartsy awards. More’s the pity.

  29. I will be wearing Woman Within dark grey sweatpants with a t-shirt purchased from the Grand Canyon tourist center… and of course colorful fleece socks.

  30. oh my, that’d be quite an avatar

    craig, that avatar already co-opted by former congress critter, a weiner

  31. “oh my, that’d be quite an avatar” – His Nibs @3:21 pm

    Ya. The problem with that is you can’t possibly fit my wonderfulness into one of those little squares. You’d need a high capacity avatar clip. Or . . .

    You’d need CineramA.

  32. “craig, that avatar already co-opted by former congress critter, a weiner” – Pat @ 4:44 pm

    Good idea,Pat. Forsnacking during the ceremony, I’ll have a crispy broiled Nathans with a pinch of celery salt, a sliver of Bubbies dill pickle, a tablespoon of mixed finely chopped onion and tomato, a tablespoon of giardinera, a half teaspoon of French’s yellow mustard, and a tablespoon of Heinz ketchup on a toasted sourdough bun. Where do I find a picture of that for my avatar?

  33. The chauffeur I hired to drive me to the chat room is outside washing Rosie. Says he has standards and that there’s no way in hell that he would let any of his associates see him driving a dirty car.

    The prick also insists that I wear shoes and socks.

    I’m bringing pastrami on Publix 5-grain Italian. And, ‘some’ Yuengling Black & Tan.

  34. Judging from tonight’s attire selections, plunging necklines and side boob displays should not be an issue for tonight’s festivities. :-)

  35. Commenting not working well tonight … Keep getting error messages. Right now I’m at 8 of 9 predictions. Check out Facebook as I post.

  36. Commenting should work fine now. Had to give up on the latest chat room experiment and toss out the program. After about 20 or so chatters in the room it was shutting whole site done. We should be back to normal now. Ah well, no biggie, was just a toy anyway.

  37. There, I’ve cleaned up after shoveling latest dysfunctional chat room software off the site. What a mess — ones and zeroes all over the floor.

    Got back to Oscar just in time for Les Mis production. Now there’s a DVR keeper!

  38. She is so weird. I think she’s this generation’s Liza Manelli.

    (Edit: …nothing wrong with “weird”.)

  39. Who picked Seth McFarlane, and who approved his racist jokes? Gervais wasn’t nearly as offensive when he ribbed the Hollywood establishment.

  40. It’s a shame the audio mix is off on the broadcast with all of the strong live performances.

  41. funny you say that jace, I’ve been thinking Seth is trying to do an edgy Bob Hope thing, complete with the self-deprecating jokes about his own movies. But less edge more Bob, I’d say

  42. The Hollywood parents comment was funny, until you remember Jane’s mom committed suicide.

  43. He’s gotten too big for the gig, but bring back my honey Hugh Jackman to teach Seth how its supposed to be done.

  44. Fabulous talent all around…but how could the Oscar not go to Daniel Day-Lewis?

  45. Craig…The ending of Argo was so dramatic. It wasn’t really that dramatic (in real life), was it?

  46. I was camped on my easy chair for the whole shebang. I love Seth MacFarlane and I was calling everybody to tune in because I was rolling around with laughter, especially at the edgy boobie song. The Lincoln joke was typical Seth…typical Family Guy Show type of joke. I thought he was great. Ya just can’t trot old Billy Crystal out there anymore.
    CBS Sunday Morning News ran a seg about how studios hire and bribe everyone they can, pundits and news readers…everybody…to talk up or talk down movies. Talk about “it’s all politics!” Oh yeah, it surely is.
    Overall, a lively show, well worth the time spent.

  47. Dex, i was a middle-of-the-roader on the Seth matter, but you’re pulling me your way. I’m such a fan of Family Guy and his other shows, but it was jarring in this context. Maybe that’s a good thing. Did make me want to see his Ted movie — that bear was hilarious, damn near stole the night.

  48. Yes sir. If you like Peter Griffin (the cartoon dad in MacFarlane’s animated “Family Guy”), you’ll love Ted.

    I see we have some complaints on ABC’s sound quality, or lack thereof. It was horrible, at best. During commercials, I flipped around to other channels and my volume just boomed, when at that level I was missing a lot of words from the Oscars.

    Being old school, I like the Oscars better when held around the first of April like they used to be. They also were on Monday, not Sunday. I liked that format and time better.
    Winter’s coming back again on Tuesday for us. Snow again. I dream of sunny Florida fish camp. 😎

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