Trail Mixers Say: Sequestration, Why?

Trail Mixer Blonde Wino gets it. Why can’t Congress?

blondewinoBlonde Wino: I talk with cashiers of the stores I frequent — mostly grocery stores. Many of the cashiers are married to professors, military, civilian employees of the government, and all are worried. Most remember the furloughs of the Clinton administration. In an economy where we lost 40% of our wealth the can’ts will once again cost us more in time and waste. The cost of the system to ramp up after shutting it down is a huge expense. Most Americans are still treading water from the Bush debacle. And now the can’ts want to take us to near drowning. For what? Can anyone tell me ‘why’ they need to do this other than rubbing Barry’s face in economic caca. This economic water boarding of American humans must stop.

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  1. Well said BW and good to see your name in lights.

    I look at this problem and say: It would appear as though all the enemies of America have finally worked out that they can destroy the nation from withing. Why send an aeroplane into a building when you can get a Tea Partier elected who will do more damage than any terrorist action could to the US economy and nation? 9/11 may have cost the US economy about 100bn but poor and opaque stewardship of the nation and economy has cost Americans 20tr in the last four years.

    Do the maths and it is obvious as to whom is more destructive of the US economy.

  2. bill, that’s the best conspiracy theory yet. seems tho’ there was a movie with a similar plot and of course the sinclair lewis book “it can’t happen here” is along those same lines.

    always had same suspicions about shrub’s veep and his gang

  3. sturge, you could sample a few dos equus, pamona queen, castle, bishop’s beer and ale and king’s beer. can’t think of a beverage bottle top for the rooks. old crow?

    forget the paper and pencil, use a checkered table cloth at your favorite tavern.

  4. Thanks for highlighting the human line…we have to make the distinction in the US of AA — ‘The American People’ are not always human. Corporations are people, too, claim the can’ts. The corporations are not humane, either! It is ‘why’ health care is so screwed-up. In order to have an overly healthy corporation, like an insurance company, many Americans must forfeit their health care attempt.

    It will change in about twenty five years when artificial intelligence and self awareness occurs in the machines. Then the definitions will change again as to ‘what’ it means to be a people! The can’ts won’t know what hit them!

  5. BW, HAH!! I watched Terminator series and I, Robot, too. Love them – they are only science fiction because it hasn’t happened yet. But stay tuned.

    I saw Steve Ratner discussing the sequestration and where the cuts will come, the percentage of spending cuts vs. new revenue etc. on MoJo this morning. Most of the cuts come from defense and discretionary spending programs, about half from each and reducing their budgets by something in the 7-8% range. (Sorry if my math is off a bit – I am not that good with numbers or memory). If the WH and House don’t figure out a way to make this work, the ripples will be felt deep and wide. Headline at WaPo is Budget deadlock creates anger in Navy shipyard – talking about Newport News, where they build subs and carriers and they are afraid the defense cuts will cause civilian layoffs. Ripples.

  6. I’ve mentioned before what the sequester will cost our family. This whole area around Fort Lewis and McChord AFB is really going to get slammed as it is so heavily contractors, active military, and retirees. The real estate crash already has property values just beginning to climb their way out of the pit in which they were dropped, now to have incomes slashed could totally crash the area economy.

  7. Craig,

    I don’t know if it bothers anyone else, but could the “post comment” button be placed above or at least to the left of the “Choose file” button. I keep clicking on “choose file” when I mean to hit Post.

  8. “MAKERS: Women Who Make America” primeres tonight on PBS. If you ever had any estrogen on board, it’s required viewing. I’ll leave that up to your conscience. Maybe, you’re a closet subservient. I doubt it though.

    “tells the remarkable story of the most sweeping social revolution in American history, as women have asserted their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy”.

    It’s a 3 hour show but like so much on PBS, it can be watched online, at your leisure.

  9. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) would lose his speakership if he agrees to new tax revenues to avert the across-the-board spending cuts that are set to kick in on March 1.

    “I don’t quite honestly think that Speaker Boehner would be speaker if that happens,” Johnson told Fox News of Boehner caving on taxes as part of a sequester replacement package. “I think he would lose his speakership.”

    As much as anything this probably describes the deadlock over sequester. Make no mistake about it this was Johnson firing a shot across the bow.

    Bohener has locked himself into an impossible position. He may retain his speakership, but he will simply be a puppet for the no to everything caucus in his party.
    He might as well have stayed on vacation, aside from the occasional news conference he really is not in a position to effect the outcome.

  10. Thanks, CT for the info. American Women are awesome and we all have had a touch with the estrogen from the ‘Mother Ship.’ Well, maybe not the petri-babies.

  11. The weather men are still trying to hype our latest snow but you can tell they are disappointed. Before the storm there was talk of “as much as 18 in.” for sure a foot of snow. I just stepped out and we have about 4-5 inches of new snow on top of the foot of snow from last week. It is a wet snow so it is sticking to everything. makes for a cool back yard.


  12. Jack…
    same thing happened to us this past weekend…. predicted a foot+… got about 6 inches of wet heavy stuff. Gonna get another one like it tomorrow. Our snowplow guy is earning his keep this year… and of course, my ski bum husband is grinning from ear to ear.

  13. BlondeW & Jamie…
    it’s always the little guy that gets it where the rubber meets the road. Meanwhile… the politicians still smoke their cigars and drink their stylish brand of whiskey.

    Politics is just show business for ugly people.

    Jace… IMO, that’s the line of the week…

  14. The joke from Argo:

    Del Clanton was the numero uno Big Dog of national radio back in the late 50s. He had a live radio show each morning that he would take to the streets during the last fifteen minutes for a segment he called “The Man on the Street.” He became famous for joking with the ordinary every day people he met there. But it all came unraveled one day in June of 1958; it was on that fateful day that he spotted a filthy bum glaring defiantly at him while urinating on a building wall. This was radio days so there was no visual allowing Del to approach bum in high humor, little knowing that his radio death was now seconds away.

    “Well, Mr. Success, what do you have to say for yourself today?
    To which the bum replied, “Knock Knock…”
    Always ready to play, Del answered “Who’s there?”
    “Argo,” slurred the bum
    “Argo who?”, asked poor Del.

    And then while millions and millions of 50’s Americans were listening, the bum replied with the words of death for Del Clanton, King of Radio.

    “Argo f*** yourself,” snarled the bum.

    Network phone switchboards lit up and outraged mommies and daddies, furious church going women, and ready to kill phony politicians, screamed threatened, and cried. Del Clanton was fired that afternoon, never to be allowed to darken network radio again.

    But Del was no quitter. He moved to a small town in Idaho and landed a $15 per week job with a tiny local station. As a pro among amateurs he became a small time hit. During his exile he spent every night learning every “Knock Knock” joke on the planet vowing that he would never be trapped like that again. Then as TV came in he became big across the extreme Northwest and gradually the West. Del got bigger and bigger and finally re-established himself in morning media, this time as The King of morning TV and what’s more he still did the “Man on the Street” interviews. He was Big Time once again, back doing a morning show from the Mecca of media: New York, New York.

    Then one day, as fate would have it, Del spotted the same vomit encased urine smelling bum who had ruined his career lo those many years ago leering at him from a refuse littered doorway just off the avenue. Del was determined to confront his fears, after all as part of his new career he spent days and nights learning every “Knock Knock” joke on the planet. He was ready. With camera following, he approached the foul smelling old bum, finally stopping so as to form a tight two shot of Del and The Bum.

    “And what do you have to say today?”, asked Del.
    “Knock Knock,” slobbers the disgusting old derelict.
    “Who’s there?, said Del while confidently staring the bum in the eyes.
    “Captain Midnight,” says the filthy one.
    Del quickly searched his brain for all the Captain Midnight Knock Knock jokes on the planet and recalling none, he replied “Captain Midnight Who?”
    The bum smiles and says, “Argo f*** yourself….”

  15. Far too many voters still believe the GOP that the “deficit” and the “national debt” are the most serious problems we face, and the only solution is “cuts.”

    They are now going to get what they want, and when they find out it was a BIG mistake, more of them will abandon the GOP and its destructive “conservative” ideas.

    Once people stop electing these right wing morons, we can get the country moving again.

    It would also be nice if Obama wasn’t such a timid leader. He needs to see a therapist to help him deal with his fear of being called a “liberal.”

  16. Greetings from the desert. I support Gov Dean when he argues this may be the only time in our life time to see a significant cut in Defense (war) spending. Defense cuts should be in unnecessary and cold war weapons, not exclusively civilian workers. My prdiction: Congressional Repugs will pass emergency legislation exempting Defense cuts.

  17. Bill,

    The terrorists were not engaged in financial mathematics. And, in the aftermath, neither were we nor were our NATO allies who, within hours, rushed to our aid with air defense aircraft and AWACS airplanes that had been guarding their own skies.

    These same allies followed us to Afghanistan in an effort to eliminate the training camps that provided al Qaida its sanctuary.

    And the American people, as one, rushed to Manhattan’s, New York City’s, New Jersey’s, Connecticut’s aid and comfort.

    To place a figure of $100-billion on our economic loss trivializes the effects of that attack on the American people and our homeland.

  18. This Day In History: February 26,2012

    Sanford, Florida.
    Hoodie, Skittles.

    Stand Your Ground.

  19. sorry about that link. have to click down on right to third episode for the sequester piece

  20. Pat,

    Without doing the Jon Stewart, barter has been very popular in segments of our society. As an example, my late friend Ed provided dental care for a friend and his family in exchange for the friend’s providing obgyn care for the females in his household. All of this was under the table.

    Anecdotal stories of similar arrangements between professionals with other skills were reported in the late 80s and early 90s.

  21. This Day In History: February 26,2012

    He’ll be acquitted.

    (Your blockquote button is broken, at least with my browser, host. It only inputs the first part of the code.)

  22. eprof2, It was strange seeing (on TV) Arizona baseball fans shivering under hoodies and wearing shorts at the baseball game Sunday . It was low 50’s but the wind was howling and the announcers said people were “freezing.” :silly:

    Here in Ohio it’s raining ice and yet we can’t complain as Lake Michigan is acting as a re-directing-shield and the worst of this giant storm is swooping around us on its way to the eastern seaboard.

    I wonder just how much of his English Breakfast John Kerry actually ate. David Cameron told Kerry that since the visit to GB was the first leg of the tour for Kerry, they would provide the breakfast. As I recall, a proper English breakfast includes bangers and mash, runny eggs-over-easy, and a huge glop of canned pork n’ beans.
    Also, a couple slices of to-mah-to, a rasher of bacon, and a chunk of deep-fried potato cake. 😮

  23. Trail Mixer Blonde Wino gets it. Why can’t Congress?

    As Blonde Wino says “It is because of the can’ts..the Republicants”

    It’s just a game to them unless you are rich you are just a number, a cliche, a stereotype, a group to be dealt with for them. And if you aren’t rich, it’s because you failed to grasp the concept of the American dream. It’s all your own fault.

    I and Mr. Cracker have the worst colds ever.

  24. Jamie, I haven’t found an option for moving the Post Comment button, still looking. But if you are using the preview window that appears as you write i find it convenient to have the Post Comment button right above it for use after previewing.

  25. quote button not broken Ignex. the first click of button inputs open quote tag. second click inputs close quote.

    altho easier to first highlight the quote text and click quote button (once), then it inputs both. that working in your browser?

  26. Ah, ok, my apologies. Roger that. A couple weeks ago, clicking the button inputted the whole code, at least for me.

  27. good to know, champ. i never use it that way, the editing plugin updated recently so the developer must have changed it. this way you click the QUOTE button, then paste or type the text, and second click of the button closes the quote. But i find it easier to just highlight the text and click the button once, fewer steps

  28. Noticed on page A4 of this morning’s Journal. The average female nurse earns 16% less than the average male nurse.

  29. KGC & Mr Cracker….
    there seems to be a lot of that going around all over the country…. I hope you both feel better soon.

    OMG… Dex…
    I got full just from reading the description of that breakfast… wouldn’t want to know what it would feel like to actually attempt to eat it.

  30. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The NY Times is changing the name of The International Herald Tribune to The International New York Times.

    Is nothing sacred?

    Source: WSJ pg B4

  31. We’ll know a liberal shift is really happening when the GOP finally realizes it’s on the wrong track and starts moving to the left.

    The corporate business sector, which actually runs the GOP, will have to move against the grass-roots Tea Party extremists, by figuring out a way to “fix” the primaries so that only “acceptable” candidates who might actually win in “purple” districts will get nominated.

    They can do it, but it will take time. They have to dismantle the 30-year effort to recruit wingnuts and fire them up to get involved. (The rednecks will have to go back to being quiet and voting the way they are told.)

    The GOP’s experiment with populism has failed. The people in their base really are nuts, and can’t be allowed to call the shots any more.

  32. Flatus…a few drops of Tobasco on my egg salad for lunch.
    I love McIlhenny’s Tobasco sauce and I always have a bottle in the cupboard.
    Condolences to the family. The sauce must go on. :-/

  33. “The people in their base really are nuts, and can’t be allowed to call the shots any more.”

    …but they’re the ones with all the guns!


  34. Dex,

    I’m sitting here looking at a bottle of his habbie sauce as I type.

    It’s in the hands of the 5th generation, now.

  35. “The average female nurse earns 16% less than the average male nurse.”

    Been there and done that Flatus. I’ve been the NP with a male lay person standing around and they called the guy..Doc. It is getting better.

  36. And now the can’ts want to take us to near drowning. For what? Can anyone tell me ‘why’ they need to do this…

    bw, a well put question. much a long the lines of stephen brill’s

    When we debate health care policy, we seem to jump right to the issue of who should pay the bills, blowing past what should be the first question: Why exactly are the bills so high?

    the answers to both are probably the same

  37. We’ll know a liberal shift is really happening when the GOP finally realizes it’s on the wrong track and starts moving to the left.

    Well…. conservative host on The Cycle, S.E. Cupp, just announced that she will no longer be speaking at CPAC because of their stance on gay marriage.

  38. craig, the how to for image posting seems to be missing in the help section. how to edit, how to post videos and how to behave are there. but no mention of images. am i looking in the wrong place? for those of us who need refresher courses now and then, could you please add it to the list?

  39. Faltus, mate, the only thing that trivialised that event was the reckless and cynical exploitation of the global sentiment felt towards America by the Bush cabal as it used this event to invade Iran and Afghanistan. No need to scapegoat me as the source of your pain, it lies much closer to you, and from your post, it appears you are not able to recognise it. So I do my duty and point out the obvious to you.

  40. Sturg, we have a similar joke in Oz but substitute “Argo” for “Garn” and instead of “knock knock”, the fellow puts the word into context in a travelling town show act. Apart from that, the joke scans pretty well the same.

    It’s a Noah’s Ark joke – one of the oldest in the book. :rotfl:

  41. Mate,
    Every thinking person in this country recognizes the duplicity that Bush & Co employed to enmesh us in Iraq. What he did was incredibly wrong.

    That said, our retaliation against Afghanistan was righteous. The very, very unfortunate part of it was that we didn’t finish taking care of business within the early months following the attack.

    We should have been in and out in no longer than six months with a strong warning that they never again host those bent on attacking us.

    I, for one, deeply appreciate the sacrifice Australia, and especially Australian families, have made in Afghanistan.

    I hope you are working hard to get the rest of your troops out; it’s wrong to sacrifice for a cause in which you have no skin nor belief.

  42. Patd – the image upload feature is so new i hadn’t gotten around to writing a Help page. Now done: See “How to Add an Image” under the HELP button above. Thanks for the suggestion!

  43. Gotta agree on the Tabasco sauce. It’s my favorite of the hot sauces, although I do like Melinda’s. I haven’t “warmed up” to the habanero sauces (even Tabasco brand). Still stuck on the original.

  44. Parenthetically, the reason government costs so much ? They have to buy flag patches, flags, fuel, food, telephones, wrenches and pliers, ammo, curtains, furniture, uniforms, toilet seats, sidewalks and parking lots, computers, firearms, silverware and dishes, medicine, stoves and refridgerators, atomic warheads, transport vehicles, drones, buildings, dams and reservoirs, supersonic warplanes, transcontinental superhighways, cyclotrons, space ships . . . .

    And all of this material, is priced by executive profiteers, the CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CPRs, who each individually make more than the Pres, Veep, SoS, SoD, AG, and SCOTUS combined, and almost all of whom support the Party of BIG CUTs.

    Therefore, if you attack waste, fraud, and abuse, dramatically shrink the profit margin of the vendors, and dramatically shrink the allowable exec pay of those vendors, you can shrink the cost of Big Governmment. And by doing so you hurt financially most of the most powerful and wealthiest supporters of the rip up Party. By hurting financially most of the most powerful and wealthy rippers you can cut the flow of campaign money and shrink their vile Party.

    I welcome comments on this topic from all of you, my brilliant and knowledgeable colleagues.

  45. Watch out Bill, Honey Boo Boo is headed your way. She’s now a hit in eastern Europe and headed to Australia. If you have any problems understand her language, I might could help just a little. It’s not quite the same as Swamp English but it translates pretty well.

  46. Meg Whitman,big giant forehead, failed gubernatorial candidate,failing ceo at HP and major contributor Prop 8 has reversed position and now embraces gay marriage—
    gop always late to the party and probably for all the wrong reasons

    She and Scary should take a hike. I see them and it’s pretty obvious why the GOP sucks

  47. Great comments today peeps. Sorry I was off topic with my Honey Boo Boo comment but it was after 6p and I assumed we had moved into happy hour?? Anyone happy?

  48. The latest storm knocked my cable down for 20 hours . Not off, but just unusable.

    ‘Helplessness’ comes about 3 hours in .

  49. Something you all should know , the system is slowing down , and gaining these deep loops .
    2 examples tonight :
    A. Iceland just recorded to warmest day on record in Feb. Since 1832.
    B. A cyclone named Rudy is barely moving off Northwest coast Australia.
    Rudy is raining over 5 inches an hour, on it’s Southwest flank.

    The newest paper –

    Nevertheless, the study significantly advances the understanding of the relation between weather extremes and human-made climate change. Scientists were surprised by how far outside past experience some of the recent extremes have been. The new data show that the emergence of extraordinary weather is not just a linear response to the mean warming trend, and the proposed mechanism could explain that.

    The new data show that the emergence of extraordinary weather is not just a linear response to the mean warming trend,

    Translation :
    “Get ready little lady, Hell is coming Breakfast”

  50. A note to the reader –
    Young Crawford demanded solutions from me, after I spammed his site for the zillionth time.
    I’ll have them all ready just after you folks solve the budget mess.

  51. Great thread today, so much good to read.

    After listening to a bit of radio on the way home and watching a little of the evening news, I have concluded that I am glad to live in the USA. In any other country in the world, sequester and the events that brought it about, would be a ‘pitchforks in the streets moment’.

    We can never be compared to a banana republic, because in all honesty banana republics do a better job of governing!!

  52. BW –
    You have a sin. No children. I bare the same cross. I find myself in a house all alone , and no sons or daughters.

    This is why the Chinese mated like rabbits, ……… in China you needed 5 sons, and 8 daughters, to feed you.

  53. CBob,

    Hell is coming to breakfast, but the government can’t afford the the tab. :-/

  54. Jace –
    They think we are all still in the 19th Century .
    As if that was a ‘Golden Age’ .

    And the path we took was the right one.

    Jace –
    Have you ever seen Chaco Canyon ?

  55. CBob,

    I’m glad to know that they are stuck in the 19th century, as I had supposed that they were stuck in some much older epoch.

    Chaco Canyon?

    Sorry, don’t even know where it is. Should it be on my bucket list?

  56. They think we are all still in the 19th Century .
    As if that was a ‘Golden Age’ .

    About 500 people enjoyed the 19th Century. Everyone else worked their ass-off and died rather young.

  57. “About 500 people enjoyed the 19th Century. Everyone else worked their ass-off and died rather young.”

    I guess they didn’t have to worry about collecting Social Security.

  58. Jace –
    This is why in 1932 FDR , gave me $617 dollars a month.
    If I just had 5 sons, and 8 daughters, I wouldn’t need government,
    or my dead wife from bearing 13 kids.

  59. 5 sons and 8 daughters in the 19th c would render 7 – 8 kids surviving to take care of you, when in your late 40s – mid 50s, you were all worn out from care, work, disease, bad food, and industrial injury.

    Bad as they are, these are the Good Old Days.

  60. Carol, Honey Boo Boo huh? Sound eminently missable. Swamp English is always nice to listen to and the archaic Cajun French sounds like authentic 18th century French.

  61. 5 sons and 8 daughters, and the republicans want to defund family planning, go figure. 😕

  62. :-( This storm was icing up power wires badly, then the temp jumped to 35F and the melting began just enough to prevent major problems with lines and trees. Detroit is usually in the same weather pattern as we have, an hour west of Toledo, but tonight we are only getting a trace of snow and they are getting 5 inches, and they are rejoicing because Lake St. Clair is way down and they need all the water they can get. DexterJohnson, Channel 666 Weatherman. :skeleton:

  63. Seth MacFarlane is done with Oscar-hosting. Next year Pope Emeritus Benedict can have the gig. He should be restless enough by then to do something…I mean, once ya been in the spotlight…

  64. Maybe some older TrailMixers will remember my rants against Ronald Reagan’s conduct in the nation’s highest office, but he did one thing right, he appointed Dr. C. Everett Koop as US Surgeon General. I believe Koop saved thousands of lives because he stepped up and did all he could to educate the American public about AIDS. This sums it up.

  65. I was flipping channels and I stopped for a couple moments to watch Honey Boo-Boo eat fourteen plates of buffet grub and then plan her Thanksgiving dinner. What the hell? How does this show continue to have legs?

  66. A weird Night Watchman’s dream, or maybe it’s a Rembrandt? Yep. Appears to be just that.

  67. Re Bill’s comment and Flatus’ rebuttal, we didn’t retaliate against Afghanistan so much as we overthrew the government that was shielding bin ladin and al qaeda,murderers responsible for the deaths of approximately 2,800 people here in America and injuries to thousands more. In doing so, we also saved the Afghan people from a fate worse than Karzai.

  68. It’s alright…Good Night.


  69. Yes, Pope bennie would fit in nicely with the Oscars crowd. I see him in an ermine-trimmed white lace gown with crimson moire shoes, with cap and clutch to match.

  70. Of course it was very embarrassing for the bush Crime Family because the senile bush the Usurper’s daddy, dick cheney the Vice Usurper, and Saint ronald himself, had trained and armed al qaeda.

    Very embarrassing indeed.

  71. I forgot the parasites. And the smell of poop in the air all the time.

    xr, bad old days vs good new days? depending on where you live (like downwind of a mega pig farm or wash d.c.) you still got plenty of parasites and the smell of poop.

  72. I believe Koop saved thousands of lives because he stepped up and did all he could to educate the American public about AIDS.

    dex, and his straight talk against smoking probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

  73. if the gopers give prez leeway on what cuts to make in order to soften the sequester blow, mighten he turn on them and cut out some of their favorite superfluous military bases and boondoggles? ahhh karma

  74. Basketball: They’d sell more tickets if they were to quit throwing that stupid ball around and just went down on the court and had a good old fashioned rumble.


  75. “Dang, was just about to write a new post for tomorrow, but this thread such a fine read think I’ll leave it up for another day. BW, you rock!”

    I guess you could say that this thread has been sequestered, at least for a day. :-)

  76. To C-Bob…in the new economy…you would be baby sitting while your hip replacement was mending before you had to go to your crap job to keep all of your children and their children fed. You would be lucky to sleep on the floor. Children are not able to give back in the new economy.It is no longer a ‘boon’ to have children. They either live in the basement forever OR go out and find more mouths for you to feed! : O

  77. Freaking can’ts…screwed-up the past, trying to rig the future in their favor while the rest of America is living in the miserable now the can’ts have fabricated.

    Hubby turned 61 yesterday, Alan Simpson…you are on notice. He is coming for your teats by this time next year.

  78. XR…you make me laugh with the “Pope Bennie fitting in with the Oscar crowd.”

  79. Yeah… that’s ok Craig… leave me here while it’s snowin’…

    Hey… this whole blog rocks…
    I was reminded of this while visiting The Swamp this morning…


  80. I’d like to join that lawsuit, but I’m a Coors Light guy and I drink that because it IS watered down.

  81. Heads up Please …

    I am updating my Trailmixer mailing list for announcements, general newsy things. If you have changed, want to be deleted, want to be added etc. please send me an email

    jessied44 at gmail dot com

    Thank you.

  82. from taegan’s political wire this a.m.

    GOP Wallowing in Self Pity
    Michael Kinsley chronicles how Republicans, and their affiliated media, are complaining “loudly about feeling bullied by their opponents.”

    “Big, bad President Obama, creepy Harry Reid, that B-word Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the gang of toughs called the Democratic Party are picking on the poor defenseless GOP. As a campaigning theme, it seems insane. The GOP has long prospered by portraying Democrats as the wimps, dangerously weak and unfit for command. Does the name Michael Dukakis ring a bell? And in really heady moments, like 1984, when Reagan earned his second term, or 1994 and 2010, when sweeping victories in off-year elections seemed to foretell an imminent landslide, Republican fantasies of one-party rule involved the triumph of their party, not humiliation by the other side.”

    “In fact, moaning about how weak you are compared with the opposition seems so obviously a political mistake that we can only reach one conclusion: This must be sincere.”

  83. Pat,
    The Brazilian moneybags who pulls the strings over most of the world’s beer spigots figures he so big that he has nothing to lose. That’s probably what Schlitz thought when they started tweaking their formula years ago.

    As an aside, in the Heinz sale, he is the same fella who will have operational control over the Heinz product line.

  84. If he messes with the Heinz ketchup recipe . . .

    (here, the heart wants to scream, “I’ll drink from his empty skull. I’ll have his intestines for a belt. Decorated by CBob, of course.”)

    . . . I’ll switch to Swad Coriander Chutney.

  85. Happy flight, Farmer Crawford. What does one do with a pitchfork on a banana plantation? Scatter compost?

  86. The military has gone through spending crises in the past. Probably the quickest thing they can do to save money is to freeze people in place. That is, to stop transferring people from one base to another. Transporting families is tremendously expensive once you consider that you’re packing and moving entire households.

    Another thing that can be done is to ‘encourage’ single people to take early discharges.

    The DoD is already changing the rules for people getting medical care under the TRICARE Prime program narrowing the radius of eligibility around military installations.

    Retirees were pretty much given the boot years ago so far as direct care is concerned. We have been privileged to receive care under TRICARE for Life, an excellent program that year-after-year operates under budget returning cash to the DoD. Not happy with that, DoD wants more through major changes in retirees pharmacy cost sharing, etc..

    And I know how BW and her hubbie feel waiting to become SS eligible. When Kumcho received her first payment, she looked at her bank statement and said, “Thank God.” Quite simply her 22-years of hard work had been validated and recognized by a retirement payment in her own name.

  87. XR,

    Remember McNamara’s TFX, the all-purpose warplane that would be the procurement panacea allowing the services to share a single aircraft? After a gazillion dollars, it ended up in several variants only in the AF.

    This F-35 is the same thing. Trying to make a single fatcat’s product fit the Navy, Marines and USAF. Why the hell don’t they ask the operators if the damned airplanes will achieve their mission profiles under realistic operational conditions?

  88. This blog is so neat…. I learn so much from all of you. Some of the smartest, funniest writers ride this trail.
    Shoutout: Flatus, Your posts about military issues are enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

  89. Flatus,

    Yes, I remember TFX/F-111/Aardvark, or as Bostonians called it, the Odd Vock. I suspect that republican ‘super manager’ mcnamara may have wanted to keep competition, and therefore Convair, in the bidding for military aircraft contracts. However, the F-111 climbed too slowly to fulfill the Navy’s fleet defense purpose. They kept their aging F-4s for another 3 1/2 years until the F-14 was available. The F-14 was 94% as fast as the F-111 and had a shorter range, but it climbed twice as fast. I never understood the claim that the Marines wanted the F-111. It seemed more of a strategic, and therefore Air Force type plane, than a tactical fighter such as the Marines would want.

    Anywhat, as you wrote, trying to make the plane fit all purposes wasted more money than ever could have been saved by keeping Convair as a major bidder on military planes.

  90. It seems to me that the ‘hard-headded’ rip up licker “cost-cutting businessmen” who head the DoD, like mcnamara, weinberger, and rumsfeld, always promise to make the system ‘lean and mean’. Instead they always achieve boondoggles and military fiascos : Viet Nam, Lebanon, and Iraq II.

  91. Budweiser – It isn’t bad enough already with the Monty Python question – Why is American beer like making love in canoe?

  92. Listening the the reports on the Voting Rights Act argument before the Supremes. There must be a case somewhere that could be brought making gerrymandering unconstitutional. That way it would cover all states rather than just protecting certain districts for certain races or certain lifetime positions for particular Congress Critters.

  93. Dextron: That black guitar looked mighty like a Silvertone from the fifties. I had one, and when we later wound up with a Strat and a Gretsch we turned the Silver into a bass.

    I guess this is some kind of coincidence but I got an 18 packer of Budweiser the other day and the thought crossed my mind: “No more effin Budweiser….it tastes different somehow. Screw ’em.” And then I read about the watered downedness. Anyway, I’ve had my last Bud and I’m looking for a new friend.

  94. Ahhhh………Molson’s Canadian….Home sweet home.

    My friend Buck out in Hobbs, NM writes this on the FB:

    There is something I think you might want to look at from now until Sunday. Do a search using “USGS real time earthquake map.” Keep an eye on Alaska and California.

  95. F-111 was an excellent medium bomber. That’s how the USAF used all theirs except for some EW variants. Some of the crews wanted to use them as fighters until the sidewinders were removed.

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