We’re Getting Married

davidcraig042012Yep, it’s really happening. In less than three weeks I’ll be officially hitched, with the blessing of District of Columbia law, to my man, the great and wonderful David Blank. Thanks to Trail Mixers for your support (and some will be there).

While at times the details have been overwhelming, this has been a fun adventure — but nothing like the 25 years we’ve already had together. Thanks again to Barack Obama for the inspiration to do this. And here’s hoping the United States Supreme Court keeps hope alive!

“At a certain point I’ve just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” – President Barack Obama (May 9, 2012)


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  1. Heiraten (Married)

    Oh, wie wunderbar,
    Nicht sich so wie’s war,
    Durch ein winziges Wort ‘Heirat’.
    Aus dem Erdgeschoß
    Wird ein Märchenschloß,
    Durch ein winziges Wort ‘Heirat’.

    And the old despair
    That was often there
    Suddenly ceases to be
    For you wake one day,
    Look around and say:
    ‘Somebody wonderful’
    ‘Somebody wonderful’
    ‘Married me.’

  2. Congratulations! You two, like so many of my dearest friends are now finally doing the last step when they can. Happiness and Joy!

  3. Craig… you and David deserve all the happiness you can find. Even though I have a family event that will keep me away… I’m so excited for the both of you.

    Uncle Doug, blue bronc, mortonie… and any other newbies that pop in here…. welcome to the blog.

  4. For all the newbies, dropins and all others we don’t know who are watching: Welcome. This is a happy place and we welcome all who keep it that way.

  5. Congratulations, Craig and David! I wish you decades and decades more of happiness together…to go with the two and a half decades of happiness you’ve already enjoyed!

    Wish I could be one of the lucky TM’ers who can be there for your wedding, but…since I can’t, know that I’ll be thinking of you…with all best wishes…. ♥♥♥

  6. Welcome to all the new commenters! Wonder how many of you lurk like I do, but seldom comment? It’s nice to ‘hear’ your voices!

  7. Craig…the excitement builds. Will you talk about the wedding if asked about it on TV?

  8. Just sayin’ but Blank-Crawford sounds like somebody left out an expletive–

    JUST KIDDIN’!!!!! I’m thrilled to pieces for you lovely newlyweds to be. Hugs hugs hugs–

  9. Thanks, Jamie, for the mention of leprechaun tales–that is, quite possibly, my favorite of all Madame Sadie’s adventures–and there were some doozies before her dignified if tipsy retirement–

  10. I like Crank

    And I’m going with HW’s remarks
    Congratulations, Craig and David! I wish you decades and decades more of happiness together…to go with the two and a half decades of happiness you’ve already enjoyed!

    Wish I could be one of the lucky TM’ers who can be there for your wedding, but…since I can’t, know that I’ll be thinking of you…with all best wishes…. ♥♥♥

  11. Oh….there will have to be a celebrity namejoin…..


    nah….y’all might have to go without the name join thing…..

  12. Craig and David,

    Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

    Craig, I remember a while back you mentioned how you and David met your first day in D.C. (is that right?)

    ‘If’ you don’t mind me asking, was it love at first site for either of you or was it a long, slow process? Just curious…. probably because I’m such a hopeless romantic.

    ps … does David like the idea of a ‘Fish Camp’ too as you’ve mentioned in the past, or does he like Florida?

  13. A lot of people now-a-days don’t ‘necessarily’ change their name when they get married. It’s not unusual at all.

    I looked it up to see just how common it is and one commenter said that neither one wanted to give up their name and decided not to, explaining: “We happen to love each other very much, I don’t see why either of us should change our name to prove that.”

    Just depends on the couple I guess.

  14. “Sometimes, it is hard to live with these two wolves inside me, for both of them try to dominate my spirit.

    The boy looked intently into his Grandfather’s eyes and asked, “Which one wins, Grandfather?”

    The Grandfather smiled and quietly said, “The one I feed.”

    Carol, I’ve seen and read this quote a few times in the past, but for some reason it seemed more mufti-dimensional (timing is everything) tonight. Does it make you think that we have more control than we realize we have?..(which is what I’ve always assumed when reading it)… or does it represent something different to you?

    Regardless, glad you posted it.

    Your link looks like a nice site too.

    … sorry I’m so full of questions tonight. Just interested in how we can all look at the same thing, and all see something different… always has been interesting to me.

    As long as I can remember, I’ve also thought it was ‘Psychology’ that I was exceptionally interested in (read ‘Psychology Today’ (etc.) religiously (there’s that word again) when I was very young, but as I’ve gotten older, the more I realize my interest is closer to ‘Philosophy’.

  15. Craig,

    I have always enjoyed your writing and your poltical take, especially on MSNBC.

    Read about your upcoming marriage and just wanted to add my congratulations to all of the others.

    I hope that equal rights for all is the decision of the Supreme Court!

    Lots of happy days to both you and David


    Rose :heart:

  16. Hi sjwny and thanks for the shout..

    Hello also to Rose, Mortonie, Cheri Anne and Blue bronc.. Thanks for the comments.. Come back often..

  17. Everyone – thanks so much for the well wishes…it means more than you know! Chloe – I’d say “attraction at first sight” 😀

  18. I look for the day, when the discussion no longer revolves around whom we love, but rather how much we love them.
    Craig and David, my most heartfelt congratulations, for you that day is at hand. :-)

  19. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flvGmVgwkWk

    Ya have to change a couple words :heh: ; otherwise, what’s it all about , but to make someone happy?

    I’ve taken much pleasure out of this blog over the last eight years or so when we all shared blueberry muffins in the crazy muppet room, and we chased out trolls and we shared many life experiences. I lost some aunts and uncles to old age since then, and a year and a half ago I became grandpa to a beautiful sweet granddaughter…life goes on.
    And what can be more wonderful than to be alive when a friend gets married? Cyber friend…so what? A lot of you are good friends whether or not I have ever shaken hands and shared a coffee with you.
    I have been seeing Craig on TV since he started appearing with Don Imus and writing his first book. I post a few messages on David’s Facebook and also I have enjoyed a few years of David’s sister Dale’s inspiring photography of Gloucester and beyond.
    I remember Stonewall when the news broke and over the years I have had a few gay friends, and I have an uncle and a cousin who are gay, and I have always been in favor of complete equality in all civil matters and I have always spoken up for the right for gays and lesbians to have the option to get married.
    Now we have a President on board, finally. Now I am reading where two men I respect and enjoy associating with on “our own little corner of the internets” are getting married and looking forward to it with joy.
    And that makes me so damn glad and happy!

  20. Craig and David — I am so excited for you! This is a great picture of the two of you. I’m with Dex — looking forward to your special day makes me so damn glad and happy too! Cheers!

  21. Dexter says what all of us feel but expresses it much better than many of us can. I want to associate myself with Dexter’s brilliant comment. What is live for except for happiness?

  22. Put me on the ditto list of Dex’s comment also. We want to share this experience and I think you could do that here. Right? Let’s have a cyber wedding. I can tell you that I’m dressing up and putting on high heels. NOT, but you’ll never know that.

  23. Craig and David, Add my congratulations and best wishes for continued happiness to
    all those so wonderfully expressed here…

  24. Me, three (or four or five or whatever). While there is no need to marry to be committed or find happiness with a partner, it does provide a level of and reminder of the commitment that leads to the decision. My experience is that it really does that in the bad times – the good times need no reminders. Enjoy your continued lives together.

  25. Georgie Will had an idiotic column over the weekend about the “bad science” behind arguments for same sex marriage – I pointed out in my column that the science behind traditional marriage doesn’t exactly argue in favor of the institution – since 50% of “traditional” marriages in the US end in divorce, and the best predictor of divorce is a prior one. When people try to erect that kind of straw man and knock it down they have no argument to make IMHO. :footmouth:

  26. My favorite quote about marriage comes from Judith Viorst from her book “How Did I Get To be 40 and Other Atrocities” (She also did books on 50 through 80):

    One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.

    Judith Viorst

  27. Thanks for the response, David.
    You gave me my first smile this morning!

    Yes… you hear people say love at first sight, but I think your ‘attraction at first sight’ is more accurate in most cases.

    I’m just glad you two found each other. :)

  28. Pogo,

    ‘While there is no need to marry to be committed or find happiness with a partner, it does provide a level of and reminder of the commitment that leads to the decision.’

    How true!
    Another thing that makes Craig’s and David’s marriage extra-special is that they finally are given the right they should have had long ago.

    ‘One’ of the pieces of history that makes me so sensitive to ‘everyone’s rights’ in all things, is that it took so long for women to get theirs. There are so many other historical (and personal) examples too, but I’ll keep my comment short.

  29. Cravid Blanford?

    jamie and sturge, mr. and mr. cravid crank has a certain authoritarian ring about it. like something out of dickens.

  30. I just love it when Sarah Palin attends CPAC, it lends such a sense of legitimacy to the whole thing.

    Hey Sarah, the president got 4 more years, that’s a damn sight better than your Fox contract.

  31. I love it when CPAC puts their stamp of approval on a candidate. It makes that candidate a sure fire loser in a general election. Thanks CPAC keep up the good work.

  32. Names:
    David Blank and his husband Craig Crawford
    Craig Crawford and his husband David Blank
    Now wasn’t that easy?

    The important thing is that they don’t call each other names; that they carry the excitement of the last several months into the next many years.

    Now, after twenty-five years of practice, we all know that they shall. 😎

  33. Congratulations, Craig and David. May you have many more years of happiness together. So glad that DC has ‘allowed’ this… now it’s time for the rest of the country to join the 21st century. :-)

  34. On behalf of those who cleaned their fish here at 2 A.M., and left their fish heads for the 6:00 A. M. charter. And a dirty pot of stale hazelnut coffee

    God Speed Gentlemen.

  35. Gentlemen, you have no idea how happy I am to see this post. And type in my comment on this thread. I too echo the all kind words, and best wishes.

    I was watching the History Channel with my mom, at the time she called it the “Hitler Channel” . That night we were in the Sistine Chapel. And Michelangelo was fighting the pope. And off the cuff I said, “If it wasn’t for gay men, the world would be a much duller place.”
    She said, “What do you mean ?”
    I said, “Mother, there was no Mrs.Michelangelo.”

    Her face turned pink.

  36. Craig: Old buddy, I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world. My very best to you you and David. What great news!

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