Spring Dove Arrival

Here at Trail Mix Headquarters it is one of our first clues that Spring is here (or near): A dove couple sets up camp in our window sill. As followers of this annual ritual know, our track record on survival of the resulting babies is not so good. But every year we keep watch and muster hope.

TM HQ (3/24/2013)
TM HQ (3/24/2013)

88 thoughts on “Spring Dove Arrival”

  1. “It seems as if winter in England goes on forever, by the time spring comes you really deserve it.” George Harrison

    Here Comes the Sun– The Beatles


  2. Just like the white winged dove…
    Sings a song…
    Sounds like she’s singing…
    Whoo… whoo… whoo..
    Stevie Nicks


  3. No sunshine in Knobite Corner save blindingly hopeful forsythia–

    A cardinal adds a crimson splotch, the willow a misty green–

  4. Loving the bird tunes. We’re off to the suburbs to buy a couch. After 15 years ours has finally fallen apart. This is going to be a traumatic transition, but nothing lasts forever.

  5. Snow bound, setting around the house , got this playing, now if I had something to roll.

    Skeletons from the Closet The Best of Grateful Dead Full Album



  6. Nothin to do today so I made some cinnamon rolls, we just finished a brunch of local farm eggs, pork chops, sweet pine apple and the best sweet rolls I have ever made. Got to see if I can do it again. ummm they are good.
    So I’ve got a full tummy and plenty of insulin in the system.
    Kicked back and contented.


  7. Jack… they look scrumptious…

    those tiles… that is a crystalline glaze. One of my best friends specializes in crystalline glaze pottery… it’s really beautiful stuff.

  8. 8 inches of snow, The Kansas wheat crop is made no matter what weather we have from here on out.


  9. Renee

    Those tiles are left over from a remake of our bathroom, we used them as accent pieces to cheaper plain tile. I bet they do make great pottery. I like the random fractile nature of the design.

  10. We bought our main couch at Macy’s Warehouse in Kansas City back in ’82. It still works. After Kumcho got through haggling with the sales person, we got it for something like 20-cents on the dollar. Loaded it into our International Travelall and were gone before they changed their mind. We bought a lot of top quality stuff there.

  11. Sitting in El Paso Airport after 9 days with my son and his U.S. Army GF. Had to get a quick trip down here before she/they ship to Colorado.

    Flight has been delayed, so thanks for the music.

  12. The kind of emails I like getting. From Elizabeth Warren:

    “Flatus —

    Friday night, the Senate pulled an all-nighter and passed its first budget in four years. We voted on more than 50 different amendments — including paycheck fairness for women and assistance for the New England fishing industry. It was an action-packed night.

    One other thing happened too. By a unanimous 99-0 vote, the Senate passed a measure from Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Senator David Vitter to eliminate the billions of dollars in subsidies that giant “too big to fail” banks receive through lower borrowing costs because of the implicit guarantee they will be bailed out by the government in a time of crisis.

    The measure was non-binding, but it was an important step forward — and it’s exactly what I wrote to you about just a couple weeks ago.

    I’m glad that Republicans and Democrats can agree: “too big to fail” needs to end and these big-bank subsidies make no sense.

    There’s still a lot more work to do to make sure that there is a level playing field between big banks and their smaller competitors and consumers, but we’re making progress.

    Thank you for being a part of this,


  13. Flatus…
    that is so cool she called you Flatus… (insert smiley face)

  14. I think y’all would get a kick out of this. It’s from a play called Greater Tuna


  15. We had an interesting consumer experience today. Went to a furniture store that had advertised several sofas on sale but then were told none were actually in stock, would take 8 weeks to deliver plus a bunch of extra costs for delivery and “buyer protection” plans not in the advertisement. An obvious loss leader fraud, as they tried to then steer us to much more expensive sofas we didn’t even want. So, I stood in front of the store manager and made him watch me pull out my phone and order their loss leader, the exact same sofa, on Amazon for an even better price, to be delivered next week (for free). He was speechless. Thanked him for being Amazon’s show room. Try it sometime, it’s fun.

  16. Craig,

    How sweet it is. That had to be fun!(Insert shit eating grin here) Well done!

  17. I just found this utterly wonderful cartoon of the Indian religious epic the Ramayana,entitled Sita Sings the Blues. The graphics are charming, the text is witty, and Sita’s singing is by the late great Annette Hanshaw. Be warned, this movie is 1 hour 21 mins long.


  18. Craig, I order so much from Amazon because they have such good prices and because they make things so easy. Often there’s no sales tax (used to be almost never) and shipping is almost always free on bigger items. Glad to hear you’re getting your sofa.

    Your Doves are looking so fat and healthy this year, I just have to think that the little ones will make it. (Do you have cats or dogs on the loose in your area… just wondering why you’ve had problems). It looks like a safe, cozy little nesting spot for them.

  19. Someone up thread linked Prince’s ‘When doves cry’. I was reminded of how much I always loved that song:

    “How can you just leave me standing?
    Alone in a world that’s so cold?…
    Maybe I’m just too demanding
    Maybe I’m just like my father too bold
    Maybe you’re just like my mother
    Shes never satisfied…..

    Why do we scream at each other
    This is what it sounds like
    When doves cry”

  20. I just found this on line regarding Doves:

    The nesting site is often on a tree branch 10 to 25 feet up, and is chosen by the male. He then gathers sticks, and bring them to the female, landing on her while she sits on the partly built nest. Although they seem to take great care, their nest is one of the flimsiest of all bird nests. The eggs can even be seen through the twigs. Often they will just use old nests from other birds such as robins.

    Usually there are two white eggs with both birds taking turns on the nest. Many nests are lost to bad weather. In addition doves have many predators such as squirrels, snakes, and other birds. Both adults will feed the young, and they can leave the nest in 10 to 14 days.

    They will have as many as six broods of two chicks each during a season. This fast reproduction allows them to thrive and spread even with high predation. Young birds leave the nest in around two weeks and the parents continue to feed them outside the nest for another two weeks.

  21. Flatus,

    If republicans oppose ‘too big to fail’, for whom will the White House cave in?

  22. I’ve been kicked off the Trail a dozen times today. Alleges a script that runs too long.

  23. Always loved white bird by its a beautiful day. Went on a senior boys retreat to a friend’s cabin at the end of high school. I remember bad company and its a beautiful day playing nonstop almost all weekend. Some Hendrix made its way onto the turntable too. Great memories. Usually seems to be music associated with the best ones.

  24. Jace!

    An unbelievably beautiful song that I’ve never heard before. Thanks for sharing it!

    I hear a bird chirping, up in the sky
    I’d like to be free like that spread my wings so high

    I see the river flowing water running by
    I’d like to be that river, see what I might find

    I feel the wind a blowin’, slowly changing time
    I’d like to be that wind, I’d swirl and the shape sky

    I smell the flowers blooming, opening for spring
    I’d like to be those flowers, open to everything

    I feel the seasons change, the leaves, the snow and sun
    I’d like to be those seasons, made up and undone

    I taste the living earth, the seeds that grow within
    I’d like to be that earth, a home where life begins

    I see the moon a risin’, reaching into night
    I’d like to be that moon, a knowing glowing light

    I know the silence as the world begins to wake
    I’d like to be that silence as the morning breaks

  25. Alleges a script that runs too long.

    If that were the case, XRepub, almost everything I post would be bounced. :)

  26. I have to ask: did you “Click here” to buy on Amazon? That would be the cherry on top 😉

  27. Sjwny, of course, never fail to get my Amazon kickback pennies — and, of course always appreciate those who do likewise, brought in $98 just last week, covering our broadband expenses for another three months!

  28. Good job with the couch, Craig. Our three daughters chipped in for a Christmas present for me, a new recliner from JC Penney. It was supposed to be delivered around December 20. I just got it last week. :)
    Oh well..happy to have it.

    Thanks, Rebel Ren, for the Prince. Love that tune. :inlove:

  29. What’s the shipping and handling like for a couch?? Won’t come on the UPS truck? How does that work?

  30. here’s the trailer for xr’s movie “sita sings the blues”

  31. ct, maybe they’ll lash the couch on top of that big brown ups truck a la

    in keeping with the code of the hills, craig, y’all should put your old couch on the stoop for sittin’ and watchin’ the world go by.

  32. oh Craig… that is too funny!

    I guess the furniture stores need to learn it’s the 21st century… their old business practices won’t cut it any longer. Enjoy the new couch.

  33. What a beautiful dove! I hope this is the year. It’s really snowing here in Stafford, VA. I’m sure you’re getting some snow in DC as well. Are the doves tucked in and warm?

    Great story about the couch and how you vanquished the old bait-and-switch. We used to be able to report dirty sales tactics to consumer protection bureaus. Now that many bureaus have closed due to lack of funding, consumer ninjas with smart phones are the only relief against unscrupulous dealers. Do it enough and maybe the crooked store owners will realize the dirty tactics like bait-and-switch won’t work.

  34. Craig,
    I just love it when the little guy wins!
    Sounds like me at Jon Hall Chevrolet in Daytona last Saturday with their special letter they sent me.. Ha, they were going to give me top price on my in demand trade in, lies.. I won out though cause i stuck to the price the letter said they would give me for my trade in, a full $1000 more than the book price called for.. Oh and even after i refused the closer man’s high pressure bud and bro’s macho approach to me.. Oh and it helps to have a set cost on a new car as a GM employee..

  35. 12 days and counting.

    The Mourning Dove has such a haunting bellow. I have an abundance of doves…White wing, Mourning and the Inca dove. And in the winter, the hawks fly into a flock of doves and knock one down in the confusion. Hawks kill with their feet. Mother Nature’s supermarket. Doves are the lovers of the bird kingdom. Mating, continually, on the brain — so their high numbers remain.

    Craig…your experience with the store is a sad reminder of the demise of the bricks and mortar and big box business. A walk-in store has too many costs to compete with Amazon. A few weeks ago, they were closing a K-mart here…I went in to peruse the leftovers for sale. An announcement called the sales associates to the former men’s department. I was in ear shot and heard the manager tell the associates to write down their experiences of their first at Kmart. Sad…many years of careers DONE and FINISHED. Can’t compete. I have seen so many stores go belly-up in my lifetime. Montgomery Wards, Circuit City…a sign of an economy where the consumer used to drive the consumption in their communities.

    Full circle, sort of, Sears used to be mail order, too.

  36. ct, a semi will show up with a couch in it (might be a panel truck if the shipper is savy enough not to send a semi). WE live at the end of a road that requires a very tight lefft turn to access our house. I always warn the vendor, but it sometimes doesn’t do any good. We’ve had shipments show up and the drivers have to either drop them at the corner and we have to figure out how to get them to the house or they will go back to their nearest dispatch point and transfer the stuff to a smaller truck. If we really want the stuff quickly, we do whatever we can, if not, I’m on the phone withthe vendor. It can get comical.

  37. I’m serious in that I would like to know how Amazon is going to ship that couch and how much that would cost. I love ordering things from Amazon, my biggest order was a trolling motor, that I could barely carry but that’s just me. I can’t see how a couch could beat a local place’s price when it comes to adding shipping.

  38. BW, many of the stores you mentioned were victims of WalMart. Circuit City was, Kmart can’t compete with WalMart in general even with the Sears connection, not sure about Monkey Wards but they died during the massive Walmart expansion.

  39. pog….seen that movie somewhat about the expansion of sears and roebuck? can’t remember the name but it had Warren Beatty and I think Julie Christie…..

  40. mccabe and mrs miller, but wiki says it was a mining company not sears and roeb……

    they had some really make-shift expansion joints back then….

    sorry, bob, I warn’t thinkin’

  41. “By the 1990s, however, even its old rivals had begun to lose ground to low-price competition from Kmart, Wal-Mart, and especially Target, which stripped away even more of Montgomery Ward’s old customer base. ”

    Fitting – the old Ward’s location in our little town is now a Target.

  42. sturg, never saw the parallel – the expansion I referred to was the customers’. :-)

  43. Saw a commercial today – can’t even recall what it was about – but it had as one of its nostalgia lines – “When the only shopping was local.” Well, that would have been what, the mid 1800s?

  44. the exact same sofa, on Amazon for an even better price, to be delivered next week (for free).

    Carol… the above was taken directly from Craig’s post… I would assume the (for free) means there is no shipping costs for him.

    I do order some things from Amazon… but usually not books. I go to the local independent bookstore. I want to see it survive. And of course… it has now been forced to give a 20%/30% discount on the most popular titles too.

  45. The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds may be heading back to their hangars courtesy of sequestration, but Baldie is up and flying as demonstrated in a flight behind our houses this morning.

    The icing on the cake was the 360-deg turn directly over my back yard. If Baldie had a message, it might have been:
    God bless the good parts of America, and make the bad parts better.

  46. karma. sears and kmart ate small local stores. walmart ate them. amazon ate them. big fish eat little fish.


  47. And we all loved our ubiquitous Kresges and Woolworths five and dimes with their everything that you needed plus a soda fountain.

  48. I shop Amazon with my credit cards and get cashback access and free shipping. I shop at Wallyworld for some items as the prices cannot be beat…something I did not do earlier this century. I also shop at the Dollar Tree — I used to see the artificial flowers out front and thought – yuck! I would never think of shopping there and now I do several times a month. And I also frequent local companies and buy local or fresh. We have a good Farmer’s Market here. It is the transformational econony. Money is tight. We all have to fend for ourselves as best we can. Winners and losers, but mostly the humans. Less, local jobs in retail. Just another drag on the economy of the middle class consumer.

    And I believe I read an article that there really is a small group of humans who ‘buy’ everything for the US and then they pass along the merchandise to the outlets. A few making the decision for ‘what’ we will buy this year.

  49. sea, hope you’re on the trail today. just snail mailed to your store address receipt copy and an enclosed card. tried to email at info@newmoonmagick but for some reason my server can’t deliver it. hope it gets there in time considering letters to the vineyard might have to come via truck, train, plane, boat and bike.

  50. The last time I ordered some furniture, one piece was to replace a _very_ tired chair. I offered the delivery people $20 to make the chair vanish, and it did. That was fifteen years ago. They were from Macy’s in Columbia.

  51. What I love about Amazon is you can go shopping for anything on line and if you find something you want, just click the little “a” and either buy it immediately or add it to your wish list. I really never have to hand out my credit card anywhere else again because all small on line shops can be supported through them. Every business really needs an on-line outlet.

  52. ct says: What’s the shipping and handling like for a couch?? Won’t come on the UPS truck? How does that work?

    don’t know about all of their products but Amazon’s Home and Living store is using a delivery company for the couch with no charge for shipping and delivery

  53. Jamie, thanks for that article. good observation in this blow by blow

    The Republican Party is experiencing an existential crisis, born of its own misguided incongruity with modern American culture and its insistence on choosing intransigence in a dynamic age of fundamental change. Instead of turning away from obsolescence, it is charging headlong into it, becoming more strident and pushing away more voters whom it could otherwise win.

    Andrew Kohut, the founding director of the Pew Research Center, pointed out in The Washington Post on Friday that the party’s ratings “now stand at a 20-year low,” and that is in part because “the outsize influence of hard-line elements in the party base is doing to the G.O.P. what supporters of Gene McCarthy and George McGovern did to the Democratic Party in the late 1960s and early 1970s — radicalizing its image and standing in the way of its revitalization.”

  54. Ahh, Flatus, now you’re taking me back. The Roebuck Shopping Center was an L shaped affair – Pizitz Dept. Store at one end, A&P at the other. There was a W.T.Grant, Rexall, Penney & Woolworth there. Penney still exists, Rexall is still alive sort of, Belk bought Pizitz, and the rest…. I worked at Grant one Christmas season – when K-Mart opened across the way. That was a foreshadowing.

  55. Spring? What’s that? Schools are closed here – about an inch and a half of slush fell overnight and power’s out to a slew of folks. What is an embarrassment to self-respecting snow is falling now.

  56. You know what’s the best part of the snow falling for you Craig, Pogo, and Divalicious… it won’t be falling here.


  57. Everything covered with deep snow, wind blowing the constantly falling snow sideways, snow piling up deeper and deeper…it has to end soon, right? Can I get a witness?
    I want to ride my bicycle before the Fourth of July.
    Dry skin cracking open…enough!

  58. DVR ALERT:CSPAN 9PM EDT tonight

    First Ladies, Influence & Image will have a segment on Angelica Singleton Van Buren, daughter-in-law of our 8th President. I don’t know anything about the lady, except that she was a cousin of Dolly Madison, and that the VB in her name matches the last name of both my ex-wives. Oh yeah, EdVB’s too. (;-))

  59. On retailing.
    Yah ever notice how nobody is really trying to compete with Walmart. Or at least around here. They have the large general merchadise department stuff to them selves. Wal mart has basically taken over the Sears/Mongomery Ward slot in retailing. Everybody is specializing and micro targeting.


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