At Last, Our Wedding Video

This is my last wedding post, I promise. The deed is done, life is long.

Produced by Andrew Satter
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The Program
April 6, 2013
Washington, DC

The Honorable Patricia Broderick
Superior Court, The District of Columbia

We are here today to celebrate a loving relationship and a legal milestone. In 2010 the District of Columbia became the first jurisdiction below the Mason-Dixon line to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

David and Craig also want to celebrate the expansion of rights this moment represents. And to celebrate our nation’s founders — and yes, they include Abigail Adams, who inspired her husband, John, and whose words you will hear shortly.

The Constitution has personal meaning for David and Craig. They first met more than 25 years ago in Philadelphia during the week of its 200th Anniversary.

While the authors and supporters of the Constitution might not have had gay marriage on their minds they meant to create a flexible system of government that allowed future rights they had not imagined. They specifically said so in the Ninth Amendment, which Craig and David have asked me to read to begin this ceremony:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

— Judge Patricia Broderick


Abigail and John Adams
Abigail and John Adams
John Adams: “Regard the honor and moral character of the man more than all other circumstances. Think of no other greatness but that of the soul, no other riches but those of the heart.” (Read by Paul Lester)
Abigail Adams: “I have sometimes been ready to think that the passion for Liberty cannot be strong in those who have been accustomed to deprive their fellow creatures of theirs.” (Read by Claudine Hellmuth)
John: “An honest, sensible, humane man, above all the littleness of vanity and extravagances of imagination, laboring to do good rather than be rich, to be useful rather than make a show, living in modest simplicity clearly within his means and free from debts and obligations, is really the most respectable man in society, makes himself and all about him most happy.” (Read by Michael Yakavonis)
Abigail to John: “I look back to the early days of our acquaintance and friendship, as to the days of love and innocence; and with an indescribable pleasure I have seen scores of years roll over our heads with an affection heightened and improved by time.” (Read by Denise Rathman)

Carolyn Adams (Craig’s cousin)
Dale Blank (David’s sister)

Others in Wedding Party
Tim Juday
Luis Prats
Hope Scripture
Cheryl Yakavonis

Still Now…
These two today
celebrate a life time of being together.
And still now,
when Craig is talking
about the world and the politics of Life,
looking tenderly in the direction
of David
And David is smiling
a shine like dawn itself,
you know that you are in the presence of
all goodness,
all life,
All Love.
Let us now celebrate this Love
And the gift of Craig and David in our lives.

–Ruthanne “Rufus” Collinson
Poet Laureate of Gloucester, Massachusetts

For Sean

228 thoughts on “At Last, Our Wedding Video”

  1. Thank you, Craig, for posting this so we can all see it and hear it again. It was a lovely, sweet and wonderful joining of two kindred spirits, dearest friends. Love always wins.

  2. The twenty minute video rushed by; it was a very nice ceremony. Thanks for sharing this on The Trail.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, Craig! It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was incredibly fun (probably the best one Claudine, Ann and I ever attended). Thanks again for letting us be part of it. We are so blessed to have you and David as friends! Congrats again!!

  4. A special greeting from the desert: Congratulations to a very happy couple. May you have a long and lasting marriage with joy and happiness together!

  5. sjwny – Yes, we are…Carolyn and Dale also did a LOT behind the scenes! Doug – thank you, I am very sorry for your loss. I’m sure that hasn’t been easy…

  6. That is the most fun wedding I’ve ever seen! Nice to see those rings. Mazel Tov y’all.

    Now that I think of it, I had a civil ceremony with a judge, too. Hummm….I don’t see ANY difference. Do you? :highfive:

  7. What a fabulous wedding, Craig and David! Thank you for sharing it with us! ♥

  8. Thank you, Craig and David. Preserved for eternity.

    Beverly Hillbillies, indeed! A shotgun wedding!!!

    PS to Doug, so sorry to hear of your loss…that was a long love! I am glad you had many years with your love.

  9. Congrats, Craig and David,

    …for a wonderful marriage and for finally getting the right you should have had long ago.

    ‘A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time.’ ~Anne Taylor Fleming

  10. Congrats again, Craig and David.
    Loved the video, thanks for putting it up 😀

  11. Having been to a slew of weddings, I am happy to say without reservation that this was the lightest, most fun one I have attended.

  12. Jack?
    Where art thou?

    You too, Solar?
    As Patsi once said, ‘The great and mysterious Solar’ … (I’m paraphrasing).

  13. Good morning all,
    Love you too, Chloe..
    Off to work soon after a lovely(Baz) morning swim..
    Have a great day all..

  14. Tony, I went back to add something to the comment telling you how I love you, and lost the whole comment.

    I was trying to add my favorite line from Drops of Jupiter: ‘Your best friend always sticking up for you… even when I know you’re wrong’….

    … because that’s how you’ve been for me here at TM. Thanks.

  15. Actually, all the wedding threads have been fun.

    Otherwise, we’d have to talk about gun control and North Korea.

  16. ahhhh just finished watching that lovely video and have tears in my eyes. Thanks so much for posting that, Craig.
    May you and David have joy and love throughout your lives.

  17. Like they said, why in the hell is the BBC producing this documentary instead of PBS, ABC, CBS or NBC? Because their management is part of the problem.

    During the 2008 election, Obama promised us recovery and prosperity, hope and change. When Barack Obama was elected with strong majorities in both houses of Congress, he had an unprecedented opportunity to shape American history by bringing the country’s financial oligarchy under control. Obama could have done great things. Instead, he gave us deterioration, poverty, despair and steadfastness,. Oh and don’t forget that he likes to lead from behind.

    America’s poor kids
    Published on Mar 7, 2013

    Here is a documentary we in the US should have made, not the BBC which puts names and faces to the “Moocher” class of the working poor who are barely surviving even with the small amount of help the government is giving them. The reason for these people is simple, the “job creators” are not creating jobs even though for several years the government gave them everything they said the needed to be able to create jobs but they have not done so. In addition, with more than 50% of the people making minimum wage being 25 and up that mean millions of people are trying to survive on wages that don’t even cover their bills, including their food. Also, more than 80% of US citizens receiving this type of help are working and not abusing the system as some people believe with these facts the answer to the whole welfare and food stamp issue is not cutting the benefits so that those you are barely surviving as it is cannot survive at all (kids included), but instead have a private sector that pays enough that people can survive off of their paychecks. An example of unfair wages and the business/government relationship is with the food service industry where businesses do not have to pay their employees even minimum wage but 2.13/hour if they make tips, meaning we the people are covering the businesses expenses through the tips we may or may not give them. So next time you’re at a restaurant and you get bad service may be ask the server if their tips make up their minimum wage…my guess in most it does, then ask yourself if you like the fact that it is your generosity that is making up the majority of that servers paycheck…that is if you give them a tip.

  18. “Because their management is part of the problem”

    Your whole post is right on, Purple. I agree with you that the man who promised us the moon has instead given us “deterioration, poverty, despair and steadfastness” …. regardless of the mistakes and misdeeds of his predecessors. He was elected to undo some of the mistakes, and hasn’t accomplished what he was hired to do.

    Regarding the quote above: The management is always ‘the problem’ if a business isn’t running well. And when it ‘is’ running well, it’s because of the management too.

    Same thing when watching a movie where the ‘whole’ cast is spectacular. It’s because of an outstanding director.

    I agree with you on the generous tips. I keep a wod of cash in a side compartment of my purse for just that purpose (even though we normally pay the check with a card). I always joke with hubby that I’m spreading the good will. The better the service, the larger the good will.

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate every one out there that serves our needs in so many ways ….and not just food servers. I’m almost always overwhelmed by others (often strangers) kindness when I’m out and about (or in need of service or help).

  19. Obama compared his main job before taking office to that of a CEO (or something very similar… I’m not searching for his exact words).

    In a real company/corporation I can’t help but think he would have been replaced long ago.

  20. Craig and David,

    Beautiful ceremony and a wonderful video. Thanks to you both for sharing it with us. :-)

  21. Mitch McConnell is such a victim of Frank Luntz referring to the recent taping of his ill-advised remarks he accused the “LEFT” of being like Richard Nixon. Nixon must be spinning in his grave being the role model for the LEFT
    Does he think if he says that often enough people will believe it ..especially since he was caught out planning skanky tactics against Ashley Judd.

    No offense to the people of Kentucky but next time you go to vote –think twice. You have sent some remarkably horrible people to Congress

  22. Nash, so true, so true. College hoops is over, all NBA playoff spots except 1 are decided (LA & Utah are battling over that one), Tiger’s No. 1 in the golf world (we’ll see what happens this weekend), Jimmie Johnson leads the Sprint Cup standings, Novak Djocavic is making the rest of the tennis guys look silly and Serena Williams is sitting atop the women’s standings with Maria Sharapova hot on her heels. The rest is early baseball and late hockey, and really, who cares?

  23. So here I was, blubbering on the couch, doing the sniff-sniff of crying when David said, “Judge Bork and All My Children” and now, because I took a sip of coffee RIGHT at that moment, I have to clean up my keyboard.

    Ohhhh my. I feel like I was there. What a wonderful wedding!

  24. …lies, damn lies, and statistics.

    (I doubt Ronnie came up with that on his own)

  25. Dangus, I drove right by a Ben & Jerry’s yesterday, noticing it was quite busy, and NOW I find out it was “Free Cone Day”! Rrgh.

    Too bad that a business that gives away free food can only be found in upper-class communities.

    (Ha-ha, some idiot in the huffpo comments asserted that Blue Bell is better than B&J. Blue Bell is garbage. That’s right, I said it.)

  26. “So far, the post has received 86 “Likes,” 745 “Shares” and more than 30 comments of praise” -excerpt from a random “news” article.

    Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

  27. I personally believe and support the elimination of all of the purely financial players like Wall Street speculators from the commodities markets including Industrial Metals, Rare Metals, Energy, Grains and Cereals, Agriculture Softs, Fruits and Nuts, Vegetable Oils, Forestry, Farms and Fishery, Fertilizers and Chemicals. The primary objective of hedging is not to make money. The primary objective of hedging is to minimize risks and this includes using hedging to minimize losses. Hedging, a common practice of farming cooperatives, insures against a poor harvest by purchasing futures contracts in the same commodity. If the cooperative has significantly less of its product to sell due to weather or insects, it makes up for that loss with a profit on the markets, since the overall supply of the crop is short everywhere that suffered the same conditions. Southwest Airline did a great job of hedging on crude oil needed for jet fuel during the 2008 crude oil speculation bubble that cost the other airlines a bundle.

    The financial speculators who hedge through the options market lock in the costs of hedging and then can lose at most only the cost of the option premium while having unlimited profit potential. Alternatively, holding a futures position limits profits and losses by the hedged price.

    In July 1992 Investment Bank Goldman Sachs launched its Commodity Index, now traded as S&P GSCI, to track the performance of 24 commodity futures contracts. Today hedge funds, pension funds and investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Barclays Capital now dominate the commodities markets, dwarfing the amount traded by actual food producers and buyers.

    How to jack up the cost of bread. According to the World Development Movement report Broken Markets

    “Looking at the largest wheat futures market in the US, in the mid-1990s financial speculators held just 12 per cent of the market, with the rest held by commercial hedgers. In 2011, 61 per cent of the market is held by purely financial speculators and commercial hedgers only make up 39 per cent of the market.”

    The Damaging Links Between Food, Fuel and Finance: A growing threat to food security
    By Timothy A. Wise, April 8, 2013

    Just when you thought the unhealthy ties between food, fuel, and financial markets couldn’t get more perverse, we get the announcement that Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, is entering the grain-trading business, hiring a team from Viterra, based in Toronto, to run the show. And lest we toss this off as just another corporate deal, Javier Blas in the Financial Times reminds us that Viterra has itself recently been bought by Glencore, perhaps the world’s greatest global commodity speculator.

    What could go wrong?

    For the world’s poor, plenty. They’ve already endured three food price spikes in the last six years, fueled in part by financial speculators gambling on agricultural, energy, and metals commodities as they fled the wreckage of the housing and stock market crashes. This corporate deal may not change a thing, but it is a powerful symbol of what’s wrong with our broken food system.

    Vitol isn’t alone, of course. Mercuria, another leading energy trader, recently hired commodity traders from Morgan Stanley to build an agriculture portfolio. The connections couldn’t be clearer: energy trader hires investment bank to get it into agricultural commodities. According to Blas, the moves reflect declining profitability in energy. Why? Too little volatility. Remember, the traders are speculating, not investing. They need large and frequent price movements to make money. And if there’s one thing agricultural commodities markets are, it’s bullish on volatility.

  28. Champ.. I agree with that idiot you quoted: Blue Bell is better than B&J.

    ….. the Blue Bell Rocky Road is to die for.

  29. I went to Publix looking for snacks today. Settled on buying two 10-oz containers of their pitted, dried California dates. Five bucks total. Very tasty. Diced, they would be good in vanilla ice cream–Publix organic, please.

  30. PiT, in my past lifetime, I traded equity and index options. At times I had positions of over 100,000 shares of the underlying stock. I never hedged my positions. But, I had developed my own software exceedingly sensitive to the market factors I was concerned with.

    One time when I knew that someone on the other side of a call option I was holding was messing with me, I exercised the options forcing him to deliver something like 50,000 shares of a corporation at $60 a share.

    He had to come-up with $3-million worth of shares for immediate delivery. As soon as those shares were in the pipeline, I sold them to get the funds to pay the jerk. I was minus a few thousand which I had to cover out of funds in my account, but that was okay, the jerk _really_ pissed me off. The branch manager where I was trading said, “Wow!”

    The reason for the story is, the same thing can happen with any commodity upon expiration of the contract. Having many players/traders I don’t see as being bad. They’re making the market while risking their own financial wellbeing in the process.

  31. “….. the Blue Bell Rocky Road is to die for.” – Tonyb39 @ 4:43pm

    I knew a woman who had type 1 diabetes. One day her doctor told her that she had incurable cancer. She bought a half gallon of ice cream and was dead several hours later. She died happy, I guess. Well, she was full, anyway.

  32. Fine: you go try the Red Velvet Cake flavor of the brand I mentioned, and then come back here and make that assertion, and then maybe I’ll make some sort of concession. Not until!

  33. Ah Chloe

    Enjoy your comments oh so much!

    Your amazing and again i thank you.. This is so accurate its chilling.. Although most partisan Dems will say, ah well cause we have a Democrat in the White House..

    During the 2008 election, Obama promised us recovery and prosperity, hope and change. When Barack Obama was elected with strong majorities in both houses of Congress, he had an unprecedented opportunity to shape American history by bringing the country’s financial oligarchy under control. Obama could have done great things. Instead, he gave us deterioration, poverty, despair and steadfastness,. Oh and don’t forget that he likes to lead from behind.

  34. I figure since we are on the precipice of thermo-nuclear armageddon, may as well talk some ice cream. Pardon me, please resume the policy discussions I was enjoying.

  35. Right on Cue, Republican Calls Obama Budget “Shocking Attack on Seniors”
    by Taylor Marsh

    ANYONE OUT there surprised by Republicans taking Obama’s budget targeting seniors on the chained CPI and hitting the entire party with it?

    If you thought 2010 was predictable after Obama and the Democrats didn’t mount an economic message, wait until you see the Republicans roll out their attacks on Democrats, using seniors to do it, for 2014.

    This was all so predictable.

  36. Commodities and currency futures trading serves the economy by providing hedges for producers and consumers, importers and exporters.

    However,the options market and the trade in indices serve no economic purpose, and the volumes of trade in those markets are so huge that they cause market distortions whenever a rumor starts.

    How does an oilman gets the price he wants ? He pays a ‘news’ opiner at faux news or newsmax to remark that Pentagon ‘insiders’ are prepared to invade Venezuela, or Israeli ‘insiders’ say netanyahu will ‘push the Iran button’ on Monday. The market ratchets up sharply on the strength of a million micro-hedgers, who see the rumor as a chance to make a quick buck. If a company like Goldamn Sacks wants more fees, it can start the rumor. The rumor doesn’t have to be about oil, it can be about wheat rust or insolvent Cypriote banks. However, although B!LL!ONs of $$$ may change hands in just a few hours, no actual economic activity (the production and consumption of goods and services) has occurred.

    For this reason we shouldpare down the markets in derivitives to those that actually serve a purpose. Either that or make Goldamn Sacks register as a casino and make it move to a remote Indian reservation.

  37. Commercial ice cream makes me sick. It’s the milk solids that make me howl in pain. They scream, you scream, but I scream post ice cream.

    Pure unadulterated cream, the greasy glop that floats on top of milk, just makes me fatter. Such ice cream would be wonderful to eat, even though there’d be a heart attack in every bite.

    However, if I have to die from food, let it be fire-roasted duck in a pinot noir demi-glace. Sigh.

  38. if obummer is happy to own chained cpi, let him. The rest of us would rather own something else.

  39. Ignex,

    An ice cream discussion is always welcome. Anytime, anywhere.
    Red Velvet flavor – ? Holy cow! I once had German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream from a local dairy. Just as yummy as it sounds. They got the most important part – the frosting swirls – just right. Coconut/Pecan bliss.
    Anyone had Cantaloupe Ice Cream ? Used to have it years ago. Incredible – summertime ambrosia.

  40. If you’re a connoisseur, and it seems that you may be, well then; walk, don’t run, I’m tellin’ ya.

  41. Neil Heslin is the father of little Jesse Lewis, one of the Sandy Hook murder victims. Heslin has rebounded from his utter despair and grief to make his son’s death a little less in vain. The other day he rode to Washington in Air Force One for meetings on Capitol Hill.
    Ana Marquez-Greene, the daughter of the jazz musician Jimmy Greene, was another murder victim that awful day. My friend Greg used his influence at the UConn (Storrs) radio station to promote Jimmy Greene’s jazz career a few years ago, so that’s the only distant connection I have to anyone there, but I can’t shake the image in my head of Neil Heslin appearing on the Piers Morgan Show a few days after the massacre and tell us all about Jesse, what he did, his routine and such, how he stopped at a deli for a sandwich for lunch every school day, and Mr. Heslin drove him to school each day as well.
    Mr. Heslin is doing all he can nowadays, and as he de -planed Air Force One he could pass for a US Senator. I hope the message Mr. Heslin and the other Sandy Hook parents presented in Washington was well taken.

  42. I’d rather own Van Gogh’s Irises than a chained cpi.

    I’d rather own a 1st printing of Gutenberg’s Bible in original binding than a chained cpi.

    I’d rather own a 1931 Talbot Lago, or a 1953 Corvette, or, even a 2006 Insight with a coffee stain on the driver’s seat than a chained cpi.

    I’d rather own an autographed photo of Carl Sagin wearing a turtleneck sweater and corduroy jacket than a chained cpi.

    In fact, having studied the following, I’ve made a decision.

    Buick Sail

    GM Hummer

    I’d rather be a hummer than a sail. Yes,I would. If I could I surely would.

  43. … that ice cream they sell at McDonalds tastes like crap. But the hot fudge they put on the sundaes is delicious.

    tip: Always pay for xtra hot fudge. The secret is, make sure they put it on the bottom and top (so you don’t taste the ice cream)

  44. I drove through DQ Monday night for a small hot fudge sundae.
    A tiny cup, a small shot of “soft serve”, and maybe a tablespoon of hot fudge. Almost three bucks. Three bites.
    I shoulda known better.

    I grew up eating Puritan Ice Cream, made a few miles from my home near Kendallville, Indiana then. Closed now.

    Ten years ago I drove past a cool-lookin’ ice cream plant every day in New Bern, NC. Maola.
    Good ice cream. We were staying outside New Bern while our daughter worked her nurse-shift in a local hospital, and we baby-sat her then-little kids. I was down there a few months.

  45. wapo article on mitch tape

    “What’s wonderful about this story and ‘47 percent’ story is that no one needs to listen to me or any commentator to know what it means,” he said Wednesday. “It’s all there. It’s journalism verite. You can listen to it and come to your own conclusion….

  46. Craig,

    Looks like you are having a problem again with your network provider Network Solutions. This is not the first time with problems at Network Solutions. Maybe it is time for a change?

    Problems are with both:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8.0.6001.18702
    Google Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m

    IE8 was working for a short while but Chrome is giving me:
    his webpage is not available
    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error.

    Hope things are corrected soon.

  47. Last post was with IE8.

    Google Chrome still not working, I have cleared my browsing history data multiple times.

  48. Maybe we’ve been under attack by the forces opposed to gay marriage, the ones who are threatening to bolt from the party of every Man for himself EXCEPT when I want a bailout and big bonus.

  49. Flatus 04/10/2013 at 6:10 PM

    Given you experience, how true are the following:
    1.) The financial speculators who hedge through the options market lock in the costs of hedging and then can lose at most only the cost of the option premium while having unlimited profit potential. Alternatively, holding a futures position limits profits and losses by the hedged price.

    2.) Volatility is what makes the profits for the commodity speculators.

    The Damaging Links Between Food, Fuel and Finance: A growing threat to food security
    By Timothy A. Wise, April 8, 2013

    According to Blas, the moves reflect declining profitability in energy. Why? Too little volatility. Remember, the traders are speculating, not investing. They need large and frequent price movements to make money. And if there’s one thing agricultural commodities markets are, it’s bullish on volatility.

    I worked for a software development consulting firm in 1969 and 1970 that did a lot a work on Wall Street. The company had just completed and was about to implement the on-line system for Goodbody & Co‘s. back office cage when an external audit of the cage showed over a $10 million (about $60 million today) discrepancy. That discrepancy sunk Goodbody! I still carry a very poor opinion about Wall Street, in case you did not notice.

  50. yep, Network Solutions is having a rough day with their server but they’re on the case. Purple, despite the last couple of outages think i’ll stick with them. Unlike others I’ve tried i can always get tech support on the phone within 5 minutes, they fix problems more quickly than most, and the last thing i’d want is the torture involved in moving our site and archives to another host

  51. Well, I’m using Chrome, and the site is a very slow load, but it finally gets there. Earlier today I didn’t have the patience to wait, so can’t say that it’s different now.

    I did not have any knowledge of Ben & Jerry’s for the first half of my life. To me Breyer’s was the best of the bunch short of home made. I loved (still do) Breyer’s vanilla bean. Then I moved to Maine/New Hampshire and discovered B&J. (this was all pretty much before ice cream cost $4 a pint, and I don’t recall any of the premium brands that are everywhere now.) I ate my fair share of Ben & Jerry’s over the years, chocolate chip cookie dough was nearly my downfall, but for the sake of my waist, I’ve pretty much given it up. Guilty pleasure now is Breyer’s no sugar added vanilla or Klondike no sugar added Crunch bars. They ain’t premium, but they’re pretty damn tasty. LP is a devotee of B&J’s Chunky Monkey.

    Oh, and I hear there’s baby step gun legislation afoot in the Senate. Whoopee.

  52. They sell it in little 220 calorie cups for a buck and a quarter! Who doesn’t have 220 calories and a buck and a quarter to spare?!

  53. Any American supporting warrantless searches of law-abiding citizens homes by roving bands of law-enforcement officers, as is being done in California, is setting up future generations for one-helluva subservient existence. Sure, now it’s guns; eventually, it will be whatever lame excuse is necessary.

    “Don’t come around/ uh whoa ho/ der Kommisar’s in town/ oh whuh ho-oh!”

    That will be our national anthem.

  54. not accusing anyone of anything, but twas pretty odd that the trail crashed just as I had posted that scurrilous un-merkan article on gestapo tactics ginst our favored son (of a b*#@%) mitch.

    wonder if that fbi he ordered will turn up any hatch type violations and bite him on the butt.

  55. Craig with todays companies not providing adequate, if any, customer support and service, I understand your reluctance to change.

    We use to call vendors’ support call centers their Customer Don’t Care Centers.

  56. happened again, didn’t it? mention mitch and bad things happen.

    btw, new news in wapo on that taping

    The tape was not made by bugging the Republican senator’s office but by standing in the hallway while the conversation occurred, Jacob Conway, a member of the executive committee of the Louisville/Jefferson County Democratic Party, told news organization.

  57. Please be patient folks. I just talked to Network Solutions tech support and they are very apologetic, sound quite frazzled but hard at work on the case. Hundreds of their customers are affected. Hey, I’m just glad that this time it’s nothing I did wrong.

  58. maybe it was the mini megalomaniac shooting virtual missiles to online usa instead of the ones that go bang

  59. ann spreads hate and negativity? noooo, not a faux news person

    “A little perspective this morning. People like Ann Coulter are part of the past and only live to spread hate and negativity. I literally couldn’t imagine living a life that seems so void of love, compassion and perspective. Basically I get to wake up every day wanting to make this world a better place and people like her want to make it a worse place. I feel blessed to have not grown to be a person like that.”

  60. Looks like everything is working today.

    Another outsourced unregulated service from India: “Wombs-For-Rent”

    I thought that prenatal experience had a lot of impact on the psychology of a person. India does not sound like a place where you are going to get a very good prenatal experience.

    I don’t think that any of these children will qualify for President of the United States being born in India to a surrogate.

    Baby boom: Indian women giving birth to U.S. babies
    By Holly Williams, April 10, 2013 7:21 PM

    (CBS News) ANAND, India — A lot of businesses go to India for inexpensive labor and it turns out American couples are doing the same. One village has become a center for cut-rate surrogacy, offering young women who will be carrying babies to term.

    But in a country of dire poverty, some worry that India’s surrogate mothers are ripe for exploitation.

    The doctors CBS News spoke to all said this is a win-win arrangement: The couple gets a baby, the surrogate mother gets a life-changing amount of money. And often it does seem to work out just like that.

    But the problem is that many of the surrogate mothers are desperately poor. Some of them are even illiterate. They’ve had no education and so there’s a risk that some clinics could abuse that in this very lucrative industry.

  61. I’ve tried to respond, Purple and lost my comment three times. Watch, this one will probably post now.

  62. It appears that the site is not working yet!

    Of course it works when you least expect it too, it is a computer.

  63. Just got this explanation from Network Solutions, our server company:

    Over the last day, many Network Solutions customers reported issues with their hosting sites. These issues included pages that loaded slowly or sites that didn’t resolve at all. These issues were the result of a significant, global attack affecting WordPress sites across the Internet. The attackers are attempting to break into WordPress websites by continually trying to guess the username and password to get into the WordPress admin panel.

    Our technical services personnel have been working diligently to mitigate the effects of this attack, and the good news is that customers who previously experienced issues should now have websites that are resolving properly. However, those customers using WordPress will not be able to log in to their WordPress admin pages. This is a temporary measure taken to mitigate this attack. We ask for your patience as we work to counteract the attack, and restore full functionality to your account.

  64. Some might have trouble logging in. Our admin functions are coming back in stages. But we’re getting there. Sure hope they catch the bastards who did this and feed them to a wood chipper

  65. tsk tsk and now now, boss. as you say to us from time to time “you’re better than that”

    maybe feed him to a woodchuck. chippers are messy and unsafe for the operator.

  66. Ha patd, let’s just say I was speaking figuratively. Tho I would reconsider my opposition to the death penalty for hackers who shut down thousands of Web sites

  67. httpv://

    The masters at work…..JW, Arnold Stang, and Marvin Kaplan. I’d seen him some on Paar and whatnot, but caught this in “cinerama” March of ’64 in Dallas……..right after I’d seen Jack Ruby’s mother railing at the press on the courthouse steps….talk about yer mad mad mad mad mad worlds……

  68. Sturg…. is that your workshop? I LOVE that whole scene… the plane, the picture, the old phone, the bottle of glue, the dust… I can smell the shavings…

  69. Network Solutions tells me everything is back up and running. While there is no indication our user log info was compromised in the hacker attack, for peace of mind you might want to change your password. That can be done by hovering your cursor over your screen name top right of this page and clicking “Edit My Profile” — at the bottom of that page you will see the boxes for entering “New Password”

  70. Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality
    April 12, 2013

    The unprecedented level of economic inequality in America is undeniable. In an extended essay, Bill shares examples of the striking extremes of wealth and poverty across the country, including a video report on California’s Silicon Valley. There, Facebook, Google, and Apple are minting millionaires, while the area’s homeless — who’ve grown 20 percent in the last two years — are living in tent cities at their virtual doorsteps.

    “A petty, narcissistic, pridefully ignorant politics has come to dominate and paralyze our government,” says Bill, “while millions of people keep falling through the gaping hole that has turned us into the United States of Inequality.”

  71. …and I am so confused, Mr. Host, by your claimed appreciation for George Carlin and Thomas Jefferson, when it doesn’t seem like you subscribe to any of their philosophies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; Carlin was kind of an @$$&@!&, to be fair, just sayin’.

  72. If Penney’s closes, where the hell am I going to get my socks?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  73. Ignex, I don’t have to share philosophy to appreciate world-class wordsmiths like those two. But query: have lots of issues with Jefferson (like owning slaves) but what Carlin philosophy am I at odds with?

  74. …his bitter, late-life screeds against the American political and economic structures, which have come to define his legacy. Renee links a clip from one of those routines a lot.

  75. I’m sorry, it just seems like it’s become fashionable for one to say they like George Carlin, and to run half-marathons.

    Congratulations, you ran a half-marathon, you’re whole life has been validated. Make sure to put that sticker on your car so everyone knows!

    (That second sentiment isn’t directed at you, Mr. C.)

  76. …like those damn “coexist” bumper stickers. Ya know, so often, I feel compelled to commit atrocities based on religio-ethnic prejudices, until I see one of those “coexist” bumper stickers. Aw, the “c” is a cute little Islamic moon, and look, the “t” is a crucifix representing the Christian faith. Oh, look, they even made the “x” into a little “Star of David”. If all those things can share space on a bumper sticker, then surely we are all citizens of one planet. Thank goodness!

  77. Champ… Carlin was a satirist…
    I don’t know why some want to take comedians and life way so seriously at times… but hey they do…

    I say… get yourself a good beer or a good glass of wine… enjoy… watch a Phillies game… or whatever team/sport you choose… enjoy…

    or one can do what Flatus suggested…. buy geraniums…

  78. “Jefferson believed that each man has “certain inalienable rights”. He defines the right of “liberty” by saying, “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others…”…A proper government, for Jefferson, is one that not only prohibits individuals in society from infringing on the liberty of other individuals, but also restrains itself from diminishing individual liberty. Jefferson and contemporaries like James Madison were well aware of the possibility of tyranny from the majority and held this perspective in their implication of individual rights.

  79. Carlin’s material falls under one of three self-described categories: “the little world” (observational humor), “the big world” (social commentary), and the peculiarities of the English language (euphemisms, doublespeak, business jargon), all sharing the overall theme of (in his words) “humanity’s bullshit”, which might include murder, genocide, war, rape, corruption, religion and other aspects of human civilization. He was known for mixing observational humour with larger social commentary.

  80. Shaw… you say… hey I love George Bernard Shaw. Haven’t read anything by him in a while…

    thanks Champ for reminding me of him… (insert smiley face)

  81. Craig, I saw this video on Gay Voices on Hufington Post and was going to add a comment there but it seems like this is where you hang mostly. I am gay, in high school, and not out to my family. Seeing the love and support from yours and David’s family, especially the letter from your parents, encourages me to step up. Best wishes to you and David. What you have is what I hope to have some day. Thank you so much for sharing your love.

  82. Steven…
    welcome to the blog… hope you stick around and you do find love someday…

  83. Thanks very much for responding, Craig, and Renee. I don’t follow politics much, but will try to think of something sometime.

  84. Possibly strange for a knobite, but I’m a ballet fan–and we lost a great, beautiful, long retired prima ballerina yesterday–Maria Tallchief. She was 88. One of the earliest Native American ballerinas, of the Osage tribe in Oklahoma.

  85. Steven,

    Glad you stopped by. We do many things here besides politics.
    Stop by from time to time.You’ll like it. :-))

  86. Steven,

    Welcome to the trail. As you will find if you stick around, the discussion of politics often starts things off but we then chat about anything and everything under the sun with lots of emphasis on music, art, sports, and movies … so pull up a chair and toss in a topic. You can almost always find a good conversation.

  87. Jamie,

    This year I want to ride the winner. I’ll make my pick after the race. :-))

  88. Awww Jace,

    Live dangerously. Assuming he gets in I’m going with a long shot this year: Black Onyx. Craig might like Revolutionary and our favorite chocolateer may lean toward Normandy Invasion.

    The favorites are Orb and Verrazano

  89. Wow, we received our latest Trail Mix group gift, a fine bottle of wine for safekeeping until 1st anniversary. Sheets, towels and wine, what more is there in life? You guys sent the first gift, and the last. Thank you much!

  90. Faire

    I missed the news about Tallchief. She was a beautiful dancer. Unfortunately, I never got to see her dance live.

  91. In case it is of interest, usually I use Chrome to access the site. It loads rapidly when running correctly.

  92. I did find a couple of malicious scripts in our files left by the attackers. Which means I’ll have to set our filters on high alert for a while and the occasional innocent might find their comment held for review. If this happens please let me know asap so that I can fix it:

  93. This is my last wedding post, I promise. The deed is done, life is long.

    Amen fellows, God speed.

  94. “As a system nears it’s tipping point , it moves to it’s extremes”

    Proof –
    You guys got married, Tony Perkins doubled down.

  95. Craig –
    Every time I watch Tony Perkins , I think…….. What a troubled sorry soul, he’s as gay as a 6 dollar bill.

  96. Craig –
    Like Rick Warren , teaching the masses on how to live . While your son orders a gun on the internet.

  97. Rick Warren needs to crawl on his knees, to Arizona, and ask Gabby Gifford how he can help. From there he can crawl on his knees to Chicago . ( Roughly 2,500 miles ) Rick Warren needs to call Obama.
    I got 25 cents sez Obama called him the second the sad son news broke.

  98. “A petty, narcissistic, pridefully ignorant politics”

    bill moyers comment deserves a repost.
    too bad all those petty, narcissistic, pridefully ignorant politicians aren’t subject to merit pay and docked for absenteeism, mal- and nonfeasance like other employees.

  99. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the tourist paradise of the very rich.

    Dubai splurges on 700hp, 217mph Lamborghini police cruiser
    There’s nothing quite like obscene amounts of oil revenues
    By Rik Myslewski in San Francisco, 13th April 2013

    The Dubai police force can expect a flood of applications for its cadet academy now that it has added a 217mph Lamborghini Aventador to its cruiser fleet.

    How much did it set back Dubai’s Finest to get their hands on this stylish bit of four-wheeled extravagance? It depends upon whom you believe: Sky News puts the price at £250,000 ($385,000), Metro says £350,000 ($535,000), and the Huffington Post can’t make up its mind, with one story saying $400,000 and another, $550,000.

    Whatever. No matter what the price of this beast, it’s a safe bet that neither you nor your ink-stained Reg hack will ever have the pleasure of pressing the Aventador’s pedal to the proverbial metal, and having its 6,500 cubic-centimeter, 700 horsepower V12 engine’s acceleration thrust us back into what we can only assume is its fine leather driver’s seat as it accelerates from zero to 60mph in three seconds, as reported by the New York Daily News.

  100. steven, welcome aboard. good time to walk the trail with us, being between elections and their high emotions it’s comparatively peaceful here these days.

  101. Craig

    Chrome is working fine and because I come in on Xfinity, it’s lightening fast –

    We haven’t had a dove report recently. Do we have another failure or are they still around?

  102. jamie, might wanna put some money down on goldencents. according to wapo

    Rick Pitino made history by becoming the first coach to win the national championship at two schools — Louisville and Kentucky.
    The ride will continue at Churchill Downs, where racing fans will be able to enjoy their mint juleps watching the thoroughbred co-owned by Pitino run for the roses…..
    Saturday’s victory by Goldencents in the Santa Anita Derby placed the horse in the Run For the Roses, positioning him to possibly add to a haul of achievements in the past week.
    Louisville’s third national championship, and first since 1986, topped perhaps the best week of Pitino’s career.

  103. They sure don’t name horses like they used to.

    Whatever happened to Dobbin and Buck? 😉

  104. Hi, Steve, go ahead and climb on….it ain’t all politics. (wait’ll you meet Solar….lol)

    Mitt “Right-Height Trees” Romney during the whole campaign, Rand Paul at Howard U., Ted Cruz is on television now. Republicans didn’t use to sound “stupid”, just sounded different in their philosophy. Emphasis on the word “sound”. ie. their bullshit used to float as rational. Now the more those goobers get up on their hind legs and talk, the stupider they sound. Just Stupid, about the onliest word for it.

    And it’s really becoming acutely problematic.

  105. Jace… you do know that Thoroughbreds have to register their name and no name can be repeated, doncha…

    Jamie… my first instinct is to go with Itsmyluckyday.

    Steven… pick a horse for the upcoming Kentucky Derby. Don’t matter if you know nothing about horses or racing. Just look at the list of names and go with what grabs you.

  106. RR,

    I was raised in WY. To us a Thoroughbred was the horse that didn’t buck you off.

    The ones that did had a really long fancy name. ‘Ranksonofabitch.’ A lot of horses were registered using that name. :-)

  107. Where did the Louisiana Democrats’ find this candidate? ZERO (0) mention of being a Democrat but 4 references to God. Looking at here web site, I would say she was a far right social conservative, evangelical Republican.
    Louisiana State Representative Katrina R. Jackson (Democrat District 16 Monroe) Campaign Web site

    Louisiana Legislation Would Require Lord’s Prayer In Schools To Teach Freedom Of Religion
    By Jonathan Turley, April 12, 2013

    Louisiana State Representative Katrina R. Jackson has a curious take on the religion clauses. Despite contrary Supreme Court precedent under the First Amendment, Jackson is pushing legislation to require students to learn the Lord’s prayer every morning in public schools. Jackson insists that requiring the Lord’s prayer (though students cannot be punished for failing to recite it) is simply a way to get them to appreciate . . . you guessed it . . . religious freedom.

    House Bill 660 (known as the “Parental Choice Historical Prayer and Pledge Act”) would “require the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish a policy and develop procedures relative to school prayer and the pledge of allegiance.” It further states:

    Students shall be reminded that the Lord’s Prayer is the prayer that the pilgrim fathers recited when they came to America in search for freedom.

    Students shall be informed that these exercises are not meant to influence an individual’s personal religious beliefs in any manner.

    The recitations shall be conducted so that students learn of America’s great freedoms, including the freedom of religion symbolized by the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.

  108. Maybe schools should just stick to teaching the kids how to correctly spell the Lord’s Prayer. :-)

  109. In what I consider one of his best moves to date, Governor Jerry Brown of CA. Took time to tell Michelle Rhee, Thanks but no thanks. Wise move.

  110. A few more hints going into the last races of the Derby Trail – The top 13 points winners so far. These horses (barring injury or trainer decisions) are guaranteed spots in the Derby:

    Horse Trainer Points

    Orb Shug McGaughey 150
    Verrazano Todd Pletcher 150
    Goldencents Doug O’Neill 129
    Revolutionary Todd Pletcher 110
    Lines of Battle Aiden O’Brien 100
    Vyjack Rudy Rodriguez 70
    Will Take Charge D. Wayne Lukas 60
    Itsmyluckyday Edward Plesa Jr. 50
    Govenor Charlie Bob Baffert 50
    Black Onyx Kelly Breen 50
    Normany Invasion Chad Brown 44
    Mylute Tom Amoss 42
    Oxbow D. Wayne Lukas 36

  111. cowboy, better change your ways or with us you will ride.
    one more for the road


  112. The original history of Ghost Riders is interesting:
    This is the first recording ever of this famous song in February 1949. Vaughn Monroe’s big baritone and orchestra version became a number one hit a month later, but it’s great to listen to Burl sing this much simpler version, just his clear tenor voice and strumming on a single instrument, probably a banjo, possibly a steel stringed guitar.


  113. Thursday, I prepared a detailed reply to PiT as to why his assumptions about options, their role, their pricing, their use and misuse, why I found trading them intellectually stimulating, and a few other things, were one-sided and didn’t adequately etc,etc,etc.

    Then, the dirty rats ate my homework.

    I finished the day with a nap.

  114. Friday, I did a marathon session with my taxes. They’ve been submitted and accepted by our friends at the IRS.

    I was incredulous in discovering that I was to receive $139 as a refund. I was expecting having to pay a couple of thousand. Bumping-up the withholding on IRA withdrawals certainly saved my butt.

    As I was finishing-up, the kids stopped by after their work week was over, and we had a nice outside dinner with a couple of bottles of pinot grigio to boot. Very nice.

  115. Today, I’ve spent several hours working on my 15-yo lawn tractor. New belts and blades were on the agenda. The new drive belt was too short so I had to wash-up, change clothes, and make another trip to the hardware store. Too tired to do any more work on it today.

    Not having a car that I can drive with grungy work clothes on is a real inconvenience.

  116. “Not having a car that I can drive with grungy work clothes on is a real inconvenience.”

    Wanna trade? Tee hee hee.

  117. Flatus,

    A $139 dollar refund? No wonder the government is running a deficit. 😀

  118. Flatus,

    The patriotic thing to do at this point would be to stimulate the economy through the purchase of a new lawn tractor. $139 might almost buy the steering wheel. :-)

  119. Flatus,

    From extensive personal experience, I can attest to the fact that nothing ‘runs like a Deere’ with the possible exception of an RR. :-)

  120. Flatus, My federal taxes came out out to a perfect zero, nothing owed, nothing refunded. That never happened before! With the state, city, and extra school district taxes, altogether, I get an $18 refund. That’s figuring it really close. I celebrated with a can of real Classic Coke.

  121. capitalist type former friend of mine advised that he saved more by taking more of the withholding deductions normally due but setting equivalent amount aside in special investment savings account (gamboling in stocks with it probably). somehow he determined paying the irs upon the eleventh hour, always taking an extension, came out in his favor.

    guess this philosophy was in keeping with his advice that getting grandiose loans was better than pay as you go. his motto, always use someone else’s money. uncle sam’s in the tax case.

    quintessential goper.

  122. the beeb seems to have stepped in it

    The London School of Economics (LSE) and its students’ union have demanded the BBC withdraw Monday’s Panorama programme about North Korea.
    The LSE said Panorama reporter John Sweeney posed as one of its professors on a university society trip in order to film undercover in the country.

  123. Tony, thanks for that Elizabeth Warren link:
    “Let’s be clear about this. Not everyone has a sister who can help,” Warren said. “This is about people who work all their lives and all they’ve got at the end is their social security.”

    The following is a link embedded in that article:
    “President Barack Obama unveiled a budget proposal on Wednesday morning that would switch tax brackets and Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, which are indexed for inflation, from the current version of the Consumer Price Index to a “chained CPI,” which says inflation rises more slowly. The change would reduce future benefit increases and push more taxpayers into higher brackets, a phenomenon known as “bracket creep.”

    Americans for Tax Reform, the advocacy group that asks lawmakers to sign a formal “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” said Tuesday that chained CPI violates the pledge.

    “Chained CPI as a stand-alone measure (that is, not paired with tax relief of equal or greater size) is a tax increase and a Taxpayer Protection Pledge violation,” the group said in a blog post.

    Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, leader of the organization, criticized the policy via Twitter on Wednesday. “Chained CPI is a very large tax hike over time,” Norquist wrote. “Hence Democrat interest in same.”‘

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates that chained CPI would reduce Social Security spending by $127 billion and increase tax revenue by $123 billion over 10 years.

  124. Craig, It took several tries to get my one comment posted. I’d get a Bad Gateway after a long wait, and then it would be gone. I use Firefox on Windows 7.

  125. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.
    It’s gonna’ be one of those beautiful leisurely Sundays.Relax and Enjoy!

  126. Is it just me, or is Obama’s Chained CPI about to go the way of Bush’s privatization scheme?

    So much for spending ‘political capital’ on something useful.

  127. George Will and Ruth Marcus (Washington Post) were on the Snuffy panel. They agreed on many things…because Will has reversed himself on most issues as the goopers are revealed as losers.

    The most astonishing thing Will said was “the basis of conservatism is facing facts…”

  128. Picture of the day along with an observation:

    The Republican party is now OFFICIALLY Up to its Ass in Alligators. There will be no draining of the swamp.

  129. Marco Rubio, what a nerd-jerk! The wise and cunning Bob Schieffer asked him today “Senator? Are you there? You just said you have a concealed weapons permit…do you carry a concealed weapon around?”

    Rubio: “Well no…I spend most of my time in airports and the floors of Congress where you are not allowed, but it’s the SECOND AMENDMENT!”

    He has a concealed weapons permit for what? Just so he CAN? :silly:

  130. “capitalist type former friend of mine advised that he saved more by taking more of the withholding deductions normally due but setting equivalent amount aside in special investment savings account” -patd

    That’s actually the way everyone should pay taxes, in theory only, though, as it’s pretty risky if you’re absent-minded or disorganized. Why loan the government money, interest-free?

    That’s why getting a refund actually means you got screwed all year, though writing a check hurts more, admittedly.

  131. “do you carry a concealed weapon around?”

    What’s the point of concealing it if you’re going to tell everyone you have it?

  132. Why loan the government money, interest-free?

    champ, one might also ask why one should expect the benefits and security of having or being loaned government for free? chicken egg thing.

    takes a village to raise a gov’t.

  133. I believe that government should exist to serve the people, not the other way around. I can only speak for myself, of course.

    (Edit: I do understand and share your sentiments regarding people whose only concern is their own personal bottom line, everyone else be damned.)

  134. Flatus

    I understand about the rats. We are taking care of 2 pet rats for a zoo keeper friend that got promoted and didn’t have the time to devote to the little creatures. They do shred almost everything for bedding.

  135. “What’s the point of concealing it if you’re going to tell everyone you have it?”

    I think that question answers itself.

  136. httpv://

    gemma sings again

    Dear Ign: Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.

  137. Gettysburg Address
    In just over two minutes, Lincoln reiterated the principles of human equality espoused by the Declaration of Independence and proclaimed the Civil War as a struggle for the preservation of the Union sundered by the secession crisis, with “a new birth of freedom,” that would bring true equality to all of its citizens, ensuring that democracy would remain a viable form of government and creating a nation in which states’ rights were no longer dominant. Lincoln also redefined the Civil War as a struggle not just for the Union, but also for the principle of human equality….

    “… to ensure the survival of America’s representative democracy, that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

  138. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

    …said the son of a bootlegging market-shorter.

    (Edit: Sorry, I’m not of the generation that was raised on the Kennedys [Kennedies?], and with the internet being what it is, have been privy to too much information regarding their influence and how they obtained it to venerate them.)

    (2X Edit: …burnin’ daylight. Have a good one.)

    (3x Edit: They did make us read “Profiles in Courage” back in the day, although I preferred “Call It Courage”. It was very “Life of Pi”-esque, now that I think of it, or more accurately, “Life of Pi” was very “Call It Courage”-esque.)

  139. History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.
    –Ambrose Bierce

  140. In 1987, Congress directed the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to begin calculating a consumer price index for the elderly. In response, BLS developed an experimental consumer price index for Americans 62 years of age and older. Commonly called the CPI-E, the index was reconstructed to 1982; hence, CPI-E data are now available for 27 years, from December 1982 through December 2009.

    This experimental index did not do what the government, both Republican and Democrat, wanted, to reduce the amount money that goes to Social Security. In fact the CPI-E did the opposite, it increased the amount of money.

    The BLS during the Clinton administration in January 1999, developed a new formula that has been used to calculate most basic indexes within the CPI; this formula allows for a modest amount of substitution within item categories as relative price changes. Like eating eye round instead of filet mignon. The change in formula does not account for consumer substitution taking place between CPI item categories. For example, pork and beef are two separate CPI item categories. If the price of pork increases while the price of beef does not, consumers might shift away from pork to beef. The Chained Consumer Price Index For All Urban Consumers (C-CPI-U) is designed to account for consumer substitution between CPI item categories. When the price of beef, pork and chicken goes up; let them old and poor people eat dog food.

    Obama Social Security Reform Ignores Data on Actual Living Standards of Seniors

    Experimental Consumer Price Index for Americans 62 Years of Age and Older, 1998-2009

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also calculates an experimental price index for Americans 62 years of age or older (often called the CPI-E). This article reviews price changes seen in the experimental CPI-E from December 1997 through December 2009 and reiterates the methods, sources of data, and limitations of the experimental index
    described in earlier articles. Over the 12-year period from December 1997 through December 2009, the experimental CPI-E rose 36.1 percent. This compares to increases of 33.9 and 33.8 percent for the CPI-U and CPI-W, respectively.
    This report summarizes the change in the prices of three population groups: the CPI-U, the CPI-W, and the CPI-E, the experimental population of Americans older than 62 years of age, for the period December 1997 through December 2009. During this time period, the CPI-E increased at a slightly higher rate than either of the two official populations.

    The CPI-E, reweighted to incorporate the spending patterns of older consumers, behaved more like the CPI-U than the CPI-W. This was expected, because the CPI-U includes the expenditures of all urban consumers, including those 62 years of age and over. The CPIW, however, is limited to the spending patterns of wage-earner and clerical families and, therefore, specifically excludes the experience of families whose primary source of income is from retirement pensions.

    In addition, the medical care component of the CPI has a substantially larger relative weight in the experimental population compared to the CPI-U or CPI-W. As a result, the medical care component tends to have a larger effect on the elderly population than it does on the other two indexes. Other differences also play an important role, however, such as the greater weight of homeownership in the CPI-E.

    Finally, the experimental price index has limitations as an estimate of the inflation rate experienced by older Americans. Because of the various limitations inherent in the methodology, any conclusions drawn from these data should be made with caution.

  141. Wait, I’m back because, patd:

    Someone read me a joke that reminded me of YOU, so i had them send it to ME, and then logged back on to post it HERE, so without further ADO, here is said joke:

    “three cats are competing in a race. there’s an american cat named “one two three”, a german cat named “ein zwei drei”, and a french cat named “un deux trois”. the cats all swim across a lake. the american cat finishes first, the german cat finishes second, but the french cat is nowhere to be found.


    because the un deux trois quatre cinq”


  142. PiT,
    That’s what everybody’s been saying about the chained cpi. On a related subject, I did a on search on affluence as it relates to retired older people. Seems as if number crunchers dislike talking about affluence (or lack thereof) in terms of what one can or can’t buy or of hunger or health, but rather in percentiles of the income pie. I suppose that makes it easier for critters.

    Speaking of critters, I’ve read that (some) rats make marvelous pets–even laughing out loud but in voices pitched so high that they’re inaudible to human ears. I have to ask if they are neutered.

  143. Dex,
    A return where nobody owes anybody anything? Wednesday, you’ll probably find your house surrounded by a platoon of IRS auditors :)

  144. httpv://

    Flatus and PIT,

    Rats must chew! They cannot help themselves.
    All you wanted to know about rats ,but were afraid to ask.

  145. Flatus,

    The rats are a same sex female pair and they are not neutered. We do a lot of handling with them and they are very tame.

    When my son was 8 or 9, now 35, my wife and I got him a same sex female pair of Gerbils from a pet store. What we did not know at the time was that one was pregnant. Needless to say we ended up with a lot of Gerbils. I tried to give then back to the pet store but no luck.

    I think that this is a reasonable site for SSA facts.
    Social Security Basic Facts

    ■ In 2013, almost 58 million Americans will receive $821 billion in Social Security benefits.

    ■ Social Security is the major source of income for most of the elderly.

    ■ Nine out of ten individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits.
    ■ Social Security benefits represent about 39% of the income of the elderly.
    ■ Among elderly Social Security beneficiaries, 53% of married couples and 74% of unmarried persons receive 50% or more of their income from Social Security.
    ■ Among elderly Social Security beneficiaries, 23% of married couples and about 46% of unmarried persons rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income.

    And this report.

  146. Jace, I think that it is all Rodents not just rats.

    Rodents have many special features. All rodents have one pair of upper and lower chisel-shaped ‘incisor’ teeth that are covered with hard enamel on the front and a softer substance like bone on the back. As the rodent gnaws, the backs of the chisel-shaped teeth wear away faster to maintain a sharp edge. The incisors grow all of the time or continuously. If the rodent does not keep gnawing, the front incisors will grow right out of its mouth and prevent it from eating. The incisors might cause death by growing inwards into the jaw or skull.

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