Brokaw on WH Dinner: ‘Give Me a Break’

Tom Brokaw is making sense …

Tom Brokaw: “It’s who can bring in the most telegenic and outrageous celebrity. For me the breaking point was Lindsay Lohan [a few years ago]. She became the big star at the dinner. Give me a break.”

11 thoughts on “Brokaw on WH Dinner: ‘Give Me a Break’

  1. Craig, I’ll always remember the WH Correspondent’s Dinner as the place where Imus got in trouble for repeating a lot of his on-air Clinton jokes in the presence of President and Mrs. Clinton. He picked on other celebrities, who were present, but even there, very little of it was new material.

    Most of the recent presidents have had excellent comedy writers. That makes watching the rebroadcasts

  2. Tom Brokaw almost always makes sense (whatwere the Kardashians doing there) but I do love the dinner cuz I want to hear the jokes, and I love seeing the dresses. I’m lucky I’m fat cuz I’d go broke buying
    beautiful clothes.

    Craig, I do think this new image thing is easier than the other one even if I can’t work it right.

    Oh yeah -- whoo ha (if I’m first.)

  3. I loved the wedding photos even if I didn’t know who was who. I liked #2 of you behind David with your hand on his shoulder. That’s a party I’m sorry I missed.

  4. That was supposed to say watching the broadcasts was worthwhile, but I understood your aversion to attending these days.

  5. It’s interesting to see someone with the stature of Brokaw characterize the “inside the beltway” attitude. I work with a group “inside” and, being “outside”, am often puzzled as to why those “inside’ think they know so much about us “outsiders”. I don’t pretend to understand them :chic:

  6. Sandinmyshoes,

    Maybe they understand whatever they ‘want’ to understand. Or maybe they think looking at the polls is understanding. :)

    I love your avatar pic. The mix of the Oaks and the Palms is beautiful. Never see that where we live, but we do have a beautiful mix of oaks and pines in our National Forest and just about every place else here in the south/east part of our state.

  7. After my recent rant about the iniquities of the digital
    world (which I was being basically facetious about), I came across the new article. I really do think eventually that the digital world is trying to move too fast and paying no attention to quality control -look at the map apps on apple. There’s no way I could or would want to live in a world controlled by the computer and its futures. Now, don’t cheer at the thought -- not nice.

  8. HOUSEKEEPING: I had to re-install our new image uploader tonight to correct some compatibility issues with other features. It appears to be working now, but I did lose some pics posted on the last thread (Tony, your beach photo was one). Sorry about that.

    Note about file sizes: The uploader will automatically re-size large photos to 400x316 pixels to conserve bandwidth, so if you upload a file a lot bigger than that it might crop some of your photo. In those cases it is best to resize yourself before uploading.

  9. I respect Brokaw for many things but he takes a narrow view of this particular function. I love to see celebrities cringe, none more so than self-righteous politicians, pundits and news readers.

    That is what this is all about and it comes from every direction, that delights my satirical DNA. Conan took no prisoners, by the way.

  10. This interview with Tom Brokaw boosts my opinion of him, which was pretty high to begin with. What a bright articulate man, so unlike Ted Knight.

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