House GOP’s Benghazi Boondoggle

Dana Milbank is making sense:

“They summoned a whistleblower to Capitol Hill, but instead they got a virtuoso storyteller. Gregory Hicks, the No. 2 U.S. diplomat in Libya the night Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed, was to be the star witness for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the man leading the probe of the Obama administration’s handling of the attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi. But despite Issa’s incautious promise that the hearing’s revelations would be “damaging” to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hicks didn’t lay a glove on the former secretary of state Wednesday.”

And so is Joe Klein:

“The Republicans, apparently with nothing better to do, are still chasing their tails over the tragic events in Benghazi on September 11. Actually, no. That’s not true. They’re chasing their tails over what happened after the tragic events of September 11. They’re mostly concerned that the Obama Administration tried to cover up the fact that this was a terrorist attack by a local militia. … This is a pretty hard sell since, the day after the attack, the President called it an ‘act of terror.’”

Also, Michael Hirsh:

“The obvious Republican effort to turn this inquiry into the Democratic (Obama) version of the Iraq intelligence scandal that has tarred the GOP since the George W. Bush years — led by that least-credible of champions, the almost-always-wrong Darrell Issa — is just not going to amount to much.”

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  1. champ’s observation yesterday explains how the issa ilk and their fantasies live on

    it’s difficult trying to write something fresh and poignant everyday, so eventually, one starts making shit up, and then someone even lazier than that adopts said made-up shit.

  2. Jace,
    You reminded me it was your daughter (not your son) that lives in Thousand Oaks. It is your son that lives in Austin, isn’t it? I never got to ask you what you thought of your visits to both places (those visits don’t seem like they were that long ago). I think I mentioned to you at the time that we lived about 20 minutes away from Thousand Oaks for about 20 years… and now we llive less than 2 hours from Austin (for the last 20 years). We drove through your beautiful state on our move here. I was surprised at how gorgeous Phoenix is. The beauty of New Mexico also blew me away.

    President Obama’s press secretary on the middle-class jobs tour: Why visit Texas? Why not?

    “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says the president is traveling to Texas tomorrow because while there’s lots of gridlock and partisan infighting in Washington, the Lone Star State is home to the kind of economic growth Obama wants to highlight. President Obama will tour a high-tech high school and a chip-machine manufacturer near Austin on Thursday. So, why Texas, where Rick Perry credits Republicans for the state’s economic success?

    MR. CARNEY: Well, why not Texas? Austin is a hub of innovation and technology. It’s also a hub of education. And the President, as you know, will have a series of events tomorrow that reflect these three areas that he’s talked about since the State of the Union — the need to make sure that we have these kinds of jobs of the future here in the United States, the need to ensure that our workers have the skills they need to fill those jobs, and the necessity that those jobs pay well enough to sustain a middle-class life. And Austin is a great place to go for that.”

    “Just after noon on Thursday, as Obama steps off Air Force One in Austin, Perry plans to be again waiting on the tarmac.”

  3. Aaaah! I’m afraid of clowns! How dare you! (Seriously, pic gave me the creeps.)

    This still begs the question: Why was Rice given those talking points? Why was the blame-the-video scenario trotted out? If they knew it wasn’t true, what was the purpose of using that angle? If they thought, even for a short time, that it was the cause, why did they think that?

    Most importantly, why do we have embassies in places like that (or anywhere for that matter, since it costs taxpayers a lot of money), when we have tech to communicate? This is not like the old days, when we had to have a physical presence to communicate. People can travel, as needed, but we don’t need to spend the money to support an embassy/staff 24/7/365/for eternity.

  4. Austin might be home to actual economic growth, siphoning tech jobs from California, but the rest of it is fried baloney.

    The Texas state motto: Low Wages ‘R’ Us

  5. Bethy,

    Don’t misunderstand. Arias was guilty as sin. The jury did well.

    My comment about the divine Miss Grace was simply an indication of my revulsion at her and her show. We in Arizona are almost as tired of her we are of the trial.

  6. Chloe,

    I love Austin. I like the setting and the people.
    My son was made to feel at home there from almost the minute he arrived. Lots of musical and artistic activities both professional and amateur to enjoy, and a lot of good restaurants. It has a lot to offer.
    Brandon would also tell you that it is the allergy capital of the world. I can see why it might be attractive to a business that was looking to relocate.

    That said, I don’t think governor good hair needs too worry about a massive influx of California businesses any time soon.

  7. Dick Cheney says that Benghazi would have been different under the Bush administration.

    I’m sure he is right. They would have invaded Iran.

  8. Hey Blue…
    yeah… CBob has mentioned several times that Lubbock is the armpit of the planet. Come back east… the Yankees are waiting for you.

    That’s the clown from IT… if my memory serves me correctly… a book that Sturg says has no redeeming value.

  9. YIKES!!!! If I remember right, IT was the reason I stopped reading King for many years (right up till BAG OF BONES) and shrink from Shriners clowns–

    Issa’s pic inspires me likewise–

    Speaking of pics, I wish I could post a shot of my irises. Exceptionally beautiful this year, but I’ll have to try to get Paul or Amanda down here to make a pic–I’m camera-challenged–

  10. last verse from above song written by ray wylie hubbard for those who didn’t listen:

    Now Texas has gotten a bad reputation because of what happened in Dallas
    And Waco
    And our corporations they are corrupt, and the politicians are swindlers
    And loco
    But when it comes to music my friend I believe these words are as true as
    St. John the Revelator’s
    Our Mr. Vaughan was the best that there ever was and no band was cooler
    Than the 13th Floor Elevators

  11. Faux News has been on the Benghazi hellbound train for months. For a party that fights gays every step of the way, now they CARE about a gay man because of terror in Benghazi. Don’t make me post the Geraldo Libya video again.

    Cable news is dead to me.

  12. httpv://

    “Our Mr. Vaughan was the best that there ever was”

  13. and if you’re curious about the aforementioned austin band the 13th floor elevators

  14. Faire… IT was my first Stephen King book. It scared the beejeebees outta me… but I couldn’t put it down.

    I’ve read some of his recent stuff… 11/22/63, about going back in time to stop the JFK assassination… hated it so much I stopped and didn’t care how it ended. I read Under the Dome last year at the beach… it’s 1100 pages and I really loved the first 900… IMO, the ending was silly. But I am looking forward to the upcoming tv mini series.

  15. Chloe

    One of John Fuglesang’s reused lines is “Texas can Secede but we are keeping Austin”. It is sort of an island of sanity in the midst of Perry Yahoo.

  16. For all you music lovers, I just discovered AXS.TV last night and I’m now playing catch up on some of the best concerts available. Today is Alison Krause and Union Station – If you have it on your cable system, beware of addiction.

  17. Jamie, I’m sitting in a waiting room waiting for Emma, but I can’t tell you what a ridiculous remark that statement about Austin sounds like to me (which is where Mr. good hair lives, btw). When we take the drive from where we live to there, I see no differences in the culture or community.

    I’ve mentioned many times here that Texas can roughly be divided into four sections. Austin happens to be the capital of Texas, and I don’t think they have any immediate plans to disown the rest of the state.

    Like I said already today: The self-serving ethnocentric remarks continue to baffle me.

    Blue… I regret making that ‘love it or leave it’ type remark, and went back and deleted it. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  18. Jace,
    I assure you I wasn’t asking you about how you liked Thousand Oaks and Austin for political reasons, and I’m sorry to see you felt the need to tie them into the article I linked.

    I was just curious as to your opinion, since you never said much about those trips. I guess my timing was bad.

  19. Chloe

    It’s always a joke by comparison to the openness and educational charms of Austin when juxtaposed against some anti-education / employment rights Perry statement, not a slam on the rest of the state.

  20. Chloe,

    Not to worry, I like both places, and would live in either one if money were no object. Thousand Oaks and the surrounding area are very nice. Ventura,Oxnard,Malibu, Agora Hills, are all beautiful. My pocket book only allows us to spend limited time there, because as you know they are very expensive.
    I really like AZ. but it is nice to be able to get away with a reasonable drive and get into an entirely different environment and life style. I need my CA fix from time to time, just like my Grand Canyon and Flagstaff fix. :-)

  21. I’ve never visited Austin. Cities and towns with large universities tend to draw the type of people I enjoy being around.

  22. The Benghazi Boys certainly don’t find fault with the gun-toting Libyans. After all, Libyans have an Allah-given and Constitutionally enshrined right of all Libyans to keep and bear automatic weapons. This right is enshrined in darryl issa’s little heart, along with the right of foetuses to vote.

  23. I can read scary books… but I can’t watch the movies.

    I actually like Stephen King’s psychological thrillers much more… Misery, Dolores Clairborne, or Under the Dome. I have a friend that feels the opposite… hey viva la difference!

  24. I LOVE the southwest… I LOVE the big open sky… the colors of the sand and rocks… the food… the people…

    too bad about the water situation though… it’ll probably mean fewer people can live there in the future…

  25. It’s clear the goops have OCD
    …it must be in their DNA

    the Ken Starr days…the obsessions with Clintons both of them and all their body parts which continues to this day

    The Birthers


    of course there are a lot more examples of their asshole behavior.

    Totally understandable when you believe the earth is flat you are capable of believing anything

    CBS — waiting for the follow-up to the hearing and the apology for being conned by a repeat con artist Darryl Issa

    The rudest, most ridiculous pols are Republicans
    Certainly Dems have a share but overall the biggest jerks by far are Republicans

    Eric Cantor
    Patrick McHenry
    Darryl Issa
    Ted Cruz (just like Sarah Palin only a guy)
    Any and all of the Republican candidates for president except Jon Huntsman
    Dick Cheney
    Donald Rumsfeld (is there a bigger ass?)

    These clowns make people long for Richard Nixon
    And locally they are just as big jerks.
    We don’t see many in NorCal but Southern Californian more than makes up for it.

    The local media acts like Republicans are still a respectable party in Cal — they are nothing but ankle-biters and bankrupt to boot (literally and figuratively) And I am still waiting for Republicans to apologize for the recall (costs millions) and the election of one of the most ridiculous public figures ever. He did nothing positive as governor and cost the state dearly in terms of money to pay for local government

    He totally screwed local governments in favor of his friends the car dealers and then tried to blame local pension agreements….while he took payments from weightlifting mags as gov until it was pointed out that it might be a conflict

    and James Rhodes (evil- Ohio) the governor who murdered college students and peaceful demonstrators — Republican

    And they just elected to Congress – a guy who while in public office lied to the public repeatedly. We only know about some of the lies but we know for sure it wasn’t his first or last lie

  26. rr – Yes, Tim Curry as Pennywise (the clown) did away with my Rocky Horror crush on him. The only King books I’ve read (in part) are Thinner, and, The Stand. With all of the really scary stuff in the world…

    Austin has its own, lovely aura. Some of the little, touristy towns are quite nice, too. I’ve lived in several states; Texas has seemed the most, um, unique, maybe because it is so big.

  27. “…three potentially life-supporting alien planets has caught the eye of Congress, which will hold a hearing about exoplanet discoveries today (May 9) on Capitol Hill.”

    Meanwhile, back on Earth…

    Interesting point about the cost of healthcare, in general.

    Heaven forbid they actually deal with that issue, either.

  28. I’ve lived in several states; Texas has seemed the most, um, unique,….

    blue, obviously you’ve never been to floriduh, the most uniquest of all.

  29. Blue… I didn’t know that was Tim Curry… I’ve never seen the movie. I love The Stand. It’s starts out in one of my favorite towns in southern Maine, Ogunquit. There used to be this really neat used bookstore there. I found a hardback copy of The Stand … I had to have it. Across the street was a place called Renee’s Cathouse… yup it sold cat stuff. Of course, I had to go there. Always had a great time talking to her and swapping stories about our cats. Alas… both places are gone now.

  30. So Boner just had a press conference and in typical goop fashion he doubled down on Benghazi….

    probably thinks pictures of Bill Clinton’s penis were being stored there

  31. A rapid segue, the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing a pair of birds whizzing by our front window. Today I confirmed that I have a nesting pair of bluebirds!

  32. Oh just got the word I have a second great-grandchild on the way. Brandy is being way too busy for my tastes.

  33. Patd,

    Thanks for linking that video and then quoting your favorite part (so no one would miss your point) of the lyrics at the ‘appropriate’ time. :)

    I just noticed there’s quite a few other ‘Screw You’ songs on line, but it’s fortunate you were able to find just the right one. A lot to choose from, but most notably one from Elton John. I can’t find a video (copyright stuff, since he’s such a big star), so I’ll link the lyrics (just click on his name above)…. you might like them too.

    “They said screw you
    Oh you bloody young fools
    I could get more sense
    Out of the back end of a mule”

    BTW, none of what I said was simply about, ummm…Texas. Never has been.

  34. Oh, hell with it. Here’s a musical one that’s close enough: httpv://

  35. Jake Tapper had on the insane mother of Sean Smith –she claimed he called her that day and said “he was afraid and no one cared” except for the fact that it’s a big fat lie

    Tapper is clearly Darryl Issa’s boyfriend and chief enabler
    He is in whole hog. CNN sucks worse than ever

  36. Cleveland just finished sweeping a four game series from Oakland in Cleveland. The stadium was virtually empty. :weep:

  37. Jamie… congrats!

    Flatus… I’ve noticed a lot of empty seats not only in baseball stadiums, but in basketball and hockey arenas as well… even in playoff games. I honestly think that it has to do with how much it costs to take a family to any sporting event and the economy. This recession has gone on too long and people seem to be holding on to their money. Can’t say that I blame them.

  38. it was actually king’s book THE SHINING against which I uttered that discouraging word…..never read any more of him….I can appreciate his skill and his success without being overly interested in what he has to say…

    I saw “Carrie” by mistake and though it was a good movie where the bullied sweet girl wreaks havoc and whatnot, I thought the Deus ex Firechina was a bit contrived.

  39. It was such a coincidence today that while hubby and I were at Chili’s having lunch, one of our favorite waiters there said he was going to go to Austin tomorrow and stay the weekend…said he’d never been there. I told him that Obama is there today, and he laughed and said: ‘Oh good… I’m glad I’m not going ’til tomorrow (and laughed, as we did). I kid you not.

    Maybe some of Obama’s stardust will rub on Mr. Good Hair… whatcha think?
    … oops, lost it. Dang.

  40. Ok. I’m done. Sorry, just been having so much fun. :)

    .. but honest, the waiter really did say that.

    (… not that it matters, but I’ve never voted Republican in my life)

  41. Congratulations, Jamie.

    With such a fast-growing caucus, your family must have a lot of political clout.

  42. I tried a Steven King book once. There were so many typos and awkward sentences that I quit after a couple pages. I can’t remember which opus it was, but clearly the proofer and copy editor were asleep at the switch.

    After reading 8 or 10 good to excellent Down Under detective novels by Arthur Upfield, I came across The Mystery of Swordfish Reef published in 1943. It too was a mess of typos. The publisher’s staff had probably all left to repel the Japanese. So they printed the first draft as is. Just a guess.

    Anywhat, there was no excuse for that sloppy book Steven King’s publisher fobbed off on me. I haven’t picked up a SK novel since.

  43. If you want a scary story, Marsh’s classic novella The Beetle is now available for free through The Gutenberg Project.

  44. Come on Chloe that man has to have cattle look at the way he wears his hat. He looks more Texan than Texas and he’s just a skinny Hywahyun.
    GWB wishes his hat looked as good.

  45. Jamie,
    I’m so happy for you!

    Love you and your posts.

    Your amazing and i love your posts. You tell it like it is and i so appreciate you.. Mr. Cracker is lucky. 😀

  46. Stewart Slams Republicans, They Target Hillary
    by Taylor Marsh

    REPUBLICANS want the mantle of national security they lost under George W. Bush back and they’re going to do anything, contort the facts, torture the what ifs, to make it happen.

    The reviews are in and Darrel Issa and the Republicans found nothing on Benghazi that could possibly come close to what Mike Huckabee and the Republican right hoped.

    Senator Marco Rubio wasted no time in hitting Clinton, whom he’s dreaming to take on in 2016. Rubio drills into the YouTube video, because it’s the only detail low information Republicans can grab on to and digest.

  47. Jace, I was so glad to read your post. Mine bothered me
    10 minutes after I posted it. I have no idea what made me take your comment that way. Maybe it was the mention of ms grace, but I actually have no grace for her. There area few things I’ll give her credit for, but she definitely drove that poor young mother to suicide.

    Jodi is scary, tho. Apparently she’s losing it now.

  48. The back tale on that photo courtesy Chloe @ 7:48 pm :

    Obama tells his fish story.

    rich peri believes it.

  49. Renee, Your republican clown was hilarious!

    I’m thrilled to hear so many people have issa’s number.
    He wanted to be our governor – HA!

    Patd. Thank you for Jan’s bluebird. I was jealous when Flatus said he has a nesting pair, and then you obliged.
    Years ago one of the tv stations up here in the bay area
    used to sign off at night with that exact performance.

    I have been playing a cd in my car re operettas, including the merry widow waltz by fritz wunderlich and
    velia by margit schramm. When I stop at a light or fast food, I don’t stifle the sound. I figure almost everyone needs to heargood music,

  50. nancy grace is a kind of commercial vampire or ghoul, making a fortune out of other people’s grief. She’s all righteous indignation in front of the camera, but she actually can’t wait to get her face in front of another lurid case.

    It’s pretty funny that she’s been caught faking interview footage.

  51. P.S. I started to read The Stand once. All I remember is that some disaster happened and some poor “hero”
    decided to head west. He met up with a few creatures
    and yada yada yada …. the foreshadowing was so boring
    I closed the book. end of story

  52. re jodi arias, Strange and wild things can happen in a trial, but they rarely do. Did anyone have any doubt that arias would go down ? This case was predictable. Unlike oj, or the case of the baby in the trunk, the arias case lacked dramatic conflict, suspense, twists, bizarre characters, gruesome details, and dark shadows. Had arias been 55years old and homely, the case would never have gotten to tv.

    arias alleged cold-blooded and creepy demeanor might have been the result of valium (or some other pacifier) prescribed to prevent anxiety or emotional outbursts. Being a defendant is stressful and maddening. The Defense often asks the client’s doctor for help in keeping the client calm.

  53. XR, Yes, I was afraid she might get manslaughter. One of her witnesses spewed an awful lot of soft talk about her, andI have no doubt that some people would have let her off. I saw her years ago and wondered then what would happen to her. I don’t think she wason valium because she has always had that demeanor. It never seems
    possible that one might actually meet someone like her, but I think I’ve crossed paths with a few of them.

    I don’t thin execution is right in this case, but it is a horrible sentence. We need bettr options.

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