The DC Scandal Factory

Jonathan Chait is making sense (New York Magazine):

Scandal is a powerful, yet weirdly amorphous term of art in politics. Conceptually, the division between a scandal and a mere controversy or flub or policy dispute is hard to define. It required a peculiar sequencing of events to transform what would on their own have been normal political controversies into the nebulous, all-encompassing Obama Scandals.

As is Noam Scheiber (New Republic):

It turns out that the applications the conservative groups submitted to the IRS—the ones the agency subsequently combed over, provoking nonstop howling—were unnecessary. The IRS doesn’t require so-called 501c4 organizations to apply for tax-exempt status. If anyone wants to start a social welfare group, they can just do it, then submit the corresponding tax return (form 990) at the end of the year. To be sure, the IRS certainly allows groups to apply for tax-exempt status if they want to make their status official. But the application is completely voluntary, making it a strange basis for an alleged witch hunt.

And Karen Tumulty (Washington Post):

If the spiraling events have set the White House off balance, it may be because Obama’s first term was largely free of scandal, which means his team has little experience in getting ahead of that kind of bad news. Bill Clinton, by contrast, was beset by contre­temps almost from the moment he took office. And as a result, his White House developed a separate internal operation for handling scandals — or anything that threatened to turn into one.

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  1. kgc was on to something with her

    It’s going to turn out the IRS problem is really Republican inspired — some country club gooper working at the IRS was trying to save the GOP from the Teapers

    since the so-called scandal was instigated during the irs reign of a bush appointee.

    add to that what noam said

    If anyone wants to start a social welfare group, they can just do it, then submit the corresponding tax return (form 990) at the end of the year.

    it’s obvious that the teapers puppetmeisters were trying to keep their names out of public scrutiny plus make the taxpayers pay for it

  2. “Barry” Obama reminds me of Jimmy Carter, in that they both came to Washington determined NOT to do things the way they are usually done in government and politics.

    They were both arrogant enough to believe they alone had the ability to “rise above” all of the backroom deal-making of ‘partisan politics.”

    They didn’t like traditional liberal Democratic political policies, and thought they could force Democrats to accept a whole series of “neo-liberal” compromises with the GOP.

    What they discovered was that, when they got in trouble, the Republicans attacked them and the Democrats just walked away and let them twist in the wind.

    Welcome to the real world, Barry.

  3. Patd:

    The IRS is understaffed and goes after the “low-hanging fruit,” middle and low-income individuals, small businesses, small organizations.

    It’s easier to bully them into paying because they can’t afford to hire good tax lawyers.

    IRS employees are evaluated on how much they collect. They probably picked the small Tea Party groups because they looked like easy targets.

  4. Nash… your 6:38… SPOT ON!

    And those same D.C. Democrats that are letting Obama twist are the ones that oh so wanted him… they so didn’t want that woman.

    If Hillary decides to run… she’ll show the lot of them what it really means to “have balls”…

  5. The GOoPers have certainly done Hillary a favor by airing out the “Ben Gozzy” mess now. Still, I think if Chris Christie is their nom (and I’m not sure they are smart enough to let that happen), he would beat Hillary.
    We heard the “inevitable” talk last time & it didn’t happen.

  6. All roads lead to Rome, but absolutely none lead to Obama?

    It could mean that there were intentional diversions to give him plausible deniability, or, maybe he is the worst manager ever.

  7. “… they alone had the ability to “rise above” all of the backroom deal-making of ‘partisan politics.”

    Are you kidding, Nash!?

    Obama was bought and paid for before he even took office! You don’t make it as high as that position without spending a ‘lot’ of time in backrooms… (…. granted, he may have pissed some of them off by now)’

    I love it… Clinton had a de-scandalizing internal operation set up almost immediately? The guy’s a genius (of course, that’s always been obvious).

    Too bad he has/had that ‘one’ little weakness.

  8. Nash’s post, I agree with you, RR, is on the money. Now how do we compare Griffin Bell with Eric Holder? I believe all of Holder’s missteps have cost Obama. Is Holder just a misguided dude without any political timing or arrogant about his personal agenda?

  9. IRS Has Long History of Political Dirty Tricks
    If you think the IRS’s targeting of Americans for their political views is something new, think again.

    Historians, tax lawyers, civil libertarians and past victims of abuse say the practice goes back to the Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy and FDR adminstrations, all of which reportedly used the agency as a weapon against political enemies.

    “We need to be careful, here,” cautions David Schuyler, professor of American Studies at Franklin & Marshall and editor of the book “Power to Destroy: The Political Uses of the IRS from Kennedy to Nixon…

    “Nobody has shown that Obama had anything to do with this. We do not know if that’s true or not. That’s one of the mysteries that undoubtedly will come to light…..”

  10. Boner wanted to know who was going to jail —

    he can go – he looks pretty good in orange

  11. Preakness is Saturday. Pretty small field for second leg of tripple crown and Orb has drawn the rail (not a good place to be). If anybody wants in, let me know. I”m going with Departing

    Horse Jockey Odds
    1 Orb Rosario Even
    2 Goldencents Krigger 8-1
    3 TitletownFive Leparoux 30-1
    4 Departing Hernandez 6-1
    5 Mylute Napravnik 5-1
    6 Oxbow Stevens 15-1
    7 Will Take Charge Smith 12-1
    8 Govenor Charlie Garcia 12-1
    9 Itsmyluckyday Velazquez 10-1

  12. I find the tax, subpoena and Benghazi “scandals” as laughable as Boner wanting to know who’s going to jail. Jail is the remedy for individuals who break the law. I was stuck in the car for a couple of hours yesterday and of course listened to MSNBC – Andrea Mitchell’s show early and the View / Martin Bashir later and heard a number of journalists note that the IRS followed the law as it was written (same for the subpoena scandal) and heard NO journalists identify any law broken by anyone. Selective enforcement is not a basis for criminal indictments unless the selective enforcement is based on a protected status of the target. A&&hole conservative is not a protected status.

    Will all of this keep Obama from being re-elected? Moot point. Will it play badly for Dems in the 2014 midterms? Ask me next November, but I don’t see it. Will it hurt Hillary’s 2016 chances? Only if the idiots can continue to smear her for 2 1/2 more years over security priorities that they think were wrong – and can enliven the ‘can’t base to go to the polls.

  13. Jamie…I will stick with Gov.Charlie. I hope he runs this time, but the odds may not be good enough for his owner.

  14. If Oxbow (my favorite incident) hadn’t faded in the home stretch, I’d be taking him. Alas, he faded. I think I’ll take Mylute – but only because of the jockey. I’d love to see a woman win one of the TC races – plus it’s her home track.

  15. Morning Joe just closed out with a commentary that as of next year half of the population of the US will be over 65 and commenting that it was a bad thing. Actually it isn’t, it is an amazing opportunity. If you can literally “retire” half the population and figure out how to afford it until they (including me) do the natural thing and die, you end up with a “right sized” younger work force for the work that needs to be done that hasn’t truly existed for almost a hundred years.

    This is the “baby boom” that needs to be passed for SS, medical care, jobs, etc to be brought in line. Pass on the experience and knowledge and get out of the way of the kids coming up.

    The trick will be caring for the elderly in a decent manner while educating the up and comers. If taxes are invested properly, this is actually a good thing. Anyone want to take bets on whether or not the old, creaky white codgers in Congress are up to the task?

    Okay now I’m depressed.

  16. Thanks Pogo…Reagan followed Carter and that is the fear of many. All of the scandal seems more like sucker punches than a knock-out on Obama.

    BTW, the global economy is starting to sag a bit more. We are not out of the crisis by any stretch of the imagination. Where are the can’ts? Sucker punching Obama in the back room.

  17. Jamie…the can’ts are finishing what Nixon started…the war on the counterculture (read Baby Boom generation).

    I remember dirty tricks on campus…quaaludes dumped on college campuses during the early 1970s to quell the rebellion and riots. Kent State murder by a national guard happened at this time. Just war on young people. And now we are ready to suck on Alan Simpson’s teats and I think he died or is almost ready to give-up the ghost!

  18. Who is going to jail?

    How about congress, for accepting their paychecks under false pretenses? Now that’s a scandal. :-)

  19. There aren’t any scandals yet…only Goopers hoping for one

    As always the real scandal is the media coverage of the events Jake Tapper doesn’t believe his own reporting what a total loser this clown is

  20. When the people who authored the Patriot Act, lied us into a war in Iraq, and aided and abetted the economic collapse, are all serving quality time in America’s overcrowded prisons, we’ll talk about who is going to jail. Until then STFU!

  21. Jamie… I was just thinking about the Preakness…
    I’ll stick with Itsmyluckyday. I’m sure Rick is sticking with Orb.

  22. I still see the problem as Holder and the alacrity Obama used in firing the acting headof the IRS…too bad Holder wasn’t fired for many of his scandals. BTW, Holder assures us this will never happen again at the IRS. The IRS attorney missed the key meeting on the rogue Ohio IRS employees. Why does he still have a job? I really do not trust Holder. He has had a war on dems instead of can’ts. He let the crooks of the GWB years take jobs at Faux News. He armed the cartel and prosecuted marijuana users and suppliers…something Obama promised would never happen. Dump Holder.

  23. BW,

    Holder was a poor pick from day one.

    The only person who didn’t know it was Obama.

  24. Now here’s something we should talk to Obamarama about

    the increase of sexual assaults in the military

  25. Jace when Holder offered to resign, Obama should have accepted. But, I doubt if that offer was real anyway. Holder probably wants to run for President. He wants Benghazi (Arabic for stop Hillary!), too!

  26. So, Obama wanted to look tough and fired an acting head who was quitting anyway. Dump Holder, instead…my continuing mantra!

    Yes, Holder is the Achilles heel. And foolishly, Obama thinks Trojans are birth control!

  27. BW,

    I don’t think presidents pick AGs for their law enforcement qualifications. I think that they pick people who will look the other way when the administration gets caught with hands in the cookie jar.
    Seems to be the primary job qualification these days.

    Obama couldn’t accept Holder’s resignation. He needed him too badly.

  28. Jace…a lot of times they pick friends, Griffin Bell, or family, Bobby Kennedy.

    Holder has no sense of justice or timing. I guess he makes the perfect AG.

  29. Jaime,

    Silly me.

    I haven’t picked a new horse yet, I have to consult my astrology reading.

  30. Hey Shrub wanted to have Joe RPieO for AG but Jan Brewer said she needed him more

  31. Ed Meese and Dick Thornburgh John Mitchell

    of course Janet Reno could take any of them I never really got her perhaps the Floridians can speak to that

  32. While Obama continues to scrape the poop off the bottom of his shoes, that old man is still waiting for his Meals on Wheels — cheatquestration continues. Unemployment has jumped this past month, the price of gas is rising and China is weakening. And the Cambodian factory that makes those colorful Asics has collapsed. Where are we going to get our shoes?

  33. All of this is a distraction from the fact that the Republican led house just cut food stamp money from the Farm Bill. Killing poor people by denying them proper nutrition…boy someone should go to jail for that ..right Boner?

    And it also hurts small farmers who finally in the last few years have been able to accept food stamps.

    The Republicans lied about facts in the Affordable Health Care Act saying medical care would be denied

    And here they are the Republican Congress acting as a death squad denying food to the poor. What did you have for dinner last night Mr Boner?

    Senator Gillibrand is leading the fight in the senate to get the money restored.

    Why do Republicans want to identify themselves with Nudie
    and picking on the poor is so 1980’s

  34. Obama runs his White House like the Mob (or his White House is run for him, like the Mob), delegating responsibility so thoroughly and effectively, that any culpability can be deflected to a surrogate. Only a dead hooker or a live boy will get the First Black President impeached, whether you’d like to admit that personally, or not.

  35. Or Iggy you could say, like Raygun, Obamarama is effective at delegating responsibility one doesn’t want to have a micro manager as President…that’s why we didn’t re-elect Jimmy dontchaknow

  36. I ain’t player-hatin’. That’s how I’d run my game, too. The “Who, me? President”, they’d call me.

  37. Obama said one of his role models was Raygun
    can you say Iran Contra

  38. Breaking News — I understand Obama continues to go against the grain and all of the White House toilet paper is hung the wrong way!!! Can’t investigation to follow.

  39. Yesterday, Blue posted about all of the smoke…that is the part of the republican’t smoke and mirrors to hide their contempt of anything decent for non-can’t Americans.

    They can’ts can’t handle the real issues of lack of food, health care, rape and sanity for vulnerable demographics. They turn their back and point at silly things. Amaze you with their shock and awe. The can’ts are still dead to me as a political choice. I think they are trying to kill me and many like me. They like to cheat, rig the game…only Great Americans need to apply.

  40. Like they said on Morning Joe, “Seventy is the new fifty.”

    Yeah, if you’re in the corner office.

  41. BW
    in regard to the TP issue
    Jake the cat firmly believes that toilet paper was created as a cat toy. That is why all the TP in our house is the wrong way because Jake can turn TP the right way into a pile of TP on the floor waiting to be shredded. And , boy can he shred TP, don’t leave a roll laying on the floor for him.


  42. On pot, Obama’s be a dick from the start. They had those town hall meeting and the pot people did everything right to get on the agenda and Obama gave them the hand wave

    He was STOOOPID and still is about this issue. Coulda saved a lot of money, a lot of money and gained a lot of friends but no he was willing to sell out the issue rather then take a few short-term hits. I guess we are still waiting for him to evolve on this issue. I’m sure we will all be grateful when it happens

    I never liked him* and certainly not one thing he has done as president has impressed me.

    *As always I prefer him over ANY Republican and to be fair my original first choice was johnedwards

  43. Jake is a smart cat and knows a good toy when he see one!

    The can’ts want to appoint a special toilet paper prosecutor . He will leave no facts behind and wipe-up all the small details.

    Today’s scandals are just another toilet paper witch hunt by the can’ts!

  44. Jack…I have always wondered why someone didn’t invent a toilet paper cat toy. Our human dispensers are just the correct height and any thing that rolls is of great interest to a cat. A finite roll of cloth with catnip might work…be good for the nails.

  45. So the real point of the Scheiber article is that the Tea Party did not need to apply for tax exempt status unless they knew they were doing something illegal and wanted the IRS okay ahead of time before they did it.

  46. Craig…
    it looks like Itsmyluckyday has changed jockeys… John Velazquez will be riding him for the Preakness.

    cats and toilet paper… a match made in heaven…

  47. omg now the marshall’s service has lost two terrorists who were in the witness protection program WTF

  48. Think I have everyone so far. Let me know of additions or changes

    Trailmixer Horse Jockey Odds

    1 Rick, Orb, Rosario, Even
    2 Open, Goldencents, Krigger, 8-1
    3 Titletown Five, Leparoux, 30-1
    4 Jamie, Departing, Hernandez, 6-1
    5 Pogo, Mylute, Napravnik, 5-1
    6 Oxbow, Stevens, 15-1
    7 EdVB, Will Take Charge, Smith, 12-1
    8 Blond Wino, Govenor Charlie, Garcia, 12-1
    9 Renee, Craig, Dave B., Itsmyluckyday, Velazquez, 10-1

  49. So, they agree about something and the only thing that will matter in the end is money. If only someone could make vegetarianism the most profitable way to go.

    “Animal rights activists argue that killing animals without stunning them first causes unnecessary suffering to the animals. Jewish and Muslim leaders strongly disagree…”

    “…industry leaders warn that millions of euros and thousands of jobs could be lost if Poland doesn’t re-legalize religious slaughter…”

    “Kosher and halal meat exports have grown between 20 and 30 percent per year in recent years as the largely agricultural country has capitalized on its low labor costs…”

  50. Jamie, if pogo is willing to share the glory, put me down for #5 mylute.

    Too bad he has/had that ‘one’ little weakness.

    chloe, how do you know it’s little?

    I don’t think presidents pick AGs for their law enforcement qualifications. I think that they pick people who will look the other way when the administration gets caught with hands in the cookie jar.

    jace, none of the above comment applied to janet who was elected four times state attorney in the huge miami dade district (not known for nambypambyness). according to a st pete times editorial

    “Reno’s reputation as a state attorney, the foundation for her eight years as the nation’s attorney general and her [2002] candidacy for governor of Florida, was built in significant part by her aggressive prosecution of three sensational child abuse cases in Miami-Dade County.

    plus ethics is her middle name. her motto stated many times was “do right”

  51. sorry, that motto according to

    Doing the Right Thing, a Biography of Janet Reno, by Paul Anderson

    is “do the right thing”

  52. Somehow I have the feeling that I’m the only person around here who has never tried cannabis in any of its myriad forms. I just took 60mg of prednisone out of desperation in anticipation of a very painful trip to Michigan starting tomorrow; I suspect I may have been better off, in the long run, with some other med.

  53. Somehow I have the feeling that I’m the only person around here who has never tried cannabis in any of its myriad forms.

    Flatus… it’s no big deal, IMO. It can help some people with pain… but it mostly just makes one tired and hungry.

    Sorry about the painful upcoming trip… be as well as you can be.

  54. As with many beneficial herbs, pot interacts differently with different people. It’s nothing for some people and the best thing ever for others. It makes some people very paranoid. And some others very horny and in a few cases paranoid and horny (stay away from them) There are now case studies showing hash oil gets rid of cancer.

    For pain, if you have access to medical marijuana, some pot has been bred for the pain parts with the get stoned parts diminished. Eating it is totally different from smoking it. There are now vaporizers so no smoke to speak of.

    If you have chronic pain and the drugs you take for pain management are debilitating — try pot.

  55. KC, I agree with you and Cohen re: pot. Tremendous waste of law enforcement, judicial and penal resources. Cohen should introduce a bill or two about it – but in TN he’d prolly lose his seat if he did.

    Andrew Weil wrote a book back in 1974 – The Natural Mind – that is a wonderful book on drugs and consciousness. I read it, Celia Green’s book on out of body experiences and Tales of Power by Carlos Casteneda at about the same time. Made for an interesting semester.

  56. Considering the basis for the pot laws was to be able to harass blacks and Hispanics that should be enough of a reason to get rid of the laws

  57. I hate Republicans they have nothing to offer so they crap all over other people’s stuff

  58. Flatus…
    I think I misunderstood the intent of your post. I thought you were lamenting not being with the “in” crowd concerning pot. If it was a plea concerning your pain, I apologize.

  59. Thank you all. Forthwith, I’m going to have a snifter of brandy—brandy that has been ‘resting’ in a bed of wild ginseng. Maybe the next time I go to the pain clinic at the Medical College Georgia, I’ll volunteer to be a subject in a peer reviewed study. That will force me to be around for at least eighty more years.

  60. ruth marcus also makes sense

    the current scandal obscures — and, ironically, threatens to prevent action on — another, equally corrosive failure on the part of the IRS when it comes to scrutinizing political groups.

    This less-noticed scandal is the mirror image of the one dominating the front page. It’s not that the IRS has been too tough on such groups — it’s that the agency has been too lax. Groups on the right and left have taken advantage of the tax laws to intervene in elections while hiding their donors from public view.

  61. Re this military scandal one thing has surprised me and that is that the news folk seem to think this might be some sort of new development. Maybe it was spending early years on or near military bases, but there were always certain “assumptions” made about women’s services.

    Others here would have to tell me if they heard the same thing and if it is only that more and more women are in closer proximity to the men in authority rather than officers over women principally being women.

    First a large percentage of military women would be lesbian.

    Second depending on the service for those who weren’t, the following was said:

    BAM’s – Broad Assed Marines

    Join the Navy and ride the Waves

    Join the Army and lay the WAACs on the Floor

    The sexuality was always assumed. What seems different is the violence and degradation in the shaming and denial of assistance.

  62. Jake Tapper proved his own Ben Cozzi theory wrong so he has dropped the subject completely no gee whiz I sure blew that

    and now he’s breaking another non-story

  63. Renee
    Nothing to apologize for. I’m one of the people who is routinely asked if I need more medication. The answer is yes. But, since I know what arrows they have in their quivers, I reply, “no”. So, based on today’s feedback, I’ll do about ten day’s worth of pred, skip thinking about pot, see if the anesthesiologists have developed anything new, and enjoy a periodic brandy. Sound like a plan?

  64. Jamie, I think those lesbian stereotypes went out in the early 70s when the women’s auxiliary branches were fully integrated into the regular forces. Unfortunately, the boys weren’t men enough to recognize that these were their sisters who were to serve on a coequal basis–that you don’t put your hands on your sister, or any woman.

  65. I’m going to re-link the best thing I’ve ever read regarding sexism in the Military — it hits the nail squarely on the head.

    WASHINGTONThe Pentagon’s sexual assault crisis will be solved only when troops treat sexist remarks with the same disdain as racial slurs, the officer in charge of preventing the crime told USA TODAY Tuesday.

    It’s the climate of dignity and respect where there are no instances where sexual harassment, sexist behavior, sexual assault are tolerated,” Patton said. “How will we know when we get there? We’ll know when we get there when a sexist remark is treated with the same absolute disdain and visceral response as a racist slur is today in the military. We have a ways to go to get to that point. But that is when we’ll know we’re there when that degree of culture change takes place.”

  66. “The “Who, me? President”, they’d call me.”

    LOL, Champ.
    I always say ‘wuzn’t me’ and have never met a kid who didn’t make that their motto either. :)

    (.. had that license plate once a very long time ago, before we moved here)

  67. KGC says: “he was willing to sell out the issue rather then take a few short-term hits

    …. no pun intended, I assume? :)

  68. “chloe, how do you know it’s little?”

    LOL at you too, Pat! (I should have known you’d catch that). I was just remembering how I always thought his job performance was a lot more important than his personal life…

  69. Or, Chloe, some things are sexual without being sexist. And, soldiers are at that age where their sexuality, or unavoidable lack thereof, consumes much of their personal and group thoughts.

    Here’s the scenario. Eleven soldiers, eight male and three female are in Afghanistan. Most are married. All are horny. All are in the same workgroup.

    I’ll express it in terms of being in Vietnam.

    In Vietnam, much of our off-duty conversation would revolve around the topic of, “Once I get back to the World, will I close the door before I jump my mate, or leave it open?”

    That scenario/question works just as well whether the returnee is male, female, single, gay, etc.

    There was no sexual innuendo expressed or implied. It was barracks banter at its best.

  70. Flatus

    I realize they were stereotypes. It just surprised me that the news types didn’t seem to realize that they existed. My son went in to the service in 1979. He was always told “There is only one color – green” and “There is only one sex – soldier”. I will spare you the swear words involved of what he thinks about men who abuse women.

  71. Kumcho met me at the Cleveland airport. They let her run out on to the ramp to greet me. I thought she was going to jump me! This was just before Christmas of 1966.

  72. Makes sense, Flatus. Possibly complicates things a little for those that can’t see the difference… I don’t know. I assure you I do know that sexist and sexual are two different things…. and think you set up a very good scenario to point out the difference.

    I wasn’t really thinking about just the Military. I loved that the gist of what he was saying was about ‘equality’.

    What I was envisioning was the culture change he mentioned that needs to take place… in our country as a whole. The way Hillary was treated in the first primary back in ’08 was a real eye opener.

  73. “They let her run out on to the ramp to greet me. I thought she was going to jump me! This was just before Christmas of 1966.”

    Flatus, I’m so happy for you… that you have those wonderful, vivid memories of Kumcho. Love like that gets you through a lifetime and beyond.

    You and Kumcho have been a real inspiration.

  74. I’ve been mentioning some of the back care woes. What is fortunate is that I live in the state of Washington. Some of the stories from others here are just heartbreaking. May I suggest you move if possible.

    This is available to every single citizen in the state. There are different non profit groups running the clinics throughout the state, but this one is mine. They are all tied into the state wide hospital system. I’ve never seen better, and the hospitals all have valet parking :-)

  75. I just saw a PPP poll on tweetys show that shows the top 4 cants virtually tied in a 2016 primary context. Rand Paul is among them with Jebbie. Really? If RP is in the top tier, I like the dems’ chances.

  76. The current speculating and even the reporting on the so-called scandals reminds me a lot of the media’s performance during swiftboat. They enabled the swiftboat liars by pretending “they just didn’t know the truth”

    That is what is happening now. Even when everything is laid out – by the next story.segment the host/reporter either pretends he didn’t hear the truth or remember it.

    Erin Burnout has two looks simper and smirk. And the Republicans are still letting Michelle Bachmann speak for them. They remain hypocritical assholes who win when nothing gets done

  77. Since this is so late it might not be read so, I warn you, I might re-post it.

    KGC, Your post re the community health centers are the ones written re on the aarp magazine that I posted for
    BW, hoping it might be helpful for her. She hasn’t commented on that so maybe she missed it. I hope she caught your link.

    I love Ezra Klein and David Cay Johnson and really enjoyed the links.

    Lawrence kinda disagrees with Johnson. He says the law
    reads that an org must be exclusively non-political, and not primarily. Apparently someone took it upon his/her
    self to change the word arbitrarily. The only other person who appears to realize is Carl Levin, who has been after the irs to do something about it. Hmmm.

    You guys had me really freaked out yesterday with the anti-O tones. I am glad that O beat mitty. I do not want Christie to be prez – he is entertaining, but also
    pro-life (because his church insists on it!!!) and he has gone against some infra-structure chances. That party could not nominate a candidate I would vote for, unlike tweety who has been talking up Christie. I would have thought everyone here would feel the same way. Iknow most of you don’t care for me or my opinions, but this is not about me.

    You have to assume the repugs are scanning this blog and they would love to read discontent.

    Jamie, I would like to pick Governor Charlie if I haven’t
    blotted my copybook too badly/

  78. BTW, I meant to add thatI re-read that last post am satisfied with andstand by it/

  79. The Ripper Sweepstakes

    1T sanctum sanctorum, marco rubio, rant pol, jeb babybabybush
    5 pol ryan
    6 darryl issa
    7 the huckster
    8 the muckster
    9 nude grinch
    10T anode schwartzenegger, mark sanford
    12 christ christie

  80. Toss in scott walker for a dirty baker’s dozen. If only he’d hint at running, walker would be 7th, right under darryl issa.

    I see a big pool of tadpoles running for president.

  81. The Democrats Hair and Toupee Pulling Contest

    1. Clinton
    2. Biden
    3. Webb

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