Kerry vs. ‘Middle East’s Hysterical Hypochondriacs’

That headline caught my attention this morning, and the column by Haaretz blogger Chemi Shalev makes sense, but I draw a different conclusion. With vested interests against peace on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict why is Kerry wasting the jet fuel talking to them? kerryplane

“The cynical know-it-alls in Jerusalem and Ramallah are united in their disdain for the naively persistent Secretary of State. I know who I’m rooting for. … Everyone else seems to believe that Kerry is wasting his time and efforts on a spectacular exercise in futility. Like a diplomatic Energizer bunny, Kerry runs from capital to capital, wide eyed and bushy tailed, taxing everyone’s patience by talking of avenues and possibilities and peace. … I, on the other hand, think that Kerry is a breath of fresh air, a welcome respite from the tired and weary and depressing naysayers who have made a shrine out of stalemate and a temple out of deadlock and a cathedral of the status quo.”– Chemi Shalev

64 thoughts on “Kerry vs. ‘Middle East’s Hysterical Hypochondriacs’”

  1. Thought it was just me but it is slow.

    There are no honest brokers in the middle east.
    Just the same tired assortment of retreads that have grudges that predate the Hatfields and McCoys by about 2000 years
    I wish Kerry luck, but suspect that he will come away as broken, confused and dispirited as his predecessors.

  2. With the current foment in that corner of the ME, I don’t perceive it being in Israel’s interest to appear willing to negotiate away any of its perceived strength vis-à-vis everybody else.

    Kerry should jump on the save-our-fuel bandwagon in the spirit of sequestration.

  3. “Thought it was just me but it is slow.”

    Jace, it is just you. It has never been faster. I lie.

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  5. Quite frankly I’m at the stage of

    1. Call the allies and tell them to get out
    2. Bring all our service and diplomatic people home
    3. Give Israel and Jordan anything they want to blow up anyone they want.
    4. Get out of the way and let them clean up the mess.

  6. Jamie, looks good. Pls consider adding:

    5.Tell Russia, be nice and we’ll make you whole when the dust settles.

  7. Might add #6

    Tell China they should officially take over their half of Korea. At least the lights would go on.

  8. I’ve been the “Middle East Peace Process” since the 1960s and the one constant is that, over time, things always get worse.

    I agree with the view that Kerry is wasting his time.

  9. Jamie,

    I’d prefer giving NK to the Québécois instead of the Chinese. The latter would open too many scabs from the last two millennia. Perhaps ownership of nuclear weapons in Pakistan?

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  11. Jace,

    The Bush administration isn’t the only group that played the media like a violin. Maybe you’ve forgotten how well Obama’s team used them in ’08 and well beyond?

    Lets look at what’s going on now and let History straighten out the past…. eventually. I’m not forgetting who got us into this war…. but right now I’m more interested in hearing about how we get out.

    The sound bites I hear tell me nothing. And why not nit-pick the politicians for any perceived wrong doings (regardless of who they are), no matter how small. That’s the only way we can do any house cleaning and the only way we can find out the truth of what’s really going on and maybe even discourage some of the dishonest behavior in the future.

    Watch them like hawks and let the truth come out, where ever it takes us. It’s all about moving forward in a smart way, and I’ve seen no sign of that at this point.

    Everything you said is true… it’s good conversation, but where does it take us?

  12. “Thought it was just me but it is slow.”

    Jace, it is just you. It has never been faster. I lie.


    LOL. Given my profound lack of technical prowess, it might well have been that I was just slow. It’s been known to happen. :-)

  13. “…. the one constant is that, over time, things always get worse.”

    Truer words, Nash. True words.

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  19. 1. There’s not much sense in talking until the dust settles.

    2. Jamie’s plan looks okay to me, too. I don’t think Jordan would like it much though. The saudis would cut off their allowance.

    3. Kerry Go Home! It would save a few bucks and get just as much accomplished.

  20. Jamie, anywhere near your neck of the woods? today’s cbsnews story

    No deaths as partial bridge collapse sends vehicles plunging into Washington state river

    Dan Sligh and his wife were in their pickup truck on Interstate 5 heading to a holiday weekend barbecue when a bridge before them disappeared in a “big puff of dust.”

    “I hit the brakes and we went off,” Sligh told reporters from a hospital, adding he “saw the water approaching … you hold on as tight as you can.”

  21. bbc story for flatus

    Two South Korean women who were forced into sexual slavery during World War II have cancelled a planned meeting with Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto.

    Mr Hashimoto drew international criticism last week when he said that the “comfort women”, were “necessary” for Japan’s wartime troops.

    The two women were worried the meeting would be “politically exploited”.

    Japan forced an estimated 200,000 women to become prostitutes for troops during the war.

  22. XR

    Jordan treats its women a little better. I was hoping if they had enough things that go boom that they could spank the Saudis, Iraq, Iran, and Syria while turning the whole area into an adjunct to the Dubai playground. Great race track in Dubai.

  23. Basically the whole highway system constructed under Eisenhower needs to be completely redone but that would require Congress to spend money on things that would create jobs and make life better for the general public instead of their campaign supporting corporations.

  24. Jamie, whataya wanna bet they’ll propose privatizing the bridges and highways.
    that’s kinda what they’ve offered noah: use private run satellites for their warning system.

  25. gopers can’t see that paying tolls to corps is the same as taxes. no profit in it for them.

  26. Chloe,

    Your 9:12 pm is spot on.

    Indeed the Obama administration has played the press when it suited their purposes, but in far too many instances the press has been a willing accomplice.

    I am certainly no military historian, but it does seem to me that in most cases getting out of a war is a far more difficult proposition than getting into it in the first place. During the run up to the Iraq war the voices that cautioned about this very thing were effectively drowned out, not only by the Bush administration but by the press as well.

    As for Obama’s conduct of national security matters,I can only say that some of his actions cause me serious concern. However presidents are usually reluctant to give up any of the prerogatives, powers, and precedents, handed them by their predecessors. In this Obama is no different. The patriot act would be a case in point. It should have never have been passed in the first place, but it is highly unlikely that any president will ever make any serious attempt to repeal it.
    We do actually nit-pick our politicians for any perceived wrong doings. So much so in fact that we can no longer determine what constitutes a serious breech of trust, and what is simply a trivial side show.
    We no longer have a sense of proportionality, about such matters.
    In my opinion there are two scandals going on in Washington right now. One is sequester, which is a case of congress very simply failing to do their job and carry out the work that they were elected to do.

    The second is Obama’s targeting of various members of the press in an attempt to gather information and to stop leaks. This one in particular deserves a special prosecutor. It is simply unacceptable in any realm, for any reason, including national security. The IRS and Benghazi are nothing more than bright shiny objects designed to divert our attention.

    I don’t know where the conversation takes us, but absent the conversation we go nowhere.

  27. Hummmmm, seems Obama gave speech yesterday.

    From James Fallows blog at The Atlantic web site

    All these issues remind us that the choices we make about war can impact – in sometimes unintended ways – the openness and freedom on which our way of life depends. And that is why I intend to engage Congress about the existing Authorization to Use Military Force, or AUMF, to determine how we can continue to fight terrorists without keeping America on a perpetual war-time footing…

    So I look forward to engaging Congress and the American people in efforts to refine, and ultimately repeal, the AUMF’s mandate. And I will not sign laws designed to expand this mandate further. Our systematic effort to dismantle terrorist organizations must continue. But this war, like all wars, must end.

  28. Jack,
    That column you linked tempts me to believe there may be some hope! It also linked to this other article (regarding the same speech):

    Obama the Idealist vs. Obama the Terrorist Killer

    “Our laws constrain the power of the President, even during wartime, and I have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States,” President Obama said in a speech Thursday at the National Defense University. Obama’s role as defender of the Constitution has been subject to justified criticism recently, with the rise of the secretive drone war in Pakistan and elsewhere. Obama took belated steps to address those concerns. And he did more: He committed himself to a legal path to ending the current “war” with the Taliban, and vowed not to allow Congress to expand it.

    There seem to be two Obamas: the public idealist who seeks to harness and fulfill American ideals, and the tight-lipped commander in chief who asks the nation to trust him. The two dueled uneasily in the speech, but the advantage goes to the idealist.”

    …. If he makes a systematic effort to remove the AUMF, we’ll see a president voluntarily laying down not only the nation’s arms, but his own.

  29. “I don’t know where the conversation takes us, but absent the conversation we go nowhere”.

    Jace, you’re an intelligent combination of interesting, open minded, kind and caring. Throw in how funny you can be as well as being a loyal, loving family man…. you’re one of the really good guys.

  30. If Obama gives up the powers he derives from the Patriot Act I will be extremely impressed. No president has willingly given up waqr powers since Harry Truman in 1945. That’s 68 years of presidents claiming and clutching dictatorial power on the battlefront. In the cases of babybush and Obama the battle front has been planet earth.

  31. Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow together.
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    She also sang one with Kid Rock

  32. Dar Al Issa is constantly starting false rumors about Obamacitis, and the media goes crazy.

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  34. “Talk is cheap, especially when it’s an Obama speech.”

    What was I thinking?… (temporary insanity, on my part). He was reading what someone else wrote off the teleprompter and telling people what they wanted to hear. Of course!

    The guy reporting on the speech did a good job though… he seemed to believe O: I’ll blame my lapse in judgment on that guy. (There goes my flicker of light….. way overdue for an extended vācā)

  35. The patriot act would be a case in point. It should have never have been passed in the first place, but it is highly unlikely that any president will ever make any serious attempt to repeal it.

    jace, only a congress can repeal the (un)patriot act, a prez might try ignoring or not making use of it (at his own peril of impeachment for nonfeasance perhaps).
    and what are the chances of the current congress, who can’t even agree to pass what we desperately need, agreeing to take away what we certainly don’t need?
    add to that their hatred of this particular prez and their kneejerk reaction to reject anything he proposes.

  36. “how costly is silence?”

    He’d promise the moon, but he still has 2 years of speeches to make, and has to save something.

  37. Aw, man, I just composed a brilliant post, hit “submit”, and it was promptly lost to the ether. Maybe it wasn’t so brilliant, after all.

    That’s my first lost comment, ever, by the way, Mr. Host.

  38. Aw, man. That one took, and not the brilliant one? C’mon, Network Solutions; I’m on a network, and I need a @$#%&@$#%@&$g solution!

  39. “The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.”

    Salvador Dalí

  40. and then there’s

    I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

    Mark Twain

  41. This morning’s WSJ had an interesting article about Kenny Chesney’s production machine. Factoid: it takes 65-buses and semis to move/house his production team. BIG bucks.

  42. Another Journal article indicated that oil purchasers were declining to fund a major Texas to California pipeline in favor of rail transport which offers much greater purchasing/market flexibility. Buffett, the old fox, knew what he was doing.

  43. Ignex @ 12:46 pm :”Talk is cheap, especially when it’s an Obama speech.”

    Prolly so. However, if Obamais serious about down-sizing his republican-created war powers, the republicans will fight fang and claw to make him keep them.

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