Nuke the Filibuster

Juan Williams is making sense

With the July 4 recess over, the fireworks now begin for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In the next month, the Nevada Democrat’s legacy as leader will be set with a decision on the so-called “nuclear option.” … Time is running out for Reid to get any political value from calling for a vote to blow up the current 60-vote requirement to end filibusters. At the end of the month, the August recess will arrive and then comes September and the start of the Congress’ transition to the 2014 campaigns, further draining any remaining momentum from Obama’s reelection victory. … What has been idle talk about the nuclear option is now at a boiling point, despite concern that Republicans might win a majority in the Senate in 2014 and punish Democrats with a right-wing agenda, including pushing anti-abortion legislation and repealing ObamaCare. … The GOP has been so flagrant in advertising its winning obstructionist strategy that Reid is at risk of going into the history books as a feckless leader.

— Juan Williams, The Hill

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    File this under ‘things that would not post yesterday’ :-)

  2. faire, we were about to send out the coast guard for you. glad to see you (and you too, jace) back on the trail. next will be the inevitable flood out for mqw on the rivers. as they say, keep your powder dry.

  3. Republicans may well win the Senate in 2014 with or with out filibuster reform. If such is the case Obama will not have a single appointment confirmed during his last two years. The window of opportunity is open now, and he better get as many judges and directors in place as he can.
    As for the great republican wet dream of over turning Obamacare, I don’t see the republicans ever having a large enough majority to override a veto.

    Note to sitting supreme court justices: if you are thinking about retiring. Do it soon.

  4. I feel like the Dos Equis man: I don’t comment often, but when I do, it’s always on Craig Crawford’s Trailmix! Glad you’re back! And glad that you had such a wonderful time in Mass!

  5. If some of those rivers get any higher, MQW might do well to start looking for an ark.

  6. Craig,

    You have been too hard on our Monarch brethren across the pond. If they were stuck with a senate like ours, they would simply dissolve it. God knows this senate could stand a damn good dissolving! :-(

  7. Jace, I hope you (and Grieg) forgive me for adding this jazzed-up version of Solveig’s Sound.


  8. Hey everybody
    Just to catch up
    The wife took off for a weeks vacation last week, wrote up a long list of things she wanted to accomplish and I got most of them done with a promise to finish them while she is at work this week.
    We got another parrot, his name is Kiki. He is a supposed rescue from a bad home, or at least that is the story. (kept in his cage in a dark room with little stimulation as his owner sat in front of the TV and smoked like a chimney) That is not the bird we inherited.

    Things we have learned over the last week. Kiki believes all food should be white either that or very sweet, the sweeter the better. If you have food on your plate you are supposed to share. (nobody spoiled that bird) The sharing should include beer, wine , margaritas and rum&coke.
    Kiki loves all the food that the doctor says he shouldn’t have and hates all the healthy food. He is a good fit for this world. If we would just fire up a cigarette he would be in heaven.

  9. As to the subject of the day. I’ve never heard reform and Harry Ried in the same sentence. Un less it was with the phrase”blocking reform” or something similar. We are not going to see reform until the Dems elect a different leader and they seem quite happy with him. So all this reform talk is just that, talk.
    The wife has a Ghandi quote in her email sig file.
    “Actions express priorities”
    I believe this should be applied in this case and lets not discuss the blabbering of Senators for the people back home.

  10. My parakeets all liked peas. Thawed frozen peas, or slightly cooked, and then cooled, fresh peas. Red grapes were popular. Bananas not so much. They didn’t like stuff that was so sweet it would stick to their feet or faces. Toast and unsalted crackers were populars. So were unsalted sunflowers and fresh spinach or romaine.

  11. Jack, Try plain korean/japanese rice–seems as if the beast prefers cooked. oh, well. Toucan live as cheap as Juan.

  12. With the Prez and the Dem Senate and House all sitting well to the right of Goldwater, I don’t expect either filibuster reform or happy days. However, I doubt that the Prez will name a Supreme as bad as scalia, thomas, alito, roberts, or kennedy. We could use Fringold, more Harkin, and the Second coming of Wellstone.

  13. I’m absolutely shocked by the Asiana crash at SFO. Up to this point, Asiana was my trans-Pacific airline of choice–the best since PanAm folded their wings. It’s back to Delta.

  14. Nuke is ‘overkill’ for anything as pathetically small as the congress much less the senate.

    Blaming the filibuster, though, strikes me as farmer blaming the manure she’s using as fertilizer.

  15. I regret to say the Peace Navy may have been disqualified for breaking rules — but we had fun anyway
    No alcohol, no drugs and no fireworks and the Navy went three for three

  16. Admiral Mr. Cracker and Admiral Katherine Graham Cracker of the Russian River Peace Navy

  17. Rick’s mom passed away peacefully this morning.
    May she rest in peace.

  18. from bbc

    Nasa’s Curiosity Mars rover has finally begun the long drive to its primary mission destination – Mount Sharp.

    For the past seven months, it has been investigating a site just east of its August 2012 touchdown point, drilling rocks and analysing their composition.

    But scientists have now decided it is time for Curiosity to get rolling.

    On Friday, engineers commanded the vehicle to make an 18m drive. On Monday it travelled 40m. It will however take many months to reach Mount Sharp

  19. Renee,

    I am sorry for your family’s loss. You were very lucky to have her in your life, as she was to have you in hers.

  20. My thoughts are with you and Rick, Renee. Wishing you peace and wonderful memories.

  21. thank you for all of your thoughts and wishes…
    here’s picture of both Rick’s mom and dad taken at a restaurant while celebrating his mom’s 82nd birthday.
    Her name was Constance… his name is Ed.

  22. As you can see from her picture… she was noted for her beautiful white hair. Her most favorite word was “family”.
    She was a huge Red Sox fan. She got to see 2 of her grandchildren have children of their own. And she got to see the Red Sox win the World Series twice.

    She will be well missed.

  23. So sorry, Renee. May she rest in peace and may Light Perpetual shine upon her. Our (Randy’s and mine) thoughts and prayers are with you, Rick & family.

  24. Renee

    Thanks for sharing, You, Rick and your family are in my thoughts today.


  25. There was a major crude oil train derailment and explosion a bit west of here on Saturday morning. It has been so devastating to the town and environs. So sad.

  26. Renee, So sorry for Ricks and your loss and hope Ricks dad is getting through this OK, as well as both of you. Thanks for posting the picture.

  27. OMG Trayvon Martin smoked pot he must have killed George Zimmerman …oh wait the creepy ass cracker is still around
    if anything pot makes you less likely to fight

    what a pile of poop

  28. When others were talking about the royal baby’s name here, someone mentioned Diana’s name as a possibility — that idea sounded like a good one, so as to honor Diana by naming her first grand daughter after her. Can’t guarantee this article is right (there have even been reports that she doesn’t know the sex yet… huh?). The article mentioned that it would have been a bolder choice to have chosen Diana’s name first in sequence, but I do see William and Kate as being very traditional. I’m sure that’s just the way the royals want them to be.

    “The future potential queen will be called Elizabeth Diana Carole Mountbatten-Windsor

    The three names honor Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II; his mother Princess Diana; and Kate’s mother Carol. Hollywood Life notes Carol is also the Latin variation of Charles, so William’s father gets some respect too, either on purpose or by serendipity. Kate’s mother’s middle name is also Elizabeth.

    It would have been a bolder choice if the couple had chosen to put Diana’s name first in the sequence, given Diana’s unfortunate death. Since the girl very well may be crowned queen one day, giving her the name Elizabeth honors the royal family’s history.”

  29. the prosecution may not be as theatrical as the defense but they also haven’t overstepped in the same way

  30. Jack,
    Kiki and I would get along beautifully. We like the same foods (minus the cigarettes and booze for me though)! :)

    Glad you two got another parrot and am hoping to see a picture soon… as well of one of your new pup (if I’m remembering correctly, you got one a while back (?))

  31. We’re sorry about your loss, Renee. Please, pass our comndolences to Ed and Rick, also.

  32. My neighbor’s parrot, a wiseacre named Paris, could open beer cans with his beak. Paris didn’t drink, and Paris’ room mate had been on the wagon for decades.

    I want my next parrot to be able to open wine bottles and serve. As a matter of fact, I’d like him to do the shopping, too.

  33. Renee,
    So sorry for Rick and yourself as well as the rest of the family.. MY what a loss.. Thanks for the picture of Ricks mom, lovely..

  34. from espn

    …in Maranhao, Brazil, last Sunday. According to reports, referee Otavio Jordao da Silva fatally stabbed footballer Josenir dos Santos Abreu.

    Dos Santos Abreu is believed to have struck the referee after questioning a decision. In retaliation, Jordao da Silva stabbed the player.

    Having witnessed the incident, an outraged group of spectators turned on the referee. He was tied up, beaten, stoned and quartered. They then put his head on a stake and planted it in the middle of the pitch.

  35. Tylenol,
    Amazing pictures from Toronto. I live across the lake and so far the winds have kept that blob o’deluge from descending upon us.

  36. Renee

    Came in late to the news of the pass in Constance. My deepest sympathies to you and Rick. May the memories of a life well lived give you comfort.

  37. Ditto all, RR.

    Mr. KGC looks like a cool dude.

    I’m taking all the heat in your absence, Jack. I’m not as good at that “grin, duck, and run” routine. It could be that I run in the wrong direction.

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