Mars Rover Begins Road Trip

First Leg of Long Trek Toward Mount Sharp
First Leg of Long Trek Toward Mount Sharp “NASA’s Curiosity has set out on its first big road trip, a long journey that will traverse miles of Red Planet scenery over the course of the next year or so. The 1-ton Curiosity rover took its first steps toward the foothills of Mount Sharp — a mysterious mountain that rises 3.4 miles (5.5 kilometers) into the Red Planet sky. … It is the rover’s ultimate science destination; the mission team wants Curiosity to climb up through the mountain’s foothills, reading the Red Planet’s history like a book as it goes.”

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  1. We need to make Curiosity a Trail Mix mix-tape for the trip:

    Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life” to get things going.

  2. It would be a nice touch if one of the foothills Curiosity explores was named Hillary and another Norgay.

  3. flori-duh from huffpo

    When Florida lawmakers recently voted to ban all Internet cafes, they worded the bill so poorly that they effectively outlawed every computer in the state, according to a recent lawsuit.

  4. Katherine, it appears to me, landlubber that I be, that the flamboyant Admiral Mr Crackers most certainly needs a parrot.

  5. RR,

    So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for sharing a great picture.


  6. Renee, I suspect if you have the photo of Constance and Ed framed so that he can have it nearby, that it will give him great comfort over the coming months.

  7. KGC,

    Thanks for that pic. You and Mr. Cracker or should I say captain, are a couple of salty looking sailors. :-))

    “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

  8. I guess we had to send that rover to Mars.

    The bridges down here would never stand the strain. :-)

  9. Hey Jace
    We are Admirals in the peace navy — we are a one rank group

  10. If only the Mars Rover could sing to us here on Planet Earth.


  11. KGC,

    Admirals it is. Monarchs of the sea, or the Russian River as the case may be. :-)

  12. The current (July 6-12th) issue of The Economist has two worthwhile pieces about the “shitstorm” created when Snowden entered into his escapade.

    The first is an editorial on page 11 and the second is an analysis on page 55.

  13. Thanks to all of you for your kind words… Rick and I greatly appreciate it.

    KGC… you and Mr. Cracker make a lovely pair… love the shirts you both are wearing.

  14. and from the Economist editorial:

    “Many Europeans see in the disclosure further evidence of American arrogance and unaccountability—just another episode in a story that includes an illegal war in Iraq, drone strikes, “extraordinary rendition”, waterboarding and secret prisons”

  15. NYT looks at how the the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) “has quietly become almost a parallel Supreme Court, serving as the ultimate arbiter on surveillance issues and delivering opinions that will most likely shape intelligence practices for years to come…” The Economist: “How is the FISA court like a shadow Supreme Court? Its interpretation of the constitution is treated by the federal government as law.”

    NYT — In one of the court’s most important decisions, the judges have expanded the use in terrorism cases of a legal principle known as the “special needs” doctrine and carved out an exception to the Fourth Amendment’s requirement of a warrant for searches and seizures.

  16. Some more sobering reading from the Economist web sit.
    Thanks Flatus for directing me there.

    An interesting opinion piece. here are a couple of quotes but you need to read the whole thing.

    the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court, also known as the FISA court, “has quietly become almost a parallel Supreme Court, serving as the ultimate arbiter on surveillance issues and delivering opinions that will most likely shape intelligence practices for years to come..

    How hollow must American exhortations to democracy sound to foreign ears? Mr Snowden may be responsible for having exposed this hypocrisy, for having betrayed the thug omerta at the heart of America’s domestic democracy-suppression programme, but the hypocrisy is America’s. I’d very much like to know what led Mr Obama to change his mind, to conclude that America is not after all safe for democracy, though I know he’s not about to tell us. The matter is settled. It has been decided, and not by us. We can’t handle the truth.

  17. It is rather sobering what has been done in secret and in our name. The problem isn’t in the current shit storm but in long rotting pile of shit that has been hidden from view. It is way past time to some light and air to that tremendous pile of crap. Sure it stinks but only air and light will change that. They are the disinfectant that democracy thrives on. Evil hides in secrecy and darkness.


  18. Craig I noticed that, and thanks for clearing up the confusion. yes the opinion piece I quoted was rifting off the NYT work. give credit where credit is due.


  19. flatus, thanks for reminding me of this story recently run in the guardian

    Shitstorm arrives in German dictionary

    Duden, the country’s equivalent of the OED, incorporates English loanword among proliferating anglicisms

    “Shitstorm”was first recorded in German usage in 2010, where it specifically refers to widespread and vociferous outrage expressed on the internet – especially on social media platforms – has been deemed to be so popular by lexicographers that it has earned its place.

    The fact that Angela Merkel thinks nothing of dropping the word into press conferences and round-table discussions, has no doubt help speed its way up the word queue. The Guardian first caught her using it in June 2012 during a discussion in Berlin with David Cameron, when she referred to having faced a “shitschturm” (her pronunciation) over her dealings with crisis-ridden southern Europe.

    A German protestant bishop, who recently faced a shitstorm himself, has called it the “modern-day equivalent of a stoning”. The opposite (which has yet to enter Duden) is “candystorm”, that to Germans has a close association with the US “candy bomber” planes which dropped sweets from the skies for children during the Soviet blockade of west Berlin in 1948 to 1949.

  20. more from the above (btw, entire article is read worthy entertainment)

    So why the German penchant for taking on new, so obviously non-German words, when, in contrast, the French, for instance, show such resistance? It is a sensitive topic in Germany, where language purists are sometimes accused of being too closed to the outside world, a charge that most Germans, due to their 20th century-history, do not appreciate.

    “It is considered fashionable to acknowledge these multi-cultural linguisms, as in so doing you are able to distance yourself from the reek of German chauvinism,” according to German Radio’s Burkhard Müller-Ullrich. And as a commentator in Die Welt put it, in an age that’s dominated by technology “it’s impossible to ignore anglicisms”.

  21. Pat, I did a quick google translate on “shit and then “storm”.
    There is not that much difference between the english and German.
    shiss, sturm

    just our fun creative combination to make a new word.

    I suspect that the french wouldn’t find it that natural to say the word, didn’t try google there.


  22. Flatus

    Mr Cracker could use a parrot –you can’t see it in the picture but he was wearing his pirate pants

  23. Ashlee Banshee

    the prosecutions first question to the paid forensic pathologist should be — how much are you being paid for your testimony (testimoney)

  24. Renee-

    Please add me to the list of those thinking of you and Rick. I am so sorry for your loss!

  25. wapo’s conservative rubin on rant

    Suffice it to say, if anyone in Paul’s office knew of this man’s background then Paul has a serious problem on his hands. And if no one bothered to vet Hunter, then concerns about the close-knit, amateurish staff will heighten.

    Paul has struggled to shed the image his father created of a conspiratorially minded isolationist lacking judgment for high office. This won’t help.

    Paul’s office needs to explain how this person got there, whether his views are acceptable to the senator, and what it intends to do about him. But the real question may be what Hunter sees in Paul. If he spots a kindred spirit thinly disguised by careful scripting, voters should pay heed.

    In the meantime, it is worth noting that a person with such views and background would not be considered seriously by any other Senate or House office. So why did Paul hire him?

  26. salon’s take on rant’s aide

    Jack Hunter, who co-authored Rand Paul’s 2011 book and now directs new media for the Kentucky senator, has a past alter ego as the “Southern Avenger,” a provocative radio personality known for wearing a luchador mask emblazoned with the Confederate flag and for making outrageous comments about race and Southern secession, Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon reveals today.

    As the arguably white nationalist Southern Avenger, Hunter praised the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, saying he “raise[s] a personal toast every May 10 to celebrate John Wilkes Booth’s birthday,” compared Lincoln to Saddam Hussein, and suggested the great American president would have had a homosexual relationship with Adolf Hitler, had the two ever met. He also advocated against Hispanic immigration and in favor of white pride, warning that a “non-white majority America would simply cease to be America.”

    and folks are worried about what that lil ole southern lady cook said? at least she doesn’t advise and co-author books with u.s. senators.

  27. From the Economist link being discussed… an important point to me, at least, and one that possibly feels like betrayal to people who believed him. A great big fat lie… meaningless political jargon.

    Obama announced this:
    My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”

    “That would have been some real democracy-promotion, right here in the homeland. What happened? Is it naive to think Mr Obama really believed this stuff? I’ll admit, with some embarrassment, that I’d thought he did believe it. But this “commitment” has been so thoroughly forsaken one is forced to consider whether it was ever sincere. It has been so thoroughly forsaken one wonders whether to laugh or cry. What kind of message are we sending about the viability these democratic ideals—about openness, transparency, public participation, public collaboration? How hollow must American exhortations to democracy sound to foreign ears? Mr Snowden may be responsible for having exposed this hypocrisy, for having betrayed the thug omerta at the heart of America’s domestic democracy-suppression programme, but the hypocrisy is America’s. I’d very much like to know what led Mr Obama to change his mind, to conclude that America is not after all safe for democracy, though I know he’s not about to tell us. The matter is settled. It has been decided, and not by us. We can’t handle the truth.”

  28. Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind,
    but great actions speak to all mankind

    – Theodore Roosevelt

  29. At the turn of the 20th century the richest men in American bought the White House.

    Lock, stock, and barrel.

    Everything was swell untill a nut case made Teddy Roosevelt President. When another gun nut tried to shoot him as well, his folded speech slowed up the bullet.
    When another gun nut tried to kill Gabby Gifford, she didn’t die either.

    Colorado Bob 7-9-2013
    (This is the best thing I have written in 3 years.)

  30. Uh… Champ. I believed that stuff about an ‘Alkaline Diet’ (seriously!).

    Now what? I can’t handle the truth! :)

  31. It’s like Scientology, but with lemons.

    I can’t fault you for being snookered: that’s my point. These lemony hucksters* are very convincing with their authoritativeness concerning the false chemistry they purport. Oh, well, I guess everyone needs to make a living, somehow.

    *Illemonati, lulz

  32. Google hosts fundraiser for climate change denying US

    “Google, which prides itself on building a “better web that is better for the environment”, is hosting a fundraiser for the most notorious climate change denier in Congress, it has emerged.

    The lunch, at the company’s Washington office, will benefit the Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe, who has made a career of dismissing climate change as a “hoax” on the Senate floor.

    Proceeds of the 11 July lunch, priced at $250 to $2,500, will also go to the national Republican Senatorial Committee.

    It’s the second show of support from Google for the anti-climate cause in recent weeks.

    Last month, the Washington Post reported that the internet company had donated $50,000 for a fundraising dinner for the ultra-conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute – topping the contributions even of the Koch oil billionaires.

    You’ll want to attend this on behalf of your readers. The thread has petition to tell Google No.
    It’s 2 days away , block out some time.

  33. Flatus
    What do you think of the comments that the Korean culture of respect for authority may have been a factor in the air crash

  34. Katherine, at this point in time, I tend to discount it. Once the full transcript is released we’ll know more. But, I don’t think the Instructor Pilot would be shy about saying, “my airplane” if he sensed the need to exert command.

  35. Thanks, David and Craig, for your note. The snail mail and the hand written words are a lost art. So, it was nice to hear from you both.

    Six weeks on the road and a return to the hell of 117 degree weather has been fun and a welcome home that hath no fury. Thunderstorms and dust storms for the next two or three days. Makes one wonder why they live in the desert.

    Does taking the trailer out on the desert compare with the Mars Rover’s short trip? Me thinks not!!

  36. Iggy – An alkaline diet is very helpful against (and to ward off) chronic diseases because it reduces inflammation. Much of the fat we hold on to isn’t just calorie storage, it’s stored in certain areas to protect our internal organs from an acidic environment.

    I’m certainly not a Christian Scientist; I think folks should take their help where they can get it. However, since so many drugs have horrible side effects, this style of eating may be more beneficial in some cases.

    I’m not sure how anyone can call eating a more healthy diet hokum? You gotta beef with broccoli or sumpthin’?

    The idea of letting your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food, is something of which big pharma is very afraid. And, you can eat all of the low-acid foods you want, but what other toxins are in our food & water supply?

  37. irish rovers. not exactly the mars rover, but hey, it’s a good ditty to start the day with


  38. eProf, wasn’t all that long ago that cars driving across rte-66 had water bags hanging in front of their grilles.

    Instead, Rover has a pod of scientists hanging from their terminals.

  39. Katherine, people from refugee-societies such as China and Korea are conditioned (have a gene?) mandating that they grab everything that they can carry when evacuating anyplace, whether it be a house on fire, a car broken down in traffic, or in this case, their 777.

    The saving grace, most likely the person behind them was grabbing his or her stuff, too. What to do if you’re an able bodied American behind them? Grab one of their bags to speed up the process.

  40. bbc mag story with vid

    Six Native American tribes in the US state of Virginia are campaigning to win formal recognition from the federal government.

    The tribes claim they have been denied their proper rights – enjoyed by 565 other tribes in the US which do have official status – since a 1920s state law on “racial integrity” decreed that people in Virginia were either “white or coloured”.

    Yet the tribes are recognised in the UK thanks to a peace treaty signed in 1677 with the King of England.

    The BBC went to a pow wow festival hosted by the Chickahominy tribe in southern Virginia to hear what formal recognition would mean for their community.

  41. tempête de merde

    Just doesn’t have quite the same impact as shiss sturm. As with everything else, it sounds pleasant in French.

  42. “Iggy — An alkaline diet is very helpful against (and to ward off) chronic diseases because it reduces inflammation. Much of the fat we hold on to isn’t just calorie storage, it’s stored in certain areas to protect our internal organs from an acidic environment.”-BinD

    It’s not, though. There’s no legitimate clinical research to back that up. From what I’ve read, some of these diets encourage dietary exclusion of some foods, leading to nutritional deficiencies. The body’s physiology is by nature mostly acidic- you can’t “Ph balance” it- why one would want to is beyond me. How eating an acidic lemon would do that if one did want to do that is even farther beyond me, and I read a funny, legitimate-seeming explanation on some phony website, but it’s just ridiculous.

    “The idea of letting your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food, is something of which big pharma is very afraid. And, you can eat all of the low-acid foods you want, but what other toxins are in our food & water supply?”

    I’m sure Big pharma loves the Alkaline diet, ‘cuz you’ll need their drugs after you %$#@ your body up with the it. That’s speculative, I’m not sure of their position. Anyway, it’s fake science, like “creation science”. I appreciate the good-natured tone of your response, though, I need to learn how to do that. Thank you.

  43. champ, as mr. wilde said:

    everything in moderation, including moderation

    a little lemon squeeze here a spritz of balsamic there…

  44. ….people just make shit up now: it’s maddening, and leads to tempestuousness.

    (That Oscar Wilde was one pithy dude, eh?)

    Pour vous, Pat, (I can’t believe someone edited and uploaded this exactly as I want to use it, this internet stuff is nutzo):


  45. When it comes to food I’m a radical omnivarian, moderation is for monks. There is not much that I won’t eat. And if we are at your house and you serve it and eat it, I will too. It is just plain politeness.

    As to all these different food beliefs (in many cases religion, as they take their beliefs on pure faith) I don’t pay much attention to them.


  46. Jamie, in french it sounds like another way to make love.

    In Latin it sounds high brow

    “stercore procellárum”
    again a google translation, all you latin scholars can send your comments to google it is their corruption not mine.


  47. I cooked my pork chop and eggs in olive oil. The good stuff in the olive oil cancels out any bad stuff in the pork chop and egg. So I guess you could say I’m making sure that I’m neither too acidic nor base.


  48. jack, no one would ever accuse you of being base.

    as in Webster’s 7th definition of the adjective base

    “a : lacking or indicating the lack of higher qualities of mind or spirit : ignoble

    b : lacking higher values : degrading

    never, never

  49. personally prefer brouhaha, dither, pandemonium, or perturbation in lieu of shitstorm. more fun to say.

  50. Did a double take on the Crosby Midler video as I wasn’t sure it was real. He died in 1977 and she was just beginning with her first TV special and the Devine Miss M tour still ahead. Went to You Tube and this was filmed in March and he passed away in October.

  51. Olive Oil is my erl of choice. If a very high temperature is required, then it’s that stuff made from rape seed. If flavoring is needed, a couple of drops of sesame oil or other specialty oils will add the scent/taste that is needed without overpowering the dish.

    Baking. I will usually substitute applesauce for shortening when baking cakes. When baking bread, it’s “damn the torpedoes,” lard is clearly my shortening of choice.

  52. from nytimes

    Three of the Persian Gulf’s richest monarchies have pledged $12 billion in cash and loans to Egypt, a decision aimed not only at shoring up a shaky transitional government, but also at undermining their Islamist rivals and strengthening their allies across a newly turbulent Middle East.

    The robust financial aid packages of $8 billion announced Tuesday by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and $4 billion announced on Wednesday by Kuwait, followed the Egyptian military’s killing on Monday of dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers protesting last week’s military ouster of Egypt’s Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi. The aid package underscored a continuing regional contest for influence between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, one that has accelerated since the Arab uprising upended the status quo and brought Islamists to power.

    nice way to begin ramadan

  53. Goodness, I’m really out of it. I missed the sale price of the Libor to the NYSE. One Pound Sterling.

    The Journal reports on page C1 today, that “$350 trillion Notional value of loans and swaps tied to the Libor.”

  54. I accidentally heard Senator Inholf (climate change denier- Tornado Country) talking about the budget for natural disasters. Even though the tornadoes that hit this season were the biggest in history, Senator Inholf gave them the hand wave and said – there have been tornadoes all my life….I guess size does not matter to the senator — one wonders why

  55. OMG CNN thinks George Zimmerman is innocent
    the incredibly stupid anchors have given out more bad information which is going to cause great surprise on their part when all of their crap turns out to be totally wrong

    Remember Ashlee Banshee — the lesser charges are automatically included in Florida

    Erin Burnout even worse pretending she really knows what is going on….when she is even more clueless than Banshee. The Affront had clips from the fired police chief of Sanford…all trying to build the case the Zimmerman was railroaded because of the racial issues. Unfortunately for Affront – there was a guest who just creamed Burnouts theory of poor George.
    Jasmine something said she was glad Lee was fired –no community needs his “arcane approach” to law enforcement
    CNN has been worse on this case than Fox

    I don’t care if it’s second degree or manslaughter because of Trayvon Martin’s age the sentence will be severe in either case and maybe it will be a lesson to people who think they can handle carrying a gun

    Too bad the prosecution couldn’t enter the evidence of Zimmerman’s arrest when he tried to interfere with police officers arresting a friend of his and attacked the arresting officers. The guy is a nut job who thinks he is judge and jury and the executioner. Not to mention the fact that he is racist.
    He is one of the biggest losers

  56. I just can’t get around to thinking CNN is credible on any news story. Wolf Blitzer was awful as the anchor during the Asiana Airliner crash. All he really wanted to do was highlight “the 60 unaccounted for passengers” almost hoping they would be dead so the story impact would be even greater than the crash itself. He kept pointing to the heat shield at the rear of the airplane just ahead of where the tail used to be as “some sort of tarp.” He knows little or nothing about airplanes. He’s short on the politics of this country, too.

  57. from cnn

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected Thursday to push his fellow Democrats to support a controversial change to Senate rules – over the objection of Republicans – that would prevent filibusters against executive branch nominees, according to a Democratic source familiar with Reid’s thinking.

    Such a move, if successful, would likely enrage Republicans who have warned of a “meltdown” in cooperation with Democrats if the new rules are enacted.

    Reid will push to use the so-called “nuclear option” when Democrats meet privately Thursday to discuss what to do about their contention Republicans have abused the filibuster to block the president’s picks for top cabinet and agency posts. It’s not clear if enough Democrats will go along with Reid.

  58. patd

    I’ve been enjoying the PBS show “Call The Midwife” about deliveries during the 1950s. People here would be amazed at the non existant cost of having a baby in the UK and their much lower incidence of complications.

  59. KGC

    I had to go back to MSNBC for the trial coverage as CNN was unwatchable. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of their staff should never ever be allowed to ad lib. I’m expecting Manslaughter, but there are some other pretty stringent “lesser included” verdicts short of 2nd Degree that could add on to the Manslaughter decree.

    Among the possible additional charges:

    Culpable negligence
    Aggravated battery
    Aggravated assault
    Battery and assault

  60. So, the AP article that all the news services are running mentions Boston suspect #2’s arm in a cast and his face being swollen, yet it fails to mention why. I wonder if he is being beaten in custody.

  61. Wolf Blitzer was awful as the anchor during the Asiana Airliner crash…pointing to the heat shield… as ‘some sort of tarp.'” -eprof

    How is he still on the air? I’ve never heard anyone say they like him, but have heard plenty say they don’t.

  62. champ, sorry to burst that conspiracy balloon, but here’s what was reported in cjmonitor back in april:

    Authorities have not publicly detailed the injuries he sustained, but they are reported to include gunshot wounds to his neck and leg.

    that just leaves you with a possible twisted arm.

  63. from a new study led by a researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine

    “You can think of this as being girl power at work in the animal kingdom,” he said. “We like to think of reproduction as being all about the males competing for females, with females dutifully picking the winner. But in reality females have much more invested than males, and they are making highly strategic decisions about their reproduction based on the environment, their condition and the quality of their mate. Amazingly, the female is somehow picking the sperm that will produce the sex that will serve her interests the most: The sperm are really just pawns in a game that plays out over generations.”

  64. The lawyers representing Zimmerman are really getting paid by the NRA who has a slogan – would you rather be dead or on trial — use your gun

    OMara was a cable tv commentator for the Casey Anthony trial and the other clown used to be a disc jockey — they couldn’t give a crap about Zimmerman all they care about is their faces on tv and increased notoriety

    The defense wanted to introduce Martin’s trace amounts of marijuana but objected to Zimmerman’s record of attacking people without learning what’s going on first be included.

    The defense has consistently overstepped and acted like entitled as–oles. You can see the judge has entirely lost patience with their crap

  65. From the the Department of Justice web site

    The Community Relations Service (CRS) provides community mediation and conciliation services to resolve disputes, disagreements, or difficulties relating to discriminatory practices based on race, color, or national origin. With the passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA), CRS is authorized to work with communities to employ strategies to prevent and respond to alleged violent hate crimes committed on the basis of actual or perceived gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or disability in addition to continuing to employ strategies to prevent and respond to community tension relating to alleged discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, or national origin. CRS may enter a community at the request of state or local officials, local citizens and organizations. In addition, CRS on its own motion may enter a community when it believes that peaceful relations among citizens are threatened

    Those nasty peaceniks, out there fomenting peace and good will. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.


  66. The former police chief of Sanford –trying to rehab himself
    what a pile of poop

    “Based on Mr.Zimmerman’s statements I didn’t think there was a case” He clearly doesn’t get the fact that he is a racist and behaved in a racist manner. No wonder he was forced out

  67. “As commercial enterprises and foreign nations acquire the ability to land on the Moon it is necessary to protect the Apollo lunar landing sites for posterity…”

    The moon does not belong to us, so how would making the Apollo landing sight a national park be handled with regard to international law?

    Did you guys see the story about the money spent on the unwanted and unused military base in Afghanistan? And we can’t even fix our bridges at home!

  68. Judicial Watch ..the rightwing nutjobs associated with the defense of keeping white men in control of the US polite society I wouldn’t believe a word they said

  69. Blue
    AKA, The Fred Thompson perpetual employment rule. Now he can sell rip off penny stocks as well as rip off reverse mortgages.


  70. “Judicial Watch ..the rightwing nutjobs”

    Yep, that would be them.
    otherwise known as “Baldface lairs R us”
    No lie too weird that they won’t promote it.


  71. There was a whole lot of Darryl Issa asskissing going on
    when it should have Issa ass whipping
    what a turd he owes a whole bunch of people an apology

    CBS sucks the biggest on the Issa ass kissing unfortunately due to his probably ill-gotten wealth the folks in the OC will never vote him out. I wish Southern Cal would turn into their own state and we could associate with Oregon or go out on our own

  72. Blue

    International Law, just a bunch of liberal nonsense.
    We planted our flag on the moon by rights we own it. nuff said
    I like the idea of a national park. I might even volunteer to be a tour guide there.


  73. Make the moon our 51st state, it is our manifest destiny to spread our country to the stars.

    USA!!, USA!!, USA!!, USA!!,

  74. jack, thanks from me too. sadly, the following comment from your 8:22 link is so true.

    ”My objection to the media coverage is that many reporters and commentators were more interested in the Obama scandal narrative than the facts of the case,” Nyhan told me. “Do I fault the press for this? Yes, but at the same time, it’s the reality of how the media works and is unlikely to change.”

    wonder if todd et al will apologize to the folks that lost their jobs as well as their reputations.

  75. Ashlee Banshee continues to proudly display how stupid she is CNN pathetic fire her

    I hope Lois Lerner sues Darryl Issa

  76. oh right, silly me. those “folks” aren’t human, they’re just gov’t workers.

  77. The defense better hope they win – cuz they have pissed off the judge and I hear she is a loooooong sentence kind of judge

  78. Where is Darryl Issa (Creepyasscracker -OC California)

    kind of quiet these days — shouldn’t he be working on all his various investigations — oh right he only cares if an investigation embarrasses Obamarama Darryl Issa has no interest in facts

  79. Now they are speculating on the jurors and violating their privacy CNN- move along no news there just speculation

    Ashlee Banshee obfuscating the truth where ever she goes kind of like an unupholstered Rita Cosby

  80. Banshee — speaks lovingly of Mark O Mara and trashes the prosecution –and to make her point replays the Jental testimony which makes Banshee a racist who doesn’t understand anything She is the antithesis of journalism If you only watched her you would think the prosecutors were idiots and the defense brilliant and the jury stupid when they convict Zimmerman.

    CNN has a new show about “major” crimes in recent history. I certainly hope they are more fact based then this garbage
    Mr. Cracker is addicted to the trial and our tv choices are somewhat limited so we are watching CNN but really

  81. Imagine that black men were driving around their neighborhoods in Florida, with guns, following “suspicious white people,” physically confronting them, demanding that they explain who they were and what they were doing there, and when they resisted, shooting them.

    The Governor of Florida would call out the National Guard and declare a state of emergency.

  82. “…the agency in charge of securing communications from the Kremlin now wants to spend 486,000 rubles (about $14,800) to buy 20 electric typewriters… as a way to avoid digital leaks.”

    How do they plan to disseminate typewritten info? Ah, I can smell the warm copies from the mimeograph machine now.

    Yep, you can link it back to a specific typewriter, but once it’s out there, it’s out there.

    Maybe just devise better systems of encryption?

  83. more roving from the jpl folks who brought you rover curiosity

    The rover NASA will send to Mars in 2020 should look for signs of past life, collect samples for possible future return to Earth, and demonstrate technology for future human exploration of the Red Planet, according to a report provided to the agency.
    The 2020 mission proposed by the Science Definition Team would build upon the accomplishments of Curiosity and other Mars missions. The Spirit and Opportunity rovers, along with several orbiters, found evidence Mars has a watery history. Curiosity recently confirmed that past environmental conditions on Mars could have supported living microbes. According to the Science Definition Team, looking for signs of past life is the next logical step.
    “The Mars 2020 mission concept does not presume that life ever existed on Mars,” said Jack Mustard, chairman of the Science Definition Team and a professor at the Geological Sciences at Brown University in Providence, R.I. “However, given the recent Curiosity findings, past Martian life seems possible, and we should begin the difficult endeavor of seeking the signs of life. No matter what we learn, we would make significant progress in understanding the circumstances of early life existing on Earth and the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.”

  84. I think all the elements of hatred etc are there because of the profiling statements Zimmerman made and it’s in his own words on tape.

  85. White Floridians agree with this statement and applaud it

    Imagine that black men were driving around their neighborhoods in Florida, with guns, following “suspicious white people,” physically confronting them, demanding that they explain who they were and what they were doing there, and when they resisted, shooting them.

    The Governor of Florida would call out the National Guard and declare a state of emergency. Nash

  86. latimes article on z’s lawyers’ twits

    “We understand that it is unusual for a legal defense to maintain a social media presence on behalf of a defendant,” they write, “but we also acknowledge that this is a very unusual case.”

    “We are not surprised to discover that our decision is controversial,” they add. “Some have called it unethical, and some have called it brilliant…
    If you think a defense fund for a man who provoked a confrontation with an unarmed teenager is a little — I don’t know — unseemly, allow Zimmerman’s attorneys to explain why the fundraising is in the public interest. They sounded this note of desperation on May 29, when the fund was out of money:

    “Had we declared indigency, George’s defense would end up costing Florida taxpayers more than $1,000,000,” the defense wrote. “As it stands now, with a little extra support, we’re going to get through trial for less than half that figure, and we’ll have done it, not with tax-payer funds, but with money generously donated by people from across the country who believe George is innocent and that he is being wrongly prosecuted.”

    A week later, the site noted, donations hit $77,000.

    wouldn’t be surprised if the florida bar might be the “some have called it unethical”

  87. I don’t have any problem with them raising money this way but I think the names of the donors should be made public

    I doubt the court would have believed an indigence claim after he lied in court about the initial fundraising

    his lawyers give creepy ass cracker lawyers a bad name

  88. Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia 7m

    People really don’t think black people have humanity, much less that we love our children. That’s part of the #Zimmerman support.

  89. patd
    His lawyers took the case for their own selfish interests
    unfortunately some people think their behavior is brilliant

  90. Pat, KGC Kinda reminds me of Billy Flynn, the lawyer in the musical, Chicago


  91. GZ’s post-rest euphoria was short-lived; the creepy-assed cracker is about to get his due.

  92. I think Denis Rodman may have started too big on the diplomatic totem pole. Why not make him a goodwill ambassador from the UN a lot of celebrities do that.

    I love drunk hstory

  93. Had to drive for hours today and got to listen to the jury instruction argument and part of the prosecution’s closing argument in the GZ case. IMHO the prosecutor did not do a very effective job of laying out the state’s case for 2nd degree murder and for manslaughter. He focused on repeating “lying” and tried to point out all the stuff that didn’t make sense – which he did well. But the story line (theory of the case) for each crime was not presented very clearly. He did drive home that Travon was just a teenager out doing nothing illegal and that GZ was following him, had determined that he was a criminal, and approached Trayvon. It might be enough, but I’m skeptical. Of course the jurors heard all the evidence, and I heard almost none of it, so they may get it.

    Flatus, if I were a bettin’ man, I’d bet on acquittal. I don’t like it, but that’s what I think will happen.

  94. Don’t forget the prosecution still has one more shot and although I think it is 2nd degree I think it will be manslaughter

  95. I read one of the dumbest blog comments today that I’ve seen in a long time. Guy said that the CA USDC judge that ruled that Prop 8 was unconstitutional should have recused himself under conflict of interest principles because he is gay. Of course the same logic would apply to any straight judge (particularly who was or might marry. I guess only asexual or bisexual judges who have no interest in marriage would be qualified to rule on the case under that idiot’s theory.

  96. KC, I wouldn’t argue with that – I also think a 2nd degree conviction would be supported by the facts as I know them, but I’m a skeptic. If there’s a conviction I think you’re right – it will be manslaughter in all likelihood.

  97. Will you be fighting on the front lines of the race-war you’re trying to precipitate, KGC? If violence occurs, I doubt you live in the community that will be affected. I assume the Martin family understands that, which is why their expressed statements discourage a focus on race.

    “champ, sorry to burst that conspiracy balloon, but here’s what was reported in cjmonitor back in april:

    Authorities have not publicly detailed the injuries he sustained, but they are reported to include gunshot wounds to his neck and leg.

    that just leaves you with a possible twisted arm.”-patd

    So why would his face be swollen from a gunshot to the neck 3 months ago? Why am I the only one asking? What the hell is going on in this country? Auuuggh!

  98. “In Florida all the lesser charges are automatically included no matter what the morons at CNN try to tell you”

    KC, that’s not exactly right. There are 2 classes of lesser included offenses in FL. Cat. 1 offenses (manslaughter is the only Cat. 1 lesser included offense in this case) are automatically included in jury instructions if the prosecution requests them. Cat. 2 offenses (3rd degree murder, aggravated assault, etc.) are discretionary and are included if the prosecution asks for them and only if the prosecution has made a case that includes all the elements for those offenses. Or at least that is what I understand.

    The most interesting legal angle I heard regarding instructions for convictions GZ could be convicted of was felony murder, with the underlying crime being child abuse since TM was 17. I think the judge booted that one because it was not raised until yesterday as a potential crime and the state didn’t put on a child abuse case, but it was an interesting idea. Good lawyering if it had been done 2 weeks ago.

  99. I think I included a link that fully explained — the idiots at CNN kept saying will manslaughter be included —

  100. Wolf Blitzer offered up his opinion that profiling the teenager was worth about 6-8 years so Wolf what about murdering him?

  101. HOUSEKEEPING: we are still battling hackers and will be offline for server maintenance tomorrow night (Friday) starting at 10 p.m. for about 7 hours

  102. I’m just reporting on the race war
    other people are fanning the flames – like the defense claiming Zimmerman had a right to profile Martin and their dismissive treatment and public demeaning of the young woman on the phone with Martin. …they are racists

  103. When I was in Florida, I was a strong advocate for precinct level, as opposed to centralized, police administration.

    As it was, people generally felt disconnected from those charged with protecting them. This was bad in and for every segment of the community.

    In our case, we solved the problem by contracting with the sheriff for law enforcement services. We were provided our own deputies who enforced our ordinances.

    They came under our dept of public safety for feel-good things, but were commanded by the sheriff. If we were unhappy, we went to the elected sheriff who sorted things out quite quickly. This was a very effective system that, while being somewhat expensive, provided us with personalized service and in-depth back-up capability with the complete range of specialized police services.

    ‘We’ even caught an old Nazi who was deported to Germany.

  104. I’ve really found MSNBC’s coverage of the trial to be more and better than I expected of any commercial channel. The amount of time they’ve devoted to the case has been adequate, and the range of legal thought has been broad and thoughtful, and, of course they have been sensitive to Trayvon’s family.

  105. Wolf Blitzer just repeated the bullshit about including manslaughter as a big win for the prosecution…when it was always going to be included

    CNN jumped over every shark possible. No credibility at all
    regrettably we do not get MSNBC

  106. Iggy

    I appreciate your intent but I think you are wrong
    what happened is a very bad thing and it is due to the notion that everyone has a right to carry gun but only white men have the right to walk around freely and judge who has the right to be anywhere at any given time the creepy ass cracker defense

    The Homeowners Association settled a wrongful death suit with Trayvon Martin’s family because they knew what had been done in their name was wrong

    And even if he does get off – the martin’s are going to sue his big fat ass

  107. No flatus, the attacks are not specific to us but against high volume WordPress sites across the Internet. Our server company will be installing more security measures tomorrow night after 10 p.m. and hopefully everything back to normal by Saturday morning

  108. Re the intro of foreign words to German :

    Into the 1960s (perhaps even later) use of foreign words and phrases public without italics or quote marks was punishable by fines. I don’t think the French fined people for using Englicisms since 1914.

    I believe that Germany and Italy still forbid to register babies with ‘un-German’ and ‘un-Italian’ names, respectively.

  109. Thanks to all for the Zimmerman trial commentary.

    Powerful comment from you regarding black men.. A sad, sad truth..

  110. How out of step is North Carolina? On the same day they pass abortion restrictions on a motorcycle bill, Ireland’s parliament okayed abortion if mother’s life in danger

  111. as egregious as the defendant’s actions were, imo, prosecution only had enough concrete evidence to support a manslaughter charge. but because of the high emotions in the community and the hyped media at the time, prosecutor went with the murder 2 charge to prove he and his office weren’t racists.
    no way should there be an acquittal. however, wouldn’t surprise me if there was a hung jury.

  112. The charges were brought at the state level not the local level it only appears the prosecutors overreached because they had to overcome the racism in the police department

  113. “I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.”

    Willie Nelson

  114. 1. “this is the worst” – Ms Cracker @ 7:53pm
    I’ll stipulate to this.

    2. a. He brought a weapon, b. with a stated attitude that those guys weren’t going to get away with it, or words to that effect, c. and closed in after the actual cops told him to back off.

    Conclusion, Z went looking for trouble with a deadly weapon, found it, fired the gun, and killed a person.

    Max = Murder Two Min = manslaughter, and aggravated assault.

    Outcome : hung jury and a second trial.

    Worst case scenario : acquittal.

  115. “He brought a weapon, b. with a stated attitude that those guys weren’t going to get away with it, or words to that effect, c. and closed in after the actual cops told him to back off. “-xrep

    More lies (I’m not accusing you of being a liar, xrep, it’s that they’ve been repeated so loudly and often by people with an agenda that they’ve become incorrectly assumed as fact):

    -Zimmerman said, “…these assholes, they always get away…”, NOT “this asshole won’t get away”.

    -911 operators aren’t police officers, they’re an answering service for police officers and emergency responders.

    -The 911 operator receiving the call didn’t tell Zimmerman to “back off”, or cease and desist in any action, they told him, “…we don’t need you to do that…” after asking Zimmerman, “Are you following him?”. “We don’t need you to do that…” is not a imperative. It should be also noted that exchange contradicts the 911 operator’s request to Zimmerman asking him to, “…just let me know if he does anything…”, which IS an imperative.

    So, my apologies to you, xrep, for using your post as a prompt to make that point.

    Also, to any liars, here is the transcript of the 911 call in question, that has been available online for months, so that you may review and more carefully craft your lies so that they are not so easily debunked:

  116. The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.

    George Bernard Shaw

  117. From Sharknado

    “It’s the Government, with a big capital G. They’re behind everything. They know what we buy, they know what we eat, when we go to the bathroom. They know what kind of cheese I like.”

    Psst…Snowden, we know, you should come home now.

  118. Waiting for the sequel, Shark-quake, or may a Broadway production, Sharknado The Musical…not waiting for a sequel to the next batch of Congress-folk. Listening to Mitch & Harry, I just felt sad for our country.

    Sadder still, is the way the MSM has dropped the ball on the Snowden story. The gov’t tried to marginalize the story when they couldn’t successfully vilify him (because of their own actions).

    I still don’t think that his leaks damaged our safety, only the egos of those in charge of the program…and very likely, they are also afraid of what a patch of sunlight on the program could do to their budget. This isn’t about preserving the union.

    Snowden does come off as kind of a wimp, though. Would one of our founders tattle and skee-daddle?

    “Snowden claims that the U.S. government is trying to “deny my right to seek and enjoy this asylum under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The scale of threatening behavior is without precedent.”

    “Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, a representative for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as several individuals, have also been invited…”

  119. “…one of the six wives of Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al Saud, was released Thursday after posting the hefty bail amount a day after her arrest.”

    “The case is the first labor trafficking case prosecuted in Orange County since voters approved a law last year to stiffen the penalties for the crime.”

    a) Last year? They had to stiffen penalties last year? Did they just decide this was really bad?

    b) What would happen if a foreign national who had multiple wives in his home country wanted to become a U.S. citizen?

  120. Snowden has been over charged as is the case in many government prosecutions. But, if Snowden wanted to alert and protect the American humans because of data mining, he didn’t need to run to China or Russia.

    I thought I heard Bernie the Prosecutor in the Zimmerman trial call the condos where Zimmerman lived…”cracker boxes.” “They all looked the same…not a upscale gated community.” I do not think he was aware of the gaff. Dissing the condos…low end humans trying to protect their cracker boxes.

    I still the believe gun control is an issue in the Zimmerman case. Zim was licensed to carry a loaded weapon and was on two prescribed drugs which may lead to more agitation. Yet, legally he was licensed to carry a gun. What a joke. What if Zim had used a knife instead? The only time you register a knife, is at wedding time!

  121. b) What would happen if a foreign national who had multiple wives in his home country wanted to become a U.S. citizen?

    Blue…sort of like a reverse-Rmoney-Mexican immigration…read more.

  122. The hard truth seems to be this: We live in a vast and awesome universe in which, daily, suns are made and worlds destroyed, where humanity clings to an obscure clod of rock. The significance of our lives and our fragile realm derives from our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life’s meaning. We would prefer it to be otherwise, of course, but there is no compelling evidence for a cosmic Parent who will care for us and save us from ourselves. It is up to us.
    Carl Sagan

    With that thought it is time for me to get some work done.
    Take care and see you all later.


  123. Jack…Sagan is a god to many. He kept science going during the dark ages of the Reagan years. I owe him much. It is always good to read a quote from Sagan. He would be so pleased that we have our first map of the universe…sort of like those first maps of Mother earth. Incomplete, but a start in exploration. We know the shape of the solar system wind. The Voyager family is leaving the solar system in an Elvis-like moment. I wish Karl was here to see that!

  124. Iggy
    your post is potayto, patoto — he stalked the kid and shot him after the kid pushed him and he fell down.
    It doesn’t matter if he bought the gun to f–k himself he shot an unarmed teenager who was perfectly entitled to be walking around that neighborhood. If Zimmerman didn’t think he was judge and jury and executioner nothing would have happened but he did and he was armed and he shouldn’t have been
    the calls show his state of mind and that he profiled Martin you are doing nothing but playing with syntax
    Zimmerman is a murderer and should be punished as such
    it might have been an accident but Zimmerman is the cause of all the elements and if not 2nd degree I’m ok with manslaughter
    and as BW points out – Zimmerman was on drugs (untested by the Sanford racist police because they “believed his version”)
    Oh yeah and CNN Zimmerman was NOT a neighborhood patrol officer but a neighborhood WATCH block captain the key word here is WATCH
    Zimmerman was obviously frustrated with merely watching – evidenced by the phone call and took matters into his own hands.
    I cannot believe you think Zimmerman acted in a fashion that is in accordance with the law
    If Zimmerman gets off – I predict that Florida will become an armed state and lots of tourists will be shot and killed because they will be the only ones without guns.
    Really trying to blame Trayvon Martin for his own death?

  125. from latimes

    Janet Napolitano, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Arizona, is being named as the next president of the University of California system, in an unusual choice that brings a national-level politician to a position usually held by an academic, the Times has learned. Her appointment also means the 10-campus system will be headed by a woman for the first time in its 145-year history.

  126. Woman BLASTS Anti-Choice, Anti-Science Lawmakers in Texas

  127. from wapo

    NSA leaker Edward Snowden announced at a meeting Friday with human-rights organizations at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport that he will seek asylum in Russia, Tatyana Lokshina of Human Rights Watch told The Washington Post. He explained that asylum is the only way he can guarantee his safety to stay in the country, where he’s been since arriving from Hong Kong in late June. “I am only in a position to accept Russia’s offer because of my inability to travel,” he said, according to Lokshina, adding that he ultimately hopes to travel to Latin America, where three countries have offered him asylum.

    This puts Snowden in a difficult position: He had previously applied for asylum in Russia but then withdrew his application after Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Snowden could only stay on certain terms.

  128. also from latimes

    In the midst of Thursday’s angry rhetoric, some senators called for a rare closed-door meeting in the historic Old Senate Chamber to air grievances and seek a resolution.

    Reid scheduled a private session for Monday night, but even that led to a protest from McConnell, who noted that attendance tends to be spotty on the first day of the week.

    What’s that you say, Mitch? It’s Monday, so you can’t work? Call you on Tuesday, maybe?

    Huh. You think Wal-Mart puts up with people missing work because it’s a Monday? Or the cellphone store? The supermarket? Or most other places out here in the real world, where your constituents live?

    Is it any wonder that Americans are fed up with Congress?

    Here’s a tip, Mitch, for you and all the other folks on Capitol Hill, Republican and Democrat alike: You spent a lot of money to get there. You made a lot of promises. You have a nation depending on you. You get paid pretty well; you have excellent healthcare and retirement benefits.

    So how about you show up for work? And I mean every day, including Mondays and Fridays.

  129. flatus, my guess is that they’ve made copies of all info he has with him (not necessarily with his knowledge) and they’re anxious to pitch him and his media retinue out, send them off asap on next plane to south america.

  130. Snowden just needs to stay long enough to get travel documents. The US has not handled this well at all – more like a temper tantrum by a child then a plan

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