GOP Free Speech Contradiction

A Des Moines Register editorial is making sense, noting that the while the GOP is attacking networks for planning Hillary Clinton documentaries it was an HRC film that Republicans defended in the Supreme Court’s Citizen United ruling.

Outrage by state and national Republican Party officials about two planned films on the life of Hillary Clinton is curious on many levels. Not the least is the party’s apparent change in position on the wisdom of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2009 Citizens United ruling.

Citizens United, it may be recalled, is the group that produced a documentary on Hillary Clinton in advance of the 2008 election. The film was perceived by her backers to be a hatchet job on the former first lady, and they argued Citizens United violated federal campaign finance law by producing what amounted to a blatantly partisan campaign commercial.

The Supreme Court, however, ruled that the group had a First Amendment right to make such independent expenditure, even though it is a nonprofit corporation.

Republicans widely hailed the ruling as a victory for free speech.

Des Moines Register (8/10)

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  1. WOO HOO!!
    Oh my, the GOP being the GOP…


    He he, i haven’t watched anything Alec B has done since Knots Landing :0).
    So yes, will give MR. Anger a pass.. I better watch out, ha ha, he may refer to me as a bitchy queen.. Oh now i’m laughing at myself…

  2. I thought the can’t party had died and then Dunce Priebus did an autopsy. Now, the male white party has reincarnated to hyer-hypocritical status. Everything as planned. Retro politics. It makes it easier for them to rewrite history.

    Back to the penalty box you repugnant jerks.

  3. Definition of HYPOCRITE

    1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

  4. Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

    [oscar wilde]

    you must admit the gopers are imaginative

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  7. btw a reminder, that “Edit My Profile” page (under “Howdy” above) is also where you can update your email address (for receiving alerts) or change your password anytime.

  8. Women in the US of AA have had the right to vote since 1920…less than 100 years. Electing a female president will be a lot harder than electing an African-American president.

    But, the level of fear in the can’t party for Hillary is wonderful. It might be the impetus for getting her elected. Their resistance is the electricity to propel her to the White House.

  9. No update on my missing relative…hubby has suspected foul play from the beginning. This blog details the gear he actually took with him, but also brings-up foul play — Mammoth Mountain forum. I wake-up every morning thinking of Matt. A unsettling mystery.

  10. Blonde Wino:
    Plan your visit…

    BW, this certainly caught my attention:

    “During the middle and late 800s, the great houses of Pueblo Bonito, Una Vida, and Peñasco Blanco were constructed, followed by Hungo Pavi, Chetro Ketl, Pueblo Alto, and others. These structures were often oriented to solar, lunar, and cardinal directions. Lines of sight between the great houses allowed communication. Sophisticated astronomical markers, communication features, water control devices, and formal earthen mounds surrounded them. The buildings were placed within a landscape surrounded by sacred mountains, mesas, and shrines that still have deep spiritual meaning for their descendants.”

  11. Chaco canyon is the American Cradle of Civilization. The aboriginals also drank chocolate…an advanced and tasteful civilization.

  12. BW, after reading the above forum, and from what you’ve posted here before, it seems the only way anyone will get to the bottom of it is if a friend or family member goes out there and posts fliers and asks around the climbing routes and local restaurants and such, since the authorities seem lax to do so. Climbing or hiking in the backcountry alone is never a good idea, and I’d personally speculate towards an accident before foul play, without evidence either way.

    Climbing destinations typically have established and popular edifaces where someone might have encountered him or found a piece of his gear or something. I’d encourage you to post on the above-linked forum whatever information you have, or suggest a closer family member do it if that seems more appropriate. Just a few ideas, not much help, I know.

  13. I visited Chaco canyon in 1999. I rarely feel spiritual, but I did feel the spirit in Chaco. I had a similar feeling in the Badlands of South Dakota, but the feeling in Chaco was hugely powerful. I felt a heavy sadness, too.

  14. thanks, iggy. Two search teams and a helicopter have gone to the Ritter and Lydell area, earlier, but too much time has gone by. Matt did not sign any of the books on the trail which is something his friends claim he would do.

    Jurisdiction is also an issue…the teams that went looking did so under the pretense of training because of that issue of crossing county lines. Plus it was ‘free’ to the family.

  15. I look at the photo of Matt…his face. I see my father’s face, my grandfather’s face. And I still hear my grandfather’s voice — talking about the buddy system. Never go alone. I used to go spelunking in Pennsylvania with my friends. To get to the great room, we would always have to squeeze through a crack in the earth. And I would always hear my Mother’s voice in my head...don’t go alone!!! Take a friend, safety in numbers.

  16. Whatever the case, it seems there are a lot of eyes on it, so I’ll leave it there. Sorry to impose.

  17. iggy, you are not imposing and I welcome all who can solve a mystery. I say throw this out to the internet and solve it! Just like a science problem. The area looks so small on the map and then in person, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    It is still accident or foul play to me, I fear he is not with us. But, everyone wants to find him. All thought and help is welcome.

  18. I wish the story did get more national coverage. When the AP picked-up the missing hiker story, the LA Times ran a piece on Matt. The trail is now cold, so-to-speak.

  19. BW

    At these camp sites or rest stops are you aware of any CCS any surveillance cameras, similar to those at ATM’s, 7-11’s, banks, gas stations…?

  20. I would assume there are cameras at some private and public places. Public areas that have been vandalized do have cameras, but again…too much time has passed and we are in a new month. I used to handle the video surveillance tapes for the department store and I can tell you, they are not held forever. We used to start over again each month for cost reasons.

    Bottom line, no record of him anywhere since July 16th. No phone, no credit card.

  21. In “1984” George Orwell described the ability required of a true party member: when presented with two contradictory ideas, to believe both of them.

  22. If you like hummingbirds, plant red Canna Lilies. They are highly splittable, if a friend has them; just drop a shovel-head in there and grab a clump, it won’t hurt them at all. Put them in this fall.

  23. HOUSEKEEPING: I’ve added social media account login for users of Twitter, Facebook, etc. Tried this before with limited success, but with my recent updates hoping it works better this time, allowing new users an easier way to join us.

  24. I forget…how many times did the airwaves get flooded with documentaries about Mitt Romney at the end of the election?

  25. Craig.Crawford,
    Aye, and a few of us do have different “avatars” (so to speak) in different situations so we tend to avoid letting the whole world into our social lives. Politics is business, not personal (sorry Sonny)

  26. Blonde…Just reading about Matt, and want to send good thoughts that he be found. This truly is an unsettling mystery. It’s hard to imagine anything much worse than having someone you love go missing, and having so little idea what to do to find them. My thoughts are with you.

  27. Jamie,

    So right you are, my friend. Her age matters not; she was a sweetheart and a queen , impossible not to love from afar. The world lost a good one, true that.

  28. harborwoman,

    Attached is a link to what I believe is the original iteration of the article you linked with your post. At the conclusion of the article I’m linking is a concise refutation of the points addressed concerning the referenced court decisions (which I would like to paste here, but it is too long), and despite the misleading headline of the article from “Whiteout Press”, I will give them credit for including that refutation immediately after the article, on the same page:

    It is concerning that those literally copying this article without proper disclosure did not choose to include the refutation, as the “Whiteout Press” article is dated 7/27/2013, the updated refutation 8/6/2013, and the “True Activist” copy of the article without the update 8/10/2013.

    The reason I bothered to “investigate” further was the red flag raised by the wording of the headline, as I would like to believe it should be the medical community to establish a causal relationship (if one exists), rather than a court of law.

  29. DexterJohnson,

    Sending people to Mars seems to be the easy part. Geo-engineering to create a sustainable ecosystem? We can’t even do that here. Very interesting, though. I would imagine there will be a high mortality rate in the initial phases of colonization.

  30. Iggy…As I understand it, vaccine court is not the same as a traditional court of law. The medical information is what is weighed in decisions related to causation. I’m headed for bed now, but will search tomorrow for the list of studies that have replicated Dr. Wakefield’s work and found his conclusions to be accurate. To be fair, there are also studies (mostly funded by those who have a vested interest in NOT finding any causation from vaccines) that refute his findings.

    I have lost much of my faith in the conventional medical community. Pharmaceutical companies now provide or control almost all doctor training. It was a grave mistake, in my opinion, to allow them to get their tentacles into our schools of medicine.

  31. tpm’s marshall on mitch’s “goofball picture” with noseholding campaign manager

    I don’t pretend that there was really any better way for McConnell to handle this. Rand Paul clearly was not inclined to come forward and give McConnell a full-throated re-endorsement, which might actually have been just as bad, only in a different way. And McConnell wasn’t in a position to can Paul’s right-hand man during a battle to prove his fealty to the Tea Party. So this is probably the best he could manage. But it still illustrates his political impotence. He is now clinging for dear life to the political upstart who beat his political protege in 2010. The whole spectacle – the picture as much as anything – makes him look weak and ridiculous. And in the shadow boxing about toughness and machismo which is the undercurrent of so much political campaigning, that’s deadly.

  32. there are 2 potential stories about that “I’m holding my nose” comment that haven’t been fully developed yet:
    1. just what is it that stinks in McConnell’s office/campaign?
    to a teaper it might be “compromise” in the works
    or it might be corruption or it might be mm himself
    2. the personal and political internal battles
    why the so-called friend leaked the comment or the indepth backstory of teapers vs gopers

  33. heads up. be aware the perseids of august. huffpo article and vids

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    Though astronomers expect the shower to peak in North America during daylight hours Monday, stargazers should be able to see the display on Sunday night and early Monday morning. The shooting stars will also be visible overnight Monday through Tuesday morning.

  34. opinion piece in courierjournal a worthy read

    James R. Carroll | Curtain yet to fall on Jesse Benton drama in Mitch McConnell campaign

    You know the scene. The title character in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is in the Capitol when he is stabbed by conspirators, including his friend, Brutus.

    “Et tu, Brute?” a stunned Caesar says as he collapses.

    “Just kidding!” Brutus replies.

    At least that’s the way Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and his campaign manager, Jesse Benton, staged the scene last week.

  35. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Two minutes of thunder on a quiet Sunday Morning. Enjoy!

  36. editorial same paper same subject

    This could be excellent news for his critics, who are legion. But it could be bad news for Kentucky and the country for the next 15 months.

    Mr. McConnell, famously obstructive in Congress, is likely to become more so as he strives to appeal to the most extreme wing of his party.

  37. I think McConnell’s chickens are finally coming home to roost. Having lied down with dogs and having made his own bed, he’ll have to lie in it now with fleas. He’s danced up a storm but will ultimately have to pay the piper because even he knows that if you want to dance you have to pay the piper…that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.
    He’s been supping with a very short spoon for some time, having forgotten that if you sup with the devil you’re supposed to carry a very long spoon.

  38. jace,

    Jace, thanks for the warning about thunder, Scriabin on Sunday. You must have had a premonition about the sermon that you were facing. 😉

  39. Iggy…Here are two sites you might check out. What any of us will find if we try to seriously research autism causation, especially as it relates to a potential association between vaccines and autism, is a fight. Often, those doing the fighting have only their opinions as a basis for the beliefs they hold. The problem comes in when science is tainted by a desired outcome. Admittedly, that can happen on either side of any scientific debate. Climate science comes to mind. Having spent the last 26 years living with autism, and doing a great deal of lay-person’s research, I believe that people who develop an ASD have a genetic predisposition to do so, and that the genetic predisposition meets up with an unfortunate environmental trigger. I believe that vaccines (and their many ingredients) can be one of those triggers. As relates to the MMR specifically, it is at least worthy of serious study that vaccine-strain measles is so often found in the guts of affected children.

    I keep looking at the refutation presented in the link you provided. I can’t see that it is any more or less ‘opinion’ than anything else said on this matter. The author offers no proof of his assertions that I can see.

  40. Does this mean any republicans are going to reefuse interviews with the Register or does it mean they are going to boycott all of Iowa

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