GOP Bloodletting

Sane Republicans — and yes, they do exist — are fed up, perhaps the main factor in finally ending this debt default madness. And some realize it is time to risk the possibility of a temporary loss of power in order to purge their ranks of Tea Party zealots, and break their addiction to evangelicals.

The American Conservative Senior Editor Rod Dreher is making sense:

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I hope the House flips to the Democrats in 2014, so we can be rid of these nuts. Let Ted Cruz sit in the Senate stewing in his precious bodily fluids, and let Washington get back to the business of governing. … The Republican Party has driven the country to the brink, and this morning, House Republicans bolstered their ranks by … standing together and singing Amazing Grace. It’s Strangelovian. Maybe there won’t be a long-term fallout from this, but I tell you, it’s very hard to see entrusting power to a party that behaves this way, that manufactures crises like this for its own short-term political gain. The Republicans, having lost their mind, have destroyed their brand.”

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  1. “The Republicans, having lost their mind, have destroyed their brand.” wooohoo


    rep steven king is a stupid ignorant asshole

    he does not have a clue iowa you have sent an idiot to congress

  2. You know…. over the years of blogging, I have seen every cliche used to describe what would eventually happen with the types the Republican party was courting.

    Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it. You’ll reap what you sow. If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get fleas. Etc., etc.

    Now that it’s happening…. well… what’s there to say except…. pass the popcorn please!

  3. Clinton Talks Osama bin Laden at Closed Gathering
    by Taylor Marsh

    There has never been much doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton would be drawn to running for president a second time. The call to service has been her life’s work, going back a long way, even before she was first lady of Arkansas. How could she resist the opportunity she now has to have the potential to become the first female Democratic nominee with a real shot at the presidency?

    Looking at Republicans today, Clinton has never looked more viable.

  4. Breaking Bad, Senate-style. I heard from my Senator, Martin Heinrich and he wrote a letter detailing the plight of an air traffic controller during sequestration and now, the shut down. For fans of Breaking Bad, the big plane crash in Albuquerque was at the hands of a frustrated air traffic controller!

    “During my speech, I shared the concerns of Rio Rancho resident Chad Didier who served in the Marine Corps and is now an air traffic controller in Albuquerque. During the shutdown, he’s been reporting to work every day to help keep our airspace safe, but doesn’t know when he’ll receive a paycheck again. This comes on the heels of forgoing pay earlier this year due to sequestration.”

  5. Steve Pearce is getting broiled on the local news…MIA. The cowards of congress continues…I write to Steve everyday and I understand his phone is laden with calls from his unhappy constituents. But, he will never change…this group of sociopaths is deaf.

  6. The Dems have a lot of ground to make up in the House to take control. The GOP is making it possible but it still seems unlikely.

    I dont think Boehner is this forward looking but reviewing his actions over the past month or so, I do wonder if he has the same sort of agenda. Put the Tea Party front and center in broad daylight and watch them wilt and fade away. Or maybe its just anger and powerlessness that motivated Boehner. Its no fun being Speaker when the Senate and Executive are held by the other party.

  7. The quote above by Dreher is an example of how educated, sophisticated Republicans talk when they are talking to an educated, sophisticated (and mostly non-Republican) audience.

    It’s a scam.

    There is very little difference between Dreher and the Tea Party clown who was waving a Confederate flag in front of the White House. They have IDENTICAL core beliefs.

    The only difference is in style.

    The GOP stands for just two things, big business and racism. Everything else is just camouflage.

  8. Jack…in some districts, like District 2 of New Mexico, we can rid ourselves of the tea party. It had been done before…replacing the reps with blue dog dems. I do not know if we faired any better under the blue dog dem we elected, Harry Teague (tea is in his name, not his veins) sounded more repug than dem. He was one who did not go home from the dance with the one he came with.

    Other gerrymandered districts in other states? Too much to overcome for the dems.

    I have no sympathy for Boehner.

  9. “The truth is, Republicans have been winning since the ’80s and haven’t stopped. The Clinton/Obama domestic agenda is right of Nixon/Eisenhower. There is no left in America. Democrats would qualify as center-right in any other country, while the Republicans would constitute a fringe right-wing nationalist party that generally takes in 10 percent of unemployed alcoholic racists with free time to come up with crazy conspiracy theories.”

    Sean McElwee, writing for HuffPo

  10. thank you, Nash. I was taken with your jokes of a few days ago…I thought of an opening to a classic — (WARNING, potentially offensive material)

    Boehner, Cantor and Cruz…A Catholic, a Jew and a Canadian, are up the creek without a paddle…..

  11. I’m not doing a victory dance yet. Until I see a debt ceiling increase pass along with a cleanish CR it’s all just political theater.

    jackeye, you’re right IMHO – taking the house is a VERY HEAVY LIFT – primarily because of the gerrymandering the foolish dems have allowed the anti-democratic ‘pugns to do in the states. Flipping 18 gerrymandered districts would take a huge and expensive effort. Maybe George Soros could provide seed money to fund such an effort – and focus on the districts of the ‘pugns who get primary challenges if 18 ‘pugns vote for the senate plan and Heritage keeps its word. (Think Christine O’Donnell – a case study in how that kind of thing can play out.

  12. I was reading the comment section from the article Craig posted and ran across this gem

    Has a nation ever endured such absolute idiots in office? Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Mao– they were all evil as hallspawn, but they were not stupid as a box of rocks


  13. I do think in regards to the Senate, the dems have a good chance of holding it now. I think there was some danger of that prior to now. Nate Silver had it as a tossup during the summer.

    It would truly ironic if all the anger at Obama resulted in him having his party control both the House and Senate. I mean Obamacare was pushed through because the House and Senate were in Dem control.

  14. the criminally stupid cnn has on a rolling array of county clubbers former bush staffers to try to rehab the goops

  15. The GOP is wounded but they will recover quickly. They have ton of money and their own 24/7 propaganda channel, Fox News.

    Also, they have a solid base of 35% of the voters (more if they succeed with voter suppression) who will NEVER vote for Democrats. They have gerrymandered the House districts which will remain in place until 2020. They are strong in most of the low-population states (Montana, North Dakota, etc) that give them a permanent near-majority in the Senate.

    Finally, if the establishment GOP can get Christie through the primaries alive, he could take the general election in 2016.

  16. Nash 2.5,

    Nash – you are right, also because its a 2 party system and its about base and demonizing the other party. and both sides do that.

    Christie 2016, i am not sure Christie wants to deal with this party nationally right now. I am not convinced he runs.

  17. Obamacare is insurance reform at the hands of the blue dog dems…if the ‘dems’ take the house, it will be with the blue dog dems. They weren’t much help during negotiations of the health care law and are almost as right of center as the tea party. This is the reason we are stuck with an unworkable Obamacare.

    I have been praying the government opens, etc. and then we can tweak or is that twerk? the current Obamacare law. It is a mess at the hands of the insurance companies.

  18. Traditionally Gerrymandering has been accomplished/ratified when reapportionment has been done after censuses. Is anyone aware of anything that would prevent a state from redrawing its districts absent a reapportionment? Like when everyone is pissed-off like we are now? But, of course, the reality is, the Statehouse seats are carved, too. And they would be doing the redrawing.

  19. JackEM:

    Christie will probably run. EVERY politician dreams of being president but very few ever have a shot at it.

  20. someone needs to explain to all of cable news just how the government works

    carol costello does not know the basics of civics– a product of Ohio schools proudly ignorant

  21. Christie is licking his chops over running. Both HRC and Christie need to look West for a running mate. Too much of a northeast contest and we in the West tire of being overlooked. Look for both candidates to ignore the south when looking for a running mate with the exception of Florida.

  22. Former Speaker Hastert disowns the “Hastert Rule” (House majority leaders only call a vote if a majority of their own party supports it):

    That was a misnomer at a press conference. One time they asked me about immigration legislation, why don’t I just use Democrat votes? I said, well I’m never going to not have a majority of my own party go along with me. If you do that, then you’re not using your own policy. And [the press] blew that up as the Hastert Rule. The Hastert Rule, really, was: If you don’t have 218 votes, you didn’t bring the bill to the floor,” he explained. Asked by a surprised reporter to confirm that he, Dennis Hastert, thinks there is no rule named after him, the former speaker replied: “There is no Hastert Rule, no.” — Dennis Hastert, National Journal

    Boehner could use that as cover, but he’d still probably face a challenge to his speakership from the rebels.

  23. KGC…CNN follows Faux News’ lead. I advise you to turn-off CNN. The stupidity parade has to stop with you. I have found CNN to be not watchable and childish in their analysis.

  24. bw

    i watch democracy now for news
    this early for entertainment cable news or law and order

    there is no ‘local news’ for us..our local paper is owned by a bunch of local developers so you can imagine how much stuff is being hidden or the supervisor who was arrested half naked drunk trying to break into a woman’s apartment..three months and no charges and the paper is trying to make him the victim

  25. Wise choices, KGC. While running through the channels, I caught Burnout arguing with tea party house reps…wowing them with her brilliance? What joke…these guys are obstructionists, not intellectuals! Get them off of the air as CNN is helping give these bums a platform like Faux News.

    I am with Nash, no left in the US of AA.

  26. the burnout– I heard her say there was nothing to worry about the default she’s an idiot

  27. ah, this could get interesting …

    Roll Call: Mitch McConnell Outraised by Kentucky Democrat — Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Democrat, raised more than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the third quarter, raking in an impressive $2.5 million for the competitive Senate contest.

    Patd, does she have a chance?

  28. I have been known to vote GOP in the past but not for the past 10 years due to this arch conservative takeover of the party. This year it has gone from a movement to total insanity. These nut cases have to be cleared out or the party has to split, evict them and rebuild.

  29. Slate: “The House will vote first on an emerging Senate proposal to open government and lift the debt ceiling, a move that would expedite bipartisan legislation developed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

    So will Cruz filibuster when it gets to the Senate?

  30. on the disinformation front, there seems to be a huge amount of pressure buildings to get a deal done by midnight tomorrow. Its being described as “down to the wire”.

    Nothing happens tomorrow at midnight except we can no longer borrow money but money is still coming in.

    I am all for fixing this ASAP and reopening govt but there is a lesson here, people think 10/17 is a critical deadline and so govt is acting as if its a critical deadline. But its not. The crisis is sometime during the week after next.

  31. wait, craig, if the house votes first, can Cruz filibusterer? i heard he can slow it down by dissenting on some unanimous consent calls but doesnt 60 votes kill a filibuster?

    i am betting on cruz to make a ruckus. in for a penny, in for a pound. nobody new is going to dislike him if he stalls on this and his base will love him for taking a heroic (in their minds) stand.

  32. right the impact of the default isn’t felt right away but that’s kind of like saying — ignore that avalanche until you are buried

  33. Buffett says debt limit is weapon of “mass destruction.” His stock, Berkshire Hathaway, BRK-A, is up $3,000.00 per share in morning trading. Good on the Oracle of Omaha.

  34. Oh so much Machiavellian shenanigans going on…. between both parties… it’s so hard to keep up.

    As much as I would love to witness the demise of the GOP… I do think the voters will forget all about this tussle. Maybe not for 2014… but definitely by 2016.

    And truthfully…. IMO, one party rule is not good for this nation. I’d like to see the GOP get back to some normalcy. Hell… IMO, Solar is onto something. It’d be nice to see 4-5 parties. But you know what they say… if wishes were horses, I’d ride off into the sunset…. bareback.

  35. The Republicans so ungracious

    McConnell I hope he gets his butt handed to him — by the democrat in the senate race

    what a load of crap

    Democrats needs to make sure the public doesn’t forget

    Ted Cruz more than McCarthy…he reminds me of George Wallace or the clown with the axe

  36. I think Biden will run, and i understand Hillary’s need to hamstring oppponents, something she didnt focus on in 2008.

    There is no downside to Biden running, people know him and he seems to like to get out and shake hands and speak to reporters, etc.

    I suppose Biden can be the anti-hillary candidate if nobody else emerges but i dont see him having any momentum. Its early days though.

  37. Obama and the Democrats need to get out front on the negotiations they need to set the terms

    a whole lot of misinformation about the affordable heath care law and also what has been done for deficit reduction

    and what cuts have already been made

    There was a lot of irony in the republicans crying about keeping early childhood programs open – since they have eviscerated the funding and the same thing with veterans affairs.

  38. I was watching c-span when the Senate announced their agreement around noon this morning. After the leaders pledged their mutual love and respect then departed, the 15-members of the ad hoc group gathered around (figuratively) Susan Collins and spoke extemporaneously about the experience of coming up with the framework that was finally agreed to.

    The individuals of both parties were animated, enthusiastic and spoke respectfully of one another and raved about the process they adopted saying it was like the Senate of old, the one they all hoped to be part of.

    Pogo, your freshman senator was part of the group; he was happy!

  39. Listening to the Ted Cruz statement on this compromise and you have an epiphany. This man doesn’t need to BS. He has enough pure crap of his own.

  40. RebelliousRenee,

    This is why I think the Parliamentary system is a good idea. Give the factions places to go to negotiate. Oh and Craig, The Netherlands are Constitutional Monarchy & Parliamentary system, but then so is Great Britain :-)

  41. Craig.Crawford,

    don’t know. remember tho’ you’re referring to the state that brought you rant paul. so don’t expect miracles.
    but have seen a poetic down home style kane-tuck kind of tee shirt:

    on front
    “ditch mitch”

    on back a big

    with tiny letters under
    “to the bitch”

  42. people think 10/17 is a critical deadline and so govt is acting as if its a critical deadline. But its not

    jack eyemoney,
    it is to those afraid of another credit downgrade

  43. bill w, did you write this onion piece?

    According to a new report published Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, you live in a deeply embarrassing and barely functional country. “Our latest research and statistical analysis shows that you are currently the citizen of an objectively humiliating nation wreathed in a miasma of pettiness, sloth, rank stupidity, and failure,” the report read in part, adding that this—this goddamned disgrace of a culture and system of government, if that’s what you call whatever the hell this is—is where you live, where you are from, and where you will likely die. “Decline and dysfunction are currently the first things people across the world think of when they hear the name of your place of origin, and, by association, these are the first words that would come to mind when they think of you as well.” The report concluded that there isn’t a whole hell of a lot you can do about it either.

  44. Until Canberra allowed export of that disgusting media monopolist, Rupert Murdoch, the United States was doing pretty well. Send the Pew report to Australia, attn: Bill W. ; they’re culpable.

  45. According to WaPo, Cruz said it’s awful but he won’t try to delay a vote – that doing so would not accomplish anything. What, unlike his last 23 hour delay – that ended with him voting for the bill he was delaying? the man is delusional 😆 (but you knew that).

  46. This is why I think the Parliamentary system is a good idea. Give the factions places to go to negotiate.

    Jamie… If only the Republicans would stop thinking that the word compromise is a four-letter word, I think we’d be ok.

    But…. ah…. there’s that wishing again…
    (slapping forehead)…

  47. Back in the day (college) I had an ongoing debate with my polysci friend about our form of government. He was a big advocate of the 2 party system – thought it was the only viable system. I took the opposite position – that it was an inefficient system that bred controversy rather than compromise. Frankly at our young ages, neither one of us knew shit. I take the 2 party system for granted, but if the teaists are a party, I guess we have a 3 party system with one half of one branch of government being run by the smallest, most extreme faction (as a result of lack of leadership by the speaker IMHO) with the other half of that branch being provided entertainment by the tea clowns doing their act.

  48. Spidey Gal,

    Youre going along with me that we need more than a two party system…4-5 ? the more the merrier we would be, since it would be harder to bribe em all…..

    OH, and just cos you did go along….im in for the horsey ride…..but I tried that bare back stuff when i was young….younger. it ain’t no pleasure ride…..i can just hear that song….”back in the saddle again”……wonder what they meant by that?

    I see people were downgrading the Chinese yesterday…don’t underestimate them at all.!

    Theyve been making deals (long range planning is what would call them) In the Pak areas for their ore mtls, natural gas…..haven’t checked on the deals they had with India for an natural gas line the would be constructed in the ocean…was going to say under the ocean….but…..

    China is here to stay imo….they also are into the sciences in a big way now…..something that they let the western world pass them with for centuries….not anymore

    Pat….the are also the very first ones that started mass production…..centuries ago, they mass produce the cross… not the cross of myths….the cross bow…..they made a mold, and melted the mtls for them….

    They were also the first ones to make a replaceable part for fire arms……when the wooden stock from an cross bow wood brake in battle…they would replace them with a new one they carried…….

  49. ps…….about the China…..why the devil (my pal) do we give them aid money?…..later

  50. I think that if she plays her cards right Ms Lundergen Grimes is a one hunnert percent dyed-in-the-wool shoo-in.

    I’d almost stake my preputation on it.

  51. The GOP/Tea Party isn’t going to stop.

    They are going to continue to filibuster and block appointments in the Senate, pass more pointless “defund Obamacare” bills in the House, etc.

    They will shut down the government again and take us close to or into default again.

    They can’t really do anything positive but they can prevent Obama and the Democrats from doing anything also, which they consider to be a victory.

    Their strategy for the 2014 elections is based on keeping the economy in slow growth – high unemployment status, and then blaming it on the Democrats.

  52. The Supreme court caused all of this by weakening campaign financing laws.

    They created the Tea Party.

  53. What’s next in the House? Impeachment.

    Sure, why not? It won’t go anywhere once it gets to the Senate but it will tie the government up in knots for months.

    This would be “Mission Accomplished,” for the Tea Party.

  54. My long time paramour has gone to get a craft beer but I think that she but uses that as an excuse to get some cake….guess i think that because I talked about cake all day. I’m not sure anymore.

  55. Foreign Policy:

    The United States provided $28.3 million in foreign assistance and funding programs to China via USAID and the State Department in 2012, according to a May
    report from the Congressional Research Service.

    It projects that number to decrease slightly in 2013, to $25.5 million. Roughly half of the U.S. funding is administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which focuses on four main areas in China: environmental protection, rule of law, HIV/AIDS, and sustainable development for Tibetans. “I believe that our foreign aid to China furthers U.S. interests,” said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), who chairs the East Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcommitttee of the Foreign Relations Committee, in a phone interview. But a USAID official, who asked to speak on background, took issue with calling the assistance to China “aid.” “We are using some assistance to do technical cooperation in a few key areas, which are narrow and defined in scope,” the official said. It’s “directed” assistance, the official added, noting that these programs were not controversial.

  56. You never know but what that sax player could have been one of the greats….they used to go down the street and make some pfennigs playing for the rock and roll cats……

  57. The Houston paper that endorsed Ted Cruz regrets their choice

  58. For people who would like a three or four party system, or a parliamentary system, we’ve been going through something of a demonstration of how we’d function in those systems.

    Quite often, make that usually, they depend on one or two smaller parties forming a coalition with a larger party to form a dominant majority. Those smaller parties can leave the coalition if they don’t get what they want and join with the opposition.

    If we find life with the Teaists difficult, how do you think we’d do with full fledged minority parties insisting on parity rights as full coalition partners?

  59. Well jace guess on average that’s about right for the boner. I hope that cruz’ challenger next time around calls out his hipocracy -costing the US billions in interest in the name of cutting costs. Dumbass.

  60. Flatus, until the tea party goofballs have a (T) after their names in the media, they are just Rs with particularly sharp fangs. They aren’t a separate party and can’t run against a D & an R in a race. And they only form “coalitions” with Rs. They are just purer Rs. I don’t consider them anything other than well financed R crazies.

  61. I’m still kinda’ thinkin’ that the tree of liberty now needs to be watered with the blood of traitors. 👿

  62. Arizona enemies of the State in the US House of Representatives: Franks; Gosar; Salmon; and, Schweikert. Kudos to McCain and Flake in the Senate for voting aye.

  63. What’s next in the House? Impeachment.

    Nash 2.5,have a hunch you’re right about that. they’ve promised to do everything they could to stop him. that’s why I firmly believe some of the access problems and crashing of obamacare online are hackers of the teaper ilk. the neo-dirty tricksters and sons of atwater will never give up on their form of ethnic cleansing.

  64. Flatus, and jackeye
    this wapo article is what I was commenting about in re yours pooh-poohing the debt default deadline direness and damage.

    If the U.S. government’s credit rating is the backbone of the public financial system, then the negative credit watch issued by Fitch Ratings on Tuesday is akin to a bulging disc.

    It may never cause a problem. But if it ruptures, the results could be painful. For the next few months, as the government approaches another debt limit and Fitch evaluates how the political system responds, the threat of a downgrade remains — and with it the risk of a broad rise in borrowing costs, not just for the federal government but also for countless state, city and local agencies whose credit ratings could be at risk as well.

  65. Good morning…I wrote to Steve Pearce and told him he owes me money. For years, I have been whipped about the head for the republican’t debt. Like GWB, Pearce needs to send every family in New Mexico’s district 2 a few hundred dollars. And I am sure the bagger can go to the tea party warehouse and sell off all of those monkey puppets, witch doctor posters of Obama and the lace/velvet outfits. They can keep the tri-corned hats (though I think they may be worth some money).

    I listened to cspan this morning as when flipping through the cable news, I saw John McCain. WTF? Cspan was more interesting with its calls from the little people. McCain needs to retire, enjoy his wealth. I did give Steve Pearce the same advice. Go away and enjoy your life out-of- the public eye.

  66. CNN had become the Loser channel. Gingrich, Freedom Works male parade, McCain, Blackburn, etc. Get rid of these losers and get some real humans on the air. CNN the old people’s home of has been republican’ts.

  67. Flatus says — If we find life with the Teaists difficult, how do you think we’d do with full fledged minority parties insisting on parity rights as full coalition partners?

    I agree, but the tea party has its wealth and that is what we are fighting here. These guys are maniacs if they believe they can beat on the debt drum while costing the country $28 billion dollars for their tantrum. It is all about a black man in the WH and they have been trying to turn the US of AA into a welfare nation befitting of a black man.

    I do not think the racism of the tea party ever left…I say we fine them all and give the money to Obamacare.

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