Democrats Look for a Soul: Warren?

The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber is making sense

Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren — On one side is a majority of Democratic voters, who are angrier, more disaffected, and altogether more populist than they’ve been in years. They are more attuned to income inequality than before the Obama presidency and more supportive of Social Security and Medicare. They’ve grown fonder of regulation and more skeptical of big business. … Above all, Democrats are increasingly hostile to Wall Street and believe the government should rein it in. … On the other side is a group of Democratic elites associated with the Clinton era who, though they may have moved somewhat leftward in response to the recession—happily supporting economic stimulus and generous unemployment benefits—still fundamentally believe the economy functions best with a large, powerful, highly complex financial sector. Many members of this group have either made or raised enormous amounts of cash on Wall Street. They were deeply influential in limiting the reach of Dodd-Frank, the financial reform measure Obama signed in July of 2010.”

Warren presses regulators on lack of big bank trials

77 thoughts on “Democrats Look for a Soul: Warren?”

  1. I view Warren as a knight on a white horse for the liberal Dems. She is going to come rescue them and save them all the trouble of doing the hard work that it takes to build a movement. Obama was their last knight.
    So they need to quit dreaming and get to work.


  2. Who doesn’t like Elizabeth Warren? (well the banksters..and other perpetrators of financial fraud)

    However, this is an issue being developed by the no on Hillary side. And they look remarkably like the same people who torpedoed her last time. Clueless white guys.

    If we are going with Elizabeth Warren why not have her at the top and Al Franken as VP — a woman and a Jew…

  3. KGC
    Very good point.

    I’m in agreement with Ignex, I think it will be very hard for a Dem to win in 2016. After all when the only thing you have done for the last 8 yrs is the ACA…….


  4. Traditionally a third term is very hard even for a popular administration

    Normally I think the goops would be in good shape but since they are cannibalizing the only normal people in the party — they could just shoot themselves in more then just their feet.

    howz that for mixed metaphors.

  5. I simply haven’t seen enough of Prof Warren operating in fields beyond economics, finance, and the role of unaccountable people in Big Finance with the government’s connivance.

    What I want to see is her being a consensus builder in voting-rights and immigration and prison reform, etc.. Or, at least taking steps in those directions as someone who is stretching her wings.

  6. Flatus

    That would be good. It’s interesting though
    since we are getting a deluge of JFK — I saw a PBS story about his time in Congress and the Senate. Before he was nominated he had basically no record and his foreign policy ironically was about opposing nation building – speaking about Algeria.

  7. Hillary could seal the deal by announcing the first thing she would do is legalize pot

    stop the stupid use of criminal justice dollars for going after the pot industry. And the make it a revenue producer

    There is nothing wrong with using pot to get high. The only reason it’s a problem is because it is against the law. There is no basis in fact for it to be against the law None

    I’ll bet she inhaled (inhales)

  8. Katherine
    JFK was steeped in political tea. And, our experience along the south side of the Mediterranean littoral was not positive with some of our military people being subjected to sharia law punishments, such as having hands severed, after being accused of stealing. I think we pretty well abandoned the area because our interests didn’t coincide with theirs.

  9. Flatus

    I don’t agree with that. I don’t think he knew anything and was pushed along by his father’s ambition. If his older brother had lived – Bobby probably would have become a priest and John and Teddy would have lived full time in Palm Beach –always slightly drunk womanizers

    I’m not saying the facts of the problems of Sharia law weren’t a problem..they had nothing to do with his decision. What he did was orchestrated by his father in a deal with Lyndon Johnson to get JFK on the senate foreign relations committee to give him some cred.

    I think Warren is just as prepared as JFK was to be president

  10. Katherine,

    And, I, in turn, disagree as well. :)

    I think we are in a period of re-re-re-re-revisionism so far as JFK is concerned. I agree that Joe was the selected one, just as Jeb was the one who was supposed to be president. But, I submit that one does not spend a childhood and adolescence and college vacations in an environment such as existed in the Kennedy clan without being steeped in its family business and the expectations for its future.

    That, along with the years at Harvard and in the Navy are formative in the long-term. That he sowed his wild oats, he was a rake. His behavior was shameful.

    The period about Sharia law was at around the time when he was elected

  11. In hindsight Kennedy was all Camelot no government

    Incidents involving Sharia law were not the reasons he gave for opposing the French behavior in Algeria — he claimed opposition to nation building ironically

    He never stopped being a playboy

    I’m just saying he was no more qualified to be president based on his past then Elizabeth Warren

    I think he was clueless about what was going on with his father and hopefully if he knew was appalled

  12. My dream ticket is the one I’ve been promoting almost since the election: Clinton / Warren. Send the women in to clean up the mess the men have made.

  13. Jamie,
    Have you seen any reasonably current polling of women asking if they would support two women candidates as a hypothetical?

  14. scheiber would make more sense if he acknowledged a third side of democrats who would prefer an experienced candidate, well-vetted thru many political combats and constructive victories of successful compromise.

    why do the pundits insist we live in a 2 dimensional world?

  15. an experienced candidate, well-vetted thru many political combats and constructive victories of successful compromise.


  16. Look at the governor list. for political and administrative ex.
    Top on the list Andrew Cuomo


  17. Jamie,
    let’s start the ball rolling and be counted for hillabeth on that polling
    Flatus wants to see.

    and, flatus, why not 2 women on a ticket? we’ve already seen what 2 men have done, do and don’t over and over and over.

  18. Warren/Franken – I could go for that, but she seems too nice, and, where is the foreign policy experience on that ticket?

    If the GOoPers can get it together and not run into that big, old ditch on the right, I think they could beat any Dem right now…but I don’t think they will be able to get away from ’em.

    I still say Clinton/Castro.

  19. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    Count me in for this ticket.!

    Will be the first time that i vote for a dem, or an r……

    Im open minded when it comes to seeing when there is a good thing for the country.

    If there are terrible choices again to choose from the two party’s …..are there opened minded people that will choose a third party, and for the good of the country; or will the team rah rah mentality; or the lesser of two evils give us another Obambush again?….if so…..the next question should be….how to stop complaining about choices that we make no?……..

  20. Democratic Govs…well there is Jerry Brown
    doing much better in his second time around

  21. Jerry Brown, now you are talking. A liberal Ronald Reagan in that, he is getting old isn’t he?


  22. patd: and, flatus, why not 2 women on a ticket? we’ve already seen what 2 men have done, do and don’t over and over and over.

    I have no doubt that most women and many men will trust one woman with the responsibility. I’m not convinced that women will trust two women. If they won’t do it, what’s the chance for a win?

  23. Lets see we’ve got HRC
    Governor moon beam
    don’t forget Joe, he is running too.
    What other retreads do we have out there?
    Gary Hart maybe?
    Our current SOS seems to be attracted to the camera lately.
    Kerry/Clinton Yeah , there’s the ticket.


  24. Of course the best thing for Hillary would be for a whole bunch of lefties to run against her and split that boat into tiny pieces. Brown, Howard Dean, Warren, bring them all on. Kinda like how Romney won by splitting up the right wingers.

  25. I love Warren’s passion—but it strikes me as being unidirectional in focus, and that is not presidential.

    I think she would be a nice majority whip or a principal on the ticket down the road, but …

  26. I also like sen. warren, enough to see her as a good choice for veep where she can get superb on the job training. too bad sen. obama didn’t take that opportunity and run on a hillary-barry ticket in ’08. he still would have made history becoming the first aa veep and then top it off by running for prez in ’16. we could have had a twofer.

  27. yeah, what jack said earlier:

    I view Warren as a knight on a white horse for the liberal Dems. She is going to come rescue them and save them all the trouble of doing the hard work that it takes to build a movement. Obama was their last knight.
    So they need to quit dreaming and get to work.

  28. HRC has already held one of the closest positions to President, in terms of policy influence and exposure, and has, by my count (correct me if I’m wrong), zero accomplishments in that position. I don’t even see how she could run on her past-pet-platform of “Universal Healthcare” (there’s a way she could try, but I think it would backfire with the general electorate).

    I realize TM is HRC country, but one may as well push for Gandalf the Grey getting the nom- he’d probably be a good President, too, as well as being the first wizard to hold that office, much to David Duke’s chagrin.

    For whom does the metaphor mix? Bah- let’s just pretend this post didn’t happen.

  29. Jr Brown is getting up there…think he’s around 78 ..he and Dianne Feinstein are the same age

    Senator Feinstein is a tough old broad she would be an interesting candidate for something but I know she won’t run for national office

  30. I think Obama has soured the independents on one term (or less) senators becoming presidents.

    John McLaughlin on his weekly show made a prediction that 3 women would throw their hats in the ring in 2016. He didnt say which party but I did think about Senators Warren and GIlibrand.

    I dont think Warren would be a smart VP choice for two reasons
    1. MA is locked up. If the Dem nominee cant win MA, they lose.
    2. She will be perceived as pulling the ticket left. and if Hillary is the nominee, Warren wont attract voters that Hillary doesnt attract.

  31. Craig:

    The correct usage is “Woo Hoo” as demonstrated here by Daffy Duck…


  32. in terms of a 3rd party, its early days but anyone think Bloomberg takes a run if the conditions are right? Of course if Trump’s show is still on the air, he will threaten too run as GOP or indy simply to get some press.

  33. Warren wants to save the middle class.

    The Clintons just want to hug it while it dies.

  34. Last post for today, I promise:

    After even more reading, I am now fully on-board the Warren4POTUS2016 bandwagon. I tend to back losers, though, so sorry about that, America.

    This quote from her 2008 convention speech illustrates why she must, and never will be POTUS-

    “People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here’s the painful part: They’re right. The system is rigged. Look around. Oil companies guzzle down billions in subsidies. Billionaires pay lower tax rates than secretaries. Wall Street CEOs — the same ones who wrecked our economy and destroyed millions of jobs — still strut around Congress, no shame, demanding favors, and acting like we should thank them.” -E.Warren

    Pardon the interruption, Warren/Nader 2016

    (EDIT- Wait a second, let’s try this: Perry/Paul 2016 [see what I did there?])

  35. Bloomberg has said two things about 2016

    he will be voting and he will not be running

    Trump he’s a joke there are a bunch of people suing him for fraud and all of his brands are made in China

    Maybe Kay Bailey Hutichson will run

  36. Ignex,

    Wish I posted that.! Move over kido, im saying it also…..

    This quote from her 2008 convention speech illustrates why she must, and never will be POTUS-

    “People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here’s the painful part: They’re right. The system is rigged. Look around. Oil companies guzzle down billions in subsidies. Billionaires pay lower tax rates than secretaries. Wall Street CEOs — the same ones who wrecked our economy and destroyed millions of jobs — still strut around Congress, no shame, demanding favors, and acting like we should thank them.” -E.Warren

  37. Both parties have the same problem…

    The “Establishment” GOP has to figure out how to get their conservative-populist base to accept a tool of Wall Street (Christie).


    The “Establishment” Democrats have to figure out how to get their liberal-populist base to accept a tool of Wall Street (Hillary).

    2016 is NOT about Democrats vs Republicans: it’s about “Wall Street vs Main Street” and the battle will be fought in BOTH parties.

  38. Warren is out imo. The corporate democrats would not let her…….they love someone that they could co-venture with….like Hilary. Hilary is now a big time dem corp persona….

    Maybe Warren should run as an indie……later

  39. Wait, wait, wait- I take it all back and heretofore reject the desire for a singular political messiah, as such philosophy leads nowhere good. I must “be the change I want to see in the word”, eh? You, too (far be it from me to tell you what to do).

    That’s my last post, ever, double-pinky-swear.

  40. Wait, wait, wait….changing things a little here also….if Champ can do it…so can I:

    Wanna see the end of the world:

    Two women that gets elected:
    Hillary and Feinstein. Two tough old broads.

    One of them lines em up….while the other (that owns her own private Military Contractor Corp…sorta like the ones that the Rs have, enron….but not as big, a little less evil…(Feinstein) shoots em down…..

    Naw, im stickin with Warren…that way if she wins…wouldn’t have to make my nasty posts all of the time about the two party evil doers…..or is that the two evil doers…one lesser or……never mind…..

  41. I say Terry McAuliffe can get elected governor of Virginia ..anything can happen

    who knows he might turn out to be great!
    although many I know are setting the over/under for the first administration ethics violation (and hopeful that it is not McAuliffe)

  42. Holy shit, maybe I’ve been watching too much Homeland, but, here’s HRC’s power-play:

    SCOTUS Chief-Justice Elizabeth Warren. It’s the better gig, you buy Roberts’ resignation with some pharma stock and a Brooks Brothers giftcard, Obama has at least one positive legacy, and you get your HRC Dem-nom.

    Eat your hearts out, Frank Luntz & Karl Rove. I’m so ashamed, of both my Machiavellian ingenuity, and monopolizing the thread. I got a rosary around here, somewhere.

    Goodbye, forever.

  43. Iggy I always thought that would be the buy out for Hillary –she’d be great on the court
    she’d make Anton want to quit

  44. Who ever takes on the bankers and the insurance companies has a 5 to 1 money advantage. In other words the pro banker/insurance politicos will have to raise five times the money to over come the built in hate.


  45. KGC

    I wish Jerry all the best, As governor of California maybe he can lead us out of the wildernees. Lord knows somebody needs to.


  46. whskyjack,

    It’s amazing what 40 years more of life will do to your attitude. He’s done pretty well -gotten some new taxes, gotten some pension reform without completely screwing retirees although this fight isn’t over.

    The biggest problem remains the prison population in California and what to do about it.

  47. My thoughts on HRC’s run.

    Right now she is starting to look a lot like Jim Kelly and the Bills who in the early nineties came into 4 Superbowls in a row, the odds on favorite in most of them, only to lose.
    The biggest knock currently against HRC is “She can’t win the big one” Unlike last time now everybody knows it and she doesn’t scare anyone. There is a way to beat her and everybody will think they have the magic formula.


  48. KGC

    From what I’ve heard he is really trying to find solutions rather than posturing. Maybe his age helps there as he knows this is his last job. Maybe his stint as a Mayor helped too. Mayors have to find solutions for such mundane things as getting the trash picked up.
    Not sexy stuff like trying to save the world.


  49. Jack

    I’m not entirely sure he thinks this is his last job
    but he hasn’t put up his 1-800 number yet

  50. whskyjack,

    Then the trail can count me as a real friend…..I don’t go along to get along, and you can always count on a real friend….later

  51. It’s not time to hang my hat up……but I can see the peg.
    —Leonard Cohen

    From “Hunter” at daily kos:

    But very well, let’s bite: So the “tea party” answer to Obamacare, according to its muse and Princess of the Roaming Bus Sarah Palin, is a mysterious plan that has been apparently been proposed before and therefore needs no further explanation, but revolves around “tort reform” and something-something to untrajectorify the increasificated costs because free market. Yes, thank you for that. I can see now why this person is considered one of the leading lights of far-right conservatism. Such genius. Such clear insight. Such a masterful ability to repeat words like tort because some backroom stiff at the Foundation for Screw You wrote it on one of his Powerpoint slides four decades ago and the word is still haunting conservative cupboards like an old holiday fruitcake.

    In Sarah Palin’s defense, and merely writing that phrase will require a good mental scrubbing afterwards, this is not necessarily just the usual demonstration of Ex. Gov. Half-term’s legendary brickheadedness. The entire conservative movement, from Mitt Romney to Congress to local yahoos to top strategizing strategerists, has been unable to elucidate any plan any more detailed than Sarah Palin’s reference to a generic free market yada-yada with tort reform that magically reduces costs because the magical insurance fairies will then be set free to pass the savings on to you. She’s just reading the script she’s been given, she can’t help it if the writing sucks.

  52. Bought a cheap turkey the other day, thawed it out and stuck it in the oven this after noon. I put the giblets inside the bird. I just took it out to remove the foil tent. the liver was cooked to perfection.
    I’m making a pate out of it to put on rye toast for when the wife walks in the door. Damn but it is good.


  53. Warren has said she doesn’t want the job. She doesn’t particularly like campaigning and she does like the Senate. She might just want to camp out there until Hillary can appoint her to her dream job. The loss of that was what made her run for the Senate in the first place.

  54. Christie Divides Republicans, as Progressives Face Hillary’s Strong Numbers
    by Taylor Marsh

    WE ARE a long way from 2016, but a couple of things have risen early looking to 2016. One is that progressive Democrats want a challenge to Clinton, which I’ve been writing about for months, outlining the reality further yesterday. The story is making more noise today, which is surely to fuel progressive efforts that are already in full swing, as The Hill reports. The other is that for Republicans, Gov. Chris Chrstie’s landslide has split the party in two.

    From NBC News:

  55. I’ve said before and will say again, I think that the American electorate has probably had enough of experiments. If the ACA continues to go south, as it very likely will given that private insurance companies are still the key players, the American people will have had more than enough of experiments.

    Either Hillary or Warren could win if the republicans will nominate the biggest clown in the car. say Rick, Runt. or Raphie.

    If they choose to run some one who can win, Dems. may find themselves pissing up a rope.

    Unemployment at 7 percent and a health care plan that sucks, is hardly a list of accomplishments upon which to run.

  56. “Obama, Biden meeting with faith leaders at White House Wed.” @seungminkim.

    If my health care plan was as bad as Obama’s, I’d be praying too. 😉

  57. Jace

    I read today that The Big Dawg was dissing Obama and the ACA implementation,
    That boy has a good political nose.


  58. I hope I gave proper credit for the prior post.

    Never let it be said that I attended to the Rand Paul school of attribution. 😈

  59. As to Warren being the soul of the Dems. I think that maybe a good position for her rather than the leader. After all mthe soul and the head are much different.


  60. Jack,

    Let that that be a lesson to Obama.

    Keep your small dogs close and your Big Dawgs closer still.


  61. The Rightwing noise machine just keeps rumbling on. Feckless and Fact less for ever

  62. MO

    Contrary to news reporting, Clinton was saying exactly what Obama said last week. Of course, that wouldn’t be a news story or Gooper talking points.

  63. The Warren things sounds like a balloon out of some issue group.

    Age. Although she is younger than Hillary, she is a few months older than me. Both woman would be old in January 2017. They would be even older (70’s) in 2020 for a second run. Warren has a nice home in the Senate; senators can last for several decades, presidents only a few years.

    The HRC presidential dream ended in 2008. Even though the Big Dog put a shiv into Obama’s back yesterday, that still will not get Hillary into the seat. It might mean the OFA group will not help HRC. There are a lot of feelings leftover from the 2008 campaign.

    The best candidates are still not popping up. Many names are available, I tend to think of governors. Look at who hits the circuits, states and media, next spring. Those are the ones I want to see.

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