Bring Back the Public Option Debate

Obamacare was supposed to insure the uninsured. Instead, the short term prospect is that more insured people will become uninsured. Official estimates show that around 100,000 people got enrolled at the state or federal level, while more than 5 million got cancelled.

That’s something like 50 times more consumers losing insurance than gaining coverage under Obamacare.

public-option-protest-health-reform-428Meanwhile those with substandard cancelled policies are finding sticker shock if they do get answers on the struggling Obamacare web site.

The upshot is that, at least in the beginning, Obamacare could result in more uninsured Americans than before — exactly the opposite of what was intended.

This is why offering a public option for basic Medicare-like coverage should have been included in the first place.

Obamacare foes who are now suddenly so concerned about the plight of under-insured and uninsured Americans ought to be asked — preferably by President Obama himself — why not offer those folks a public option.

151 thoughts on “Bring Back the Public Option Debate

  1. I agree.

    Obama should go on the offensive and challenge the GOP to support an expansion of coverage.

  2. “If you like your insurance, you can keep it, if not we’ll sign you up for medi-care. That web site actually works” ;-)

  3. The great thing about a public option is that it would not require 1900 pages of legislation. It could be a fairly simple bill.

    Given the current work schedule of congress, especially the house, any bill longer than a paragraph would probably never be debated.

  4. Bring up the public option..why not?

    Between the baby boomer bump and programs for children — a lot of people will be covered — it’s the big lumps in the middle who aren’t

  5. from mankato free press

    Single payer costs less, buys more

    As a physician, I see firsthand the results of our complex and costly private insurance-based health care system. People who have no insurance or are underinsured are much more likely to suffer stress and financial hardship and to put off needed care resulting in illness and sometimes death. We can do better.
    The Lewin Group’s economic analysis of a single payer system in Minnesota concluded that health benefits can be provided to all Minnesotans, including the 262,000 not covered under the ACA and will save money. The average family would save $1,240 annually and the state would save $4 billion in the first year alone by eliminating the excessive administrative costs and inefficiencies of our current privatized health insurance system.

  6. Morning Joe without Joe is not bad

    Obamarama should send out people like Clair McCaskill who are making sense

    McCaskill pointed out this is a free market system and if there are problems with the policies that is a private enterprise problem

    Obama didn’t lie -- he just underestimated how venal the insurance industry is

    We haven’t heard much from the insurance companies these days — where are they? Perhaps in the Caymen Islands? Isn’t Tom Daschle an insurance industry hooker? Shouldn’t they be helping the administration that has handed them a boom in business (my tax dollars such as they are)

    Americans lack perspective on this issue because our media is incompetent and for the most part not interested in reporting too dull

  7. My brother-in-law is self-employed and is worried his healthcare cost is going to rise significantly. I know that at my job they passed the cost increases onto us. Sarah Palin did a book signing in Grand Rapids last night. I went to the WZZM website last night to read all about it. As you might imagine, the comments section on the book signing story was quite lively. LOL!

  8. Democrats should not join with the goops on this issue -- they need to fight back and to come up with something on their own

    Democrats will only be victimized by the goopers in this deal Grow a spine you jerks --
    start getting out the facts

  9. The clock was ticking down. If anyone thought that the insurance companies were not going to move in one last attempt to make every dime possible, they were Goddamned fools. Obama most of all.

  10. Kevin McCarthy R extremely stupid just practiced Kylism on msnbc — he is not required to sign up through the DC exchange

    he is a California resident…and a liar and he keeps his insurance anyway what an effin liar

    and chuck toad who asked the question didn’t know enough to challenge the liar
    McCarthy said he would work with anyone….but the Senate Democrats and the president…he said both those things just on separate occasions.

    He’s a load

  11. These days I feel as if I’ve joined the tinfoil hat club. The idea keeps occurring to me that the whole Obamacare website failure may have been intentional sabotage.

    I realize that most wildly improbable events are the result of coincidence, accident, and human stupidity, but boy does this one reek of corporate shenanigans.

  12. If you look at a list of the 100 institutions most likely to act in the public interest, big banks, big insurance and congress are nowhere to be found..

  13. Can’t you just see all the insurance guys dressed up in sheeps clothing…smiling laughing chatty planning their trips to Monaco

  14. Katherine Graham Cracker:
    Can’t you just see all the insurance guys dressed up in sheeps clothing…smiling laughing chatty planning their trips to Monaco

    Yes, and the guest list will include their favorite members of congress. Fact finding you know.

  15. This law contains more than affordable insurance local community clinics are getting additional funding.

    Democrats need to push back…not at the president (who it turns out is a schmoo but who didn’t know that) but at the goopers

    Do you want to go back to insurance that is cancelled as soon as you make your first claim

    Do you want to go back to insurance that only covers you once you have spent 10k and been in the hospital for a two weeks
    Do want to go back to being cancelled and only being able to get insurance through your state’s risk pool if there is one?
    Do you want emergency rooms to be primary care for people (more expensive a lot more expensive)
    Do you want low income people to die because of lack of medical care in the US the home of the “best medical care in the world”

    Well then figure out how to fix this and move on

  16. jace:
    “If you like your insurance, you can keep it, if not we’ll sign you up for medi-care. That web site actually works” ;-)

    there ya go, like it

    Buying Medicare Part A if you’re under 65 and not disabled costs about $420 a month and $100 for Part B, another $30-100 for Part D prescription drugs depending on how much coverage you want.

    Could do an income-based scale to make it more affordable for some, with Medicaid still picking up those under the poverty line.

    Who knows, getting younger and healthier people paying Medicare premiums could actually be a net financial gain for the program.

  17. Obama’s folly.

    When I received my health insurance cancellation notice, I was also given info on a HSA. I know the problem here --

    Self pay for health care procedures is 1/5 the cost of using insurance. So, we give the entire health care industry to INSURANCE!…they are the ones who have driven costs up 5 times what they should be for care. More corporate welfare.

    No matter what, my situation has gotten worse. Although NM has a website, the !-855-99NMHIX will not help with accounts created on the ACA national site. No coordination within the state for this rollout. There is NO NM website. Next week, I head to my Senator’s office to sign the privacy release and try to get my account pulled from the ACA. I will head to low income next year, but I will have no insurance for 2014. And no safety net.

  18. Craig.Crawford,

    I didn’t know you could do that.
    If I’d know I would have signed up
    It would have been cheaper then my Kaiser coverage and when you add in the co-pays and “other charges” probably a lot less

    Could I have signed up for Kaiser Senior Advantge as part of an early sign up and what about the drug plan

    Wouldn’t this be the solution for BW?

    Hi BW
    I didn’t see you there would that work for you

  19. I do want to thank everyone who has given me advice online and offline. I have contacted the NM Poverty and Law center, but the contact doesn’t return until tomorrow. I have contacted the NM Director of Health service, but she is of the tea party. I have sat on the phone for hours and my frustration level is very high.

    Plus, I write to the deaf ears and blind eyes at the WH almost every day. I must say, I enjoy the challenge question on the site before I compose my thoughts to the prez. But, I believe it is a British company that was hired by the WH for the challenge questions. Colour? That isn’t the AMERICAN spelling!!! Still a good challenge question each time, who needs Luminosity???

  20. Obama can’t go on the offensive. He owns this crap.

    But the liberal wing of the Democratic party could.

    Run the ad,
    We have the Republican plan(cue Rick Perry talking about healthcare via the emergency room.) the moderate Republican /DLC plan is dieing as we speak, It is time for something that works. (cue the inspirational music)
    Do you want a plan where you choose your own doctor? A plan where you choose the hospital?
    We have one, Medicare for all.
    Easy sign up, no embarrasing credit checks or intrusive government questions.
    “are you an American? come on in you qualify.”


  21. joe Scarborough ‏@JoeNBC 9m

    .@CriticalEnds The people of Virginia know. @bobmcdonnell has higher approval ratings today than POTUS and the incoming VA guv #BobsForJobs

    Well ain’t that grand the people of Virginia like a guy who blames his wife for accepting bribes — well I guess that explains why no one is concerned about McAuliffe’s* possible ethics violations.

    *He hasn’t done anything -- it’s just most people can’t believe a fundraiser on his level

  22. KGC…I cannot get Medicare until I am 65 and those premiums Craig stated are still more than my monthly income.

    Yesterday I saw a lot of comments about individual insurance plans and I can honestly tell you my current insurance is better than the ACA metal plans. It was not an inferior plan or an economy plan. There is a lot of misinformation about the individual plans.

    It should have been Medicare (like Australia) for all, but Obama and Sebelius went to bed with the insurance industry and gave us the Obamacare baby. Yuck.

    The dems should be very worried. I am pretty much done with the dems, too.

  23. The Obamacare fix is coming at 11:35 says Howie Kurtz and the Toad…

    shall we speculate

  24. BW

    I realize that now --that Craig was just posting a hypothetical

    I wish I could do something to help you. Your insurance nightmare has been going on for so long and now this.

    We should be discussing how to make sure everyone gets health care not worrying about who gets health insurance

  25. Obama has lost all credibility. The tea party is just plain stupid….premature ejaculation. They fired too soon and hurt themselves, Obama fired too late and hurt himself.

    The circular firing squad…I think all of politicians should be made to sit on the phone on hold for hours to find out their fate for health insurance.

  26. Reginald Massey @ReginaldMassey

    @JoeNBC MORNING MIKA! Dump Joe & B done with it!

  27. KGC

    Good question, Maybe we need to dig up Harry Truman and LBJ.

    We need to eliminate the medicaid system. As a state based system it has major flaws and gross inequities. Just run it all through medicare.
    BTW the reason the Government doesn’t need to ask embarrassing questions is they already know how much money you make. They can automatically calculate your need.


  28. If anyone wants to help me, send food. Obama broke my safety net. I am the new poor (NuPo) and I am lost without any direction. The truly poor have been front end loaded into welfare and Medicaid system. I am falling through the cracks because although I am a weathly American, I have no money, no liquidity.

    I lost my entire 401K in 2002 to corporate thieves. I lost my entire life savings to pre-existing and cancer in 2008, but hubby is still alive. I am tired of people telling him and me we are too thin. I guess the frustration of deaf ears is getting to me.

  29. The beauty of a medi-care option is that the infrastructure is already in place. Minimal start up costs.
    The quickest and most sustainable reform for medi-care would be to make it available to everyone.

    The fee scale is already in place as is the cost, adding an income based scale would not be that difficult.

    This is what will eventually happen. The saddest part is that it should have happened four years ago.

  30. Jace
    There already is an income part of medicare
    if you earn over some amount -- your costs are higher

  31. BW are you able to accept cash via paypal? If so, send me email, etc., flatus aatt ohlfahrts spot orgy. Otherwise send me info where I can send check.

  32. The Trail Hands have said everything I want to say, only more eloquently. Thank you.

  33. Pogo,

    LP isn’t so L anymore. Congratulations, you & Mrs P have done a good job.

    If his ethics are as good as his music and soccer, young P shall be a blessing to us all.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Whatever the fix that Obama proposes, it is done for political reasons and is not helping the little people. If it is a cure, why can’t Obama share it with the dems before the announcement??? Expect more sucking-up to the insurance industry.

  35. Ignex,

    I am sorry that you are sick, and am thinking abundant chicken soup your way.

    If it makes you feel any better, I agree with your comments. I too believe that a decision on national health care coverage system, whether RomnebamaCare, Public Option, Single Payor, or nothing, is a political/economic decision, not a right. Since Mrs Clinton brought the topic to the fore in 1993, I have thought that the best political decision would be to create a single payor system ala universal Medicare.

    You have my best wishes for your own immediate health care.

    John Q. Xrepublican

  36. Craig.Crawford,

    I’ve been on Medicare since turning 55 because my back injury at the time made it impossible to continue my regular occupation and education/training couldn’t come up with one that wouldn’t be impacted even if I could a job at that age.

    It is well worth anyone over 50 to look into the combination Disability/Medicare coverage available (find a friendly doctor). Of course with all the job losses happening, this is one of the things impacting Social Security so severely right now.

  37. Insurance companies take far too big a cut of our national health care pot. The TR!LL!ONs pissed away on advertising and prevention of penny-ante fraud, the corporate country club resorts, corporate jets, excessive exec pay, perks, bonuses, and parachutes are outrageous and do nothing to fulfill the mission of insuring against medical costs.

  38. Obama can’t compel insurers to reissue canceled policies, & they don’t want to. But Dems hope this shifts voter anger to insurance

    some tweet

  39. Craig’s twitter feed

    Ana Marie Cox ✔ @anamariecox

    We should be clear, tho: this is not about “letting” people keep their plans, it’s about letting the *insurance companies* keep them.

  40. Don’t worry, there is enough anger for the insurance companies, the tea party and Obama.

    Too bad, the dems are going to get creamed next election for this…I may be too anemic to vote. And that is the issue…people staying home and not voting because they were lied to.

    Reminds me of after the 2012 election, the supporters of Obama took out a full page asking for a public option on health care.

    Obama may have big ears, but they are deaf.

  41. Blonde, I also was thinking it would be great if you had a PayPal account. It would so easy for us to help you out on the spur of the moment, in any small way we can.

    Would you be interested in setting one up? This popped up when I did a search, but there’s much more, I’m sure. How to Accept Donations Through PayPal

    I have lots of responses other comments, but I’m on the road. Will gab later.

  42. John Boner speculates on what Obamarama will say and as usual does not have a clue

  43. On a completely different subject --enrollment in youth football programs down 10%

    soon more
    Mr. Cracker and I were discussing the other day how much longer NFl football will be around

  44. thanks, Chloe, but we must also be reminded to feed Craig, too. I would be immensely pleased if someone would make a donation to Craig in my name. That is my biggest shame in using the trail and not paying as of late.

  45. No matter what, all the money spent on the folly of Obamacare, none of the dollars were spent on any health care for any Americans.

    I hope you feel better, Iggy.

  46. Will Cain why is he on any tv
    the man works for Glenn Beck who I’m pretty sure is certifiable. We are currently getting a free preview of The Blaze

    The tag line is the truth lives here…more like the truth is being held captive here and abused and tortured Glenn Beck’s sponsors are gun sellers and suppliers to survivalists
    the man is a lunatic and “reputable” news organizations repeat his insane rantings by having on his surrogates. Wolfe Blizer is nearly wetting himself on tv trying not to nod his head in agreement with Cain I guess he figures he can’t go to Fox ..he’ll just go straight to Blaze when CNN becomes the cartoon news network

  47. Mike Loukides ‏@mikeloukides 13 Nov

    Biggest welfare queens: McDonalds and Wal-Mart. Sending workers to aid programs rather than paying a living wage

  48. Listening to Obama’s folly. This is not a fix. He is really clueless. Boner made more sense.

  49. Walmart’s sales and profits have been down for three consecutive quarters. Sorry ’bout that.

  50. Thanks to all for the words about my kid. Not sure I can claim any credit -- other than donating material for his DNA.

    I believe Boner’s head would turn purple and fall off before he’d allow a bill to come to the floor of the house that expands Medicare to uninsured people under the age of 65.

  51. BW,

    Both Carols and your situations makes me want to go and take it out on some big insurance salesmen chin.!

    I have also lost all of my 401, and my 201 and my oooo.1, but I can help you, Carol and your husband by telling you how important that you start doing some tai-hi….it is free and can help you out more than a doctor can.

    Please try this out to start with…if you do this for a cpl of weeks…once, twice a day…I promise you that you will feel much, much better (mentally also)….U 2 Carol…L & L

  52. 60 percent of people who go bankrupt are actually capsized by medical bills. … of people with a medically-related bankruptcy had health insurance …almost 80% of them had insurance
    at the start of their illness

    and this is the practice we are longing for

    Everyone should ditch their insurance and just seek care. If they can’t get it in their home state — go to Texas the home of the best medical care in the world and available to anyone so says their gov

  53. Obama, the rookie insurance salesmen.

    Solar…already on board..I actually learned from an Australian dvd. I need to go somewhere with my stress.

    I doubt if I call my current insurance company that I will be able to keep my current plan…Obama will have more problems with this fix than before.

    Lucky switch to an Iran questions…screw the little people.

  54. Boehner said our country has the world’s best health care delivery system. That puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the post office.

    Please do not adjust your metaphors at this time—your government is working hard to sort things out.

  55. ps……the slower that you do those exercises the better…he does them way to fast……but the ones that he does will help anyone with back problems, sciatic pains, etc, etc….

    If anyone wants a specific vid for leg, back pain:

    Pogo, great for the Pogo team family, I would very very proud also……

    Champ, what Chloe said. But about that lil old cold….HA.! walk it off mister……

  56. It is not can you get the Republicans to support Medicare for all. It is can the Democrats separate themselves from this debacle and survive to fight another day.
    Offering up a plan that says screw the insurance industry is a great start.


  57. I wrote to the head of the NM Human services regarding my difficulties with the NM web site --

    ” As you probably know, NMHIX is a separate agency so we can’t help with the website or the NMHIX phone number, but I am going to try to find someone there to report this to. In the meantime, if you were told you might qualify for Medicaid, you can find out more about that through our YESNewMexico website. ”

    She is the first person to respond to me. However, I cannot move forward on Medicaid until someone is able to pull the account I created on the ACA.

  58. Flatus,

    They in part attribute the drop in sales to drops in benefits in their communities and expect and even bigger drop in grocery sales as the food stamp cuts kick in.

    You’d think they would speak up and share a little of the gazillions they have made instead of being big fat pigs

  59. lol

    Just 6 people were able to sign up the first day?

    Wow,Think what one person and a pencil could have done.


  60. A shout out to the Kaiser Family Foundation for giving money to farmers markets to help people extend their food stamp benefits.
    Each market uses the money in their own way but most are able to add between 5-10 dollars when they spend between $15-30

    I don’t know the calculus on why it works out this way but it seems most seniors who qualify for food stamps only get $16.00 a month how much can you cut from that. No wonder the senior centers with a free lunch are so popular.

  61. Obama is one sorry man. I know he back pedaled quite a bit during his press conference, but it did not take him back in time. This is not a fix.

  62. Blonde Wino: However, I cannot move forward on Medicaid until someone is able to pull the account I created on the ACA.


    Well, methinks you are too kind. So far as I can tell, you’ve done everything reasonably expected of a super-conscientious citizen to get things sorted on the ACA side of the house.

    Consider sending them a certified letter stating what you’ve done, and that, out of necessity and the dread of being without insurance, that you are going to the State of NM to pursue your claim for Medicaid.

    If at some point later on they challenge what you did, present a copy of the certified letter and with these exact words, “As an exception to policy, please consider the facts in the enclosed certified letter as being in mitigation.” Then state your case. Once again, by certified mail.

  63. cKay Coppins ✔ @mckaycoppins

    Good news for Obama as twitter pans his press conference: Most Americans aren’t on twitter. Bad news: Most local media & everyone in DC is.
    Retweeted by WhiteHousePressCorps

    by that i’m assuming they mean all the fake gooper twitter accounts -- the republican way since Donald Segretti

  64. Thanks Flatus. The Medicaid expansion in my state has nothing to do with the ACA per the special projects manager.

    I have saved all of my documentation from the past six weeks. I was just told by a NM rep to ignore the ACA account. I have about 4 different websites and five toll free numbers…no coordination.

    Still so sad to see Obama so clueless about this…still telling untruths about insurance.

  65. Democrats like Mary Landrieu can buys some cover by offering up bills but the fact by March
    it won’t even be an issue

    This is the Short Attention Span Theater by June each party will have been in the dumper at least three times

  66. It really is sad to see these developments actually effecting so many so quickly. Plenty saw it coming….. but here we are anyway.

    My employees carrier is cancelling. Looks like I’m going to have to get them in an HSA. I’m not giving them the option this time. I’ve decided to front the first years deductible for them so that they have a chance to build the HSA account up.

    I have to admit that I’m a little puzzled by those of you that are looking to a different gov’t program to join after you’ve seen what a debacle this gov’t program is.

    Just a hint ….there’s one common denominator….

    “GOVT Program”

    Medicare is a disaster. Any physician with even a modest ability runs from it as fast as possible.

  67. Jax…it is no longer government or private insurance…it is the hybrid of this marriage. The jackass of health care is born!!

  68. I have to educate my employees about using HSA. You have to learn to bargain with physicians like you do for a plumber or painter.

    You have in network prices from the insurance company but since you pay cash direct to the physician first they will many times give an even better rate than the insurance company negotiated.

    You have to ask though. They don’t offer it straight up. Most docs I’ve dealt with are getting better discussing rates when they know that you are a cash customer.

  69. NM Law and Poverty center just contacted me….must run…sending info to them.

  70. XR, so far, so good for the character of LP. I did much worse at his age than I’ve heard about him doing. (I am not dumb enough to think he’d tell me anything he doesn’t have to). I understand he’s left parties because of things his friends were doing that he knew could be trouble for him, so at least some times his head is screwed on right.

    Insurance companies cancel products (particular lines of policies) for one reason -- their profit margin is too low. They cancel policy holders and deny claims to manage the profit margin in which ever product line the policyholder is in.I may be wrong but I believe a gap in the regulations allows companies to cancel policies rather than require them to maintain policies that were in place in 2010. The fact that the private insurance industry is the source of policies for those individuals who don’t qualify for gov’t funded coverage is the biggest single problem with the law -- It’s the proverbial fox guarding the hen house.

  71. 1. Obama can tell the senate to come up with a bill that fixes the mess, but by the time anything like that happens most of the mess will be fixed and the majority will be buying insurance;

    2. Why have there been no heads rolling on the Front Lawn? Right now all those who let Obama go out and tell the world all that he did should be up in the Great White North looking for jobs as walrus washers;

    3. Elect Democrats. Next year will now be a terrible year and a hard year to re-elect many, if not a majority of Dems. Elect Dems!

  72. Lots of finger pointing going around.

    I’ve said all along that our President was an academic that had never run anything. I personally don’t think he lied… per se. I think he felt like the details (even ones this big) were beneath him.

    Plenty of others in office did know.

    My question is this though…….how did our vaunted, professional, impartial media not know?

    Where were they on this entire debacle?

    When this all shakes out there should be some media heads roll along with the political ones.

  73. ….the whole Obamacare website failure may have been intentional sabotage.

    I realize that most wildly improbable events are the result of coincidence, accident, and human stupidity, but boy does this one reek of corporate shenanigans.

    on behalf of the tinfoil hat society, welcome aboard. am sure we’re not the only members.

  74. pourmecoffee ✔ @pourmecoffee

    It’s Joseph McCarthy’s birthday or, as Fox News calls it, “Founder’s Day.”

    Love Craig’s twitter Feed

  75. The resulting squealing from the “I don’t know anything but I’m being paid to express some opinion” crowd is why Obama probably should not have apologized but been more Republican and blamed the Republicans and demanded they apologize

  76. Where are we:

    no can be excluded from the health insurance market. or dumped

    people who cannot afford health insurance can get subsides except if they live in states that are building debtors prisons mostly the old south and a few sq states.

    The focus of health care insurance is switching from treatment to prevention

    The cost of health care is still rising but at a much slower rate

    More local community clinics will get more funding.

    Communities that already had programs for low income- working poor -- like SF are getting some additional help. In SF since most of the working poor work in restaurants
    the restaurants were taxed to pay for insurance — needless to say the fat cat
    michelin stars squealed like pigs and put the surcharge on the menu.

    Can’t even pay a living wage and then deny public health care coverage — what is wrong with these people

  77. Not hacking but fraud
    Kamala Harris ✔ @KamalaHarris

    CA has shut down 10 fraudulent, imitation @CoveredCA websites run by private brokers & companies

  78. chloe,


    If you have BW’s email address you can send money via Paypal. They will notify her that the money is waiting and to come get it. I use it all the time to send money to my daughter and granddaughter.

  79. jamie, see this news story on DDOS program, called “Destroy Obama Care” ?

    Hackers have attempted more than a dozen cyber attacks against the Affordable Care Act website, according to a top Homeland Security Department official.

    The attacks, which are under investigation, failed, said the official.

    Authorities also are investigating a separate report of a tool designed to put heavy strain on through a so-called distributed denial of service. It does not appear to have been activated.

    “We received about 16 reports from HHS that are under investigation and one open source report about a denial of service,” according to Acting Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Roberta Stempfley of the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications.

  80. I think Obamarama should have asked the
    insurers what they were doing to do and ask the state insurance commissioners as well

    aren’t you supposed to know those answers before you say something is going to fix the issues

  81. Remember the War in Iraq?

    You will recall that the “insurgency” was not expected or planned for, and cost tens of thousands of lives. (No one knows how many Iraqis died.)

    It took a decade and a couple of trillion dollars to fix that mistake.

    And yet, it seems there is MORE of an uproar over what any objective reporter would say are correctable faults in a relatively minor change in our screwed up healthcare system.

  82. So, now, The Obama Compromise of November, 2013, just makes it look like the President is trying to salvage his own political reputation, rather than out of some genuine concern. Bush league politics.

  83. “relatively minor change”

    Apparently, you already have good insurance. This legislation was rammed down an unreceptive public’s throats under the pretense that it would insure EVERYONE, and MILLIONS of policies have been cancelled. Less people have insurance now, because of it. It’s like the biggest legislative disaster of my lifetime, at least, and probably since Prohibition, as I joked a few days ago.

  84. Here’s why you’re screwed, Democrats:

    No one was asking for Universal Health Care, they were asking for a better employment environment. “No”, your Ivy-League educated leaders declared, “we’re doing this, whether you like it or not, and you’re going to thank us for it”.

    They’re gonna thank you for it by giving control of Congress and the President’s office to Republicans like Ted Cruz. Thanks, I can’t wait for new wars and Ten Commandments displays on public property.

  85. …and some of you people are excited for an HRC candidacy. Cue the clip of De Niro laughing from “Cape Fear”. “A-ha-haha-ha”, it goes, obnoxiously.

    (Thanks, KGC)


  86. Obama’s recipe for failure…

    (1) Embrace a conservative idea.

    (2) Sit back and let conservative Democrats in the Senate work out the details (suggested by industry lobbyists).

    (3) During a campaign, make simplistic and incorrect statements about these details.

    (4) When the GOP launches into a predictable frenzy about your “false” statements, panic and admit failure. (Don’t worry. All the other Democrats will do the same thing.)

    (5) When the Germans counter-attack in the Ardennes, retreat to Normandy and negotiate surrender.

    Oh, wait. (5) is how Eisenhower lost world War II.

  87. Do you think if we apologized contritely, and sent him a “Harry and David” fruit basket, Romney would accept the Presidency? I’ll chip in. Let’s get the nice one with the pears and Moose Mix.

  88. Ignex:

    All those people can get new and better polices under Obamacare (once the website is fixed.)

    The cancelled policies are not mistake; it’s actually how this conservative “market-based” system is supposed to work (as designed by the Heritage Foundation).

    The policies were cancelled (by the insurance companies) because they are inferior products that no one will want, once they can get on the website and compare prices and provisions.

  89. Perception is reality, Nash. You should apply for Jay Carney’s job. He won’t last much longer.

  90. Medicare is a disaster. Any physician with even a modest ability runs from it as fast as possible.

    Oh Jax,
    Then give me some disaster.. Lol, you have me on the floor..

  91. President Obama: “We Did Fumble the Ball” on Obamacare
    by Taylor Marsh

    The insurance industry is already sending out tweets and belches that what’s being considered to mend the Obamacare fiasco now playing out isn’t enough. That “premiums have already been set for 2014,” threatening that if the so-called “young invincibles” do not enter health care exchanges, premiums will rise.

    The midterms are going to be bloody, long and very negative.

  92. The broad-based discontent has nothing to do with “the website”. You can enter “healthcare + (your state abbreviation)” into the search engine of your choice and find ten different sites that allow you to compare rates. The cheap insurance still sucks. $10000 deductible type-shit. You might as well not have insurance. Oh, nevermind, it’s illegal to spend your money how you choose. Sorry.

    …and if you still don’t mind that I have an internet connection:

    Brace yourselves for a historically poor holiday retail season. Our entire economy is based on irrational and wasteful consumerism, but we’ve been told how to spend our money, now, and it ain’t gonna be at the mall.

    “Simpsons” comic-book guy says: “Worst. Law. Ever.”

    Ok, I’m going to exercise some restraint and stop posting for a while, ‘cuz I’m just too damned good. Thanks for the well-wishes, all, by the way. Be careful what you wish for.

  93. Ignex:

    We can get Obamcare in Maine for $360 a month with a $3,000 deductable. I don’t know what the cost is where you live, but that’s a VERY good deal for Mainers who have no employer coverage.

    The $360 is the rate without low-income subsidies.

  94. Moose Mix.

    I love Moose Mix
    Gee a Harry and David Basket with Moose Mix and Pears that would be very good --throw in some blue cheese and it would be just about perfect. I find it is better to give and receive consumable holiday gifts

  95. Tonyb,

    Gee all my Multicare physicians seem quite competent. I know my cardiologist is one of the best in the country and he heads a office with ten other heart specialists who are all affiliated with two major hospitals for necessary surgeries.

  96. Katherine Graham Cracker: I love Moose Mix
    Gee a Harry and David Basket with Moose Mix and Pears that would be very good --throw in some blue cheese and it would be just about perfect. I find it is better to give and receive consumable holiday gifts


    there ought to be a perfect CA wine to go with that. Probably from your neck of the woods.

    I don’t want gifts that I will have to dust or don’t fit.

    I prefer gifts with a cork and a good bouquet.. ;-)

    Absent that, good coffee or twelve year single malt will do just fine.

  97. Jamie,

    Yep, Medicare/SS, is it possible to get a government program with higher approval, NOPE. I dealt with Medicare for my grandmother for years, exceptional.. I never had any trouble finding good doctors nor did we have billing problems.. Ha, now Blue Cross Shield, they bankrupted my Mom with stage 4 cancer. Refusing to pay for covered services with their phony excuse saying the billing is not cancer coded properly. Medicare, YES for all..

  98. Ignex: Perception is reality

    Agree, but some people go beyond, and appear to be living in an alternate universe. I’m not sure what to make of it. ;-)

    (great reading your comments, Champ. Everyone else’s, too!)

  99. You’re on target, as usual, Tony.

    Jamie, Thanks for the Pay Pal info. A lot better than the old way of wiring money.

    Hopefully you will give us your email, Blonde.

    I also wholeheartedly agree that Craig deserves our support for this forum he provides us, and all the hard work he puts into it.

  100. The Biggest difference between Medicare and private insurance is that if Medicare refuses to pay a bill to the hospital or doctor, the hospital or doctor cannot balance bill the patient. Or at least that’s the way I remember it from my days at the hospital.

  101. Why not offer a public option ? That question should be posed to the Congress. It’s Congress that has to approve a public option. Just like it was congress that had to pass Obamacare.

  102. Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response
    by Michael Shear

    But unlike Mr. Bush, who faced confrontational but occasionally cooperative Democrats, Mr. Obama is battling a Republican opposition that has refused to open the door to any legislative fixes to the health care law and has blocked him at virtually every turn. A contrite-sounding Mr. Obama repeatedly blamed himself on Thursday for the failed health care rollout, which he acknowledged had thrust difficult burdens on his political allies and hurt Americans’ trust in him.

  103. colin powell last year (from wash. exam’r)

    Powell also added that he did not want “Obamacare” repealed. “I don’t want to see the new Obamacare plan thrown off the table,” he insisted, admitting that the plan had “some issues” that needed “fixed.”

    “What I see when I look at that plan is 30 million of our fellow citizens will be covered with insurance, and I think that’s good,” Powell said. “We are one of the few nations in the world with our size, and populations and wealth that does not have universal health care.”

    and am sure he now feels prez’s pain being dubbed a liar and the pain of fellow citizens being lied to.

  104. Sell medi-care to everyone and raise the minimum wage so everyone can afford to buy it.

    Sit back and watch the economy start to pick up.

    Health care and stimulus all in one nifty little package.

  105. patd:

    What Obama did was offer a simplistic explanation of a very complex conservative alternative to universal government funded healthcare. It’s very hard to explain because it’s a complicated mess, by design.

    Compared to the continuous flood of outright lies by the GOP )on every issue) this is a minor mistake.

    The USA has a double standard: the GOP can say anything, and no one questions it, but if a Democrat makes a small mistake, we accept the GOP talking points that this is treason.

  106. Jace:

    I agree with you.

    Your proposal is easy to explain.

    But that’s too liberal for Obama. He hates liberal ideas.

  107. .@AnnDRomney on @CBSThisMorning: “I’m very frustrated” about not being in White House; “Mitt would have been an amazing leader”

    I wonder if Noron ODonnell kissed Ann’s hem after the interview

  108. I read an opinion piece in the “Atlantic wire” last night (which I can’t find, now, unfortunately), about the proposed minimum government-provided income in Switzerland. They are debating giving each citizen something like $3K a month. It sounds like a silly idea at first, but the author discusses how such a payment would allow for the elimination of other social-welfare programs, like food stamps and Medicaid. Another benefit of something like that, to my mind, would be a reduction in property crime and drug-motivated theft. Something to think about.

    If someone happens across that piece, could you link it, here, please? Thanks.

    Have a good day.

  109. Definition of cruel irony:

    When you lose the Senate and the White House because millions of people were in love with insurance policies that weren’t worth a shit. :sad:

  110. Definition of stupidity:

    Continuing attempts to repeal a law that is in the process of repealing itself.

  111. “As a matter of tradecraft & experience you’d think V.P. Cheney would be slower to use the word lie.”
    John Dickerson.

    So much truth in so few words.

  112. Nash… I’m with you on this debate. Watching Democrats have yet another meltdown because they are letting the GOP frame the debate has become beyond tiresome for me. I’d rather watch Animal Planet.

  113. Romney says campaign fell short in being unable to “speak openly to minority populations”

    No mam, the campaign fell short because you couldn’t speak to anybody, and because your husband chose to insult 47 percent of the population, and because your husband was a serial liar and a shameless panderer. I could go on and on about the reasons you lost, but by now you must surely get the point. Or perhaps not?

  114. jace,

    many a 62 yr old would opt for early social security and many younger whose emp’rs offer early retirement or more humane shorter hours would be glad to quit if medicare covered them. thus opening more jobs for others not yet burned out.
    wasn’t that one of the ideas behind soc sec in first place….. make more jobs available for the young?

  115. patd…
    when Rick accepted an early retirement package from HP last yr, our only question was about medical coverage(which was answered satisfactorily for us). Your point is a good one… many people in their early 60s would gladly make room for younger workers if it weren’t for the healthcare coverage question.

  116. Patd,


    Sadly too many people lost too much in the downturn to consider early retirement.

    I would like to chuck it all in at 65, but right now 67 looks more realistic. The train for 62 left the station in 2008.

  117. goper lie #2) u.s. healthcare system best in world

    from cbs

    Researchers found because of costs, 37 percent of U.S. adults went without recommended medical care, did not see a doctor when ill or failed to fill a prescription. For comparison, 4 percent of British responders and 6 percent of Swedish ones reported they skipped medical care due to finances.

    Uninsured U.S. adults were most likely to struggle with health care costs, but the report found even those who were covered year-round were still more likely to not get medical care due costs, struggle with bills or pay more out-of-pocket than insured adults in other countries.

    “The U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, but what we get for these significant resources falls short in terms of access to care, affordability, and quality,” Commonwealth Fund president Dr. David Blumenthal, said in a statement.

  118. goper lie #3) we care about family values

    Poll: GOP voters love food stamp cuts

    House GOP Cuts To Nutrition Assistance Equal To One Week Of Bush Tax Cuts For Millionaires
    House Republicans, as part of their 2012 budget, have proposed dramatic cuts to food assistance programs, including cuts to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that would prevent hundreds of thousands of eligible women and their children from accessing the program.

  119. Good morning… more understanding of the NM Medicaid expansion, Be Well NM and NMHIX. The website lists four entities to contact regarding healthcare and none are related, connected, etc. One stop shopping? Too bad the site is a disaster.

    All of the problems are because President Obama kowtows to the insurance companies. Open enrollment is the first problem…a program this big should be phased-in. Everyone should have applied by their birthdate like social security. The cancellations of insurance plans by the individual insurance market was a huge mistake…this group should have been grandfathered for one year, at least. All the money and cancellations? I doubt if my insurance will offer me the same plan at the same cost.

    Chloe…please contribute to the Trail in my name. I was overwhelmed by Flatus and KGC and I will eat some good food. I appreciate your thoughts and help. I will try not to whine so much, but I am a whiner. I can’t complain, but I still do, sort-of-thing.

    I am exhausted…have talked to too many bureaucratic entities.

    The can’ts are sleazy scum if they think anyone believes they are interested in providing affordable health care.

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