Remembrance, Patsi and Sean

Two years ago this month we lost two cherished Trail Mixers, Patsi Bale Cox and Sean Holton. I’ve created new categories in our sidebar for collections of our memories of them (click their names here to see the archives — I especially enjoy reading the many comments to them and about them in the individual posts) …

Patsi Bale Cox
Patsi with pal Garth Brooks

Patsi with pal Garth Brooks

Sean Holton

64 thoughts on “Remembrance, Patsi and Sean

  1. Well, I hope the two of them are happy lolling about on some cloud in the bright sunshine as we are down here freezing our butts off. Patsi and Lard, we miss you and the excitement that you brought to the Trail!


  2. Makes me want to go check my email. See if Patsi sent me some back ground story about her and Tompall. I learned a lot from her stories and tidbits about the folks she worked with.


  3. I was thinking about Sean when I was battling Mr Washington DC lobbyist. Once when we were battling back and forth in 2008 he made a comment to me that people like me had just as much access to things and ability as many of the folks in DC, Turns out he was right.
    Hey, we’ve got google.


  4. Raise your hand if you have heard one or both of them commenting from heaven about some of the idiocy going on down here?

  5. Why can some people eat anything they want and never gain weight while some get fat just looking at certain foods.

    Ha! When I wrote the above comment, I was thinking about the time Patsi posted that she could eat all the chocolate cake she wanted but if her daughter so much as looked at a slice it went straight to her thighs.

  6. I miss Patsi big time.!!

    Sean also, he started me exploring how our states stole themselves from the original larger states of themselves….even before the series of how the states got their shapes on the history channel.

    I was going to post one of the pics that Patsi sent me of her father…she always talked about him to me…the pic shows him when he worked for the carnival….in front of a large tent….he looked determined, no nonsense, look about him….but kinda gentle at the same time….she inherited all of that from him..

    ……wonder how and what her little granddaughter Maria is doing (patsie tole me she took after her…”dang the girl, and dang my for encouraging he” she would say and make me LOL)…she must be a big /little girl right now….like my other cyber niece little Emma..bout the same age….


    Please give my an email once in a while…Ive tried and tried to get on the Swamp…but nada…..Glad that you are feeling a little better….Say hello to your sis for me…


    Thanks…us Indians don’t celebrated Thanksgiving all that much…but I will from now on. I will Always regard it as a Patsi and Sean holiday…..

    If I don’t get back to the trail…..hoping that all the hands have a great thanksgiving…..say hello Davil, from his uncle sollie

  7. btw, rereading those old comments reminded me of the kindness y’all offered me during a particularly scary time and I credit lard’s courage and humor as well as patsi’s strength and sparkle which lit up a fearful path into the unknown. thank you for being there and here.

  8. Thanks Craig.!

    The problems is that i have it stored away in my docs….and it all comes out all gobbely-gook….hey am I talking turkey here?………it won’t let me see the pic in order to load it and paste it on the comments box….

    Gobbely-tanks…..sorta like my spanglish no?hahahaaaa

  9. I hate when people laugh at their own jokes…..don’t U?….but like that guy xr down in Min….the rule doesn’t apply to me…..hahaaaa..

  10. Im going out to look around the cosmos for a while….maybe bump into Patsi I can just hear her now. “In yer dreams solar”………later

  11. from times of india

    Two US B-52 bombers flew over a disputed area of the East China Sea without notifying Beijing, despite China’s bid to create an expanded “air defence zone,” US officials said on Tuesday.

  12. Yes, like all of you, I miss Lard and Patsi badly. It just sucks that we lose their insight and humor.

  13. patd:

    from times of india

    That’s a hoot. The BBC World Service evening news said it was the Sea of Japan and that the B-52s were flying over islands claimed by Japan.

    It also said that the US didn’t file a flight plan with China as required by their BS ADIZ (defense zone), and that the B-52s weren’t sighted by the Chinese. FWIW, a B-52 has a radar cross-section of, like, the Empire State building.

    The Chinese can claim whatever they wish; defending their claim is another story.

  14. Shopping for Thanksgiving and looked up at a shelf to see a bottle of Jamesons -- Sean immediately came to mind. It was a sad goodbye, but a good one.

    Can’t listen to anything by Keith Urban without hearing Patsi’s “I Knew him when” stories about the BBQ’s in the backyard that kept him fed before he hit it big first with Garth and then on his own. I always thought it was a shame she isn’t around to write his book “Urban Legend” as told to Patsi Bale Cox.

  15. I miss Patsi more often than I can say. Her comments here and on Facebook were always spot on. I can only imagine what she’d say about the Republican war on women or the announcement today that SCOTUS will hear the Hobby Lobby case about corporations as people having a religious right to refuse birth control coverage to their employees. She would be succinct, would mince no words, would sure throw in an expletive or two (or more!) and would be right on the money, as always.
    Sean’s courage in the face of his illness has been an inspiration to me. I’ve had my own serious health challenges these past few years (nothing life threatening, thank God.) When I find myself feeling sorry for myself (not often) or frustrated and impatient with my physical limitations (far too often), I remember Sean and how courageous he was. He, and others like him, make me stop and pick myself up and get on with it.
    While we are remembering, I have to say the I miss Lee a great deal. His emails, FB posts, and comments here were something I really looked forward to. In our emails we often traded strategies to cope with our diabetes and encouraged each other when one of us was feeling discouraged by this disease. We also shared a love of Alpine, Tx and the many art galleries there, a certain fabulous Mexican restaurant, and the annual Gallery Weekend each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lee was special; he was one of the most interesting people I know.
    I hope the families of these three Trail Mixers read all our memories and tributes and remember how these people touched the lives of so many, even those of us who never got the chance to meet face to face.

  16. According to the 28th annual American Farm Bureau Federation price survey, though, the average cost for a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people will be $49.04, a decrease of about .09 percent from last year’s average of $49.48.

  17. Sturg, Nanny, we also have a link for Lee (horsedooty) in our category menu on the sidebar, takes you to the marvelous video of his church photography project. I just built these archives today, so let me know if any glitches.

  18. It’s hard to realize it’s been two years; I really enjoyed the back-and-forths here with Patsi and Sean.
    Here I was, a retired factory worker, blogging with Orlando Sentinel and Kansas City Star newspaperman Sean Holton as well as best-selling autobiographer Patsi Bales Cox! It was Trial Lawyer Richard who welcomed me after my first post, lawyer pogo a little later, TV cable journo Craig was running the show, a troll from NYC was trying to cause problems, a retired editor from Tacoma was holding the place together, and a nurse from Montreal was prescribing frozen pea packs for Craig’s broken bones. We had an adventuresome climate control expert out in Texas via Colorado, we had a guy from Germany , and a crazy great guy in Charleston who made boxes by day and Blues Music by night. We had and have had many others come and go, and the diversity makes us strong, We have a great contributor down in Texas who is a new father and such a great Facebook pal. We’re straight, we’re gay, we’re dems and ex-repubs and republicans and we stand under a rainbow umbrella. When our time comes, we leave it to the rest. And those that remain really miss the ones who had to go. Thanks for providing a forum to remember Patsi Bales Cox and Sean Holton, two of the best people ever.

  19. During the MLB Baseball playoffs this past fall I kept thinking about Lee Carmichael, Senor Horsedooty.
    His wife worked for the Texas Rangers’ office and Lee got to go to some games, and he loved his Rangers. I am a crazed baseball nutcase so it was great to shoot emails back and forth with him in seasons past. Many times I had an urge to email Lee about a certain play in a game and …damn…I remembered just that quickly , Lee was gone.
    Lee was more than that, he loved Guy Clark and he knew Townes Van Zandt. He loved photography as we all know and he loved just spending time with his grandchild, coloring books or watching TV … he was a great guy and another too-early exit.

  20. Flatus,
    sea of japan, sea of east china… they say potayto and they say potawto. as the song goes “let’s call the whole thing off”

    more sword (zhanmadao style) rattling?
    yahoo news

    MANILA (Reuters) -- The Philippines said on Wednesday the imminent arrival of China’s sole aircraft carrier in the disputed South China Sea for the first time for a training mission would raise tension.

    The carrier Liaoning left port from the northern city of Qingdao accompanied by two destroyers and two frigates on Tuesday. While in the South China Sea, it will carry out tests and drills, according to China’s military.

  21. also miss rez’ input especially on “holidays” like columbus day and thanksgiving.

  22. Craig,
    Good post and nice additions to TM..

    Nanny and Bethy so good to see and read you again..

  23. DexterJohnson, what a delightful synopsis of our weird journey. I’ve always thought of this place as an organism, randomly expanding and contracting, shape shifting and oozing our way through news and culture.

  24. Salvation Army Refers People to Ex-Gay Groups
    by Wayne Besen

    How can The Salvation Army expect gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and the people who love and support them to donate when the organization gives referrals to noxious ministries that try to pray away the gay?

    The Salvation Army needs to retreat and get its act together. Either they are a pro-gay organization that supports equality or they believe that homosexuality is a sickness that can be cured. They can’t have it both ways, and even the greatest PR pros in the world won’t be able to square this circle.

    It is inexcusable, even cruel, for The Salvation Army to refer vulnerable addicts to abusive programs that will further diminish their self-respect and self-esteem. Harvest USA and Pure Life Ministries promote junk science and witch-doctor practices that place the mental health and well-being of LGBT clients at risk.

  25. Dex, what a terrific way to describe this place. Not bad for a retired factory worker. ;-)

    Well, the storm that was supposed to cripple the northeast and send us all to hell sputtered and I’m glad for that. of the 2-4″ we were supposed to get, we got 1 and I encountered exactly one slick spot on the 6 mile trip into work -- literally just in front of the office. We had already decided to hunker down here and looks like we still will rather than try to drive over to CLE. Got the turkey, got the fixins and I’ll be the chef (of sorts). How hard is it really? Apply heat until the bird is cooked then slice and eat it. (Hey, I’ve done this before).

    Tony, I have to agree with you about the SA. I’ve never been one who thinks that charity should steer the afflicted to a way of belief, although the SA has a core set of beliefs that everyone pretty much accepts. This “pray the gay away” stuff is ridiculous. Unfortunately SA is very instrumental in helping folks in this neck of the woods get to AA and NA, which

  26. I have work to do and such before leaving this afternoon, but just wanted to drop this little article about the disconnect between the Tea party and the CoC -- which I find to be a good example of why the Tea Party will go the way of the whigs and tories in the US.

  27. Thanks for the welcome, Tony. I hope you and everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I wanted to scream when I saw your post about the Salvation Army. Every year I gather up my Cub Scouts and Boy Scout and ring bells for the SA at Christmastime. Please don’t anyone tell me that Toys for Tots does anything I wouldn’t approve of! I will cry!

    Pogo, the storm is no dud here. We have had a mix of snow and ice here and expect a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. This has the potential to ruin our Thanksgiving as we are supposed to drive 200 miles tonight to my son’s house in the Syracuse area.It’s not looking good. To add insult to injury, I have ALL the food,prepared and ready to transport, with the exception of the turkey. *sigh*

    patd, I noticed your comment about Rez. Please don’t tell me he has passes away, too. He has a strong connection to the Mohawk reservation a few miles from me. As I have numerous family members, through my husband, who are members of that Tribe, I really enjoyed Rez’take on local issues related to the reservation and Tribe.

  28. I often think of Sean when the winds blow into town and if I listen closely, I can hear Patsi’s HAH!

    Two incredible writers who had the knack to edit themselves.

    My sis is in town for the holiday…a Happy Thanksgiving to all and I am very grateful for the Trail.

  29. Ah Dex…
    let me echo the sentiments of others here… great read on the twists and turns of this place. So many I remember and miss. Right now I’m thinking of Sheila.

    NannyMM… Rez did visit OldSeaHag on Martha’s Vineyard a few yrs ago. My hubby and I go to Cape Cod every spring and take a ferry ride out to see her. I asked her this past June if she’s heard from him. She said they exchanged emails about a year earlier. Said at the time he and wife were doing fine.

  30. Blondie, your last post reminds me of Bad Company’s “Shooting Star”. “Johnny’s life passed him by like a warm summer day, If you listen to the wind you can still hear him play…” Wonderful way to put it.

    So, Nanny, where ya been? Nice to see you back here. Where are you that you got his by the storm so badly?

  31. Thanks for the update on rez, RR.

    Pogo, I have been dealing with health issues. I’ve had nine surgeries in the past two years. Far too muck of my time has been spent in physical therapy and occupational therapy.For a long time, I had precious little use of my right arm/wrist/hand. Fortunately, things are looking up finally.
    I am in north eastern NY, just a few miles from Canada,, about 70 miles south of Montreal in the northern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. This is definitely snow country!

  32. nannymm,

    good to see you back and goodness no about rez passing. I just miss him… didn’t mean to scare you or to post as mark twain said “reports of death greatly exaggerated”

  33. nanny, sorry to hear about your past couple of years of health problems. Very glad to hear things may be taking a more favorable trajectory now. This getting old stuff is no fun -- I’m starting to deal with this and that injury/just plain wearing out here and there.

    Drive very carefully if you go. I can deal with snow, but ice, totally different matter.

  34. Thanks, Pogo. As you say, this aging thing has it’s trials. However, the alternative is far less appealing.
    I’m not sure if we’re leaving tonight. Hubby can’t t away from the hospital and his patients till this evening.He isn’t too keen on the idea of driving in a storm in the dark. Can’t say I blame him. So we may wait until very early tomorrow morning. Better safe than sorry.

    I hope you all the Trail Mixers and their loved ones have a safe and happy turkey day. :)

  35. Tonyb,

    That Many Rivers To Cross series is excellent. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, catch reruns or On Demand. It will give you an idea why the arrest of Henry Louis Gates’ arrest caused such an upset. He may have over reacted but entering his own home on his own campus by a respected professor and having his credentials questioned probably would not have happened to a lighter skinned educator & historian.

  36. I think that cell phone use on airplanes will be terrible -- kinda like families that fly with kids less than 5. It is my firm belief that allowing people to practice the cell phone rudeness they so often display in public but compressed into a cramped tube containing 120 or so other travelers, most of whom have probably put up with pre-flight BS on the way to or in the airport will not work out well -- even after the rude have pissed off their fellow travelers while in the waiting area at the gate. I can just hear the threats of sticking what is almost invariably a squarish device into a normally covered roundish orifice that are almost inevitably going to occur. At least I should be able to get some great footage on the video camera on my smart phone and post it to the internet before we even get to our destination.

  37. Delta has already said no to cell phone use.
    I can’t imagine anything worse then a five hour flight next to someone talking on the phone

  38. And Rebellious Renee, a special recognition to you for your comments and your reports of the art and craft shows, and for your comments on the Red Sox and the sharing of the things you and Rick do up there.

    The snow swung up around us,so my drive to Toledo, just 62 miles, will be easy and quick.
    My son-in-law will be deep-frying the turkey; he’s an expert at it. I am looking forward to getting there and seeing my daughters, and my granddaughter from Columbus as well. She’s 2. And cute. <3

  39. Happy Hanukkah --

    Hey Iggy when are you going to divulge the secret of your stuffing

    And my Affront report of the day
    She doesn’t think people should talk about healthcare at Thanksgiving but she is happy to pimp Dubai --I think she gets a pay off from the country.

    Can’t wait for her to leave. Although replaced by Jr Stossle (Jake Tapper) not so much

  40. They got this thing called the internets……so I’m screwing around on the tweet part of it and I see a tweet by Dickie Smothers…’s not blue checked or anything but it seems like him so I go to his page and he’s new to twitter and I think what the hell, I’d follow Dickie Smothers anywhere, so I click the follow deal….so then I go over to the Facebook and run his name in the search and there
    he is. Dint seem to have all that many friends, so I sent him a “friend” thing and he accepted.
    Does Dickie Smothers live in Sarasota, Florida?

    If so, I got to tell him thanks for that tv show.

  41. Sturg

    I think both brothers live in Sonoma County
    I am wrong
    Dick Smothers is the father of six children: ] He currently resides in Sarasota, Florida.

  42. pogo,

    Yep, they do some good things for those they deem worthy of their Christian charity.. I personally don’t give to them but i’m glad they help others..

    Sorry for your troubles, my, that’s a lot of surgeries but i’m glad things are getting better.. Glad you and your scouts are doing good things.. I hope you will be able to come around more. its always good to hear what’s going on with you and also your political perspective is most appreciated.. :lol:

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