Red Rover Update

It’s been a while since we checked in on our pal Curiosity. After a recent power glitch the Mars rover is back at work. Here’s a 2-min. update on what’s ahead.
John Grotzinger, Curiosity’s project scientist, narrates an aerial tour of the rover’s past, present and future.

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On Nov. 27 Curiosity tweeted:

No long drives for me this #Thanksgiving. I’m going to stop & smell the science.”

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  1. The Martian Chronicles should be consulted to find out more regarding how our little Red Rover is really doing.

  2. Greetings from the desert. It’s 70 degrees, sunny, and calm today. Colder overnights are on the way, however.

    Thanks, Jace, for the usual quality musical offerings on Sunday. I enjoy piano concertos.

    We have a niece and her family of five in Thailand, and they report the protests are just outside their apartment complex. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the protest doesn’t turn real violent or turn into a civil war over the next few months.

    So, we are keeping in touch via Skype and FaceTime.

  3. Hi, Solarcrete, Long time no read! After seeing so many of his drawings of inventions, I’m delighted to see this. However, I’m sorry to say that the music isn’t to my taste.

  4. Solar. Thanks for the introduction to the “organista.” Da Vinci would be one of those individual that I would like to spend a dinner date with a la Steve Allen’s old tv show, Meeting of Minds. The musical sound is coarse but enjoyable. Kind of sounds like a cello. But definitely one of a kind! Hope all is well, señor.

  5. I think it is simply fantastic! On an early effort such as music played on this instrument, I just close my eyes and let my mind interpolate and extrapolate as seems apropos.

  6. Hello Bethy,

    Yes its been a while since we talked.! And even much longer since we first talked no? Those long, long post were a lot of fun.

    Been enjoying your description of your travels……Hey have you changed your mind about……U know……..take a look at the top of the thread…it will remind U.

    E Prof….Leonardo D is the most interesting person that has ever walked on two legs.! Next to Genghis Khan, he would be the one that I would love to spend a little time with….errrr better take Khan out of the picture….I like my head right where it is……and thanks for asking… doing fine…looks like your are also…great.

  7. solarcrete,

    am sure you’ll enjoy from musiceconomy this about him

    What many people probably don’t know about Leonardo was that he was an excellent musician. However, in his day, he was renowned as a brilliant musician along with his other known talents. [….]
    He knew how to play the flute and the lyre, which was a stringed instrument well known for its use in Greek antiquity. And according to Historian Vasari who knew Da Vinci, said that “he sang divinely without any preparation.” We even have a few manuscripts that contain some original musical compositions that still exist today. It is believed that Da Vinci probably had written more music but it was never found.
    When Da Vinci painted, he always sought musical accompaniment to stimulate his senses. He believed that when all his senses were awake, the mind could be better nourished and more productive. Probably all the masterpiece paintings that we all enjoy looking at were given birth with musical notes flying through the air.
    Listening (music, sounds, and silence) was second on his list of senses, and he wrote a lot about the importance of developing all the senses in harmony to achieve the highest levels of consciousness. He even wrote about it and put a lot of careful thought about the balance of Art and Science. According to Da Vinci, the two were indivisible and necessary to achieve understanding of the logic and beauty of the world.

  8. leonardo, tom and ben are very fitting subjects in conjunction with a thread on “curiosity” (which btw is a much better name than “jade rabbit“).

  9. altho jade rabbit is fitting for visiting himself on the moon. here’s the legend told by some 6 graders

  10. and according to wiki, in addition to similar tales in aztec and native american mythology about the rabbit image on the moon:

    In the Buddhist Śaśajâtaka (Jataka Tale 316),[3] a monkey, an otter, a jackal, and a rabbit resolved to practice charity on the day of the full moon (Uposatha), believing a demonstration of great virtue would earn a great reward.

    When an old man begged for food, the monkey gathered fruits from the trees and the otter collected fish, while the jackal wrongfully pilfered a lizard and a pot of milk-curd. The rabbit, who knew only how to gather grass, instead offered its own body, throwing itself into a fire the man had built. The rabbit, however, was not burnt. The old man revealed himself to be Śakra and, touched by the rabbit’s virtue, drew the likeness of the rabbit on the moon for all to see. It is said the lunar image is still draped in the smoke that rose when the rabbit cast itself into the fire.

  11. Love these science interludes. For those appalled by all the commercialism of the season, don’t forget that tomorrow is Giving Tuesday

    Lots of partners or just pick your favorite charity and drop something in the pot.

  12. I think I prefer a shopping holiday to a holiday of unrestrained gluttony

  13. Today on Faux news the bad Obamacare example of the day…a 65 year old woman required to buy pregnancy coverage

    this is utter bullshit. A 65 yo is eligible for medicare…no one pointed that out

  14. In 2005, the Martians sent an explorer vehicle to Earth to search for signs of intelligent life, but unfortunately it landed in Maine.

    Someone shot it and hung it on the wall of their cabin.

  15. Hell, Nash, it were dead already from nitrogen poisoning. I heared you plugged it to make it look like a legal kill.

  16. KC, Following up on my insurance notice I called the Co and said that since me & Mrs. P aren’t going to have any more kids – ever – I guess i needed to check the option deleting the maternity rider from my policy. Co said, no need – you don’t have a maternity rider. I suspect that will change in a year when my current policy ends and I have to buy the same policy from the same producer. Only then will I know whether OCare insurance will be more costly than BCBS is now.

  17. from cnet

    Amazon ‘drones’ stir up privacy concerns among lawmakers

    Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) says the Federal Aviation Administration needs to adopt privacy regulation before allowing services like Amazon Prime Air, which will use drones to deliver packages, to get off the ground.

  18. Ed Markey’s a punny guy. Get off the ground indeed.

    I saw the Amazon drone delivery spot on MoJo and thought it was cute. The obstacles that would be involved in implementing that service are many and substantial. I think it’s a Bezos gimmick that he’s doing for publicity purposes with the rise of several other shopping sites that are starting to gain traction in the market and for no other reason with no real expectation that it will ever be used on any widespread basis, at least for the foreseeable future.

  19. Eprof2, boy do I remember Meeting of Minds. I have tried to buy some but have only found one. It seemed that Steve Allen’s family owned them. I haven’t lookd lately. I assume you’ve read Van Loon’s Lives.

    Flatus, I get your point. I’ll have to try it again. Ido the authenticity of it.

    Solar, No, I have definitely not changed my mind about living in outer space or freezing myself to be revived later. Every time I see some news about outer space, tho, I do think of you – no joke. I wonder if YOU changed your mind.

    I have to admit Leonardo would be a great meeting but there are so many of those who qualify for that that I am stopped before I start.

    Patd, thanks for that quote! I’m going to pass it on.
    I should have guessed it – he saw himself as a mathematician and that makes music,

    Np diary today. I’m ruminating.

  20. patd,

    Great stuff.! Here is some more rabbit stuff.

    Jade Rabbit buggy. looking for Craigs Red Rover:


    Nope, aint changed my mind.! One of us has to give in…and it is not going to be me……

    Maybe they have one of those outside cafes, French style like, on the lighted side of the planet….will that do it?

    ps…glad were back to solar….later teach.

  21. For the Arts portion of Arts and Science, this would have been the 90th birthday of Maria Callas. One of my favorite arias and for all its beauty one of the funniest reasons for a song ever: O Mio Bambino Caro


  22. And thanks to our pretty great democratic mayor I won’t have far to hie because of the great new library out our way…….gottdang guv’mint…..

  23. The Pope a bouncer?

    lol Ya know I’m starting to like this guy.

    the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano reported the pope told churchgoers Sunday that he used to make money by kicking people out of clubs as a bouncer, according to the Catholic News Service.


  24. Just think there are some lucky idiots that are probably causing trouble to this days that are telling the bouncer “yeah, so what I’ve been kicked out of better joints than this and by the Pope himself”



  25. It’s being touted as “Treme, The Final Episodes”. Yessir, President Obama has been elected , it’s 2008, and New Orleans is awash in protest and a new restaurant and music, and what to my eyes did appear on my screen but Ellis Marsalis!
    Wendell Pierce is the main character in my eyes, playing trombone man and music teacher Antoine Batiste. Sonny is doing well and is off the shrimp boat , in town hooking up for some gigs hopefully, because he is a musician, not really a shrimper. DJ Davis is trying to show Nelson a lively, human side of New Orleans as Nelson licks his wounds from a beat-down on the stock market fiasco of 2008. Well, just a few more episodes and we leave New Orleans forever.
    I know a store clerk here in my town who drives down for Mardi Gras every year. He always takes his girlfriend, he always comes back with great photos he shows me. Man, how tempting it is to go once myself!

  26. bethyboo,


    I have the book Meeting of Minds that is a collection of the scripts. There are a few clips of the actual show on You Tube


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