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  1. A nice tribute to a great man, Craig. Thanks.

    Songs about Mandela and his love for music
    Artists reach areas far beyond the reach of politicians. Art, especially entertainment and music, is understood by everybody, and it lifts the spirits and the morale of those who hear it. (Nelson Mandela).

    What truth these words of former president of the country Dr Nelson Mandela have. Music artists who were in the fight for freedom as he was, sang political songs about him and the likes of Steven Biko and Oliver Tambo. Mandela strongly believes that these songs in many ways, contributed to his release from prison in 1990. The messages in some of these songs were so powerful, it lead the apartheid government to banning them.

    In March 1985, the New York Times carried a short story about one of the biggest songs in America being banned from South African radio. The article was about Stevie Wonder who had just won an Academy Award for the best movie song. The song “I Just Called To Say I Love You” was banned in South Africa because Wonder had dedicated his Oscar to a still imprisoned Nelson Mandela.

  2. The movie biography starring Idris Elba just premiered

    I put the following trailer on the Blank & White site as well

  3. :cry: I remember first being made aware of Madiba in 1975, and I heard from a member of his party in 1977 , at a conference in Manhattan, and when he was freed I felt so good, and I remember a whirlwind tour he made of the USA, and how he accepted a union (UAW) jacket from our international union in Detroit. His inspiration spread around the world: a hero for our generation. A great one.

  4. So far none of the television programs (5 EST) have talked about the history of what he accomplished from his cell. What his family and friends did on the outside to bring pressure on the S.A government.

    The clip of him walking after his release are nice, but what happened to get him there is a huge story. The world pressure on the government is important.

    His life accomplishments are great. His individual accomplishments are more than many of us can do in a lifetime.

  5. from cbs video and transcript of clinton on mandela

    No American president was closer to Nelson Mandela than Bill Clnton.

    Their terms in office in the 1990s overlapped. When Mr. Clinton got caught up in a scandal, Mandela, visiting the White House, stood by him, saying, “Our morality does not allow us to desert our friends.”

    worth the 3:41 min. listen

  6. I see the quote was cut around the edges in my photo. The entire quote by Mandela:

    There is no passion to be found playing small -- in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

  7. RebelliousRenee: There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.


    Should be etched in stone. ;-)

  8. You have to wash with the crocodile in the river
    You have to swim with the sharks in the sea
    You have to live with the crooked politician
    Trust those things that you can never see
    Ayeye ayeye jesse mfana (jesse boy) ayeye ayeye

    It’s a cruel crazy beautiful world
    Every time you wake up I hope it’s under a blue sky
    It’s a cruel crazy beautiful world
    One day when you wake up I will have to say goodbye
    Goodbye — it’s your world so live in it!

  9. Mandela was not a Ghandian zealot for non-violence. But his message, and his follow through, ended the violence. The message? “One man, one vote.”

    Why cannot our simple minded political powers, legislative bodies under their control, and the courts beholden to them, see that virtually every civil problem in our history was a result of felonious theft of “a man’s” vote?

  10. I must say that all these goobers talking about Mr. Mandela on television become a bit tedious. just show clips of Mr. Mandela, why dontcha……

  11. When daughter Susan is faced with overt racism, I suggest that she adopt a Dragon Lady persona. When it comes to such things, I am not a kind person.

  12. My favorite Mandela fact that he found true love at 80 and lived to enjoy it.

  13. sturgeone,

    Except on Faux where they are barely mentioning it because all their time is devoted to ending health care for the currently uninsured — they refer to Mandela as the former president of South Africa.

  14. Thinking about the boycott and the Artists Against Apartheid protest. Remembered the song that went with it. I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City

  15. Santorum inflicting his thoughts on the world again

    Compares Obamacare to Apartheid

    Apparently doesn’t know that Mandela instituted universal health care for South Africa which they hope to complete in a little over a decade. Not easy to do with a large impoverished population.

  16. Apartheid’s Useful Idiots
    TA-NEHISI COATES at the Atlantic web site

    apartheid would ultimately draw some of America’s most celebrated conservatives into its orbit. The roster includes Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff, Jesse Helms, and Senator Jeff Flake. Jerry Falwell denounced Desmond Tutu as a “phony” and led a “reinvestment” campaign during the 1980s. At the late hour of 1993, Pat Robertson opined, “I know we don’t like apartheid, but the blacks in South Africa, in Soweto, don’t have it all that bad.”

    But the overall failure of American conservatives to forthrightly deal with South Africa’s white-supremacist regime, coming so soon after their failure to deal with the white-supremacist regime in their own country, is part of their heritage, and thus part of our heritage. When you see a Tea Party protestor waving the flag of slavery in front of the home of the first black president, understand that this instinct has been cultivated. It is still, at this very hour, being cultivated:

  17. Sanctimonious was just trying to be relevant
    the goopers have been using the line “worse than slavery” about ACA forever — so to look like he knows what century this is…he changed the line up for the story of the day

  18. The goops are always talking about tort reform

    I have some ideas —
    When an industry group wants to oppose a regulation -- they have to post a bond in the amount of the suggested impact of ignoring the regulation.

  19. Ms Cracker,

    Tort reform can be cheaply and easily (for the company) replaced with a mandatory supuku or death penalty for all the execs, board members, lawyers, and accountants, of the offending companies, including all the independent contractors.

    Only companies that choose this quarters profits over peoples safety want tort reform.

  20. from bbc

    Six people in Mexico have been admitted to hospital with possible radiation poisoning, following the theft of a truck carrying radioactive material.

    Police are blocking access to the hospital, in central Hidalgo state.
    NNSC official Mardonio Jimenez said the radioactive source had been “removed from its container and left between 500 and 700m” from the vehicle.

  21. So Cruz caught a boatload of crap for saying something nice about Mandala — I hope that gives him pause about the people who are his supporters

  22. t ricks wapo op

    By and large, the United States still has an Industrial Age military in an Information Age world. With some exceptions, the focus is more on producing mass strength than achieving precision. Land forces, in particular, need to think less about relying on big bases and more about being able to survive in an era of persistent global surveillance. For example, what will happen when the technological advances of the past decade, such as armed drones controlled from the far side of the planet, are turned against us? A drone is little more than a flying improvised explosive device. What if terrorists find ways to send them to Washington addresses they obtain from the Internet?

    Imagine a world where, in a few decades, Google (having acquired Palantir) is the world’s largest defense contractor. Would we want generals who think more like George Patton or Steve Jobs — or who offer a bit of both? How do we get them? These are the sorts of questions the Pentagon should begin addressing. If it does not, we should find leaders — civilian and in uniform — who will.

  23. from newsday

    At least three American presidents will travel to South Africa to attend memorial services for anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday at age 95.

    The White House said Friday that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama would travel to South Africa next week to pay their respects. They will be joined on Air Force One by former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush, who “gratefully accepted” the invitation from the Obamas, a Bush spokesman said.
    Former President Bill Clinton said he also planned to travel to South Africa, along with his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was unclear whether the Clintons would also fly on Air Force One.

  24. Isn’t Jimmy Carter invited to ride on Air Force One too?

    Fox news has spent more time covering the death of movie actor Paul Walker then the death of Nelson Mandela

  25. KGC…
    I just read over on huffpo that 4 people from the San Fran Bay area died from hyperthermia. Geez… you guys in northern California must be really freezing your butts off. I feel for you. In the northeast we’re used to cold… have insulated houses and heat. A lot of us in NH have wood stoves to make sure we have backup for when the electricity goes out. Stay warm, my friend… and I hope it changes soon.

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