AP Was There: Pearl Harbor Day

pearlharborFrom Associated Press: “On Dec. 7, 1941, Eugene Burns, AP’s chief of bureau in Honolulu, couldn’t get out the urgent news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor because the military had already taken control of all communication lines. In Washington, AP editor William Peacock and staff got word of the attack from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s press secretary. In the language and style used by journalists of his era, including the use of a disparaging word to describe the Japanese that was in common use, Peacock dictated. Seventy-two years after their original publication, the AP is making the dispatches available.”

FLASH: WASHINGTON - White House says Japs attack Pearl Harbor. … BULLETIN: WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 (AP) – President Roosevelt said in a statement today that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, from the air. The attack of the Japanese also was made on all naval and military ‘activities’ on the island of Oahu. The president’s brief statement was read to reporters by Stephen Early, presidential secretary. No further details were given immediately. At the time of the White House announcement, the Japanese ambassadors, Kichisaburo Nomura and Saburo Kurusu, were at the State Department. …

Destroyer USS Shaw exploding after her forward magazine was detonated

Destroyer USS Shaw exploding after her forward magazine was detonated

FLASH: WASHINGTON – Second air attack reported on Army and Navy bases in Manila. … First lead Japanese: WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 – (AP) – Japanese air attacks on the American naval stronghold at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and on defense facilities at Manila were announced today by the White House. … -2- Only this terse announcement came from President Roosevelt immediately, but with it there could be no doubt that the Far Eastern situation had at last exploded, that the United States was at war, and that the conflict which began in Europe was spreading over the entire world. This disclosure had been accepted generally as an indication this country had all but given up hope that American-Japanese difficulties, arising from Japan’s aggression in the Far East, could be resolved by ordinary diplomatic procedure. …

Rescuing survivors near USS West Virginia

Rescuing survivors from USS West Virginia

BULLETIN — Second lead Japanese : WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 – (AP) – Japanese airplanes today attacked American defense bases at Hawaii and Manila, and President Roosevelt ordered the Army and Navy to carry out undisclosed orders prepared for the defense of the United States. Announcing the president’s action for the protection of American territory, Presidential Secretary Stephen Early declared that so far as is known now the attacks were made wholly without warning – when both nations were at peace – and were delivered within an hour or so of the time that the Japanese ambassador had gone to the State Department to hand to the secretary of state Japan’s reply to the secretary’s memo of the 26th.”

USS California sinking in Pearl Harbor

USS California sinking in Pearl Harbor

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  1. Anyone who was born during the 30s thru the 60s, perhaps later, knows that The War started on December 7th and that it was the seminal event of our time.

    I slept very late today--to almost 1300hrs. Maybe my clock was on Oahu time.

  2. For people in Korea, the War started in 1910 with the Japanese occupation of the entire peninsula. Any perceived threat from Japan will unite North and South instantly but only for the duration of that threat.

    The occupation of China was incredibly cruel. It reflected in the harshest terms that the Japanese did not believe non-Japanese worthy of human consideration and treatment.

    To this day, I believe we are tolerated with the utmost disdain until better times arrive. Until that day, there is always soap and water.

  3. The war in the East was nearly four and a half years old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

  4. I saw the Arizona monument in ’63……more impressive was some graveyard Major Richardson took us to with ten thousand kud-zillion identical white headstones…….

    When the dec 7 attack came me old dad was a welder at the navy yard……a kid, married with one on the way apr 42 ……….

  5. Major Ted was a marine in the South Pacific………he got screwed up in New Guinea and was sent to a family in Bendigo to get together again……..so after the war he’s teaching math at this school and every year in order to go back to see the family he’d stayed with he’d take as many students as could pay the freight back with him……a 43 day boat ride from San Fran to Sydney and back.
    It was quite a foray…….and a high school geography credit…… and 2 1/2 months later it was November.

  6. Mr. Sturgeone,

    That must have been The Punchbowl, the National Cemetary of the Pacific.

  7. 3 Reasons To Avoid ABC

    GeorgeStephanopoulos :

    James Carville and Mary Matalin join powerhouse roundtable tmrw on @ThisWeekABC

  8. It must, indeed, have been the punchbowl……and at the time, it wasn’t that long ago I was standing outside of Quinn’s, the Bar of the Pacific, in Papeete, after having climbed this stupid mountain to see a gun emplacement with the names of the crew scrawled into the concrete……on the way down the mountain I disturbed a nest of yellow jackets who quickly sent me into full Rollin’ and tumblin’ down the slope.
    After I stood outside Quinn’s, having been refused entrance, on the way back to the boat I bought my little god, and so far he or she is cool wid it.

  9. The people who ran the door didn’t seem to grasp the fact that I was, at the tender age of 15, a veteran of many a seedy dive and/or sleazy den of so-called iniquity.
    But I got a god out of it, so, like Mandela, I hold no grudges.

  10. The assassination of JFK was an event of my time, that I remember very well. There is time before that day and time after that day.

    For my parents and grandparents December 7 1941 was that type of event. There was life before Pearl Harbor and life after. I still remember them telling me about it and how stunned they were by it.

    For my grandparents at least, the news of FDR’s death was almost as shattering.

  11. Always thought Jeanette Rankin an interesting footnote in history — the only member of Congress who voted against WWII the day after Pearl Harbor (also the first woman elected to Congress). Police had to escort her through the angry mob outside the Capitol that day (she didn’t run for reelection). She later went on to be a leading anti-war activist during the Vietnam War, at age 87.

  12. Craig,

    Refresh my memory.

    Jeanette Rankin sounds so familiar but I don’t recall from where.

    I have heard the name but don’t really associate it with the anti-war movement, but then I was fairly young. Was she a high profile personage during that time?

  13. Sturg, you are really being pensive this evening--it’s, well, nice. You received a magnificent education at your military school.

    Everybody should see massive graveyards filled with war dead; they are most sobering in that they make the viewer want to get drunk.

  14. Craig.Crawford,

    The name triggers absolutely nothing in my mind. I would class her an outlier so far as her War position is concerned; I’m not surprised that she is not more than a footnote.

  15. Jace, Flatus, she formed “brigades” of mostly older women who staged vietnam protests that got a lot of coverage, i guess because they were a novel alternative to hippie protesters.

  16. Craig,

    She was from Montana, that explains a lot.

    A group of independent thinkers if ever there was one. Still are in many respects. I love ‘em.

    Hell, they thought prohibition meant that you had to stop after three drinks. ;-)

  17. Jack,

    Thanks for the FDR clip.

    That is how this nation is supposed to go to war.

    Should be required viewing for every new President upon taking the oath of office.


  18. more on rankin from history.com

    Rankin graduated from the University of Montana in 1902. After trying elementary schoolteaching and other occupations, she studied social work at the New York School of Philanthropy but found this profession also insufficiently rewarding. In 1910 she entered the University of Washington where she joined the state suffrage organization. For the next four years, she traveled back and forth across the continent, speaking and lobbying for women’s right to vote. She was the moving force behind the organization that secured Montana women the franchise in 1914.
    She captured the attention of the public for the last time in 1968 by leading the Jeannette Rankin Brigade, some five thousand feminists, pacifists, radicals, students, and others, to Washington, D.C., to demonstrate against the Vietnam War

  19. Jeanette Rankin Brigade Protesting Vietnam War
    A group of women belonging to the Jeanette Rankin Brigade march in protest of the Vietnam War. Jeanette Rankin, the first female congress member, stands holding the banner at center (wearing eyeglasses).

    [above from corbisimages]

  20. Pat
    Just for you and in retaliation for that pervasive earworm,(I’ll be quietly whistling it for the next month or so. It is the hazard of the season)

    Here ya go, the original Ding Fries are Done.

  21. OMG… ROFLMAO!!

    Thanks for the beautiful stuff too….

    here’s my favorite… it always makes me cry…

  22. If Snuffy is having on the snake and the frozen face — it must be a pity panel What a load they are and thank god not appearing on tv too much

    Nicole Wallace should take a look at Mary Matalin -- social climbing fascist liar -- take a good look at her mouth which is in a permanent sneer She has become an ugly ugly person --she radiates hate

    Both Mr. Cracker and I look like the Michelin man we have on so many layers…It is frickin’ cold
    We are going to have new landscaping in the spring because I think the frost did some damage to the hydrangeas — they are pretty hardy but 4 or 5 nights too much. We did cover our vegetable garden and some other potted plants.

  23. When I was in elementary school and high school -- the remembrance of Pear Harbor was a big deal. By the time I was a young adult -- it was a a party theme — Pearl Harbor Day Parties — everyone gets bombed.

    I asked a college age friend and she said that was no longer fashionable and for a minute I’m not sure she knew what Pearl Harbor was…but she had seen the movie with Ben Afflect

    History seems to be more flexible these days and I’m pretty sure that is not a good thing

  24. With all the Mandela coverage, I had to go and re-watch one of my all time favorite films: Cry Freedom about Steve Biko. If you have never seen it, please do. It is a wonderful film about a true story.

  25. Jace, two selections today? Nice choices, especially the cello selection. The Piano Guys are special musicians!

  26. The blizzard brought 42″ of snow to the North Shore of Lake Superior.

    In our tropical (relatively) capital city, Simple, Minn, we only got three or four inches of snow. Sweetie and I are making preparations to flee southward. The escape won’t be ’til early-middish January. I hope we can survive until then.

  27. I like to create strange points of reference for my “connections” (you are old if you remember that program). In 1968, WWII was closer to my generation than Vietnam War is to today’s 18 y.o. (26 years -- 45 years). Pearl Harbor (that is all is needed) was as real and personal to us as 9/11 (that is all that is needed) is to today’s youth.

    I find it interesting that in 1968 almost no radio station played 1920′s music, yet in 2013 many radio stations play 1960′s music. I still remember my mother bopping to “I’m ‘enery the eighth I am. . .” No matter how much our teachers in the 50′s and 60′s tried to teach us gaslight era songs, we always went back to rock and roll.

    The snow has ended, the rain/sleet has started. My cat is ensconced on a pillow near the fire in the fireplace. The split green peas are becoming pea soup and the first snow of the year smoothed the rough edges of what had been a less than slick week. Cheers. If you can find it, Yard’s brews up beer that our Revolutionaries drank or would have consumed. Try the Franklin Spruce Beer for a change of pace.

  28. pogo, any chance you bought this for lp for christmas?

    The electric guitar played by Bob Dylan at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival has been sold at auction in New York for a record $965,000 (£591,000).

    The Fender Stratocaster had been in the possession of a New Jersey family for 48 years after he left it on a plane.

    from bbc story

  29. I love Rod Stewart, Jamie… and to hear him sing all those old tunes is so great. I grew up watching those old musicals on TV and that music is so nostalgic to me.

  30. Like you said, BB, I always go back to rock and roll, but still, once in a while, the old stuff is nice (and delightfully, seemingly naive).

    blue bronc: The snow has ended, the rain/sleet has started. My cat is ensconced on a pillow near the fire in the fireplace. The split green peas are becoming pea soup and the first snow of the year smoothed the rough edges of what had been a less than slick week. Cheers.

    The way you worded that paragraph above sounds like pure poetry… or better.

  31. A few good reasons to support the healthcare law.

    It is not perfect and has a long way to go, but how many more people like these are being helped?

    Good read.

  32. I heard Nudie, the great historian, trying to revise Reagan’s history with apartied…seriously if you veto the bill containing sanctions — you can pretend you were helpful..no matter what fat ass Nudie says

  33. Lets give Newt his due. On Mandela he is standing up to the racist conservatives in his party.
    He was one of the house republicans that lead a revolt against Reagan over his veto and voted to over ride the veto.


  34. I just heard Senator Barasso of Wyoming speak about issues with medicaid — every single statement he made was factually incorrect

    Talk about low information this guy is a maroon of the first order.

    I feel sorry for the people of

    wyoming — their choices suck
    This guy is a clown
    And now they are having to choose between
    someone whose views haven’t changed since the stone age and a carpet bagging opportunist who literally sold out her sister


  35. Jack

    Except now he is defending Reagan and the conservatives claiming it’s all MSNBC’s fault for attacking (telling the truth) about Reagan.

    Even before the announcement of Mandela’s death was off the air right wing goons were posting horrible things about Mandela…simply unbelievable

    And really Nudie talking about the value of not seeking revenge but working towards reconciliation. . Boy he must truly live in the present because he apparently has no memory short term or long term

  36. TA-NEHISI COATES at The Atlantic web site
    Who is definitely not a Gingrich apologist has this to say about Gingrich

    I think it’s important to note that Gingrich’s position here is not particularly new. This is not an attempt to rewrite history, or claim someone in death whom Gingrich opposed in life. Newt Gingrich was among a cadre of conservatives who opposed the mainstream conservative stance on apartheid and ultimately helped override Reagan’s unconscionable veto of sanctions. At the time, Gingrich was allied with a group of young conservatives including Vin Weber looking to challenge Republican orthodoxy on South Africa. “South Africa has been able to depend on conservatives to treat them with benign neglect,” said Weber. “We served notice that, with the emerging generation of conservative leadership, that is not going to be the case.”

    Something else: There’s a video attached to the post in which Gingrich gives his thoughts on Mandela’s passing. When Gingrich compliments Mandela on his presidency he doesn’t do so within the context of alleged African pathologies, but within the context of countries throughout the world. It’s a textbook lessons in “How not to be racist,” which is to say it is a textbook lesson in how to talk about Nelson Mandela as though he were a human being.

  37. KGC,

    Barraso is an M.D. was elected to the senate based primarily on that qualification. Like a number of doctors in the house and senate, they do make particularly good public servants.

    They check any knowledge that might of had at the door of their respective institution.

  38. jace,

    For the most part, MD’s do serve well. Then there are those who are Frist with the dx via a video.

  39. Years ago some, not all federal law enforcement agencies, could get a copy of your phone records, cell, landline, beepers, without a court orders subpoena. It was called an administrative subpoena and it was signed by the local agencey’s department head. Depending if the preliminary investigation advanced far enough to be presented before a federal grand jury, then those same phone records would require a court order subpoena. Today local police are starting to use technology where “all” phone calls in a preset parameter, and possibly their conversations are captured. Privacy, constitutional rights may closer on the way out then anyone had thought.


  40. Baby, it’s cold out side.
    Current temp 11 that is down from 13 at 7 am. They still say it is going to have a high of 18 but it needs to get started the day is half over.
    Blue has some pictures of her ice storm on face book maybe we can get her to post some on here.
    Lot of cpld weather for december so far.
    I think I’ve had enough winter I’m ready for spring.


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