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Some Web Sites Stop Anonymous Accounts

Blue Bronc
Blue Bronc

An insidious, nearly invisible, movement is affecting commenting on the Internet.  If you post on different websites, such as news media websites, you are seeing a change from the past when you could open an account with a name, avatar and email address.  The name could be almost anything, including Hitlerkissedblitzen.

Comments often are from trolls, or from people who should not be using a computer to communicate to the world.  Fights using words, created not with a pen or typewriter on paper, but from electrons, are frequent.  Hot heads often destroy chains of thought with displays of idiocy.

Many blog mistresses use moderators to reduce the amount of hate and trolls.  Software for blogging has routines built in to stop trolls and “hot” words.  But, there is a new bully on the way.  A software program (if it is on the Internet, it is by software) is now being used in a way to pre-screen posters in a way that blogging software cannot.  It is being used to reduce anonymous posting in a way the blogging software cannot.  And, it is literally free for all to use.

I first came across this act a few months ago.  I cannot remember the website, except that it was one I rarely posted to so the change in how to post was not as much a surprise as a question mark in my head.  Putting it as a fluke in some switch in how my account was setup, I went on and did not return except to read an occasional column.

More frequently I came across the grocery store of posting using a few social media sites.  Fine, I used one of my many names to log in and post.  Now there are sites that use one of several hundred sites to log in to post.  However, in the last week I noticed one of those sites eliminating log ins from a few of the anonymous log in sites.  “Strange”, I thought until I realized that the only log in sites were those that used “real” names.

commentsThen it happened.  One news media site I frequent went to one log in site only.  Two weeks later another one changed to the single log in site.   The last week a major media site changed to a single log in site.

The move is to only posting on Facebook, linked to the media site.  Facebook was often one of several means to post, but now it it the only way.  I know that most of the world has Facebook pages, personal, commercial and non-profit.  I have a couple myself, political, used for my previous attempts to be elected by the good people of my former home city.

Huffington Post changed during the last week.  The reason is to promote civil discourse.  The way to do that:

Connect your verified Facebook account. All of your past Huffington Post comments will be displayed with the name associated with your connected Facebook account as well as your Huffington Post Username.”

Huffington Post Managing Editor Jimmy Soni:
The Reason HuffPost Is Ending Anonymous Accounts

Yup, you get to have as much anonymity as Facebook allows.  Also, it connects usernames to Facebook.  Oh that really does makes discourse nice.  And, it eliminates most posters who do have a reason to not have their comments associated with their name. Huffington Post used to be a wide open and fun site.  Now it is AOL and as much fun as a used shoe.  The Annapolis Gazette did this change too.  As have other sites.  The Internet may be growing up, but it is also being turned into a corporate press release.

Often the Congress and especially the religions try to restrict what is discussed and seen on the net.  Corporations are doing it more and better (if restricting speech and thought is good) than any law or sermon can.  The Federalist Papers would never have been published on Huffington Post now.  Sad.

The world grows and the world shrinks.

— Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix Contributor

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  1. I will not post to Facebook or any other similar social site. These places make the NSA look like a grain of sand in comparison to their massive heft.

  2. Here is a link to one of the more plausible groups of scenarios of what’s unfolding in the DPRK and in its relationship with China.

    The reports emerging on business people being recalled from NE China have profound implications. Even if the Chinese would like to extend or modify their visas, the workers immediate and extended families in the DPRK are held in “escrow.” If the workers don’t do the North’s bidding, their families will most likely be summarily executed.

    And here we are counting on China to provide the economic carrot to have the DPRK modify its nuclear program and to lesson naval tensions in the West Sea. Fat chance of that happening now.

    In my opinion, the Young Un has sent a message written in the most indelible ink telling the Chinese that any future relationship will be on his terms.

  3. Flatus,

    that makes two of us. feel like the characters in “gravity” all alone out here.

    btw, this is a repost. my first resulted in a 503 “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.” message. the singularity may be with us sooner than we tho’t.

  4. The move is to only posting on Facebook, linked to the media site. Facebook was often one of several means to post, but now it it the only way.

    bb, facebook aka the singularity

  5. if wiki’s definition is right that

    The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a theoretical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature.

    and if facebook is the vehicle to and by which all is now consolidating
    is it fair then to term it “artificial intelligence” as opposed to real intelligence?

  6. I did not put in various reasons to post with an anonymous link, there are many. We already know people lose their jobs or are not even hired due to posts on Facebook and Internet. You and your company have polar opposite opinions, guess what posting with your real name will do?

    Although finding the owner of an online can be done, usually it requires a search warrant of some type. Now with Facebook dumping names (and occasionally other information) for any search, you cannot get anonymous. you cannot even sign up to Facebook without proving your name.

    Singularity is thy name. Anon is no more.

  7. patd,

    I used to be a programmer, I like that rather than all the other terms such as computer engineer and computer scientist. I wrote real time computer programs, the types of things that make computers do things without human control. Traffic lights or satellites or refrigerators are a few of the fun things. I did one of those. AI was always something we enjoyed. The program is supposed to adjust to results and make decisions for the next action. No matter how much we want to give computers intelligence, it is limited by what we give ’em.

  8. No matter how much we want to give computers intelligence, it is limited by what we give ‘em.

    blue bronc,

    same goes for critterville. much as we want congress to act intelligently, it’s limited to who we send there.

  9. well, it’s that time of year. not exactly jace’s sunday sublime but
    here’s willie
    and here’s elvis

  10. sturgeone,

    you’re right, she does look like her… and a little off or out of tune just the same. this may help wipe that image away.

  11. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Something for a beautiful Sunday, and an Advent Sunday as well. Enjoy! 😉

  12. I too have seen some favorite sites that have changed over to facebook commenting only. The explanation was to slow down the vitriol. Yeah… it’s done that… but IMO, the comments are now more juvenile.

    I don’t do facebook … I don’t really care what someone ate for breakfast and where they shop for shoes.

  13. Youz guys have outdone yourselves this fine Sunday morning.

    A foot of snow and it’s Christmas time in NH… YEAH!

  14. Happy Birthday BW!! Finally eligible for discount offers and the other perquisites of achieving the threshold of maturity.

    Congratulations and welcome to this elite subset of the Trail ❗

  15. Just posted this message on Facebook:

    “That does it. I’m quitting @Facebook as of tomorrow. It is getting to the point where I can’t type anything anywhere without it connecting back to Facebook and I really resent the intrusion on all aspects of my life. Nothing to hide, but I don’t need to be followed constantly from place to place. “

  16. As soon as I saw the handwriting, I knew it was a holiday card from my favorite aunt and uncle.

    It was addressed to Mr & Mrs Me which prompted me to think that poor auntie is having difficulty remembering things.

    I removed her card from the envelope and saw that her artistic talent is still intact. She had drawn, in pen and ink, a small tree, in poor shape, but still having berries on its gnarly branches partially covered with snow.

    Inside, her note indicated someone had left her with the impression that another lady had replaced Kumcho. In a word, Never.

    Aunt Eleanor turned 97 in September.

  17. How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, his precepts!
    O! ’tis easier to keep holidays than commandments.

    Benjamin Franklin

  18. BB I predict FB will not be relevant in ten years. But, I have been wrong many times.

    Bologna and Blonde celebrate.

  19. That little figurina on the left, there, is marked “Occupied Japan” on the bottom……them little fellers took to ceramics like General Motors took to gasoline…….

  20. You know, when I was little you wouldn’t even by a aluminum mess-kit if it was made in Japan……..then –boom– transistor radios.

  21. Blonde Wino,

    Will it FB stand the test of time. No. The history of the Internet says it will be gone within ten or fewer years. Myspace is still out there. It was the Facebook before FB. Twitter is somehow working to expand itself beyond 140. I am sure it will and succeed, possibly equally FB. What Twitter has that none of the others is the ability to function in 140, with pictures and video. There are other programs out there, some only used in Europe, which I prefer to the open world of FB.

    I tell anyone trying to contact me with FB is it may take some time, often a month or so. I do not use it except for keeping political ties going. Now that I will no longer be running for anything in Colorado may be as good a time as any to kill the accounts.

  22. Blonde Wino,

    A little Vino, for the Wino with the blond hair.

    60, un anio muy lindo.!! Hey.! who cut your head off?

    Jace, great stuff again….u running out ….nah never on a Sunday huh?


    The ten commandments? Bet that there are not many people that know more than one or two. The ones that people think they know are not the ones in the Bible.

    Most don’t even know ( a very high % age) what they are.!!

    But they are….the correct ones are in tha book of myths.

    Dosen;t make much of a difference…no one follows them any way……me…i just follow one…..the golden rule….

  23. All Religions, Churches are money grabbing sinners.!

    The 6th commandment:

    “Thrice in the year shall all your men children appear before the Lord God”

    The tenth commandant is the one I try to follow the most…sometimes I fail:

    10th: “Thou shalt not seeth a kid (ie, a young goat) in his mothers milk”

  24. used to be able to do a shot and beer for every commandment that i remembered….sometimes i would quote all 15 of them.

    Can only do a cpl more. Believe its the 5th…about farmers markets. Ha.!

    “Thou shall observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the years end”

    later off to dream about naked virgins…….or dance with my horse…the last dance of the video…..great song:


  25. A little sad…but great drinking music…like Patsy Cline used to make me feel…or does when i listen to her…..great story in the vid…


  26. Was thinking of my Uncle Phillip (died when i was young)…he used to go into the town bars in Old Mexico….and get drunk with his horse…..would find them both on the road….walking…said that he was to drunk to drive……was a cop in two different countries…night uncle…..

  27. Shopping apps offer more than deals
    The apps you’re using to find deals inside stores may be sharing more with retailers than you realize. NBC’s John Yang reports.

    and most folks (like the lady shopper in above piece acknowledging all that) don’t seem to care. same folks however are outraged by nsa. why is data mining for monetary purposes okay but mining for security purposes not in their minds?

  28. American Express now lets you get reminders through FB. What a treat! It’s almost enough to be willing to pay the extra couple bucks to have a paper statement and mail in a check each month.

    The Privacy of Typewriters

  29. Oh yeah… yesterday was BlondeW’s bday…

    Happy, Happy belated Birthday!

    Looks like you and Bologna had a great time.

  30. jace,

    looks like most of them passed the goper univ advanced course in circular squad firing
    from salon

    Suddenly John Boehner is the adult figure in the Republican leadership. By uniting in support of the bill, and taking outside interest groups head-on, House GOP leaders offered their members protection from transgressing against the right. They created a human shield around their vulnerable members. McConnell, by contrast, created an every-man-for-himself environment in his conference. The leadership void has produced a dangerous collective action problem. It’s in the party’s interest for this bill to pass, but absent a guarantee that a large number of Republicans will vote yes, it’s in the interest of each individual Republican to vote no.

    And the no votes — including a number of reliable deal-makers — are lining up. By Friday night, the list of nos and lean-nos included Sens. John Boozman, R-Ark., Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Richard Shelby, R-Ala., Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Kelly Ayotte, R-N..H, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Tom Coburn, R-Okla., Roger Wicker, R-Miss., Mike Lee, R-Utah, Rand Paul, R-Ky., Marco Rubio, R-Fla., John Barrasso, R-Wyo., Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Dean Heller, R-Nev.

  31. Now Joan Fontaine has passed. I guess Gloria De Havilland will have to find someone else to hate.


  32. from wsj

    GOP Incumbents Lean on Donors to Beat Back Primary Foes

    Mitch McConnell Asks Defense Industry to Back Republicans Who Will Protect Military Spending

  33. a vitriolic follow-up of the wsj story from redstate

    A story this morning in the Wall Street Journal offers encouraging news for those looking to challenge the ruling class in Washington.

    In an article titled “GOP Incumbents Lean on Donors,” Dion Nissenbaum of the Wall Street Journal indicates that established Republicans are expressing concerns about primary threats, fearful that they may not have the money to fight them off. The author quotes a source at a recent fundraiser for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell where Mr. McConnell twisted the arms of Defense Contractors who apparently have been reluctant to shower him with cash for the upcoming election season. According to the WSJ source, “The main message he was pushing was: Get involved, mainly to teach those who are primarying incumbents that it is not helpful to run against incumbents…”

  34. solarcrete,

    … you’re one in a million, Solar. Love looking at the world through your eyes. Thanks for that opportunity.

    Lucky you were born that far away so
    We could both make fun of distance
    Lucky that I love a foreign land for
    The lucky fact of your existence

  35. You’re really pretty, Blonde. Also, I’d never take you for 60… you look much younger.

    Hope you had a good birthday!

  36. He must have pissed many people off not to have received an Oscar for any of the roles he played; he was a marvelous actor.

  37. Happy 60th, Blonde.

    Love the tree-topper, Craig.

    I thought we might all have to hold get-togethers in someone’s garage because the internets were blocking people. Now, it seems, people might get together because of too much intrusion from the nets.

    Conspiracy theory: The post office is trying to force people back to communicating by snail mail. :)

    Just heard (somewhere) that Canada might get rid of mail delivery at home??? (I never saw that Kevin Costner flick about the postman.)

  38. Flatus,

    His life story is powerful. Lots of distillers lost profits when he cleaned up. Life, drama and success.

    I enjoyed his acting in My Favorite Year, which was like an autobiography and portrait of Errol Flynn. It was a nice non-serious film (and on Netflix). And, there is no getting away from Larry of Arabia. A good way to spend a long winter night.

  39. solar, here’s another goody for you from extreme tech

    An extraordinary theory that has been getting cred lately is one that suggests our own universe is actually a hologram. Now, a new study uncovers evidence that lends further credibility to this terrifying theory.

  40. patd:
    solar, here’s another goody for you from extreme tech

    I posted this one over on Craig’s most recent science thread. It just absolutely fascinated me with the whole “are we really here or are we there” concept.

  41. blue bronc:

    His life story is powerful.Lots of distillers lost profits when he cleaned up.Life, drama and success.

    I enjoyed his acting in My Favorite Year, which was like an autobiography and portrait of Errol Flynn.It was a nice non-serious film (and on Netflix).And, there is no getting away from Larry of Arabia. A good way to spend a long winter night.

    My favorite quote about the young O’Toole was, “If he had been any prettier, it would have been Florence of Arabia”.

    My Favorite Year is probably my favorite film of his with The Lion In Winter coming in second.

  42. A few minutes poking around the AOL/HuffPost news accumulator site was very interesting. Pages loaded very fast, also appearing to be meeting the stated goal of polite discourse. Articles that should have hundreds if not thousands of comments, now have single digits or a few hundred.

    In a week there should be page hits results to compare with page hits prior to implementing this change. That is if HuffPost releases them.

    This experiment should provide some useful information about privacy concerns and online posting. It may prove a warning to others that going to FB only may not be conducive for popularity and page hits. FB probably did a great sales job about how using FB exclusively would be a way to increase page hits.

  43. I can understand desiring comments to have a real person behind them. It is the exclusivity of Facebook that really upsets me. While I haven’t eliminated my account, I have now deleted anything and everything personal associated with it.

  44. Jamie:
    I can understand desiring comments to have a real person behind them. It is the exclusivity of Facebook that really upsets me.While I haven’t eliminated my account, I have now deleted anything and everything personal associated with it.

    As with anything granting exclusive access I suspect there is some business deal behind it. Facebook is billions, AOL/HuffPost, is probably in the same dollar game. AOL and Yahoo were early innovators, along with Prodigy and CompuServe. Yahoo struggled on, AOL almost lost. CompuServe is still functioning, but not a major force anymore.

    MySpace used to be the power force but for many reasons lost to FB. Facebook has a great sales pitch for having the exclusive deal. “Everybody on earth has an account, we make sure your articles have clean comments, you get the page hits”. Advertisers buy space based on page hits.

    It comes down to lots of page hits. Combining a popular news accumulator site and the popular social media site gives a log of page hits. I do not think the drive for a polite discourse is the real reason for going only with FB. It is most likely a $ deal.

  45. “….. I have now deleted anything and everything personal associated with it.”

    and there really is an easter bunny, a non-cancelable insurance policy, and 72 virgins after death :roll:
    you deleted, but did the facebook gods?

  46. I posted this one over on Craig’s most recent science thread

    I wondered where everybody had gone to…. are most of us off the main trail now or is the hologram thing at work?

  47. Blue Bronc

    I remember when CompuServe opened itself up to the world. I was part of a nice little forum group very similar to this lovely place. It was a collection of intelligent folk with myriad interests who chatted amongst themselves about darn near everything.

    You had to request joining or be introduced by someone in the group. The moderator could toss anyone who got out of line. Once it and the other forums (hundreds of them) became visible to the whole world, it destroyed CompuServe.

    Looking at other places around the web, it never ceases to amaze me that the Trail exists at all.

  48. Yeah… I was part of some early versions of “blogging” too. I was on a forum at AOL and on Prodigy. It was a lot of fun in those days.

    Patd… I’ve been posting online in some form for over 20 yrs… and it’s always slowed down at this time of year… no matter the forum or place. People get really busy… or are gone visiting family or taking vacations.

  49. I have a facebook account of course, and although I use Pogo here, I have used initials and last name or first name and last initial as a login on comment threads at WaPo and NYT. I could just as easily use Larry here, but Pogo has much more interesting connotations for a political blog, plus while I’ve been Larry from birth, I have used Pogo off and on for 43 years now, so I’m comfy with it.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much – demands of a small office around the holidays.

    LP news – LP went to a showcase event in Philly last weekend and has been invited to join the prospect roster for one college and is in discussions with another. His coach – a college coach who worked with one of the groups at the event – told him he was the most talented forward at the event.

    EProf, I’ll be getting in touch over the holidays.

  50. The early-80s really started the march towards serious home computing with user programmable Apples, Ataris, and my favorites the Commodores and TRS-80s.

  51. Flatus, and now it’s smart phones and tablets or laptops that are portable enough that they can easily be taken to Panera. Last weekend, armed with my phone and IPad I I was able to snoop into Trailmix, read the newspaper, keep up on the NBA & NFL, locate and get directions to an Audi dealership in the Philly area whose service department was open on Saturday, get AAA to get a wrecker to me, find a car rental place that was open until after noon, log into the office and check calendar, pull up documents and work on them, play Spider Solitaire (don’t start, it’s addictive) order Christmas presents for LP, check on the status of orders already placed, check the weather have Gladys tell me how to get around in the west Philly ‘burbs and back home to WV, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  52. I too haven’t been around the trail as much, in holiday mode. We’re off to Southern Command today, will get a new thread up later. Meanwhile, here’s lost footage of a 21-year-old Bob Dylan I stumbled across on the twitterverse.


  53. According to Craig’s twitter feed CNN is setting up a documentary acquisitions unit.

    The Pivot channel used to be the documentary channel. Now it’s a mixed bag of some excellent stuff and some really weird and some just plain bad.

    I hope some of the things are about small events and thoughts not just big things

  54. Three things in response to the Dylan clip. As soon as it is in a theater near you, go see “Inside Llewyn Davis”. It is all about that folk era in Greenwich Village. Sure to pick up some Oscar nominations.

    For the song, I love the Dylan / Cash version from the Nashville Skyline album.


    And this from the documentary about the making of the album featuring “One Too Many Mornings”


  55. Craig.Crawford,

    One of the strangest interviews I have heard regarding this case happened this morning on morning Joe (or the MSNBC version of a conservative show). I missed the name due to road noise, but figured it to be a conservative. Then I heard “Attorney General”, so I thought Holder.

    The interviewee stated that the Leon ruling was incorrect, that Leon was not allowed to rule on Constitutionality (sort of correct) and that the secrect court already settled the question of constitutionality. All sorts of weird statements made me sure I was listening to a right wing neo-con. The interview concludes, it is Alberto Gonzalez. Oy. Show how low and far out Joe Scarborough has gone. Bringing on a shyster of a JD, to tell the world (or at least the cable and SiriusXM world) what is legal and not legal. Gonzalez is someone who should be in jail, not on the airways, for his actions.

  56. chloe,

    Loved that.!…making me blush over here….in my best Joisy accent……hugs and kisses for M……….grab one for you tambien (also)


    Thanks a lot for thinking of me.!

    I love String-Theory. About 12 years ago Brian Green (scientist) introduced me to it weird like world of 9-13 dimensions…. and that the rubbing of a cpls of them gave us the big bang….went out and bought his tape on it right away…vhs

    …have so many things on vhs…that i go to the flea market to buy a vhs player when one goes out…not worth the time and $ to transfer over to disc………Where was me…..oh yeah:

    Cause and effect??? if you follow this cause and effect back to the big bang…there is no cause….there was…according to Stephen Hawkings proofs that there is no creator b/c there is nothing to begin with….

    Sting theory just might answer that…all the universe…including the ones in our bodies (more proof that we are all its…gods:))) are stings that bond together…

    I think it was the first time that i read, learned that we have only one sense…..not five like most thing….all we have it the sense of touch…when we touch the vibrations in the atmosphere…with our eyes…we see…nose we smell….ears….hey EARS= hearing…pay attention….we touch things in the air to feel them…

    Oh sorry….its all about holograms….how many grams in a holograms….is more of an appropriate question…..b/c we are definitely one big universe of them..

    oops, thanks ….Jamie…was a little bit melancholy the other night…played cpl of songs that you might use on your friday night show……

    ps….On Halloween night i saw……….

    are things that go bump in the night…holograms???

  57. pogo,

    U wore me out trying to keep up with you.!….all of that and you did not even stop for some carnitas….u sick???

  58. ps,…..Pat,

    They have been trying to kill String-Theory for some time now….but they can’t….cause it make no sense….but it does prove a lot….imagine a world with two or three…wonderful Patds….make that three different dimensions….you might be doing something that you’ve done already in another dimension….who say history doesn’t repeat its self

    In another… and BETHYBOO…the teach are up in space….looking for the next earth to inhabit….get a little weird like i said….but a lot of fun…..I think that Alfred Hitchcock was a Hologram…from a different dimension/time…… don’t think so….then explain to me….how did he know so much about the other sidesssssssss??

    Later…going to the park to get my daily tai-chi tune up in the cold and snow….hey do you think my other selves can go for me……its cold over here…later

  59. “Have me coat, grabbed my hat”….beginning to some song…

    Just remembered the name of that String-Theory tape….”The Elegant Universe”

    __Brian Green

  60. solarcrete,

    Nope, no time for carnitas. Had to settle for soup at Appleby’s. And frankly, it sucked. Mrs. P has now sworn off Appleby’s.

  61. String theory is really kinda neat – not that I understand it, not having much background in physics or mathematics. I love theories though – they are so theoretical!!

  62. All sorts of weird statements made me sure I was listening to a right wing neo-con.

    blue bronc,
    not likely to find rabid rights railing given that this was a shrub appointed judge ruling in favor of a conservative activist plaintiff against the obamanable administration.

  63. The U.S. Senate agreed Tuesday to proceed to final debate on a bipartisan budget agreement, the next-to-last step before sending the two-year spending plan to President Obama for his signature.
    The dozen Republicans voting to proceed were Sens. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Saxby Chambliss (Ga.), Susan Collins (Maine), Roy Blunt (Mo.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Orrin G. Hatch (Utah), John Hoeven (N.D.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), John McCain (Ariz.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Rob Portman (Ohio).

    final vote 67 to 33

  64. Jamie,

    Goodness, Jamie, she looks so, so much like my first, Autumn Kim. Two beautiful girls. Aren’t we blessed?

  65. A friend went to Canada to attend a comedy show and ended up getting delayed at the border because he smart-mouthed the border guard. He was told that for the rest of his life he was going to get detained and questioned by guards because he was going to be check-marked as a trouble-maker. Just say yes sir, yes ma’am, and be cool and quiet crossing ANY international border.

    Ben looks so great atop a beautiful tree! All Hail Franklin!

  66. DexterJohnson,

    DHS has a lot not going for it. Low morale, over worked, under paid and under staffed. When Bush created the DHS there was a guarantee that it would not be a happy union of 23 different agencies. And, with the Congress working hard to make things worse, things are worse.

    side note: I work with CBP everyday trying to protect the U.S., including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Northern Marianna Islands, territories, and districts (D.C.) from nasty things that would harm or destroy American agriculture. CBP is woefully understaffed to perform their mission and needs more funding and people.

  67. Jamie… Congrats! What a little cutie!

    Dex… did your friend mouth off to DHS guards or Canadian guards? Either way…. not a smart move.

    Craig and David…. enjoy the southern climes.

  68. Tonyb,

    Explains why voters are so down on ACA and misunderstand almost every issue regarding the government, Christmas, Obama, you name it.

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