Hillary Hair Alert

The new year begins with an old topic: Hillary Clinton’s hair. Perhaps no other human head in modern times has generated more buzz over these past decades. Sporting yet a new style at the swearing in of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, HRC does it again.

hillary-clinton-bangs__oPtVanity Fair: “News outlets are calling it ‘bangs,’ which is technically correct, though Hil’s got more of a messy, side-swept thing going on, especially in comparison with Michelle Obama’s no nonsense, straight-laced bang.”

New York Magazine’s The Cut: “While some news outlets, like Vanity Fair, reported that they were ‘bangs,’ the Cut can confirm it: Those side-swept, layered, pieces of fluffy heaven resting ever so gently on our potential first lady president’s forehead are definitely bangs, no quotation marks needed.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Clinton’s style is a bit more downtown with a healthy dose of side-swept shag action that feels modern and free.”

Perez Hilton: “The former First Lady (and maybe future President!) looked fresh and glowy. … This latest hairstyle is not as fancy as her last swishy look, but it suits her perfectly! Bangs can be notoriously hard to deal with, but Hillary’s been in politics for decades, and we’re sure she can handle them!”

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  1. I’ve been thinking about bangs myself — they are an old ladies friend

  2. There are a few “political” topics I care about, and a few I don’t care about. This falls into the latter category.

    Well the latest storm of the century came and went, leaving Wet Virginia closed. Here in the lowlands we got about 4 inches of relatively light but fine snow. Easy enough to take care of. I’m sure there was more in the mountains and eastern part of the state and it sounds like New England got a bunch. Hope all our friends up there are OK.

  3. oh ignoble iggy (nee champ), where are you? this calls for exquisite wit and repartee re the big bang or getting same for your buck.

  4. pogo
    right on.
    however am not pushing for ed’s imprisonment just his just desserts as only the justice system can provide. alternatively I would want something like rev. tutu’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

  5. Pogo,

    Agree completely. If Snowden wants to return to the US and put his fate in the hands of the justice system, I’m for it. I would in the end even settle for some sort of plea bargain, that will allow him to be a free man some time before he turns 60.

    Amnesty however is not an option. Nor is credit for time served in Russia.

  6. The Clintons look extremely happy in this photo.

    Either they have made up their minds about a white house run and feel very good about the prospects, or they have decided to Hell with it. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the money and the fame.

  7. blue bronc: Prison for the whistle blower. No. The whole history of punishing those who upset the powers by those who pull back the curtain and show the magician is not even wearing pants did not deter Snowden. Letting him stay where he is is probably not the best answer either. It is like leaving a bright shiny present in front of a three year old, it will be opened and broken. Let him stay in the confines of a neutral country, safe from revenge by the U.S. and safe from the curiosity of countries such as China and Russia.

    … wonderful, well thought through, opinion, BB. Worth a second and third reading. It would actually have made a very good lead post, for those who are open to all takes on the subject. Always good to look at things from a practical point of view, rather than one from hate and vengeance (although sometimes not easy).

    Well done, BB!

  8. Chloe, I propose that Snowden be offered an icepick lobotomy followed by total freedom to do as he would. After all, if that was good enough for 100s of combat veterans, should be good enough for him. Happy New Year!

  9. BTW, as a former NH resident, I love Renee’s take – It’s New Hampshire, its January, it snowed, next.

  10. Pogo. when I retrieved the mail and newspapers this morning, the cold penetrated and blackened my heart. Simply terrible.

  11. pogo

    … also enjoyed Renee’s comment on how easy it is to make a pot of coffee. I’d often thought what a pain it was, waiting for it to get finished in the morning, resenting all the steps it took to get it going, then when she said pour in water, scoop in coffee and push the button, it put things in perspective.

    Thanks, Renee.

  12. While thinking how much I miss you, Tony, I’m also realizing how much I miss some TMs who thought it easier to leave than to stay.

    Reminds me of what Patsi used to jokingly say: (paraphrasing) … If you ain’t with us, you against us. She had (and still has) such a good influence on others.

  13. That’s a fine photo of Hil and Bill.

    The storm went further out to sea than expected. We got only 8 inches. The coast (out where Dale lives) got about 2 ft and roaring winds. Yeah… it’s cold… but we’re too far inland to be affected by the wind.

    Pogo… sorry about Alabama.

    Chloe… :smile:

  14. Thanks Renee – two tough games to take in a row. I hate to lose by 14 when 28 points were a direct result of turnovers.

  15. When I worked for the government I held high level security clearances that included “SCI tickets.” I have no sympathy whatsoever for Mr. Snowden. Had he chosen to, he could have dealt with his issues of conscience in a much less destructive (and therefore much more constructive) way. He chose to steal and dump, notwithstanding his oath. In this case, I deplore the sin — the overreaching of post 9/11 Patriot Act encroachment of civil liberties, but I also deplore the sinner, in this case Mr. Snowden. I say hang em, and then let’s sort out the government mess.

  16. A) Michelle Obama never had bangs. That was a clip in piece for temporary bangs. When she got them, it pulled focus from something else which, surely, needed attention.
    B) If this trend continues, Hillary will either be able to get away with anything by changing her do, or, nothing because we will know sumpthin’s up when she walks out of the salon.
    C) I’m more interested in knowing if Papa Frank is having an impact on the heartless in his flock (Rick Santorum, for instance) or of other denominations, as well.
    *How is the Pope’s outspokenness about treatment of the poor/marginalized going to play out in the election? The more one aligns with his message, the less likely they will be aligned with GoOPer or ‘Bagger stances.

  17. Papa Frank better watch it – All that talk of helping the poor will cause the sanctimonious of his flock to vote against him when he comes up for re-election. Oh, wait, he’s in his last term right?

  18. Secretary Clinton looks lovely.
    Warning – here it comes: why color the hair? You are who you are, and age appropriate is, well, age appropriate. Honestly, I’ve always thought older women who color their hair end up bringing more attention to the fact that they are older. As for plastic surgery… well, that, like coloring hair, is a personal matter. Your choice is your business. But I offer exhibit A: Priscilla Presley was a gorgeous woman. Now…. yikes.
    My once brown locks come in silver now. Upset? Not in the least. They look very nice on a woman my age. Thank you. I am who I am.

  19. chloe,

    I’m with you, BB’s piece was excellent..
    I also feel many who condemn and wish ill on Mr. Snowden would have a completely different take on things if it were a Republican President being exposed for spying to the extent that President Obama has allowed on the American people….
    I think Mr. Snowden did us all a favor and like Solar “I wish we had a Snowden in each and every part of the government”…

  20. chloe,

    Thanks, i’m doing good.. Just been so busy plus i had house guests for a week as well.. I hope you and the family/ little Emma had a good Christmas..
    Solar sent some cold my way, its 50 now but feels colder to me..

  21. from slate

    The plaintiffs describe how Facebook effectively “clicks” on links within Facebook messages, an activity that it doesn’t explicitly disclose to users. The lawsuit claims Facebook crawls the linked page to see if it contains one of Facebook’s “Like” buttons. If so, Facebook registers that private-message link as a “Like” on the relevant site’s Facebook page—a strange example of turning a private communication public. The lawsuit also claims that Facebook “uses a combination of software and human screening to comb through private messages” to mine for user data for broader uses, including selling to third parties.

    This allegation is not entirely new. Facebook seemed to confirm last year that it counts links shared in private messages as likes on public websites.

    The problem, the suit argues, is that Facebook goes out of its way to advertise these messages to users as “private,” encouraging them to share things more freely than they would in a status update. “Instead,” the suit charges, “Facebook mines any and all transmissions across its network, including those it labels ‘private,’ in order to gain any and all morsels of information it can about its users.”

    As Marketing Land’s Greg Sterling points out, Google has faced similar charges over its longstanding practice of scanning Gmail users’ emails in order to show them targeted advertisements.

  22. so which would be more ethical or preferable to you in the above cases: fake likes buying or the data raping?

  23. Terrorism Rises in Iraq: Al Qaeda Fighters Wrestle for Control of Fallujah
    by Taylor Marsh

    From reporting by the Washington Post:

    In Fallujah, where Marines fought the bloodiest battle of the Iraq war in 2004, the militants appeared to have the upper hand, underscoring the extent to which the Iraqi security forces have struggled to sustain the gains made by U.S. troops before they withdrew in December 2011.

    The upheaval also affirmed the soaring capabilities of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the rebranded version of the al-Qaeda in Iraq organization that was formed a decade ago to confront U.S. troops and expanded into Syria last year while escalating its activities in Iraq. Roughly a third of the 4,486 U.S. troops killed in Iraq died in Anbar trying to defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq, nearly 100 of them in the November 2004 battle for control of Fallujah, the site of America’s bloodiest confrontation since the Vietnam War.

  24. btw, aren’t these the same folk who abhor class-action suits?

    The conservative hypocrisy never ends. Now they want to put their fate in the hands of trial lawyers and activist judges. 😉

  25. ‘Atta boy Ralphie, give it to them where it hurts!

    Just remember that absent your name on the ballot, you could have been making nice with Former President Al Gore.

    A little late now, dontcha’ think? 😥

  26. I received a survey from Amex’s contractor earlier this week. They asked if it would be okay if Facebook handled account advisories for me. It went on to say they would not be given my account numbers.

    I went through the several pages of sliding scale answer questions to the spot where I could provide comments was. In it, I basically said if there is any linkage between my account with Amex and FB, I will end my 40-year happy relationship with American Express.

    The types of email advisories I currently get from Amex are such things as, your statement is ready for viewing. You owe us nothing. We owe you $many. etc.

    These advisories are very useful and also very privileged. Even without having them leaked to my amex account number on FB, I sure as hell don’t want FB linking them to my real name and real world email address.

  27. oops. posted that before completely reading jace’s link. picture already there bigger and better.

  28. Pat, you’ve been doing a wonderful job of being the well-honed research librarian cum editorialist.

  29. I think Hilary looks very happy in that picture.
    Is it just me or does her face look very full?

  30. I am sad to say..I know enough about football in general to feel bad (just a little) that the chiefs lost

  31. Blonde Wino,

    you need to slap a copyright on those sparks of genius of yours. data rape and such. comedy and speech writers get paid a fortune for brilliance like that.


    thanks, but shouldn’t get credit for having so much fun wandering up and down the aisles of the internet and stumbling upon precious bits of bye-gone days.

  32. One way to have problems is to irritate the Congress. It looks like the NSA has done so, and by not bothering to lie. When asked if the agency spied on the Congress, it did not agree or disagree. It, the agency, told 535 voting members, hyper-ego, type A personalities that they are just the same as other Americans.

    These people are not the same as thee and me. They include 100 of the most powerful people on earth. They include 435 of the most powerful people on earth. This cohort makes laws and pays the bills (used to at least).

    Members of the Congress do not ask questions unless they have the answers. The phrasing of this question is very interesting.

    “Has the NSA spied, or is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials?”

    First is that reads such that the NSA has been targeting those elected to office, and not just the Senate and House. Second is the how did Sanders know to ask the question. Third is why did Sanders know to ask the broader question than just his fellow elected, but elected officials across our country.

    Will confirmation of this action by the agency become public? Did whoever feed Sanders the information also feed it to the media with a embargo date? Is this the first of the fight to rein in the agency? Congress by it’s nature is very protective of itself. The knowledge that the NSA is looking into it’s affairs may be enough to get the members together and do something about the spy agency.

  33. httpv://youtu.be/JlMHjo7Jwhk

    Sunday Serendipity.

    Something that truly is sublime, from the 2nd Piano Concerto by Shostakovich.Enjoy. Have a great Sunday. 😉

  34. Started reading Wilson by A. Scott Berg.

    It was a Christmas gift from my son.

    So far so good. It is both informative and enjoyable to read. A fine combination. 😉

    Wish I could say the same for the epistles of one St. Paul, but I am off to do battle with him just the same. 😈

  35. KGC…
    I didn’t really care which team won… but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defense collapse as badly as the Chiefs’. All they had to do was do double coverage of the Colts’ Hilton. IMO, their defensive coordinator should be fired and Andy Reid should be give a serious talkin’ to.

  36. Jace, your Shostakovitch was a brilliant choice for those of us who are worn out from shivering 😡

  37. blue bronc: The knowledge that the NSA is looking into it’s affairs may be enough to get the members together and do something about the spy agency.

    This administration knows no boundaries. From where does that kind of power come?

  38. … what struck me most in that last picture is the look on Bill’s face. Is he just tired and (undoubtedly) cold or is he feeling tired and defeated… or neither.

    Say cheese!

  39. I’ve always tried to place myself in the “Justice is Blind” camp when it comes to the physical appearance of people, to include public servants and candidates for elected office.

    This morning, though, I realized I was deluding myself and that a candidate’s appearance is a representation of how that individual wishes to be seen, and will be seen as the people’s elected leader.

    What caused this instant transition, this revelation in my understanding?

    It occurred as I was watching Melissa this morning. Amy Goodman was one of her guests. I simply asked, “will Hillary’s chances of being elected remain the same if she adopts Ms Goodman’s do?”

  40. To others who are opening Pat’s fireplace music
    You must temporarily disable your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors unless you watch your computer through an outside window (you inside, computer outside).

    Thanks very much Pat, my chills are gone!

  41. RR

    I really only care if the 49’ers win…and then only because if they don’t Mr. Cracker is unhappy

    Not so happy here but not bad –Bill looks bad
    Thanks for the pix..it does paint a different picture

  42. Jace,

    Nice Sunday Sublime.!

    Ive been thinking about my Mother a lot lately. She is 97 and losing some of her faculties. Mostly Physical. She is taken care of like a baby by her closest friend, my brother Rick.

    Here is a great song and video for her and for all mothers:


    I think that you would like some of this guys performances.

  43. Pats…….just came in from shoveling Judys car out so she could go to a later mass…

    Thanks for the fire place music… warmed me up it did….

  44. solarcrete,

    Every day from now on…it will be Mothers day for me.!!! Except on the day that commerce tries to force it on me…..

    Same with Christmas…..My wife and I were out walking at the shopping mall…we stopped at some store where she liked a something…….will start saving up for it….give it to her on a …….Wednesday of some wk when there are no holidays….get some wine, candles…maybe dance a little…and scream…..happy nothing day……

    No maybes about it….if she wants a present..so do i…its that ol give and take thing no? hahaaaa i hate it when I laugh at my own stuff…but you knew that already huh? hahhaaaaaa……later.

  45. FAIR,

    About dancing…..Fair……where have you been? Looking for a partner around here to dance with is not easy……I hate dancing with XR….he always wants to lead….and we wind up fighting…….Jace the Ace…..not my type, unless we get some tekillya down tha hatch…..so………

  46. Well, Pat did it. She made me start a fire in the fireplace. It is nice. Mostly oak from the jungle behind our house. The whole neighborhood smells like the holidays are here.

    I still have a few more cold-weather protection tasks to accomplish before the bitter cold (lower teens) hits us tomorrow night.

    Hope it doesn’t get down as far as Craig’s parents place. Not only will it ruin residential plantings, It will be an agricultural disaster. I’ve seen the ice monster reach all the way down to Ft Meyers–terrible.

  47. chloe,

    Obama has already come out as standing with the NSA, and desiring of change. The Congress is the group that will bring change about. They do not like to have closet doors looked behind, or rather through in this case, which might reveal a side they do not wish to expose. Expose to anyone. The Congress is who we need to come together to stall the NSA, not the White House.

  48. Chloe,

    “The knowledge that the NSA is looking into it’s affairs may be enough to get the members together and do something about the spy agency.

    This administration knows no boundaries. From where does that kind of power come?”

    Nothing has changed.! The Cia..which is part of nasa or just an extension of it.. imo, The cia has always spied on its citizens.

    That kind of power comes from the military industrial complex…… BIG $ and big lobbys…..like the AIPAC……they were given a lot of information about americans lives here in the states……they turned around and gave it to isreal……..we need more people with the courage that snowden showed that he has……

    Tony, you are 100% correct….if it was an republican president……….

  49. They do not like to have closet doors looked behind, or rather through in this case, which might reveal a side they do not wish to expose.

    blue bronc,
    and that “side” they (‘specially the house gopers) want to keep the public/voters/campaign contributors in the dark about is that they (at least those members of oversight committees on intelligence, defense, justice, foreign affairs, budget and appropriations) not only knew about the nsa gathering extent, but they authorized and paid for it….. with gusto.
    and then play shocked. shocked! denying knowledge of any and everything.

  50. blue bronc,

    The man at the top is supposed to control these things, BB… or at least try.

    While the senior management team and investors will help design a strategy and approve a business plan, it is the CEO who determines the direction of the company.
    senior management = Congress
    investors = taxpayers
    CEO = executive office
    company = country
    Too much to ask?

  51. So Shrub is now one of the most admired –Iraq is descending into hell and Nicole Wallace just tried to blame the Obamaramas..

    huh? Everyone needs a trip to the irony board

  52. So Liz the Loser Cheney has dropped out citing serious family health problems…

    so many possibilities including she destroyed the health of her relationship with her sister
    who I hope never forgives her for choosing cheap shots over family

  53. KGC…
    or maybe Liz’s parents were dying of embarrassment every time her polling numbers came out…

  54. slate’s take on it

    It’s tempting to think that the “carpetbagger” stuff was determinative, but it was really gay marriage and foreign policy that closed off any possible avenues of insurgent support for Cheney. The main anti-Cheney presence on the Wyoming airwaves was the American Principles Fund, a project of Sarah “daughter of Mike” Huckabee Sanders that reminded voters of how this outsider said one thing about marriage in Wyoming, and another on MSNBC (pronounce that call sign the way the cowboys pronounce “New York City?!” in the old salsa ads).

  55. KGC…
    or maybe Liz’s parents were dying of embarrassment every time her polling numbers came out…rr

    hee hee

    are they saying people in Wyoming support gay marriage. She did say two different things

    but both were against gay marriage

  56. Well the latest storm to end all storms is blowing thru here. Not much snow but temps are dropping like a stone.Starting to feel like NH when they close the lifts. Of course, come Saturday, welcome to the January thaw. As they say everywhere north of Nashville, “Don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute.”

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