Chelsea 2016?

Will Chelsea Clinton run the show if her mom runs for president?

chleseaDeep into a lengthy catalogue of operators and machinations within Hillary Clinton’s virtual campaign Politico tucked in this tidbit: “In interviews for this article, just about every close Hillary Clinton ally, asked to describe who is at the top of her organizational chart, gives the same answer: Chelsea. Exactly what that translates into is shrouded in a bit of mystery. It would be hard to overstate the closeness between Hillary Clinton and her only child, who is known to have more of her mother’s signature caution and private approach, than her father’s more free-wheeling style. The extent to which she’s expanded her portfolio within their family foundation has surprised even longtime Clinton insiders.”

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  1. I would like to be impressed by Chelsea. Certainly she has impressive genes and her role in the body politic is more than just a figure of speech.

    But, from what I have seen of her efforts on NBC, I am not impressed. I see someone who is struggling.

  2. from the last old worn out thread –

    Well the latest storm to end all storms is blowing thru here.Not much snow but temps are dropping like a stone.Starting to feel like NH when they close the lifts. Of course, come Saturday, welcome to the January thaw.As they say everywhere north of Nashville, “Don’t like the weather?Just wait a minute.”

    As for Chelsea, who knows? I haven’t seen anything of her and know only what I’ve seen.

  3. If the campaign wants a bright young person full of enthusiasm and drive, it should look at Craig Melvin, the broadcaster on MSNBC. He came out of Columbia and is very, very impressive. He and Chelsea could (hopefully) work well together.

  4. Forecasting wind chills of -4 from 0100 to 1000 tomorrow. Not nice for South Carolina.

  5. Energetic folks with fresh young faces tend to play well. And at least some of Bill’s old team members don’t fit that mold anymore. Besides at least some of them are otherwise engaged – Terry McAullife, just as a f’rinstance. Not sure what Harold Ford’s political plans are, but I kinda like him – although he is a middle-right moderate.

  6. Flatus,

    chelsea’s certainly better and more impressive than hillary’s former icky campaign consultant mark penn and her former not so loyal campaign director (who switched midstream to obama) patti solis doyle.
    big lesson: best to keep it close to home

  7. SC – where I bet people call 45 freezing (like my old home). Our forecast is a high of 10 tomorrow with a low of -2 ambient tonight. Winds are between 20 & 25 mph. Wind chill will be brutal. Supposed to get up to a balmy 31 Wednesday. Temps have dropped from 45 last night to 12 now. Sounds like a curl up in front of the fire tonight with a mug of hot tea is in order.

  8. On the loyalty issue – yes!
    But can she be mean to her mother and tell her the unadulterated truth. — the most important job of the campaign manager

    Mark Penn — he must have been polling up his ass for the results he got.

  9. When I was driving to the doc this morning, I saw two old crows perched side-by-side on an electric cable high off the ground. They looked confused by the weather and the absence of other crows.

    Actually, they weren’t old crows; they were starlings. But, you get the idea.

  10. Interesting flow from last thread’s comments on Liz Cheney to this thread about Chelsea Clinton.

    I always had the feeling that Mary Cheney was the smarter sibling in that family, and frankly was the favorite. I wish Liz Cheney the best re: family health issues. Her views are her views (whatever the weather), but they are quickly being consigned to history’s trash heap.

    Ms. Clinton is the beneficiary of a world class political education. If she was smart enough to pay attention (which I get the feeling she was) I doubt she would stumble a la Liz Cheney in the political arena. Pulling the strings has much more influence than being the marionette. You can get away with far more behind the curtain than on the stage. And make an impact that lasts much, much longer.

  11. So…. msnbc now has an Exec reviewing script copy. A step towards adulthood, an act of desperation to save a neck or two from the guillotine, or an admission that their ‘talent’ isn’t, well, so talented?
    And there’s this: Wonk Is A Four Letter Word. Management chose to build Primetime around Rachel Maddow after Keith Olbermann left. One major flaw with that formula: Mr. Olbermann has intelligence + entertainment value + media savvy + the ability to connect. Ms. Maddow has intelligence and…. Her rise to her current status came about specifically because of her exposure to the Countdown audience. People came across Rachel Maddow because they saw her with Keith Olbermann, who has the ability to make anything or anyone interesting. He understands communication brilliantly.

    Keeping an audience awake and engaged is important: just like the audience watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann was. If your interest is piqued, you will pay attention and tune in tomorrow.

    Don’t downplay the importance of entertainment value and the ability to connect. Life is a much richer tapestry if it contains many colors. So far the other Maddow-lites chosen to fit her vision of a post-Olbermann msnbc have been simply paler shades of dull.

    If msnbc wants to ‘fire up the base’ come 2014 & 2016, consider this: hard to get excited when your personalities have the drawing power of a molded plastic log and warmth of a 15 watt bulb. No one will listen to the message if they won’t tune into the messenger.

  12. SJWNY

    Interesting you think Mary was the favorite child
    for sure smarter

    Liz was such a junior dick — I guess she was just trying to be #1

  13. Chelsea has been phenomenal in her activities with the Clinton Initiative and has certainly logged in the global miles on its behalf. Following the blog can give you a major idea as to this young woman’s talents

    Blog/Clinton Foudation

  14. “Dad, tell Mom to stop winking at the Picayune Times reporter, oh wait, she is winking at the entire press corp.”
    I have serious concerns about having family run the show. Too much has to be said to the candidate that cannot be said as family.

    Does Chelsea have the cred to run the show? I don’t think so – yet. She helped in 2007/8 with HRC; a few thinking she showed a promise as a candidate herself. Should she run the campaign? No. Whatever happens she will be seen as the 2020 or 2024 candidate.

    Chelsea does not need any more “contacts” in politics. She has the most and best any one person can have. What she does not have is legislative experience. That is something she should try. She has the best tutors available, family, friends and hangers on.

    The only drawback to her life is that she was raised in a political bubble. She was educated in a political bubble. And, she has been totally protected from the world.

    Chelsea can provide a lot support for her mother. She should be part of the campaign, but not the manager.

    Disclaimer: my oldest son, same age as Chelsea, fell in love with her, when they were 11ish. He married not into the Clinton dynasty.

  15. I haven’t been following Chelsea’s career… but BlueBronc seems to know what she’s taking about.

    Hey all you southerners with colder than norm temps… I feel for you. We get cold like this every winter up here in the north… we are prepared for it. Right now my pellet stove is working hard… but I’m toasty. Stay warm, my friends.

  16. blue bronc,

    agree that she “be part of the campaign, but not the manager” since sometimes managers have to be thrown under the bus. wouldn’t do for the good mom image to trash your child. even self-imposed falling on the sword would look bad.
    could be that the Clintons have worked out a troika where they delegate blame to flunkies.

  17. News flash. It’s official – 6 below is cold. Thankfully, there’s no wind so it only feels like 6 below.

  18. It was 11-deg on my porch in Colombia. We were tremendously fortunate in sharing Pogo’s good luck in having a windless morning–what a change from yesterday’s huffing and puffing.

    When I took my weekly sack of trash out to the street shortly after seven, the only obvious casualty was the camellia that Kumcho and I planted some fifteen years ago. It is completely desiccated.

    The absolute first thing I did after emerging from the covers was put a match to the fire that I had already laid yesterday afternoon. It’s at the stage where I must go down the outside stairs to fetch more wood from the woodstacks–or wait for the weekend and kindly kin.

    In any case I’m thrilled that I didn’t need to switch over to emergency power in the middle of the night.

    I hope the rest of y’all are coming through this as well as we seem to be.

  19. pogo, hope you caught the last 4 minutes of that fsu-auburn game. nail-biter. wow.

    flatus, camellia’s can fool you. the roots might still be viable so don’t give up on it just yet.

  20. flatus, as sturge says “a hardy breed”. some of the camellia bushes at maclay gardens in tally have been around since 1923 and have suffered many a cold snap. tallahassee ain’t that much *south of you. philosophically as well as physically.

    *a mere 450 mi give or take a redneck

  21. My rule of thumb has been to leave cold damaged plants in the ground for a year while talking to them at least once a week. This particular Kumasaka was special to us as it represented Kumcho’s sister who was borrowed by the Japanese and not returned. We felt the same way about Camellias Japonica Kumasaka.

  22. pat, I did catch the last of the FSU-Auburn game. Having lost to Auburn on a last play TD, I have a little sympathy for them – but not a lot. My sis works with a bunch of Auburn grads and she said they’ve been insufferable for the last couple of weeks, I’d bet they’re a bit subdued today.

    I’m thrilled. The temp has zoomed up to 10 degrees – 3 above the forecast high. yippee. Maybe the ice inside my windows will melt.

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