The Hunt for Hillary

Will she or won’t she is gradually becoming more a question of when. Waiting to run for president might be Hillary Clinton’s luxury, but postponement in the 2008 race allowed time for Barack Obama to get the jump on her. Waiting, and then not running, will leave Democratic candidates at a disadvantage, having been denied access to donors on the sidelines pending her decision. The longer she waits the more she’ll have to run, or risk a lot of bad feelings in the party.

hrcglassesPerhaps the most tangible sign that she’s running is a move Time magazine reported over the weekend. Clinton’s 2008 campaign has rented its email list to a super PAC — Ready for Hillary — that she had previously kept at a distance.

In a signal that Obama forces are gathering for HRC, the president’s main super PAC for his reelection — Priorities USA — is in discussions about reinventing itself as a Clinton tool, Politico reports. Jim Messina and John Podesta, top former aides to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, are in talks to co-chair the PAC, according to Buzzfeed. They’re keeping quiet for now out of fear that Vice President Joe Biden will be embarrassed and irritated as he makes his own decision whether to run.

If the Messina/Podesta teaming happens, and Biden gets out of the way, Democrats have a shot at uniting early under Hillary, which would allow her to spend the primary season talking to general election voters while Republicans gnaw on their limbs trying to win right wing voters. Still, Democrats usually don’t do coronations without a fight.

126 thoughts on “The Hunt for Hillary”

  1. If I were HRC, I’d call Joe and ask, “Would you like to be the prez as much as I’d like to be on the SCOTUS? “

  2. The Clinton/Bush dynastys lives or not lives??????

    I see that we just can’t get away from the dynasty mentality….this is what got us into the trouble that we are in (globally) today.!!!

    Does Chelsea Clinton have any children that will inherit the thrown??

    How about running her un born child for potus………….

    Same goes for the Bushes…and the Kerry s…..aren’t they all related in some way or other….wasn’t Gore and Bush….or it was Kerry and Bush cousins.

    If you don’t change the team players… can the American people get a clean game……

    A third party is a must if your are serious about cleaning up Washington…if not….it all rah, rah, bs…..

    See the RATCHET affect that this has caused over the last 40 years……….the Republicans….push things to the limit (or what we think is the limit of those times)…..then we get the democratic savior ….that just holds the ratchet in place….holds the line…by not doing anything to remedy what the republicans harmful effects to us have done…..making them just an extension of the (ratchet) republicans………

  3. Solar, I wouldn’t doubt that term limits are a major factor in dynastic fervor.

  4. I’d rather have a non-successful war on poverty than a non-successful war on drugs or a non-successful war on Iraq…….

  5. sturgeone:
    I’d rather have a non-successful war on poverty than a non-successful war on drugs or a non-successful war on Iraq…….

    me too

    I’m sure how I feel about the Hillary run.
    I might have to leave the country during the campaign — I mean how many times would we have to listen to Benghazi crap….
    Certainly she would be better than any gooper on the planet but the American people can be very ignorant and as a result make stupid decisions (I include myself in that group.)

  6. Kind of catching up here. Had to put Cheryl on a plane yesterday, it was a hurry up thing. Her mom was hospitalized and was not doing well. We booked a ticket at 5 AM and had her on the plane by 11:30 AM. She got there with no problem other than she is freezing.

    Hope every one is either surviving or has survived the cold. Have done the 30 below in WY over the years and it is no fun. Thank god for fire places and pellet stoves and the like. Talked to my mom yesterday and she had her old
    Franklin stove prepared just in case.

    Flatus , that is damn cold for SC, keep that fire going. Glad the music helped. 😉

    Solar, hope you are hunkered down up there be careful. BTW, I am a very good dancer after a couple of belts. 😉 I liked the music you linked.

  7. Oh Dear! Liz Cheney’s senate campaign just never got off the ground. What a shame.

    She had cash and connections. I can’t imagine what it was that she lacked? Perhaps it was competence and charisma. Or maybe it was just her father’s good looks.

    Oh Liz, gone so soon, we hardly got to know you.
    But then again, maybe we knew quite enough.

  8. Jace,

    Hope that Cheryls mom gets better soon.!

    “I’d rather have a non-successful war on poverty”

    Me too…but what does a losing war on poverty do..other than that the numbers just changes a little form on administration to another?

    “than a non-successful war on drugs”

    Once again…they both had their times at bat (been a long 40 year game no?)…they both did absolutely nothing about it..

    Once again…trying to be less evil then the other guy in no less evil…when out side does the same things….and sometimes worse….Obama has extended the war into other country’s…..just for his Military Contractor friends…..

    “or a non-successful war on Iraq…….”

    Obama, a Democrat followed the example shown to him by Bush 43. Has kept us in Iraq, in the Pak areas…and has bested bush by going to other country’s…..looking for
    “terrorist”…..all the while….not telling us…most don’t know that the terrorists numbers a way down….

    Why? for maintaining the cash flow to the Upper 1-5 % of the rich….

    A democrat:

    Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) is a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee…. which awards contracts and federal funds. Further… he serves as a Defense Subcommittee member. Consequently, if you’re a defense contractor you probably want Moran on your side. Perhaps that’s why he’s the top recipient of defense contributions for 2013-2014, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Moreover, his single biggest contributor, across all sectors, is none other than defense heavyweight Lockheed Martin

    There is more…but….

    Sorry if I offend some people…but that is what and Independent does….he looks at it from the….wellll….the middle…and if both sides are wrong…one about 55% and the other
    about 45%, thats not that far apart _____
    or even.

    What people are really mad about this whole Snowden thing….is that we won’t be…able to do business….big corp business that is all over the world…like we used to…..they don’t trust us anymore…and mr Obama spying, getting caught from a few countries….then lying about it…denying it a few times….while it being obvious….

    He got caught….not an republican…..

    between him and bush….an Independent…can’t tell who did the most harm……same ol, same ol…..later

  9. One more,

    If had money to invest…i would invest in the defense contractor that give the most to politicians…on both sides of the aisle….

    Lockheed was the top defense “giver.” In 2001…. it was also awarded the insanely expensive F-35 contract.

    In the 2010 election cycle, Boeing was the top defense giver. In 2011 it was awarded the KC-46 tanker contract. Coincidence?

  10. Sturg,

    Thanks for the replies to my posts….hope that mine did not offend……

  11. They’re keeping quiet for now out of fear that Vice President Joe Biden will be embarrassed and irritated….

    boss, looks like bob gates with his duty: memoirs of a secretary at war is carrying the water for them by criticizing biden. from the looks of this abc report the media is also doing that job.
    won’t be long until the conspiracy theorists about clintonian machinations say hil put her old friend and colleague bob up to it.

  12. Jace… my fingers are crossed for Cheryl’s mom… hope all will be alright.

    Solarman… I’d argue with ya… but I can’t find a point I disagree with much.

    Right now I can’t stomach politics. I tried to put on Lawrence O’Donnel’s show last night. He opens up with the Senate getting 60 votes to agree to continue to talk about a bill to help the long-termed unemployed. That’s it… an agreement to talk.
    Screw the lot of ’em! I turned the channel on to Animal Planet.

  13. RR,

    Thanks for those crossed fingers.

    I’m with you. 60 votes just so they can keep talking about whether or not they can help people who are long term unemployed, for an additional ninety days.

    WTF? Who are these people and what world do they live in? Certainly not the same world that the rest of us encounter every day. Shameful!

  14. best comment from that gates book was about congress who he said in private could be reasonable

    “But when they went into an open hearing, and the little red light went on atop a television camera, it had the effect of a full moon on a werewolf.”

  15. patd,

    Even those who are pure in heart
    And say their prayers at night
    Shall become a wolf
    When the wolfbane blooms
    And the moon is full and bright.

  16. sjwny,

    For some reason, I found what you wrote there really beautiful, sj.

    … so much so, that I looked it up to see where it came from. Found a few other doozie’s there too. Thanks.

  17. RebelliousRenee,

    I have to be careful that when Animal Planet is on that my cat does not watch Big Cats. I don’t want her to get any ideas.

    Right now a lot of British murder mystery programs are streaming through Netflix to my television. Of course I also watch a West Wing episode or two at midnight.

    As much as I love politics and being involved in it, I am doing a little hands off for a little time. There will be a couple of campaigns I want to help with, but there is time before showing up at headquarters for those.

  18. The weather is moderating in Colombia. The low was 15 this morning, it is 42 now, and we are promised the 70s by the end of the week.

    As I ran low on wood inside the house yesterday, I switched to old documents. Goodness they produce a lot of hot air! And then I switched to boxes of obsolete checkbooks. They burned really well. I knew they would have choked the shredder, so that is no longer a concern.

    Sorry to hear that Cheryl’s mom is not doing well. I know that Jace will do everything he can to make time available for mother and daughter. I hope their school understands how important these times are.

    A very pleasant diversion from the world’s worries.
    Domenico Cimarosa: Concerti, Sestetti e Quartetti – L’Arte dell’Arco


  19. blue bronc,

    I will be happy when Amazon Prime starts showing season four of Downton. They do the unedited UK version which I find far preferable to the US product.

  20. This one is especially for Jace, something that he can sing Sunday morning:

    Visegrad Baroque Orchestra / Concentus Moraviae 2007


  21. Interesting comparing FoxNews and MSNBC in the 7 o’clock hour tonight. On Fox Greta spent her first half hour with various righties discussing the Bob Gates excerpts and how damning they are for VP Biden and Secretary Clinton, while Chris Matthews spent an equal length of time reporting on the Chris Christie GW Bridge scandal. In their last 15 minutes the shows flip-flopped. Chris soft-pedaled the Gates revelations, while Greta and her panel discussed the Chris Christie story.

  22. Craig,

    Yup, presidents like to appoint young’uns to the SCOTUS.

    But Joe’s won’t be appointing anyone unless he makes a deal with HRC, removing her from the POTUS race.

    It’s a deal I’d make if I were she – which I am not.

  23. re the christ christie kerfuffle : doesn’t mean a thing because he can’t win in IA or SC.

    He can only win in NH if HRC is all alone in the Dem race for nomination. That might free up enough party switchers to win the NH Primary . . . maybe.

    Anywhat, if christ christie doesn’t show up in the first 3 contests, he might as well forget it.

    But, maybe he can run with Solar on the Bare Knuckles Party ticket.

  24. The Bare Knuckles Party could push the rip up licans into 3d place in Nov – just as long as Solar doesn’t say, “Who am I, and what am I doing here ?” in the VP Debate.

  25. xr, future factions for the fractioned:
    knuckle drag party = radical right wingers
    clenched fist party = conventional conservatives
    bare knuckles party = no holds barred blunt tellers

  26. EdVB,

    did any of the pundits you mentioned mention, theorize or question whether bob may be helping (wittingly or unwittingly) hillary?

  27. flatus, another as you say “very pleasant diversion from the world’s worries.”

  28. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the support and positive vibes.
    Flatus, loved the music thanks so much.

    We are all holding our own and still in hopes of a good out come.


  29. Jace…I hold in my heart, a special place for all of the Mommies of the world. I hope you and Cheryl remain strong for her Mother, for each other.

  30. Chris Christie doesn’t believe in man-made climate change…just man-made traffic jams. Killed a human by doing so, but his political bus has hit a stop sign.

    Did the NSA find the smoking gun emails from the guv’s office or was it Hillary’s political intel?

  31. jace,
    your “hopes of a good out come” have been partially met with cheryl successfully getting there so quickly during a time of bad weather and massive cancellations. hope for all that this was indeed a good omen.

  32. I didn’t know Gates could write! He makes a better disgruntled employee than a whistle blower. Yoda, my ass!

  33. McCarran Field is the Hartsfield equivalent in the Far West so far as getting to strange places is concerned.

  34. Blonde Wino,
    Did the NSA find the smoking gun emails from the guv’s office or was it Hillary’s political intel?

    … that’s the good thing about elections. We learn so much we would have never known, mixed in there with all the lies.

    Let the sorting (and discrimination) begin!

  35. I wonder if Christie is working on his lawyer-ed response or has help from his attorney.

    I hope the feds come after Christie…Holder likes to over charge and in this case it would apply. The guv who ate NJ is having a hard time digesting the Ft. Lee-GW Bridge.

  36. an encore for il divo.

    jamie, not bad ear and eye candy even if they’re not hugh jackman

  37. fyi from wiki

    Il Divo is an English multinational operatic pop vocal group….. of four male singers: French pop singer Sébastien Izambard, Spanish baritone Carlos Marín, American tenor David Miller, and Swiss tenor Urs Bühler. To date, they have sold more than 26 million albums worldwide.

  38. Talking Points Memo ✔ @TPM

    Glenn Beck dubs Christie’s bridge scandal “Fat & Furious”:

    the only time I have ever liked anything Glenn Beck said

    On the Hilliary front –If Chelsea can control Bill then she can be campaign manager

  39. Watch for Christie to throw staff under the bridge with the rest of his political trolls. The tea party is already celebrating…and Christie might have to pull a Palin and quit halfway through his term.

  40. Christie is as can’t bad as GWB pulling a baboon red alert before the 2004 election.

  41. How could Chris be so duped? Poor judgement leads to the road to hell, not the White House.

    I wonder if criminal charges be filed….thereby opening-up a flurry of civil suits.

    Christie…drops news of his morning workout before his constant duping by his staff.

  42. “But, maybe he can run with Solar on the Bare Knuckles Party ticket.”

    “The Bare Knuckles Party could push the rip up licans into 3d place in Nov — just as long as Solar doesn’t say, “Who am I, and what am I doing here ?” in the VP Debate.”

    Hey, im sensitive over here.!

    I wish that I was that little skinny, big eared, fast talking, chart loving vp….i would have made him stay in the race…..and we would have won. He was not a serious person …….the little mouse that roared…

    ” Solar on the bare knuckles ticket”

    After breaking up a lot of concrete. Laying tons of concrete in 15 (out side) degree weather, or up to 110 degrees and having only one shot at making it come out right….I guess that made me a bare knuckles kind of guy……I take my vote for potus, or dog catcher very personal……as if i was responsible for the finished product that i give the customer…

    You would be surprised at how most…95% of all contractors are kinda blunt…when they talk about politics…We take a look at the facts…..

    I coulda, I shoulda, U lead and i will follow …..doesn’t cut it or us…..

    Glad that you are back….and hope that things are a little less worrisome…bare knuckles……

    or knucklehead huh…..hahaaa haaaaa

    sometimes I think that you really do care..haahaa.

  43. Solar,
    I’m not back for long, tough guy. I’m fleeing the country.

    -56F was a kinda chilly 50 years ago. But, to an old man it’s agony. I hurt my hands driving around last week. Fortunately, they didn’t turn black. They only turned dead white.

  44. Listening to Christie, what I like is that he doesn’t equivocate about anything, even the accuracy of telephone conversations held in past months.

  45. OK, finally the January thaw has arrived. Only dropped into the 20s last night and it’s now 44. I didn’t even bother to zip my jacket this morning.

    Poor old Christie – who was it yesterday – NYT? – who said either he’s lying or not fit to hold office? Sounds right to me.

  46. BTW, as Jon Stewart pointed out last night – it’s New Jersey. It’s how they do things.

  47. pogo: Poor old Christie — who was it yesterday — NYT? — who said either he’s lying or not fit to hold office? Sounds right to me.


    I’m going with both. Listening to him babble on about how he has no knowledge of the activities of his senior staff is an insult to the rest of us.

    And really after his past behavior — bullying etc does any one really believe he wouldn’t do this

  48. Solar,

    You’d have made a better president than these last two, maybe better than the last eleven.

  49. xrepublican,

    Not so tough. Im actually on the easy side…my ying and yang are pretty well balanced.

    But I can go either way in an instant…and right back just as fast…

    -56F…..over here it was only -42. Some Scientist are calling it a prelude to another mini ice age….

    Even had one of my nephews, that has denied global warming for as long as he has been listening to Glen B, and Rush L. acknowledge it.

    I went out shopping for a little while yesterday…today i will walk to the park and double time it back for my daily tune up…..have my construction clothes that keep me warm…..but makes me feel like that kid Alfie on the Christmas story…

    Now there was a tough guy for ya…Alfies father….he talked just like a priest when he was fixing his furnace…..##$$%## #$###%%%% …later

  50. And is this the blonde that he was alleged to be having sex with on “away games” as alluded to by Romney’s vetting people in Game Change 2?

  51. In my youth I scored an outdoor hockey game between Cretin High School (no kidding ! It was named for an early archbishop) and St Paul Academy. Cretin had a couple of guys who later made the Olympic team. The temp was -30F and the wind was 35mph. I calculated once that the windchill was -103F. The way they calculate today it’s only -98F. Cretin won, dammit.

    We were all tough s.o.b.s back in those days.

  52. Expand

    Michael Shure @michaelshure

    Port Ly, New Jersey

    so many great tweets

  53. Heads Up! Ferrari Dealership for sale. Call Tim Lamb 740.321.1225. Pogo, now’s your chance!

  54. ” I am not a crook”

    “When I liberated the death camps….”

    ” There was no secret deal to delay freeing the embassy staff. ”

    ” I never had sex with that woman.”

    “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.”

    ” … but I’m not a bully.”

  55. Back to HRC, the downside of her campaign will be 12 months of Ben Gozzie bullshit, as republicans attempt to gain traction.

  56. XR, just because you’re leaving the country doesn’t mean you have to leave TM, does it?

    I take it you’re going somewhere warm. Hope you let us know when and where. Best wishes!

  57. … we cover the globe!!

    (… oh, and Solar. If you are dressed like Ralphie, up above… it’s good to see your inner ying coming through! :) )

  58. chloe,

    Very funny.! Didn’t you see when I told….whats his name…that I was sensitive?

    No, not in the bunny suit…..altho i do have one…..werrrrrrre you peeeeeekingggg?

    When the mother dressed him to school……had so much clothing on him….that he could hardly move.

    Did not take a walk……had to put air in my rear tire….no not my rear tire….my cars rear tire….i hooked up a compressor…but it would not take the air…..had to go and get the stem changed….

    Oh and those funny faces you make doesn’t change things…..

  59. The Fearless Xrepublican Forcast

    Using the Xrepublican time machine to chart our future we can confidently report :

    “As predicted, Mrs Clinton has led the Democratic Party to an historical landslide victory today.” – Judy Woodruff, PBS

    “Hillary Clinton garnered 65% of the vote, while rand paul of the tee party took 18%, and the republican candidate, mike huckabee took only 13%.” – Don Gonyea, NPR

    “The republican Party will win only one vote in the Electoral College. His supporters in Nebraska, which has a proportional system, gave him enough votes to ensure that the republican candidate won’t be skunked.” – Xrepublican, popular poster and unpaid analyst on Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix

    “Ben Gozzie ! ” – joe scarborough, NBC’s Mourning joe

    “Wall Shtreet will crash ! It’ll be worshe than the dark agezh ! hic ” – laurence kudlow, host of Wall Street Wreck.

    “Vince Foster ! ” – glen beck, host of The Blackboard Juggle

  60. solarcrete: i hooked up a compressor…but it would not take the air…..had to go and get the stem changed….

    Monday evening the fella up the street from us drove his wife’s car over asking for more air. I turned on the compressor and he nozzled and nozzled until he had used enough air to fill two semi tires.

    Told him to get the large garage jack out of the corner and jack that corner of the car up so that the tire bead could reseat itself. Presto, tire was full of air in twenty seconds.

    Says he owes me a carwash. Yeah. He says that every time. 😉

  61. Karachi Police Superintendent Chaudhry Aslam’s assassination today hurts all the way back here in the US. It is an evil day for the people of Pakistan and rest of the world.

  62. Chloe,

    Thanks. I presume that my participation here will be severely curtailed. Sigh. However, my intention is to return when it is safe again, to resume my role as a pest. If I don’t get typhoid fever and the plane doesn’t crash, to quote anode, “Ah’ll be bag”.

  63. xrepublican:
    I haven’t seen Mr 2.5 either. And, where is Mr Ignex ?

    I hope Nash is on vacation someplace warm
    isn’t it winter break?

  64. From the Barbed Wire sidebar :

    WhiteHousePressCorps @whpresscorps

    RT @michaelcoleman: Nuclear launch officers tied to narcotics probe ——— Oh, boy.

    What did Gates know, and when did he know it ? HAHAHAHA

  65. Chuckled & cringed as Chris Christie said he was both responsible & the victim in all of this. How many times did he say he’d been betrayed???
    Clinton/Castro. It’s hers if she wants it.

  66. I think that Chris Christie just had a ‘horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day’. 😉

    Now the story of the cover up can begin.

    ‘I think that the people of New jersey are entitled to know that their president er I mean governor is not a crook er I mean bully. Well I am not a bully!’

    Enjoy the limelight Chris, you have sought it long enough. Soak it up baby.

  67. sanctum sanctorum will beat christ christie over the head with the dead body of Florence Genova until the governor fleas the race. Not that christie had a chance in hell. Anyway, in abusing christie, Mr. sanctimonious will compare himself to St George v The Liberal Dragon :

    “Of course, I’m a viable candidate. Do you think a weakling could have saved you from a Dragon ?”

  68. Fox hosts agree: Media is using Christie scandal to distract from Gates book’s criticism of Obama, Clinton. Media Matters

    Fox so hates that liberals now have their own Benghazi..

  69. httpv://

    above will have to do ’cause i can’t find the cowboy movie clip where black hatted villan shooting at the shopkeeper’s feet snarls: “I love to see a fat man dance”

  70. Trudie Julieannie was on F–ked up news
    talking about how wonderful Christie is
    so instead of all day anti-Obama care bullsh-t faux is using the “fatboy wrong” to attack Dems.
    Trudie thinks fat and furious should have had his wife call in the middle of the entirely too long press conference

    And the morning idiots on Faux were comparing Benghazi and IRS coverage to the media coverage of Christie. They tried to make it look like there was no media coverage of Issa’s fake hearings.
    They forget the problem is — there is no there there for either issue but there is a big fat there for the Christie issue. I mean if he was sleeping with the aid he fired…how could he not know

    Stupid Steve Doucey is the most ridiculous news figure in television today. The former weather man turned rightwing loon would say anything Roger Ailes writes for him

  71. Based on his size, there are obviously two men living inside of Christie and neither are innocent of any actions of that extension of his being, called staff. The guy was a lobbyist for the most predatory of con men, Madoff.

    If he cannot detect the smell of something rotten in the state of NJ, he doesn’t deserve political posture. Christie cannot have his cake and eat it, too. Though I am sure he has been cheating on his diet.

  72. To the humans of West Virginia…do not drink the water! For at least four hours, the chemical spill went undetected. And now the government has to clean-up what the private sector has messed. Yep, more of that privatization myth as if private business is better than government. The truth is that both are in cahoots together to protect each other from another FUBAR, SNAFU.

  73. KGC, Fox and Fiends is one of my fav comedy shows. The male tv faces are precious. They are aging quickly, however, boyish botox-generated looks are fading.

  74. Tonyb,

    Hi, Tony. My spirits are lifted, just seeing you here this morning (well, technically, here from last night) . Hope you have a great day and rejuvenating weekend. (If anyone ever deserved the best, it’s you)

  75. pogo alert!
    from cnn

    Nearly 200,000 people in West Virginia awoke Friday to stark warnings about their tap water: Don’t drink it. Don’t cook with it. Don’t even brush your teeth or take a shower in it.

    The reason: a chemical spill in the Elk River in the central and southwestern parts of the state.

  76. from above cite

    The chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, is not toxic but is harmful if swallowed, according to Thomas Aluise, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

  77. Blonde Wino: Yep, more of that privatization myth as if private biusiness is better than government. The truth is that both are in cahoots together to protect each other from another FUBAR, SNAFU.

    Blonde, I couldn’t agree more. Except the way I see it, it’s still the fault of the government loop holes (and fraud). After all, their main job (like law enforcement) is oversight and enforcement.

    The dirty ones are no better than a dirty cop. They’re reaping from both sides. The private sector is doing what is, unfortunately, human nature, taking advantage of those loop holes. Or outright breaking the law, which is punishable and enforceable.

  78. BW

    The right is torn between trashing Christie ( or blaming his bromance with Obama for his problems with Republicans) and being able to use the event to trash Obama for “not apologizing — which of course he did. Obama’s staff may be incompetent but they aren’t typical Gooper dirty tricksters

  79. Hundreds of geese heading northeast. Poor critters may not know the difference between methanol and ethanol. :sad:

  80. Faux News claims Christie has handled this bridge problem with the grace of a tiny dancer and it is over and we can move on in spite of the traffic jam of inquiries.

  81. The NSA could determine the factual answer of who said what to whom. But it will not no matter what the perceived external pressures may be because that is a violation of their charter. Snowden be damned.

  82. Ice Balls forming along Lake Michigan near Glen Arbor

  83. Patd, thanks for the clip…republican’t men and their teats! Yes, they are a bunch of boobs.

  84. The chemical spew in W.VA is coal related. Suffer the wild life of W. VA. Suckle the tainted water. What a shame…no matter, it is one of those clean coal states.

  85. Chloe… wow… great picture of Niagara Falls!

    The politicians are just as human as the private sector. Both are taking advantage for their own gains, IMO. But it does give you that fox watching over the henhouse feeling.

    Sturg… my guess would be “harmful” can make you sick, while “toxic” could kill you…

  86. BlondeW…
    the January thaw for the northeast starts tomorrow.
    Even Nash’s neck of the woods in the wild wooly parts of upper Maine are supposed to get pouring rain.

    It will feel good to thaw out a bit. Although my ski bum hubby doesn’t think so….

  87. I hope the Pogo family is doing ok
    no water anywhere what a pain

  88. sturgeone,

    exactly my same question and that’s why it’s in bold. one of those angels on a pin or a little bit pregnant things…. just how harmful but not toxic to the elderly, to an infant, to the infirm? slow and low doses of arsenic are harmful but not immediately lethal. matter of degree. matter of amount. matter of time.

  89. from nyt

    The chemical, which smells like licorice, is not toxic, but can cause headaches, eye and skin irritation, and difficulty breathing from prolonged exposures at high concentrations, according to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

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