Jeb Bush in 2016?

Now that Chris Christie is going down like the Hindenburg Zeppelin (“Oh, the humanity!”) Jeb Bush is now the (establishment) GOP’s anointed savior.

Nash 2.5
Nash 2.5
Don’t fall for the clever public relations stunt where his mother said she didn’t want him to run, giving him the chance to get on TV saying he hadn’t made up his mind.

Yeah, sure.

Remember, Jeb, the smart one, was SUPPOSED to be president, not George W., who was always the dumb ass – screw-up – black sheep of the family.

jeb-bush-2016So, I ask you….

*Can Jeb appease the Tea Party wing and get nominated, without alienating swing voters?

* If it’s Jeb vs Hillary…who wins?

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  1. Rasmussen: 77% Think Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next President
    According to the report from Rasmussen, the number of people who believe there is some degree of likelihood that we will have a female president in the next decade has risen 17 percentage points from December 2006 when Clinton was considered the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Today, however, there are no candidates that can use political celebrity within the Democratic Party to challenge her and many Democrats are already getting behind her nomination.

    The results of the Rasmussen poll also revealed that only 18 percent of survey takers believe it is unlikely that we will have a female president in the immediate future.

  2. speaking of the dynamic duo back in september, according to huffpo

    Bush, the former Florida governor who chairs the National Constitution Center, honored the former secretary of state on Tuesday with the organization’s Liberty Medal, marking Clinton’s “lifelong career in public service.”

    “Hillary and I come from different political parties and we disagree about lots of things. But we do agree on the wisdom of the American people – especially those in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina,” Bush joked, referring to the three states that have traditionally played pivotal roles in presidential campaigns.

  3. Hillary will be a formidable candidate against any Republican. Jeb would have the advantage of coming across as a ‘moderate’ Rep, though that only shows how far to the right the GOP has drifted. One interesting side note of a Jeb-Hillary race is that the dynasty fatigue factor would be pretty much neutralized. (Though the Bushes would be ahead by a single term.)

    Meanwhile, in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe is up to his old tricks: appointing a Republican whom he essentially paid for an endorsement to well-paid slot on the Alcohol Beverage Commission.

    Tigers never become leopards.

  4. I think the goops will pass on Jeb and wait for George P

    Jeb is a loser he made money on junk from Lehman bros –In comparison Mittens will looks like a man of the people

    I do not think he could beat Hillary Rodham

  5. BlondeW & BlueBronc…

    Congrats to your Broncos. I wish them much luck in the Super Bowl.

  6. Now, with my trusty friend Rama, I shall slink back into the jungle.

    Barack ! Barack ! Coucoucoucou !


  7. I’ve been reading everyone’s links…good stuff.

    Joe Bruns: I like your phrase “the dynastic factor.”

  8. The thought of another Bush within spitting distance of the White House, is enough to make me don my ‘Obama 2016′ cap. 😈

  9. HRC brings a lot of baggage with her. Some of it is hers and some is Bill’s.

    The Clinton name is non starter for many.

    That said the Bush name is a bleak reminder of our ‘long national nightmare’ that was the George W. Bush presidency. Two wars not yet completed, and a world economic collapse.

    There is nothing in his record that would seem to indicate that Jeb, the smart one, would be any better than his brother. Neither one has done anything or said anything that would lead me to believe that they are both not political and intellectual lightweights trading on a famous name.

  10. xrepublican,

    does the name katherine harris ring a bell? your “wtf” may be an understatement.

    power is a mighty aphrodisiac. regardez monsieur hollande.

  11. RebelliousRenee,
    Gracias. El jugador Peyton Manning hizo un trabajo maravilloso.

    El heredero de los glorias en Denver de Elway, actual Presidente de Operaciones de Fútbol Americano de los Broncos, es Peyton Manning quien derrotó por segunda vez consecutiva en el Juego por el Cameponato de la AFC a los Patriots y a su némesis, Tom Brady.


    That is why this is so special for all of us Colorado ex-pats around the world. We live and die Orange. Last year we died, this year is doing very well.

  12. Thank you, RR…I heard Omaha so many times yesterday. Congratulations, P. Manning and that rich republican’t, John E.

    I wish Jeb would stay out of the race as he brings that ‘old people smell’ to the race. HRC is re-inventing this year and a Bush/Clinton match-up has the smell of moth balls.

  13. Happy Holiday and because of the holiday, hubby and I will not receive our furnace circuit board until tomorrow. Our gas furnace went out last Tuesday and by Friday, it was a confirmed bad board. We had been trying to heat the house with those little heaters and it was like using hair dryers for heating! On Friday, the HVAC service brought me some heaters. I like the Presto Heat Dish. They gave us two loaners and I have adopted one as has hubby. I had a Presto popcorn maker in college…this heater is a redesigned popcorn maker!

    My friend Dan wants the old circuit board as he will repair in his spare time and give it to us a back-up. The furnace is twenty years old! And typically in my area, furnaces last a long time as they are not used as much here in southern New Mexico. But, climate shift has caused some incredibly cold air to drop-in to the area. Climate shift is so expensive and will continue to be expensive for most.

  14. BB, I made lentil soup yesterday and in honor of the Broncos…I put in twice the amount of carrots. Orange, orange, orange.

  15. from floridatimesunion, jeb’s latest on immigration

    Bush said a population pyramid with more young people at its base is important because the youth support the elderly.

    He explained that in China the pyramid is becoming inverted because they are trying to control population and as a result the elderly are going to outnumber the young.

    He said immigrants in the United States are usually young and if they were allowed to stay legally they would fill the bottom of our pyramid.

    He also said an immigrant who graduates from an American college should be allowed to stay here.

  16. Katherine Graham Cracker,
    in addition to that loss, here’s another (from wiki) that might come back to bite him on the butt:

    The high speed rail project nearly came to fruition until Bush became governor in 1999 and ended the project his second day in office.[5] State legislators reacted by adding the project on the 2000 ballot as a constitutional amendment which was ultimately passed by voters. The amendment directed Bush and legislature to start building the railroad system by 2003. Bush vetoed funding for both the project and the board, and led a high-profile campaign to repeal the constitutional requirement that mandated the construction of the high speed system.[35][5] Voters repealed the constitutional amendment, the result of confusion over the ballot. Many who voted believed they were supporting the train, though in fact a “yes” vote was to approve the repeal.[5]

    It was later discovered that Bush’s anti-train stance was due in part to the Bushes being an oil family and their close ties to Southwest Airlines chairman Herb Kelleher, who came to Florida publicly claiming he helped kill high speed rail projects in Texas and would do the same in Florida

  17. Blue Bronc,

    When I was growing the Denver Broncos were the only professional sports franchise any where close to where we lived. They were a regional franchise with regional popularity. Still are for the most part.

    I have followed them ever since the days of their really ugly uniforms and Cookie Gilchrist.

    Yesterday was a good day in Bronco land. 😉

  18. Patd,

    Thanks for the music yesterday, Beethoven and Chopin no less.

    Both selections had a certain ring to them. 😉

  19. Cheryl arrives home tonight. Her mom is better if not fully recovered. Cheryl’s older brother will stay on as long as needs be to keep an eye on her mom.

    Never would have thought it would turn out this well. 😉
    Color me relieved.

  20. Thanks Jamie and David….glad to see David giving the nod to American Hustle. In all honesty, I haven’t seen any new movie releases in years and have to base my like or dislike of a movie on the trailer ads, music, etc. I like the look of American Hustle by its ad…just captures that swagger of the time.

  21. Departure temporarily deIayed due to gun bearers strike for better working conditions. You don’t say no to gun bearers. We’ll settle just as soon as we hear them cocking the tools of their trade.

    Unions should strike for the right to keep and bear arms. HAHAHAHAHA

    I’m happy for your good news, Jace.

  22. While I’m on the topic of rightwing solutions for leftwing upsets, I have a plan for dealing with the alleged threat posed by GMOs.

    As someone or other has found that monsanto’s gmo corn kills butterflies, and someone (possibly the same johnny) has found that a 30 day diet of monsanto gmo corn will kill a rat, why not sell monsanto corn as rat poison ?

    Try New RATX

    Made with genuine monsanto gmo corn


  23. XR,


    I am certain that among the unwritten rules in life is one that says, never argue with your gun bearers.

    I am looking it up now. 😉

  24. Jace, I’m more than pleased that Cheryl’s mom is doing better; would a son or daughter’s love always cause such a favorable medical outcome :)

  25. Flatus,

    Thanks so much.

    Cheryl and her mom are amazingly close.

    I am thoroughly convinced, that absent Cheryl’s presence this outcome might well have been far different.

  26. Nash, I simply think Jeb’s 2016 calling is in obeying his Mom’s wishes. Besides that, I don’t sense any fire in his belly. Finally, his wife, while he was in office, was caught smuggling stuff from ?France.

    I just don’t think it’s in the cards.

  27. American Hustle was a terrific movie. Sweetie marked it down a few points for the costumes Amy Adams wore.

    The good guys were bad guys and the good guys were bad. There were congames within congames within congames. It was very funny.

  28. Okay. The disagreement seems to have passed. The employers and employees are both all smiles.

    I’ll write again when we return to town for junk food and clean water.

  29. Jeb, brother of Neil the bank raider, brother of missing (still missing) world dominator wannabe, brother of Marvin banker and security expert, and brother of Dorothy chair of mom’s charity, has a problem of being born into a powerful family that plays on the edge.

    Jeb, former governor, Bush. Jeb, mumsy won’t let me be like Georgie and run the world, Bush. Jeb, let the Republicans beg me to run as the savior of the Republican Party and the World. Is very coy, eh?

    The pictures of Jeb and his brother the torturer, will play well on the general media. Every time the Republicans try to say he is not the same as his brother, the Dems can ask “Which one?” Pictures of destroyed American soldiers, sailors, Marines and Airmen will be in juxtaposition with Jeb’s ebullient smile with the question “do we want this to happen again?”

    I prefer not to think of a possible Bush v Clinton race in 2016. First off HRC has not done the first step needed, a leak. A real leak that provides traction and real hope that she is running. All the guessing is not as good as a real leak. Until she is in the game, she is not in the game.

    The same can be said of Jeb. The talk is not at the level of quality leak status, just hope by the Republicans and Murdock, for someone not tainted by crime, war and 1 percenter. Of course all of those are family traits, especially the one percenter thing.

    Jeb running is very possible. My guess is the odds are 50/50 that he will run, better than the 40/60 HRC will run.

  30. Jace & Blue Bronc:

    I don’t think Jeb would be as (catastrophically) bad as W. He is a lot smarter and that does makes a difference. I don’t think he would have gone to war with Iraq, for example.

    Yes, Jeb has flaws but they are relatively minor. The Clintons have their own baggage.

    If it is Hillary vs Jeb, I think the debate will be about ideology, not personal issues.

  31. Flatus:

    I think Jeb will run. All he needs is a strategy to win the primaries without going too far right. He’s got the cash to hire the best strategists.

    I just don’t know if it will work, as the Tea Party members want an extreme right-wing nut for a candidate.

    They think Romney lost because he was too liberal.

  32. Big “IF” *

    Based on my personal feelings, I’m not as excited about Hillary running as I was a few months ago.

    Chris Christie would probably fare better in his party’s primary now that he has been outed as someone who not does not work or play well with the other side. They are still gonna look like a party of loons when Ted Cruse, etc., start their yammering.

    Jeb is gonna sound like the sane one in the lot & just might make it to the general.

    Hillary v Jeb…Jeb???

  33. Blueindallas,

    Decent, rational republicans need not apply.

    Neither one of ’em. 😉

  34. Nash,

    Jeb could run and maybe do reasonably well.

    His problem is, how does he appease the Santorum/Gohmart wing of the party with out frightening the beejusus out of everyone else? 😕

    I love republican conundrums.

  35. blueINdallas,

    Jeb is gonna sound like the sane one in the lot & just might make it to the general.

    That has been the underground strategy for anointing the next Bush to the presidency. His exile to the outside of politics was the planned, and very necessary move, to put time and voters memories in to the past. In politics a week is a month, a month a year and a decade forever.

    Even if I was not a Liberal Progressive Democrat I would fight and will fight another Bush in office, in particular the presidency. America cannot survive that family in power. Maybe in a few generations, once the current group are long gone from this bountiful earth, a Bush should be allowed to run for office. But right now, no. That one running in Texas should be sent away, not into elected office.

  36. Bluebronc,

    I am with you. There is nothing that has happened in the years since W left office that would lead me to believe that republicans learned anything from the W years.

    Their ideas on foreign policy are still wretched and jingoistic and more provocative if possible than those of the Bush administration.

    Their economic policy has not evolved one iota in the wake of the Bush Recession/depression. Unless you mean by evolving they got worse which seems to be the case. Tax cuts, deregulation, cheap labor, and a cruel, regressive view of the social safety net, are all they offered for eight years and they are offering more of the same now. Jeb would be no exception.

  37. Since I have been in an all day war with the climate change deniers, my opinion of the far right has sunk to even lower stygian depths. There is no attempt to even converse about ideas, scientific facts, proposals etc. It is all Faux Snooze regurgitation and name calling. Un-frickin-believable.

  38. Plan B : return to Civilization and get antibiotic and rehydrated. One of us erupted. It was too exciting for three letter words to describe. I guess the treck into the interior will be postponed (you lucky Trail Hands!) for a day.

    I disagree somewhat with our adjutant host, Mr. 2.5, regarding the rmoney loss. I think he lost because having won the grudging support of the Party (rip up lican, not the tee huggers), he failed to make the sale to the rest of the nation.

    A. I was surprised that after slick willard’s moronic 47% gaffe Obama still failed to capture 2/3 of the vote.

    B. Regarding jeb being smart, then he doesn’t need a cheney to run with him. He can pick a ditzy illiterate like dan quayle.

    C1. I doubt that jeb would have prevented an attack on either Iraq or Iran. Going to war with a major oil producer was the only way to make oil expensive.
    C2. Couldn’t attack the saudis or their buffer states. The saudis run faux news through the australian,who takes all the credit/blame. Besides, the saudis had been pushing for another Gulf War since 1991, giving reason after reason why war (to protect the oil supply “for the entire world”) was the only alternative left..
    C3. Wouldn’t attack Indonesia, russia, or Iran, cuz they’d put up a big fight.
    C4. Wouldn’t attack Venezuela, because it would put US operations in the Gulf of Mexico at risk.
    C5. That leaves Iraq, riven by linguistic, tribal, and denominational divisions. Iraq was the perfect victim, but we couldn’t trick saddam into attacking Kuwait again. How could any member of the bush crime family refuse them good old Texas Oil B!LL!ONA!RE boys and our loyal allies, the saudi royals.

  39. Jamie, you have my sympathy. You can’t make sense with people who don’t make sense. The best you can do is catch them up in their contradictions. And then they will either shut down or claim that it needs more science.

  40. “Decent, rational republicans need not apply.” – Jace

    Chester Allen Arthur, James Garfield, and Rutherford B.Hayes are too dam’ Libbrul.

  41. The people MSNBC has on at 5:00 AM are not well-prepared.

    They don’t even know what was reported on MSNBC the night before.

    I heard 3 errors of fact in 5 minutes.

  42. Jamie…amazing stats in that report. 46 families own as much as the poorest 3.5 billion humans of the planet Earth. These numbers are shocking. So, everything appears to be on schedule for a global shake down.

    A couple of weeks ago, while surfing the channels, I caught a serendipitous moment of Jeopardy. When introducing a contestant, Alex mentioned she had her Masters in Hunology. She claimed it was the study of war. And Alex asked her what she thought the leading cause of war was? OVERPOPULATION. No hesitation…too many people, not enough resources and the very wealthy in some sick hoarding way, have to have more and more of the resources to create this huge, unbalanced wealth. The wealthy will kill off millions of humans by hunger…not a very humane way to kill people. The planet Earth, resources for many now held or squandered by the paranoid.

  43. New MoJo resident idiot Nicolle Wallace said that the income equality issue is the type thing that motivated the TEA party, It was in the context of Joe saying that the rich should not be paying 14-15% in taxes if their employees are paying twice that. Yes, what motivated the TEA party was too little taxes and too much income for the rich. Moron.

  44. The best comedy this past Sunday was Haley Barbour defending that New Jersey guv who loves to wear his wife-beater t-shirt. Golly, Haley pardons wife killers. The bully mentality of the republican’t party and the war on women continues.

    Really do we want a slob wearing a wife beating t-shirt as Prez?

  45. Jace… so very glad to read that Cheryl’s mom has pulled through.

    Jamie… the only Oscar related movie I’ve seen is Blue Jasmine… I thoroughly enjoyed Cate Blanchet’s performance.

    Nash… the thought of a Clinton vs Bush campaign makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth. I know we all say we’ve been there and done that on something (someone) new… but the same ol same ol disappoints me greatly. I’d really love to see new blood emerge on both sides. Yeah… I know… I’m either dreaming or smoking something.

  46. Eventually, the rich will own machines instead of humans. Bags of water are so high maintenance. I do not see this ending well for most humans. Many of us have felt the pinch of limited, global resources. I am lucky to live in the US where we have been able to use a huge pile of resources.

    Science fiction is just that…I doubt humans will be transported to other planets to mine precious minerals and resources. It is cheaper and easier to let the machines do it. And the planet Earth can be saved for the very wealthy…they just have to kill-off a big percentage of humans. And they are off to a good start.

  47. Am I the only one here who likes Mrs Clinton better this time around ?

    Maybe it is a shortcoming in me – too much dependency on extrapolations from previous data – but I can’t imagine any electable candidate emerging from the republican nominating convention. Speaking (metaphorically) of unelectable, dumold trumpery is once again hinting that he might like to put his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office. A loud, bullying, seaweed-capped, walrus from hell, and serial husband and serial bankrupt thrown in for bad measure.

  48. Xrep…
    Trump is in NH today. He is speaking at the St. Anselm campus in Manchester.

    As for Hillary… of course I’ll vote for her if she’s the Democratic candidate for prez in 2016. But I’m not as excited as I was last time. I don’t care about gender… I just want someone who has fresh ideas and can fight for them.

  49. XR, you are not alone.

    Well, we’re in the midst of the , what, third or fourth snow storm of the century so far this winter. Renee, you would be in full snicker here. And Nash, fugiddaboutit. Secretary’s freaking out, Mrs. P is gripped – there must be a good 4-5 inches on the ground. Schools are closed all over the damn place – Kids will be going to school in July at this rate.But it is cold and windy, so maybe I’ll order lunch delivered. The older I get the less I like being cold.

  50. I think many older people will look at themselves and the older people around them, then be concerned about electing someone of Hillary’s age to the presidency, no matter how fit she may look during the campaign.

    If she were to be elected, I would certainly be more comfortable if she had a technocratic moderate as her vice president. Someone with qualifications similar to Amb Huntsman.

    I like Hillary. I’ve been her strong supporter in every one of her campaigns; but, now, I have bad vibes.

  51. pogo: Secretary’s freaking out, Mrs. P is gripped —

    Do you mean the Missus has the grippe? I’ve felt terrible for the last ten days or so. The cold weather is supposed to grip us tomorrow.

  52. Let’s put things in perspective. If this is the stormof the century, the winter of 1932-33 was the winter of all times, and the Ice Age was the winter of all time and space. Media clowns have to exaggerate the hell out of everything (just like I am doing now) to keep your eyes and ears glued to that advert spout.

  53. Renee, would you please keep The Dumold in NH until election day ? I know it’d be a hassle, and would cause a severe, but localized, earplug shortage. But, could you pour a drum of ice water on him ? Freeze him to a flag pole or fire hydrant ? Pretty please ? Woudya, huh ???

  54. OK does anybody remember the last election? Would the Republican mutcase base even think about a moderate? They remember Romney and Bush is just another Romney only with shrub as baggage. I would sooner bet that Christie will get the nomination and that ain’t happening either.
    Look for a governor, one I suspect simply because he is across the state line is Brownback.
    He quit the senate to become Gov. Why the backward career track? Maybe because it is easier to run for president if you don’t have to keep making all those awkward votes in the senate. Besides he is the darling for the religious types and instead of trying to govern he has been busy pushing a far right agenda in Kansas.
    So yeah, if he can get the money he is running.


  55. nash, what does it say about our most esteemed institutions that the “dumb ass screw up” graduated from yale with a b.a. in history and from harvard with an m.b.a. but the “smart one” only academically achieved (albeit phi beta kappa) a b.a. in latin am studies from univ of tex (and the univ of fla even denied him an honorary degree) ?

  56. Now, we go back to Dr. John of the Jungle, to see when and if we can proceed to the lost ancient city of Ueyardupukarui.

  57. Pat,

    The bush crime family raises it self up by affirmative action. Certain Ivies seem to maintain a minimum of adipocephalic children of large givers. They look like quotas, but they are actually miraculous manifestations of God’s Grace. (We’re talkin’ serious Calvinism here) I don’t doubt that baby bush is smart. He deserted during wartime, avoided Levenworth, and still managed to cast himself as a tougher warrior than Big John. However, without the affirmative action ‘reachdown’, no one as batshitlooney as Jesus’ Vicar on Earth could make the grade.

  58. xrepublican,

    I liked HRC before, probably a sympathy vote for her having to have Bill as a husband then. Now, I like her for having lived well without Bill.

  59. Flatus,

    is it because of potential disabilities due to age or simply a matter of possibly not being techno-savvy?
    and would you apply that same worry if she were a he?

    also consider some of history’s ladies of a certain age that have held high office as successfully as elderly gentlemen (liz I, golda meir, indira g, et al) where aging may have enhanced not hindered their successes.

  60. Well I see that Transvaginal Bob is facing indictment for accepting “legal” gifts worth over $150K when he was trampling on VA women’s right to privacy. I’ll just call him TVB. Couldn’t happen to a nicer anus.

  61. from article in new yorker

    Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor turned whistleblower, strongly denies allegations made by members of Congress that he was acting as a spy, perhaps for a foreign power, when he took hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. government documents. Speaking from Moscow, where he is a fugitive from American justice, Snowden told The New Yorker, “This ‘Russian spy’ push is absurd.”

    soooo? he certainly wouldn’t admit it if he were.

  62. Pogo,

    Not too bright. Check

    Greedy. Check

    Potentially indictable.Check

    Has strange ideas about women. Check

    All in all I’d say that TVB has the perfect resume for the modern republican presidential candidate.

  63. Craig: I have posted another contribution.

    (I just retired so I have more free time these days.)

  64. Life in retirement…

    * A minor errand, like food shopping or even mailing a letter, can occupy 1/2 of your day.

    * You get to watch a LOT more TV.

    * You discover that “daytime TV” is MUCH worse than the stuff that’s on at night.

    * Young people, when they hear the word “retired” equate it with “close to death.”

  65. Nash…
    good luck with your retirement. Rick retired last year. He’s still adjusting.

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