Not This Again

Signs abound that what Hillary Clinton once called the “vast right wing conspiracy” is sharpening its knives for another serving of 1990’s leftovers, this time focusing on her First Ladyship. Her time in the White House is a record that is worthy of examination in a run for the presidency. But old patterns of relying on hearsay, unsubstantiated stories, or just made-up stuff to smear the Clintons are back.

The latest are a bunch of personal notes made by a since deceased woman, whose diaries of her friendship with Hillary were donated to the University of Arkansas and made public four years ago. As so often happens with these Clinton “revelations,” there’s a tendency to draw sinister conclusions from the thinnest of sources.

Read the report on what the Washington Free Beacon calls “The Hillary Papers” and decide what matters. For starters, calling the private notes of one person about another that other person’s “papers” is a bit off.

This report is already getting a big ride on the media circuits, and it’s probably just the beginning if HRC makes a move toward the White House. In 2008 her epic battle for the nomination allowed these forces to mostly keep their powder dry, but now that it seems she could easily get to a general election they seem intent on tripping her up now.

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  1. here’s faux news coverage of it.

    above must be their response to her tweet during super bowl

    Hillary Clinton ✔ @HillaryClinton

    It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked! #SuperBowl

  2. Craig, I read your link (semi) thoroughly, and didn’t see anything in it we haven’t all heard before. It actually sounded more like gossip than anything else (I believe you call it hearsay in the legal community).

    As for Hillary being ruthless, how in the world can anyone get anywhere in politics, and not be ruthless. I like what she (supposedly) said about her and her family having a high pain threshold. I might even go so far as to add to that, and say anyone that heavily into politics may even like pain!

    She’s got the brains; she’s got the experience; she’s got Bill (plus lots of other good contacts)… and they both care. I bet she even knows how to crack a whip! The perfect candidate, imo.

    The double standards between men and women need to stop now, along with age phobia. Having a female president is way overdue.

  3. goopers are such hypocrites
    but now they have opened the door
    anything anyone has ever done in their life is fair game —

    and that goes for anyone in their family too

    Let’s not forget the Huckster has a dog killing gun toting son.

  4. Several issues with the attacks on HRC from actions of the 80’s and 90’s is the demographics that are putting the Republicans at a disadvantage in most elections. Those are so long ago, only old fools even remember those days. And, very few rational people even remember those days with any accuracy.

    Politics is immediate. A day in politics is like a week in the real world. A week is a month and a year is forever. 1994 is so long ago those born then are have already voted in their first presidential election, Obama won with their vote. Those born after than that have a clean slate of the world, except they know that one president put the U.S. into Iraq and Afghanistan, and one is taking the troops out.

    HRC will be spun and seen as a rock force against the nasty, bitter and somewhat loony Republicans. Her legacy is good. I can’t wait until the Republicans bring up that she is a carpetbagger in New York. The laughs will float above the noise of the Republican canes, tapping in unison as they want that to stick to her too.

    Most likely the old attacks will be renewed, with vigor. The old attacks will be looked on as a sad commentary of the Republicans political world.

    edit to correct before/after problem.

  5. The attacks against Hillary unfortunately also remind people of all the drama that went on as well as the charges. So nothing got done

  6. Blowing the dust off a dead friend’s diary to try and do what, make her look naive, strikes me as peculiarly Republican. I hope she runs and I hope that’s the best they’ve got. But I suspect that we’ll be hearing a lot of Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

  7. Rant Paul should never speak to Darryl Issa – Issa is a car thief

    What about Diaper Dave Vitter
    and I certainly hope Rant isn’t seeking the support of Congressman Mark Sanford

  8. We have to remember that she murdered Vince Foster in the Billiard Room with the Monkey Wrench.

  9. Every single thing that has ever been used as a talking point, bumper sticker, meme, salacious gossip, or twisted conspiracy will be hauled out of the basement dusted and cleared of cobwebs. They will then be trotted out to use, reuse, repeat and pointed to as if they were new glittery things that no one has ever seen or said before.

    I’ve been in an ongoing discussion on a right wing site. Every time I put up a link, fact, unbiased source on any subject even when I’m complimentary of some GOP position, I get called a socialist/communist/Alinsky student member of Acorn. It is like talking to a room full of parrots.

    I don’t believe that the leaders at the highest level that use this stuff for power and money are brainless. Goodness knows they are getting rich enough preaching to the choir, but I swear these far right loons are either stupid, poorly educated, or brainwashed and have never had an original thought in their lives.

    Hillary has my deepest sympathy.

  10. As a mistaken and regretful supporter of the Kenyan in ’08, I shall be more than happy to support HRC in ’16. If she is elected, I shall be ecstatic.

    Expect the Wrongwing Conspiracy to label her a lesbian (the xtian wrong), a warmonger (the rant police), pro-village (the club for tumors), anti-jobs (midge mcconnell), anti-chinese (the neocon-munists), pro-immigrant invaders (marco rubio & teodoro cruz), and worst of all, A WOMAN (sanctumonius sanctorum & bully graham the lesser).

  11. Oh, I forgot,

    She’s no fun : (Johns for a Good Time – john mccain, and dave, the john, vitter)

  12. chloe,

    I like the way you think! Excellent post and i could never have expressed myself on the subject of Hillary any better than you have in this post.

    The double standards between men and women need to stop now, along with age phobia. Having a female president is way overdue.

    Oh and hell yes!

  13. Let’s talk some more about the Huckster’s background the illegal loans to redecorate the governor’s double wide

  14. Smears only work if the attacked politician doesn’t hit back just as hard.

    Ask John Kerry about the wisdom of taking the “high road.”

    Hopefully, the Clintons will have James Carville running their own attack machine, again.

    “If they pull a knife, you pull a gun. If they put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue.”
    – from “The Untouchables.”

  15. Hillary needs to get the guy who ran Obamarama’s attack machine

    Carville a bit over the hill (well a lot over the hill)

  16. Nash, can you send me or update your email addy in your profile? The one there is bouncing back and triggering our spam filter in the posting bin, can’t find your latest contribution

  17. Nash, I truly hope that your contribution does not adversely affect the timing of my eagerly anticipated post about ’65 and the music of that year.

    Of course, if it does, I can’t see any reason whatsoeverever to give it a second thought. As the big Nashville agent told me when I let him know I was putting together a new band with “reliable” musicians, “keep me posted”.

  18. Telling that her “closest friend” was keeping notes on her. Not unique of course, but reflects more on the character of Mrs. Blair than anything written about Mrs. Clinton, and highlights the fact that Mrs. Clinton needed a better class of friends.

  19. Craig:

    My e-mail account hasn’t changed and I just checked with IT and they said it is still active.

    It’s listed in my profile page.

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