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  1. boss, so good to hear you broadcasting again. your voice, civility and sensible opinions are a refreshing change from the usual drivel on the airwaves.

    woo hoo

  2. Jamie, you can say that again: “Definitely time for fearless leader to be back on the air.”

  3. Great interview, Craig! Have missed hearing your voice.

    ps Tony, thanks for the shout-out yesterday. Really good to see you hanging out more here, lately.

  4. Poobah, good spot. If the best that the ‘pugns have is the papers, they better get used to saying Madame President.

    I met Biden back in the late 70s when we had him as a speaker for the University Young Democrats as a fundraising dinner. In the pre-dinner meet & greet, he would be talking with you while he was looking to the next handshake. Made me think of “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.” I got the impression then that his ambition was the top spot.

    Well, groundhog may have been right, but I saw the first sign of spring today – not a robin, not a crocus – I saw 11 discarded tires alongside the Mount Claire Road (not counting the ones thrown on the rubbish pile by the river). The snow around them makes them very easy to see and count.

  5. The vast right wing conspiracy is probably not as vast as it was in the 90s.

    Much like the republican base, it is a rapidly shrinking demographic.

  6. Craig…your public is starving for you…please more interviews. You are a tonic!

  7. Among the many terms I have heard women use to describe the ‘other woman’ in their husbands lives,
    narcissistic does not come immediately to mind.

    It may not even be in the top 50.

  8. I can buy HRC clothing from her Ready for Hillary site…and now I am receiving emails about selfies wearing her line of leisure wear. I am eyeing that hoodie…she should put gun control on the back of it! Then I might buy it. Americans and their love for pistolas!

  9. Jamie…I grew-up watching Shirley Temple movies and drinking a bunch a Shirley Temples…she is embedded in the psyche of the Great Depression A bright spot in the economic misery. Today, we just get cheap knock-offs, like Honey Boo-boo.

    Shirley was a huge talent and also an ambassador. I am glad she had a long life!

  10. pogo says — I saw 11 discarded tires…the first sign of spring. What waste…those tires could be used here on mobile home roofs to keep them from flapping in the NM spring wind.

  11. jace…noticed a beret missing from the Ready for Hillary outer wear.

    HRC can take the nomination and the can’ts have nothing to offer in terms of POTUS talent. I saw how enamored many were with HRC during the Libya hearings. Even at her low physical ability when ill, she is outstanding. So, when the little runt said he would have fired her…it was funny. She could and would squash Runt Paul very easily. Pound for pound she has more intelligence and emotional IQ. The US of AA is long overdue for a woman president and HRC is the finest steel going through the hottest flame. Plus, she, too, has had sex with Bill Clinton.

  12. pogo:

    How we know it’s spring in northern Maine…

    When the first snowmobiler trying to cross a frozen lake goes through the ice and drowns.

    This happens EVERY year.

  13. Craig:

    The most horrifying part of your interview was the “two chicken pot pies.”

    Here’s a healthy alternative…
    Brown Rice
    Vegetable oil (I like to use a lot)
    a small amount of grated cheese on top

    Delicious and healthy.

  14. Mr. C and Shirley born in the same year Micky Mouse too!

    Bill “Bo Jangles” Robinson

    For a Republican Shirley Temple Black was a good person. She lived on the Peninsula and was involved locally in lots of community work after she retired from politics.

    Really Nash..rice and beans is no substitute for chicken pot pie…and now there are even healthy versions http://wellnessmama.com/4616/chicken-pot-pie/

  15. Blonde Wino,

    With the passing of Shirley Temple my mother will be one of those pained very deeply. My mother was an Iowa farm girl. Her mother died when she was two. Her stepmother died in childbirth with her brother when she was four. Her father (my grandfather) went off the end, she ended up with her grandmother, who raised her. Her life was lived with a doll, a couple of books, one was the Wizard of Oz, and Shirley Temple.

    They were the same age, and through Ms. Temple she grew up in a world so vastly different. Mother with nothing, Shirley with the universe. My mother persevered and made it throught to adult life, always loving a young woman who never met her.

    I will be calling Mom later today to say “Hi”.

  16. KGC

    The matrons of Woodside do a great deal of good. Most of it is very “old money” or as old as anything gets in California so they tend to be discreet with the wealth. Most are Republicans but they are the old fashioned kind from when the party had brains and talent.

  17. Ha, Nash 2.5, rest assured we only had one chicken pot pie each. Have you got a new email, your old one appears not to be working. If so, pls send so I can get your contributor account working again.

  18. how’d you like schumer’s nifty scheme re immigration?
    from wsj

    The New York Democrat’s suggestion was in response to House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), who said last week that it would be difficult to pass an immigration overhaul because House Republicans don’t trust Mr. Obama to enforce the law.

    “There’s a simple solution: Let’s enact the law this year, but simply not let it actually start ’til 2017, after President Obama’s term is over,” Mr. Schumer said on NBC. A spokesman for Mr. Schumer said afterward that he had not floated this idea to House Republicans, his Democratic colleagues, or to the White House before offering it publicly.

    Michael Steel, a spokesman for Mr. Boehner, shot the idea down. “The suggestion is entirely impractical, since it would totally eliminate the president’s incentive to enforce immigration law for the remainder of his term,” he said Sunday.

    got a whiplash from the doubletake on steel’s retort

  19. Jamie,

    So true..especially the part about sane republicans. Mr C’s sister is that kind of Republican although she is getting a little wacky — her most recent email blamed everything on “young people” electing Obama

  20. Where is Ted Cruz now…another debt ceiling is approaching and another chance to get in the papers

    There is something shifty about him — he looks
    kind of slimy and unclean- it might be his hairdo ick

  21. Katherine Graham Cracker,
    well here’s what abc news said he said yesterday

    Cruz, R-Texas, focused his remarks on a push to deregulate the controversial practice of hydraulic fracking and expanding offshore exploration, and in the process, appealed to any environmentalists listening in on his remarks.

    “The Canadians are not going to leave the tar sands unmolested,” Cruz said. “They’ll send it to China to be refined there and it will be refined in a much, much dirtier way.

    “If your concern is the environment, the last thing you want to do is send that oil to China to be refined there, which will be far more damage to the environment than refining it in the U.S., where it would generate good, high paying jobs,” he added.
    Cruz also suggested that by refusing to allow drilling on American Indian reservations and other untapped federal lands, the Obama administration has been crushing low-income workers.

  22. Craig….
    I will have to wait until I get back home to listen to that interview. With my bad hearing, it wouldn’t make sense to listen on the tinny speaker on this laptop.

    Having a great time up here. Just waiting for the outdoor hot tub to open up at 3pm. Nothing like it on a really cold day…. YeeeeHaaaaw!

  23. Ted Cruz logic: It’s a filthy, dirty business but if we do it, it will only be moderately filthy and dirty rather than abysmally filthy and dirty … we will destroy the environment a little more slowly than the Chinese.

  24. Craig:

    The e-mail account listed in my profile page hasn’t changed. I just checked with IT and they said it is still active.

  25. I know this is off topic, but…Michael Sam, the Missouri football star who has publicly acknowledged that he is gay, on the verge of the NFL draft.

    Some team execs and players are saying that the NFL is not ready for an openly gay player, that he will upset the ‘chemistry’ of the locker room, and they will be ‘uncomfortable’ with him in the shower room.

    This from a sport that regularly employs players who have been convicted of felonies, including rape, theft, and about every other crime in the book. And they’re going to be uncomfortable around a team mate who is gay? (Leaving aside the point that there are already gay players in the NFL, just not public)

    I say, too many concussions causing too much brain injury to think straight.

  26. from tpm

    “My sadness is that we are probably today more race and difference-conscious than I was in the 1960s when I went to school. To my knowledge, I was the first black kid in Savannah, Georgia, to go to a white school. Rarely did the issue of race come up,” he said. “Now, name a day it doesn’t come up. Differences in race, differences in sex, somebody doesn’t look at you right, somebody says something. Everybody is sensitive.”

    Thomas said everyone — black, white or anything else — has been slighted.

    “If I had been as sensitive as that in the 1960s, I’d still be in Savannah. Every person in this room has endured a slight,” he said. “Every person. Somebody has said something that has hurt their feelings or did something to them — left them out.” He said he been treated far worse by “northern liberal elites” than “the people of Savannah, Georgia,” where he grew up.

  27. Nash,

    When I was in NH, our version of the first sign of spring was a jeep going through the ice. Spring comes earlier that way.

  28. Boehner just became “Speaker of the House” instead of Majority leader with additional perks.

  29. Hated to hear the Shawn White finished 4th in the half pipe competition after crashing. Oh well.

  30. Hey, all you coastal state dwellers, bundle up and go get your french toast kits – the snow is coming. Hope the Euro model is wrong – we’ve had enough of the white precip for a while.

  31. So Ted Cruz (Icky-Texas) has given up the debt ceiling fight to champion fracking..perfect

    I think McCarthy had a fatter face but just as shifty eyed

  32. Joe…
    I LOVE football… however… the troglodyte attitude really needs to go concerning gays. My beloved Patriots need defensive help… sure wouldn’t mind if they drafted Michael Sam.

    Pogo…. Jeeeesuuuus… I’ve avoided all news of the Olympics all day. Now I’ve gotta avoid here too if I want to be surprised during primetime coverage.

  33. Speaking of the Olympics..the announcing from the NBC/US coverage is terrible
    insulting to everyone but Americans

    We watched some of the ice skating and if I were the Italian man who is 31 or 33rd in world standings –and heard what those clowns had to say –I would get Tanya Harding to kneecap them

  34. Sherrod Brown was on cross fire so I was watching and SE Cupp is an idiot

    she thinks that third graders and younger need to learn that the world is cruel This is her response to parents being told – if kids are bringing valentines they should bring one for everyone. Cupp said they need to learn rejection. I’m guessing she did not have a happy childhood.

  35. Pogo:

    I spoke to a fellow Mainer today and he told me that the “official” definition of the arrival of spring is when the SECOND snowmobiler goes through the ice.

    The first one could just be a false alarm.

    He also told me drowning is not a requirement, just an “option.”

  36. Boehner finally figured out that the only people less popular than republicans, were the tea party ass hats.

    What did he have to lose?

  37. Kudos to Sarah Spain of ESPN. She heads a charity called Saving In The Name of Sochi, which honors the dogs killed at that Olympic site. Money raised will be used to help save dogs here.

    A list of the NBC Sochi Olympic channels: NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, MSNBC, USA, Golf Channel, E!, Bravo, Syfy, Oxygen, The Weather Channel.

    These are a few household names helping to sponsor the Sochi Olympics:
    Coca-Cola, McDonalds, P & G.

  38. So, se cupp thinks 3d graders should suffer cruelty.

    I always knew she was a sadistic pervert.

  39. Compared to me James Carville is the tail wagging kind of attack dog. Grrrrr. 😈

  40. SJWNY,

    I think the dogs of Sochi have already been killed, dressed out, frozen, and shipped to Canton as putin brand dogburgers.

  41. Okay, I’ve been nasty enough to last a while.

    Sweet dreams, everyone, and, may your tomorrow be rosy and bright, healthy and happy, adventurous and profitable.


  42. Great advice from Mr. Jiminy Cricket:

    Give a little whistle,
    Give a little whistle,
    And always let your conscience be your guide.

    Ironically I write this while listening to a radio report on elephant and rhino poaching.

  43. The problem with that conscience/guide deal, as was once pointed out to me……in reference to a comment I made in a paper……by an English prof at the Citadel, was that even Hitler was probably just following his conscience……..

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