Talking Joe and Hillary

Chatting here with Westwood One Radio Host Jim Bohannon about Biden’s hopes and Hillary’s plans (1 hour) …

The Jim Bohannon Show
The Jim Bohannon Show

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  1. boss, liked your line noting joe as a delaware kennedy is like being the “pope of lichtenstein”

    again, good to hear you back on the air.

  2. Patd,

    Yes, it is the same rule that allowed Liz Cheney to have a job in the State Department. 😉

  3. thank you, Craig, for the interview…will listen to it, but needed to give a tribute to a comedy icon. I remember my parents taking me to see It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad world when I was nine. I was in comedy heaven. Imogene Coco…many brilliant female comedic actors were introduced by Sid. He always had the ladies with him…live long in comedy heaven, Sid.

  4. Sid was a wonderful comic, and he with all the guys who wrote for him, had an exponential impact on comedy. Great personality, sorry to see him gone.

  5. We got to see Sid and Imogene live at the Venician Room at the Fairmont — all three are gone now.

    I watched Show of Shows as much as I could
    Truly funny on every level

    However my favorite from about that time period is Ernie Kovacs and the Nairobi Trio
    it still makes me laugh

  6. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    Once again a pioneer goes away. Cesar laid so much ground for television and it was done in a few years, something comparable to the quick changes of online media.

    One movie I like to watch is My Favorite Year, a look at early television as it evolved from vaudeville to the television stage. Sid Cesar was a very funny guy and a mad genius for hiring so many great people who on their own made television what it is.

  7. blue bronc,

    Ny Favoite Year is a movie I can watch more than once. Just the other day Mr. Cracker was lamenting the lack of variety/comedy television. Laugh In remains his favorite show.

  8. BB

    Apparently in today’s world history is limited by time. In all the claptrap about Leno’s leaving the tonight show — I didn’t hear anyone say anything about Steve Allen or Jack Parr — Today late night television only began with Johnny Carson

  9. On the last show, Leno mentioned Parr and Allen – they even flashed pics of them. In truth, all the media IS focused on Carson and Leno as the Tonight Show hosts – primarily because (I surmise) few of the media were alive or paying attention when Allen and Parr hosted the show. Of course a little deep research – you know, Wiki – would flesh that out. I was only 11 when Johnny took over from Parr – and I had never seen the Tonight Show then – it came on at 10:30, which was after my bedtime, so I only knew Johnny from watching it until he retired. I wasn’t alive when FDR was in office, but I have heard of him and know how profound his influence was. But then again, late night talk show hosts and presidents are horses of different colors.

  10. Flatus: Just saw one very forlorn robin on a small oak twig close to where I’m sitting.

    …maybe not so much sad as cold, Flatus.
    (he may have been enjoying his bird solitude… a loner? :))

  11. Chloe…
    please tell Carol that I can read the Swamp, but cannot post on it. I prefer pellets because you can control the temperature on the stoves. But the stoves are more expensive to buy and pellets are more expensive than wood. Also, pellet stoves are ignited electronically…. if you want it to work when the electricity goes off, you need an expensive battery. If all she’s looking for is a backup for when the electricity goes out, I’d recommend a woodstove.

    I’ll be back home in a couple days and will be able to post on the Swamp again. My best to you, Carol, Jan, Coreen, and Solar until then.

  12. Sure, Renee.

    I will post your whole comment over there right now.

    Thanks for the good wishes. Same back at you, and be safe.

    Have fun too!

  13. And one more comment on reverse mortgages, Flatus…I bet the ‘homeowner’ in the reverse mortgage is on the hook for any needed repairs to the bank’s new house!

  14. Thanks, Chloe.

    I’m just hanging around the condo today… watching an Olympic women’s hockey game between Sweden and Russia on MSNBC. It’s snowing lightly… the heavy stuff will start late this afternoon. Rick is skiing, but will probably be back shortly. We want to do the outdoor hot tub later… it’s great fun when it’s snowing.

  15. We have 2 financial planners… one that’s independent and works by the hour only… and one that’s works for Fidelity which HP pays for. Rick has asked both of them what they think of reverse mortgages. Both said make sure you have your eyes wide open and only do it as an absolute last resort.

  16. And in listening to the second guest’s portion of the Bohannon show, I learned what a “chicken wire club” is.

    It’s nice seeing you up and around, Craig; you should feel good about how you are doing.

  17. harborwoman,

    Yes, I should think so, just as they are responsible for taxes, insurance, flood insurance, etc..

    HUD and Nash bear the same message: avoid people who charge you money for something that is available from reliable sources for free. And, an understanding of interest rates and the three day right of rescission are paramount.

    They are certainly not for everybody. But, they fit the bill for a good many people.

  18. Well, it’s almost 40-deg here, all the ice and snow is melted from the trees, the non-primary roads have not been touched so will freeze tonight and be treacherous in the morning (as they are now).

    I just glanced at the anemometer and weather vane. They are no longer frozen in place! The Sun has not managed to poke through the clouds and the barometer is significantly lower than same time yesterday.

    All the above drives me to do the following–start a fire in the fireplace and, bake some brownies.

  19. Craig
    the radio conversation style suits you well. It lets you expand more than the back and forth one up manship of cable. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Jim Bohannon is a master of the format.

  20. It just started to snow here in northern Maine.

    The forecast (through Saturday AM) is a total accumulation of somewhere between 12 and 22 inches.

    That’s OK. The guy who plows my driveway has a giant front-end loader…the tires are about 6 feet in diameter.

    There’s a pile of snow at the rear end of my driveway as big as my house.

  21. My favorite Sid C and Imogene bit was “Didja ever hear Pete go tweet, tweet. Tweet on the piccolo? No?”
    He and Imogene are in bed and he’s tossing and turning can’t sleep and she finally in exasperation tells him to go in the bathroom and take one of her sleeping pills. He does and goes back to bed ready for a long restful sleep but its not long before he starts twitching……soon he jumps up and starts dancing around on the bed and starts belting out “Didja ever hear Pete go tweet, tweet, tweet on the piccolo? No?”
    Turns out he got the wrong pills… the diet pills instead……

  22. continuing the very interesting muppet valentine special. part 2

  23. part 3. the end.

    happy valentines to all trail mixers!

  24. OMG!… did we ever get a shitload of snow overnight… crap!

    wait a minute… I’m in a ski resort….

    never mind….

  25. Happy Valentine’s Day…

    I listened to the show, Craig, and like Flatus, learned a lot. The dems need to get some democratic pride. Fake it until you make it. I am watching a race in Texas with two Hispanic women running in the democratic primary...District 77 race.

    Ness-Garcia is advertising heavily and has democrat in huge letters in every tv add. I believe the democratic pride message should revive the base. If you are going to run as democrat in Texas, quit being ashamed for attempts to help Americans and stand-up to the bullying of the can’t party.

  26. Speaking of Bohannon, whskyjack (one of my top favs as a person in this town) now there’s one veteran broadcaster. We were talking about the Beatles off air, and turns out he actually interviewed them on that first US tour after Ed Sullivan appearance. The guy is so modest you have to pull that stuff out of him. Told him I’d like to interview him some day.

  27. One of the things that impressed me about Joe was back when he was a senator and his son was in Iraq. He was in the vanguard of people arguing for better armored vehicles for the troops on the road.

    They ended-up with the incredible hulks that are cursing metropolitan police departments now–leviathans that sacrifice responsive mobility for armored safety.

  28. The Uncivil War Begins

    karl rove and newsmux attacks on rand paul and ted cruz are the neocon-munists opening sneak attacks on the tea party.

    Over thy wounds now do I prophesy–
    Which like dumb mouths do ope their ruby lips
    To beg the jotting of my laptop —
    A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
    Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
    Shall cumber all the partys wingnuttery;
    Blood and destruction shall be so in use,
    And dreadful objects so familiar,
    That neocons shall but smile when they behold
    Their favorites quartered with the hands of war,
    All greed choked with custom of fell deeds,
    And cruz’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
    With rand by his side come hot from Hell,
    Shall in these confines with kochsuckers’ voices
    Cry “Traitors!” and let slip the Hogs of War,
    That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
    With dead goopers, groaning for burial.

  29. clarence thomas’ blather about race is merely the ancient lie that the old days were better. Recently unearthed heiroglyphs show that Pharoah Khafre thought the same thing.

    For republicans the good old days ended on election day 2008.

  30. From Taegan Goddard’s Politicalwire

    “Investor Tom Perkins says rich people should get more votes than poor people”

    Rich people should also get more snooze time, vacation time, Pebble Beach time, Grenoble time, Monte Carlo yachting time, and longer lives.

    Oh, they already do ? Never mind.

  31. Clarence Thomas apparently takes his cues from Duck Dynasty…this is the stuff the guy did not get in trouble for…talking about how happy the Negroes were before civil rights (when they were dancing in the high cotton)

  32. It’s amazing how Long Prong Thomas thinks he’s been able to keep his finger on America’s pulse from 1964 to today. He can’t spend much time looking for apartments in the traditionally white middle class neighborhoods of Asheville, Biloxi, Phoenix, Pocatello, Naperville, Bucks County, or Kennebunkport.

  33. I’m surprised anyone thinks it is a good idea for him to do interviews –

  34. XR,

    If you penned that above, you are even more a genius than I suspected. (Does sound a little Shakespearean, though – better watch out for a complaint of copyright infringement)

  35. This morning I got into armored vehicles and the word ‘leviathan’ popped into my mind which took me back to the Royal Navy and a whole series of Leviathans that have been built as warships over the last hundreds of years.

    In one of the first Leviathans there was use of a wood called Lignum Vitae. It’s an exceedingly hardwood that’s used for only the most demanding applications. That led me to HMS Victory. Yes, in addition to the 6,000 oak trees, there it was Lignum Vitae.

    And all that finally led me to Pete Seeger’s banjo, the neck of which is made of, you guessed it, Lignum Vitae.

  36. from ap

    The federal government is giving banks a roadmap for doing business with marijuana sellers.

    It’s another step toward enabling a legalized marijuana industry to operate in the United States.
    The Justice and Treasury departments issued new guidance on Friday. It’s intended to increase availability of financial services for legal marijuana businesses. But it still preserves the government’s power to enforce criminal laws.

    The guidance comes after Washington and Colorado became the first states in the nation to approve recreational use of marijuana. A citizens’ group is hoping to make Alaska the third state to do so.

  37. Flatus,
    while waxing romantic about that lignum vitae, pause to consider the devastation of the old growth forests just to make masts.

  38. maine history online

    Great Britain had depleted its forests by the 17th century and looked to the tall, straight white pines of Maine and New Hampshire to supply its appetite for timber for wooden ships, especially the old-growth pines for masts.

    To ensure that the best of the mast trees remained available for the Royal Navy and British ship builders, England declared the largest white pines to be the property of the King, marked, protected, and harvested for the government’s use


  39. patd,

    Pat, there was an anecdote in one of the editions of the Whole Earth Catalog about the massive timbers supporting the roof in the great chapel at one of the ancient universities in England.

    It seems, the timbers started showing signs of dry rot and the vicar and senior university officials all went into a panic complete with wailing and hand wringing, and gnashing of teeth.

    This tremendous todo became the talk of the town and came to the attention of the university forester who then made an appointment to see the panicking officials.

    At the meeting he told the sissies, “not to worry. when the trees for these timbers were harvested, we planted new trees knowing that these would need replacement. Those trees are now 400-years old and are in this forest owned and protected by the university. When we harvest them, we’ll plant a like number for the next go around.”

  40. from courierjournal

    Two years ago, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor to deride President Barack Obama for a speech that called for developing biofuel from algae — dismissing it as nothing more than a “pipe dream.”

    “I think the American people realize that a president who’s out there talking about algae when they’re having to choose between whether to buy groceries or to fill up the tank is the one who’s out of touch,” McConnell thundered.

    But a few years earlier, McConnell, R-Ky., himself worked to obtain a $30 million grant for a company that wanted to build a plant in Springfield, Ky., to turn algae, switchgrass, corncobs and other such materials into ethanol — a plant that ultimately was never built and a grant that was never spent.

  41. Kansas Follows Putin on Gay Homophobia
    by Taylor Marsh

    WHAT CENTURY is this? In Kansas, it’s the 19th.

    The Kansas bill that would make discriminate against gay individuals on a new level reads, in part, like this:

    “No individual or religious entity shall be required by any governmental entity to do any of the following, if it would be contrary to the sincerely held religious beliefs of the individual or religious entity regarding sex or gender:

    “Provide any services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods, or privileges; provide counseling, adoption, foster care and other social services; or provide employment or employment benefits, related to, or related to the celebration of, any marriage, domestic partnership, civil union or similar arrangement.”

    Just when you think Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s policies break the mold, a midwestern American state follows him. What Kansas is doing is the very definition of un-American.

    Meanwhile, Virginia is for lovers now has real meaning.

    The Court finds Va. Const. Art. I, § 15-A, Va. Code §§ 20-45.2, 20-45.3, and any other Virginia law that bars same-sex marriage or prohibits Virginia’s recognition of lawful same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions unconstitutional. These laws deny Plaintiffs their rights to due process and equal protection guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

  42. Well, it’s about time to go out and kill some wine and massacre some dinner, it being the day of the Feast of Saint Valentine.and all.

  43. Pogo,

    Ya, it was a sendup of Act III in Bill Shaxpere’s Tragical History of Julius Caesar
    That said (metaphorically), thanks for publicly recognizing that I am a genius.

    It takes one to know one.

  44. Craig,

    Finally had time to listen to the entire segment uninterrupted.

    Nicely done. Good discussion. Please do more.

    Is Hillary going to run? Absolutely.
    Is she inevitable? Not necessarily.

  45. I believe ending marijuana prohibition will take the same historic path as legalized gambling in this country. It will not be an amendment ending our dry state as with alcohol, but similar to gambling…one state at a time. The early legalizers get the most from out-of-state visitors, but it should eventually settle down to serve the local citizens.

    For me, it is watching the industry grow…a lot of room for small business growth.

  46. For me, it is watching the industry grow…a lot of room for small business growth.

    Blonde Wino,
    and not-so-small tobacco companies who are poised to jump in with beyond shovel ready warehouses, factories and ad agencies.

  47. Stay tuned , we will return to our two minute segment of Olympic coverage after ten or so minutes of advertising by our sponsors. 👿

  48. Blonde Wino: Flat…count your robins! I participated last year and plan to do so this weekend. It helps our feathered friends.

    BW, about the only really interesting bird that I saw yesterday, a first on my list, was a pileated woodpecker (70% confident through a process of elimination).

    A whole bunch of cardinals are out–all in heat.

  49. from cbs

    |An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.1 shook homes and rattled nerves in Georgia and South Carolina on Friday. It was centered in the rural community of Edgefield, S.C., but could be felt hundreds of miles away. Anthony Mason reports.

  50. patd,
    I noticed it at 2225–very low intensity and short duration. Didn’t even bother to see if the dining room chandelier was swinging.

  51. Flatus,

    wonder if any connection: the sinkhole that ate the corvettes, the exploding gas pipeline and further southeast quaking ga/sc. fracking?

  52. patd,

    Or how about the unlined storage pits containing discarded weapons grade tritium and other extremely scary stuff? And people are worried about the possibility of a broken dish in their kitchen cupboard?

  53. httpv://

    72 degrees and climbing. Blue skies and not a breath of wind. Time to kick back enjoy a tune, and marvel at the amazing experience that is just being alive 😉

  54. Kansas : The highest peak is Sunflower Mountain, whose elevation above the surrounding prairie is invisible to the naked eye.

    And, that’s just wrong !

    However, North Dakota is more boring.

  55. Tritium is really neat stuff if you are into radioactive isotopes.

    I think hitler’s original intention for invading Norway was to get Tritium. Or was it deuterium ?

    Anyway, once his troops were in Norway, they were stuck there. The Norwegian Underground sunk the ship containing all the nifty isotope, and hitler’s Norwegian gambit turned out to be a terrific waste of the 3d reich’s resources. Neat.

    Yay for Norway!

  56. We climbed around the ancient city of Mayapan today. Mayapan’s Kukulcan ziggurat isn’t as big as the monster ziggurat at Ek Balam. Archeologists have been excavating Mayapan for a quarter century longer, so many more buildings are available for lovers of art, architecture, and history. The ‘Observatory’ and the Snake ‘Pyramid’ at Mayapan are really interesting. Mayapan was the biggest Mayan city through the last two centuries before the Spaniards arrived and started tearing cities down. It is also about 1,000 years younger than Ek Balam.

    Climbing towers is not as easy as it was 50 years ago, when a palof mine and ran up to the top of the Washington Monument. It’s a real disappointment that steps have become so uncooperative and troublesome. They never used to be so stingy.

  57. I liked the discussion with Bohannon. I’d like to hear more, especially more featuring our gracious Trail Boss.

  58. xrepublican:
    Kansas : The highest peak is Sunflower Mountain, whose elevation above the surrounding prairie is invisible to the naked eye.

    And, that’s just wrong !

    However, North Dakota is more boring.


    That still doesn’t exactly explain what’s the matter with Kansas. 😉

  59. Climbing towers is not as easy as it was 50 years ago, when a palof mine and ran up to the top of the Washington Monument. It’s a real disappointment that steps have become so uncooperative and troublesome.

    don’t be so hard on yourself. if those steps are anywhere near as high as the ones at tikal then each one is the equivalent of 2 washington monumental steps.

  60. tough words at newmax
    Ex-CIA Analyst: Snowden Journalist Could Have Blood on Hands

    Former Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald should have “months ago” considered withholding the NSA information in light of killings in 2010 of Afghan tribal leaders after the release of military documents by WikiLeaks, she said.

    “I understand journalists believe part of their view is to give information, that’s what they’re trying to do,” she said. “With WikiLeaks, when this information first came out, we know that there were Afghan tribal leaders who were beheaded and killed. These were our sources.”

  61. bw and flatus, good luck on counting the robins. they’re probably exploring the mayan ruins with xr ’cause they know spring will be a little late this year.

  62. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    From Bach’s Mass in B minor. Simply stunning.
    Enjoy. 😉

  63. renee, gee thanks a lot. link a test and then chicken out. stupid test says I belong in kansas. that’s as bad as the one that said I was a giraffe.
    must be something gets lost in the translation of my answers.

    kansas? no way.

  64. The Bach was not what I had originally intended to post today.
    I was doing some listening after I received a link from a dear friend for a book review of a new Bach biography. An excellent review, of a book worth owning for those who like that sort of thing.

    Am passing it on.

  65. For all of you who are tired of winter, here are “two baby moose in a sprinkler.”


  66. patd… I kept messing up the link… let me try again…

    What state do you belong in?

    Surprise, surprise… it said I belong in New Hampshire. Took it again with different answers and it said I belong in New Jersey. Geez… I can’t get the f**k outta the northeast.

  67. Nash… awww… too cute…

    I feel sorry for the people who live on Cape Cod and the islands (Martha’s Vineyard + Nantucket). Most of the snowstorms this winter have stalled along the eastern coast…. and the above areas usually get little snow, but this year have been hammered. Yesterday OldSeaHag got over a foot… we got an inch. It’s supposed to be the other way around.

  68. Renee, Your linked test showed me in Virginia, of all places. Huh?

    The last two lines in the description pegged me perfectly though. ‘You’re mature at the same time you’re immature. You refuse to be pigeon-holed into one group or another.’ Yep, sounds about right.

    Welcome back!

  69. … I think if I had checked the horse instead of the Cardinal, it would have put me closer to Texas. :)

  70. Renee
    I took your test and ended up in, gasp, New Hampshire. Are there any warm springs in the Granite State? shiver, shiver

  71. Beverly Hillary Billies?

    Yes, the Democratic party and the people of America need the Clintons to save them, by being slightly less conservative than the GOP.

    Hillary and Bill will continue to serve the interests of Wall Street and advance the destruction of the middle class, but they will go to religious services in black churches, and make lots of other meaningless symbolic gestures which will fool the idiots in the news media, who will call the Clintons “progressive.”

  72. Global warming is causing unusual weather patterns, like snow storms in the South.

    However, most of the people in the South don’t believe in global warming.

    Which is not a problem.

    All they have to do is believe that it’s not snowing, and just go on with their lives.

    If you live in GOP fantasy-land, you can believe anything you want.

    The hell with reality.

  73. Nash 2.5: However, most of the people in the South don’t believe in global warming.


    You can bet your ass that if it rained forty days and forty nights, those folks would blame Obama before they would consider the possibility of climate change.

  74. … ouch, there goes that damn echo again!

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

    ― Noam Chomsky

    “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
    ― Roald Dahl

    Bless small people in small places.

  75. One more for the road, baby.
    “Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  76. Could tell you a lot
    But you’ve got to be true to your code


  77. That’s life
    And as funny as it may seem
    Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream
    But I don’t let it, let it get me down
    ‘Cause this fine old world, it keeps spinnin’ around


  78. Hillary & Joe & Jeb & from the stirrings this weekend, Mitt.

    What I am ready to fire up the TV and make the popcorn to watch: A debate with Chris Christie & that whining, weasel, Ted Cruz.

    All local ads here are running against Obama, Obama, Obama.

    Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day weekend.

    Radio is the way to go to get out anything substantial. I have not missed cable news since I cut the cord last spring.

  79. Pat,

    The steps on the lower half of the Kukulcan ziggurat at Mayapan are quite high.

    For some reason the angle on the upper half is a couple degrees less severe.

    Ek Balam’s stairs are high, but imo not as bad as Mayapan’s. Ek Balam is a much bigger pile – the biggest in the Yucatan peninsula.

    Btw, I don’t blame the old legs, I blame those mean-spirited old stones.

  80. blueINdallas,
    speaking of the weasel and radio talk, here’s what he said on the levin show as reported by salon:

    “In the 13 months that I’ve been in the Senate, it has become apparent to me the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most, and that is when they’re forced to tell the truth. It makes their heads explode,” Cruz said. “A lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama wanted, exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted, exactly want Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling, but they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish, gullible constituents back home that they didn’t do it. And they’re mad because, by refusing to consent to that, they had to come out in the open, they had to admit what they’re doing. And nothing upsets them more.”

    yep old too-smart for his britches said “the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most, and that is when they’re forced to tell the truth”…
    as the psalm says “out of the mouth of boobs”

  81. sorry for the misquote. in fact the actual words may be more applicable than “boobs” if one considers the bevy of politicians attached to the gov’t breast.

    Psalm 8:2
    King James Version (KJV)

    2 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

  82. Nash 2.5,

    Nash, LOL!!! Being one from the South, it does not surprise me that my southern brethren deny and don’t get it on climate change. The most unfortunate choice of phrases in the climate change debate was the choice of “global warming” to describe the phenomenon. See, those folks can’t understand that it’s the OCEANS that are warming, and cause the AIR to do funny, stupid things it didn’t use to do. The concept that temperature is the air against your skin, weather is the atmosphere that is passing by right now and that climate is the trend of the weather is waaay too complicated for those whose idea of retirement planning is buying lottery tickets. Apparently it’s too complicated for the radio haters who cater to those folks, too. Hell, even people around here who are educated and way too smart to know better have been pooh-poohing “global warming” as we use the term.

  83. Maybe John Kerry will be the surprise presidential candidate

  84. patd,

    Yeah we have and certainly I barely voted for him myself cuz I thought
    he was such a wimp
    But he is doing a good job as sec’y of state
    and he is addressing the issue of climate change in very strong manner. At this point I know he would be a better president than Obamarama.. This is Amerika everyone gets a second chance right?

    just sayin’ if being secretary of state gives Hillary Clinton good creds..his would be better

  85. My oh my what a difference a couple of days makes. from lows in the teens, highs in the 20s and snow, it’s 50 degrees, sunny, and the snow is melting quickly. In short, it’s a beautiful early Spring day. Take that, rodent!

  86. from thenation reed Richardson (scroll down to story “ted cruz is trolling congress; it’s time the media calls him on it)

    ….The clubby world of DC punditry depends upon an unspoken agreement of plausible deniability between both pundits and politicians. So when one of the latter so clearly and consistently leaps off the cliff of reality, members of the former who try to stick with the equivocating, “both sides” script risk being taken down as well. That someone like Schieffer could be reduced to near giggles by Cruz’s duplicitousness symbolizes how timid and soft the Washington press corps has grown. And it reveals how ill-prepared the media is to deal with someone like Cruz, whose shtick is naked, intellectual dishonesty.

    Put more simply, Cruz is little more than a Congressional troll. Since his election fifteen months ago, he has embarked upon a non-stop campaign of willful antagonism, privileged contrarianism, and unabashed self-aggrandizement. Trolls peddle phony outrage and crave undeserved attention and, not coincidentally, Cruz’s political toolkit contains just two elements: monkey wrenches and soapboxes.

  87. the above’s conclusion in case you don’t have time for the juicy parts in between

    In the end, this is the most pernicious effect of Cruz’s trolling—the way his deceitful behavior disconnects political rhetoric and action from the good faith of those Americans he represents—and more importantly—how it impacts those Americans he doesn’t. Any press corps that proclaims to be a beacon of truth and accountability in a free society should feel compelled to call out these anti-democratic tactics for what they are. Failure to do so really is no laughing matter.

  88. Craig:

    I have submitted a contribution.

    This one relates to the Winter Olympics.

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