Martian Mountain Look

Mars rock rows and Mount Sharp
Mars rock rows and Mount Sharp

Universe Today: “Like any good tourist, NASA’s rover Curiosity apparently couldn’t resist the photobug urge from a gorgeous Martian mountain scene she happened by recently and decided to pull over and enjoy the view. … The sedimentary foothills of Mount Sharp, which reaches 3.4 miles (5.5 km) into the Martian sky, is the 1-ton robot’s ultimate destination inside Gale Crater because it holds caches of water altered minerals.”

NASA Scientists Find Evidence of Water in Meteorite,
Reviving Debate Over Life on Mars
“Analyses found that the rock was formed about 1.3 billion years ago from a lava flow on Mars. Around 12 million years ago, an impact occurred on Mars which ejected the meteorite from the surface of Mars. The meteorite traveled through space until it fell in Antarctica about 50,000 years ago. The rock was found by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 2000.” — NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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  1. The photo and description made me think of a gin martini on the rocks—before 5

  2. Flatus,

    Storm coming in. Time to stack some firewood inside for the auxiliary heating unit (fireplace). That means moving wood, which is work. Work requires being quelched with beer, National Bohemian or Natty Boh, today.

    Telework day tomorrow. Curl up in front of the old fire with a cozy laptop, in pj’s of course.

  3. Ignex
    06/11/2013 at 9:31 PM:

    “Well, Putin is persecuting gays and hosting the Olympics. Next step: invading Poland.”

    Ok, so I was one country off, but he’s gotta go THROUGH Ukraine to get to Poland…

    I suppose you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see all this coming.

  4. There isn’t a country ringing russia that doesn’t hate it. There isn’t a minority group in russia that doesn’t hate it. What russia needs is more excuses for the rest of the world (except northKorea and Nauru) to go Chechen on them.

  5. Invading the Polish aggressor is still the next step, after the partition of Ukraine, of course, into Eastern and Western Sectors.

  6. Mountain ? Looks like ice cream surrounded by flakes of peanut brittle.

    My mind is always on food.

  7. Ignex,

    seriously a pain in the patootie
    when to the world he said “phooie”
    “I’ll take what I can
    to prove I’m a man”
    and arrogantly screwy
    that silly old putie
    wound up with shit on his hands

  8. I’m making Jacques Pepin’s Boef Bourguignon, RIGHT NOW!

    Godwin’s Law be damned, Captain KGB can just keep annexing territories, and he won’t even be hampered by that pesky “invading Russia in the winter” business.

    To be fair, he seems much more savvy and measured than der Fuhrer, and likely on much less drugs.

    This all bodes well for a tough-talking, fake-cowboy, 2016 GOP POTUS candidate. Start strategically wrinkling those red-checked oxfords and scuffing the shit-kickers you’ve been saving for just such an occasion, Republican hopefuls!

  9. *Ring Ring Ring* “Hello? Thank you for calling Men’s Wearhouse, how can I help you?”

    “Hi, this is Rick Santorum, I’m looking for a sweater vest that says ‘this guy has never smoked weed and goes to church thrice a week’, but that also says ‘this guy don’t take no shit from Eurasian Fasco-Commies. Do you have anything like that in stock?”

    “I’m sorry, sir, you might want to try online.”

    “Darn. Well, may God continue to bless Men’s Wearhouse, and these United States of America.”

  10. ^Way to much effort for a only moderately funny joke (if that) I’ve made before. Have a good day, enjoy the show.

  11. One last thing, though: Isn’t deploying troops without proper identification a Geneva convention violation? So messy. I’d better get in fighting shape.

  12. The Russians have always had a soft spot in their hearts for Czars. Putin is looking to make his and their wish come true. Czar of all the Russias.

  13. That looks good Craig.

    The photo and description made me think of a gin martini on the rocks—before 5


    I’m going to need some explanation here

    If it were a gin drink I think it looks more like a ramos fizz and that you may have before five..even before noon

  14. Speaking of, Edward Snowden is all like:

    “Damnit, I could be whale watching off Diamond head with my hot girlfriend, right now, and here I am holed up in the Moscow Marriot, playing gin with Victor Yanukovych. C’mon, Victor, you’ve arranged your cards three times already, geez!”

  15. But Snowden has that feeling of moral superiority … as he sits in the Moscow Marriott in the “enlightened” new Russia playing gin rummy and unable to leave his new homeland. Hope he loves the Russian winter.

  16. Tonight’s bill of fare. Mac and cheese, fresh green salad and strawberry shortcake. Food groups be damned. 😉

  17. As a resident of Maine, looking at the photo of the mountain on Mars, my first thought was, “Nice place for a ski resort.”

    Hopefully it will attract huge crowds of New Yorkers, so they won’t come here any more.

    All you need is snow…

    …and an atmosphere.

  18. I couldn’t care less about the Oscars. If only I could change to something else …

  19. It is cold, The snow has returned, it is the first of March and spring is no where in sight.
    It is comfort food time.
    Mrs Jack ask me to cook her a beef stew just like her mother made. It is beef,,potatoes , celery, onions, carrots, peas, cabbage, bell pepper, a can of tomatoes and because her dad came from Louisiana, Okra. Cook for ever until all the veggies flavors blend together. Serve with cornbread.
    It was delicious, I’d invite you all over for leftovers but there aren’t any.
    Next time I’m supposed to use more tomatoes, her mother used more tomatoes.

    It is the 2nd of March and it is going to be -3 degrees. in the morning. It is 4 right now. Jeez, 4 degrees in March.

  20. Btw, Craig don’t take down your amazon link because I’ve never bothered to book mark it.


  21. April 26, 1986, first time russia nukes and destroys a city. Peacetime in Ukraine.

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