Now It’s the Ukraine that’s Missing

Ukraine just fell off my Google News list of top stories, so I guess Russia swallowed it up too. Malaysia is still number one on the list of most-searched topics.

Now I’ll have to manually type in “Ukraine” to find the latest news about that. Damn these Putin land grabs, they can be a lot of trouble.

When I search “Ukraine” I still get 368 million hits on Google, so perhaps there’s hope for its sovereignty. But “Malaysia” gets much more, 619 million results, proving that something we don’t know – where the plane ended up – commands more attention than what we do know – that an almost defenseless nation is being choked into submission by a hairless tyrant.

Google News
Top Stories (8:30am ET)

  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Washington
  • HTC Corporation
  • Miami Heat
  • Pope Francis
  • Facebook
  • Osama bin Laden
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Novak Djokovic
  • General Motors

41 thoughts on “Now It’s the Ukraine that’s Missing”

  1. “hairless tyrant”? putie does seem to resemble the legendary chupacabra now that you mention it.

  2. The modern 24 hour news cycle fills the dust bin of history very rapidly.

    When it comes to the classic version of being “manly”, Putin just doesn’t have it. He just exudes self-centered ego trying to compensate for masculine inferiority complex.

  3. Craig,

    That list of Google News Top Stories is surprising, mostly because most of it doesn’t look like news at all.

    That’s what happens when the people at the top restrict the news so much. Eventually, there’s no real news at all, just the fabricated stuff.

    Now all they can do is recycle the old news… just not anything the government is controlling.

    It’s a sad day in America, when we have to admit to the censorship that has been enforced. Reporters have actually died for investigating. The perfect deterrent to prevent any investigation in the future.

    Everyone knows that the Obama team took control of the media early on in the first election (remember the daily phone chats, etc). Obviously, they’ve never let go.

    Just ask Michael Hastings. Oh yeah, he’s dead. You can’t.

  4. Top ten Google News searches done by registered Republicans…

    * Kenya
    * Stand Your Ground
    * Bengazzi(sic)
    * Adult diapers
    * Black Helicopters
    * Gold Standard
    * Viagra
    * Concealed Carry
    * Gay Marriage
    * Hand Basket + Hell

  5. Top ten Google News searches done by Registered Democrats….

    * Hillary Clinton
    * Bill Clinton + Current Girlfriend
    * Ukraine
    * Fallout shelters
    * Global Warming
    * Middle Class + Decline
    * Best Low-priced Colleges
    * Teen Pregnancy
    * Migraine
    * Hand Basket + Hell

  6. I think the media prefers the airline story because there are no facts and they can use wild speculation because there are no facts

    I have noticed something else in the coverage especially of the mudslide — where there are known facts. If the fact conflicts with their sensationalized coverage then they pretend they are unaware of the facts (very swift boat)

    Asslee Banshee tops the heap she sucks
    her moral judgements are far more important than facts

  7. Last night on Jon Stewarts show they made fun of the morning load and his tv wife…it was pretty funny and oh so true

  8. I’ve been busy trying to drag the hood across the digital divide. All I need is for 10 more folks to sign up for google fiber and I get to tell the arrogant time Warner cable to shove it. Of course then I have to deal with the airhead google folks and their millennial hoards. It needs to be in Spanish people, we are 2/3 Hispanic over here. I think they are afraid of offending the few Anglos, who aren’t going to sign up for that new fangled stuff anyway.


  9. I am curious blue. Since the ‘top 10 google’ list has crap like Miami Heat and HTC corp, do you think that there is an SEO tool that causes the junk to precipitate out of the culture brew and solidify on top as scum ?

    (Ya, I know. My diction is waaay over the top colorful)

    Anywhat, I thought maybe our more tech-savvy Trail pals like David, Flatus, or Jack would know the answer.

  10. Mrs Jack and I went down to the other end of the block and spent an hour cleaning up the trash and removing a tree that had fallen across the sidewalk this winter. I’ve got pictures up


  11. I just looked at the pictures, the mrs took a picture of some old man, I don’t know who he is.


  12. Xrep, I think a natural law. A bit like the 50% rule I use when talking to city workers. 50% of the people I talk to know what they are talking about and of those only 50% care about helping.
    Only with the media stuff Sturgeons law applies (sci fiction Author Ted Sturgeon, not ours) 90% of anything is crap, to which I add Jacks corollary, 90% of the people love to wallow in crap.
    Which of course excludes thee and me,



  13. KGC: “Morning Joe” has become unwatchable.

    Joe Scarborough is a parody of the unchecked male ego, except that’s really him.

    I guess the demographic for MSNBC’s morning audience is cranky, middle-aged men, who wish they were still in high school, where they peaked.

  14. httpv://

    2016 GOP hopefuls to audition for Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas this weekend. Don’t forget to kiss the ring fellas.

  15. Vlad reminds me of a guy who was passed over for promotion sometime during his career and is still pissed about it.

  16. from mother jones

    At one point, Morris cites Rumsfeld’s belief in the notion “if you wish for peace, prepare for war” and notes that “you can use that to justify anything.” Rumsfeld responds by citing one of his “Rumsfeld rules”: “All generalizations are false—including this one.” He then offers a thin smile, chuckles, and adds, “There it is.”

    Yes, the zen of Donald Rumsfeld, which is merely camouflage for stupid mistakes that caused mayhem and death. That much is certainly known.

  17. “At one point, Morris cites Rumsfeld’s belief in the notion “if you wish for peace, prepare for war”


    Donnie just can’t make up his mind.

    “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might wish to have at some future time”

    So either you prepare or you don’t. Kind of like the known knowns, and the unknown knowns.

    I suppose if you search a bit farther he would come up with general generalizations and specific generalizations.

    What a waste of perfectly fine carbon he is.

  18. patd,

    Does he not know that he is asking for trouble? Anti-gay? Hehe
    Another in a long line of powerful people in deep denial.

  19. Nash 2.5,

    Morning Joe is not running for office, or so he says. He is a Republican though and that might affect how what he really meant.

  20. ,

    Morning Joe is not running for office, or so he says.He is a Republican though and that might affect how what he really meant.

    Blue Bronc,

    His statements are not intended to be factual.

  21. Craig,

    I drive to Las Vegas just to go to Trader Joe’s.

    Some great items there and some just so so, but always enjoy it. The folks who work there almost always have great attitudes. Enjoy 😉

  22. Pat & Jace,

    Regarding yours of 4:06 pm and 4:31 pm :

    For Every Maxim

    There Is An Equal And Opposite Remaxim

    A criminous neo-conman like rumdum has a defensive verbal nostrum for every occasion.
    I don’t understand how a mass murderer like him can still be above ground after all these years.

  23. Morewrong joe never was watchable, in my pompous opinion.

    A Dem loses his seat in Congress when his girlfriend goes missing in a distant park.

    A woman is found dead in republican jive joe’s office, and he gets a $M!LL!ON job blowing double talk.

    That’s your ‘libbrull media’ for you.

  24. XR,

    The Bush administration left office with the singular distinction of have never gotten a big number right, during the course of the administration.

    Jobs produced by tax cuts, never materialized.

    Budget surplus squandered

    Cost of medi-care, prescription drug benefit, so ashamed of themselves they had to pass it in the dead of night.

    Mission accomplished, OK to be fair that is not a number.

    Length of war, off by about 9.5 years..Cost of war off by a short trillion. Number of civilian casualties, off by half a million, give or take, but whose counting?

    I am sure there are many more that I have forgotten.

    So of course when the media requires expert analysis on issues either foreign or domestic they turn to former Bush administration officials.

    Who else would you trust?

  25. httpv://

    The first three minutes when FDR talks about voting
    sounds all too eerily familiar.

    My God some things never do change.

  26. …enjoying the FDR clips, Jace, but the quality is a little off. Can you please post them in HD?

  27. I like Trader Joe’s prenatal vitamins, but I ran out, and Trader Joe’s is never on the way to anywhere else I’m going, so here I am, all vitamin K deficient- it probably shows in my posts.

  28. Well TJs (yes we’re on first name basis now) chicken burrito was dicey because I didn’t realize I had to thaw it first. But chimichanga rice and canned black beans (with a few cilantro chops) was yummy. On to their frozen pizza tomorrow.

  29. There is always room for Two Buck Chuck (a little higher now) in the basket. My friends in Denver have their new Trader Joe’s, with a wine/beer license. It has improved their life experience.

  30. pogo, joe and coreen., what say ye on
    ” scantily clad women” lawyers* in this bbc story Judge: Don’t be too sexy for this court

    In the rough and tumble world of a federal trial practice, it is sometimes necessary to see and react to that world as it is rather than as we wish it would be.

    It’s a world where a Mid-west judge can admit he’s a “dirty old man” and write blog posts that make national news.

    * [remember when it was a courtroom “no no” for lady lawyers to wear pantsuits]

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