Chart of the Day: Uninsured Getting Covered

Here’s a Gallup poll Obamacare foes must get busy discounting (they could always dredge up the survey company’s famous miscall of the 1948 campaign) because it’s a clear sign the Affordable Care Act is doing the big thing it was supposed to do: Insure the Uninsured.

The percentage of Americans without health insurance has dropped to 15.9% so far in 2014, compared with 17.1% at this time last year.” — Gallup

Obamacare could get the credit, Gallup says. The sudden drop in the rolls of uninsured began showing up during the plan’s enrollment period, drawing nearly 10 million so far to sign up through it’s marketplace of insurance plans, or directly with companies. But it’s tough to know how many of those were previously uninsured. This Gallup survey is the best evidence that the uninsured are making their way into coverage plans.

Gallup says that at its current rate of decline, the number of uninsured Americans could soon fall to “the lowest quarterly level” since 2008 when the company began tracking this group.


116 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Uninsured Getting Covered”

  1. The goops are already saying the numbers mean nothing. John Dick Dickerson told us the govt isn’t giving out figures so we don’t know if they are people who are paying their premiums if they are sick or not and young or old and he was so smug saying it. CBS the home of little tiny lying dicks

    and after all he said — we won’t really know anything until the insurance companies raise their rates or not.

    The goops must be very proud he read their press release completely

    I don’t think there is going to be a game in Oakland tonight

  2. Helping poor people and minorities means rich white Republicans may have less access to health care according to the idiots at Fox

    They just wanted them out of the way

  3. Satire Alert Satire Alert Satire Alert Satire Alert

    There’s only just so much health to go around, and only financially loaded Whites really deserve it.

    Insuring bums who make less than 5k/mo is a waste, ‘cuz were gonna re-enslave them & work ’em to death, evict them to freeze ’em to death, or poison their water with oil spills and coal mine tailings just to get rid of the worthless bastards.

    All power to the (white) People with of Money !

    End of Satire Alert. You May Now Enjoy Your Day

  4. The GOP’s strategy these days is based on giving (some) voters what they want: racism and guns.

    That’s it: they have nothing else.

    But it’s a strategy that is working fairly well. For far too many (white) Americans racism and guns is more important than health care, or even whether or not they have a job.

  5. The middle class is voting itself out of existence.

    It has been doing this since 1980 when Reagan was elected, and there are no signs of this slf-destructive behavior ending.

  6. Guns and race, and tax breaks
    (for the fat caste, of course. But let the suckers get their $50, too. We’ll just take it out of their school and safety net money – you know, Big Gummint red tape money.)

  7. A video comparing social welfare with corporate welfare, illustrated with drawings from the time-compressed perspective of the (talented)artist:


    -produced through the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University of California, Berkeley.

  8. Cheney said “it’s crucial” to have candidates with muscular foreign policies and for Republicans to “take back the Senate and take back the White House so we can deal with what has been developing” around the world.”

    Dick Cheney speaking at the Sheldon Adelson suck up fest in Las Vegas.

    Well Dicko, you had a chance to be an active participant in a ‘muscular foreign policy’ experience. You took five deferments.
    “Had other priorities”. Fuck you.

  9. You can never $hoot enough Texa$ oily B!LL!ONA!RE$.

    And cheney gave up even trying.

  10. So, is our ‘muscular’ alky Vice Usurper planing a run to make sure that we destroy another saudi royals competitor’s oil production ?

    Gulf Fiasco I : Wrecked Kuwait

    Gulf Fiasco II : Wrecked Iraq

    Gulf Fiasco III : Wrecking russia, Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Tesla ?

  11. jimmy kimmel exposes very telling flaw in polls about healthcare law in his video “Six of One – Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act”

  12. nytimes debate

    The Health Care Law’s Checkup

    Four years ago, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Is the law working? What needs to be fixed? And what is beyond repair?

  13. Obama and company really cooked the books.

    Seven million signed up. With a decent roll out , probably could have been more.

    Note to republican candidates. These people have insurance, and they vote. 😉

  14. In case the guitar lovers amongst us would like to go shopping: The Holy Grail of Guitars

    Prices in auction expected to range from as low as a couple of thousand to as high as a couple of million depending on quality and history of the instrument.

  15. sturge, in harmony with your “newborn baby sings like elvis” avatar

    the dog sings better than the guy on the sax plays

  16. patd,

    Here is the big “thing” about stories like this. They are “leaking” the good stuff so nobody asks the obvious question, “Well, this is horrible stuff. What else is in the report?”

  17. from nytimes

    SANTIAGO, Chile — An 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile on Tuesday night, forcing a massive evacuation along the country’s long coastline. At least five people were reported to have died.

    The first waves of a tsunami hit several cities along the coast, which extends 2,653 miles.

    and from nbc

    Hawaii Braces for ‘Dangerous Ocean Currents’ and ‘Weird Tides’

  18. sometimes the trail reminds me of a potluck supper. today chloe brought a lovely aperitif, sturge a piquant appetizer and I with my bad news ruined it all with a disastrous rutabaga and cabbage casserole.

  19. yeah…. well here’s my idea of dessert…


  20. patd,

    My cartoon wasn’t posted as debate about healthcare but rather as a buttress to Craigs 03/31/2014 at 3:30 PM statement that Chloe to exception to,
    It is obviously a fine example of dog whistle debate as you missed the racial implications but I guarantee the nephew who posted it on face book didn’t.


  21. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    A doubleheader today, Katherine. Make-up for the missed game yesterday.

    So far they’re in 1st place in the AL Central and are the only team in the American League not to have been scored against.

  22. The chart is interesting with its downward inflection points at the start of each new congress.

  23. whskyjack,
    guess I had my earplugs on. thanks for the wiki reminder. here’s a vid on
    Dog Whistle Politics: Ian Haney López at TEDxUOregon

  24. wapo

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court struck down limits Wednesday in federal law on the overall campaign contributions the biggest individual donors may make to candidates, political parties and political action committees.

    The justices said in a 5-4 vote that Americans have a right to give the legal maximum to candidates for Congress and president, as well as to parties and PACs, without worrying that they will violate the law when they bump up against a limit on all contributions, set at $123,200 for 2013 and 2014. That includes a separate $48,600 cap on contributions to candidates.

    But their decision does not undermine limits on individual contributions to candidates for president or Congress, now $2,600 an election.

  25. The law presently,uh, recently, limited the donors.

    Obviously the law should limit candidates instead :

    A candidate may not accept a donation greater than $2.600 from any individual, or $5,200 from a married couple….

  26. The Supreme Court ruling more money in politics– that’s working so well.

    I was glad to see PGE the gas and electric company in Cal has been indicted –if you are going to claim the rights of individuals then you get the drawbacks too For a variety of different reasons their entire corporate structure should go to jail

  27. The goops are stupid
    now they want to make medicare a voucher system

    talk about one trick ponies

  28. Medicare as a voucher system?
    It already is if you are talking about medical services.
    Go to the doctor of your choice and medicare pays them. Simple, wish we all had it.
    Or are you talking about the insurance executive bonuses act?

  29. The PLA and Israelis could recognize each other and agree to a boundary, and dear ole issa would still be scheduling hearings on Ben Gozzie, while wolf blister answered questions on flight 370.

  30. fogs news and cnn (stands for Circulating Nothing New) are the master mechanics for torquing heads.

    It is March, 2024, and today on cyn& wolf celebrates his 10th year of In-Depth Malaysian Flight 370 coverage. Here’s the Cyn& promo blurb:

    This morning the question wolf poses to our usual experts is, What do you think really happened?

  31. It’s a good thing this isn’t Pearl Harbor, or Congressman issa would be holding hearings about it for the next 500 years.

  32. I am still shaking my head about the post saying President Obama is not having a memorable presidency (from some time back).
    2-Allowing defacto Marijuana legalization
    3-Getting elected by telling the US that we were wrong about the War with Iraq
    4- Digging us out of a Depression and saving the auto industry….
    5- Allowing Gay people to serve openly….
    I think he will be remembered as the best president since FDR

  33. Chip Shirley, had to remove the share button I was using — like many facebook toys it was a bandwidth hog, slowing down page builds. haven gotten around to looking for a another one yet. There is an email option for sharing, at the print button under each post.

  34. Hello TMers…hope all is well. I think Obama deserves praise for attempting universal health care even though it is an insurance company product. The open enrollment is still a huge pain for most humans…clogging a system at deadline.

    I do not have much time to write…hubby and I had a bad March and after his emergency trip to Phoenix to see his Dad, our dog Bologna has a heart episode on Monday and has congestive heart failure. We are trying to keep her alive with meds. Yesterday was our seventh anniversary and we were at the vet for the second time. Speaking of anniversaries….Craig and David…ONE year!

  35. Jack

    Medicare is a single payer system
    Vouchers would be much different and would screw the poor again

  36. Blonde Wino,

    best wishes for bologna’s recovery.
    my dear sweet bobo (aka “best dog in the world”) developed a quickly growing tumor which she finally succumbed to this weekend. she would have been 15 yrs old april 1st. all here are saddened to lose her. especially her best friend 18 yr old bucky the cat.

  37. patd… so very sorry for your and bucky’s loss of bobo… may he chase many rabbits in doggy heaven.

    BlondeW… here’s to much luck for Bologna…. and happy anniversary to you and hubby.

  38. I’d like to associate myself with RR’s sentiments
    perfectly said

  39. The Share button worked perfectly on my Facebook Page. Thank you for the install.

    Oh and the Dodgers are in first place. All is well with the world. Well except for Republicans.

  40. That Facebook share button is definitely slowing down our mobile version. Twitter’s is not. I swear every time I try to add a Facebook toy it causes trouble.

  41. General consensus among average Americans: “The problem with contemporary politics is money!”

    SCOTUS reply: “___k off, proles.”

    (Not for nothing, I find the “f” word much less offensive than today’s SCOTUS ruling, but hey, why bring myself down to their level, right?)

  42. Does SCOTUS ever rule against “Big Business” or for individual liberty? Not in my lifetime, to my memory. I’m pretty sure it has been a conservative-majority panel, during that time- that could just be a coincidence.

    Final thought: today’s ruling (that limits on individual campaign contributions are unconstitutional [based on some “free speech” argument, you figure that one out]) and even the “Citizens United” ruling would be all well and good IF there was some kind of class/income mobility in this country, but data continues to show that it is more difficult and less likely that lower-economic class citizens will transcend their circumstances, despite effort. Net result? Entrenched power strengthening its fortifications. It’s like a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie (not that there’s a good Jerry Bruckheimer movie- for lack of a better analogy.)

  43. Oh- if any of you lawyers or such can paste the article from the U.S. Constitution that codifies the legality of the purchasing of political office, I’d love to read it, so I don’t come off so stupid. TIA.

  44. Today’s SCOTUS decision. Just another reason that no republican should ever be in the white house again. :sad:

  45. The Supreme Court has said that political bribery is not only acceptable, it is “free speech” and therefore, admirable behavior, and a cornerstone of democracy.

    This is, of course, total bullshit.

  46. Ignex,

    All persons are equal, but some persons are more equal than others.
    – napoleon pig

  47. Going once, going twice, sold! to the gentleman in the back row representing Koch industries.

  48. To be fair, Democrats benefit from influence purchasing as much as Republicans, the most recent Presidential election being an easy example of such. I’m sure you could find plenty of evidence of such activity in your own local politics, if you looked. Feel free to contradict me, if you feel it necessary. My observation concerning political-affiliation was exclusively directed at the SCOTUS. It almost seems like the court conferences before these decisions and says, “hey, let’s make sure this comes out as a 5-4 decision, so it looks like there’s genuine dissent.” <-(unfounded conspiracy hypothesis contrived by me)

    Shutting up now.

  49. News outlet Mediaite will host an in-depth policy summit entitled “Rule of Law: How the Criminal Justice System Impacts Well-Being,” sponsored by the Charles Koch Institute.

    Speakers will explore the criminal justice system and how it impacts the well-being of individuals, families, and society.

    With a recent federal proposal to reduce sentences for defendants in most of the nation’s drug cases and the reforms of several states, including Texas, to decrease prison populations, the event will offer a timely discussion on this critical issue.


    Gary Bledsoe, President, Texas NAACP
    Marc Levin, Director, Center for Effective Justice and Right on Crime, Texas Public Policy Foundation
    Norman L. Reimer, Executive Director, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    Bernard Kerik, former Police Commissioner, New York City
    Moderator: Andrew Kirell, Editor-in-Chief, Mediaite

  50. Thanks, Ignex. I knew I could count on you.

    What nags me is, what the hell is a Julie Annie tool doing in a chuckie koch tool box ???

    As fugs news likes to sneer, this doesn’t pass the sniff test !

  51. No doubt, as serial felon, Interim Minister of Interior of Iraq, and advisor in the incomparably incompetent paul bremer III government, bernard kerick will lecture us on how what WE can do better.

    What we could do better, bernie, is give you the 142 years behind bars you deserve, with five months off for the time you actually served (under house arrest).

  52. kerik later got 36 months for violating the gag order he wrangled out of the court.

    First, bernie’s a bent cop. Also, his convictions for multiple crimes of turpitude (mail &wire fraud, cheating on taxes, and lying under oath to the IRS, to be precise), plus the violation of a court-ordered motion of kerik’s, makes him an extremely unreliable witness in any matter.

    If you shake bernie’s hand, count your fingers afterward.

    Therefore, somone wants bernie to convince the people to take a political action. This is chazz koch’s gift to society, I guess.

  53. champ, haven’t yet read the case cited above to plumb the depths of supreme insensitivity and to check out accuracy of the nytimes article (also cited separately above in case you missed it).
    opinions generally are a slog; but those that one abhors are a nightmare to read, subjecting delicate souls to classic symptoms of withdrawal and delirium tremor. so beware when you read it.

  54. Iggy…
    I can’t and won’t argue with anything you’ve said regarding the SC’s rulings. It feels like Roberts and cohorts are doing their damnedest to change this country into one giant corporation.

  55. Ignex,

    You are correct. Dems. can be bought and sold just as easily as republicans. They simply don’t fetch as high a price. Nor is the return on investment quite as good. 😉

  56. Patd…sorry to hear about Bobo, but glad Bobo was a family member for so many years. Bologna lost her half-time pet turtle last summer and it was sad for her to look the turtle for a few weeks. Animals deserve so much more respect than many humans give them.

    Back to doggie hospice.

  57. Darned pets. They are masters at inserting themselves into our hearts—and we are such suckers for their affection.

    Pat, I’m so sorry for your loss of Bobo. I bet it was a totally joyful relationship :sad:

    And, BW, I hope your Bologna decides what is best for her at hospice and, whatever that choice, leaves you with happiness at your shared love.

  58. patd:

    nytimes article today on the case, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536
    [sub- title: us citizens vs koch/adelson/koch ilk]

    Thanks for the link to the decision, pat. Roberts wrote it, so it reads like one of my blog posts, with less profanity, but 10x more asinine, if you can imagine that.

    The entire majority argument hinges on the premise that “money = speech”, literally (no bullshit- read it). The Gang of Five, they who fancy themselves “strict constructionists”, apparently believe that the “Founding Fathers” must have lived in a society without money (currency hadn’t been invented by 1787, right?), or they would have included protections for its use to manipulate politics in the First Amendment. Luckily for us all, these brilliant yet benevolent arbiters of justice, of whom we are all so fortunate to be contemporaries, can read the minds of dead men, understanding that if those Constitutional drafters had known what money was, they would have been ALL FOR the richest members of society essentially buying all political offices outright. Perhaps they have an oracle they use to speak directly to the likes of Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin. A Ouija board might work. I’m not sure, because I didn’t go to law school, but I sure am glad those guys did.


  59. Nothing in the Constitution precludes selling the branding rights to public institutions, right? I can see it now: “The Petco U.S. Capitol Building”, ‘The Facebook Memorial featuring A. Lincoln”, “The Comcast/NBC Universal Supreme Court of the United States”, and of course “The British Petroleum (in Association with Gazprom) White House”. I can’t wait for Bobblehead Day!

    I yield.

  60. Iggy, you’re coming close to getting me to climb up onto my virtual soap box.

    The point that I’ll become shrill and irrational is when the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty are renamed.

    I would just shrug my shoulders if the fellers with chisels and wooden mallets renamed the Supreme Court’s facade to:
    The Robert’s Supreme Court House
    Chiseling provided by Koch Bros et alia!

  61. We already have the Willie L Brown Bridge – he raised the money to make the signs

    but it will always be the Bay Bridge and National Airport

    If the Koch Bros want something – I suggest the world’s biggest toxic dump which I think is in Alabama

  62. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    I caught something on our news saying that a local pond near our Savanna River Site was bubbling up radioactive plumes.

    No big thing. This is South Carolina.

    Craig, Happy Anniversary and be sure to check your flight plan and prevailing winds when going to/from Orlando.

  63. Flatus: Craig, Happy Anniversary and be sure to check your flight plan and prevailing winds when going to/from Orlando.

    Thanks, we’re going back to the scene of the crime on Sunday, the Italian restaurant where we got married last year. And we have the 1-year anniversary wine bottle from Trail Mixers ready to go!

  64. I just stumbled upon a neat trick I didn’t know. If you only want to quote part of someone’s comment, just highlight what you want with your mouse and click Quote, then only the highlighted text is pasted in your comment box.

  65. Craig.Crawford: the next thing I’d like to find is how to share individual comments on facebook

    would such a sharing be a problem for those of us who do not wish to inhabit the nether world of or be assimilated by facebook?

  66. Flatus: I caught something on our news saying that a local pond near our Savanna River Site was bubbling up radioactive plumes.

    No big thing. This is South Carolina

    Each Koch head can have their own site

  67. David Letterman retiring…I don’t watch him much (or any other late night show) I watched more when he was smashing fruit and velcro-ing himself to walls

    Is Craig Ferguson the one.

  68. Way back when Letterman got the Kennedy Center honor and did a long, unusually introspective interview for Charlie Rose I had a hunch he was ready to go. I will miss him a lot.

  69. Oh blast. Letterman usually had something that was good. And, the Top 10, did have an impact in the US (and I guess other locales too) either straight up or as parody.
    But, as one who watched Jack Parr while babysitting and Johnny Carson in college and well after college, change does happen.

  70. Craig.Crawford: Ferguson is certainly my choice

    I would have liked to have met him when he was drinking. I enjoy his story of why he went dry. He started drinking Wednesday in London and woke up Sunday in Australia with a sore rear end. (or something like that)

  71. I haven’t watched much after-the-news tv since Steve Allen Show ended. Smock, smock !

  72. I’m one who never took sides between Letterman and Leno – I think we ended up with the best result we could – daily top ten list and headlines, jaywalking, etc. Have become a fan of Kimmel’s street interviews of the clueless lately. Catch that stuff after Colbert’s opening 10 minutes.

  73. Ig, not sure this is correct (but I suspect it is) only something just less than 1% of the pop makes political donations large enough to report.
    where have I heard that top 1% figure tossed around before?

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