President Rand Paul’s First-Term Agenda

Let us assume that: (1) Rand Paul is elected President in 2016; and (2) Republicans gain control of the Senate and retain control of the House. This is not an unreasonable scenario.  It should also be clear that Republicans already control the Supreme Court by a 5-4 majority, so nothing would impede radical changes in U.S. government policy.

Nash 2.5
Nash 2.5
Here is what we could expect within the first four years of a Rand Paul Presidency…

(1)  Reduced Taxes.   If there is one thing you can say about Rand Paul, it is that he believes tax cuts are good, and the bigger the better.  Expect huge tax cuts within the first 100 days.  This will of course create a much bigger budget deficit so next we would see…

(2) Reduced Government Spending.  Rand Paul and the GOP will try to “balance the budget,” which will probably be impossible, but they will try, by cutting every program they don’t like (see below).

(3) Privatization of Medicare and elimination of Medicaid.  The poor will be simply cut off: the GOP’s healthcare policy for them will be “get thee to an emergency room.”   The elderly will be given “vouchers” that will cover only a part of the cost of their medical care.   Over time, the percentage covered by the government will shrink.

(3) Privatization of Social Security.  Young people will be encouraged (but not required to) set up Individual retirement accounts to which they, but not their employers, will contribute.  For people over 50 and those already retired, the traditional Social Security System will continue to operate, but benefits will steadily be cut, over time, by removing the automatic annual cost of living increases.

rand_paul7-620x412(4) Repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.   There is no racism in society today (except liberal bias against whites) so this legislation is not needed.

(5) Repeal of the 1935 Labor Relations Act. While unions will still be (theoretically) legal, any actions that they take (strikes, picketing, organizing campaigns) will be illegal, as was the case before 1935.

(6) Repeal of the Environmental Protection Act.  “Regulations,” President Paul will explain to us, don’t work and add just add cost to businesses which raises prices to the consumer.   Also, global warming is a myth and the health hazards of air and water pollution are greatly exaggerated by “environmentalist nuts.”

(7) Repeal of the Federal Minimum Wage.  According to President Paul’s economic advisors, getting rid of the minimum wage will create millions of new jobs.  (And pigs will fly!)

(8) Military Isolationism.  George Bush and the neocons had a vision: use military power to establish an American Empire.  They went into Iraq to: (a) get the oil; and (b) build a number of huge military bases that could then exert more direct control over the Middle East (and its oil).  I don’t think Rand Paul has any interest in continuing this policy, for the simple reason that it didn’t work.   But then the oil companies don’t really need Middle-East oil any more.  They are too busy exploiting Canadian tar sands and “fracking” for natural gas in every corner of the USA.


Those are the items I would expect to see in President Rand Paul’s first term agenda.

I’m sure you can think of others.

Now, let’s discuss how these policies, if enacted, would transform American society.

— Nash 2.5 is a Trail Mix Contributor

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Nash 2.5

Retired professor of business & economics at a small college in Northern Maine.

85 thoughts on “President Rand Paul’s First-Term Agenda”

  1. Environmental issues. The recent Kerr McGee case where they sold off all their profitable assets then declared bankruptcy in order evade penalties for decades of pollution didn’t fool the courts. The purchaser, Anadarko settled for a fine of $5.000,000.000.00 to cover cleanup costs.

    Duke energy will surely be in line for their years-long polluting of rivers in North and South Carolina. IMO they improperly influenced politicians to change laws after the fact.

    There are myriad other cases. “Mommy, why does Daddy glow in the dark?”

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your first multi-billion dollar Presidential candidate.

    Now I understand why Chief Justice John Roberts said there’s no danger of quid pro quo corruption: the billionaires will just support the candidate that was going to gut regulation, anyway. Makes sense.

  3. If we apologize, sincerely, and write a really nice card, maybe Ralph Nader will run again, and save us all. Here, I’ll start:

    “Dear Ralph,

    You were right, the whole time…”

    I’ll pay for postage.

  4. Rand has as much chance of being president as Paul Ryan. He is the flavor of the day because the other GOP hopefuls are flaming out.

    If Jeb gives a wink and a nod, Randy will be yesterday’s news.

    Personally I prefer Rand, but then I am looking for a republican who could lose 35 or 40 states.

  5. from wonkette quoting rant last month

    …..if he were president, he knows exactly what he’d do in response to Russia’s invasion of Crimea:
    “I would do something differently from the president,” Paul said. “I would immediately get every obstacle out of the way for our export of oil and gas, and I would begin drilling in every possible conceivable place within our territories in order to have production we can supply Europe with if it’s interrupted from Ukraine.”
    But you have to admire Sen. Paul’s can-do spirit, which would literally drill every conceivable possible place to get oil and gas to Europe right away within a couple years of this crisis, after which there had better not be any more international crises involving fossil fuels, because then we’d have to start drilling in the inconceivable places.

  6. Pat, we might even have to relearn how to build tankers; you know, those ships that carried oil across the North Atlantic of which we launched some 533 during WW-2

  7. Jace:

    You are wrong about Rand Paul’s chances. In 2016 the GOP will have a LOT more money, thanks to the Supreme Court. The Republicans may actually have a billion dollars to spend…seriously. It’s worth at least that much to the super-rich to get complete control of the government.

    Dems laughed when George W. got the nomination. They thought he was a lightweight moron but then he was brilliantly packaged and sold by Rove. Rand can be sold the same way.

    Even though all the MSM’s political “experts” are talking the same line about how “demographics favor the Dems in presidential elections,” I think they are wrong. They don’t pay enough attention to the increasing effectiveness of the GOP’s voter suppression efforts that are going on all across the USA.

  8. Thanks Nash for your post. GOP establishment bosses are in a tizzy to stop Paul. He would so upend their precious hierarchy. If they can’t persuade Jeb, or if Christie can’t come back from the dead, they’re so desperate they’d take Mitt back.

  9. With his missus’ inheritance, Paul’s in the millionheirs club this time around; he has a vested interest in screwing the rest of humankind.

  10. Rescued from the trash can of our previous thread :

    XREPUBLICAN 04/05/2014 AT 5:07 PM
    Ms Wino,

    I hope that Bologna gives you many more years of trouble free loving.
    XREPUBLICAN 04/05/2014 AT 5:10 PM
    With rippers running the House and Senate in ’01, not many bribes were necessary to assure the Chi-coms of most favored neighbor status.

    They aren’t called reds for nothing.

  11. Craig,

    By gop establishment bosses, I presume you mean the neocon elite.

    I don’t think paul has the ethical stamina to remain outside of the club. Remember that outsider reagan, whose balanced budget voodoo-talk made establishment rippers load their Depends ?

    By the time we finally discovered that he was arming the ayatollah and paying death squadsto rape and murder Maryknoll nuns, the neoconmunists were declaring him to be the greatest president since Attila.

    If appointed by the SCOTUS runt pol could emerge as even greater than ronnie.

  12. Pardon me for seeming to lecture. I meant no disrespect. It was just my clumsy way of pointing to a similar weirdo that the republican criminal conspirators once hated.

  13. The night before last another 7″ of wet snow dropped on our neighborhood. I shoveled it by hand, arm, and shoulder yesterday. Today my hand, arm, and shoulder are begging me to make an appointment with dr kevorkian.

    I think I need a total body transplant.

  14. He growed up in Texas, went to baylor u, and never got near a cowboy movie ?

    How can this be possible ?

  15. At the very least, rant must have seen The Last Picture Show.

    rant: pant pant pant.

  16. Cowboy movies are next door to Ronnie’s house in California. Texas is where belt buckles and boots are.

  17. Rant is too weird to be president. There are a bunch of stories floating around about his college “pranks” and sort of non-issue oddities. He is very strange. He will not be the candidate any body wants to have a beer with.

    Mittens is stiff and entitled but can appear to be human. Rand not so much.

  18. Nash 2.5: You are wrong about Rand Paul’s chances. In 2016 the GOP will have a LOT more money, thanks to the Supreme Court. The Republicans may actually have a billion dollars to spend…seriously. It’s worth at least that much to the super-rich to get complete control of the government.


    you are so right, but Citizens United and McCuutcheon are equal opportunity abominations.
    If Rand Paul and or the republican establishment think that Hillary can’t line up billionaires with the best of them, they are sadly mistaken.
    Bill has been cultivating them for 15 years and they are all over the world and they are anxious to play.

  19. patd: “I would do something differently from the president,” Paul said. “I would immediately get every obstacle out of the way for our export of oil and gas, and I would begin drilling in every possible conceivable place within our territories in order to have production we can supply Europe with if it’s interrupted from Ukraine.”

    And this would make Vlad behave better, how exactly?

    That would be a defacto jobs program. Republicans would never vote for it. Besides the damage would already be done before any gas reached Europe.

  20. jace:

    I agree the are a few billionaires that support Dems, but here are lot more that support the GOP.

    2016 will turn into an auction.

    The government goes to the highest of bidders.

  21. Nash,

    It will be an auction and it will have an international flavor. They might do well to hold it at Sotheby’s.

    After all a Russian oil oligarch or a Saudi prince should have just as much influence with a president as the Koch brothers. They will probably get a better deal from HRC than they will from Rand.

  22. Let’s see.

    Rand loses women by double digits.
    Loses African Americans by double digits.
    Loses Latinos by double digits.

    It is an unusual path to victory to say the least.

  23. Nash 2.5: jace:
    I agree the are a few billionaires that support Dems, but here are lot more that support the GOP.

    now that the supremes have opened the golden gates to allow unlimited funding, safe bets by he who wants control will be made covering both/all sides. why bribe (sorry, choose) just one when you can have a sure thing?

  24. this day

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    and in 1830

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized

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  25. and April 6, 2013 there was a wedding…

    Craig & David…
    Happy, happy first anniversary!

    have a great time at that I-talian restaurant…

  26. one of their favorite songs

    happy anniversary you two

  27. httpv://

    Sunday Serendipity.

    April In Paris. I wish we could all be there.


  28. Such a contrast between two memorable Aprils. Thanks, Jace:


  29. BW…So happy Bologna is doing better! Wishing you years of loving companionship!

  30. Craig & David…

    Hope you both have a great anniversary and many more to come. ap

  31. In Less than 30 days we will hold our annual Run for the Roses. To Keep up to date and look at the pretty animals, you can visit the In Contention page.

    As of now it looks as if the 20 horses will come from these 25. I’ve placed an X by the current top ten with the most points.

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    California Chrome – X
    Chitu – X
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    Samraat – X
    Toast of New York
    Uncle Sigh
    Vicar’s In Trouble – X
    We Miss Artie – X
    Wicked Strong – X
    Wildcat Red – X

  32. Jamie: I’ll take Vicar’s in Trouble.

    As a general rule, I always bet on horses with an apostrophe in their name.

  33. A continuing thanks to all for remembering our 1-yr anniversary (I’m calling it our 25+1 since we’ve been together that long). Made us a tasty steak dinner with hash browns and chopped spinach last night to kick things off (and topped off with our Trail Mix wine gift for the 1-yr). Tonight it’s back to the wedding site — Maggiano’s Little Italy in Chevy Chase. And when we get home we’ll be eating a left over piece of icing from the wedding cake. Other than that, we’re excited about the new season of Veep at 10:30p.

  34. I knew you would. I’ll probably have to fight the Russian River contingent for California Chrome. Either that or get a large saddle. :)

  35. The biggest problem with Libertarianism is that it doesn’t work any more than Communism does. In very small populations, you can get short term success but eventually they both fall apart on human nature.

    Some combination of Socialism/Democracy functions for the most people. Whenever it gets out of balance (as it is right now) things get very destructive and ugly.

  36. I will add my thanks for the anniversary wishes! I see that Craig already mentioned the wine and shared our food and Veep plans. You are so much a part of our lives – you all are often a favorite topic at dinner, and the blog posts, sheets, and towels are also daily reminders…

  37. Jeb to decide before year’s end on presidential bid.

    What the Hell, if the dumb one could dupe the country twice the smart one should be a shoo in.

  38. jamie, if giovanni boldini makes the cut, i’ll go with him. he’s that mysterious painting in the linked photos.

  39. patd

    I have you recorded. It’s not likely unless there are a lot of drop outs for various reasons, but you never know this far away from the Derby.

  40. latimes

    Mickey Rooney dies at 93; celebrated child actor of the 1930s and ’40s

    Rooney embodied the All-American boy in the popular ‘Andy Hardy’ films. His roller-coaster show-business career was marked by an often-turbulent personal life.

  41. hey…. wait a minute…
    anything with the word “wicked” in it belongs to New Englanders. Just ask us how our day went… the answer… “wicked good or wicked shitty”. Ask us about our sports teams… we’ll say they’re “wicked awesome”. Ask us about the sun… we’ll say it’s “wicked hot”. You get the picture.

    So, Jamie… I will take Wicked Strong and Jace can ride behind me.

  42. RR,

    Any horse that is’ wicked strong’ can handle two riders. Welcome aboard.
    Now, may the horse be wicked fast.

  43. Jace… wicked A…

    and that’s “A”… not “eh”… that’s for Canadians… :)

  44. I remember seeing Mickey and Ann Miller in Sugar Babies…such a fun night…I still have one of the garters he shot into the audience…

  45. Little connection to Rooney. He had my father busted to private in the Army. My father was a horse shoer in the Cavalry (strike the first attempt at it, must be my fingers are finding religion). Rooney was in the Hollywood army corp and was touring Ft. Riley. He came by my father shoeing a horse. The horse did something bad with the result my father planted his hammer in the rump of the offensive critter. Rooney saw that and reported my father with the resulting penalty being a couple stripes. We were never allowed to watch any Rooney movies.

  46. What SCARES ME is that is Rand Paul tells young people that they can keep their SS money and not contribute…Many will go for that…and then he promises to legalize Pot…? Scary, he could get votes…He is probably more of a threat in the General than the Republican primary…

  47. Nash, I may be late for the party, but the word that comes to mind for me is filibuster. 4 years with nothing moving through the Senate (under your nightmare scenario) would bring a smile to my face.

    And I’ll take Chitu – really, i wouldn’t chit you.

  48. Anyone planning to watch basketball tonight? Go Big Blue (but I kinda like UConn, too).

  49. blue bronc,
    Bad deal. I had a draftee and his wife at Lockbourne AFB who worked as farriers at the race track at Columbus, OH during his off-time.

    It was said that either of them would put a recalcitrant horse on its knees by smacking it on its head with his or her fist. They only had to do that once for any particular animal.

  50. A late but heartfelt Happy Anniversary, Dave and Craig !

    May your love deepen as each year rolls by.


    X & Sweetie

  51. The amount of moola that these rippersnappers will spend in the primaries & caucuses will exceed the amount spent for rmoney’s general election fizzle in 2012.

    rant and the Canadian are the front runners now. One is weakened by his being a confessed immigrant and filibuster (an old Spanish word meaning pirate). The other has to learn to curb his weirdness. To win he has to appear less like a male bachmanniac, and more like the guy on the brawny paper towels label. Btw, brawny is the koch bros brand.

    The WI band of savages is split over ryan whatizzname and the unindicted (so far) walker.

    The FL band is split over anchorbaby and the babybush who doesn’t see visions and hear voices (unless he does too!)

    christ christie is loving up the neocon bush crime family, a congested bridge to nowhere. He looks to much like a pink version of the mucus monster in the tv advert.

    I think Sanctum Sanctorum can out-Jesus either cruz or pol. The big Q is, will Wall Street tolerate him on their ticket ?

    There are still the as yet unindicted bachmanniac & Alaska’s escaped governor. Don’t count these feminazis out.

  52. Ann Miller was a sweetheart. She and Barbara Pauley (as in Pauley Pavillion/Pauley Oil etc) were best friends so she would drop by the home in Beverly Hills at regular intervals where I acted as Mrs. Pauley’s social secretary. Another one of my minor CA touches with celebrity. Only job I ever had where the coffee break was served by a maid on a silver tray.

  53. Something should be done to keep runt pol from cozying up to the neocons and Wall Street shell gamers.

    For the sake of the country he should start an Anarchrist Crusade Party and sweep 55% of the ripper voters away with him.

    I’d love to see the neoconmunist / Wall Streeters party come in 3d. But, the rippers would probably george wallace him by the 4th primary.


  54. Flatus,

    Probably very true. Anyone ripping the shoes off of hooves, then hammering on new ones, while the beast is leaning on you and then dumping a load of horse apples on your head becomes very strong. But then anything that large finds the fist of a man that of a gnat.

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