Jeb playing the reluctant bride is already getting old. If the Country Club crowd is so desperate to stop Paul, or something similar, why not just give Mitt another try?

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  1. re-mitt?

    re·mit verb \ri-ˈmit\

    : to send (money) as a payment

    : to cancel or free someone from (a punishment, debt, etc.)


  2. After Nixon lost the 1962 governor’s race in California, even he thought his political career was over.

    Then in 1968 he ran for president and won.

    So… it is possible for Mitt to run again and win, if history is any guide.

  3. Nixon’s 1962 concession speech including the famous comment to reporters, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”


  4. Nash 2.5,

    You do bring up the possibility that the Dems will be in a position that few if any candidates could be viable. This is something I have talked about on other blogs, especially to those who think and dream of HRC as a candidate. She may not be all the voters want in 2016, if she runs.

    Think of HHH, okay – as many of you were not gleams in eyes until many years after 1968, Hubert Horatio Humphrey. A fine man, one we all wanted as president, well almost all. His loss to Nixon came in a country ripped by racial riots, anti-war riots, a contest for the south (won by Wallace) and the deaths/assassinations of many Democrats and MLK.

    Are we in that era of death? No. But, we are living in a world of false turmoil caused by Republicans and the kock Bros. Their racism and anti-everything Obama, including science, government, people and non-billionaires, is tainting what should be a wonderful era in America.

    What if HRC decides to spend her retirement running her own charity? What if she decides that she is done with Republicans and moves to France? What if anything she wants to not run for president?

    The Dems have no line up ready to go. A few governors are available for a beauty contest. I would not give any of them the lead. But, I do give everyone of them a lead overall because they are not Republicans. Sad to think of a bench this thin. But, it is the result of many years spent wishing for a HRC world by those with some power. The voters most likely will not care until Labor Day 2016.

  5. blue bronc:

    I agree with your points 100%

    I didn’t realize it until you pointed it out but the climate of social upheaval in U.S. society today is very similar to 1968…the issues are somewhat different but the same feeling that “things are going wrong” is the same.

    Nixon exploited those feelings brilliantly.

  6. Sure, why not? We haven’t had a good discussion of the difference between a plutocracy and oligarchy in a couple of years. (In Mitt’s case the it would be a difference without a distinction).

  7. Hey — there’s always Joe Biden

    And Jerry Brown

    our bench may be old…but we’ve got one

    And if it’s a woman people want – what about Dianne Feinstein.

    If Paul Ryan is a pick..then there are quite a few Democratic members of Congress who could be similarly situated.

    Please let it be Mitt…just call him the re Mittenence man…

  8. HRC and Jeb are both being coy and rightly so.

    Hillary knows that it will be hard to take the White House after 8 years of Obama.

    Jeb knows that it will be hard to win after eight years of his dumb ass brother.

  9. Jeb has his own problems
    besides Shrub

    He was a shill for Lehman Bros with Florida public employee unions and the state..he made buckets of money and everyone else lost a lot

    Jeb is a hater of public education and doesn’t have the hokey folky craptastic appearance of the Shrub but he would be the same kind of idiot president just look at the mother…she knos he shouldn’t run—he he wins he will shred whatever legacy the old man still has..he will instead go down in history as the man who hated broccoli and threw up on the Japanese prime minister

  10. Good morning! We had ourselves a wee election yesterday and to me election day is like the Super Bowl. What a blast! I am so very proud of my fellow Quebecers and I’m looking forward to the federal election in 2015 so we can get on with what’s important to 70% of my country. Only drawback is: now I gotta go out and get more wine.. mine seems to have disappeared 😉

  11. tylenol,
    here’s the cbcnews coverage for us yanks. did they get it right?

    So they’re back. Only 19 months after being shunted aside for the Parti Québécois in the usual dance of power here, the Quebec Liberal Party has returned to office with a vengeance, this time with a largely unknown and untested leader, and a majority mandate to be anything but the PQ.

    In a campaign where little of substance was discussed, Philippe Couillard, a former neurosurgeon, inherits a mess of unfinished business — an economy hobbled by slow growth and an aging population, a society divided over the province’s controversial charter of values, and a history of political corruption that will continue to nag the province and the Liberals themselves.

  12. a pun time with dana milbank

    …our perpetually warring lawmakers would have benefited from meeting with the legalization crowd, and perhaps trying some free samples. Our ever-indignant representatives need urgently to chill out and free their minds. If the benefits the medical marijuana advocates touted on Monday are real, Congress should immediately reefer the matter to committee to draft a joint resolution: Everybody must get stoned.

  13. We need a new term for the indignation of the goopers I suggest Wrongish Indignation

  14. PatD –

    I agreed until the writer got to the ‘little substance’ part. The media coverage was horrid, every day Philippe Couillard brought out policy after policy. It was jock-a-block with policy if anyone cared to look. I think Quebec is in fine hands.

  15. Crooks and Liars @crooksandliars

    Liz Cheney: Pelosi’s ‘Spine Doesn’t Reach Her Brain’ If She’s Ashamed Of Torture http://dlvr.it/5LkfNZ

    if lyin’ liz couldn’t get wyoming to care about her
    what in the world makes her think anyone gives a crap what she thinks now

  16. Thank goodness Canada has the same bad media as we do…but everything else sounds a lot better
    I was beginning to get Canadian envy

  17. Flatus, yeah I know. I’ve been playing with different mobile themes. This one is faster but leaves out stuff like time stamps and comment counter to increase speed. Not finished experimenting, so bear with me.

  18. If the conditions we see today existed back in the 60s, the Congress would have passed a Voting Rights Act and a Civil Rights Act to ensure that in the future, like today, these conditions would not still exist. Oh, wait…

  19. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    Canada was my favorite foreign country while growing up. Once I had a drivers license I was there a lot, it was a twenty minute drive from my house, over the Ambassador Bridge or through the tunnel to Windsor. I confess that the only chocolate obsession I had was only fulfilled by Cadbury’s and back then only available in Canada. Drinking age was 18 too. Wonderful supper/entertainment clubs.

    High school events were held there. The journey to London for the Shakespeare plays in the spring were fun.

    The national anthem was learned by all because of the NHL. Oh Canada.

    And travel was great on the Queen’s highways.

    Yup. Canada was always a fun place. And the Red Green show brings back pleasant memories.

  20. BlueB…
    them were the days when one could drive back and forth over the border and just have border guards wave at you… now you need a passport.

    Every now and then I crave a Mackintosh toffee bar. Can order them from Amazon (through this site of course)… but they are expensive.

    Just remember as Red would tell Harold… keep your stick on the ice.

  21. I’ve treasured the two summers I spent at the Cleveland YMCA Camp in the North Woods of Ontario. We would go on canoe treks where we wouldn’t see another human being for days at a time. Truly a wonderful experience.

    And when we did get to the Hudson’s Bay Co Trading Post on Bear Lake, it was truly a step back in time.

    I bet there aren’t many here who have caught a lake trout while dragging a line behind a canoe. Magnificent!

    Indeed, Oh, Canada!

  22. Craig, I was amazed at the ease of navigating TM and sending in a comment using my Samsung–very straight forward. You done good

  23. Encouraging:


    Release No: NR-172-14
    April 09, 2014
    Readout of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s meeting with the President of China Xi Jinping

    Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Brent Colburn provided the following readout:

    Secretary Hagel met in Beijing today with President Xi Jinping.

    Secretary Hagel expressed his appreciation for the visit to China and for the chance to build towards a new model of military-to-military relations. He also thanked President Xi for the deep and candid conversations with China’s leadership.

    The two leaders affirmed the need for continued dialogue between the two nations, building off of the foundation laid out in earlier conversations between Presidents Obama and Xi.

    Secretary Hagel also discussed with President Xi the continuing cooperation by China and the United States with the international community to achieve a complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization on the Korean peninsula in the face of the growing threat posed by North Korean nuclear and missile developments.”

  24. Back to the thread topic. If Mitt runs again (and why not? He can afford it and as far as I can tell he’s got plenty of time on his hands – my BIL ran into him and his lovely family in Maui over the Christmas holidays) I respectfully request that his speeches, debates, etc. be aired after Colbert – they would help me get to sleep faster.

  25. Ahhh, Canada. My first trip there was to take a bunch of kids to a ski race – drove a Ford van across the border with about 8 teenagers in it – I THINK I had to show my driver’s license at the border to get into Canada – but I didn’t have to show anything on my way back into the states.

    Second trip was to Old Quebec for a long weekend – absolutely loved it.. Which reminds me – I need to go back there with Mrs. P.

  26. Having crossed the border many times, all I can say about Canada is that it looks a lot like Maine.

    So…why bother?

  27. Nash 2.5,

    never been to british columbia,eh

    that’s like saying some florida beachfronts look a lot like hawaii too so why bother.

  28. nbcnews

    A student flashing two knives went on a stabbing rampage through the classrooms and halls of a high school outside Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning, authorities said. At least 19 students and a security guard were hurt, some with life-threatening injuries.

  29. If you’d like to hear a robot insult Canada….

    The “Canada Song” from Mystery Science Theater 3000.


  30. Flatus:
    Craig, I was amazed at the ease of navigating TM and sending in a comment using my Samsung–very straight forward. You done good

    Thanks for letting me know, Flatus. This mobile theme seems a good balance of speed and features. I pay attention to this because 32% of our readers are now coming to us on mobile or tablet devices, that’s roughly double what it was a year ago.

  31. times picayune coverage of kissing congress critter.

    here’s wapo’s

    Washington’s latest sex scandal — involving newly installed Rep. Vance McCallister (R-La.) and a congressional aide — may seem just another in a long line of sordid behavior on the part of congressional and administration officials. But this appears to be the first uncovered by surveillance videotape.

    and, yes, another family values goper bites the lust dust

  32. Yeah.. but… Nash does have a point… Maine and New Brunswick do look a lot alike. Except for the tides in the Bay of Fundy. If you haven’t seen those tides on the eastern coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, you really are missing out on a world phenomenon.

    And I suppose I should say something about the subject of this column… Mitt… eh…

  33. Renee, those are the highest tides in the world, so they should be impressive. The tides on the Maine coast are nothing to sneeze at, though, ranging from a pedestrian 7′ down near Massachusetts to over 13 at Eastport. Eastport’s tide differential runs 13.7′ today – it’s at the western mouth of the Bay – but it’s not nearly as impressive as when the tide runs up the bay, where it reaches over 50′. I wants to see the tidal rips up there some day, but my sailing stopped at Eastport.

  34. Hey, Flates-man….I never rode a canoe in Ontario, but I read all the “Walton Boys” books…..

    My first experience with Canadia was in early eighties touring the cold places behind a nashville rock-a-billy……

    “Just got back from a few dates in Saskatchewan…”
    –Jackie Vernon

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