Somebody Call James Cameron

Get him on the case of the Malaysian mystery. He probably has more money than them. And he’s got the best cameras for exploiting tragedy.

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  1. I’ll always remember the first time on Colbert when he graciously warned me in the green room that, “Just so you know, I play a character on the show. I play an idiot.” He also brought pecans and other goodies in a basket from his native South Carolina. I’ve never ever had a show host do something like that. Thought then this is a super classy guy.

  2. I already saw an interview with him. He is willing to advise and contribute but says he won’t go down himself. His exact quote was, “There are some things you can’t unsee once you’ve seen them”. He was very sober. I think there may have been things on the Titanic that he would like to “unsee”.

  3. pogo:

    From previous thread…

    I have travelled all around the Bay of Fundy and the best place, by far, to observe the Tides are “Hopewell Rocks,” in New Brunswick.

    There is a nice little park there and the tides on a typical day are about 32 feet. (The “50 foot tides” only occur under unusual conditions, and at certain places on the bay that are hard to reach from the land.)

    Just Google “Hopewell Rocks” for directions and look at Google Images for views of the spectacular scenery at this park.

    You should also check out the “Tidal Bore” that occurs in Moncton, New Brunswick. Twice a day the river reverses itself. The incoming tide, as a 3 foot wave, comes rushing up the river making it run backwards. They have a small park with a viewing stand in downtown Moncton, with a big clock that tells you when the next tidal bore will arrive. In the summer there is usually a crowd of 50-100 people there to watch it. It is very interesting.)

    You can see videos of that on youtube or Google videos.

  4. I saw Moncton just after Viet Nam. It was a nice place to decompress. Just me, an old pal, and a half dozen cases of Champlain beer.

  5. Actually the bright beer for him, and the stout for me.

    And, I forgot about the bottles of whisky.

    However, I remember a lovely black haired girl with doe eyes and a blazing smile. Had we only been sober, she might have talked to us. Sigh.

  6. Years of Living Dangerously Official Trailer (2014)

  7. from jeff masters’ wunderblog
    dr. joseph romm:

    “This will blow you away. Nothing like this has ever been on TV. Indeed, this isn’t just landmark climate TV. It is landmark TV, in terms of its storytelling and cinematography and the way it uses experts and celebrities. This is not a talking heads show. This is like 60 Minutes meets Homeland or Game of Thrones.”

  8. Nash… thanks for the video of the Moncton tidal bore. Seen it many times… it brings back good childhood memories.

    patd… thanks for the video of Cameron’s new series. It starts this coming Sunday night…. should be interesting.

    Maybe they could call in Tatoo to find that plane…

  9. Nash, that’s wild. Although it’s a different phenomenon, The incoming tide near Atlantic City creates standing waves 2-3 feet high at the mouth of the inlet for about the middle hour of the incoming tide. (Can’t remember now whether it’s at the inlet to Atlantic City or Great Egg Harbor, or maybe it’s the inlet near Barnegat Bay) It’s a BITCH to try and get a sailboat out of the inlet against that tide, and it’s a blast trying to drive through the standing waves.

  10. I used to watch, with great interest, the ships locking through the Miraflores Locks at the Pacific terminus of the Panama Canal. The tides at the locks ranged from 12-feet to 18-feet.

    The Panama Canal Company would like running as many ships as possible during periods of high tide as that would waste the least possible fresh rain water that fed the locks.

    It was a marvelously engineered system–a true wonder of the modern world.

    (Tides on the Atlantic side were nil)

  11. from cbsnews
    jon stewart:

    “He is a uniquely talented individual,” Stewart told New York magazine’s Vulture blog about Colbert. “He’s wonderful in Colbert Report, but he’s got gears he hasn’t even shown people yet. He would be remarkable.”

    “He’s done an amazing job with just that very narrow cast of character, but he’s got a lot more he can show,” Stewart added. “He’s got some skill sets that are really applicable, interviewing-wise, but also he’s a really, really good actor and also an excellent improvisational comedian. He’s also got great writing skills. He’s got a lot of the different capacities. Being able to expand upon [those] would be exciting.”

  12. Well at least there won’t be a long drawn out period of feuding and speculation.

    Great opportunity for Colbert. A chance to escape O’Reilly

  13. …but the worst part of his show is the interviews. Who’s going to host the “Colbert Report”, now? Then, who will host the show that loses their host to that show, and then…

    Hey, wait, I’ve read “Lord of the Rings”, and I’m quite funny; ask around.

  14. I’m also a white male, since that’s the only demographic from which the hosts of late night variety shows are hired- 3 for 3! Call my agent.

  15. re: thread topic … James Cameron

    What happens when you interbreed piranha and flying fish?

    You get the first movie James Cameron directed, an Italian-made even lower-budget sequel to the low-budget drive-in movie classic, “Piranha.”

    So when you think of James Cameron, think of “Piranha 2.”


  16. Today I announce my endorsement of Ignex to replace Colbert.

    In the race to find flight 370 I endorse Captain Ballard.

  17. From: The passengers and crew of Flight 370.
    re: Enough Already

    We planned this whole thing for months, stole the plane, sold it to a Columbian drug cartel, and now we are all sitting on various beaches around the world, sipping drinks with little umbrellas on top.

    For goodness sake, it’s time for all you people to move on with your lives.

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