Killing Us Softly

Paul Krugman is making sense: Medicaid
“While supposed Obamacare horror stories keep on turning out to be false, it’s already quite easy to find examples of people who died because their states refused to expand Medicaid. According to one recent study, the death toll from Medicaid rejection is likely to run between 7,000 and 17,000 Americans each year.”

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  1. from pharmatimes

    ….it has been widely reported across the Atlantic that Ms Sebelius, who has been health secretary since 2009, will be replaced by Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the current director of the Office of Management and Budget.

    and from politico

    “One lone Republican voiced support for Burwell on Thursday evening.

    Sylvia Burwell is an excellent choice to be the next HHS Secretary,” Sen. John McCain tweeted.

  2. from wonkette

    ….the Florida Legislature, whose continued refusal to expand Medicaid is literally — the literal kind of literally — killing people. Or not, say the teabaggers, because after all the poors can always go to the ER, and then we can bitch about all those lazy poors clogging the ER. What we’re getting at here is that Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R-I Got Mine) vetoed a bill to expand Medicaid in that state Wednesday, explaining that there’s just no way that Maine can afford the expansion, which will be paid for 100% by the Federal Government for the first three years, and 90% until 2022. …… We sure hope those folks appreciate what a great chance this is for them to declare themselves free of the oppression of healthcare!

  3. Nash 2.5:
    From:The passengers and crew of Flight 370.
    re: Enough Already

    We planned this whole thing for months, stole the plane, sold it to a Colombian drug cartel, and now we are all sitting on various beaches around the world, sipping drinks with little umbrellas on top.

    Sounds like the makings of an award winning Woot T-Shirt.

  4. By the time the election rolls around the goops will be hoping they don’t get completely shut out

    even Mary Landrieu is going to win and the guy from ak too

    And the right wing reaction to Colbert is just silly

  5. One again the media proves it usually adopts the gooper narrative.

    What about all the people who have already benefited from preventive care and not having to go to the emergency room for primary care.

    Every year I think the goops have bottomed out
    and then they dig the hole deeper…and out slithers their presidential choices…all the newbies do is make Bobby Jindal seem reasonable

  6. People were dying because of lack of healthcare long before Obamacare became the law of the land.
    Are the GOP being stupid and stubborn by refusing medicaid expansion…. yes, I think so.

    But… why was this law written in a way that gave states a choice to begin with? Why didn’t the Dems fight for a provision that made medicaid expansion automatic?

    IMO, Krugman is wrong to put the blame totally on one side… methinks the other side shoulders some of the blame as well.

  7. I don’t think the Democrats had a choice on the medicaid expansion – due to the states having some obligation to pay a portion

  8. Stinginess Ain’t Pro-Life

    Wisconsin Legislature =
    Gov. Walker’s Death Panel

  9. Maybe the visual should be shortened to be more effective :

    WI Legislature=
    Walker’s Death Panel

    Brownback’s Death Panel


  10. Between republicans preventing red state citizens from getting ACA and the latest pol ryan budget fiasco, the Dems ought to be able to clean House in November. All the Dems need are presentable candidates with clean records.

  11. Oh yeah, and a campaign that loudly paints opponents as anti-Life & anti-middle class republicans.

  12. “If wishes were fishes we’d all be eating bouillabaisse” The Republicans will retain the House and will probably either reach a tie or win the Senate. The Democrats (and I mostly blame Obama) have allowed the Republicans to set and control the narrative. The roll out of the ACA was a disaster, notwithstanding the recent recovery at least in terms of sign up. Foreign policy is in shambles. the economy is still sluggish and the stock market is weakening into a correction phase. And electoral history is strongly on the side of the GOP. It further looks as if they will avoid nominating too many crazies (although that’s admittedly a relative term.) I’m predicting a 50-50 split of the Senate (counting the independents with their usual caucus choices) or 51 -49 GOP. And Angus King will NOT flip.

  13. It was a beautiful day for pressure washing the exterior of the house. It’s a task I dislike intensely. But, like cutting the grass, it’s a matter of ethical pride. So long as I’m physically able, I’ll do the job myself..

  14. All politics is local in ’14.

    Obama will only campaign in Af-Am districts. We wouldn’t want to tire him out.
    ( :>D)<

  15. Joe, you may be right, but I’m not so sure that the narrative is set yet or that the GOP gains you predict in November will come to pass. I’m notoriously bad at predicting the future, and as I get older I become worse and worse at remembering the past. I think Ryan made a little hash of the planned repugn narrative – and gave the dems ammo for their narrative cannons. The tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by students on student loan programs ain’t gonna play well in the heartland. Whether the dems will pick up memes like that …

  16. xrepublican,

    The Journal has an extremely interesting article on it. The work on vaginas is just one of many very challenging developments in tissue creation. Yes, creation, as in some cases the children were born without vaginas and completed treatment with fully functioning vaginal tissue.

  17. I think Mr Obama should order Mr Truman’s Freedom Train out of storage and proceed from state capital to state capital.

    He should stop his train at the largest available public space. Then, he should proceed to the tail end of the train and preach the Democratic Manifesto, as it applies to that particular state, then recommend a slate of candidates if he sees fit.

    When the cheering/screaming stops, he should wave goodbye and leave for the next state on his itinerary.

  18. goops do what they always do…thank goodness…over reach think 1998

  19. Obama et al screwed up the launch and that was bad
    the goops keep trying to screw up the law

    Even if the roll out had been perfect the media still would have carried the gooper theme because it is future news only speculation.

    It’s like the swift boat coverage — everyone knew the charges were a load of crap so the media attcked Kerry for not responding in the way the media deemed appropriate.

  20. The corporate news media has done a really lousy job reporting on healthcare issues.

    As usual, the ridiculous views of the GOP, are simply reported as “one side of the issue.”

    No. Any rational examination of the issue by a reporter with half a brain would reveal that the GOP’s ideas about healthcare have no basis in fact, they have no policy proposals except to scrap to Obamacare, AND that the USA has a really bad healthcare system when compared to ALL the other developed nations.

    And, “Why is that?” they should ask. But they do not.

  21. Right, Ms Cracker !

    Kerry shoulda gone to the pugugly convention and johnwayned them all.

    “You want stallone ? I’ll give you stallone, you lousy bums !” buddabuddabuddabuddabudda*

    *The sound of tommy guns in the Sgt Nick Fury comic books.

  22. 1. a poem for putin

    Okay, If I’m the only one here,
    And I hold a snap referendum,
    I can give legitimacy to putin,
    When he invades Trail Mix.

    2. A Question of Career Sabotage ?

    So, what are commie posters doing in the Carneys’ Washington Mom kitchen ?

  23. A sluggish economy, failure of states to participate in the medicaid expansion, voter suppression measures, and anti choice measures, can all be linked in part to the fact that Dems. can’t be bothered to vote in off year elections.

    If you liked the results in 2010 you’ll love the results in 2014.

  24. Message from the NRA:

    The only way to have safe schools is to arm every kid, from kindergarten onward, with a gun!

    Come one, you WANT to believe that, don’t you?

    What’s more important to you, your kids or your guns?

  25. Nash 2.5:
    Message from the NRA:

    The only way to have safe schools is to arm every kid, from kindergarten onward, with a gun!

    Come one, you WANT to believe that, don’t you?

    What’s more important to you, your kids or your guns?


    The only thing that can stop a bad man with a knife is a good man with a knife.

    As for the NRA there motto is : never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  26. In the mid 1800s, when Japan was trying to move from a feudal to a modern society, the samurai had to give up carrying swords.

    Many of them turned to the “unarmed” martial arts such as judo, which they practiced to keep fit, but also to build character.

    To walk down a possibly dangerous dark street, unarmed, became a demonstration of courage, but also of confidence in the government of a modern state to maintain law and order.

    The USA is moving in the opposite direction: we are becoming a nation of gun-clutching cowards, with no faith in our democratically elected government.

  27. A Virginia Republican currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives believes that incest exceptions in abortion bans are unnecessary because sometimes incest is “voluntary,” accord to a report from the Washington Times.

    Delegate Bob Marshall has a record of saying absolutely reprehensible things about absolutely everything — and he has the voting record to match.

    I don’t know which is the more frightening, that people like this run for office or that people actually vote for them.

  28. Jace,

    She : “The dingo ate my baby !”

    Bob Marshall : “Your kid wanted it.”

  29. “The more the people of [*] hear the case for ‘No’, the more likely they are to vote ‘Yes’.

    “And no wonder – they are the most miserable, negative, depressing and thoroughly boring campaign in modern political history.

    “They are already out of touch with the people and now, I fear, they’re losing touch with reality.”

    *nope, altho it sounds like our present political climate, it’s not us. bbc article quote on independence of scotland vote no campaign.

  30. I just talked to a friend in Florida who is in her late 70s. She had surgery & was discharged two days later. She was told that because of Obsmacare, they had to discharge her or send her to an expensive rehab facility. What gives?

    My insurance is a joke because my employer couldn’t afford the policy we’ve always had before.

    I know someone lead who was very upset because she & her husband are self-employed & this is the first time they haven’t had any insurance; their private policy is out of reach this year.

    Pull your heads out if the sand. While it helped some people, it is a joke to say to call this act “affordable care.”

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