52 thoughts on “Just Sayin, Alaska Beware”

  1. Two major Derby prep races really shook things up today. Here are the top 25 in rankings. Now it is up to the owners to decide who goes and how many if any of the bottom 5 get in. I’ll advise of any major changes and/or drop outs

    Horse Jockey Odds Trailmixer Trainer Points

    California Chrome Victor Espinoza Jamie 150

    Vicar’s In Trouble Rosie Napravnik Nash 2.5 / Flatus 120

    Wicked Strong Rajiv Maragh Jace / Renee 102

    Constitution Craig 100

    Samraat Ortiz 100

    Danza Joe Bravo 100

    Dance With Fate Nakatani 100

    Hoppertunity 95

    Intense Holiday 93

    Wildcat Red 90

    We Miss Artie 60

    Chitu Pogo 54

    Midnight Hawk 52

    Ring Weekend 50

    Tapiture 42

    General A Rod 40

    Medal Count 40

    Candy Boy 30

    Cairo Prince 24

    Uncle Sigh 24

    Harry’s Holiday 20

    Vinceremos 20

    Commanding Curve 20

    Social Inclusion 20

  2. Warning: sacrilege follows….

    Thinking of Sarah Palin’s comments about Russia caused me to remember this old joke….


    Crucified, Jesus looks down and sees Peter in the crowd below.

    “Peter!” He calls out.

    “Yes, my Lord?” replies Peter.

    “Come here, I need you.”

    “I’m coming, Lord” says Peter, grabbing a ladder from the surprised Roman guards.

    Placing the ladder on the cross beam he quickly climbs up and says, “What is it my Lord? What is it that you must say to me?”

    “Peter, I can see your house from up here.”

  3. Union leads the Golden Gophers 5-3 in the 3d of the national championship game.

    Go Gophers – and fast, dammit!

  4. palin would commandeer a state chopper (not a cycle) and fly through every middlesex (pardon the expression) village and farm, crying,

    “The russians are coming ! the russians are coming !”, thus renewing an interest in the works of Nathaniel Benchley.

  5. pogo:
    I’m guessing it will involve a helicopter and a rifle.

    Ah, she could invite Vlad for a helicopter moose hunt. Perhaps Dick Cheney could join them.

  6. Jace, brilliant idea. Make sure the former vice usurper uses a Streetsweeper. With luck, he’ll get two this time.

  7. Maybe Vlad could bring his own chopper. Maybe they could collide in mid air or shoot each other down. 3 for the price of one. Sounds like a great deal to me. Prolly just a pipe dream. Oh, well.

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  10. Just curious : I wrote “national championship game” at 9:51 and it seems to have become a link to the cartoon Frozen I don’t know how that happened.

    The other links that have appeared in my recent posts are not of my doing either.

    More later ….

  11. xrepublican:
    Jace, brilliant idea. Make sure the former vice usurper uses a Streetsweeper. With luck, he’ll get two this time.


    Me thinks that Cheeney couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle, for that matter neither could Palin. The only danger to Vlad would be falling out of the helicopter because he was laughing his ass off.

  12. Jace,

    In that case, load up antonin and clarence, too. The more possible shooters and targets, the more likely the putin (and others) will fall. Wild Turkey, Stoli, and Sierra beer, Streetsweepers w/100 round boxes for all. It’ll change global politics for sure.

  13. On a brighter note, the rumor is going around that the bundy cows are undocumented Mexican cattle.

  14. Palin would send Vlad a copy of People Magazine and the National Enquirer along with a note that says… “I won’t believe you’re really here until I READ about it in one of these.”

  15. One more thing to worry about…

    Killer FedEx trucks in flames, roaming the highways and looking for victims.

  16. “Putin Supports His Friend Sarah Palin and Freedom for Alaska”

    very, very strange vid of vlad

  17. from wiki

    Joseph E. “Joe” Vogler (April 24, 1913 – on or c. May 31, 1993) was the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party

  18. Putin & Sarah Palin Phone Call on “Tonight Show”

  19. httpv://youtu.be/W7aAfEuRK5g

    Sunday Serendipity
    A bit longer than usual, but worth every minute.
    A beautiful work for a Sunday morning. Enjoy!

  20. Thank you Jace. Your Grieg won out over Garrison Keillor which was playing on the main system simultaneously!

  21. What would Palin do? In a perfect world, nothing covered by the news media. To dream…

    Besides, the only thing she can see from her house, these days, is Tucson.

  22. patd:
    for jace and flatus, grieg’s “vaaren”

    Thanks so much for introducing the magnificent voice of Eide Norena to me. It made me listen to all the great sopranos perform the same Grieg; surely her unenhanced voice would be at the top. Magnificent!

  23. On the other mitt, taking a page from rmoney’s partnership with the maoist commies, palin might just collaborate to get the big bucks.

    karl marx pointed to $$$ being the chief value as the fatal flaw in Capitalism. If the highest bidder is the destroyer of Capitalism, the destroyer wins the auction. palin could sell out to the highest bidder, even if it were putin, al zawahiri, or babykim,and still claim to be the champion of Capitalism.

  24. And, if by selling out palin were to speed the arrival of the classless society, she could not only be a champion of Capitalism but simultaneously a champion of marxism.

    Ain’t materialist religions a gas ?

  25. The MSM covers everything that Sarah Palin says, no matter how dumb it is.

    That’s because the “political reporting” of the MSM these days is really just entertainment, not serious journalism.

    Statements by any of the GOPs candidates, former candidates, talk radio hosts, or any of the “experts” emerging from the Fox News clown car, are reported with a straight face and subjected to “serious analysis” by the MSMs own experts, whose only expertise seems to be that they know all of the GOPs latest talking points, and use them, unwittingly, as the basis of their analysis.

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  27. Actually, Nash, I haven’t heard the MSM cover Palin in ages. But then again I don’t watch the evening news. The only coverage of Palin that I’ve seen probably in six months to a year has been on Fox, and God knows that’s not MSM.

  28. it shouldn’t be surprise to her since she can see Russia fro her house.

    Perhaps she will form a citizens militia with her pal Glenn Beck

  29. I know that I should start doing my taxes but I just don’t feel like it—not even sending in an extension. I think I probably withheld enough. Who knows.

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