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  1. Yesterday afternoon, as I stood in line at the post office I started to read a murder mystery novel only to be asked to move around people in front of me. This being a rather novel adventure for me brought my attention to the reason why. The people I was moving around were doing their taxes on the post office forms counter.

    If you are doing your taxes on April 14, on the post office forms counter you have some life planning issues. Not to be a judge of character, but these people were strange looking anyway. Do they not know that socks were burned a few weeks ago? Do they not know that wrinkled ill fitting shirts and pants from the 1950’s, which apparently had never seen a dry cleaners, are not that of . . . forget that thought. One of them drives a much nicer car than anything I have ever owned. Perhaps they are trust babies (in their 40’s and 50’s) and failed to do much else in life than to enjoy it.

    What a coincidence to have tax day and refill the piggy bank at the same time. My donation shall be later.

    The reason I was at the post office was to file amended tax returns. The government shut down affected some reporting date to about one month after I filed my taxes in early February. Receipt of an email telling me I have a different 1099 meant amending returns. Did you know you can efile your tax returns, but you need to file paper amended returns? I do now.

  2. Craig
    Did it yesterday under one of my other names. I usually try to do more but money is tight right now.
    Yes thanks for this discussion group. I’m not a frequent contributor any more but I still check in on a regular basis.


  3. A picture from this weekend, I was able to share the joys of kite flying with some neighborhood children. The location is a lot where they have recently demolished a neighborhood school building. It was old and antiquated , it needed doing. The School district has agreed to mow and maintain it and let us put play ground equipment on it so the neighborhood can use it as a park. Saturday was our kick off meeting to form a block group to push for the park and maybe see where we can find some private funding.
    The name I proposed for the group is McCoy Playground Friends y Amigos( and yes I know it means ” friends and friends” or “amigos y amigos”


  4. whskyjack,

    congratulations on your new área de juegos. we need to erect a statue for it…. something fitting like you astraddle a mule lance in hand

  5. from bbc

    India’s Supreme Court has recognised transgender people as a third gender, in a landmark ruling.

    “It is the right of every human being to choose their gender,” it said in granting rights to those who identify themselves as neither male nor female.

  6. Jack… nice photo.

    This is not only tax day… it’s also the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Lot of stories being told and shared on local radio and tv. This year’s marathon will be run this coming Monday.

  7. From Wikipedia on “The History of Taxation”…

    The Rosetta Stone, a crucially important historical artifact whose discovery, for the first time, allowed translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, is actually a tax code.

    It was written in three languages so no one in the vast Egyptian empire could try to avoid taxes by claiming ignorance.

  8. re: taxation

    From Monty Pythons “Life of Brian,”

    “What have the Romans ever done for us?”


  9. Mean while here in Kansas City we are trying to make sense of a shooting yesterday at a Jewish community center and also at a Jewish run assisted living center

    I’m of a mood to take the shooter out in the woods some where , put him down, coverup the body and pretend he never existed.


  10. Well, after paying my TMTax yesterday, I’ve decided to go ahead and take care of the IRS today.

    Last week it was NPR. I was so proud of myself for taking care of it on day-one. It makes the listening so much more pleasurable when I can let their interminable ‘reminders’ fly by.

  11. Jack, Morris Dees Southern Poverty Law Center is also on my list for contributions. The folks there constantly risk life and limb by exposing and fighting, in the courts racists and bigots who prey on their hate targets. They get paid in December along with the colleges and Jewish groups.

  12. whskyjack, do you envision a more passive type of park or one including activities such as softball and fútbol for older kids?

  13. this is also a time of year I like to think about what are we doing here? for me, I haven’t been able to find a job that suits me better then running this place.

  14. Flatus…I have been a fan of and contributor to SPLC since my days in the classroom. Their Teach Tolerance work is wonderful! The only thing I wish they would do differently is to avoid spending more on soliciting me for more contributions than I could ever afford to contribute to them…makes me feel I’ve wasted the money I contributed, or that it only went for paper and postage for more solicitations….

    Two orgs I also like for contributions…Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. 100% of donations go to their causes.

  15. TMTax – paid. Fed gov’t – paid. State of WV – paid. And it’s fricking snowing. I love April 15th

  16. okay, jamie, am now wholeheartedly with you on the all girl ticket you proposed for 2016. Just read the newyorker article critiquing warren’s new book “a fighting chance” and am convinced that with hillary and elizabeth at the helm we might still have a chance.

  17. the tea party gunmen planned to hide behind the women.

    And these chickenshit pansies pretend to American he-men and heroes. What a laugh.

  18. xrepublican,

    This is how it works. Corporations become persons as follows. There are lots of dudes out there with millions upon millions of little ideas. They are hunting for the golden egg, which is carefully protected deep within an investment banker’s room. Most of the ideas will die in pursuit of the golden investment egg. But every once in awhile, the idea will penetrate the outer layer of the golden egg, and voila! A corporation is formed. Some corporations die before ever finding office space, but some travel down the interstate to Silicon Valley and enter into a period where they are tightly held in a dark and secret place, until eventually a blessed event happens, known as an IPO. The little corporation is then delivered on Wall Street, and everybody is happy as the little corporation continues to grow and thrive. It’s a wonderful country where any corporation can grow up to be President — or at least own one.

    Anyway, I think that’s how it works.

  19. Craig.Crawford:
    this is also a time of year I like to think about what are we doing here? for me, I haven’t been able to find a job that suits me better then running this place.

    The finest response I have ever written went POOF with a click of the mouse on the wrong “X”.

    So carrying on – Good for you Craig to have an occupation which is good and means a lot to many people (excluding any corporation which “think” it is people too).

  20. On a warm summer’s evening
    On a thread bound for no where
    I met up with a blogger
    We were both too tired to sleep
    So we took turns ignoring
    All the ranting and a’raving
    Till boredom overtook us
    And he began to post
    He wrote, “Pops, I’ve spent a long time
    Just reading people’s brain-farts,
    Knowing what their mind was
    By their choice of emoticons…….
    And if you don’t mind my saying,
    I can see you’re out of bullshit…..
    For a “like” from you on Facebook
    I’ll give you some advice.”

    “You got to know when to scold ’em,
    Know when to snark ’em,
    Know when to tweet a thought
    And when to start a new thread…..
    You never count your re-tweets
    When you’re sitting at the monitor,
    There’ll be time enough for counting
    When the blogging’s done.

  21. Hey Craig
    Glad you put this post up! I have been so busy with work i haven’t been sharing much but i do keep up.. You give us so many options, thanks, love you..

  22. This Time, Right-Wing Republicans are Hillary’s Best Friends
    by Taylor Marsh

    ALL THE Hillary Clinton fans have got to be loving this latest display of Hillary hate and hallucinations from the Republican right. Back in the ’90s this wing of the GOP was the bane of HRC’s existence. Twenty years later they’re her best friends, illuminating what extreme tactics detractors of Clinton will go to, because they can’t beat her on substance. Making stuff up is all they’ve got.

    The latest is that the shoe-throwing incident in Las Vegas was planned by Hillary! Why? First option, Benghazi! Benghazi! Bengazi! Second possibility, to make Hillary look presidential.

    The fat mouth in Palm Beach had this to say.

  23. Flatus
    There are several places around that do organized sports with nice fields but there is no place in our neighborhood where kids can just play, have some nonstructured interaction with others in a safe environment.
    But a community park is about more than just kids. It is about mothers and their toddlers, Old folks , families. We have a long term vision and plan that calls for a walking trail a play ground, a shelter house and lots of landscaping. But all of that is in the future. Right now we are hoping the grass seed the school put down will grow.

    Sherry(aka Mrs. Jack) and I are touched by your and Renee’s offer to help. We do have a wish list and a few ideas how we might start small with a growing impact but right now they are just morning talk over coffee. Give us a few days to get it in writing so we can see how it looks and let me see if there is a crowd funding mechanism out there (CBob you out there ?)
    Because Sherry also want to take this idea out to her extensive contact list too. Something about , “I have contributed to a lot of baby showers over the years now I have a baby. ;-0


  24. Thinking about the shooting at the Jewish community center yesterday. The shooter went to a Jewish community center to kill Jews but killed Methodists instead. It never entered his narrow twisted mind that Americans would look at the phrase “Jewish Community Center and not notice the Jewish but instead see the community. For it is contest week and all over the state high schools are gathering to compete in music competition. A grand father took his grandson to a music competition, no doubt to watch him perform. Now they are both dead.


  25. We have a long term vision and plan that calls for a walking trail a play ground, a shelter house and lots of landscaping. But all of that is in the future.

    why “in the future”? why not make the doing of those ends be the first park fun and functions? you know enjoying the ride not the destination sorta thing. let the little ones plant seeds, the not so little plant trees and bushes. have communal laying of yellowed (aka donated used) brick roads or pathways awinding thru the newly planted eden toward a simplified emerald city pavilion built by those same little and big hands.

    and as for a monetary mechanism, how ’bout our old pal paypal?

  26. Tony… it’s nice to see your smiling face pop up on here.

    Jack… one can never underestimate the stupidity (or cruelty) of a bigot… that is one sad tale.

  27. jimmy again in wapo today

    Former president Jimmy Carter has joined a group of Nobel laureates who oppose construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, warning President Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry, “You stand on the brink of making a choice that will define your legacy on one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced – climate change.”

  28. the above was supposed to follow this article from last week’s salon

    “America as the No. 1 warmonger: President Jimmy Carter talks to Salon about race, cable news, “slut-shaming” and more

    somehow got lost in the blog ether

  29. bw, any truth to this mother jones piece?

    Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez the Next Sarah Palin?

    Petty. Vindictive. Weak on policy. And yet she’s being hailed as the Republican Party’s great new hope.

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